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									   Draft Minutes of the Kirkmahoe Community Council of the 21st March,
                         2012 in Kirkton Village Hall
Present – KCC Members - Jean Muir, Neil Munro, Hugh Johnstone, Fiona Meikle-Latta, Derek Ivy

Non-KCC Members – Claire Corlett, John Charteris, Trevor Hayward, PC Graham, Jeff Leaver, Ted
Thompson, Gordon Bissett, Margaret Wilson

1 – Apologies – Peter Landale, John Young

2 – Minutes of the last meeting on 15th February, 2012

2.1 – Amendment to Non-KCC Members - Jim Little should read Ian Little and point 4.4 - Brian Little
should read Ian Little.

2.2 – Approved the minutes of 21st February, 2012 moved by JM and seconded by HJ.

3 – Matters arising from the minutes

3.1 – Re 4.1 JY has had a meeting with David Gurney of the Civil Protection Team about a chart re

3.2 – War Memorial – (GB) Tenders submitted. DG First put tenders out on behalf of the War
Memorial Trust.

4 – Moffat Initiative - Windfarm Community Development

4.1 – NM attended a meeting on the 7th February in respect of the Harestanes Community Benefit
proposal, hosted by the Moffat Initiative. The minutes were circulated to all community council
members. Scottish Power Renewable is putting up 72 wind turbines in the first phase. Thirty-nine
community councils are affected. D & G Council put together their own proposal, which was not
binding, for the community benefits strategy. A substantial sum of money is available for which it is
proposed that communities should bid as members of a trust or similar organisation representing the
communities. Those interested in participating are required to register their interest by 1st April.

A discussion took place which covered a number of aspects including the definition of how it is going
to operate. This needs clarification including, but not limited to, fairness of distributing funds,
principles by which the venture will be operated, the expectations from the scheme and associated
issues. KCC agreed to take part, (with NM as the community representative), our participation must
have clear terms of reference and, to this end, NM to gather a list of clear drivers that we believe
need to govern this initiative.

4.2 – Jeff Leaver is to contact Helen Frederickson/Stephen Lindsay of D & G Council. NM to speak to
Helen Frederickson to find out what model is being used for Harestanes.

4.3 – JY has suggested that, say £2000 - £3000 should be given to each community and, thereafter,
they should bid for more finance for their specific projects. Any contributions to the administration
should come from The Benefit Fund. Representation on the board should be based on one
member/community with each allocated one vote. The guiding principle should be to seek the funds
necessary for any particular project. NM to return participation tear-off slip together with a cheque for

5 – Kirkton Enhancements (NM)

5.1 – Bulbs and plants have been put in the planters, thanks to The Gardening Team for their efforts,
DI for the barrels and compost, HJ and Peter McMillan for helping to complete their various parts of
the programme.

5.2 – In order to fund miscellaneous improvements on the Green, it was considered prudent to agree
a sum of money and £100 was approved by the Committee. Once this has been expended,
application for further money could be agreed.
5.3 – Following the agreement at the last meeting, NM carried out a survey of all properties bordering
the Green, in order to seek their views on installing an edging at the rear of the area where the pump
and bench are situated. There was unanimous approval by those surveyed of this proposal.(The initial
proposal is to do a trial edge of sandstone of part of the Pump Green with a low kerb).

5.4 – GB drew to the meeting’s attention his emails of two years ago re turfing eroded areas of the
Green and protection of the repairs by placing tubs or similar items to prevent vehicles disturbing the
new grass.

5.5 – The continued restoration of the phone box should be completed in the next month or so.

5.6 – The survey of the residents of Duncow Court was completed by NM and their desire to replace
the current bushes with gravel or grass has been discussed with DGHP. They have agreed to carry
out this work once the preference for the resurfacing has been confirmed. NM to conclude this matter
together with a request for no parking signs and permission to site a community notice board.

5.7 – Connie Davidson asked NM for sandstone edging which she and her team propose to put round
the memorial tree on the Green. This was agreed once we take delivery of the sandstone from
Locharbriggs quarry for the Green edging.

6 – Police Report

6.1 – PC Graham reported that there had not been any significant crime in the area although a
number of minor incidents had been reported. He emphasised again that thefts of diesel, machinery,
scrap metal and quad bikes are still occurring as are incidents of drug cultivation in disused and
remote buildings.

7 – Treasurer’s Report

7.1 – The total cost of the Senior Citizens’ Social Evening was £307. The grant from the council was
£250, so the KCC contributed £57 cash plus the considerable volunteer efforts of the host and
entertainers. Separately, donations of raffle prizes gained the future Events Fund £82. [Treasurer's
Note: the figures for the Senior Citizens' Social Evening were under-stated by £5, so the cost was
£312 and the KCC contribution was £63; this was the result of a late invoice]

7.2 – Overall Financial Position – there has been hardly any change since the last Meeting. We still
have some £3,000 in all the Funds together as we approach our financial year end. It is hoped to
provide the Draft Accounts as at 31st March shortly after the end of the month, when the Bank
Statement is received.

