Key To Map Of Churchyard by MVvQ9JgD


									                                     Key to St. Mary’s Cemetery Map

This list was originally prepared by members of the Yeovil Group, Somerset and Dorset Family History
Society 1993. It was copied by Greville Bartlett and reproduced in his East Chinnock Newsletters Numbers
11 and 17.

Quote from Greville:
“Care was taken to copy correctly but forgiveness is sought for any errors not noted in the original.
Spelling is as in the original but frequently the day of the month is written in full since my computer does
that for me! Capital letters are as in the original. These are sometimes fewer than would be expected.”

PR= Parish Record
BT=Bishop’s Transcripts
A slash “/” indicates a new line on the inscription

East Chinnock Monumental Inscriptions

1. Headstone. In/ loving memory of/ Samuel eldest son of’/ Albert and Susan
YOUNG/ who died April 26th/ aged 36 years/ also William their son/ who died June
28th, 1887/ aged 26 years/ Also of/ Albert Young, father of the above/ who died
January 26th.1902/ aged 81 years/ Also of Susan/ widow of the above/ who died
Jan: 7th. 1921/ aged 90 years//
2. Headstone. In/ loving memory/ of/ Edward LOOK/ born March 13th 1849/ died
November 15th 1910/ And of his wife/ Elizabeth Richards Look/ born Feb: 2nd 1852/
died June 16th 1928//
3. Headstone. In loving memory/ of/ Sarah BARTLETT/ who died Mar: 1st. 1885/
aged 73 years/ Also of James Bartlett/ Husband of the above named/ who died
January 17th. 1904/ aged 76 years/ Also of Elizabeth/ their daughter/ who died Nov:
11th. 1864/ aged 6 years//
4. Cross. In/ loving memory of/ Susan/ wife of/ H S Lawrence/ died June 6 1937/
aged 75 years/ Also of the above/ Herbert Samuel LAWRENCE / died January 1,
1961/ aged 97 years.
5. Headstone.To/ the memory of/ Matilda/ the loving wife of/ George Joseph BAKER/
who died April 26th. 1907/ aged 81 years/ Also of/ George Joseph Baker/ husband
of the above/ who died Feb; 17th 1912/ aged 85 years.
6. Headstone. In loving memory of/ Thomas GENGE/ who departed this life/
February 9th 1859/ aged 28 years/ Also of/ Elizabeth Genge/ second/ and dearly
daughter/ of the above/ who died January 4th 1885/ aged 37 years/ Also/ Elizabeth
Genge/ wife of the above/ who died May 28th, 1907/ aged 77 years//
7. Headstone. In loving memory of/ George BAKER/ who died March 4th 1853/ aged
48 years/ And of Harriet the beloved wife of/ the above who died March 28th 1876/
aged 74 years/ in affectionate remembrance of/ Walter GARRETT who died/ April
20th 1892 aged 58 years/ In loving memory of/ Isabella Garrett/ wife of Walter
8. Headstone and Kerb. In/ loving memory of/ Walter BAKER/ who passed
peacefully away at/ Haddon, North Petherton/ February 15th 1909/ aged 76 years/
Also of his beloved wife/ Millicent Baker/ who peacefully passed away at Haddon,
North Petherton/ November 6th 1923/ aged 84 years//
9. Headstone In memory of/ Samuel YOUNG/ who died Jan; 23rd 1846/ aged 54
years.(PR; of Hardington) Also Ann his wife who died/ Nov; 21st 1867, aged 77/ And
Robert their son who/ died Jan 12th 1858, aged 40 years/ Also Samuel their son
who/ died Dec; 19th 1844, aged 17 years/ And Harriett, their daughter / who died
May 8th 1862// aged 39 years//
10.Headstone. Sacred to the memory of/ Ann, the wife of/ Henry MALE of this
parish/ who died July 6th 1861/ aged 51 years.
