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					      MnDOT - FHWA Review                                                                                2011

Scenario #:        A: TH Const                                       Document Status: Draft 9/7/11
Federal Project:   TH99 000

Requirement ID:            #33, #39, #41 - Federal-aid project ability to process and bill construction
                           contracts (including interface of data between contract bid/letting and progress
                           payment systems) – Slide 38, Bullet 114

                           Federal-aid project modification ability: increase/decrease federal aid funds,
                           add activity(s) – Bullet 103

                           #33 - The ability to properly bill FHWA, including: A) Costs attributable to each
                           activity and B) Costs attributable to each program code – Slide 49

                           #33, #39, #62 - Federal-aid project handling of advanced construction (set-up,
                           eligibility date, accrual of eligible accounts receivable, conversion, and billing)
                           – Slide 33, Bullet 109

                           Ability of system to maintain integrity of transaction data while in unbilled
                           status, either due to advanced construction usage… - Slide 34, Bullet 108

                           #29, #37, #50 - Federal-aid project ability to process and bill time and labor
                           (both maintenance and non-maintenance labor hours), including burden rate
                           development and application, also to specific activities (PE, CE, etc.) – Slide 35,
                           Bullet 110

                           Federal-aid ability to process and bill purchase orders and … - Slide 36, Bullet

                           #38 - Federal-aid project ability to process and bill equipment use and time,
                           including equipment use rate development and application – Slide 39, Bullet

                           #30, #39, #53 - Ability to classify project expenditures on Federal-aid projects as
                           participating and non-participating costs and prevention of billing non-
                           participating costs to federal-aid funds – Slide 32, Bullet 107

                           #39 - Federal-aid project ability to process and bill materials testing costs,
                           generally via materials testing rate application – as applicable – Slide 41, Bullet

                           #44 - Federal-aid project ability to process and bill use of materials/inventory
                           (cattle guard, culvert, fence, guardrail, etc.), including utilization of applicable
                           rate application (usually FIFO or average costing) – Slide 40, Bullet 116

                           Federal-aid project ability to process a credit billing transaction – Slide 43,
                           Bullet 119

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      MnDOT - FHWA Review                                                                          2011

Test Case Description:    Setup a TH construction federal project, including four federal program codes, 2
                          interchangeable NHS codes one with AC balance, as well as TEA and BR funds.
                          Create test contract in TRNS*PORT, and interface supplier contract in SWIFT.
                          Setup the project numbers to be used for the contract and construction
                          engineering and the purchase order against the construction contract. Process
                          an original mod after the letting, net decrease on mod. Demonstrate how all
                          fund sources are accounted for (have State funds and local funds on project).
                          Process payment against construction purchase order, including payment
                          against AC balance to create ODL. Make payment to non-par group. Process
                          par and non-par labor against project. Process equipment usage against
                          project. Charge an inventory issue to project. Process a purchase order and
                          payment for hotel bill as part of construction engineering costs. Demonstrate
                          how the overheads were applied for labor additive, lab (material) testing, non-
                          par material handling. Demonstrate how the equipment usage rates were
                          applied. After first round of batch processes, process AC conversion and
                          process credit payment on the non-AC subproject. Second billing round to
                          show ODL now billed and also to show credit processed on subproject.

Pre-Work / Stage Data:    Setup budgets
                              1. Construction Contract $5,000,000
                                 Fund 2700, FinDept T7939010, Approp T790058, Account 47230.

                              2. Dist 1 Operating for hotel bill and payroll $1,000,000
                                 Fund 2700, FinDept T7939100, Approp T790083, Account 41000
                                 $1,000,000, 41030 $500,000 and 41050 $500,000 for payroll, also set
                                 up 41160 for hotel $10,000

                              -   Gus Wagner setup SP.

                          Ensure adequate program code balances

Pre-Req / Dependencies:

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      MnDOT - FHWA Review                                                                                2011

