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Title: Flirt Skirts

Subtitle: 21 Flattering Skirts to Sew

Author: Seryn Potter and Patti Gilstrap (founders of Flirt, Brooklyn)

Proposed Specifications

        Trim size: 7-7/8 x 10”
        Extent: 128 pages
        Format: 4/C hardcover with jacket OR paperback with flaps
        Delivery: Finished books, FOB Hong Kong


Designed to offer women creative, individual, unpredictable choices in fashion, the original Flirt boutique opened in
Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens neighborhood in 2000; a second location followed in Park Slope in 2004, and the Home
Ec Sewing Studio in 2007. Now the creative team behind Flirt, Seryn Potter and Patti Gilstrap, are bringing their
fashion-should-be-fun-and-flattering philosophy to a wider market with Flirt Skirts. Inspired by Flirt’s immensely
popular design-your-own-skirt program, this fully illustrated book offers a collection of 21 fun, flattering skirts to sew,
modeled by Flirt’s own customers. Years of designing for their clientele have shown Patti and Seryn that three basic
skirt patterns are all you need to begin creating a wardrobe of uniquely appealing styles—adding details to each skirt
to make it special. In this book, they begin by walking readers through the basics of sewing the three skirt models: A-
line, pencil, and full—with clear instructions on how to customize your skirt pattern to your size and shape to ensure
a flattering fit. Next are 21 fabulous projects, each inspired by a typical Flirt customer: The Librarian is an A-line that
gets a flirty double ruffle; The Full-Time Mom is an easy-moving A-line with multiple panels; The Freelance Writer is
an on-the-go knit pencil skirt; and The Executive is a high-powered double-slit pencil. Every skirt in this indispensable
book is utterly sewable and totally wearable—there is something to suit every figure, lifestyle, and level of sewing
skill—readers will want to make them all!

Sales and Marketing Notes

       Sewing’s popularity continues to grow: in 2006, The Home Sewing Association estimated that there are
        about 35 million sewing hobbyists in the U.S. alone, up from roughly 30 million in 2000, and annual sales of
        Singer machines have doubled, to 3 million, since 1999.
       Chains such as JoAnn’s and Michael’s report substantially increased sales of sewing-related products;
        recessions typically prove to increase sewing’s popularity as people strive to save.
       Time Magazine notes that new sewing studios and “chic urban sewing lounges”—including Flirt’s own Home
        Ec Studio in Park Slope—are drawing 20-something customers in major markets across the continent.

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       Market includes youthful DIY-ers, who are eager to adopt the made-it-myself ethic, as well as fashion-
        conscious readers who are inspired to make unique, statement skirts.
       Skirts are easy to make, but the embellishments can be as challenging as the reader wants, so the book
        appeals to both new and experienced sew-ers.
       Authors have a retail store and a sewing studio that offers frequent classes; their website is already a
        destination and sells direct to consumers; they are good self-promoters who have proven their ability to get
        national press.

About the Authors

Patti Gilstrap and Seryn Potter are the team behind Flirt Brooklyn, fashion-forward boutiques that feature emerging
designers, and Home Ec, a workshop space where fashion and creativity meet in hands-on, project-focused classes
teaching sewing, knitting, and more. Before Flirt, Patti received a degree in dance, performed as a dancer, and was a
wardrobe mistress and costume designer for dance companies, including the Alvin Ailey Repertory Ensemble. Today,
when she is not at Flirt, she designs custom skirts and wedding dresses, and teaches at Home Ec. Seryn came to New
York after getting an English degree to sing and play guitar; she opened an English tea room and realized that running
a business was her vocation. She and her sister, Heather, a clothing designer, opened the first Flirt location in the
summer of 2000.

              55 Washington Street, Suite 804 · Brooklyn, NY 11201 · 718/230-4565 (T) · 718/230-4530 (F)
                                       QUIRK PACKAGING, INC.

Table of Contents
The Basics
    1. Bare Necessities: Your Sewing Basket
    2. Measure for Measure: Customizing Your Pattern
        a. The A Line Skirt
        b. The Pencil Skirt
        c. The Flared Skirt
    3. A Stitch In Time: Sewing Your Basic Skirt

The Variations
      A-line Skirts
      1. The Illustrator: Optimistic Chicken Image Transfer
          Learn how to personalize almost any project using your sewing machine to transfer simple images to
          fabric! In this project we’ll make a cherry-red denim skirt with a yellow topstitched chick outline--perfect
          for those days when you need a little extra encouragement.

        2. The Librarian: Contrast Double Ruffle
           Not your prim shusher—this lady has some sass! A gray pinstriped A-line is given a little oomph with a
           contrast purple floral guaranteed to draw the eye without compromising your, ahem, modesty, as you
           reach to put those books on the highest of shelves.

        3. The Superhero (AKA The Mom): Multi Panel for a Multi-tasker
           Things you mustn’t worry about before leaving the house: what to wear with your skirt and can you see
           the coffee that splashed on your lap as you were going out the door? Don’t worry; we’ve got you
           covered! In this project we’ll explore the fun of mixing fabrics. By combining the same print in two
           color-ways, you get contrast and continuity. A colorful, lively cotton disguises spills, is comfortable,
           works with almost any color t-shirt, and, most importantly, can go right in the washing machine!

        4. The Barista: Not Your Average Jean Skirt
           You have to roll out of bed earlier than the rest of the world to make sure we’re all caffeinated, but who
           is watching out for you? This simple skirt is the perfect everyday piece for anyone who works with
           spillables or tools—it’s an A-line denim miniskirt, adorable on its own but coupled with a reversible,
           removable apron, it’s uniquely practical.