11.Flatstone. In memoriam/ John Gifford Male/ died June 7th 1877/ aged 31/ And of
his wife/ Mary Sarah Male/ died March 14th 1932/ aged 85//
12.Headstone. In/ Memory of Robert TAILER (sic)/ and Elizabeth his wife/ he died
2nd (?) March 1764/ aged 64 (gap, not given in PR)/ Also Robert TAYLOR, Jnr/ who
died October 20th 1817/ aged 70 years (PR given as Robert TAYLOR of Misterton,
buried 23 October 1817, aged 69//
13.Chest Tomb2. South panel, (left hand): In memory/ of Robert SANSOM, sen;/
who died December ;18 1797/ aged 81 years/ (there follows four lines of verse) (PR
says he died 22 December 1797)/ South panel: (right hand); Also in memory/ of
Thomason Sansom/ his wife who died/ September 17 1774/ aged 56 years (PR
given asThomsin Sansum, and as died 23 September 1774; North panel; In
memory of Robert Sansom Jnr / who departed this life October 21th (sic) 1797/
aged 51 years/ ( four lines of verse) (PR says he died 1st November 1797). West
Panel; In memory of/ Edith Sansom/ wife of Robt Sansom Junr; / who died Jany 1st
1823/ aged 74 years. East Panel Sacred to the memory/ of Giles Sansom, son/ of
Robt and Edith Sansom/ who died Febry; 7 1837 aged 63 years//
14.Headstone; (mostly flaked with the top portion of stone missing. The only legible
part of the inscription is bottom right hand corner) Ano Dom/ 1690 (as the PR does
not survive for 1690 it is impossible to identify who this stone relates to)
15.Headstone Here lies the body of/ James Hellyar who/ died Sept; 4 1810/ aged 73
years/ Also Jane his wife/ who died// March 25, 1815 (?) Aged 70 years ( not
recorded in PR 1810-35) Also in/ memory of Thomas son of/ James and Jane
Hellyar/ who died Decr 24 1835?/ aged 63 years (PR Thomas HELLIER), buried 31
December 1835) Likewise James/ their son who died/ March 10th 1802, aged 26
16.Headstone; Her/ Lieth the body/ of Priscilla/ the daughter of / James and Jane
HELLYER/ who died/ March 29th 1805/ aged 26 years (PR; given as Priscilla
GIBBINS died 29 March 1805)//
17.Headstone; Sacred to the memory of / Thomas CHAFFEY/ who departed this life/
December 4? 1818/ aged 55 years (PR buried 11 December 1818) Also Elizabeth/
wife of the above/ Thomas Chaffey/ who died May 28 1829/ aged 66 years( PR 67)
Also Jane, wife/ of Thomas Chaffey Jnr/ who died Nov? 27/ 1831 aged 28 years (PR
buried 29 November 1831/ Also Esther, wife/ of John Chaffey/ who died APR 5
1828?/ aged 28 years. (PR as Hester Chaffey, buried 10 April 1828 aged 27//
18.Headstone; Here lieth/ ye body/ of Joan the wife of/ John FORD, Senior, who/
dyed ye 19 of September: 1729, aged 60 years//
19.Headstone: Here lieth/ ye body of John/ FORD, Senr: who/ dyed September 13/
1724, aged 60 years (4 lines of verse)
20.Fragment of Headstone: .....RLEP?/ ...of (F)ebruary 1688/ E......../ Od/ ..Orge..../
Dyed the 23 day/ of January/ 1672 (Regrettably it is impossible to identify who this
stone relates to, as the PR and BT do not survive for 1672 and 1688) //
21.Headstone: (Probably moved from its original position, as it is now leaning
against the wall of the porch) Here/ lieth the remains of William TRATT (also given
as TRATT in the PR) who died Novr ye 24th 1803, aged 72 years/ Also the remains
of Ann his wife/ (4 lines of verse) (no death date or age given for Ann who is not
identified in the PR.)
22.Headstone: In memory/ of Thomas BARTLETT/ who departed this life March 4th
1788/ aged 56? Years/ Also Elizabeth/ his wife who departed this life November
11th/ 1789, aged 55 years/ also Thomas Bartlett Jnr/ who departed this life/ March
21st 1816/ aged 51 years/ Also of/ Mary/ widow of the before named/ Thomas
Bartlett Junr;/ who died Octr: 26th 1847/ aged 84 years/ Also of/ Thomas, Charles/
and Bersey (sic) who died in thier (sic) infancy/ children of Charles and C....(illegible)
Bartlett ( these could now be traced in the PR sent out in a previous newsletter//
23.Headstone; Sacred/ to the memory of/ Grace Clarke/ the wife of/ Charles
BARTLETT/ who died Feb: 16, 1865/ aged 74 years/ Also/ to the memory of/ the
before named/ Charles Bartlett/ who died January 2nd/ 1866/ aged 76 years/ Also
of/ William their son/ who died January 2nd 1859/ aged 26 years (PR: not buried
24.Headstone; In loving remembrance of/ Theophilus BARTLETT? Who died at
Notton, Dorset? August 21 1869/ aged 38 years (PR aged 39)//
