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Charity Toy Run                                                  ®
                                                                  CAPE TOWN
Reg. No. 00517

                                               Sunday 26 November 2006

Now in its 24th year, the annual Charity Toy Run™ has become known, far beyond the motorcycling community, as one of
South Africa's most significant charity events. It's an awesome motorcycle procession and the biggest biker party of the year –
but most of all it is the day when the country's loudest minority opens their hearts to its most silent.

More than 50,000 (yes, that's fifty thousand!) motorcyclists will turn out across the country with toys of all shapes and
descriptions festooning their bikes, to make Christmas a little brighter for disadvantaged children up to 18 years old of all races
in orphanages, shelters, homes and hospitals and in our communities. Cape Town Toy Run® currently distributes to 122
recipient locations and last year (2006) we received a total of 13600 toys here alone!

The event has come a very long way from the 76 free-spirited riders who turned out for Cape Town's first Toy Run™ on the
last Sunday in November 1983. The inaugural Toy Run™ took place simultaneously in Cape Town and Johannesburg; 24 years
down the line, there are Toy Run™’s in major centres and small towns all over Southern Africa, (at the last count there were
more than twenty) including in our neighbouring country of Namibia, hosted by local motorcycle clubs and service
organizations, with the invaluable assistance of the commercial sector.

In Cape Town alone we expect over 6500 motorcycles to take part in the 2006 Toy Run™ ; we invite all riders to join the mass
ride and the celebration at Maynardville after the ride, where the donated toys are collected for distribution in the weeks
following the Toy Run™. Participation in the Toy Run™ requires only that you bring toys!

This year the run will begin from again two start venues, as happened very successfully last year, merging along the route to end
at Maynardville. For the Northern Suburbs, riders can now gather at the parking area at Ratanga Junction. This route will follow
Sable Road onto the N1, via the M5 onto Settlers Way where the processions will combine. From the start at Ottery
Hypermarket the route follows Ottery Road, Kromboom Parkway to Settlers' Way, Union Avenue, Newlands Avenue and
Tennant Road to Maynardville. Spectators are welcome to take up position at one of the many vantage points along the routes,
to truly appreciate the biggest parade of motorcycles ever held in Cape Town and later to join the motorcyclists at Maynardville
to contribute toys.

The Toy Run™ is open to any licensed rider on a licensed and roadworthy motorcycle, provided they donate toys,
collected in the trailers at the end venue. The toy (or toys!) is both an entrance fee and a ticket to Maynardville. This year there
are also great prizes for lucky donators of toys.. Including a fantastic cruise…

The Toy Run™ is administered by the Charity Toy Run™ Trust to protect its good name – the Toy Run™ has attracted its
fair share of imitators, hoping to share in the status of South Africa's premiere motorcycle charity event. The Trustees of the
Charity Toy Run™ Trust support any initiative that brings toys to needy children, but we'd like to point out that the words
"Toy Run™ " are a registered trademark, as is the Teddy Bear logo and may not be used without specific permission from the
Trust. Please contact us if you wish to run a legitimate Toy Run and would like permission to use the trademark.

As the teddy bear insignia is so closely identified with the Toy Run™ , every year we receive a vast majority of soft toys suitable
for young children but there is a desperate need for older children (teenage girls and boys) toys,
        Any sports equipment ~ cricket sets, basketball hoops, including balls of any type ~ soccer, tennis, basket, rugby
        Costume jewellery & craft kits, toiletries & make-up for older girls
        Puzzles & board games
        Fun stationery, drawing & art equipment
        (Please no toy guns of any sort – these cannot be distributed)

Please note that no private persons or organisations have been granted permission by the Toy Run™ Trustees to collect toys
in the name of the Toy Run™ or on its behalf. Should you wish to donate toys but are unable to attend on the day, please
contact the Convenors directly.
                          PROGRAM OF EVENTS AND INFORMATION
                                      START TIME: 11:00am - Sunday 26 November 2006


The start of the Toy Run™ is an event in itself, with an excitement and a vibe all its own. This year, Ratanga Junction has kindly
offered their parking area as an additional start venue for the Northern Suburbs. Motorcyclists will begin to gather at this venue,
as well as the Pick 'n Pay Hypermarket, Ottery, from 8am to leave at 11am sharp.

ROUTE FROM RATANGA JUNCTION : Route ~ Exit Ratanga Junction parking area left into Sable Rd onto bridge. Right onto
N1 at intersection. Exit left at Muizenberg exit onto M5. Along M5 left onto Settlers Way. From here, the route is the same…
Up Settlers' Way and left onto Union Avenue (M3) at Mostert's Mill. Along Union Avenue to Paradise Road and left onto
Newlands Avenue. Exit Protea Road Circle onto Newlands Avenue. Up Newlands Avenue and left onto Tennant Road. Along
Tennant Road and turn right into Brodie Road. Down Brodie Road to Maynardville.

