Henry VIII

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					                            Henry VIII
       The path to the Tudor throne – Henry VII
          August 1485 Henry Tudor leads his Lancastrian forces against Richard of
           York (Richard III)
          Henry defeated Richard under suspicious circumstances at the Battle of
           Bosworth Field
          Henry’s victory ends the War of the Roses
          Henry’s claim to the throne is Tenuous
          He has weak ties to Edward III
          He marries Richards Sister (King Edward IV’s daughter) Elizabeth of York
           in 1486
          1499 Henry defeats the Duke of York to unite the
            Kingdom and consolidate the throne

                    Tudor Rose                                     Henry VII
   Henry VII and Elizabeth had 7 children
   Arthur is the first (b. 1486)
   Henry VIII (b. 1491) and is the third child – second boy
   Arthur is betrothed to Catherine of Aragon – Daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella and
    Aunt of Emperor Charles V
   Arthur dies of an epidemic in 1502, Elizabeth dies shortly after
   Henry VII is devastated at the loss of the potential allegiance of Spain and the Holy
    Roman Empire
   Henry VII then designs to get Catherine and Arthur’s marriage annulled
   When the Popes gives special annulment – Henry then arranges an marriage
    between Catherine and Henry VIII
   Henry VII dies in 1509 and Henry VIII ascends to the throne
   Henry VIII is a devout Catholic Scholar who befriends and takes as Chief ministers
    men of such note as Cardinal Wolsey and Thomas More
   Henry VIII has it all and even turns down offer to become Holy Roman Emperor
   Catherine bears a Daughter Mary in 1516
   Then it all comes apart
   By 1530 Henry is directly opposed to Luther
   His question of faith is about to rise
                      Catherine of
Henry VIII              Aragon

             Anne Boleyn
   Henry saw Catherine’s inability to produce a male heir as
    a curse for marrying her brothers widow
   By 1527 Henry is enamored with Anne Boleyn
   At the same time Charles V sacks Rome in a war with
    France in 1527
   Charles takes Pope Clement VII (Giulio di Guiliano de’
    Medici) captive
   Henry demands a divorce
   Charles will not allow Clement to grant one
   In 1529 Henry calls the “Reformation Parliament” to
   Cardinal Wolsey is put in charge of the divorce and
   By 1531 Henry is recognized as the leader of the Church
    in England
   By 1533 Henry had his marriage annulled even though
    he had already wed Anne Boleyn
   Anne Boleyn bear only one child – Elizabeth in 1533
   Act of Supremacy is passed in 1534 making Henry Head of the new
    Church of England
   Thomas More does not recognize the act and is executed
   By 1536 Henry has tired of Boleyn and her adulteress ways
   She is executed and followed by Jane Seymour who gives Henry his
    only boy – Edward VI
   Henry insists Seymour is his only true wife
   She dies of food poisoning in October 1537
   Henry Grieves for two years
   He Marries Anne of Cleves for political reasons that fail – he has
    chief minister Cromwell executed for the failure
   He has 5th wife, Catherine Howard, beheaded for adultery
   6th wife Catherine Parr would outlive Henry who died in 1547
   Henry had previously eliminated Mary and Elizabeth from the line of
    succession to make way for Edward
Jane Seymour and Edward VI

      K.O.E. – 1547 – 1553
       English Protestant
   Edwards death brought              Mary Tudor
    Mary Tudor to the throne       Q.O.E. – 1553 – 1558
   Mary, allied with Charles V,    “BLOODY MARY”
    violently imposed Catholic
   Committed to reuniting
    England with Rome
   Married Spanish Prince
    Phillip II
   Thomas Wyatt, convinced
    Elizabeth should be queen,
    attacked London and was
   Mary had Elizabeth
   Dies November 1558
Last of the Tudors

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