25.Headstone; In memory/ of/ John BARTLETT/ who died November 13th 1812
aged 34? Years/ Also/ of wife of the above John/ Bartlett, who died June 12th 1826/
aged 47 years//
26.Headstone. In memory of/ Sarah, wife of Thomas NEWMAN/ who died Oct 27
1801, aged 42 years (three lines of verse) Also the remains/ of George Newman
who departed this life September 1- (worn) 1805/ aged 19 years (PR buried 20
September 1805)//
27.And 27a Headstone (broken into two pieces, flaking, leaning against the walls of
the porch, therefore not in the original position) Sacred/ to the memory of/
Theophilus BARTLETT/ ...(of) Hook, in the County of Dorset/....(who died?) Novr 28
1803/......aged ......(PR died at Hook 28th November 1803) Also of/ Martha Bess
Bartlett/ wife of the above/ who died Novr 21 1816/ aged 63 years (PR of Uplyme,
Devon aged 61//
28.Headstone; Here lyeth/ ye body of/ Thomas LEACH, sen:/ he dy’d aged 82/ Here
lyeth/ also ye body/ of Frances his wife/ she dy’d aged 76/ buried both in one grave
Sep: 7th 1727 ( five lines of verse) (PR confirms that both were buried on the same
day, 7 September 1727//
29.Headstone. In memory/ of Rachel? Wife/ of Robert PATTEN/ who departed this/
life March 10th/ 1724/5 aged 22/ Also Eleanor &/ Eber daughter &/ son of Robert
and/ Elizabeth Patten/ who died infants (PR Rachel not given in1724-5)//
30.Headstone .........../ Edward Patten/ who died July 5 1772/ aged 74 (PR not
recorded)/ Also Mary his wife/ died Dec 30 1775 (PR died 30 December 1775)/ Also
Thomas their .../ who died April 15/ 1803 aged 25? Years/.../ of ....Patten/ died
August 7? 1792/ aged 62 (PR not recorded/ (Four lines of verses)//
31.Headstone: Momento/ in a vault/ near this stone/ lieth the remains of/ Richard
Genge/ who died August 26th 1800/ aged 36 years/ Also of / Mary relict4 of the said
Richard Genge/ who died on the 12 day of December, 1853 in the 89th/ year of her
32.Headstone: In memory of/ Jane COLLINS/ who died June 4? 1820/ aged 14
years (PR not recorded)
33.Headstone: In loving memory of/ Kate, wife of/ Francis John DAWE/ who died/
Sept: 9 1885/ aged 36 years//
34.Headstone. In affectionate remembrance/ of Mary DAWE// who departed this life
Dec 23 1886/ aged 68 years//
35.Headstone; In/ loving memory of/ Francis DAWE/ who died June 30, 1887/ aged
62 years/ Also of Elizabeth Frances Dawe/ sister of the above/ who died June 3rd
1897/ aged 78 years//
36.Flatstone: In memory of/ Theophilus BARTLETT of/ Hook in the County of Dorset/
who died Nov 28 1803/ aged 56 years/ Also of Martha Bess/ his wife who died Nov
21 1816/ aged 63 years (PR died at Hook 28 Nov 1803 aged 61 years)/ Also of
Nathaniel Bartlett/ youngest son of Charles and Grace Bartlett/ who died October 15
1869/ aged 35 years (PR aged 34) (Note that the first two people mentioned are
also recorded in nos. 27 and 27a)
37.Chest Tomb; (East Panel blank) North Panel) Here lyeth the body of Sarah/
RUSSELL who died the 7 day/ of October, Anno Do5 1676/ South Panel; Here lieth
the body of Giles/ PYNNY, the son of John Pynny/ of Hardington who was buried/
the 1 day of June/ Anno Do 1679/ West Panel;............/ Elizabeth Russsell/ ... (who)
died June 19/ 1711, aged 42//
38.Chest Tomb; North Panel: Underneath are deposited the remains of/ Grace/ wife
of John CLARKE, who died July 16 1708/ aged 42 years ( four lines of verse) South
Panel; Also the remains of/ Susanna/ daughter of John and Grace Clarke who died/
November 10 1703 aged one year and nine months/ (four lines of verse) East Panel;
Also of/ John Clarke Senr./ who died March 31st 1743?/ Aged 78 years (PR buried 4
April 1743/ West Panel; Underneath this stone/ are the remains of/ William Clarke/
who died 17 of September 1766, aged 75 years/ also Rachel his wife / who died
23rd October/ 1769 aged 85? Years (PR not recorded.)
39.Chest Tomb. (North, East and West Panels are blank) South Panel -left hand
side: Here lies inter’d ye body of/ Joseph PAUL, senior/ who departed this life the/
13th of April Anno Dom:/ 1724 Aetatis suae 46/ South Panel right hand side; Her
lieth ye body/ of Joseph Paul. Who died/ March the 12th 1733/ aged 55 (three lines
of verse)//
40.Cross. In every/ loving memory/ of / Gilbert/ the beloved husband of/ Annie
PATCH who entered/ into rest April 22nd 1897/ aged 32 years//
41.Chest Tomb. (East and West panels and North Right Hand side panel are blank.)