        5. The Doula: She’s Got It Covered Full-Length Skirt
           She has to be ready at a moment’s notice and can’t let things like wrinkles slow her down! Made of
           lightweight cotton gauze in sunset oranges and yellows, this double-layer wrap skirt has an ethereal

              55 Washington Street, Suite 804 · Brooklyn, NY 11201 · 718/230-4565 (T) · 718/230-4530 (F)
                                 QUIRK PACKAGING, INC.

    feeling yet is a practical choice whether you are bringing new babies into the world or working on a less
    messy project!

6. The Entrepreneur: Trash-To-Treasure Recycled Muumuu
   You see the potential in things others might just toss aside. True, those 1970s caftans and muumuu are
   difficult to pull off, but the fabric is vibrant and beautiful and there is usually a lot of it! How about a
   modern maxi A-line? You’ll be on the cutting edge!

7. The Textile Designer: Let’s take the whole ‘make your own skirt’ thing to another level, shall we? How
   about ‘make your own fabric THEN make your own skirt?’ Hmmmm? We’ll show you how to take a
   solid cotton twill and, using simple block printing techniques, design your own fabric and use that fabric
   to sew your own skirt. Impressive!!!

Pencil Skirts

8. The Environmentalist: Waste-Not, Want-Not Recycled Button-Down
   We’ve all seen those 1970s button-down polyester shirts in the thrift store with their crazy Op Art
   prints in wild technicolor! What in the world do you do with them? The huge collars and synthetic
   fabric make them uncomfortable to wear and, unless you’re careful, you can look, well, silly trying to pull
   it off as a shirt. But it is fabric, after all, so why not reuse it? This pencil skirt is a perfect use for those
   stretchy hard-to-wear pieces. You can even turn the sleeves into suspenders.

9. The Scenic Painter: Stencil Pencil
   Imagine a sunset scene just before the credits roll. This mustard yellow stretch pique is the perfect
   backdrop for the silhouette of a sleepy weeping willow. Don’t worry, you won’t have to freehand it,
   we’ll show you how to make a foolproof stencil!

10. The Architect: Reverse-Appliquéd Acorn
    A stone-gray stretch corduroy pencil skirt is softened by the reverse appliqué of a stained-glass style
    window using a variety of colors of lace.

11. The Editor: High-Waisted Pencil Skirt
    This high-waisted pencil skirt in bold wool plaid needs no corrections! Fully lined with a back slit and a
    cool 3-button closure on the side—the rest of the outfit will practically write itself.

12. The Professor: Inset Circle Pencil
    This below-the-knee pencil skirt is sophisticated and a little wild! The main body is cut from a bold and
    textured bark cloth and is contrasted with a black-and-white circle inset from the bottom hem. A
    striped circular pocket balances it on the other side.

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13. The Stylist: Double-Layer Pencil with Pocket Panels
    This long, form-fitting pencil skirt has buttons running down the side and a back zipper so you can wear it
    fitted to below-the-knee or unbutton a few buttons for a more casual look. The removable pocket belt
    gives you a place to stash your cell in the event there is a fashion emergency!

14. The School Principal: Pencil and Pleats
    A sensible, chocolate-brown pencil skirt has a little fun with two reverse beige-and-white striped pleats
    peeking out of the back hem. Fully lined and hits below the knee.

Flared Skirts

15. The Freelance Writer (Little Red Writing Hood): Flare with Extendable Waistband
    A knit, flared skirt in a vibrant red, featuring an extended waistband that you can wear up or down. Fold
    the waistband up and, even with a simple t-shirt, you’re quite fashionable. Fold the waistband down and,
    well, you’re extremely comfortable for those long hours at your laptop.

16. The Dog Walker: The Flare in Fleece
    This is one cozy little skirt! A fleece flare skirt is cute and warm--and when you add on this super utility
    belt, you won’t need to carry anything else. The belt has a sturdy ring from which to hang all your keys, a
    zippered pocket for treats and, best of all, a plastic bag dispenser so you never have to leave the scene of
    the crime with your tail between your legs.

17. The Event Planner: Steal-the-Show Flare
    You’ll steal your own show in this high-waisted, iridescent purple taffeta number. With a contrast silk
    floral waistband, inset pockets, and a giant bow, you’ll be the main event.

18. The Interior Decorator: Sculpted Hem and Painted Trim
    It’s all in the details, and this skirt has so many of them. From the sculptured, curved waistband to the
    corseted back all the way down to the scalloped trim peeking out from the bottom hem, this skirt is a

19. The Chocolatier: Cookies-and-Cream Petticoat
    Like a chocolate-covered marshmallow, this double-layer flared skirt hits the sweet spot. Crisp white
    eyelet bubbles out from beneath a brown polka-dot overlay.

20. The Trend Forecaster: Long Flare with Inset Trim
    Always one step ahead, this little number turns basic black-and-white into not-so-basic white-and-black.
    A full skirt made from off-white silk dupioni has black scalloped lace peeking out of every seam—literally.

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       21. The Choreographer: Wrap It Up
           A fabulous layering piece, this skirt is inspired by Patti’s many years of dance classes. A play on our most
           popular flared skirt, this 3-panel wrap skirt mixes bright and bold sheer fabrics to create a floaty little
           number worthy of high kicks—or brunch—or both if you can manage it.

     Troubleshooting Your Basic Skirt Fit
     Fabric and Notion Resources
     Outtakes (Skirt Blooper Photos) Even professionals make some whopping mistakes!!

             55 Washington Street, Suite 804 · Brooklyn, NY 11201 · 718/230-4565 (T) · 718/230-4530 (F)

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