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									        Chardonnay Grapevine
                     March - April 2011

Hello everyone, it has been a long cold winter. I would like to take this
opportunity to continue where Bob left off in the last issue of the Grapevine. He
declared 2011 “the year of the volunteer”. This means that we need you and
your talent and a couple hours of your time.
The need is great this year for a Chairperson of the landscape committee and
people to work on the committee. Your time and talent in this would be greatly
appreciated. This is just one of the many committees of which you could be a
part. We are also looking for building captains, to maintain the light bulbs in the
common areas of the buildings as well as to help water the grass and plantings
around the buildings. The maintenance committee can use some of you handy
folks out there. The time that is donated to the community assists in maintaining
the beauty of our community and also gives us an opportunity get to know our
So I ask you, what are you willing to do, are you willing to get involved in your
community? Please take a look at the list of committees on the back of the
Grapevine and see what area you have an interest in and give the chairperson a
call or drop them an e-mail.
I am looking forward to seeing everyone out and meeting our new neighbors.
Take the time to introduce yourself, and continue to make Chardonnay the best
community in Northern Kentucky.

Lisa Parnell, Member at Large.

       March 8, 2011 – 7 PM Chardonnay Clubhouse


    I. Call to order, Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer

    II. Attendance

   III. Approval of Minutes –November 9, 2010

                 IV. Reports
                     A.   Officers
                     B.   Management
                     C.   Committees – Finance – Arch/Maint – Social – Welcome
                     Landscape – Chain Gang – Clubhouse –Grapevine – Pool

                  V. Old Business
                  A. Smoke Detectors installed in common areas
                  B. Update on the Deck Replacement Committee

                 VI. Guest Speaker – Cold Spring Chief of Police Ed Burk

                 VII. Floor open to questions from Homeowners

              VIII.   New Business
                A.    Spring Walk –Monday March 28, 2011 at 9 AM
                B.    Two new resolutions to be added to the Welcome Book
                C.    Regulations on gas grills to be enforced by the fire department

                 IX. Next Board Meeting Date – Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 7:00 PM

                  X. Adjourn Meeting – Brief recess

                 XI. Executive Session

                 XII. Adjourn Executive Session

                                              Gas Grills
Spring is coming (I promise), and with warm weather our thoughts turn to things other than snow
shovels. Things such as grilling out. But wait! There may be a problem with some grill use at
Chardonnay. Note the agenda: New Business Section C.

According to our fire department: N.F.P.A. 1 2006 Edition reads as follows:

       10.11.7     For other than one and two family dwellings, no hibachi, gas fired, charcoal grill
                   or other similar devices used for cooking, heating or any other purposes, shall be
                   used or kindled on any balcony or under any overhanging portion or within 10ft of
                   any structure. Listed electric ranges, grills or similar electrical apparatus shall be

What does this mean for those of us who love to grill out? Can we fire up our grill as long as we roll
it more than 10 feet from any building? Is just storage on a deck or patio legal? Are those of us
with gas grills to be ticketed or arrested? Come to the Board Meeting to learn the answers. Talk
about a hot topic!

                                                    operative and currently licensed vehicles
                                                    in the parking areas.

                                                 5. Vehicles parked in violation of any part of
            New Resolutions                         the Governing Documents shall be towed
Our Board has been busy. (Thank you                 away, after providing proper notice, and
Board!) Note that the agenda in New                 stored at the owner’s expense and risk.
Business Section B concerns the addition of         The Association is not obligated to
new resolutions to the Welcome Book. What           determine the owner of the vehicle before
are these new resolutions? How will they            towing.
affect the residents of Chardonnay? Well by
now, we hope you have figured out the            Neither the Board or Towne Properties want
answer is come to Board Meeting to find out.     to become traffic cops at Chardonnay. Please
Yes, this is a non-paid commercial for the       save us from this duty by fixing your
Board Meeting.                                   inoperative vehicle and/or telling your family
                                                 and friends that they are not permitted to park
                                                 their vehicles here long term as they are not
                                                 residents. You will help maintain the beauty of
                                                 Chardonnay and save someone some time
                                                 and money.

