Visual Basic Programming (MCA-3) by MVvQ9JgD


									                     Visual Basic Programming (MCA-3)

                  Chapter 1(Introduction to Visual Basic)
Section A
Q1. What is toolbar?
Q2. What is menu bar?
Q3. What is control panel?
Q4.What is properties window?
Q5. What is project explorer?


Q1. Explain the Visual basic program development process.
Q2. Describe in detail, a typical VB development project.

                    Chapter-2(Visual Basic Fundamentals)
Q1 Explain the terms:
    1. Constants & its types
    2. Variable
Q2. What is Data Type?
Q3. What purpose does Type Keyword serve? Give examples.
Q4. What is Data Declaration?
Q5. What is Expression?
Q1. What is the purpose of the following keywords?
 a. Dim
 b. ReDim
 c. Type
 d. Varient
 e. String
Q2. What is Operator? Explain its Type.
Q3. Explain the Hierarchy Of Operators.
Q4. Give one example each of the following functions:
   a. Val
   b. Left
   c. Mid
   d. StrReverse
   e. Trim
   f. Space
   g. String

                          Chapter -3(Branching & Looping)
   Q1. What are Branching & Looping Statements?
   Q2.What is Logical Expression?
   Q3. What are relation operators?

   Section B
   Q1. Explain:
     a. if-then-else-end if
     b. Select case
     c. For-next
     d. For-each-next
     e. Do-loop
     f. While-wend

                Chapter-4(Visual Basic Control Fundamentals)
Section A
Q1. What do you mean by the term ‘Project’?
Q2. What are controls in VB?
Q3. What is the difference between option button & checkbox button?
Q4. State the difference between:
   a. Objects & Controls
   b. List box & Combo Box
Section B
Q1. Explain the controls with examples & its properties
  a. Label
  b. TextBox
  c. Command Button
  d. Line
  e. ListBox
  f. Shape
  g. Combo Box
   h. Option
   i. CheckBox
   j. Frames
   k. Scrollbars
   l. Timer
   m. Status Bar

                         Chapter 5 (Menus & Dialog Box)
 Section A
 Q1. What is Menu Bar?
 Q2. What is the difference between Modal Dialog Box & Modeless Dialog Box?
 Q3. What is Dialog Box?
 Q4.What is Color Dialog Box?
 Q5. What is Print Dialog Box?
 Section B.
 Q1. What is System modal dialog box? Explain in detail
 Q2. What are message boxes? Discuss all of its return values.
 Q3. How can you take input from user? Describe in brief different ways to do that in VB.
 Q4. How many types of Common dialog box are there? Describe each in brief with example.

              Chapter 6(Executing & Debugging a New Project)
Section A
Q1. What is debugging window?
Q2. What is form? Explain its Events.

Section B
Q1. Describe a form Life Cycle.
Q2. What is the importance of Immediate Pane during application Development?

                               Chapter 7(Procedures)
Section A
Q1. What are procedures?
Q2. What are optional arguments?
Q3. What is Event Procedure?

Section B
Q1. Distinguish between a function & a procedure.
Q2. How is passing argument by value different from passing argument by reference?
Q3. Write a function that accepts two integer type values & returns their sum.
                                   Chapter 8(Arrays)
Section A
Q1.What is Arrays & Its Characteristics?
Q2. How array is declared?
Q3. What is Dynamic Array?
Q4. Define Control Array with example?
Section B
Q1. Write a procedure to sort an array in ascending order.
Q2. Write a procedure that counts the number of command buttons on a form.

                             Chapter 9(Class Modules)
Section A.
Q1. How do private & public members of a class differ?
Q2. Differentiate between a class & an object with suitable examples.
Q3. Give a few examples where COM objects enhance code reusability.
Section B
Q1. What is COM? Also explain its Benefits in details.
Q2. Explain the purpose of registering a dll server in a machine.
Q3. Create a COM dll server that reads a list of numbers & returns their average.

                          Chapter 10 (ActiveX Controls)
Section A
Q1. What are ActiveX controls?
Q2. Explain the advantage of Coolbar Control over Toolbar control.
Q3. Differentiate between a ListView control & a TreeView control.
Q4. Write the two Ways of adding image in a ImageList control with example.
Section B
Q1. Explain The ActiveX controls:
 a. DateTimePicker
 b. Masked Edit Controls
 c. MonthView
 d. Imagelist
 e. Toolbar Control
              Chapter 11(Data Environment & Data report)
Section A
Q1.What is Crystal report?
Q2. What is data environment?

Section B.
Q1. Design a crystal report to display student’s record obtained from an Ms-Access

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