Step #:          Detailed Sequential Steps:
            1.   Create federal project obligation transaction, federal project TH99000. Setup for four program
                 codes, L050 for $100,000, L05E for $200,000 regular federal funds and advance construction of
                 $1,800,000. L22E for $500,000. L1CE for $700,000.
            2.   Create three federal subprojects plus 999 subproject for TH99000. Sub 001 is for the NHS, Sub
                 002 for TEA, Sub 003 is for BR, and Sub 999 for non-par.
            3.   Setup customer contract for federal project, subs 001-003.
            4.   Set up funds dist entries for subproject 001 NHS @ 80%, 40% federal on the TEA (with 10% state
                 match and 50% local funds), 80% federal on L1CE.
            5.   Interface bid information, five funding groups: 1. Group amount: $1,400,000 NHS road work at
                 80/20. 2. Group amount: $550,000 TEA @ 40% federal, 10% state match, and 50% local. 3.
                 Group amount: $1,500 100% state funds group. Group 4: Group amount: $1,000,000 NHS
                 bridge work at 80/20. Group 5: Group amount $720,000 BR bridge work at 80%.
            6.   Manually build contract in SWIFT.
            7.   Setup project numbers for contract and construction engineering to be coded to. Need 5, one
                 for the NHS group 1 subproject 001, TTH1. One for the TEA group subproject 002, TTH2. One for
                 the NP group subproject 999, TTH3. One for the bridge NHS group 4 subproject 001, TTH4. One
                 for the BR funded bridge group 5 subproject 003, TTH5.

                     - Setup as capital projects (added capacity)
            8.   Setup purchase order against contract, 5 PO rows one per group. Budget info for all five rows:
                 Fund 2700, DeptID T7939010, Approp T790058, Account 472300.
                 Line 1 Amount $1,400,000 Job TTH1 source code 6133
                 Line 2 Amount $550,000 Job TTH2, source code 6133
                 Line 3 Amount $1,500 Job TTH3, source code 6150
                 Line 4 Amount $1,000,000 Job TTH4, source code 6133
                 Line 5 Amount $720,000 Job TTH5, source code 6133
            9.   Process an original mod to federal funds Funds Dist Changes
                 Amounts released: L05E AC Bal $45,600, L22E reg fed funds $264,600, L1CE reg fed funds
                 See mock-up mod form
          10.    Project Obligation Release - Process an original mod to federal funds, releasing funds.
                 Amounts released: L05E AC Bal $45,600, L22E reg fed funds $264,600, L1CE reg fed funds
          11.    PO for hotel bill, TTH1 project, 1800 source type.
          12.    Inventory issue to TTH1 project, 1800 source type
          13.    Payment for hotel bill, TTH1 project.
          14.    Make several payment lines against construction contract purchase order, payments against
                 multiple program codes, one to exceed regular federal funds limit and into advance construction
                 balance. Payment line against par vs non-par source types.

                 Payment on Group 1, Line 01 of PO: Pay $475,000 (uses up sequence 01 L050, all reg fed funds
                 on L05E and should create ODL due to L05E advance construction balance) Pay 6133,
                 Pay also $5000 to 6150

                 Payment on Group 2, Line 02 of PO: Pay $100,000 on 6133

                 Payment on Group 3, Line 03 of PO: Pay $500 on 6150
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         MnDOT - FHWA Review                                                                               2011

                 Payment on Group 4, Line 04 of PO: $5,000

                 Payment on Group 5, Line 05 of PO: 199,929.57

          15.    Equipment usage coded to par subproject, TTH1.

                     - RCA demo (Sue)
          16.    Par and non-par labor costed to par subproject. Payments of hours on job TTH1 source type
                 1800. Payments of hours on job TTH2 source type 1810.

                     - RCA demo (Sue)
       Overall Round 1: Run batch processes, post payments, nightly processes followed by weekly billing
         17.     Gus to demonstrate certified amounts on contracts, and Supplemental Agreement process on
                 contract group 5 $109,322.
         18.     Adjust encumbrance TTH5 PO $109,322
         19.     Federal Aid mod prepared to increase for SA , plus $93,579.63 on BR L1CE, federal funds
                 management increase
         20.     Federal Aid mod to increase for SA , plus $93,579.63 on BR L1CE Funds Dist Changes
         21.     Process AC conversion for subproject 001. Add $1,000,000 FF on L05E, release same on L05E AC.
                     - Show FPOB
         22.     Process AC conversion on subproject 001. Add $1,000,000 FF on L05E, release same on L05E AC.
                     - Funds Dist
         23.     Process credit payment on subproject 002, job TTH2, $4,000
       Overall Round 2: Run batch processes, post payments, nightly processes followed by weekly billing
Expected Results:          Bills properly for par costs plus overheads. Does not bill non-par payments or payroll.
                           Creates ODL row for costs exceeding federal funds balance and using funds
                           represented by advance construction. Equipment usage rate applied and properly
                           billed. Inventory issue properly billed. Proper labor additive and lab overhead
                           (materials testing) rates applied and billed. After conversion, ODL is billed. Credit


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