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Welcome to
I am delighted that you are considering a degree here at
Oxford Brookes University. As Vice-Chancellor of Oxford
Brookes I feel particularly privileged to be leading an
institution which makes such an outstanding contribution
to research, teaching and knowledge transfer.

Set in the beautiful, historic city of Oxford, which is
approximately one hour from London, Oxford Brookes
is home to over 18,700 students. Around 20% of our
students are international students, coming from over
120 countries worldwide, and the University thrives on
its international environment.

I hope this brochure is a useful introduction to life at
Oxford Brookes. Please do not hesitate to contact us
if you have questions - we are only too happy to help
(see back cover for contact details).

I do hope you consider applying to Oxford Brookes
and wish you all the best for the future.

Professor Janet Beer Vice-Chancellor

Choose Oxford
Oxford is a beautiful place with a rich history, but there is so much more
to the city than just its traditions.

                                 What I
                                 I love living in Oxford!
                                 It’s smaller and more personal
                                 then London - but should you
                                 feel the need to go into London
                                 it’s only a bus ride away. There
                                 is always something to go do
                                 or see in Oxford when you’re in
                                 the mood for it. There are also
                                 numerous student groups and
                                 societies scattered throughout
                                 the city to fit whatever your
                                 hobbies may be.

                                 Marielle Jung
                                 Nashville, TN, USA,
                                 Studying BA in History

Oxford is famous for its       Oxford is a vibrant city with around 30,000       Oxford is also a great base for exploring
                               students from all over the world, so you are      other parts of the UK. The excellent
architecture, rowing,          guaranteed a youthful and cosmopolitan            transport system makes it easy to visit
punting and scenic riverside   atmosphere.                                       major cities like London and Birmingham,
                                                                                 or you can enjoy the English countryside in
walks. And it’s easy to see    The city is full of restaurants, cafés, cinemas
                                                                                 the Cotswolds, an area of sleepy towns and
                               and shops. As well as a wide range of high
why Oxford has been voted      street, charity and independent shops,
                                                                                 villages considered to be ‘typically English’.

the top city in the UK for     Oxford also has a covered market, which           Oxford is also within easy reach of both
                               was established in 1774.                          Heathrow and Birmingham international
culture for the last two                                                         airports.
                               You can also find a buzzing nightlife, with
years running, as it is        plenty of bars, pubs and nightclubs on offer.     By choosing to study in Oxford, you are
brimming with theatres, live   Oxford’s multicultural area, Cowley Road, is      putting yourself at the heart of one of
                               a popular destination for students as the         Europe’s major knowledge centres. Oxford
music venues, museums          area is bursting with exciting places to eat      is alive with business, creativity and
and art galleries.             and drink and you can find somewhere to           potential and you are within easy reach of
                               suit all budgets.                                 the multi-billion pound Formula One
                                                                                 industry, software giants Microsoft and
                               If you crave London’s nightlife, it’s only one
                                                                                 large non-government organisations like
                               hour away by train and there is also a
                                                                                 Oxfam and People and Planet.
                               cheap, frequent bus service to and from the
                               capital that runs 24 hours a day

Choose Brookes
The most important reason for choosing Oxford Brookes
is our commitment to teaching and learning.

                                                          Oxford Brookes is one of the few
                                                          universities in the UK to have 24 subjects

  What I                                                  rated as excellent for teaching. We also
                                                          have a longstanding reputation for
  say...                                                  employability, and host two national centres
                                                          of excellence in teaching and learning.
  Brookes has an academically
                                                          In fact, Oxford Brookes has, yet again, been
  challenging environment
                                                          named best new university in The Times
  with all the amenities to
                                                          Good University Guide 2008. The Times
  experience a great student life.
                                                          league table analyses a range of data,
  The best thing about my                                 including student satisfaction, graduate
  course has been the subject                             employment and student completion rate.
  material itself and the great                           Oxford Brookes has finished ahead of a
  interest that the tutors take in                        number of traditional universities and is
  their students. Personal tutors                         now placed as one of the UK’s top 50
  at Brookes are extremely                                 universities in the guide.
  helpful and willing to engage in                        Our 18,768 students are women and men
  the students academic career                            of all ages from a broad range of social and
  to help them excel.                                     cultural backgrounds. They are enrolled on
                                                          programs that range from foundation to
  Devin Hauer
                                                          graduate level study.
  Chicago, USA, studying
  BSc Economics and International Relations
                                                            Total student body

Did you know?                                               Statistics

• Oxford Brookes has been voted ‘Best modern university     Male                            41%
  in the UK’ for seven years running.                       Female                          59%

                                                            Level of study
• 20% of our students are international students,           Undergraduate                   73%
  coming from 120 different countries.                      Graduate                        25%
                                                            Research                         2%
• 9/10 Brookes students would recommend the University      Mode of study
  to other students.                                        Full-time / Sandwich            68%
                                                            Part-time                       30%
• 60 of our programs offer compulsory or optional work      Other                            2%
  placements.                                               Student domicile
                                                            UK                              83%
• As an international student you are guaranteed a room     Other EU                         5%
  in University housing for your first year.                Non-EU                          12%
                                                           * HESA data 2006-2007

Your life at Brookes
Our learning facilities are excellent, we have a lively sports and social
scene, and advice is readily available when necessary – everything you
need to make Oxford Brookes your new home.