North, left hand Panel; Here lieth ye body/ of John TAYLOR/ who dy’d (PR not
recorded.) Here also lieth ye body/ of Ann, ye daughter of John/ Taylor who died the
10th/ of Feb 1735, aged 75/ (four lines of verse) (PR not recorded) South Panel (left
hand side) To the memory of/ Betsy the wife of/ Thomas Taylor/ who departed this
life/ Feby 3 1824/ South right hand panel; Also Mary Taylor/ their daughter who died/
March 6 1835 aged 24 years/ Also Albert Taylor/ their son who died April 28 1836,
aged 23 years (PR not recorded)// 42.Headstone; Sacred/ In memory of/ John FISH/
who departed this life/ September 12th 1811/ aged 77 years/ (two lines of verse)
Also/ Jane wife of/ John Fish/ who departed this life/ September 20 1804, aged 68
years ( four lines of verse) PR as Jean Fish, buried 27 September 18040//
43.Chest Tomb; (East and West Panels blank) South Panel; In memory of William
Goodland STRODE/ son of William and Joan Strode who departed/ this life Augst
20th 1782 aged 18 years/( four lines of verse) North Panel And also Joan, his wife,
who departed this life/ May 11th 1904, aged 75 years//
44.Chest Tomb; (North South and East Panels blank) West Panel; Here lieth/ ye
gene/ ration/ and forefather. Of Henry AD/DAMS and/ Nicholas his/ son. Anno/ 1716
(PT; the only ADDAMS burial in 1716 is Catherine Addams senr buried 20 March
45.Chest Tomb; (North panel blank) South Panel; Her lieth the body of 14(sic)
Samuel DANIELL/ son of Mr John Daniell, Vicar of East/ Chinnock, who died June
ye 9th 1683 in the / 63rd year of his age/ Her also lieth Mary Daniell his wife who/
died November ye 23rd 1701 aged 75 (two lines of verse)/ Johannis Daniell gent; M
A, came into Chinnock in 1665. East Panel; Here lyeth the body of Mr Thomas
Daniell/ who died the 27th day of / November 1732, aged 66/ West Panel; Here lieth
the body of/ Henry Daniell Senr/ who departed this life/ July the 21st 1791/ aged 78
46.Headstone; (lying flat on the ground and illegible) (What might be on the other
side?? Ed)
47.Headstone In memory of/ Priscilla/ the beloved wife of / William BROWN/ and
relict of the late/ Albert VOISEY/ who died June 13 1881/ aged 79 years/ Also of
William Brown/ who died September 23 1888/ aged 60 years//
48.Cross; In loving memory of/ Albert VOIZEY/ affectionate husband/ of Mary Ann
Voizey/ born July 21st 1837/ died February 22nd 1901/ Also of Mary Ann/ dearly
beloved wife of the above/ Albert Voisey/ born April 30 1837, died Sep 1 1910//
49.Headstone Near/ this stone/ lieth the body of / Betty, the wife of John DORE/ who
died February 11 1804 aged 59/ Also John Dore who died March 19/ 1819 aged 88/
Also William DORE who died September/ 17 1798 aged 19?//
50.Headstone; Here lieth the/ body of Henry/ DOORE who died the 26/ of July 1726
aged 74 ( four lines of verse) (PR has Henry Dore)
51.Headstone; In/ loving memory of/ Caroline the beloved wife/ of Lazarus BURT//
who was suddenly called/ away Oct 9 1891/ aged 55 years/ Also of Alice Annie/
Daughter of the above/ and the beloved wife of/ William SANSOM/ who died Aug 3
1913 aged 48 years//
52.Headstone; In memory of/ William DREWER/ who died April 13 1859/ aged 53
years/ Also of Sarah/ his beloved wife/ who died October 7 1872/ aged 73 years//
53.Headstone In memory of/ Daniel DREWER/ who departed this/ life Dec 20 1780/
aged 47 years/ (six lines of verse)/ Also of/ Ann? Wife of Daniel Drewer? Junr who
died Jany 11th 1813 or 15 (sic)/ aged 78 years (PR not recorded in 1813 or 1815.
There is an Ann Drewer in PR buried 26 March 1818 aged 76. However the
tombstone was doubled checked and is clearly not for 1818 so that person may be
someone else)
54.Flatstone; In happy memory/ of/ Leslie Arthur/ LANSDOWN/ 1904-1976,
55.Flatstone; In loving memory/ of Dear Mum/ Rose TAYLOR/ died 12th June 1968//
Also of her husband/ Robert Taylor/ died 2nd Jan 1975//
56.Flatstone In/ loving memory of / Percy HEAL/ 1912-1984//
57.Flatstone In memory of/ Reginald James/ CORBETT/ died 10th June 1983/ aged
77 years/ Also his wife/ Evelyn Maud , [Dolly], died 4th March 1987/ aged 79 years.
58.Flatstone; Joan M CALLAND/ 1988//
59.Stonewall Plaque In loving memory of/ Horace John/ William [Bill]/ BOYERS/
60.Stonewall Plaque In loving memory of/ Charles REED/ 18.5.02 - 11.10.88 (note
this clearly for 1902 and 1988]//
61.Brass Plaque on Seat; This seat was placed here by/ the parishioners of East
Chinnock/ to the Glory of God and in memory/ of the Rev. C F Chase, 1966.