ROUTE FROM OTTERY : Exit Pick 'n Pay Hypermarket, Ottery, turning left onto Ottery Road. Up Ottery road and turn right
onto Kromboom Parkway (M5). Along Kromboom Parkway to Settlers' Way (N2). Left onto Settlers' Way. Up Settlers' Way
and left onto Union Avenue (M3) at Mostert's Mill. Along Union Avenue to Paradise Road and left onto Newlands Avenue. Exit
Protea Road Circle onto Newlands Avenue. Up Newlands Avenue and left onto Tennant Road. Along Tennant Road and turn
right into Brodie Road. Down Brodie Road to Maynardville.


Officers of the South Peninsula and Cape Town Traffic Departments will be on duty at the start venues and at major
intersections along the route so as to ensure the smooth running of the procession.

 New Ottery Road will be closed at the intersection of Old Strandfontein Road for the duration of the procession.
 Ottery Road will be closed at the intersection of Rosmead Avenue for the duration of the procession.
 The left lane of Kromboom Parkway at the link onto Settlers' Way will be coned off during the procession.
 The left lane of Settlers' Way at the link onto Union Avenue Settlers' Way will be coned off during the procession.
 Riverstone Road will be closed at the intersection of Main Road for the duration of the procession.


The processions will be led by the host club, flying the IMOC flag, as well as the Toy Run™ and Italian flags. Motorcycle clubs
attending the Toy Run™ are encouraged to fly their flags and banners. The ride will not exceed 60km/h and overtaking is not
permitted. Members of the host club, wearing red "official" armbands and reflective vests, will function as marshals. The officers
of both traffic departments involved will show no leniency with any dangerous behaviour during the Toy Run™. With over
6,500 motorcyclists expected to participate in the 2006 Toy Run™, please observe the following safety precautions:

   All conditions, laws and requirements of the Road Traffic Act must be adhered to as normal.
   Only licensed riders on licensed roadworthy motorcycles may ride in the Toy Run™
   No quads, ATV's or off-road motorcycles are allowed.
   No riders under 16 years old are allowed.
   All riders and passengers to wear motorcycle crash helmets.
   Keep to the parade speed of 60km/h during the procession.
   Overtaking during the run is not permitted.


The Toy Run™ will end at Maynardville again, where there will be facilities such as a beer garden, food stalls, displays, accessory
and motorcycle stalls, entertainment, live music and space to just relax. This is an event designed to thank the motorcyclists for
DONTATING TOYS for our cause. Riding motorcycles inside Maynardville is NOT allowed.


Toy Run™ "Teddy Bear" bear badges, year plates and Toy Run™ t-shirts will be sold from the Priclo caravans and tents. Stalls
and stands all over the grassed area will show off the latest in bikes and accessories, bike-related jewellery and memorabilia.
In order to shorten the queues for refreshments, there will be a number of food stalls this year, offering a variety of snacks
including sausages, Chinese food, chicken, burgers and Cherokee Spur hamburgers & chips. Soft drinks will be available, while
beer and cider will be sold in the beer garden until 4.00pm.
Entertainer Kurt Schoenraad has confirmed his participation in this years Toy Run™ for which we thank him.
Throughout the afternoon there will be live music with exciting prizes and the prize-giving for the Concours on the stage to
keep you entertained. Spot prizes will also awarded for various categories – you don't have to win a concours class to walk
away with a prize.

Pick 'n Pay Hypermarket has once again generously arranged for thousands of handbills and posters to be printed for
distribution by motorcycle clubs, dealers, various shops and businesses catering to motorcyclists and interested individuals. If
you know anyone who rides a bike - make sure he gets a handbill. Handbills and posters are available from any member of the
Toy Run™ Committee. Information can also be found on our website or by emailing us

Concours trophies will be awarded in the following categories:
European               Donated by ℮urobike
Japanese Sport         Donated by Craig's Spares & Accessories
Custom                 Donated by Suzuki South
Classic                Donated by Mike Hopkins Motorcycles
If you would like to enter your motorcycle in the Concours, please collect an entry form from the T-Shirt tent next to the
Priclo badge caravan and fill it in before you bring your bike onto the site for display in the designated concours area. Judges
decision on the concours is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Motorcycle Clubs                       Motorcycle Stores & Related                    Food Vendors & Other
BMW Motorcycle Club                    Bright Glass                                   Al’s Schwarmas
Classic Motorcycle Club (Cape)         Craig's Spares & Accessories                   Beer Garden
Ducati Owners’ Club                    Ducati Cape Town                               Cherokee Spur
Italian Motorcycle Owners Club         ℮urobike Motorcycles                           Dairy Maid Ice Cream
Harley Davidson Motorcycle             Motorcycle World                               Red Lantern Chinese
Wing Riders                            Peninsula Beverages                            Wurst Wagon
Vespa Club of South Africa             Suzuki South                                   Disaster Management
Mike Hopkins Motorcycles               Cape Sidecar Adventures
Wing Riders                            Think Bike
Chrome Riders                          Ratwear
                                       Leather for Ever
                                       Classic Motorcycles (Store)
These are the stalls we anticipate… and many more…