                                                        What I
                                                        Brookes’ modular system
                                                        is similar to universities
                                                        in America so it is not
                                                        completely foreign and
                                                        therefore a little less
                                                        intimidating. I love being
                                                        able to choose my
                                                        modules according to
                                                        which areas of history
                                                        particularly interest me.
                                                        Marielle Jung
                                                        Nashville, TN, USA
                                                        studying BA in History

Teaching                                             Learning                                        Personal service
Brookes is one of only 16 universities to win        Projects and practical work form an             Here at Oxford Brookes we believe that
funding for developing two centres of excellence     important part of your learning. The type of    students need personalised learning
in teaching and learning, and the government         work you do will depend on your program         services to get the most out of their
has rated us excellent in more subjects than         but could include field trips, laboratory       university education. When you arrive at
any other modern university. Our strong              work, work experience, or role plays. Visit:    Brookes you will be assigned a personal
reputation helps us to recruit high-quality staff             tutor to help and advise you throughout
so you will benefit first-hand from the latest                                                       your program. You will also be given a
academic thinking. Teaching methods include:
                                                     Designing your degree                           Personal Information Portal (known as PIP)
Lectures: formal introduction and explanation                                                        which allows you to track your own
                                                     Oxford Brookes was one of the first             progress and view information about your
of new subjects
                                                     universities in the UK to allow you to tailor   program.
Seminars: the chance to discuss lectures
                                                     your degree to fit your interests and
in more detail in small groups                                                                       The University also offers a confidential
                                                     ambitions. Our programs are made up of
Tutorials: usually a meeting between you                                                             study advice service called Upgrade.
                                                     independent units of study called modules
and your lecturer                                    (courses). You can pick your courses            Upgrade advice ranges from planning and
Podcasts: to give feedback on your seminars          according to the subjects and areas that        writing essays to help with maths and
Virtual Learning Environment: an on-line             appeal to you the most. Courses are             statistics.
learning network for accessing program               assessed by course work and/or end of
material, learning activities and for talking with   semester examinations.
other students and tutors about your program.

At Oxford Brookes, learning doesn’t end in the classroom... you will, of
course, attend lectures and seminars, but we are always looking for fresh
and innovative ways to help you learn.

Careers advice                                     Social and environmental                          Facilities
The Brookes Careers and Employment                 awareness                                         Each of our three libraries employ specialist
Centre gives free careers advice, as well as       Oxford Brookes is one of the UK’s top five        staff and you will have access to a wide
advertising placements and other jobs via          green universities, and we have plenty of         range of electronic information. Our
the careers website:                               on-site recycling facilities and sustainable      computing facilities are constantly being                travel services.                                  upgraded and we currently have over 750
careers                                                                                              networked PCs, linked to printers, in 37
                                                   In 2003 Brookes was the first university in the   pooled rooms. All study bedrooms in our
                                                   world to be awarded Fairtrade status and we       halls of residence have a connection to
Student support                                    sell a range of Fairtrade products at our         email and internet services. Oxford Brookes
Specialist support services are available          Students’ Union shops and food outlets.           also has its very own Media Centre, with a
from our International Student Advisory                                                              professional graphics service and a print
Service (ISAS). ISAS can advise on                                                                   unit available to students.
immigration, employment issues, families
and also money matters. They also organise
social events and welcome weekends. Visit
                                                                                                     Sport                                                              With a selection of more than 40 sports
                                                                                                     clubs on offer and six dedicated sports of
                                                                                                     excellence (including basketball, rowing
Students’ union                                    Campus life                                       and climbing), Brookes is one of the UK’s
                                                                                                     top universities for sport. There are sports
The Students’ Union (SU) is at the centre of       The University has 3 campuses, Headington
                                                                                                     facilities on all three campuses, catering for
the University’s social scene. It’s also a place   (including a separate site for the School of
                                                                                                     indoor and outdoor activities at all levels.
to turn for advice and representation. If you      Health and Social Care), Harcourt Hill and
need help, the Students’ Union Advice              Wheatley. Headington Campus is about half         We also have our very own American
Centre (SUAC) can help you with information        a mile from Oxford city centre. All campuses      football team, The Cavaliers, who represent
about finance, housing, legal and welfare          are within easy reach of each other.              Oxford Brookes and Oxford University in the
issues. Find out at                                                                    British Collegiate American Football League.
                                                   Each campus has its own library, student
                                                   accommodation, food outlets, cafes and            Visit
Safety                                             sports facilities.
Oxford is a very safe place to live and study.     Headington Campus, the largest campus,
Here at Brookes we take the safety of our          is home to the student’s union, main library,
students very seriously. The University has a      a bank, cash machines and a Blackwell’s           The Brookes Bus network links the
24-hour security system, including security        bookshop.                                         campuses, halls of residence and the city
cameras, telephones, and secure access                                                               centre. If you are living in halls you will be
doors to all main campus buildings and                                                               given a free Brookes Bus pass. We also
university housing                                                                                   have a safety bus for returning home late
                                                                                                     at night, which runs to all halls of residence
                                                                                                     and anywhere within the Oxford city area.

Here at Brookes we recognise that finding somewhere safe and
comfortable to live is very important, especially if it is your first experience
of living away from home.

                                                                                                 What I say...
                                                                                                 I live in Cheney Student Village.
                                                                                                 I got lucky with my flatmates.
                                                                                                 We’re a very international flat and
                                                                                                 we go out whenever we get a lazy
                                                                                                 evening, though poker in the
                                                                                                 kitchen seems to be the pastime
                                                                                                 of choice. We’ve taken to having
                                                                                                 dinner parties as of late.

                                                                                                 Taylor Leonard, Ringgold,
                                                                                                 Georgia, USA, studying BA Publishing

You have a range of housing options to choose from:
• halls of residence – catered and self-catered
• university managed houses
• lodgings and privately owned rental housing

Living in halls is a great way of meeting       Should you decide not to live in halls, the
other students and making friends. As an        Accommodation Office can help you find
international student you are guaranteed a      alternative living arrangements. This includes
room in halls of residence during your first    the University’s managed housing scheme,
year of study, providing you meet your          or lodgings, flats and houses in the private
application deadline.                           sector. The Students’ Union Advice Centre
                                                has a list of agency charges, terms and
The University has nine halls of residence,     conditions, and advice on tenancy
each with a team of wardens and assistants      agreements and other housing matters.
who will help you settle in. The halls differ   Visit
from one another but all study bedrooms in
halls have internet access.                     For information about all of our housing
                                                options visit our website for full details:

                                Name        Size             Location       Transport   Approx     Food
University halls of residence   of hall     of hall                                     cost
                                                                                        per week

                                Cheney      750              Next to                    £109       Self-
                                Student     en suite         Headington                            catered
                                Village     single-study     Campus

                                Clive       638              /2 mile /
                                                                                        £119       Self-
                                Booth       en suite         800m from                             catered
                                Hall        single-study     Headington
                                            bedrooms,        Campus
                                            554 single                                  £101