62. & 62a Headstone and Footstone; In affectionate remembrance of/ John
ANDREWS/ who died October 10, 1873/ aged 65 years/ also of Louisa Andrews/
the beloved wife of the above/ died June 28 1882, aged 75 years. And of Albert
Andrews/ their son who died June 20, 1878/ aged 46 years/ Footstone L A /1882//
63. And 63a Headstone and Footstone; This stone is erected/ in affectionate
remembrance of/ Charles REDWARD/ who died 12 Jan 1869/ aged 54 years/
Footstone; C R 1869 (PR aged 55)//
64. Headstone; In loving memory/ of/ Sarah the beloved wife of Jesse/ ANDREWS
who died Sept 26th 1881/ aged 32 years/ also of Henry their son/ who died Sept
26th (sic) 1880 aged I year/ Also Frances the second dearly loved/ wife of the above
named Jesse Andrews/ who died Sept 29th 1904/ aged 36 years/ Also of the above
named/ Jesse
65. Headstone; In/ affectionate remembrance of/ Robert STRODE who died 24th
July 1875 aged 59 years/ Also two sons of the above/ Eber Robert who died 6th July
1866/ aged 21 years/ and Thomas who died Novr 1866, aged 5 years (PR buried 21
November 1866 aged 4)/ Also Elizabeth Ann/ daughter of the above Robert Strode/
who died 22nd July 1879// aged 20 years/ Also Mary Ann Strode/ wife of the above/
who died January 18th 1897/ aged 74 years//
66. Headstone; Rose SARTAIN/ who died November 15 (1854 changed to )1853/
aged 21 years (PR not recorded in 1853 or 1854) /Also of John Sartain/ who died
March 15 1875/ aged 23 years/ Also of Martha Sartain/ the beloved mother of the
above/ who died Sept 12th 1897/ aged 71 years//
67. Headstone;In/ loving remembrance of/ Sarah/ wife of George SHIRE/ who died
April 9 1875/ aged 75 years/ Also of the above named/ George Shire who died the/
20 day of August 1879/ aged 76 years//
68. Headstone; In memory of/ Maryann PALMER/ who died Feb 1872/ aged 72
years/ Also of Charlotte Palmer/ sister of the above who died/ Jan 13 1879, aged 76
69. Headstone; In memory of/ Samuel CAINES/ who died 16th May 1872/ aged 72
years/ Also of Elizabeth/ the beloved wife of/ Samuel Caines/ who died at Evershot/
December 4 1879/ aged 77 years//
70.Headstone; In loving memory/ of/ Frances Elizabeth CAINES/ who fell asleep at
Evershot/ December 9th 1914/ aged 76 years.
71.Headstone; In’ loving memory/ of/ Martha Mary/ daughter of Martha and Jonah
SHIRE/ died Novr 1st 1908, aged 23/ interred at Plymouth Cemetery/ Also of/
Martha/ the beloved wife of Jonah Shire/ died Decr 29th 1910 aged 53//
72.Headstone; In affectionate remembrance of/ Elizabeth the beloved wife of/ Henry
ELLIOTT/ who died November 22 1882/ aged 47 years/ Also Henry, husband of the
above// who died March 12, 1910/ aged 77 years//
73.Headstone; In loving memory/ of/ Samson CHANT/ who died Jan 31st 1883/
aged 59 years/ Also of Maria his wife/ who died March 28th 1899/ aged 79 years/
Also of Maria Annie VINCENT/ who died August 2nd 1885/ aged 13 months/ Also of
Thomas SHIRE/ son in law of the above/ who died February 2nd 1908/ aged 54
years/ Also of Mary Shire/ wife of Thomas Shire/ who died March 24 1938/ aged 80
74. Cross; In memory of/ Elizabeth Sarah/ the beloved wife of/ George GANDEN/
who died May 24 1884// aged 29 years/ Also of the above named George Ganden/
who died Oct 21 1905/ aged 51 years/ Also of/ Louisa Olive/ their daughter/ who
died at Hamstead/ Feb 2 1878, aged 7 months/ Also of/ Frederick William/ son of/
George and Matilda Ganden/ who was drowned whilst bathing in Canada/ July 4th
1906, aged 20 years//

The grave numbers from 75 to 163 are for more recent interments.
75 Headstone. Erected/ to/ the dear memory of/ Henry Thomas/ VINCENT/ called to rest/ 7th
January 1959/ aged 71 year/ and of his wife/ Elsie Clara Alice/ died 24 November 1975/ aged 87
76 Wooden cross with metal plates. In proud and loving memory/ of a dear husband /and father/
Reuben William RENDELL/ born 10.2.1899/ d i e d 19.2.1980/ Also a dear wife/ and mother/
Daisy/ Florence/ 1900-1990.
77 Headstone In/ loving memory/ of a beloved wife and mother/ Winifred Benedicta GILLARD/
who passed peacefully away/ 29 April 1964/ aged 53 years/ Also/ Sidney Charles GILLARD/
dearly loved husband and dad/ who died 9 September 1978/ aged 71 years.
78 Headstone In/ ever loving memory/ of a dear wife and mother/ Alice Edith AXE/ at rest 28 June
1964/ aged 82 years/ Also Maurice/ dear husband and father died peacefully/ 7 September 1965
aged 84 years.
79 Headstone In/ loving memory of/ Clifford Harold/ MATTRAVERS/ 1897 1987.
80 Headstone. In loving memory/ of/ Joan CHOLMONDELEY/ 1906–1987.
81 Headstone and Kerb. In loving memory of/ a beloved husband and father/ Arthur BAKER/ who
passed away 21 November 1953/ aged 61 years/ Also of Emily/ dearly loved wife and mother/ who
fell asleep 17 December 1957/ aged 71 years.
82 Flatstone. In memory of/ Sir Peter Henry/ CLUTTERBUCK/ 1868-19551/ formally/ Inspector-
General of Forests/ India and Burma/ and of his wife/ Rose Winifred/ 1877-1958.
