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									Dear MCHS Band Parent                                                                                               July 22, 2008

Welcome to the Mira Costa High School Band Program! Your student has made a fantastic choice to belong to
an organization of musically inclined students that are disciplined and productive. The band program facilitates
team spirit and fun social interaction. Isn’t this exactly what we want for our students?

The Mira Costa High School Band Boosters is an organization whose purpose is to provide financial and
logistical support to the Band and Color Guard Program and all of their activities. As such, all contributions and
donations to this organization are tax-deductible.* Since the Manhattan Beach Unified School District provides
only for classroom instruction, the Band Booster organization is the sole means of support for the extracurricular
activities of our ambitious program. Our funding provides for musical instruments, support equipment, sheet
music & licenses, field shows, field show/color guard/drum line competition fees, uniforms, student training, and
special consultants needed to develop the skills and provide valuable experience for our young performing

As a Band or Color Guard Parent, you are automatically a member of this organization and are expected to
participate to keep the program vital for all. By participating, you can remain an integral part of your student’s
high school experience.

The Band Booster officers have artfully structured the various jobs to fit your busy lives. The following is a list of
the major volunteer opportunities that we have. If you have a specific interest, please contact the Vice President
responsible for that activity or phone me at 310-466.1004 or email me at jim.vanzanten@southbaybrokers.com.

For current information on the Band Booster activities, please refer to: MIRACOSTABANDS.COM. Here
you will find important forms and calendars—often with last minute changes. This site is now under a
redesign, and we are hopeful that the site will be fully functional by Mid-August. The new site will
enable communication between members and committee leaders. At that time, please log in as a band
booster member. As a member, you will be able to change your contact information easily, and you will
be able to select the specific information you want to receive. We will continue to work on the site until
it perfectly meets our needs.

Thank you in advance for supporting our Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Color Guard, and Drum


Jim Van Zanten
Band Boosters, Inc.

               *The Mira Costa High School Band Boosters Incorporated is a registered IRS 501(c) Charity Organization

             Marching Band Operations – VP Penny Ford pford2@csc.com 310-379-7537

   Band Pit Crew – Jim Jones, Coordinator (beachhut@covad.net). This group is the muscle of the band. Pit
    crew members move and set up equipment at marching performances, home games, and competitions.
    Volunteers generally help throughout the season at as many performances as they can attend. Provide

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    assistance to Colorguard and Drumline as needed to transport equipment. Arrange for transportation for
    equipment as needed.

   Field Show Props – Coordinators Mark Ford & Chris Thomasson (f99ord@aol.com &
    christhom@verizon.net). Assist in the design and construction of props for field shows. The Band Director
    should define requirements and needs.

   Uniforms – Kristin Karlin, Coordinator (Kristin@karlin-online.com). Uniform volunteers help with fittings
    in September, help with handing out uniforms before events, and help collect uniforms after events. Maintain
    and send uniforms for cleaning. Volunteers generally help throughout the season at as many performances
    as they can attend. We welcome one-time volunteers as well as parents who wish to help regularly.

   Traffic Control – Colleen Egan, Coordinator (egancolleen@verizon.net). Traffic control duties are very
    simple – keep our kids safe when they march to/from the band hall along Peck Ave. to the football stadium
    and during parades. Bring flashlights and wear orange vests.

   Apparel Orders – Nancy Hersman, Coordinator (nancyhersman@yahoo.com). Band apparel orders and
    uniform garment bag orders also need volunteers to assist with tallying the orders, collecting money,
    following up on missing orders, and distributing the purchases.

   Summer Band Camp Support – Coordinators Jackie Jedynak (jajed@verizon.net) & Amy Mayeda
    (gsmayeda@msn.com). Provides assistance during the summer band camp. This group consists of “band
    aids” (present at outside rehearsals to be available if someone is ill or as a runner or trouble-shooter) and
    snack coordinators (help prepare and serve snacks during camp).

   Senior Recognition Night - Coordinator Needed. Coordinate senior names and parent/escorts with the
    Football Booster coordinator. Order flowers for presentation and ensure our seniors and their parents are in
    the appropriate order for the ceremony.

   Chaperones – Coordinator Needed. Chaperones accompany the band whenever we travel. Chaperones
    ride the bus and help throughout the activity with trouble-shooting, equipment, uniforms, first aid, and
    supervision. Volunteers generally help throughout the season at as many trips as they can attend.
    Chaperones can volunteer for specific events per their availability.