                                Cotuit      102              /4 mile /
                                                                                        £128       Catered
                                Hall        single-study     365m from                             semester
                                            bedrooms         Headington                            time only

                                Crescent    306              2 miles /                  £83        Self-
                                Hall        single-study     3km from                              catered
                                            bedrooms         Headington

                                Harcourt    400              Harcourt                    £110      Catered
                                Hill        single-study     Hill                                  semester
                                Hall        bedrooms         Campus                                time only

                                Lady        162              Wheatley                   £110       Catered
                                Spencer     single-study     Campus                                semester
                                Churchill   bedrooms                                               time only

                                Paul Kent   242 (mostly)     11/2 miles /               £106       Self-
                                Hall        en suite         2.4km                                 catered
                                            single-study     from
                                            bedrooms         Headington

                                Warneford   252              /4 mile /
                                                                                        £101       Self-
                                Hall        single-study     365m from                             catered
                                            bedrooms         Headington

Entry requirements
We accept a wide range of qualifications from our North American students.

Applicants must have, or be expecting to obtain, certain US qualifications. Our requirements for students with US
qualifications vary by degree program.

    Level                         Entry requirements

    Foundation                    Senior High School and hold a Certificate with a minimum of
                                  70% in each subject

    Undergraduate                 High School Diploma with 3.0/3.2 GPA plus either:

                                  a) Combined SAT score 1,700/1,800
                                  (depending on the program)


                                  b) ACT - average score between 27/30


                                  c) 3 Advanced Placement (AP) tests with a score of 3+
                                  (depending on the program)

                                  International Baccalaureate 28-33 Points
                                  (depending on the program)

                                  First year of a Bachelor’s degree in US, Canada, Australia


    Graduate Masters              4-year University Bachelor’s degree in USA, minimum of 70%
                                  (GPA 2- 4 depending on the program)

                                  For an MBA you must also have 3 years professional work

    Graduate Research             Graduate Master’s degree or a good Honours Bachelor's
    degree                        degree in a relevant subject

Other than the general requirements listed above, each program may have further specific entry requirements.
For advice on entry requirements please contact:

We offer you programs that fit your current interests and your aspirations
for the future.

                                                                                                 The Foundation Diploma in Liberal Arts
                                                                                                 prepares students for undergraduate study
                                                                                                 at Oxford Brookes by bridging the gap
                                                                                                 between your school study and
                                                                                                 undergraduate study at a UK university.

                                                                                                 Some of our more popular programs at
                                                                                                 Brookes include Creative Writing, English,
                                                                                                 History, History of Art, Music, French and
                                                                                                 Publishing. In fact, our School of Humanities
                                                                                                 is internationally recognized as one of the
                                                                                                 most important centers for the education,
                                                                                                 theory and practice of

                                                                                                 Our History Department has been awarded
                                                                                                 the highest ranking of 5* for research and
                                                                                                 teaching and in the English Studies
                                                                                                 Department, our Research Center for Modern
                                                                                                 and Contemporary Poetry is supported by
                                                                                                 a range of highly regarded researchers.

                                                                                                 Oxford Brookes is also a world leader in
                                                                                                 Automotive and Motorsport Engineering.
                                                                                                 Our graduates design a range of high-level
                                                                                                 performance cars, and are involved in
Undergraduate and Foundation programs                                                            some of the top racing teams.
Undergraduate degrees in the UK are called bachelor’s degrees. They are divided into arts
                                                                                                 The Department of International Relations,
related (BA – Bachelor of Arts) or science related (BSc – Bachelor of Science) qualifications.
                                                                                                 Politics and Sociology is a rapidly growing
Most of our degrees last for three years and you can either study for a single honours (focus    department committed to high quality
on one subject) or a combined honours (focus on two subjects equally or specialise in one        teaching and research that is facilitated by the
subject and take fewer courses in the other) degree.                                             department’s Centre for Democracy Studies.

                                                                                                 Our MSc in Primate Conservation has
Taught Graduate programs                                                                         been awarded the highly-prestigious Queen’s
Master’s degrees usually involve one year of full-time study with a taught element and a
                                                                                                 Anniversary Prize for Higher Education – a
supervised dissertation.
                                                                                                 national honour recognising the outstanding
                                                                                                 contribution by the MSc program team and
Research Graduate programs                                                                       the Department of Anthropology and
We offer three graduate research degree programs: MPhil – Master of Philosophy, MPhil with
                                                                                                 Geography at Oxford Brookes.
transfer to PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) and PhD.
                                                                                                 In the field of Business, our master’s in
Our programs                                                                                     European Business, Culture and Languages
Oxford Brookes University has a wide range of programs to choose from.                           combines business communication and
(see p. 10-13 for more information)                                                              cultural awareness, focussing on the study
                                                                                                 of European institutions and is aimed at
                                                                                                 improving our graduate’s employability.

           Undergraduate and foundation                                                        ?
Programs                                                                          u
                                                                            Did yo rookes under long!*
                                                                             An Oxf
                                                                                   ord B
                                                                                     is only th
                                                                                               ree yea

Programs are grouped by subject area to help you find the ones you’re most likely to be interested in.
Detailed program information can be found on our website,

