VOL. 46 ISSUE 03 by jianglifang


									VOL. 46 ISSUE 03

MARCH 2005

For all the Buick Wildcat lovers, ‘68 Wildcat Police Car.

         Your next Buick Project Car???????
                 PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                              As usual at this time of the year, there are a few
                                                                positions to be filled to make this club function smoothly.
                 BY   OTTO SO                                   Your willingness to serve would not be forgotten.

    f we believe the Groundhog, there are only fourteen         Editor’s note: President’s message was submitted before
    more cold days of winter. Spring is around the corner       the February General Meeting and consequently does
    and whoo-pee ! Our toys will be on the road again.          not reflect the discussion that took place at the meeting
   I regret I could not chair the February meeting due to       regarding the Headlingly Community Centre.
my commitment (from last year) to visit Mickey in Orlando.                                 • • •
In this SMR, John Ewing will detail the progress with
Headlingley and Harry Mortimer will document the                Do we have a “Knight in Shining Armor” in the club?
meeting minutes.                                                President Otto received the following request:
   Yesterday was the past and tomorrow is the unknown.          I am wondering if you would be able to provide me with some
If we deal with things with diligence today, we can expect      names of your members who chauffeur their own cars. My
a smooth ride tomorrow.                                         parents are celebrating their 60th anniversary in Winnipeg this
                                                                may and I would love to be able to hire an antique car to drive
   Over the last months, a detailed agreement was firmed
                                                                them to the party. I would prefer any car from the years of
up with Headlingley Community Centre to secure our
                                                                1937 (their dating car) to 1945 (their wedding car). Dad and
club meeting place for the next four years. I strongly          mom would have to be picked up on Tyndall Ave. and driven
believe that the club house in conjunction with a car           to the Masonic Temple on Corydon. This would be Saturday,
museum is a benefit to both parties. Our general meeting        May 7 around 4:30 p.m. If you can help me it would be
venue will change to Headlingley Community Centre in            appreciated! My e-mail address is jbailley@sunshinecable.com
April 2005. I encourage all of our members to come out          or call: (250) 442-3736. If you cannot provide any names would
to our meetings and at the same time to visit the car           you be able to give me a phone number or e-mail of someone
museum.                                                         who can? Thank-you for your time...
                                                                               Judy Bailley

                                                 NEXT GENERAL MEETING
                                                       March 13 @ 2:00 p.m
                                                 East Elmwood Community Centre
                                                                location. I would hope that once the majority has finalized
                EDITORIAL                                       the location that we can come together wherever it is
                                                                with our common love of the automobile and for the
                BY   BRYNE MCKAY                                fellowship.
                                                                   Eleanor Brunette has submitted an article this month
Thank you to Marilynn Schultz and Pauline White for the         on two old friends of the club who have moved away.
Roses and Valentine Cake at the General Meeting. My             Eleanor and I would like to challenge others to submit
wife loved the two roses I won and I certainly enjoyed          similar articles.
the cake.                                                          Due to Editor inexperience the January minutes did
  Unfortunately love was not always in the air at the           not get into the Side Mount last month, therefore, we
February General Meeting. There seems to be some hard           have both January and February minutes to enjoy this
feelings over the decision on the General Meeting               month.
                                                                   Thank you to everyone who contributed to this Side
                                                                Mount and I hope to hear from the rest of you next month.

                The Olds Curved Dash Runabaout                                     Preston Tucker & his ‘48 Tucker

                                                                           Vol. 46 Issue #03 MARCH 2005 — Sidemount Reporter 1
                                   Charles Goss

                                      Phone # 779-0685
      We do: all types of cars      435 Kensington Street
      trucks and boats               Winnipeg, Manitoba
      Autopac repairs                     R3J 1J8

       YOUR AD COULD                      BE   HERE                             THANK YOU
                                                                         TO ALL OF OUR ADVERTISERS

                 CALL 792-1414                                       Members are encouraged to support our
                                                                    advertisers and to let them know they saw
                   TODAY!                                                   their ad in the Sidemount.

                                                              8TH ANNUAL
                                        RED RIVER VALLEY SWAP MEET
                                               SUNDAY, MAY 15, 2005
                                              RED RIVER EXHIBITION PARK
                                           3977 PORTAGE AVE. WINNIPEG MB

             ADMISSION                                                     HOURS
               $3.00 Per Person                                            Vendor Set-up Starting at 6:30 a.m.
               Children Free                                               Gates Open at 8:00 a.m.
                 (12 Yrs. & Under Accompanied by an Adult)                 Close at 4:00 p.m.

