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  James A. Otieno CPA(K),CISA
Manager Internal Audit & Risk Mgt
• In order to ensure a transparent, accountable, ethical
  and results oriented institution KNBS will observe zero
  tolerance to corruption through developing,
  implementing and institutionalizing necessary policies,
  legal and institutional frameworks.
• Management and staff have a primary responsibility of
  putting in place operating, reporting, investigation and
  deterrent mechanisms aimed at preventing corruption
  and punishing perpetrators and beneficiaries of
  corruption in the institution.
• Corruption in KNBS will entail misuse of office
  for personal gain or benefit by the Board,
  Management, employees and stakeholders,
  act of commission and omission in ones
  employment resulting in loss or disadvantage
  to KNBS and private gain to the above
•   Bribery
•   Secret Inducements
•   Deceiving a principal
•   Conflict of interest
•   Improper benefits for appointment
•   Bid rigging
•   Failure to protect public property
•   Abuse of office
•   Dealing with suspect property
•   Nepotism/Favoritism/Tribalism
•   Grabbing of public property
•   Breach of trust
•   Misappropriation/embezzlement of corporate funds
•   Blackmail
•   Extortion
•   Forgery
•   Tax evasion
•   Dealing with suspect property
       Impact effects of corruption

• Damage of image/reputation of the Bureau
• Loss of jobs in the event the Bureau fails to
  secure funds
• Loss of revenue
• Loss of key staff members as a result of
• Reduction of staff morale
• Loss of confidence in national statistics that can
  lead to wrong decisions
•   Setting up Integrity Committees at HQs and Regional offices
•   Internal Control Systems
•   Internal audits
•   Employment Conditions – pre employment screening, annual
•   Reporting cases of Corruption
•   Whistle blowing and protection of whistle blowers
•   Investigation of corruption cases
•   Code of conduct and ethics
•   Disciplinary measures
•   Awareness creation and training
•   Gift Policy Statement
    Integrity Committee Regional
• The Regional Manager (Chair)
• The Integrity Assurance Officer (Secretary)
• At least two District statistics Officers
• In charge of Finance in the region (Member)
• In Charge of procurement/stores
       Internal Control Systems

• Internal controls are forms of controls put in
  place by KNBS to ensure that the Bureau
  safeguards its assets and functions effectively
  to achieve its goals in the strategic plan and
  ensure that it delivers on the objectives of the
  Vision 2030
• All staff will must read, internalize and operate
  in line with the internal controls to prevent
  and detect corruption
        Internal Audit Reviews
• institutionalized mechanism for objective,
  independent and systematic review of internal
  controls and operational systems within KNBS
• assessing the nature and extent of any fraud
  and corruption risk
• Investigations as requested Management and
  or the Board.
• Special audits areas of concern
       Employment Conditions
• Pre-employment Screening
• Annual Leave
• Leave policy of KNBS encourages staff to take
  regular annual leave.
Reporting, investigating and acting
          on corruption
• Cases of suspected corruption in KNBS will be
  reported to the Chairman Integrity Committee
• KNBS Website - click on the stop corruption
• KNBS hotline
• Corruption Reporting boxes – at Herufi House,
  Nyayo house
• In person to appointed Integrity Assurance
• Corruption cases will be dealt with fairly,
  promptly, expeditiously and within the law.
Investigation will advice
• Stepping aside
• On prosecution if likely
• The recovery of losses incurred by KNBS
• How to separate
• Action to prevent reoccurrence
     Code of conduct and ethics
• Sign a code of conduct which will guide them
  on ethical values and practices required of
• Enforced through Human Resources Manual
• Deviant behaviour will be investigated and
  disciplinary action taken by Human Resources
 Awareness creation and training

• Training
• Awareness
         Gift Policy Statement

• Public officers working in KNBS shall not use
  the office to improperly enrich themselves.
Do not accept or request gifts or favors from
• Suppliers and potential suppliers to KNBS
• Organizations that are regulated by KNBS on
  statistics and survey as outlined in the Act
• Contractors and consultants
• Potential employees

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