§ Arts and humanities                     Business and Finance for Managers
                                          BA (Hons) single
                                                                                        § Education and early years
English BA (Hons) single |                Business and International Finance            Early Childhood Studies BA (Hons) single |
BA or BSc (Hons) combined                 BA (Hons) single                              BA or BSc (Hons) combined
Fine Art BA (Hons) single                 Business and Management                       Education and Human Development
History BA (Hons) single |                BA (Hons) single                              BA or BSc (Hons) combined
BA or BSc (Hons) combined                 Business and Marketing Communications
History of Art BA (Hons) single |
BA or BSc (Hons) combined
                                          BA (Hons) single
                                          Business and Marketing Management
                                                                                        § Engineering
History of Medicine BA or BSc (Hons)      BA (Hons) single                              Automotive Engineering
combined                                  Business Economics BA (Hons) single           BEng (Hons) single | MEng
Music BA (Hons) single |                  Business Information Systems                  Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering
BA or BSc (Hons) combined                 BSc (Hons) single                             BSc (Hons) single
Philosophy BA (Hons) single |             Business Innovation and Enterprise            Mechanical Engineering
BA or BSc (Hons) combined                 BA (Hons) single                              BEng (Hons) single | MEng
                                          Business Logistics BA (Hons) single           Motorsport Engineering
                                          Business of Real Estate BA (Hons) single      BEng or MEng single
§ Biological and                          Business Statistics                           Motorsport Technology BSc (Hons) single
  environmental sciences                  BA or BSc (Hons) combined
Biological Sciences BSc (Hons) single |   Economics BA or BSc (Hons) combined
                                          Human Resource Management and
                                                                                        § Environmental sciences
BA or BSc (Hons) combined
Biology BSc (Hons) single |               Business BA (Hons) single                     Environmental Sciences BSc (Hons) single |
BA or BSc (Hons) combined                 Information Technology Management             BA or BSc (Hons) combined
Biomedical Science BSc (Hons) single      for Business BSc (Hons) single                Environmental Sciences (Conservation
Biotechnology BSc (Hons) single           International Business Management             Biology) BSc (Hons) single
Cell and Molecular Biology                BA (Hons) single                              Environmental Sciences (Ecology) BSc
BSc (Hons) single                         Marketing Management BA (Hons) single |       (Hons) single | BA or BSc (Hons) combined
Human Biology BSc (Hons) single |         BA or BSc (Hons) combined                     Environmental Sciences (Environmental
BA or BSc (Hons) combined                 Retail and Business Management                Management) BSc (Hons) single | BA or
                                          BA (Hons) single                              BSc (Hons) combined
                                                                                        Environmental Sciences (Environmental
§ Built environment
                                          § Computing and technology                    Monitoring) BSc (Hons) single
Architecture BA (Hons) single
Cities — Environment, Design and          Communication Networks                        § Equine science
Development BA (Hons) single |            BSc (Hons) single
                                          Computer Networks and Multimedia              Equine Science BSc (Hons) single
BA or BSc (Hons) combined
                                          Systems BSc (Hons) single                     Equine Science and Thoroughbred
City and Regional Planning
                                          Computer Science BSc (Hons) single |          Management BSc (Hons) single
BA (Hons) single
Construction Management                   BA or BSc (Hons) combined
BSc (Hons) single                         Information Systems BSc (Hons) single |       § Health and social care
Interior Architecture BA (Hons) single    BA or BSc (Hons) combined
                                          Media Technology BSc (Hons) single            Please contact the relevant admissions tutor
Leisure Planning
                                          Multimedia Production BSc (Hons) single       to confirm your eligibility for the courses
BA or BSc (Hons) combined
Real Estate Management                    Network Computing BSc (Hons) single           listed below.
BSc (Hons) single                         Software Engineering BSc (Hons) single |
                                          BA or BSc (Hons) combined                     Pre-qualification programmes
                                          Sound Technology and Digital Music            Adult Nursing BSc (Hons) single | DipHE
§ Business and                            BSc (Hons) single                             Children's Nursing
  management                                                                            BSc (Hons) single | DipHE
                                                                                        Learning Disability Nursing
Accounting BA or BSc (Hons) combined                                                    BA (Hons) single | DipHE
Accounting and Finance BA (Hons) single
Business BA or BSc (Hons) combined                                                   * A degree may last four years if you include a work placement.

Mental Health Nursing
BA (Hons) single | DipHE
                                             § Mathematics and statistics § English language and
Midwifery BSc (Hons) single                  Mathematical Sciences BSc (Hons) single
                                                                                     preparatory programs for
Occupational Therapy                         Mathematics BSc (Hons) single * |       international students
BSc (Hons) single                            BA or BSc (Hons) combined                   Certificate in English Language Studies
Operating Department Practice DipHE          Statistics BA or BSc (Hons) combined        (Academic English Preparatory) Certificate
Osteopathy                                                                               English for University Studies (Academic
BOst or MOst | BSc (Hons) single
Paramedic Emergency Care BSc (Hons)          § Media and                                 English levels 1-4) Certificate
                                                                                         Foundation Diploma in Liberal Arts
single | Certificate in Higher Education |     communications                            Foundation diploma
DipHE                                        Communication, Media and Culture BA         IELTS Preparation Certificate of attendance
Physiotherapy BSc (Hons) single              (Hons) single | BA or BSc (Hons) combined   International Foundation Diploma
Social Work BA (Hons) single                 English Language and Communication          Foundation diploma
                                             BA (Hons) single                            University Pre-Sessional
Post-qualification programs                  Publishing Media BA (Hons) single |         Certificate of attendance
Cancer Care BSc (Hons) single |              BA or BSc (Hons) combined
BA or BSc (Hons) combined | DipHE
Health and Social Care, Student                                                          § Foundation programs
Designed Award BA or BSc (Hons) single |     § Nutrition                                 Art and Design Foundation
Certificate in Higher Education | DipHE                                                  Foundation course
                                             Nutrition BSc (Hons) single | BA or BSc
Health and Social Care Studies                                                           Built Environment Foundation
                                             (Hons) combined
BSc (Hons) single                                                                        Foundation course
                                             Public Health Nutrition BSc (Hons) single
Palliative Care BA (Hons) single |                                                       Engineering Foundation Foundation course
BA or BSc (Hons) combined | DipHE                                                        Extended Sciences Foundation
Social Work Continuing Studies               § Religion and theology                     Foundation course
BA (Hons) single *                                                                       Foundation Diploma in Liberal Arts
                                             Religion, Culture and Ethics
Specialist Community Practitioner                                                        Foundation diploma
                                             BA or BSc (Hons) combined
Awards (NMC) BA single                                                                   Foundation in Computing
                                             Theology and Religion (by Distance
Specialist Community Public Health                                                       Foundation course
                                             Learning) BA (Hons) single
Nursing (NMC) (Health Visiting or                                                        International Foundation Diploma
School Nursing) BA single                                                                Foundation diploma
                                             § Social sciences                           Technology Foundation Course
                                                                                         Foundation course
§ Hospitality, leisure                       Anthropology BSc (Hons) single |
                                             BA or BSc (Hons) combined
  and tourism                                Geography BA or BSc (Hons) combined
                                             International Relations
                                                                                         § Foundation degrees
Hospitality Management Studies
BA or BSc (Hons) combined                    BA or BSc (Hons) combined                   Animal Behaviour and Welfare
Hotel and Restaurant Management              Philosophy BA (Hons) single | BA or BSc     Foundation degree Fd(Sc)
BSc (Hons) single                            (Hons) combined                             Classroom Support
International Hospitality Management         Politics BA or BSc (Hons) combined          Foundation degree Fd(A)
BSc (Hons) single                            Psychology BSc (Hons) single |              Communication in Organisations
International Tourism Management             BA or BSc (Hons) combined                   Foundation degree Fd(A)
BSc (Hons) single                            Sociology BA or BSc (Hons) combined         Computing Foundation
Tourism Management                                                                       Foundation degree Fd(Sc)
                                                                                         Early Years Foundation Degree
BA or BSc (Hons) combined                    § Sport and exercise                        Foundation degree Fd(A)
                                             Exercise, Nutrition and Health BSc (Hons)   Electrical and Electronic
§ Languages                                  single | BA or BSc (Hons) combined          Engineering/Mechanical/
French, Minor Field                          Sport and Coaching Studies BA (Hons)        Aerospace Engineering HNC
BA or BSc (Hons) combined                    single | BA or BSc (Hons) combined          Equine Science and Management
French Studies                               Sport and Exercise Science BSc (Hons)       Foundation degree Fd(Sc)
BA or BSc (Hons) combined                    single | BA or BSc (Hons) combined          Manufacturing Technology
Japanese Language and                        Sports Science BSc (Hons) single |          Foundation degree Fd(Sc)
Contemporary Society BA (Hons) single *      BA or BSc (Hons) combined                   Motorsport Engineering HND
| BA or BSc (Hons) combined                                                              Motorsports — Performance and
                                                                                         Automotive Technology
Japanese, Minor Field
BA or BSc (Hons) combined
                                             § Teacher training and                      Foundation degree Fd(Sc)
Spanish, Minor Field BA or BSc (Hons)          educational practice                      Performance Road Car Technology
combined                                                                                 Foundation degree Fd(Sc)
                                             Educational Practice BA (Hons) single
                                                                                         Public Sector Management
                                             Primary Teacher Education
                                                                                         Foundation degree Fd(A)
§ Law                                        (campus-based) BA (Hons) single
                                                                                         Road and Race Car Technology
                                             Primary Teacher Education (work-based)
Law LLB (Hons) single |                                                                  Foundation degree Fd(Sc)
                                             BA (Hons) single
BA or BSc (Hons) combined                                                                Sound and Media Technology
                                                                                         Foundation degree Fd(Sc)