  SHOW & SHINE                                                     VENDOR AND CAR CORRAL SPACE RENTALS $10.00
  Open to all Vehicles 25 Yrs. & Older, Street Rods, Modified &
  Special Interest Vehicles. Vehicles & Driver Admitted Free.      CONTACT:        Gord Brunette (204) 222-2298 or
                                                                                   Mort Mckechnie (204) 889-9970


Vol. 46 Issue #03 MARCH 2005 — Sidemount Reporter 2
                 MANITOBA CLASSIC               AND    ANTIQUE AUTO CLUB
                 P.O. Box 1031, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2W2                                Web site - www.mcaac.mb.ca
President - Otto So                       227-3377     DIRECTORS
233 Wales Ave. WPG. MB R2M 2S8
                                                       Jim Drummond                                          489-8315
Vice-President - Vacant
                                                       John Ewing                                            896-0561
Past President - John Carpenter           633-6494
95 Kushner Cr. WPG, MB R2P 0P2                         Ross Metcalfe                                         831-8165
Secretary - Harry Mortimer                878-3069     VOLUNTEER OFFICERS
RR1, Box 6, GRP 30 Dufresne, MB R0A 0J0

Treasurer - Norman Magnusson              284-4522     Bus - Kevin Stewart                                   488-7177
6 Windermere Bay, WPG, MB R3T 1B2                           Gord Brunette                                    222-2298
                                                            Doug Feldman                                     255-5205
Activities - Vacant
Assistant Activities - Vacant                          Labels & Roster - Bob Wilks                           668-4879

Membership - Skip Andrews                 667-8794     Manitoba Association of Auto Clubs (MAAC) -
693 Union Ave., WPG, MB R2L 1A5
                                                                          Wolf Fuhr                          224-3152
Club Projects - Bryne McKay               269-5037     Cards - Eleanor Brunette                              222-2298
58 Kendale Dr., WPG, MB R3T 5M4

Social - Pauline White                    667-8794
                                                       The Sidemount Reporter is published monthly by the MCAAC at
Judging & Classification - T.B.A.                      Winnipeg, MB., and is distributed free by direct mail to all
                                                       members. All articles appearing in the publication express the
                                                       individual opinions of the writers and are not necessarily those
Special Events - T.B.A.                                of the MCAAC. All items are subject to editing for both space
                                                       and content. All information to appear in the Sidemount
                                                       Reporter must be received no later than the end of the general
APPOINTED OFFICERS                                     meeting of the current month. It must be submitted typed or in
                                                       clear legible script. Any club wishing to copy material within,
Editor - Bryne McKay                      269-5037     may do so, except that covered by copyright. All prices quoted
58 Kendale Dr., WPG, MB R3T 5M4                        are at the discretion of those advertising in the MCAAC and the
brynemckay@netscape.net                                editors accept no responsibility for the condition, or availability
                                                       or the value of the goods offered for sale. All articles appearing
Email Notices - John Ewing                             must relate to the hobby at large.
ewing@shaw.ca                                          The purpose of the club is the preservation and restoration of all
                                                       classic, antique and special autos, 25 years or older, including
Web Master - Derek Thille                 475-2694     all assorted material pertaining to them.
derek.thille@ieee.org                                  The Manitoba Classic and Antique Auto Club (MCAAC) Roster is
                                                       not to be used without the expressed written permission of the
Librarian - Otto So                       227-3377     MCAAC Executive.
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Publicity - Noel Roy                      254-4788     For further information on corporate advertising, please contact
18 Southfields, WPG, MB R2N 2N1                        Noel Roy @ 254-4788. Members’ classified ads may be
                                                       forwarded to the Sidemount Editor.
Swap Meet - Gord Brunette                 222-2298       Canada Post, Publications Mail Agreement # 40619573
90 Allenby Cres., WPG, MB R2C 3J2

