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Setting up a website is full of hard work. One must be
   persevered and exudes a lot of patience to actually
   accomplish this. But maintaining it is a different and a harder
   story. As it is in the real world, in the web, there is also
   competition – competition to be the best website there is and
   this is where the term “search engine optimization” kicks in.

Search engine optimization or SEO is a web marketing technique
  which web administrators use in promoting their websites.
  Whenever a person searches for an answer through a search
  engine, results are delivered right away. The goal of the
  administrators is to be among those first that comes out, so
  that they may attract more visitors. So what does one have to
  do to have the best SEO?
The first strategy of administrators is to focus on the website’s
  content: The topic of the website must be interesting enough to be
  searched by people. A global topic is the best way to go since the
  audience will not be limited to one country only. Also, it is advised
  that such content is not just interesting enough but is also worth-
  sharing for the audience to want to link them to other sites.

Linking one’s website with another blog is an easy way to target in
   one’s goal to be the best SEO.

The more it is widely-spread to other sites, the more it can be explored
  by people when using search engines. Furthermore, the trend today
  has included social media sites because not only are they very
  popular but they also have the “share” feature – and one can easily
  use them to the web administrator’s advantage.
However, it is not enough that the content is catchy or
  fascinating. One must dig deeper and also focus on the words
  used in the content and from there, generate keywords that
  are popular and most commonly used. “How to’s” are always
  a winning combination of keywords.

By placing such words, it will be easier for search engines to
   facilitate your site as one of the first to show in placing search

Titles are also vital in one’s aim to be the best SEO. Even if a
   search engine has placed one’s website among the first
   results, there will still be competition.
The listed websites all have answers to the question being asked
and the advantage lies in having an attention-grabbing title that
will make the reader go to one’s website. Think of smart,
appealing titles and for sure, success will only be a click away.

From content to the appearance: to have the best SEO, it is
advised that the website is very well-structured. After being
clicked by the reader, the next step is to entice him to actually
stay on the website and this cannot be done if the website itself
is very tacky or disorganized.
Also, as much as possible, one should limit graphics as they
   usually slow down the loading of a page – and in an era where
   people are always in a fast-pace, a slow website will be a turn
   off right away.

Maintaining a website is very challenging, especially for those
  who aim to be among the best SEO there is. But the main key
  in having websites is to have quality and optimized content –
  if one has those, then the rest will follow smoothly.

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