WORLD WAR II 1939-1945

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                 Adolf Hitler
• Came to power in post
  WWI Germany
• Blamed German
  economic problems and
  Germany’s loss of WWI
  on the Jews
• Was in fact raised by his
  paternal grandfather
  who was Jewish
• Was psychologically and
  physically abused.
             Adolf Hitler
• Hitler became the leader of the NSDAP
  Germans workers party or Nazi party in
• In Munich in 1923 Hitler was arrested in
  the uprising called the “Beer Hall
• Was found guilty of treason and
  sentenced to 10 years in prison, Hitler
  served just over a year. While in Prison
  Hitler wrote his book “Mein Kampf” My
Hitler wrote his
book while he
was imprisoned.

He served about
20 months of a
10 year sentence.
              Hitler in power
• In his book, Hitler outlined Germany’s problems.
  The Jews were at the root of Germany’s problems
  according to Hitler.
• Strong Anti-Semitism and nationalism along with
  the “Darwinism” idea of the survival of the fittest
  gave Hitler the idea that Germany needed
  “Lebensraum” or living space.
• To get living space, Germany needed to eliminate
  the Jews in eastern Europe.
             Benito Mussolini
• Came to power in 1924
• Was a WWI veteran.
• Organized what became
  known as the Fascist party
  which relies on
  dictatorship and
  totalitarian tactics.
• Was known as “Il Duce”
  which means the leader.
            Francisco Franco
• Was came to power in
  Spain in the early 30’s.
• Became allied with
  Mussolini and Hitler.
• Got help during Spanish
  Civil war from Germany
  and Italy.
• Was member of Fascist
               Joseph Stalin
• Came to power in the
  Soviet Union after the
  death of Lenin.
• Was one of original
  culprits who overthrew
  the Government in the
  1916 revolution.
• Had over 20 million
  people killed in the
  years after WWII

• Germany
   – Hitler

• Italy
   – Mussolini

• Japan
   – Hirohito
Germany’s first move was to
occupy the Rhineland in 1936
Hitler's next move came in 1938 as
Germany took over the western part of
Czechoslovakia shown in gold this area was
known as the Sudetenland. in what became
known as the “policy of appeasement”         “…peace in
                                             our time..”
English Prime Minister Neville
Chamberlain gives in to Hitler's demands.    Chamberlain
Hitler's next move was to occupy
Austria in 1938. Hitler moved
troops into Vienna and told the
Austrian President to step down
and be annexed or we’ll start
shooting. Germany annexed Austria
without firing a shot.
       REST OF
• In 1939 Hitler takes over the rest of
• Hitler has taken over the Rhineland, the
  Sudetenland, Austria, and Czechoslovakia, all
  without firing a shot and all without
  resistance except for notes of protest from
  England and France.
       • Hitler shocks the world
         as he and Joseph Stalin
         sign a non aggression
         treaty in 1939.
       • In reality this was a
         way for Hitler to buy
         time for his eventual
         attack of the Soviet
         Union. And the
         dividing of Poland.
Hitler unleashes his new style of
warfare that is characterized by
three waves of attack.

•Stuka dive bombers
•Panzer tank divisions

World War II begins as
Germany attacks
Poland Sep.1st 1939
Hitlers flunkies were Joseph Goebbles the propaganda chief
Irwin Rommel Hitler’s best general
Heinrich Himmler the Shutzsaffel chief. (SS)
Herman Goering the leader of Germany’s Air Force Luftwaffe
• Hitler makes some very costly mistakes during
  the war, they are as follows:

  – Failing to finish off the allies at Dunkirk
  – Starting up with the Russians and creating a second
  – Not utilizing the jet aircraft.
  – Replacing strategy with obsession and vengeance
  – Sleeping in late
• Sept. 1 1939 WWII begins
• 1941 Barbarossa (Germany invades USSR)
• 1942 Torch (allied invasion of N. Africa)
• 1942-43 allies invade Italy, Russians drive back
• June 6, 1944 Overlord (allies invade Normandy
• April 30 1945 Hitler commits suicide
• May 8 1945 German surrenders to allies
As the Germans swept through Europe they had the
English pinned up against the English Channel, rather than
giving the English the knock out punch and perhaps
finishing them off, he foolishly calls off the attack and this
gives the English time to regroup and retreat across the
channel into England……..France has already fallen and is
in German control 1940.
BRITAIN 1940   This battle was in
               the skies over
               England between
               the RAF and the
               Luftwaffe targets
               Large cities
               RR hubs
               Centers for industry
                 “…..never have so many
                owed so much to so few…..”
                    Winston Churchill