83 Headstone. In loving memory/ of/ Arthur Charles FRY/ who died August 22 1984/ aged 74
84 Headstone. In/ loving memory of/ my dear husband/ Thomas Charles ADAMS/ who passed
away/ December 29 1976, aged 64
85 Cross. In loving memory/ of/ Charles Herbert/ beloved husband of/ Annie GAGE/ who died
March 5 1923/ aged 32 years/ Also of/ Annie GAGE/ died May 5 1974/ aged 82 years/ also of
Ronald Charles/ only son of the above/ who died September 3 1928/ aged 7 years and 11 months.
86 Headstone. In/ loving memory of/ George CHANT/ died 17 June 1953, Also his beloved wife/
Katherine Ellen/ died 15th June 1989.
87 Kerb. In loving memory/ Thomas ADAMS/ at rest July 12 1953 aged 80/ Also his beloved wife
Betsy Adams/ at rest December 31 1955, aged 84/ Joseph Frederick Adams/ 1902-1990/ Also his
beloved wife/ Gladys Ellen Adams. 1912-1985
88 Headstone. In/ loving memory of/ Dennis Austin/ Walter/ HANN/ died 18 March 1960/ aged 36.
89 Headstone. In/ loving memory of/ my dear husband/ Edward COOPER/ who passed away May
8 1925/ aged 72/ also of Sarah his wife/ who died February 21 1936 aged 82
90 Cross. In ever loving/ memory of/ Elizabeth/ the beloved wife of/ Alfred GAGE/ died February
17 1944, aged 59/ also of James Alfred/ her beloved husband/ passed away April 1992/ aged 90
91 Headstone. In/ loving memory of/ Wilfred Harwood/ HANN/ died 5 July 1990/ aged 91/ Also his
beloved wife/ Daisy Florence/ Hann/ died 11 April 1992/ aged 90.
92 Headstone. In/ loving memory of/ William GIBBONS/ who died September 26 1953/ aged 78
years/ Also his wife/ Sarah Ann/ died July 17 1965/ aged 84 years.
93 Cross. In/ loving memory/ of/ Susan/ beloved wife of/ Arthur RENDELL/ who died December 4
1922, aged 66 years/ Also of the above Arthur Rendell/ who died October 12 1938, aged 80 years.
94 Cross. In/ loving memory/ of/ Annie RENDELL/ daughter of/ Albert and Susan Young/ who died
25 May 1927/ aged 76 years/ Also their son Albert Young/ who died July 31 1939, aged 81 years.
95 Cross. In/ loving memory of/ Robert YOUNG/ who died March 11 1935/ aged 68 years/ Also of
his wife/ Dora Edith/ who died January 14 1969/ aged 83 years.
96 Headstone. In loving memory/ of/ Walter SHIRE/ died June 14 1925/ aged 89 years/ Also of/
Sarah Ann/ his beloved wife/ died May 18 1926/ aged years.
97 Headstone. In loving memory of/ George Gilbert SHIRE/died 12 March, 1940/ aged 50 years/
And/ Evelyn Bessie Shire/ died 15 November 1990 aged 95 years.
98 Headstone. In loving memory/ of/ Betty Mary SHIRE/ died 5 July 1991/ aged 67 years.
99 Headstone. In/ loving memory/ of/ Helena Millicent/ CARR/ born 9 March 1901/ died 16 March
100 Headstone 4182 Gunner/ G TRASK/ Royal Garrison Artillery/ 31 October 1918
101 Headstone. In loving memory/ of Absolom TRASK/ who died November 10 1914/ aged 73
years/ Also of Sarah Jane/ his beloved wife/ who died May 5 1914/ aged 55 years.
102 Headstone. Beatrice Ellen HALLETT/ died 25 February 1963/ aged 88/ Also of her husband/
Henry Rendell Hallett/ died 28 January 1964/ aged 89
103 Headstone and Kerb. In loving memory of/ Susan B G HALLETT/ who died 6 May 1942/ aged
64/ Also/ Walter Hallett/ died 30 April 1956/ aged 78
104 Cross. In/ loving memory/ of/ George Tom THOMAS/ who died July 20 1923/ aged 65 years/
Also of Keturah Thomas/ beloved wife of the above/ who passed peacefully away/ November 12
1925, aged 67 years.
105 Cross and Kerb. In/ loving memory of/ my dear husband/ George SHIRE/ who died January 7
1918/ aged 64 years/ Also of Sarah Amelia/ beloved wife of the above/ who died June 14 1929/
aged 75 years/
106 Headstone. In/ loving memory of/ Elizabeth Ann/ beloved wife of/ Joseph ANDREWS/ who
died April 16 1929/ aged 69 years/ Also of/ Joseph Andrews/ who died February 24 1941/ aged 81
107 Headstone. In loving memory of/ a dear husband and father/ Alfred Andrews/ who died 25
February 1959/ aged 84 years/ Also of a dear mother/ Emma Jane Andrews/ who died 18
February 1965/ aged 84 years.
108 Headstone. In/ loving memory of/ Daisy SPILLER/ who died/ 11 February 1964/ aged 55
years/ Also her husband/ Wilfred Archie/ who died/ 3 January 1987/ aged 84 years.