* Subject to validation


Programs are grouped by academic school to help you find the ones you’re most likely to be
interested in. Detailed program information can be found on our website,

§ School of Arts and                       Sustainable Building: Performance and
                                           Design MSc / PGDip / PGCert
                                                                                       MBA (specialism in Information
                                                                                       Technology Management) MBA
  Humanities                               Tourism: Environment and Development        MBA (specialism in Marketing) MBA
Composition and Sonic Art MA / PGDip       MSc / PGDip / PGCert                        MBA (specialism in Publishing) MBA
Contemporary Arts MA / PGDip               Transport Planning MSc / PGDip / PGCert     MBA (specialism in Real Estate and
Contemporary Arts and Music MA /           Urban Design MA / PGDip / PGCert            Construction) MBA
PGDip                                      Urban Design MRes / PGDip / PGCert          Management MA
Creative Writing MA / PGDip / PGCert       Urban Planning MRes / PGDip / PGCert        Management PGCert
Digital Publishing MA / PGDip              Urban Planning: Developing and              Management and Leadership PGDip
English MA / PGDip / PGCert                Transitional Regions MSc / PGDip / PGCert   Management of Innovation
European Business, Culture and             Urban and Regional Regeneration PGCert      and Change MA
Languages MA / PGDip / PGCert                                                          Marketing MSc
                                                                                       Research Methods for Business MRes
Film Studies MA / PGDip / PGCert
French Studies MRes
                                           § Business School
History MA / PGDip / PGCert                Biotechnology with Business
History of Art MA / PGDip / PGCert         MSc / PGDip
                                                                                       § School of Health and
History of Medicine MA / PGDip / PGCert    Business Administration MSc                   Social Care
International Publishing MA / PGDip        Business and Accounting MSc                 NB: Please contact the relevant admissions
Music MA / PGDip / PGCert                  Business and Enterprise MSc                 tutor to confirm eligibility for the programs
Publishing MA / PGDip / PGCert             Coaching and Mentoring Practice             listed below.
Publishing EM (European Master)            MA / PGDip / PGCert
                                                                                       Cancer Care MSc / PGDip / PGCert
Publishing and Language MA / PGDip         Coaching and Mentoring Supervision
                                                                                       Children, Young People and Family
Social Sculpture MA / PGDip                PGCert
                                                                                       Health and Social Care student designed
                                           Coaching and Mentoring, Doctorate in
                                                                                       award MSc / PGDip / PGCert
§ School of the Built                      DCam
                                                                                       Management in Health and Social Care
                                           eBusiness MSc
  Environment                              eMarketing MSc
                                                                                       MSc / PGDip / PGCert
                                                                                       Nursing Studies MSc / PGDip / PGCert
Conservation Ecology                       Finance MSc
                                                                                       Osteopathy MOst
MSc / PGDip / PGCert                       Human Resource Management PGDip
                                                                                       Palliative Care MSc / PGDip / PGCert
Development and Emergency Practice         Human Resource Management MSc
                                                                                       Public Health MSc / PGDip / PGCert
MA / PGDip / PGCert                        Human Resource Management MA
                                                                                       Rehabilitation MSc / PGDip / PGCert
Diploma in Architecture (ARB/RIBA          Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise MSc
Part 2) DipArch                            International Business Economics MSc
Environmental Assessment and               International Hospitality and Tourism       § School of Life Sciences
Management MSc                             Management MSc
                                                                                       Applied Human Nutrition MSc / PGDip
Environmental Impact Assessment            International Hotel and Resort
                                                                                       Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition
MRes / PGDip / PGCert                      Management MSc
                                                                                       MSc / PGDip
Environmental Management and               International Human Resource
                                                                                       Bioimaging with Molecular Technology
Technology MSc / PGDip                     Management MSc
                                                                                       MSc / PGDip
Historic Conservation                      International Management MSc
                                                                                       Biotechnology MSc / PGDip
MSc / PGDip / PGCert                       International Management and
                                                                                       Biotechnology with Business
International Architectural Regeneration   International Relations MSc
                                                                                       MSc / PGDip
and Development MA / PGDip / PGCert        International Strategic Management MSc
                                                                                       Conservation Ecology
International Real Estate                  International Tourism Marketing MSc
                                                                                       MSc / PGDip / PGCert
MSc / PGDip / PGCert                       International Trade and Logistics MSc
                                                                                       Environmental Assessment and
Master of Architecture MArch / PGDip       MBA (Distance Learning Online Tutor
                                                                                       Management MSc
Planning MPlan / PGDip                     Supported) MBA
                                                                                       Environmental Management and
Project Management in the Built            MBA (Executive) MBA
                                                                                       Technology MSc / PGDip
Environment MSc / PGDip / PGCert           MBA (Full-time) MBA
                                                                                       Health, Safety and Environmental
Real Estate Management                     MBA (specialism in Entrepreneurship and
                                                                                       Management MSc / PGDip / PGCert
MSc / PGDip / PGCert                       Enterprise) MBA
Spatial Planning MSc / PGDip               MBA (specialism in Hotel and Tourism
Spatial Planning Studies Certificate       Management) MBA