                                                                   Vol. 46 Issue #03 MARCH 2005 — Sidemount Reporter 3
                    INSIDE STORY
                                                                        Telephone System. Word was out that a turbine powered car
                    T     URBINE        P     OWER
                                                                        was in town. Back to Russell Motors.
                                                                            This was the “forth generation” gas turbine by Chrysler and
                       BY HARRY MORTIMER                                what a beauty. It was fitted into a hand crafted body by Ghia of
                                                                        Italy. It was a four passenger, two door hardtop with black
In real estate, its location, location, location. Along the road of vinyl roof and painted an unusual metallic bronze. The interior
life there are a few more variables: things done or not done, leather and carpet were bronze accented with stainless steel.
decisions made and not made                                                                        There was no engine vibration as there
determine where we are at any given                                                               are no pistons or valve train. A single
moment in time. These moments in                                                                  spark plug ignited the fuel in the
time are what we remember.                                                                        chamber. A glass of water placed on
    A moment in time that I remember                                                              the engine didn’t even ripple. It
well occurred in 1962. I was partsman                                                             operated on a wide variety of fuels
for the Russell Motors Chrysler                                                                   including white gas, diesel fuel,
Plymouth dealership at 730 Portage                           1963 Turbine Coupe                   kerosene, JP-4 aircraft fuel or any
Avenue in Winnipeg. One day we got                                                                mixture of them and was known to run
word that Russell’s would be hosting a turbine powered car on tequila and Chanel #5. It developed 130 HP and 425 ft/lbs
for a couple days and then it would move to Eastern Sales.              of torque, equivalent to a 200 HP V8 installed in the same
    It was pretty exciting when the 1962 Plymouth Fury III painted vehicle. It weighed one half as much as a standard engine and
an off white metallic was moved into the showroom. The engine had one fifth of the moving parts. Fuel consumption was
was smooth and quiet and had the sound of rushing air. The equivalent to cars of the time.
only thing distinguishing it from a production Fury were the Tests proved it to start immediately
words “Turbine Power by Chrysler” on the sides.                         in sub zero temperatures. There
    I could see the Fury from the parts counter and was in the was no rad or antifreeze and warm
showroom whenever time allowed. One day several of us took up was immediate. Sounds ideal
the engineer that accompanied the car for lunch at the Wesley for winter 2005 in Winnipeg.
Grill just down the street.                                                 A misconception was that the
                                                                        exhaust would be hot like a jet
                                                                        aircraft engine but this was a twin-
                                                                        regenerator gas turbine. Heat
                                                                        from spent fuel was redirected                     Emblem
                                                                        back through the turbines and the exhaust was cooler and
                                                                        cleaner than conventional engines. The car was run in a
                                                                        showroom filled with people.
                                                                            It drove like a regular car with a couple differences. It was
                                                                        sluggish at take off unless you drove it like a dragster: stand
                                                                        on the brake, hold the accelerator to the floor and within a
                                                                        second, the tach reads 52,000 rpm and let off the brake. The
                                                                        result was 0-60 in 5.5 seconds. The transmission indicator read
                                                                        “Idle” instead of “Neutral” and there were two new dials on the
                                                                        instrument panel. One was a tach which is pretty standard in
                                                                        today’s cars. The difference was that the numbers were higher.
                                                                        I recall idle was 7,000 rpm and cruise revs 53,000. The other
                             Turbine Engine
                                                                        dial was a turbine inlet temperature gauge which read 1400
    We got a first hand account of how this vehicle evolved. To degrees farenheit at normal operating temperature. Starting
start with, Chrysler had developed an aircraft gas turbine the engine was just a matter of turning the key to on and
engine. This confirmed the many advantages of turbine power everything else was
for an automobile but many radically different challenges lay automatic. The only
ahead. It would have to have a cool exhaust, low noise, engine difference was the
braking, prompt response at all speeds etc.                             sound, which was
    The engine was still on the bench a week before the similar to a high quality
engineers were informed that the car was to go on the road. It blower.
had no transmission and had to be fitted into a chassis. Sounds             55 of these Ghia
like a Monster Garage episode. It was coupled to a TorqueFlight bodied turbine cars
transmission without a torque converter. Turbine cars don’t were built and 50
require transmissions for going forward just reverse. A delivered to typical
Plymouth was picked and given a special paint job.                      motorists across North
    On one test drive, a thundering V8 was next to it at a traffic America to drive for a                          Tail Light
light. The driver in the other vehicle noticed the words on the period of three months.
side and said something like “Does that thing have a Hemi?” Then 50 more got an opportunity. Thus 200 drivers participated
It wasn’t a Hemi but very quickly he had a view of the taillights. in this year long consumer test of turbine power. The cars were
    Time moves on, decisions made, and in 1964 I was no longer then returned to the factory, torn down to check for wear and
the partsman at Russells but a cable splicer with Manitoba further research. Today, nine exist. The rest have been
                                                                                                                    continued on page 7

Vol. 46 Issue #03 MARCH 2005 — Sidemount Reporter 4
                           SIDEMOUNT                                  For Sale:
                           AUTOMOTIVE                                 - 2000 Corvette 5Star Aluminum Wheels. Metallic Silver in color.
                                                                      Two - 17" x 8.5", Two - 18" x 9.5", like new. $800 for set.
                           CLASSIFIED ADS                             Call: Bryne McKay (204) 269-5037
                           (OTHER    CLUBS PLEASE COPY)               Email: brynemckay@netscape.net other clubs please copy

For Sale:
- 1988 Caprice Wagon, 144,000 km, very clean, no rust (spent
most of its life in Arizona in the winters), straight body, third
seat, PS, PW, PB, AC working, new exhaust system, recent
tires, good brakes, deluxe wire wheel covers, wood panel trim
(very cool), roof rack, sentinal headlight option, everything

                                                                                                   • • • • •

                                                                      - Artillery type wheels or the wire wheels for 1929 Plymouth.
                                                                      Require some older tires to move car around while under repair,
                                                                      size 29x4.75
                                                                      Call: Ron Alexander (204) 774-5350
                                                                                                  • • • • •
Perfect for bringing home the car parts you have hidden in the
country.                                                              Wanted:
Haggle price starts at $3,500 or buy it now, no haggle for $2,900.    - 1929 Plymouth roadster or coupe body. Do you know of any.
Call: John, (204) 896-0561, or email at : ewing@shaw.ca               Call: Ron Alexander (204) 774-5350
Come have a look and make me an offer.                                                        • • • • •
                           • • • • •

                     MCAAC                                            agreement to allow the MCAAC to conduct our monthly general
                                                                      meetings at Headingley.
  MONTHLY         GENERAL MEETING LOCATION                                The next step is for Otto and John to meet with Headingley to
                                                                      review proposed terms and conditions in detail and to report back
A vote by ballot was conducted last month to determine the            to the executive. It is expected that an update report will be provided
support from the general membership for the idea of moving the        at the February general meeting.
meeting location to the RM of Headingley Community Centre.                Members are encouraged to contact Otto or John by email or
   Ballots were issued to each current member in the January          phone if you have any specific issues to consider during the final
Sidemount Reporter, mailed out in December. Ballots received          deliberations.
by mail and hand delivered to the President at the January general                        John Ewing
meeting were opened by President Otto So, counted by Directors,       Editor’s Note: This report was submitted before the February
John Ewing and Jim Drummond, and re-counted by Otto So.               General Meeting.
   The MCAAC ‘meeting site committee’, comprised of Otto So
and John Ewing, under the direction of the 2005 MCAAC executive,
received a mandate from the general membership of the club to
proceed to negotiate with Headingley, by a majority vote. For the
record , 75 ballots were received, 2 ballots were spoiled ( blank),
26 against and 47 for, with the objective of concluding an