7.3 – Future Insurance – there has been no further information about the arrangements D & G
Council are making for Insurance after April. Accordingly, we shall need to use Giles Insurance for the
Spring Clean event. It is hoped to have all the details after the Events Committee Meeting and shall
then request a quotation.

7.4 – D & G Grant Applications for 2012/2013 – nothing further has been received form the Council;
we applied for the Jubilee Event 2012 and the Senior Citizens’ Event 2013.

7.5 – Data Registration with the Information Commissioner’s Office - when the renewal was received,
a letter was written to explain that D & G Council would be paying the fee for this year. We then
received a “Notification of Removal from Register”. This will be queried, but it is not clear what data
we do hold that is not already on the public record.

7.6 – Windfarm Grant Monies – we need to agree, in May, under which headings we should apply for
this year’s grant. As everyone will be aware, we get an annual administrative grant from the D & G
Council; last time it was £585. Despite KCC members and volunteers, covering their own expenses,
basic annual running costs exceed this amount. We collect no subscriptions, so have no other income
to the General Fund. It is recommended that the cost of “The Grapevine” is one of the items (2 x £350
= £700). Then we are spending some £300 per year on minor Kirkton Village Improvements
(Christmas lights, flower bulbs, etc), so it is recommended that this figure should also be included as it
represents very good value for money. The annual grant amounts to about £1,600 so this leaves
£600. It is possible to include ‘retrospective’ items, so another good candidate would be the £300
spent on the kissing-gate by the war memorial - a greatly improved area of Kirkmahoe. Any other
suggestions should be put forward soon, but they must broadly benefit the whole community.

8 – Councillors’ Report

8.1 – Jeff Leaver reported that the Council is now involved in post-budget phase.

8.2 – Two hundred and fifty apprenticeships for 16 - 19 year olds are being created over the coming
years. The apprentices are expected to work for the Council or associated services.

8.3 – Money for social events is not going to be cut.

8.4 – Debenhams is moving into the premises previously occupied by TJ Hughes.

8.5 – (JC) Repairs have been made to the flood banks at Dalscone, as well as the Dalscone
Treatment Works and Kirkton Treatment Works. Scottish Water maintains there are not problems with
the Kirkton Treatment Works. NM to write to SEPA to request a proper inspection of the plant.

9 – Planning Matters

9.1 – Force 9 are now applying for planning permission for the installation of an anemometer on the
development which has been renamed Blackwood/Nithsdale. There is also to be a new mast at High
Townhead, Auldgirth. This application for the mast has been lodged two weeks after the submission
for 5 turbines. Since permission has already been granted for the existing anemometer, why are
Force 9 making application for this unit? Do we want to object – discussion on the matter centred
around windfarm proliferation in our the area also the disruption, wear and tear caused by
construction lorries that may use the local road road system. There is also the question of the routing
and design of the associated power transmission proposal. (In respect of reviewing planning
applications, it is now possible to sign up in order to receive details electronically.)

A letter has been received in respect of D & G C interim planning policy for windfarms. JM read out
the letter to the meeting. Do KCC want to nominate representative/s to attend this meeting ? JM to
write to D & G C in response.

10 – Events

10.1 – Events meeting 22nd March 2012 at 7.30 pm in Kirkton Hall.

10.2 – NM is to obtain quotes for work to make new barbecue pits (to replace the existing half 45
gallon drum barbecue pits which are worn out).

11– Correspondence

11.1 – West Lowland Army Cadet Force. KCC invited to an open evening Wed 28 March 2012 in the
Nunfield House at 7.00pm. JY to attend.

11.2 – Association of Scottish Community Councils - Conference - Wed 18 April 2012 - Dunblane
Hydro -Subject - Learning from the Past and Preparing for the Future. No details of fees included.

11.3 – The Independent Living Support Agency is launching the Empowering People Plus Project
from 12.00 - 2.00pm on 4 April 2012 in St George's Hall Dumfries. This organisation offers energy
efficiency advice, organises home visits to assist with reducing energy consumption and can also
offer small grant emergency funding if needed.

11.4 – Potential Noise Pollution - neglect of land owned by Hoddom.

11.5 – Dumfries and Galloway Safety Partnership has launched its Plan for 2011 - 2014, which is
available on line at No further action needed.

12 – Any other business

12.1 – Bingo 13th April in Kirkton Hall organised by The Village Hall Committee
12.2 – The Grapevine is expected to be ready for distribution week commencing 2nd April 2012.

13 – Date of Next Meeting The next meeting will be on Wednesday, 18th April, 2012 in Dalswinton
Village Hall at 7.30 pm.

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