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					     THE HOLY CROSS                                                                                   TRUST FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN
                                                                                                      The cost of full restoration to this
                                                                                                      important historical and ancestral site has
                                                                                                      been estimated as $800,000.

                                                                                                      Fund raising to support this important work
                                                                                                      will involve submissions to all levels of
                                                                                                      government, including departments and
                                                                                                      organizations involved in the restoration and
                                                                                                      upkeep of historically significant sites.
                                                     The Holy Cross Cemetery Trust was
                                                     established to raise funds to refurbish and      To be fully successful, the Trust must also
                                                     restore this important historical site.          receive support from those who care
Holy Cross Cemetery – located at South and                                                            about Irish history in Halifax and those
South Park Streets is the oldest Catholic            KEY TRUST INITIATIVES                            who have family members or ancestors
Cemetery in Halifax. The site of the “Church                                                          buried at Holy Cross Cemetery.
built in a day;” it is the final resting place for   Made up of members of the Charitable Irish
many of the Halifax Irish community who              Society of Halifax and An Cumann, the Trust
made significant contributions to the life of        will work with the Catholic Cemeteries
this city, the province of Nova Scotia and           Commission to:
                                                        Repair and restore all gravestones to an
Given its importance to many generations of              upright and stable position;
Irish families, the Charitable Irish Society of         Terrace and landscape the hilled section
Halifax, with the support of Saint Mary’s                at the back of the Cemetery to correct
University initiated the research and recording          tilting and toppling gravestones;
of names and inscriptions on all gravestones            Landscape and make ground repairs;
within the Cemetery. This information will be           Increase security with improved fencing
made available on an interactive CD which                and lighting;
will serve as a record of Irish history in Halifax      Repair the main gate and upgrade
and support the genealogical research of Irish           signage;                                     WHY MAKE A GIFT PLEDGE IN SUPPORT
families buried at Holy Cross.
                                                        Make exterior repairs to the Chapel;         THE TRUST?
                                                        Complete the electronic cataloguing of all   You need only walk the grounds of Holy
In the course of this work, it was discovered
                                                         those buried at Holy Cross Cemetery and      Cross to see the extent of the restoration that
that that Holy Cross is in a significant state of
                                                         establish a visitor information facility     is needed. Your gift will help restore this
disrepair with many tombstones fallen or
                                                         where information would be available for     significant historical treasure and honor the
broken as a result of years of neglect,
                                                         genealogical and historical research.        memory of the founding citizens of Halifax.
weathering and vandalism.
          DID YOU KNOW?                                       GIFT OPTIONS                       THE HOLY CROSS CEMETERY TRUST
   Since its opening in 1843, an             There are a number of different ways to give                  PLEDGE FORM
    estimated 25,000 souls have been          to the Holy Cross Cemetery Trust. Income tax
    buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, many       receipts will be provided with all options.        _____ I have indicated my chosen gift
    of whom were of Irish descent. This                                                          category and would like to discuss how I can
    includes historical figures whose         Please indicate the type of gift you wish to       make that gift.
    contributions to Halifax are              make by checking the appropriate box
    memorialized as street names such         below AND COMPLETEING THE                          _____ I have enclosed my unrestricted gift.
    as Tobin, Swain, Kline and Doyle.         ATTACHED PLEDGE FORM.
                                                                                                 _____I would like to share information
   The “Church Built in a Day” - Our            Unrestricted Gift:                             regarding family or ancestors buried at
    Lady of Sorrows Chapel in Holy                This permits the Trust the flexibility to      Holy Cross Cemetery. I understand the
    Cross is a registered historic site.          determine where the gift will make the         information I share will eventually be included
    On August 31, 1843, 1800 workers              most difference in completing the many         in a future publication of genealogical
    marched from St. Mary’s Basilica and          projects associated with the complete          information.
    under the direction of Archbishop             restoration and preservation of Holy
    Walsh built the structure in a single         Cross Cemetery.                                Please complete and send the attached
    day.                                                                                         Pledge Form and send to
                                                 Designated Gift:                               T HE HOLY CROSS CEMETERY TRUST
                                                  A donation given for a specific project        P.O. BOX 31142
   Holy Cross Cemetery is also
                                                  within the cemetery for which you wish to      HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA
    designated as the national historic
                                                  have your name associated. (see the Key        B3K 5Y1
    burial site for Sir John Sparrow
    David Thompson, former Alderman,              Trust Initiatives section).
    MLA, provincial Attorney General,            Planned Giving for the Future                  Name: _____________________________
    Premier of Nova Scotia, Justice of the        You may wish to discuss the options of
    Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, a               either providing a gift which is spaced
    founder of Dalhousie University Law           over a number of years, or a deferred          ___________________________________
    School, the federal Minister of Justice       future gift to the Trust which you would
    who introduced the first Criminal             leave as a legacy in your name and in the      Postal Code: _______________________
    Code and the first Catholic Prime             name of family or ancestors buried at
                                                                                                 Phone number:______________________
    Minister of Canada (1892-1894).               Holy Cross.
                                                 Gifts-In-Kind:                                 Family Members:____________________
   Holy Cross Cemetery is also the final         Provide a gift of equipment, materials,
                                                  services or securities. Tax receipts will be   ___________________________________
    resting place for many decorated
    Halifax war heroes who bravely                based on the fair market value of the gift.
    fought in various military campaigns
    and world wars since the mid- 1850’s,        Volunteer Support:
    including one Halifax native who was          Volunteer your time in support of the                       Ancestors:
    awarded the U.S. Medal of Honor.              many projects to restore Holy Cross            ____________________________________
                                                  Cemetery to a respectable condition.           ____________________________________

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