                                                                                   Vol. 46 Issue #03 MARCH 2005 — Sidemount Reporter 5
              MEMBERSHIP NEWS
              BY   BRYNE MCKAY

A warm welcome to Freddie and Marilyn Fudge who have
joined us as new members in February. We hope that
they will enjoy some of the up and coming events that
the club has to offer.
   Freddie has a 1936 Ford Sedan Delivery that has been
in the family since 1953. It has not been driven since
1958. Right now he is putting in new floor boards and
rockers. Freddie has not decided whether to overhaul                               1936 Ford Sedan
the engine or replace it. He also has a 1953 Ford 2dr
Customline which he has owned since 1962. It has not
been driven for years and needs body work.
   Again we Welcome them to the club and good luck
on their projects.

                 Watch for Report on New
             Library System in a future issue.

                                                                               1953 Ford 4dr Customline

        WHERE          ARE       THEY NOW?
        BY   ELEANOR BRUNETTE                                we are in Oliver and do a lot of reminising about his days
                                                             and his friends in the club.
         For the past few years Gord and I have been            From there we head up to Kelowna where we visit with
         visiting back and forth with two people who had     Gregg Reese who is a past president and was a very
been long time members of the Manitoba Classic and           active member of the MCAAC . Gregg left Manitoba about
Antique Auto Club and have since moved to British            12 years ago to start his own MAACO business and has
Columbia. It stuck me that perhaps some of you may           been very successful with it. You may remember his 1968
like to know how our visits have been.                       Firebird convertible, 1954 Mercury truck, and his 1936
   Myron Glowa who used to own a ‘46 or ‘47 Ford and a       Chevy. We spent a few days at Greggs visiting and
late teens model T is now living in a retirement park        attending the Kelowna “Fields of Dreams Car Show”
nestled in the majestic Rocky mountains in Oliver, B.C.      where Gregg entered his recently restored 54 Mercury
He is in good health, remains very active in the community   pickup. He and 15 year old son Cameron stay active
and has restored a 1961 Metropolitan from the ground         year round with wakeboarding, skiing and snowboarding.
up. This project helped him cope with the passing of his     Gregg continues to stay in touch with many friends and
wife Louise. The Met took a couple of years to complete      relatives here in Winnipeg, and visits with them from
but is now on the road. We always have a great visit when    time to time.

                       Myron Glowa & his Metropolitan                              Gregg Reese & his ‘54 Mercury

Vol. 46 Issue #03 MARCH 2005 — Sidemount Reporter 6
                  INSIDE STORY
                  TURBINE POWER                                   leading with a front wheel drive that out accelerates everything
                  CONTINUED FROM PAGE      4                      in its class and gets 45 MPG.
                                                                      Turbine power has come a long way since the first windmill
destroyed for legal and tax reasons. Chrysler owns three of       but why haven’t turbine cars gone into production? The turbine
which one runs. Frank Kleptz has a running Turbine in his         engine is expensive to build and it would have to surpass
collection and five without engines are in other museums and      conventional engines in every way to offset the investment car
private collections.                                              manufacturers have in the conventional engine.
   Of the Big Three, only GM still has a turbine program. Seven       I still hope time and circumstance allows me to hear the
other car manufacturers have active programs with Volvo           sound of one again.

                                                                              Vol. 46 Issue #03 MARCH 2005 — Sidemount Reporter 7
                        UPCOMING EVENTS                                                   Mark Your
   Date                             Event                                 Location                                          Contact

March 13               MCAAC General Meeting                          East Elmwood Comm. Ctr.
                                                                          2:00 pm

March 24 - 26          World of Wheels                                Convention Centre

April 10               MCAAC General Meeting                          East Elmwood Comm. Ctr.
                                                                          2:00 pm

April 24               Spring Fling                                   Kingswood Golf & Country Club                      Marilynn Schultz
                                                                                                                          (204) 444-3022
May 08                 MCAAC General Meeting                          East Elmwood Comm. Ctr.
                                                                          2:00 pm

May 15                 Red River Valley Swap Meet                     RREX                    Gord Burnette (204) 222-2298
                                                                                             Mort McKechnie (204) 889-9970
June 12                MCAAC General Meeting                          East Elmwood Comm. Ctr.
                                                                          2:00 pm
June 26                Crusin’ with Kids Car Show                     East Elmwood Comm. Ctr.                 S. Andrews (204) 667-8794
                                                                                                                  P White (204) 667-2777

June 26                Cruizin’ Manitoba for MS                       Tour Winnipeg, Beausejour & Pinawa                   (204)943-9595
August                 Corn Roast                                     Jack Mavins                                      Anola, Jack Mavins