        ou kno graduate
   Did y rd Brookes ths long!
         fo         2 mon
    An Ox     only 1

§ School of Social                          § Westminster Institute of
  Sciences and Law                            Education
Anthropology Graduate Diploma               Education MA
Child Development and Learning              Education (Postgraduate / Professional
MSc / PGDip / PGCert                        Graduate Certificate in Education) —
Cognitive Neuropsychology MSc / PGDip       Primary PGCE / PGCertEd
Developmental Psychology MRes               Education (delivered at European
International Studies MA / PGDip / PGCert   centres) MA
Law (GDL) Graduate Diploma                  Education, Post-compulsory
Law, International                          Certificate in Education PGCE
LLM (Master of Laws) / PGDip / PGCert       Education: Postgraduate Certificate in
Law, International Banking                  Advanced Educational Practice PGCert
LLM (Master of Laws) / PGDip / PGCert       Educational Audiology MSc / PGDip
Law, International Economic                 Educational Studies (Hearing
LLM (Master of Laws) / PGDip                Impairment)* MA / PGDip
Law, International Human Rights             Educational Studies (Early Years and
LLM (Master of Laws) / PGDip                Deafness) PGCert
Law, International Trade and Commercial     Mind, Brain and Learning MA
LLM (Master of Laws) / PGDip                PGCE Education (Postgraduate /
Law, Public International                   Professional Graduate Certificate in
LLM (Master of Laws) / PGDip                Education) Secondary PGCE / PGCertEd
Law, WTO LLM (Master of Laws) / PGDip       Practical and Contextual Theology
Legal Practice LLB (Hons)                   MA / PGDip / PGCert
Primate Conservation MSc / PGDip /PGCert
Psychology Graduate Diploma
Psychology Qualifying Certificate
Psychology DipRes / MRes                    § English language and
Youth and Community Work and                  preparatory courses for
Applied Theology MA                           international students
                                            Certificate in English Language Studies
§ School of Technology                      (Academic English Preparatory) Certificate
                                            English for University Studies
Advanced Engineering Design MSc
                                            (Academic English Level 1-4) Certificate
Automotive Engineering MEng
                                            Graduate Preparation Diploma
Computer Science MSc
                                            (Pre-Master’s Diploma) Diploma
Computing MSc
                                            Graduate Preparation Certificate
Digital Media Production MSc
                                            (Pre-Master’s Certificate) Certificate
eBusiness MSc
                                            IELTS Preparation
eCommerce Computing MSc
                                            Certificate of attendance
eMarketing MSc
                                            University Pre-Sessional
High Speed Networks and Distributed
                                            Certificate of attendance
Systems MSc
Mechanical Engineering MEng
Medical Statistics MSc                      * Subject to validation
Mobile and High Speed
Telecommunication Networks MSc
Motorsport Engineering MEng
Motorsport Engineering MSc
Racing Engine Design MSc
Software Engineering MSc
Web Technologies MSc
Wireless Communication Systems MSc

How to apply
Our admissions team will be happy to advise you about the University’s
application process.

                                                                   If you do not have access to the internet please contact the UCAS
                                                                   Customer Relations Team on +44 (0) 870 1122211.

                                                                   You should apply through UCAS even if you are applying for
                                                                   admission with credit.

                                                                   On all applications please include the institution code for Oxford
                                                                   Brookes, which is 066 and the code name which is OXFD.

                                                                   January entry
                                                                   A number of our undergraduate programs are available in January.
                                                                   In this case you can apply directly to Oxford Brookes. A January
                                                                   start can be particularly useful for students who need more time to
                                                                   complete their studies, obtain an English language score, organise
                                                                   funding or arrange a visa.

                                                                   For an application form please contact our Enquiry Centre on
                                                                   +44 (0) 1865 484848
                                                                   or email

                                                                   Late applications can be made in August during a period known as
                                                                   clearing. Details can be found on our website
                                                                   You cannot apply during clearing if you have already been accepted
                                                                   for a program at another institution without first being released from it.

September entry                                                    Credit entry
                                                                   We recognise credit awarded by other higher education institutions.
Applications for foundation degree programs should be made
                                                                   If you have already completed study at higher education level you
through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).
                                                                   may be able to transfer this to one of our programs. The amount of
You can apply directly to the University for the International     credit transferred will depend on the level and amount of study you
Foundation Diploma and Foundation Diploma in Liberal Arts by       have completed, its relevance to your chosen program, and how
completing a University application form. This can be found at     recently it was taken. For some degree programs, work experience or you can           and training may be recognised as credit.
contact or phone on                         For more information please visit
+44 (0) 1865 483875.                                     

