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					• What is the EAS IV system?

• What does EAS IV provide & support?
   cost        Determine
                            CPT4 cost
Expense Assignment System
Financial Data
Standard Finance System (STANFINS)
•Standard Accounting Reporting
System/Field Level (STARS/FL)                                             EAS IV Central
•Commander’s Resource Integration System                                    Repository
Personnel Data
•Uniform Chart of Account Personnel
System (UCAPERS)
•Standard Personnel Management System
                                                         EAS IV
                                           •Interfaces              •Unit Cost Tables
(SPMS)                                     •Reports                 •Workcenter Costs
•EAS Personnel Web (EAS-PW)                                         •Workload/Performance

•Defense Medical Human Resource System
Internet (DMHRSi)                                                              DoD
Workload Data
                                                                         MHS Data Repository
•Composite Health Care System (CHCS)                      MTF/DTF             (MDR)
•Workload Management System for Nursing-
Army (WMSN-A)
• Object oriented software engineering
• Relational database for more flexibility
  in viewing and comparing data
• Ad hoc report writing tool
• Web-enabled technology
• Robust data validation
• Audit capabilities/tracking
Common Items to Monitor
 •Personnel Interfaces
 •Financial Interfaces
 •Workload Interfaces
• The EAS IV system performs regular file checks upon
  importation of various data files such as the ADM and
  CHCS files.
                                                          Field(s) From Record      Exception    Exception    Exception
Excep.                                                         That Is (Are)        Severity -   Severity -   Severity -
 Code               Exception Code Text                   Available For Editing       Army         Navy       Air Force
         The DMIS ID _____ is not a valid code in the
         DMIS ID Master Table for month _____ of FY
E0001    _____.                                           DMIS ID                     Error        Error        Error
         The YTD expenses _____ or YTD obligations
         _____ for FCC _____, DMIS ID _____, SUEE
         _____, Svc PEC _____, Svc BS/L _____, SOF
         _____ for month _____ of FY _____ is a           Expense Year-to-Date;
E0008    negative number.                                 Obligation Year-to-Date    Warning      Warning      Warning
         Available workhours _____ are reported without
         corresponding Available FTEs for FCC _____,
         DMIS ID _____, SUEE _____, Svc PEC _____,
         Svc BS/L _____, SOF _____ for month _____ of
E0021    FY _____.                                        Available Workhours         Error        Error        Error
         Clinicians Assigned FTEs _____ are reported
         for 'A' account FCC _____ for DMIS ID _____,     Assigned Full-Time
         SUEE _____, Svc PEC _____, Svc BS/L _____,       Equivalent (FTE);
E0037    SOF _____ for month _____ of FY _____.           Functional Cost Code        Error        Error        Error
         The raw amount _____ reported for Data Set ID
         _____, Providing DMIS ID _____, FCC _____,       Raw Statistical Amount;
         DMIS ID _____ for month _____ of FY _____        Weighted Statistical
E0065    equals the weighted amount _____ reported.       Amount                     Warning      Warning      Warning
         EAS IV                         Sample Call Types
Tier 1   US Army – CDA MEDCOM           Issues with MTF
         US Navy – MHS Help Desk        hardware/non-application
         US Air Force – CDA Gunter      software, functional
                                        questions or local
                                        connectivity issues.

Tier 2   All Services – MHS Help        Issues with centralized
         Desk                           hardware configuration,
                                        SFTP of CHCS files, non-
                                        application software issues
                                        and network problems.
Tier 3   All Services – EAS IV tier 3   Issues with application
         maintenance contractor         software, password resets,
                                        software configuration.
• EAS IV 3.1, web-enabling and change to an
  Oracle database, is fully deployed
• Current version is EAS IV
• Upcoming releases for FY08 include:
  – Conversion of Repository to Oracle database
    and upgrade to Business Objects version Xi,
    version 4.0, scheduled for deployment August
  – Conversion of application to BOXi, version 5.0,
    scheduled for deployment 2nd quarter FY09

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