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          Brass Instruments
• Brass instruments make up the brass
  family of orchestral instruments.
• Brass instruments are sometimes made of
  brass, but also other metal.
• These instruments all have three major
  sections: a mouthpiece, a length of tubing,
  and a bell.
• You usually think of them as a “fanfare”
         Brass Instruments
• In their present form, brass instruments
  have been around for about 1000 years,
  although there is evidence that similar
  instruments have been around since the
  beginning of time.
• These early “brass-style” instruments
  included conch shells, animal horns and
  hollow sticks.
                     A conch shell
                     A sea shell used as
                          a trumpet

   A shofar
An ancient trumpet                     An Alphorn
 made from rams
      horn                               A horn that is
                                      made of wood and
                                      is in many section
                                      – still used today!
         Brass Instruments
• Since their were no microphones in
  churches 1000 years ago, brass
  instruments were used instead of singers
  so that everyone could hear.
• Those songs sounded like this.
         Brass Instruments
• There are four major members of the
  brass family: the Trumpet, the French
  Horn, the Trombone, and the Tuba.
• Each of these instruments has its own
  distinct look and sound.
             The Trumpet
• Smallest and highest of the brasses, it
  usually plays the melody or soprano part.
• The trumpet is sometimes made of brass,
  but usually it’s made of silver.
• It has three valves.
          A Special
          used by

                      A Sliver
A Brass
          The French Horn
• The second smallest of the brass family, it
  usually plays the middle harmony or alto
• The French horn is usually made of brass,
  but some are silver and some are made of
• It has three valves and is played with the
  right hand in the bell.
• The French horn is the only “left-handed”
            The French Horn
              is played with
             your right hand
                 in the bell

A “Brass”                      A “Silver”
 French                         French
  Horn                           Horn
               The Trombone
• The oldest member of the brass family, it usually plays
  the middle harmony or tenor part.
• The Trombone horn is almost always made of brass, but
  some are silver and some are made of mixture of brass
  and copper (rose brass).
• The Trombone is the only instrument in the world that
  uses a slide rather than keys, valves, or strings. (Some
  trombones have a single valve that allows them to play
  lower notes)
• The Trombone is was originally called the Sackbut.
• The trombone is also the instrument you hear making
  the “sliding” noise in Jazz and Dixie Land bands
A Trombone     Two Original
with a valve    Sackbuts

                The Tuba
• The largest of the brasses, it usually plays
  the low harmony or bass part.
• The Tuba is made of brass or silver.
• It has three or four valves.
• Some special marching band tubas, called
  Sousaphones, are made out of a very
  thick plastic.
A “Silver”                  A “Brass”
  Tuba                        Tuba

             A fiberglass

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