109 Headstone and two flower vases. In/ loving memory/ of a devoted husband and dad/ Donald
Derrick EDMUNDS/ who died, 26 February 1965/ aged 39 years.
Flower Vase; To/ Derrick/ from his/ friends/ in the/ skittle/ teams.
Flower Vase: I/ ever loving/ memory of/ Derrick/ from Mum.
110 Headstone. In memory/ Mary Edith AXE/ born 1879. Died 1965/ aged 86
111 Headstone. Sacred/ to the memory of/ my beloved husband/ Imbert Walter CHARLES/ Priest/
24 July 1966 aged 73/ Also of his wife/ Mabel Muriel/ who died 14 May 1979/ aged 89 years.
112 Headstone. In/ loving memory/ of/ Edward Lionel HARRIS/ [Capt R E ]/ who died 28 May
1967/ aged 79 years/ Also his wife/ Ethel Joan/ died 20 May 1971/ aged 65 years.
113 Headstone. Treasured memories/ of/ Shelley Jane O’DONNELL / died 23 September 1992/
aged 22 years/ Also/ Liam James 0’Donnell/ died 22 Sept ember 1967/ aged 4 months.
114 Headstone. In/ loving memory of/ our dear mother/ Ellen BROWN/ who/ passed peacefully
away/ 14 March 1969/ aged 90 years.
115 Headstone. In loving memory of/ a dear husband and father/ Stanley J TURNER/ who passed
10 March 1972/ aged 63 years.
116 Headstone. In loving memory of/ Laura Elizabeth Jane GOULD/ who passed away/ 21
December 1969 aged 92 years/ and her sister/ Etta Gould/ who passed away/ 27 January 1971
aged 89 years.
117 Headstone. In/ memory of/ Hilda Maud/ BEST/ died 21 January 1970/ aged 73
118 Headstone. Cleophas Thomas/ [Cecil] HARRIS/ 14 May 1891-12 November 1970/ Also his
wife/ Gertrude Harris/ 3 December 1896– 19 April 1985
119 Open Book. In/loving memory/ of a beloved/ husband and father/ Roy Leslie / MITCHELL/
born 20 April 1920/ died 3 May 1972.
120 Vase. In loving/ memory of/ Ellen/ CHURCHILL/ died/ July 20 1973/ aged 97
121 Headstone. Charles Henry BEST/ June 6 1974/ aged 76/ Rosetta GUPPY/ October 17 1982.
aged 80/ Also her husband/ Joseph George/ November 1 1932. Aged 25
122 Headstone. In/ loving memory of/ Elizabeth Lilian MEECH/ who died 13 February 1975/ aged
81 years/ Also of/ Ewart John Meech/ who died 17 March 1979/ aged 86 years.
123 Headstone Cherished memories of/ a dear father and mother/ Frederick George HALLETT/
who passed peacefully away/ 21 April 1975/ aged 83 years/ Also/ Margarita Catherine/ Hallett/
who passed peacefully away/ 8 February 1979/ aged 85 years.
124 Cross. In/ loving memory of/ a dear wife and mother/ Patricia G T R O T T / who died 8th July
1978/ aged 43.
125 Headstone. Valerie Mary SPRAY/ loving wife of Stuart/ died in this village/ on 7 July 1980/
aged 35 years.
126 Headstone. In loving memory of/ a dear husband/ Leonard Charles GEORGE 1905-1984.
127 Headstone. In loving memory of/ Jimmy SAUL/ our beloved dad and husband/ born 20. 1
1920 at Irestead, Norfolk/ died 17.10.1980 at Crewkerne.
128 Headstone. In loving memory/ of/ Rudolf SONVICO/ 1911-1992/ father of Valerie.
129 Headstone and Kerb. In/ loving memory of/ George Dawe TAYLOR/ died March 7 1929/ aged
74 years/ Also Ellis Dawe Taylor/ died April 17 1929/ aged 72 years.
130 Headstone. In/ loving memory of/ Gilbert ROGERS/ beloved husband of Elizabeth Rogers/
who entered into rest February 8 1940/ aged 75 years/ Also of his beloved wife Elizabeth/ who
died June 21 1956 aged 87 years.
131 Headstone. In/ loving memory/ of/ Frederick James COX/ 1904-1979/ Also his wife/ Mary
Esther 1902-1988.
132 Headstone and Kerb. In/ treasured memory of/ Joan Mary Rymell/ beloved daughter of F J
and M E COX/ who died 14 December 1955/ aged 27 years.
133 Kerb. Bertha NASH, widow of Sidney Thomas Nash of Sandhurst, Kent fell asleep June 30
1956, aged 77
134 Headstone and Kerb. In loving memory of/my dear son/ William T H GREEN/ who died
February 10 1941/ aged 25 years.
135 Headstone. In loving memory of/ Margaret WILLIS/ died My 20 1941/ aged 63 years.
136 Kerb. In loving memory of/ my dear daughter Edith C GREEN who died July 22 1941 aged 25
137 Flatstone. John David Mervyn/ BRISCOE/ Lieutenant RNFAA/ born/ 21 November 1918/ killed
on active service 5 September 1941.