August 21              Antique Cars & Old Lace                        Dugald Costume Museum                               Harry Mortimer
                                                                                                                          (204) 866-2922
August 21              Judge Meet                                     Dugald Costume Museum                                Chuck Ingram
                                                                                                                          (204) 661-8380
September 11           MCAAC General Meeting                          East Elmwood Community Centre
                                                                          2:00 pm
                              Boldface activities are exclusive MCAAC events.
Check your MAAC calendar for a comprehensive list of all the events across the Province or, check the MAAC
web site at, http://www.maac.manitobamall.net/

                                             Sunday, April 24, 2005
                                         Kingswood Golf & Country Club
                                               La Salle, Manitoba
                                              11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
                         $8.50 per person, children 10 and under $4.50 (includes taxes and tip)

       Brunch: scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes, ham, sausages, bacon, mini muffins, fruit cocktail, o/j, coffee.
       Tickets will be available at March and April meetings. Cut off date April 10, 2005.
       Any questions or to make arrangements, call Marilynn (444-3022, if a weekday, after 4 p.m.)
       *We are certainly hoping it will be a nice spring day like last year and that numerous club cars will be out.
       **We can look into setting up pick up points travelling to La Salle; for sure someone will be parked on
       Hwy #330 (turn off to La Salle from the Perimeter) to leave that point at 10:45 a.m.
                                      Good Company • Door Prizes • Great Time
                                                          SEE YOU THERE!
Vol. 46 Issue #03 MARCH 2005 — Sidemount Reporter 8
         THE ORIGINAL OWNER     C                            BY    LIFF BURTON

This Corvette was bought June 4, 1965 from Malkerson Motors,       Corvette with the top down coaching their running from his car
Inc., 1206 E. 1st Ave. in Shakopee, Minnesota from the original    as they ran on the streets of Portage La Prairie. The car was
owner’s Uncle’s dealership.                                        used for the home coming parades in Portage La Prairie with
   He had not graduated from College, no job, no collateral        the home coming queen sitting on the deck. He dated his wife
and no down payment, but his reference signed for him (the         to be and used the Corvette for their wedding car in 1966.
bank manager). This Corvette was ordered with a soft-top and          He moved to Carmen in 1967. The car was winter driven only
a hard top. The full price was $4988.25                            for the first 4 or 5 winters of its life but there wasn’t any salt used
   The original owner was a college student and track star. He     in the area. The car wasn’t driven very much after 1972 as he
was 20th in the world in track and field and 5th in Canada. He     had started a family. A neighbor kid had stood on the convertible
had just got out of US Army at the age of 25.                      roof in 1976 and went through. The convertible top was replaced
   In 1965 he and his friend toured the western USA in the         and immediately the car was put into indoor storage in the fall of
Corvette just like Route 66. In fall of 1965 he moved to Portage   1976 until now (Dec. 23, 2004). This car has the original brake
La Prairie and got a teaching job. One year in Portage La          pads and the rotors have never been turned. The clutch is also
Prairie the temperature got down to –52° F and the Corvette        original. The original tires wore out and the second set of tires
plug was disconnected but it still started.                        now have about 4000 miles on them.
   In January of 1966 the whole basket ball team got in the           He had the Corvette up to 147 mph once but could hardly
Corvette and went to Southport to play a game there. There         keep it in the middle of the road. He got a lot of speeding tickets
were 5 huge basketball players and him as their coach stuffed      because the car cruises nicely at 72 mph.
into the Corvette. The two smaller ones were jammed into the          I have pictures of the original owner in graduation cap and
storage area under the deck. The only thing was that the           gown in front of the Corvette in June, 1965. I also have pictures
defroster could not keep up. He was also in charge of the          of him using the Corvette in 1966 as his wedding car.
track team of the school. He would follow the runners in the          I bought the car Dec. 23, 2004 from the original owner.

                                                                                Vol. 46 Issue #03 MARCH 2005 — Sidemount Reporter 9
                         MINUTES OF MAAC
                                                                              success of 2004 and that there would be another in 2005 on June 26.
                         GENERAL MEETING                                      There would also be one in Brandon on June 12. MAAC meetings for
                         JANUARY 26, 2005                                     2005 would be on Feb.23, March 30, April 27, May 25, Sept. 28, Oct.
                                                                              26 and Nov. 30.

