Sermon 11 19 06 by 40agB7p


									                           Sermon Outline
                     Warrensburg Church of Christ
                      JOY (before Thanksgiving)
                            Nov 19, 2006

I. Welcome Visitors and Guests: Happy Thanksgiving!

II. General scriptures regarding JOY:
      Luke 1:5-7, 57-58
      Luke 6:20-26
      Luke 10:16-20
      Acts 13:44-52
      Acts 16:16-34
      Romans 14:14-18

III. 4 Specific Things We Learn About JOY

     1. JOY is focused on people and best shared with others.
        A. Luke 1:57-58
        B. II Cor 7:1-7

     2. JOY is given by God and the Holy Spirit.
        A. Acts 14:8-17
        B. I Thess 1:1-6

     3. JOY is shared as a reward for spiritual people, mentors and
        A. II John 1-12
        B. III John 1-6

     4. JOY is Eternal!
        A. Jude 17-24

IV. Do we know that True JOY is from God; And Live like we have IT!
V. If we lack JOY, do we have anyone to blame but ourselves!

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