Homemade sticky toffee by 6Z55qV54



                                                The Chameleon Menu
Homemade sticky toffee
Pudding with toffee sauce &
Ice cream                           £4.95
Warm Belgian waffle with
Maple syrup & ice cream             £4.95
Warm wicked chocolate cake
With whipped cream & ice cream      £4.95
Vanilla Ice cream with
Florentine wafer                    £3.95
Liquor coffee/hot chocolate         £4.20
Tubs of Cheshire Farm ice cream     £1.60
Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mint choc,
Banana & toffee & mango & passion fruit

Home baked scone served
With butter & jam                  £2.10
Large Cookie                       £1.10
Toasted teacake with butter
& jam                              £2.10
Wicked chocolate cake              £2.10
Homemade flapjack                  £1.60
Homemade Blueberry Muffin          £1.30
Slice of cake of the day           £2.60

Manley Mere Hot Chocolate
Extravaganza                       £2.60
Hot chocolate                      £2.00
Latte/Mocha                        £2.50
Large Cappuccino                   £3.00
Cappuccino/American                £2.20
Filter Coffee                      £2.00
Double Espresso                    £2.00
Mug tea/instant coffee             £1.60

Bottle coke/diet coke on ice      £1.85
J20 on ice                        £1.85
Britvic 55 orange                 £1.85
Fentimans Drinks                  £2.00
Ginger beer & old fashioned lemonade
Cartons & Cans                    £1.10
Bottled water (still/spark)       £1.25

                                             PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF YOUR TABLE
                                               NUMBER AND ORDER AT THE BAR
         Please ask for details
                                             Tel: 01928 740243 info@manleymere.co.uk
APPETISERS                                   MAIN MEALS
Bowl of mixed olives with feta               All day breakfast with 2 free range
Cheese, oils & herbs                 £2.95   Eggs, grilled bacon & sausage,
                                             Tomato mushrooms & toast with
Griddled Mediterranean tomato                Butter & Preserve                   £8.00
Bread with olive oil & balsamic dip £2.95
                                             Manley Mere beef burger with bacon,
Homemade soup of the day with                & mushrooms, topped with
Herby croutons & crusty bread        £4.50   Melted cheese & Served with
                                             Seasoned chips & salad            £8.25
Toasted garlic & herb bread slices   £2.95
                                             Chicken Caesar salad
Garlic & herb bread slices topped            Classic combo of Romaine Leaves,
With melted brie cheese              £3.95   Anchovy & Parmesan               £8.50

LIGHT BITES                                  Beer battered fish, chips & mushy
Mature Cheddar rarebit on                    Peas served with homemade chunky
Doorstep toast with Brambly apple            Tartar sauce & lemon wedge        £8.00
Chutney                           £6.20
                                             Pasta Carbonara with rocket,
Grilled bacon or pork sausage                Radicchio & parmesan shavings      £8.25
On a soft white roll                 £3.95
(Add a free range egg for 80p)               Warm goats cheese salad with red
                                             Onion chutney & crusty bread     £8.50
Hand cut Maris Piper potato
Wedges served with chilli & garlic           CHILDRENS OPTIONS
Mayo dips                          £3.60     All served with seasoned chips,
                                             Choose from:
Bowl of potato chips seasoned                Deep fried cod, beef burger, cheese
With salt                            £2.60   Burger, pork sausage, cheese & tomato
                                             Pizza & double egg                  £5.00
Smoked haddock & cod fishcake                Pasta Bolognese                     £5.00
With seasonal salad, tomato salsa            Cheese or ham sandwich with
& citrus mayonnaise               £6.95      Potato crisps                       £3.00

Soup of the day & sandwich                   SIDES AND EXTRAS
Combination                          £6.95   Two slices of toast with butter
                                             & jam                              £1.95
SANDWICHES, PANNINIS &                       Doorstep toast with jam & butter   £1.95
TOASTED SANDWICHES                           Crusty bread                       £1.95
Served with salad garnish &                  Bread & butter                     £1.95
Potato crisps                                Baked beans                        £1.95
                                             Mushy peas                         £1.95
Fillings include home cooked ham,            Mixed salad bowl                   £2.95
Cheddar cheese, tuna mayonnaise,
Spicy chicken, brie, chutney, ripe           SEE OUR SEASONAL SPECIALS BOARD –
Tomato & crispy bacon or a                   DISHES MADE USING LOCAL PRODUCE
Combination of two of the above:             WHERE POSSIBLE
Toasted Sandwich                   £5.50     We don’t serve FAST FOOD, however we do serve
Toasted Pannini                    £6.50     good food as quickly as we can
White or brown bread sandwich      £4.95

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