                    PONY CORRAL                                               2005 CALENDAR – events logged on ‘master’ calendar with discussion
                                                                              on all conflicts by John and Bev Dyck. All conflicts were resolved.
              St. Mary Avenue, Winnipeg                                       Scholarship recipient Matt Mitchell gave thanks to MAAC.
                  [content edited for printing,
                                                                              MAAC UPDATES:
        unedited minutes are available on request]
                                                                              · Bob can no longer attend Manitoba Safety Council. After discussion
                                                                              it was decided to not provide representation.
Opening statements by Bob Chubala:                                            · Gord indicated that the primary goal for 2005 was to get discussions
· Meeting called to order at 7:15 PM; Directors present: Bob Chubala,         with MPI/DMV on special licensing (plates).
Bev and John Dyck.                                                            · Gord Forman spoke about the Murdoch Motorsports Tool Loan
· 3 new clubs have joined. They are:                                          Program. The Manitoba Street Rod Association, Tool World, and
         · New Old Streetables                                                Murdoch Motorsports themselves had ordered tool sets from
         · AMC Club                                                           MANITOBA ASSOCIATION OF AUTO CLUBS Tool World for this
         · Tailgate Association                                               worthwhile cause. Both Gord and Bill McEwen talked of the program’s
Meeting agenda was adopted by Len Deren, 2nd by Ray Cable and                 benefits to graduating students and asked that any other clubs consider
carried by a show of hands. Ron Lechman allowed to speak immediately          participating. Barry (Gimli Car Club) put a motion on the floor that MAAC
for World of Wheels due to his time availability for the evening. Ron         give a month’s consideration to going into the program as a sponsor.
was looking for continued support from the clubs. Trader Publications         Motion seconded by Paul Landry and carried by show of hands.
were confirmed as on-board for Club Display Awards.                           · World of Wheels security is being organized again by Bev Dyck.
Financial summary is ready and will be emailed out by Secretary (Gord         Please indicate ASAP what your association would prefer for shifts.
Forman) to all association members with email and copies available at         Again, all hours contributed are reimbursed.
the next meeting.                                                             · Manitoba Marathon (June 19th) Marshalling volunteers are again being
                                                                              asked for. Please respond to Bev Dyck ASAP to get your organization’s
Chairman Report: Bob Chubala:                                                 preferred spots/duties. This is a good chance for associations to get
· Buy & Sell magazine will get our schedule by end of January 2005 /          some good “PR” publicity and recognition.
early Feb., and print in March to be in time for the 2005 World of Wheels.    · NAAACCC Representative position is open to volunteer(s), as Wally
· Herb Lagrange, Manitoba Lotteries, would like to host a car event for       Breer is resigning due time constraints. Gord Forman has indicated
a club. Contact him at 955- 0747. It was thought that this would enable       willingness and will pursue information. Contact Gord or Wally for more
a smaller club that does not put on an event to do so with that assistance.   information.
· Insurance Policies for 2005 are available from Treasurer, Bev Dyck.         · MAAC dues are to be paid now. As usual it is a minimum of $25.00 or
Payment of $63.00 is required upon application. Policy period is March        $1.00/head of club membership.
to March.
· MAAC has a new website www.maac.autoclubs.ca                                OTHER:
· MAAC is now 9 years old and is formed of 56 associations.                   · Bill McEwen – Murdock MacKay – informed us Welding classes were
· A letter from “a” member association was read as it contained negative      very well received and attended and they could be scheduled again
comments about MAAC “direction”. After discussion it was decided by           upon indication of interest from any or all clubs. Contact Bill at
those present that the writer was misinformed about our goals and             billmcewen@retsd.mb.ca.
ambitions. Reminders were given on the importance of the                      · New website (www.maac.autoclubs.ca) will contain or Winnipeg cars
representatives being present at the meetings and speaking up if and          is as much 2005 information as supplied too us. Remember, permission
when they think MAAC could do something different.                            must be requested to download any pictures – this is always granted
· Brief review of 2004 projects and events.                                   for personal use.

New/Old Business:                                                             Next Meeting: 7:00 PM Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005, at the Pony
PRESENTATION: Norm and Laurie from MS spoke about the MS Cruise               Coral – St. Mary Avenue – building foyer.
                                                                              Meeting adjourned 9:30 PM by motion from Paul, 2nd by Bob.

                          UPDATE - 2005                                       makes every year, with attendance at car shows [ many of which support
                          BY   DUNCAN CRAIG- DIRECTOR, NAAACCC                charities] and are increasing annually.
                                                                              This review, unless conducted with proper input from the old car hobby,
February 2005                                           Report #35            could cripple our hobby and severely diminish the value of our cars!
             Ontario——————Wake Up Call
                                                                              Please take time to write the Minister of the Environment, to your
Old car hobbyists in Ontario should be extra vigilant over the coming         local MPP and to the Premier of Ontario.
The Government of Ontario has announced plans to accelerate the               If we do not make our voices heard loud and clear, we could be saddled
timing of the proposed review of the ‘Drive-Clean’ program. Included          with unrealistic, retroactively - applied emissions legislation. Protect
in the recommendations for review from the acting Provincial Auditor          your interests! Write now!
was elimination of the exemption of older vehicles. This                                                         Ducan Craig
recommendation appears to have the support of the Minister and                                                   Gravenhurst, Ontario
of NDP-MPP Marilyn Churley. It is obvious that none of these people
have a clue about our hobby. They appear completely unaware of the              As of February 5, 2005 Gord Forman has consented to take over
limited miles (less than 500 per year on average) that most of our cars         the duties as Manitoba Director of the NAAACCC. Gord is well
are driven, and the resulting minimal impact on air quality. It also            involved with the Automotive Hobby in Manitoba. This position
appears that they are unaware of the economic contribution our hobby            was formerly held by Wally Breer.