138 Cross. In loving memory of/ my dear husband/ James Whatmore/ died March 11 1945/ aged
81/ For over 30 years the faithful/ servant and be loved friend of the family/ of the late C E
DEEDES/ Also Julia Elizabeth/ his beloved wife/ died December 17 1949, aged 82 years.
139 Kerb. Sacred to the memory of Leslie RENDELL at rest 23 February 1946 aged 44 years/
Also his beloved wife Alice Marion, died 2 September 1950
140 Kerb. In loving memory of/ John TAYLOR died 25 October 1952 aged 83 years/ Also of his
wife Elizabeth Taylor, died 25 March 1950, aged 79 years.
141 Headstone. In loving memory/ of/ Job WALL/ at rest April 10 1954/ and his beloved wife/
Rosaline/ at rest June 15 1953, aged 70.
142 Kerb. In loving memory of/ Sidney ALFORD/ at rest May 12 1954/ Frances his wife/ at rest
February 14 1969.
143 Headstone. In/ loving memory/ of Bessie PENNINGTON/ who died November 22 1962/ aged
84 years/ Also of her husband/ Henry John/ who died March 12 1964/ aged 80 years.
144 Headstone. In loving memory of/ George HALLETT/ died October 26 1933, aged 83 years/
also of/ Sarah Jane/ wife of above/ died June 5 1929, aged 80 years.
145 Headstone. In loving memory of/Sydney Albert TAYLOR/ WHO DIED May 8 1912/ aged 38
years/ also of Mary Ann Andrewss/ mother of the above/ who died November 30 1923/ aged 90
146 Headstone. In/ loving memory of/George// beloved husband of/ Louisa RENDALL/ who fell
asleep 14 February 1953/ aged 79 years/ Also of the above named/ Louisa Rendall/ died 21
December 1958/ aged 90 year.
147 Headstone. In/ ever loving memory/ of/ my dearly beloved husband/ Thomas BARTLETT/ at
rest December 23 1917/ aged 74 years/ also of Harriett, wife of the above/ who died April 30 1939/
aged 68 years.
148 Headstone. Sacred/ in loving memory of/ Tom AXE/ at rest I August 1931/ aged 86 years/ the
beloved husband/ for 63 years of/ Temperance Jane/ AXE fallen asleep/ 27 July 1936/ aged 91
149 Headstone. In loving memory of/ Margaret/ the beloved wife of/ Sansom CHANT/ who passed
away January 3 1922/ aged 66 years/ Also of Lily their daughter/ who died February 18 1897/
aged 7 years/ Also of Ernest their son/ who died March 22 1900/ aged 4 years 5 months/ Also of
Sansom Chant/ dearly beloved husband/ of the above/ who died March 25 1924/ aged 74 years.
150 Headstone and Kerb. In/ loving memory of/ Arthur Frederick STRODE/ who died November
14 1941/ aged 67 years/ Also of Mary Anne his beloved wife interred at Merriott.
151 Flower Holder. In loving/ memory of/ Ellen/ Parsons/ at rest/ September 6 1942/ aged 88.
152 Headstone and Kerb. In memory of/ Bertie C Strode/ died June 30 1918 aged 39/ Francis J R
Strode died July 15 1944, aged 68.
153 Kerb. In loving memory of my dear husband/ Cornelius CAVE/ who died 24 February 1953
aged 88 years/ Also Alice his wife, who died 20 January 1959 aged 74 years.
154 Flatstone. In loving memory/ of/ Albert Charles PIKE/ died 5 May 1986/ aged 74 years.
155 Headstone. In/ loving memory of/ Sam LEGG/ who died/ 8 February 1963/ aged 82 years/
Also of his beloved wife/ Keziah/ who died/ 24 January 1964/ aged 84 years
156 Headstone. In loving memory of/ my dear wife/ Lily BOND/ née LEGG/ who died 15
September 1967 aged 57.
157 Cross. In memoriam/ Eliza HENLEY/ born August 29 1834/ died June 1911
158 Cross and Kerb. In/ loving memory of/ Patience GOULD/ born September 27 1847/ died
August 9 1926/ Also of/ Albion Gould/ husband of the above/ born November 30 1850/ died
March/ 25 1928.
159 Headstone. In loving memory/ of/ Sarah Ann/ the beloved wife of/ Giles COOPER/ who
passed peacefully away/ January 4 1912 aged 73 years.
160 Flatstone and Kerb. In loving memory of/ William PIKE/ died 2 February 1928/ aged 45 years/
Also of his wife/ Rose/ died 3 March 1957/ aged 86 years.
161 Headstone. In/ loving memory of/ my dear husband/ Albert E PERYER/ who died suddenly,
May 8 1942 aged 32 years.
162 Flatstone and Kerb. In/ loving memory of/ Florence AXE/ called home 16 June 1953/ aged 74
163 Headstone. Treasured memories/ of/ a dear wife and mother/ Edna M KELLOW/ who fell
asleep/ February 24 1959 aged 53.

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