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									May 19th, 2012                                                                                                                                            Published by: mervszine

MLM Prospecting
Systems: Proven
Strategies that Work
                                                                                           Even though you’ll only make for example $1000 a month in commissions from your own
                                                                                           sales, if you have a huge downline your earnings can be significantly larger, and these extra
   In order to build a rewarding and profitable network                                    earnings are passive.
   marketing business you are going to concentrate on
                                                                                           It’s a reasonably simple idea, the more folk you have in your downline, the more money you
   finding out which MLM Prospecting Systems work well                                     can make. The cool thing about this type of network marketing is that you are leveraging other
   for you. Here are 1 or 2 ideas that are very well worth                                 folk’s time and effort which benefits you financially. If you build a huge team you can then
   trying.                                                                                 spend your time more wisely by sponsoring and recruiting folks rather than selling product.
                                                                                           Having an MLM Prospecting System in place will help you achieve this more quickly.

                                                                                                                  So what do MLM
MLM Prospecting Systems:                                                                                      Prospecting Systems do?
Proven Strategies that Work                                                                If you are serious about building a lucrative network marketing business that may continue
                                                                                           to pay you dividends independent of your activities, you should come to grips with the reality
By Merv Stevens on May 19th, 2012
                                                                                           that you should be spending at least eighty percent of the time you have available to build
                                                                                           your business by basically sponsoring and recruiting.

                                                                                           This is because the big money will come from the leveraged efforts of everybody on your
                                                                                           team who are also battling to grow a business.

                                                                                           OK, so what are these prospecting systems precisely? Well, they are the methods utilized in
                                                                                           reaching out and connecting with others who show an interest in getting additional information
                                                                                           about your opportunity, presenting the opportunity to them, and simply following up with a
                                                                                           call afterwards.

In order to build a rewarding and profitable network marketing business you are going to
concentrate on finding out which MLM Prospecting Systems work well for you. Here are 1
or 2 ideas that are very well worth trying.

     MLM Prospecting Systems: Why it’s Crucial to Build Them
                                                                                           Are they interested in your business and will it be a good fit for them? The answer will be yes
Network marketing or MLM not only pays you for the products you can sell, but you also     or no. And that’s the whole recruiting system, very simply.
make a percentage from sales that your downline team makes, unlike affiliate marketing
                                                                                           Understand that building up a successful MLM business is done by using the strategies that
where you only make money on your own sales which then limits your commissions.
                                                                                           work for you.
With MLM you not only do you receive payment for the sales you make personally, but you
                                                                                           Some successful promoters have managed to achieve enormous incomes by reaching out
also earn a commission for each sale a team member makes and so increasing the potential
                                                                                           and promoting their opportunity to buddies, comrades, and family. Other successful network
for commissions you can make.
                                                                                           promoters will also hire meeting facilities and promote their opportunities to loads of folk at

May 19th, 2012                                                                                   Published by: mervszine

Some have the capital to speculate in purchasing highly qualified leads but also takes some
time to confirm the interest of those leads over the phone themselves.

Some people promote through paid offline advertising. Others have found success by online

The only successful prospecting system, if you think about it, is the one that works best for
you. If you can diversify and use a mix of different methods then that may guarantee your

Do you have a massive circle of influence? Are you comfortable speaking in front of a group?
If not, hosting meetings and giving a show from the stage will not work for you.

Do you like picking up the phone and chatting to folks who have expressed an interest in
beginning their own network marketing business? You may enjoy going through leads and
chatting on the telephone, you can even be one of the rare people who really enjoys cold
calling! If you hate doing this, like the majority, then you will quickly stop prospecting and
hiring and quit, so do not do it.

   MLM Prospecting Systems: Online Strategies
Perhaps you’d be most comfortable by letting an internet site do all the primary heavy lifting
for you. There are online MLM Prospecting Systems that can be used to generate a powerful
stream of leads, qualify those leads immediately, and produce a pleasant stream of revenue.
Having these systems in place can help you in building a successful network marketing

One of most effective of these online systems, that expands your business, literally on auto-
pilot, and where you can still make money from leads, even if they do not join your network
marketing business, can be found by CLICKING RIGHT HERE!

Merv Stevens works in internet and network marketing and is based in London, England.
 He is of the opinion that marketing online provides the potential for people to create a
substantial income and a life filled with freedom and flexibility and believes if you provide
quality products and services with integrity and ethically then you will achieve success in
your business and all areas of life. It’s these values and practices that he brings to his
internet marketing business. To learn more about what Merv Stevens has to offer visit his


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