With your help we'll be trying to contact all motorcyclists. All major and community newspapers will be supplied with
information and press kits like this one. Photo opportunities with a variety of spectacular motorcycles can be arranged at your
convenience, and we can supply follow-up copy closer to the date of the Toy Run™. Our sponsors are encouraged to feature
the Toy Run™ in their advertising during the period leading up to the event.

We ask members of the public wishing to participate not to attempt to intervene in the procession along the route as this poses
huge dangers to the riders; however, everybody is welcome to join us at the end venue at Maynardville, on the same basis as
the riders – bring toys! Your toys are both your entrance fee and your ticket to Maynardville.

Any further information regarding donations, assistance or participation in the Toy Run™ is obtainable from
the Toy Run™ Trustees

Chairman & Toy Distributor:              Rodney Ford                 021 703 8121 (all hours)
Vice Chairman:                           Trevor Mitchell             021 762 4687 (H)
Secretary:                               Ute Mariotti                0829051039
Trustee                                  Frank Rosen                 082 859 1600
Trustee                                  Dave Abrahams
Master of Ceremonies/PR:                 Mike Clark                  083 227 2676
Stalls:                                  Ian Tichart                 083 261 1477
Start Marshal (Ratanga):                 Maurice Mariotti            082 470 2696
PR / Regalia / Electronic Media          Glynis Coetzee              083 452 2916

Postal Address: PO Box 2568 Clareinch 7740
Legal Advisors: M.E.C. Attorneys - Auditors: M.D. Accountants & Auditors Inc

We would like to thank the following, without whose assistance the 2005 Toy Run™ would be possible:

                                              Bright Glass
                                               Cape Ads
                                               Cape Talk
                            Cape Sidecar Adventures (
                                             Cherokee Spur
                                    Craig's Spares and Accessories
                                         Disaster Management
                                           Ducati Cape Town
                                         ℮urobike Motorcycles
                                               Fence Mac
                                            Kimberley Clarke
                                      Mike Hopkins Motorcycles
                                           Peninsula Beverage
                         Pick 'n Pay Hypermarket & Ottery Shopping Centre
                                     Priclo Caravan & Trailer Hire
                                            Radio KFM 94.5
                                            Ratanga Junction
                                                S100 SA
                                        South African Breweries
                                          Spearhead Property
                                            Special Events cc
                                              Suzuki South
                              Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company
                                           Versapac Packaging
                                     VEO Gallery & FrameWorks
                          Volunteer Wildfire Services (
                                           Wasteman Group
                                                Zippo SA

                                    Blaauwberg Traffic Department
                                    Cape Town Traffic Department
                                        Cape Town Municipality
                                     SA Police Services (Wynberg)
                                     South African Police Services
                                 South Peninsula Traffic Department
                     SPA Electricity, Cleansing and Parks & Forests Departments

                                           Kurt Schoonraad

                        Members of the electronic, print and broadcast media
                         Other sponsors will be credited at the end venue.

             Plus all the motorcycle clubs, motorcycle dealers and individual motorcyclists
            (far too many to name!), who help with the distribution of posters and leaflets.
                                  BENIFICIERY LIST 2005/2006
   There are currently 122 recipient locations for toys collected at the Cape Town Toy Run