                      Luftwaffe Messerschmitt 109
RAF Hurricane

RAF Spitfire           Luftwaffe Stuka

Barbarossa was Germany’s attack of the Soviet Union in 1941 Germany got
dangerously close to the key cities of Stalingrad Moscow and Leningrad. This also was
one of Hitler’s greatest mistakes as Germany attacked too close to winter and her
supply lines were too long.

• Special SS units
  followed the invading
  armies into conquered
  areas and rounded up
  and executed Poles
  Slavs and Gypsies,
  while Jews were send
  to death camps
• TORCH 1942 Allied
  invasion of North Africa.
  This was the allied effort to
  gain a foothold and be able to
  attack Italy from. It was
  decided that Italy was the soft
  underbelly and that the allies
  would have to go through
  Italy to get to Germany.
• U.S. General Patton and
  British General Montgomery
  teamed up to defeat the desert
  fox, German General Rommel
  Operation Torch
  (North Africa) 1942
  Allies try to gain a
  staging ground to
  attach Germany

Major victory for the allies came at “El Alamein”this gave the allies the
needed foothold to start the Italian Campaign from. It also gave the
Russians some relief as Germany had to pull some men out of the
Eastern front and send them to prepare for the coming invasion of Italy.
The tide of war shifts in the East. The freezing bitter winter in Russia along
with desperate defenders of the cities held off the Germans, and the Russians
counter-attacked the Germans. The Americans and English were now making
advancements in North Africa.
  Europe in 1942
  and into 1943

Europe in 1942 saw the Russian closing in from the East and the Americans and
English working Northward up the Italian peninsula. Germany was involved in a
two front war and was about to get into a three front war as soon as the allies
invaded France in the D-Day invasion of 1944.
                                  Europe in
                                  ‘43 &‘44

June 6th 1944 the allies turned
the tide of war for good in
favor of the allies. Operation
Overlord was successful as
hundreds of thousands men
landed on the French coast
and began the liberation.
Now Germany was facing a
three front war and was
slowly was about to lose the
D-Day Invasion ‘44
              The Holocaust
• The larger of the
  concentration camps
  were outfitted with
  furnaces or ovens so
  that the Germans could
  hide the fact that they
  had been exterminating
  the Jews on a massive
               Zyklon B gas
• The Germans used
  blue chalky pellets of
  zyklon b gas which is
  a form of cyanide.
• It was put into vents
  in the so called
  “shower rooms”
• Each of the five crematoria at Auschwitz/Birkenau
  consisted of three elements — dressing room, gas
  chamber, and cremation facility. The prisoners were
  told to undress in a room that could hold 1,000 people.
  They were then herded into the underground
  "bathroom." A sign on the doorway read, Cleanliness
  Brings Freedom! Fake shower heads were fitted on the
  ceiling. Approximately 2,000 victims were contained at
  any one time in each of the four gas chambers in
  Birkenau. After the doors had been sealed shut, the
  chalky pellets of Zyklon B were poured into the
  chamber through special vents in the roof. Within 15-
  20 minutes, the trapped victims were dead.
  Crematorium II at Birkenau had fifteen ovens, which
  were capable of burning 45 to 75 corpses at once —
  over 1,000 bodies a day.
• In 1943, the infamous Dr. Josef Mengele became the chief
  physician of Birkenau. Children were subjected to brutal
  and inhumane experimentation. He expanded his
  experimentation to include twins, dwarfs, and others
  with physical abnormalities. Most of his "tests" were
  performed on victims who were still alive; almost all of
  these experiments were painful and traumatic.
By 1944-45 the war is lost for Germany, with the
allies closing in from three sides, it is a matter of
time till Hitler and others take their lives.
• On April the 30th Hitler marries
  his mistress Eva Braun in their
  Berlin bunker and commit
  suicide together.
• On May the 8th the allies
  celebrate VE day. Victory in
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