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									    Successful Recruitment and

How to Snag (and keep) the Elusive
         New Graduate
       Richard Cashin BSP, Charity Evans BSP, Jade Rosin BSP
                RBSP Annual Conference March 2004
                What are New
              Grads Looking For?
   Graduate with ideals of how pharmacy practice should be
   they expect:
     – ample patient care opportunities
     – pharmacy to play a role in primary health care
     – to adopt clinical, rather than technical roles
     – freedom to develop their own practice style
        • Ability to affect change
    – leadership and mentorship from employer/fellow
    – competitive salary/benefits
What Should You Be “Selling?”

   Ample patient care opportunities
   Favourable working conditions and
   Supportive work environment
   Research opportunities
   Support for continuing education
   Who is your Competition?
 Market competition encourages
  pharmacies to compete on wage, not
  practice opportunities.
 Determine what sets your pharmacy apart
  and make this evident
 Workplace issues (salary, compensation,
  people, practice opportunities)
 Lifestyle issues (hours of work, vacation
  time, etc.)
     Need to Promote Yourself
 Plenty of exposure to chains, health
  authorities, but rarely see independent
  pharmacies, especially ones in rural areas
 Be excited about your position
 Take advantage of networking opportunities
   SPEP, involvement in Pharmacy
 If you were a new grad, would you work for
  your pharmacy?
Job Description

• Accurate Description
  • Advertisements should reflect the real job
  • Be truthful about the opportunity for clinical time
• Encompassing
  • Make sure that all job details are there
  • Also serves as a way to measure job description
• Result
  • Not wasting everyone’s time. Only potential candidates
    will interview.
  Promotional and Interviewing
• Who’s the pitch coming from?
  • Marketing and HR people are important… but
    Pharmacists want to know the real story
  • ? Addition of technicians to the interview team
  • Stay strong… yes there is a demand but ensure
    that you get the type of Pharmacist that you
     • Money doesn’t always buy you the best Pharmacist
            Money is only part of the equation!

 Don’t use money as a way to entice pharmacists—use your
 Rural obviously can’t afford the types of salaries and
  financial bonuses of a large chain
 Need to balance a fair wage with other non-financial benefits
 Remember that job satisfaction far outweighs any financial

“If you take a job for the money, that better be all you
expect out of it.”

 Cheaper than recruitment
 This is where workplace
 satisfaction is paramount
 ASK what’s important
        What Keeps a Pharmacist?
•   Job satisfaction
         Support and recognition for their role within the
          organization—do they feel they are making a difference,
          and that this effort is valued? Ability to make change
         Practice opportunities—are they practicing pharmacy the
          way they want
         Continual learning and challenges—Are you providing
          opportunities for continuing education? What references
          do you have?
         Relationships with co-workers and patients—do they
          enjoy going to work each day
      What Keeps a Pharmacist?

•   Lifestyle satisfaction

        Community involvement
        Recreation/entertainment opportunities
        Family compatible?
Take home message….

•   Recognize and promote your organization’s
•   Look for opportunities
•   Embrace change

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