   Home Game Bleacher Helpers – Coordinator Needed. This group of people makes sure our uniforms
    stay clean at home games, and that equipment is protected in the bleachers during the performers break.
    They arrive early to the games and spread out the bleacher covers where the band sits, assist with water
    distribution, stand guard during the 3 quarter band break, then after the game refold the bleacher covers
    and return them to the band hall. This is only for home games and is a good assignment for those that
    would go to the football game anyway as a spectator.

   Equipment Maintenance – Coordinator Needed. Plan and arrange for storage and maintenance of Band
    Field Show equipment to include Props, Stands, Carts, Trailer, and service equipment by repairing and
    sending equipment out for repairs.

   Band Parent Apparel – Judy Mann, Coordinator (mannglasser@gmail.com). Assist with ordering and
    distribution of parent band apparel.

          Concerts and Auxiliary – VP Sally Bickel momunit@verizon.net 310-372-7842

   Concert Support – Tracy Thomasson, Coordinator (traceythom@verizon.net). Volunteers assist with all
    aspects of concert preparations for the December, March, and June concerts including 1) lobby
    decorations, 2) refreshments, 3) ticket sales, and 4) ushers. Must coordinate with VP. Communications to
    insure tickets and programs are available in a timely manner and with Band Director for concert theme to
    determine appropriate decorations.

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   Concert Dress – Amy Mayeda & Jackie Jedynak, Coordinators (jajed@verizon.net &
    gsmayeda@msn.com). All band members (excluding Jazz Band) need proper attire for concerts and for
    spring festival competitions. The girls are required to wear long black dresses and the boys must wear black
    tuxedos and white tuxedo shirts with black studs. The duties of this committee are to coordinate with Rivera
    Tuxedo (provider of boys' attire) and Sew Creative Café (provider of girls' attire) to set up fittings and orders
    near the beginning of the school year. (Note: Riviera Tuxedo provides either wool or polyester tuxedos and
    Sew Creative Café will provide new dresses or alter the ones used while at MBMS)

   CD Recording/Sales – Brian Schnuckel, Coordinator (not confirmed). Volunteers are responsible for
    insuring that recordings are made of the December, March, and June concerts. Take orders and collect
    money for those orders at each concert. Arrange to copy CD's and distribute them to the purchasers. Must
    coordinate with Band Director to insure proper copyright fees have been paid. Coordinate with VP
    Communications regarding artwork for CD and case.

   Year End Banquet – Penny Ford and KC Jones, Coordinators (pford2@csc.com). Arrange and reserve
    location. Send out invitations. Collect reservations, tally headcount, assign tables. Create/arrange
    decorations and centerpieces. Assist Band Director with awards purchase. Host/hostess the event. Work
    with Band Director/Booster President to finalize program. Arrange to have audio visual technical support to
    ensure banquet hall is adequately setup for speakers and slide show. Coordinate with the VP Publicity for
    printing programs and developing the slide show. Assist with cleanup.

   Colorguard/Winterguard – Sally Bickel, Coordinator (momunit@verizon.net). Work with Band Director
    and Colorguard/Winterguard coach to insure proper communication with students/parents. Arrange for
    chaperones when needed and assist with recruiting events in February, Winterguard competitions
    throughout the season, and end of the year show in June held at MCHS.

   Winter Drumline – Chris Thomasson, Coordinator (not confirmed). Work with Band Director and
    Drumline instructor to insure proper communication with students/parents. Assist with competitions
    throughout the season by arranging for chaperones, pit crew, and transportation of students and equipment.

             VP Fundraising – Steve Vollucci - svollucci@earthlink.net 310-379-4663

   Membership – Kristin Karlin, Coordinator (kristin@karlin-online.com). Maintains a roster of the Booster
    membership, community sponsors, and Band Alumni Band, and Friends of the Band. Help with mailings
    and facilitate communications with membership and community sponsors. Helps with Thank You
    Notes/Cards and sends the appropriate sentiments of gratitude as needed in conjunction with fundraising

   Hometown Fair Coordinators –Coordinators Needed. Plan and organize volunteers to serve shifts in up
    to three booths at the MB Hometown Fair. One coordinator will be needed for each of three booths and the
    Beer Garden. You will get help from members who have done this before. This is a significant
    moneymaker for our organization.