                       ACVV                                          Omega Family Fellowship
            Agape Family Ministries                               Opportunity to Serve Ministries
             Aids Resource Centre                                  Ottery Rd Methodist Society
               Ambulance Service                                         Outreach Ministries
  Association of the Physically Disabled WC                            Paarl Hospital Life Skills
                  Badiesa CMR                                          Paarl Hospital Pediatric
               Bilton Wine Estate                                         Phumlami Crèche
                     Bizwena                                      Physically Disabled (4 locations)
           Blue Downs Vroue Aksie                                   Pick ‘n Pay (Beautiful Gate)
                Bridges Educare                                              Place of Hope
         Cape Flats Joint Org Initiative                                Play-N-Learn Educare
                    Cape Talk                                            Pooksebos Athlone
    Cape Town Traffic Dept (Mr Michaels)                        Presbyterian Church Franschhoek
              Care-A-Lot Daycare                               Prochorus Community Development
            CCM Cape City Mission                                  Red Cross Social Work Dept
            Child Welfare Wynberg                                  Retreat Presbyterian Church
         Christelike Maatskaplike Raad                                 Salvation Army HIV Div
          Christine’s Children Home                           SAP Child Protection Unit (6 locations)
               Conradie Hospital                                SAP Wynberg Victims of Violence
            Diasville Baptist Church                             Simondium Primary Farm School
            Die Herberg Kinderhuis                                         Sir Lowry Village
          Diepriver Gospel Fellowship                            Solomons Haven (Soli Philander)
               Disneyland Educare                                       SOS Children’s Home
        Dominican School for the Deaf                                        Spinal Defects
           Drakenstein Central Paarl                                      Sponsors for Toys
             Eerste Rivier Hospital                                Spurwing Eersterivier School
      Elim Homes for Mentally Retarded                                     St Francis Home
             Emmanuel Fellowship                                           St Josephs Home
                 Eschole School                                   St Kiarans Presbyterian Church
                Fine Farms Trust                                       St Timothy’s Factreton
           Fish Hoek Welfare Assoc                               Stable Ministries (Gordon’s Bay)
                  Freedom Park                                              Star Foundation
    Future Youth (Steenberg Community)                            Stellenbosch Provincial Hospital
          Genadendal Streetkids Party                            Straatwerk Orange Street Parow
                 Go Team 2000                                              Sunshine Corner
           Grace Community Centre                                               The Ark
            Green Pastures Educare                               Three Cord Family Development
           Hanover Park Day Centre                                  Touch Community Services
              Happy Valley Homes                                         Tygerberg Hospital
HDI Support Group (Disaster Management- 4)                                    UN of Africa
           Herberg Childrens Home                                             Victory Skills
    Independent Educare Project KAFDA                              Vincent de Paul Bonteheuwel
         Institute for Social Concerns                             Vincent de Paul (10 locations)
             Jakkeland Pre-Primary                             Vineyard Revival Outreach Ministries
            Kapteins Klip Civic Ass                                       Waterford Estate
           Kalk Bay Toddlers Centre                                  Wesbank Residents Assoc
                  Kariba Court                                            Women on Farms
                  Kingdom Kids                                      Wynberg Methodist Church
              Khayamandi Homes                                 Young Christians Caring Community
              Khayelitsha Ministry
              Kibbutz El Shammah                  Assembly of God “Love in a Box” - Beautiful Gate / Individuals /
              Learn Along Educare                   Nomzamo Place of Safety / Outreach Ministries Diepriver /
            Lentegeur Civic Centre                Destitute / Sisters Incorporated / St Michaels Home / Tenterden
       Lighthouse Project Gordon’s Bay                             Place of Safety / Victoria Hospital
                   Little Angels
             Lotus River PreSchool              Cape Town City Mission - CJC Educare / Ethels Place / GC Williams
              Macassar Settlement                   Children’s Home / Good Hope Play Centre / Kids Shelter /
                 Masiphumelele                             Lukherijo Educare / Village Dropping Centre
Metropolitan Womans Network (Victory Skills)
               Minnies Aftercare                  Afrikaanse Christlike Vrouevereeneging - Bambie / Camps Bay /
                Moravian Church                   Landsbaai / Observatory / Oranjezicht / Pikkieland Crèche / Salt
            Mountain View Crèche                  River / Sea Point / Green Point / Tamboerskloof / Woodstock /
                Nazareth House                                             Zonnebloem
          Nelson Mandela Peace Park
             Nolukhanyiso Educare
         Nomzamu (Bezweni Church)
    Notim Music Tech for Underprivileged
           Oceanview Handicapped

Bethlehem :      Trudie Esterhuizen   0825500469
Bloemfontein :   Appletjie            0726781141
Cape Town:       Rodney Ford          0217038121
De Wildt:        Dirk du Plooy        0118391660
Durban:          Joe Boes             0832850815
East London:     Louis Myburgh        0826606260
George:          Eddie Creed          0828959796
JHB:             Peter Beart          0114251470
Keetmanshoop:    Katja Gloditsch      +264 811288592
Kimberley:       Andre                0825659795
Klerksdorp:      Spikes Lawrence      0824612507
Nelspruit:       Marieta D            0722035467
Phalaborwa:      Bob Mabena           0828033898
Pietermaritzb:   Mervin Koekemoer     0836269281
Plett:           Johnny v Rooyen      0722346924
PE:              Tony Halket          0825680682
Queenstown:      Mike vd Merwe        0825705283
Richards Bay:    Ian & Lisa Marsh     0832920274
VanderbijlP:     Adolf Kingenberg     0722714070
Vryheid:         Jannie Viljoen       0823616260
Walvis Bay:      Jaco Oberholzer      +264 206312
Windhoek:        Marianne Paetzold    +264 811288982

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