            Storage Lot-NOT                             Welcome Committee Report
There has been deserved concern lately by        Thinking of you and get well cards were sent
many residents that Chardonnay is more and       to five neighbors in January and February
more becoming a storage lot for inoperative      .
and/or vehicles of non-residents. This can not   We welcomed Marianne Averdick of 900
and will not be permitted to happen.             Monterey Lane to our community with a gift
Note the following on parking which are
covered in the parking section of the
                                                         Social Committee Notes
Welcome Book and the Master Deed.
                                                 Our Valentine dinner was held on Feb. 11th.
                                                 Everyone had a good time socializing and
                                                 enjoying a catered Lasagna dinner. The
1. Inoperative and unlicensed vehicles may
                                                 homemade desserts courtesy of Pat, Eleanor
   not be parked on condominium property
                                                 and Mary were a big hit.
   unless they are parked in a garage with
   the garage door closed.
                                                 Our next event will be a pancake breakfast on
                                                 March 19th at 10:00. The committee will be
2. Other than short term parking by visitors,
                                                 making pancakes, bacon, goetta and fruit
   parking is for vehicles of residents only.
                                                 salad as well as serving juice, coffee and tea.
   Vehicles owned by sons, daughters or
                                                 The cost is $5; just plan on paying at the
   other family members and/or friends who
                                                 door. If you like to plan ahead, we will be
   are not residents may not be parked at
                                                 holding our annual Derby Party on the first
   Chardonnay on a long-term basis.
                                                 Saturday in May, May 7th. Mark your
                                                 calendars; we hope to see you at both of
3. No auto maintenance or repairs may be
                                                 these events.
   performed on the condominium property
   unless it is performed inside the owner’s
   garage.                                                A HINT TO THE WISE
                                                 Just to be safe - consider turning the hot and
4. T h e r esidents of any one unit may not      cold water off behind your washing machine
   collectively park more than (4) four          when it is not in use or at least if you are
                                                 leaving the premises. This would take the
pressure off the hoses. If they get weak and           room and three months of being home bound
burst, it will make a mess for you and anyone          I am finally returning to my normal routines. I
who lives under you, both physically and               am still receiving outpatient therapy on my
monetarily.                                            shoulder but am able to drive and return to
                                                       my part time job. Again this is a wonderful
                                                       community where we live. Thanks again.
                                                       Sincerely Madeline Ruf

                                                             Changes to Welcome Book
             YOU                                       Marianne (Murph) Averdick 900 Monterey
                                                       Lane 859-802-5236
                                                       Jeff & Judy Weber 1000 Monterey Lane 859-

             Thank You Note                            Sidney Tucker email to
I want to thank my neighbors at Chardonnay   
for their prayers, cards, food and visits after        Norb and Mary Beck phone to 859-781-9476
my fall in November. After two
hospitalizations, three trips to the operating

                                Web Site –

                     Bob Wheeler, President 441-6185
                   Mary Chapin, Vice President 442-0834
                        Marilyn Jenner, Secretary 441-9099
                   Lola Bennett, Treasurer 781-1546
                   Lisa Parnell, Member at Large 781-8773

                          FOR PROBLEMS, COMPLAINTS & VIOLATIONS
                          Lydia Barrett, Towne Properties 291-5858

                    Jenny Southard Towne Properties 291-5858

                                    COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS
     Architect/Maintenance – Chuck Gerhardstein 441-8510
                     Finance – Lola Bennett 781-1546
                              Landscape –open – We Need A Volunteer
                        Pool – Bob Wheeler 441-6185
                   Social – Betty Ann Freemal 441-4062
                                  Chain Gang – Betty Kroft 781-4465
                  Welcome – Mary Gerhardstein 441-8510
                                Clubhouse Coordinator – Bob Wheeler
         Clubhouse Co-Coordinator – Ronda Brandt 866-2182
         Grapevine Editor/Website Manager – Tom Bennett 781-1546


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