   Carwash Coordinator-- Coordinator Needed. Plan and organize supplies, obtain approval to use school
    facilities, and work with VP Publicity to publicize/promote the event as a fundraiser. There will be two car
    washes this year. This is a fun and low effort task.

   Candy Booth Coordinator – Mary Lou O’Brien, Coordinator (w.obrien11@verizon.net). The band has a
    candy booth for all home games including playoffs. Coordinator(s) purchase or solicit donations for candy,
    maintain inventory, setup/takedown booth, and do the necessary financial accounting. Volunteers work the
    booth. There are two shifts per game. The first shift is setup through halftime and the second shift is halftime
    through cleanup. The shifts overlap at halftime to cover the increased sales.

   Recycling – Carol Woo & Holly Vera, Coordinators. We have an on-going effort to collect plastic and
    aluminum cans to recycle for cash. Parents deposit their recycle in plastic bags at the Band Hall every
    Friday morning. They will redeem the recycle for cash and provide the proceeds to the Treasurer as income
    for the Bands.

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   Mustang Raffle-- Coordinator Needed. Distribute sales material, communicate with students, collect
    money, and award prizes for sales activities.

   Rehearse-a-Thon Coordinator-- Coordinator Needed. This is an annual tradition for the kids to raise
    money by soliciting pledges and rehearsing a full day to sharpen their skills as a Marching Band and Color
    Guard. The rehearse-a-thon is for one day. Volunteers are needed to help with tallying funds, writing than-
    you notes, and working with the kids on their competition.

   Concert Tickets-- Coordinator Needed. Organize ticket sales, collection of funds before each concert.
    Provide funds to the Treasurer.

   Ensemble Gigs/External Donations Coordinator-- Coordinator Needed. Coordinate with Band Director,
    kids, and VP Fundraising to promote and schedule gigs for ensemble performances by Jazz Band,
    Marching Band, Color Guard, selected Ensembles at various events in the community. Bookings must have
    the approval of the Band Director and follow-up with Thank you notes are imperative to developing long-
    term relationships with people/organizations that provide support.

   PTSA & MBEF Liaison – Jean Van Zanten ( j.vanzanten@verizon.net). Maintain awareness of school
    support organization activities and report to the Band Boosters of activities where the Band needs to be
    involved. Be on the look-out for opportunities where the Band/Colorguard can contribute as well as benefit
    from associations.

     Publicity/Communication VP Richard Foss - richardfoss@earthlink.net 310-318-9874

   Publicity Coordinator – Coordinator Needed. Assist with advertising concerts, creating flyers, and
    publicizing booster activities and band successes.

   Graphic Artists – Artists Needed. Create artwork for Band promotional materials to include Flyers,
    Posters, Concert Programs, Awards, Ads, Tickets, etc. Provide Business Cards, Thank You Cards, and
    Band Booster Stationary for use by membership and officers. Work with selected printer(s) to provide
    promotional materials as needed by the Booster membership and officers.

   Web Master – Cassi Bassolino (cbassolino@studiotwentytwo.com). Website currently under redesign.
    Normally, the webmaster maintains the band website in coordination with the VP Publicity/Communication.

   Web Strategist – Mike Hersman (michaelhersman@yahoo.net). Re-engineering the site to better meet
    current band booster needs.

   Photo Librarian – Coordinator Needed. Coordinate the collection and organization of all photos taken of
    the band and our events by parents and designated photographers. Manages and organizes a password
    protected website based photo repository to be used as archives for Band promotional material and
    personal use by the membership. Communicates with the Booster membership to facilitate access and use.

   “Official” Band Photographers – Photographers Needed. Take digital photos at all Band, Colorguard,
    and Drumline events and upload to website repository for access by membership. Work with Photo
    Librarian to assure organized archive. Coordinate with Publicity Coordinator and Graphic Artists to provide
    art for press releases and promotional materials.

   Publicity Runners – Coordinator Needed: Pickup, deliver, and post copies of promotional materials to
    middle schools, local businesses, and members.

               Sylvia Shuler VP Finance Sylvia_shuler@toyota.com 310.372.9157
   Finance. Creates annual budgets. Tracks monthly income and expenses. Reports at meetings. Tracks
    donations and contributions. Files forms and returns on a timely basis

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                 Anne Harder Secretary Anne_Lisbet@yahoo.com 310.318.2362
   Records of Meetings. Attends meetings and creates accurate minutes. Posts minutes to web site.

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