Applications to Oxford Brookes for all undergraduate degree
programs should be made through UCAS. UCAS is a computerised
                                                                   We will either make you an unconditional offer, where your place on
national system which allows you to choose a maximum of five
                                                                   the program is guaranteed, or a conditional offer, which means a
choices of institution and/or programs by completing just one
                                                                   place has been reserved but will not be confirmed until you have
application form, although you can apply just to Oxford Brookes
                                                                   met the conditions of your offer. Reject occurs where your
University if you wish. All applications are made online at
                                                                   qualifications/work experience are not considered sufficient for your
                                                                   chosen program.


How to apply for taught
graduate programs
Graduate applications are made directly to
the University. You can request a copy of our
graduate prospectus and an application form
by emailing
or calling +44 (0) 1865 484848.

The graduate application form can also
be downloaded from the University’s website:

Application forms should be returned to
the University’s Admissions Office using
the address supplied on the form.

You can also apply online using our graduate
application form which you will find on our
website at:

How to apply for
research programs
To ensure that the necessary facilities and
supervisors are available for your chosen
area of study you must contact the relevant
graduate research tutor, prior to submitting
an application, to discuss the research
proposal informally.

Please visit our website:
or call the Graduate Office on:
+44 (0) 1865 484244
or email

Finance, scholarships
and bursaries
A degree from Brookes is a great investment in yourself and your future.

                                                                                                           What I say...
                                                                                                           The cost of doing a degree here
                                                                                                           is comparable to, or even cheaper
                                                                                                           than, going to an out of state
                                                                                                           school back home in America

                                                                                                           Taylor Leonard, Ringgold
                                                                                                           Georgia, USA, studying BA Publishing

     Oxford Brookes International Scholarship winner, Taylor Leonard, Georgia, USA, Publishing.

     Why did you choose Oxford Brookes?
     I went to college in the States for a semester before coming here but I wasn’t satisfied with my publishing course. So I got online
     and searched for the best undergraduate English-language Publishing program in the world – I found Brookes.

     How are you settling in to life in Oxford?
     I’ve never been out of the USA and making the transition has been a lot harder than I thought. But I’ve learned just as much
     outside the classroom as in it. Plus I live in a very international flat and I got very lucky with my flatmates,
     which has helped me settle in.

     How did you feel about receiving the Oxford Brookes International Scholarship?
     Applying was just like American scholarship applications, and I was ecstatic when I found out I had won.
     I had no idea I even had a chance. My mom might have screamed a little bit over the phone.
     I’m not sure who was happier – me or her!

     To find out more about Taylor Leonard, visit:

Approximate tuition fees for 2009/10 (in US dollars)
      Foundation degree in science, engineering, technology and built environment                                           $19,400 - $20,700

      Undergraduate programs                                                                                                $19,400 - $20,700

      Graduate programs                                                                                                     $19,700 - $35,000

(individual program costs vary)

As the University does not receive any government funding towards the cost of providing education for international students, the fees charged
have to reflect the full cost of tuition.

                                                                                                                Approx. annual costs*

                                                                                                          USA                      Oxford Brookes

                                                           Undergraduate                              $30,000**                         $20,000
                                                                                              (4 year Bachelor’s degree)         (3 year Bachelor’s degree)

                                                           Graduate                                   $30,000**                         $40,000
                                                                                                (2 year Master’s degree)          (1 year Master’s degree)

                                                     * currency exchange rate, 25 July 2008
                                                     ** average cost of US private college,

                                                     Federal loan                                                Scholarships and
                                                     Oxford Brookes University is a participant                  bursaries
                                                     in the US Federal Family Education Loan                     We offer a full range of scholarships and
                                                     Program (FFELP).                                            bursaries to help with the cost of studying
                                                     Our US Department of Education code is                      in the UK.
                                                     G20879. The Federal Stafford, Graduate
                                                     PLUS and Parent PLUS loans are educational                  Scholarships
                                                     loans borrowed from private US lenders, with                Undergraduate and graduate students
                                                     interest rates and other terms set by the US                holding an offer to study full-time at
                                                                                                                 Brookes can apply for the Oxford Brookes
How much will it cost?                               Federal Government.
                                                                                                                 International scholarship which gives
It’s difficult to say how much money you will        For further details and how to apply,                       awards of up to £2,000 for academic
need to cover your fees and living costs as it       please contact the Financial Aid Office.                    excellence.
varies depending on your program and lifestyle.
                                                     Financial Aid Office
We have created an online ‘budget calculator’                                                                    A range of other scholarships are also
                                                     Oxford Brookes University
to work out your personal budget which can                                                                       available. More information can be found
                                                     C1.32 Clerici, Headington Campus
be found at:                                                                                  in a flyer at the back this brochure or by
                                                     Gipsy Lane, Headington
studying/finance/calculator                                                                                      emailing
                                                     Oxford OX3 0BP
Tuition fees for international students are set      UK
annually and specific program costs for
                                                     Tel: +44 (0) 1865 484728                                    We recognise loyalty and offer a 10%
2009/10 can be obtained from our Student
                                                     Fax: +44 (0) 1865 484725                                    alumnus discount on annual tuition fees for
Finance Team on +44 (0) 1865 483088 or by
                                                     Email:                                 any international student who has obtained
                                                                                                                 an Oxford Brookes University degree and
                                                                                                                 wishes to do another degree here at
Before your program starts you will receive
                                                                                                                 Brookes. We also offer 10% off tuition fees
information about how and when to pay your
                                                                                                                 for family members. For more information
fees. If you pay before arriving in Britain we can
                                                                                                                 please email:
send you a letter of admission and a receipt,
which will help you at immigration, as they are
proof of funds and full-time student status.

Study Abroad program
Enrich your academic experience here at Brookes by taking part in our
Study Abroad program.