Vol. 46 Issue #03 MARCH 2005 — Sidemount Reporter 10
                              MINUTES OF MCAAC                                                            East Elmwood
                              GENERAL MEETING                                                       Community Centre
                                                                                               Sunday, January 09, 2005
                              BY   HARRY MORTIMER

    - President Otto So called the meeting to order at 2:04 pm.       MAAC - Len Connolly
    There was a brief introduction of part of the new executive       - No report
    committee. There were 43 members present. New member
    Maitland Sundmark introduced himself and spoke of his 1963        Bus - Wayne Hayes
    Mercedes, 63 Corvette and 61 Triumph TR3.                         - No report
    Discussion was held on the pros and cons of joining MAAC.
    Chuck Ingram made a motion that MCAAC join MAAC for               Special Events - T.B.A.
    2005, Second by Jim Drummond. Carried. Insurance policy           - No report
    dues payable to MAAC will be $61. and due in March. Club
    activity dates are required by MAAC by Jan31/05 for               Correspondence:
    inclusion in the Calendar of Events.                              - No report

    Reports                                                           Transportation Centre - John Ewing
    Treasurer’s Report - Norm Magnusson                               - No report
    - No report
                                                                      Judge Meet – TBA
    Activities - Pauline White                                        - No report
    - - No report
                                                                      Frostbite Tour - TBA
    Membership - Skip Andrews                                         - No report
    - Chair Skip Andrews was busy during the meeting processing
    membership receipts and reported a total of 108 and climbing.     Club Projects - Bryne McKay
                                                                      - A beautiful new MCAAC melton and leather jacket was
    Swap Meet - Gord Brunette                                         modeled. The drive in, car theme crest and MCAAC name were
    - No report                                                       well done. A significant quantity would need to be ordered to
                                                                      lower the cost below $395. Suggestions were that the Club
    Social - Pauline White                                            purchase the computerized embroidery disc or contribute
    - Pauline White had lots of hot coffee and fresh goodies for      something towards the purchase of each jacket. Let Bryne
    Social and ran the 50/50 draw.                                    know of your interest in the jacket and whether you like it in the
                                                                      leather or as a lighter summer jacket.
t   Judging Classification - TBA
    - No report                                                       Nuts & Bolts:
                                                                      - None
    Editor - Bryne McKay
    - Bryne is also the new Sidemount Reporter Editor. He thanked     Old Business:
    John Ewing for his four years as Editor and his help in getting   - Discussions have taken place over the past months about
    Bryne started. John will continue dispersing e-mail notices.      relocating Club meetings to the new auto museum in Headingly.
    Classified ads in the SMR are free to members and Bryne           Ballots were sent to each member asking for their preference.
    would like members to contribute more car stories.                A lengthy discussion took place as to whether the ballots should
                                                                      be opened as reported in the SMR or held 5 more days due to
    Web Master - Derek Thille                                         delayed mail delivery. MCAAC bylaw 6d was enforced and
    - No report                                                       Directors Jim Drummond and John Ewing assisted Otto So in
                                                                      opening and counting the ballots. 75 of 103 ballots were
    Library - Otto So                                                 returned. Results: two spoiled, 26 indicated a wish to remain
    - Otto reported that 293 book titles have been entered into the   at East Elmwood Community Club and 47 to relocate to
    Library database. The master list now makes it easy to find a     Headingly. Chuck Ingram introduced a motion that the ballots
    book by make and model. Thank you Roberta for your help.          be destroyed. Second by Wolf Fuhr. Carried. John Ewing and
                                                                      Otto will arrange a contract with the Headingly group and report
    Appraisals - Erik Fossberg                                        back at the Feb/05 meeting.
    - No report
                                                                      New Business:
    Publicity - Noel Roy                                              - Otto would like to have “Est. 1960” added to the Club logo. He
    - Chair Noel Roy reported that invoices have been sent to our     intends to have the Club photo album updated with members
    advertisers in the SMR and two have been renewed. Our Editor      and their cars.
    and several members noted that more advertisers are
    required. If you have a favourite supplier or service provider,   Adjourned
    convince them to advertise. Our rates are found on page three     - The meeting adjourned at 3:50 on a motion by Chuck Ingram.
    of the SMR.                                                                                  •••••

                                                                                 Vol. 46 Issue #03 MARCH 2005 — Sidemount Reporter 11
                                   MINUTES OF MCAAC                                                                                East Elmwood
                                   GENERAL MEETING                                                                            Community Centre
                                   BY    ELEANOR BRUNETTE                                                               Sunday, February 13, 2005
- The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by Harry Mortimer, President Otto
So was absent.                                                                           Correspondence:
- Harry welcomed guest Freddie Fudge and guest speaker Laurie Kozak from                 - Harry read a membership renewal letter from the NAAACCC. This will be
the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, Manitoba Division. Laurie informed us          discussed under New Business.
of an up and coming fundraising tour for the MS Society. The tour takes place
on June 26th and she invites all car clubs to participate, a minimum pledge of           Transportation Centre - John Ewing
$200.00 is required. Raise $250.00 and bring a guest at no extra charge. More            - No report
information will be printed in the Sidemount.
- Highlights of the minutes from the January meeting were read by Harry, they            Judge Meet – TBA
will be printed in full in the next newsletter and the motion to accept will be at the   - Chuck Ingram will organize the meet. See Sidemount activities column for
March meeting.                                                                           location and date.

