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									Since our last news report the Warren County Falcons continue to be quite active. Our newly formed high school
basketball team competed in state competition in Normal on March 11th and 12th and brought home the gold. We saw
two athletes compete in the individual skills basketball competition in Normal on March 12th. They were, Bernie
Troutwine, who won bronze and Ashton Anderson who placed 6th.

District swimming competition was held in Urbana on April 3rd with 4 athletes attending this event. Earning gold medals
and the opportunity to advance to state were; Shawna Krzeminski (25M Backstroke), Tamara Parks (25M Backstroke &
25M Freestyle) and Amanda Shumaker (25M Backstroke). Silver medal honors went to Amanda Shumaker (25M
Freestyle) and earning a bronze medal was Edward Orr (25M Freestyle).

Fifty-Four athletes from our program took part in the Area 4 Games held at Sunny Lane Field on May 7th. Each athlete
who earned a gold medal at this event received the Spring opportunity to advance to the State meet at Illinois State
University in Normal. Results are as follows:

Athletics 50M Run
Ashton Anderson, 3rd place
Michael Barry , 1st place
Rebecca Carter, 1st place
Candance Dellitt, 1st place
Nick Ferguson, 1st place
Brain Greenstreet, 3rd place
James Hallstrom, 3rd place
Katie Lipes, 3rd place
Kaylee McLaughlin, 2nd place
Ronnie Myers, 2nd place
Jeremy Orr, 2nd place
Valena Orr, 2nd place
Katy Palmer, 1st place
Tamara Parks, 1st place
Dawn Skees, 3rd place
David Snyder, 2nd place
Beverly Sparrowgrove, 2nd place
Janet Vervnyck, 2nd place
Athletics 100M Run
Harold Bishop, 2nd place
Schuyler Farris, 3rd place
Kathy Kindhart, 1st place
Christian Lesones, 3rd place
Eric Luetger, 4th place
Jesse Matthews, 2nd place
Eddie Orr, 1st place
Greg Rosenthal, 5th place
Thomas Whitburn, 4th place
Athletics 200M Run
Kenyon Love, 2nd place
Amanda Shumaker, 2nd place
Shawna Krzeminski, 3rd place
Athletics 100M Walk
Nancy Bersted, 2nd place
Norma Brinker, participation ribbon
Jane Hottle, 1st place
Mike Nelson, 1st place
Kim Prather, 3rd place
Tom Stansbury, 2nd place
Bernie Troutwine, 4th place
Athletics 400M Walk
Kendall Crawford, 1st place
Stacey Crawford, 2nd place
Melanie McKinney, 3rd place
Jerry Pitts, 1st place
Nancy Stevens, 4th place
Athletics 800M Walk
Jerry Pitts, 1st place
Athletics 10M Assisted Walk
Mike Brennan, 1st place
Alantis Mortensen, 2nd place
Athletics 25M Assisted Walk
Aaron Crain, 1st place
Alantis Mortensen, 3rd place
Athletics Softball Throw
Ashton Anderson, 3rd place
Nancy Bersted, 1st place
Harold Bishop, 1st place
Keith Bowman, 2nd place
Mike Brennan, 1st place
Kendall Crawford, 2nd place
Stacey Crawford, 2nd place
Schuyler Farris, 4th place
Nick Ferguson, 2nd place
Brian Greenstreet, 4th place
James Hallstrom, 2nd place
Jane Hottle, 5th place
Christian Lesones, 3rd place
Kenyon Love, 2nd place
Eric Luetger, 3rd place
Jesse Matthews, 4th place
Melanie McKinney, 2nd place
Kaylee McLaughlin, 1st place
Sally McVey, 3rd place
Ronald Myers, 2nd place
Mike Nelson, 2nd place
Tamara Parks, 2nd place
Kim Prather, 1st place
Greg Rosenthal, 1st place
Carol Rudow, 1st place
Richard Rudow, 1st place
Dawn Skees, 3rd place
David Snyder, 7th place
Beverly Sparrowgrove, 2nd place
Tom Stansbury, 4th place
Jessica Stephenson, 1st place
Bernie Troutwine, 1st place
Athletics Tennis Ball Throw
Aaron Crain, 2nd place
Norma Brinker, 1st place
Athletics Shot Put
Nicole Brentise, 1st place
Candance Dellitt, 2nd place
Kathy Kindhart, 3rd place
Jon Mackey, 1st place
Nancy Stevens, 2nd place
Janet Vervynck, 1st place
Athletics Standing Long Jump
Katie Lipes, 1st place
Eddie Orr, 1st place
Jeremy Orr, 2nd place
Valena Orr, 1st place
Jessica Stephenson, 2nd place
Thomas Whitburn, 1st place
Athletics Running Long Jump
Mike Barry, 2nd place
Rebecca Carter, 1st place
Shawna Krzeminski, 4th place
Jon Mackey, 1st place
Amanda Shumaker, 3rd place
Athletics 4x100M Relay
Warren County Blue: Ashton Anderson / Mike Barry / Shawn Krzeminski / Jeremy Orr, 3rd place
Warren County Red: Jessica Stephenson / Dawn Skees / Valena Orr / Kathy Kindhart, 1st place
Warren County Falcons: Amanda Shumaker / Kenyon Love / Schuyler Farris / Thomas Whitburn, 1st place
Athletics 4x100M Walk Relay
Warren County Walkers: Jon Mackey / Tom Stansbury / Mike Nelson / Jerry Pitts, 1st place

Now, our Warren County Falcons are currently involved in the great summer past time of Softball and T-ball. The two
teams have been playing teams from Macomb and Quincy Illinois. Both are preparing for District competition which is
scheduled to be held in Springfield on July 30th.

To volunteer or to participate in the program locally, please call Cathy Betar at 309-734-5903

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