                                                   What I
                                                   At Brookes I was really
                                                   impressed with the courses
                                                   that were offered when
                                                   reading up on the online
                                                   modular handbook. I found
                                                   multi-discipline perspectives
                                                   which overlapped and
                                                   provided great insight to
                                                   the British culture, systems
                                                   of service, and academic

                                                   Keilah Jacques
                                                   Texas, USA, studying on the Study
                                                   Abroad Program

Study at Oxford Brookes for one or two semesters
The Study Abroad program is the ideal           All of our courses are rated in a credit framework that is recognised nationally, called CATS,
opportunity to increase your academic           which records the level and volume of the student’s study.
experience, embrace a new culture and
enjoy all that the UK has to offer.             Students study a total of four courses per semester. Each single course carries around 150 hours
                                                of study.
You can come to Brookes for one or two
semesters, without committing to a full
                                                    Duration                     OBU credits         US credits             ECTS credits
degree, while at the same time you are
earning credits for your home degree.
As one of the pioneers of the modular               (four courses)                  60 CATS               15                        30
system, our Study Abroad program allows
you to choose courses (modules) from                One course                      15 CATS              3.75                      7.5
different fields, enabling you to tailor your
                                                CATS - Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme
study program to your own needs.
                                                ECTS – European Credit Transfer System

The University uses a credit transfer           To take advantage of the Study Abroad program you need to have completed at least one year
system, which makes studying at Oxford          of university-level education in your country, and have a good academic record – GPA (or
Brookes an easy and appealing option.           equivalent) of 3 or higher. To find out more please visit:
                                       or email

Invest in yourself
At Brookes there are many opportunities                                                                   n for ?
                                                                                                    u kthe owup to 2 yheeamrse.
to build the skills that employers want in all                                          Did applyo stay in st-UK dy Work Sc
                                                                                                  to          Stu
                                                                                         You c                     o
                                                                                                           with a P
kind of ways.                                                                             after gra

                                               Earning while learning
                                               The Students’ Union Jobshop can help you
                                               find temporary, part-time and vacation
                                               jobs – all of which can provide valuable work
                                               experience, as well as meeting some of the
                                               costs of higher education. Vacancies are
                                               advertised at the Oxford Brookes Job Shop
                                               and Job Fairs are held on campus twice a
                                               year. For more information please email:

                                               Oxford Brookes students can volunteer in
                                               the local community through STAX (Students
                                               Taking Action for Community Change), run
                                               by the University’s Students’ Union.

                                               Opportunities range from organising carnivals
                                               to reporting for a local newspaper or
                                               mentoring pupils in local schools.

Work placements                                The Brookes award                                Exchange program
Work experience gives you a realistic          In today’s competitive job market, you need      Add an extra dimension to your university
perspective about career options and           to make the most of your experiences at          experience by going on an exchange with one of
provides real evidence of the skills that      university to build the skills that employers    our carefully selected partner institutions across
employers seek.                                want. This award recognises team leadership      the world.
                                               and other skills that are highly valued by
More than 60 of our programs include           employers. For more details email:               The University has a number of student exchange
work placements usually lasting six or                            agreements with American, Australian, Canadian
twelve months. All sorts of businesses                                                          and Japanese institutions, giving our students
and organisations offer placements to                                                           the opportunity to study abroad as part of their
Brookes students, from small local                                                              degree. You can spend from one semester up to
enterprises to large blue chip companies.                                                       a full academic year on exchange. The exchange
                                                                                                program lets you earn credits at the partner
The Brookes Careers and Employment                                                              institution, which can be transferred to your
Centre is here to help you make the most                                                        degree at Oxford Brookes.
of these opportunities. For more information
please email:                                                             Students from most disciplines are eligible
                                                                                                to apply. For more information please visit:
                                                                                                exchanges or email

Where your degree
can take you
Time and time again we see Brookes graduates impressing employers
with their degrees, their skills and their judgement.

What I say...
Why did you choose Oxford Brookes?

I chose Oxford Brookes after looking at several universities.
It was accessible, affordable and offered a flexible modular
system. It allowed me to take the courses I desired, and
provided education that just wasn’t available Stateside.
As a result, I returned to America with a broader academic
experience than many of my professors of Law in the US.

How was your degree beneficial to your chosen career?

If you want to study International Law, you should venture
out of the US and into an international arena. You’ll get a
broader and deeper foundation by attending Oxford
Brookes than by studying solely at American universities.
I am grateful for having studied at Oxford Brookes, and
enthusiastically recommend it to anyone seeking a
well-rounded, international education. The Law studies
at Oxford Brookes also helped prepare me for my follow                     Choosing a career and landing that dream
on doctoral studies.                                                       job can be daunting. But being an Oxford
                                                                           Brookes graduate assures you of a head
                                                                           start in the employment market. We not only
What is the best thing about your current job?                             have an excellent reputation when it comes to
                                                                           graduate employment, but our degrees are
The best thing about my current job is that I own my law                   tailored towards providing the experience and
practice – I am solely responsible and fully in charge.                    transferable skills employers are looking for.
I occupy an elite position in that patent attorneys are rare.              A degree from Brookes gives you unrivalled
Only about 3 percent of the US attorneys are, or are                       opportunities to work with large blue chip
qualified to be, licensed to practice patent law.                          corporations. Our partnerships with
Therefore, I can be selective as to the clients I accept.                  companies such as Intel, IBM, Marriott,
                                                                           Johnson & Johnson, Hays and American
                                                                           Express go back many years.
Lieutenant Commander David Winters (ret),
                                                                           During your time here, you will have the
Patent Attorney, Nashville Tennessee, USA.
                                                                           opportunity to attend student employability
Graduated in 1996 with Oxford Brookes University D.L.L (Diploma in Law).
                                                                           workshops, job fairs and employer
                                                                           presentations organised by the Careers and
                                                                           Employment Centre. For further information
                                                                           please visit:

Useful websites
Oxford Brookes International Office homepage
for UK undergraduate admissions
essential information on studying in the UK
essential information for international students studying at UK universities
free application for Federal Student Aid
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
information about Oxford






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                                     For further information please contact:
Oxford Brookes International, Oxford Brookes University, Headington Campus, Headington Hill, Oxford, OX3 OBP, UK

          Tel: +44 (0) 1865 484396     Fax: +44 (0) 1865 484861         Email:

                                                  NPD SEPT 08 2737

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