Reports                                                                                  Frostbite Tour - TBA
Treasurer’s Report - Norm Magnusson                                                      - No report
- Norm Magnusson reported that we are in a very comfortable financial position.
                                                                                         Club Projects - Bryne McKay
Activities - Pauline White                                                               - Bryne McKay went over various items he has and informed us of new caps and
- No report                                                                              T shirts which he will order. He had a sample club jacket on display and priced
                                                                                         it at $395.00 including taxes.
Membership - Skip Andrews
- Skip Andrews reported 124 renewals and 42 still outstanding from last year’s           Nuts & Bolts:
listing.                                                                                 - None

Swap Meet - Gord Brunette                                                                Old Business:
- Gord Brunette updated us on our May 15th Swap Meet to be held again at Red             - Headingly: John Ewing stood and gave a summary of the negotiations between
River Exhibition Park. Just one day again this year, as it worked well that way,         our club and the Headingly Community Centre. He informed us that they were
more information will be submitted to the Sidemount at a later date. We had a            still sorting out a few final details regarding the placement of our Bus. We were
record 90 vendors last year. Gord also volunteered to co-ordinate a club entry for       told that should the bus have to be moved around at anytime, someone from
World of Wheels. Wolf Fuhr thought the number of cars allowed from each club             our membership would be assigned to moving it, not anyone from the centre.
was four.                                                                                The Headingly Centre is ready set up for our first meeting in April, pending
                                                                                         approval of our executive. John also informed us that we would be responsible
Social - Pauline White                                                                   for our own insurance.
- Pauline White announced complimentary coffee and cake and roses for the                - At this time Jack Mavins stood and motioned “that all negotiations with the
ladies. The 50/50 draw would include any roses not distributed.                          Headingly Community Centre be terminated immediately and the MCAAC
                                                                                         continue to meet at the Elmwood Community Club”. The motion was seconded
Judging Classification - TBA                                                             by Jack Atkinson. Lengthy discussion began regarding the motion and pros
- No report                                                                              and cons of moving to Headingly and or staying at Elmwood.
                                                                                         - Jack Mavins made the point that our Constitution reads that general meetings
Editor - Bryne McKay                                                                     will be held in the City of Winnipeg. Headingly is not in the city, thus the constitution
- Bryne incouraged us to send in articles, car stories, pictures and classified ads      would have to be changed.
either by e-mail or handwritten. John Ewing will continue to do e-mail notices for       - Jack was also unhappy with the procedure in which the vote was held. He felt
upcoming events and also the SMR by e-mail. Let John know if you don’t want              that there was no discussion from the membership regarding the move.
the paper copy.                                                                          - He also felt it was not in the best interest of the club, as the location was a long
                                                                                         ways away for a lot of the members. A more central such as the Elmwood
Web Master - Derek Thille                                                                location would be desireable so that the distance is equal to all members.
- No report                                                                              - There was input from various members that this move would certainly mean a
                                                                                         drop in our membership numbers.
Library - Otto So                                                                        - Another concern was that after two years at Headingly the rent would quite
- No report                                                                              possibly be increased.
                                                                                         - Another concern was that once the bus was located in the centre there was not
Appraisals - Erik Fossberg                                                               much chance that it would be out at many events because of the distance. Jack
- No report                                                                              also felt that we would not have adequate access to the bus for repairs.
                                                                                         - John Ewing informed us that we have the say as to when and how the bus
Publicity - Noel Roy                                                                     could be moved to events, possibly using CAA. There should be no problem as
- Noel has four ads paid up to date. At this time Harry Mortimer remarked that we        to access to the bus.
used to have 30 paid ads and are now down to 21. Noel will follow up on a listing        - There was more discussion as to the last month’s vote; was it a vote to negotiate
of shops who used to advertise with us. Noel also mentioned the idea of inviting         with the Headingly Centre or a vote to actually move the meeting location to
other clubs to some of our activities as is done in Ontario.                             there.This remains unclear, therefore Jack Mavin’s motion was tabled until
                                                                                         negotiations are completed and executive hears back from the Centre.
MAAC - Wolf Fuhr
- Wolf Fuhr reported on World of Wheels, the publishing of the ‘05 MAAC events           New Business:
pamphlet, reminded us to pay our insurance fee of $63.00 and that Wally Breer            - Discussion to rejoin the NAAACCC, decision from membership not to rejoin this
was leaving as the provincial rep. Probably Gord Forman will replace him.                year.

Bus - Wayne Hayes                                                                        Adjourned
- Wayne Hayes assured us that the bus is secure and is needing some                      - The meeting was adjourned at 3:55 p.m. on a motion by Wolf Fuhr.
restoration.                                                                                                                     •••••

Special Events - T.B.A.
- Marilynn Schultz reported on the April 24th Spring Fling. With the approval of
membership it was decided to have it at the Kingswood Golf Course in Lasalle.
She went over the menue and price is $8.50 per person, taxes included. More info
will be published in the newsletter.

Vol. 46 Issue #03 MARCH 2005 — Sidemount Reporter 12
   "Your Summer Cruise Destination"
         Falcon Lake, Manitoba

  43 Winfield Way, Winnipeg, MB R2R 1V8

2 - 2700 Pembina Hwy,        Phone: 269-8300
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