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                    ABN 12 988 947 083

       Edwin Flack Reserve, Manuka Road Berwick
                    Phone: 9707 1524
                     Fax: 9707 2846
       Postal Address: P.O. Box 124, Berwick 3806

                      Established 1930

                  ANNUAL REPORT
                  BALANCE SHEET

              FOR SEASON 2008 - 2009


Notice is hereby given that the 80th Annual General Meeting of
the Berwick Bowling Club (Inc.) will be held in the Clubhouse
     on Monday 11th May, 2009 commencing at 7:00 pm.

       K.L. GRAEBER
     Mrs. L.H. COTTER
       H.H. SANDERS

VALE - Season 2008 – 2009
   We will remember them

       R.M. BURNS
       A.E. DAMON
       T. ZAMPATTI
                     ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                         Berwick Bowling Club Inc.
                            ABN 12 988 947 083
                      MONDAY 11th MAY, 2009 AT 7.00pm

1.   Reading of the Notice convening the meeting.

2.   Reading and confirmation of the minutes of the 2008 Annual General Meeting.

3.   Reading of the Annual Report

4.   Consideration and adoption of Annual Report.

5.   Presentation of the Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts.

6.   Consideration and adoption of the Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts.

7.   Amendments and additions to the Constitution

8.   Election of Office Bearers.

9.   Nomination and Election of Auditor.

10. Determination of Annual Fees. The recommendation of the outgoing Board of Management
    is as follows:

     Full Members Annual Subscription and Fees be set at $190.00 inclusive of GST, plus $5.00
     Green Fees for Pennant, Social Games and Night Bowls. Breakdown of Annual Fee of
     $190.00 per annum is as follows:
          Membership Fee                    $158.00
          Affiliation Fee                     $32.00
     Junior Members - $60.00 inclusive of GST, plus $5.00 Green Fee.
     Social Members - $60.00 inclusive of GST, plus $5.00 for Indoor Bowls.
     Life Members – Annual Subscription FREE.

11. Reading of any other reports from Committees that the Board considers necessary.

12. Transact any other business affecting the interest and welfare of the Club, of which due notice
    has been given according to the rules.

13. Any other General Business provided that no member shall propose any extraordinary
    expenditure of the Club’s funds unless notice of motion relating thereto has been given 30
    days prior to this notice of meeting.

BARRY FISHER – Board of Management Secretary
                           Berwick Bowling Club Inc.
                              ABN 12 988 947 083

              Minutes of the 79th Annual General Meeting held
                at the Clubrooms on Tuesday 6th May 2008.
The meeting opened at 7:00pm

Welcome:            Chairman B. Parry welcomed members and passed the chair to
                    Secretary J. Lillie who read the Notice convening the meeting.

Attendance:         J. Lillie requested that the attendance book and apologies be accepted.
                    Moved: J. Lillie           Seconded: P. Steere                Carried

In Memoriam:        Chairman B. Parry called for one minute silence in memory of
                    deceased members.

Minutes:            Minutes of the 78th Annual General Meeting held on 26th April 2007, as
                    circulated, were taken as read.
                    Moved: J. Lillie         Seconded: B. Gates               Carried

                    Moved that the Minutes of the 78th Annual General Meeting as above
                    be confirmed.
                    Moved: J. Lillie       Seconded: A. Barrie                Carried

Annual Report:      J. Lillie moved that the Annual Report, other than the Balance Sheet
                    and Profit and Loss Statement be adopted.
                    Moved: J. Lillie          Seconded: B. Gribbin               Carried

Chairman’s Report:

Chairman B. Parry took the floor and spoke to his report as set out in the booklet
circulated to all members. Sincere thanks were given to all volunteers named therein, to
all departing members of the Board of Management and also those continuing on the
Board of Management. He expressed appreciation for having the opportunity to be
Chairman and intimated that it had been both a learning and often rewarding experience.
He drew the member’s attention to the steep rise in all costs involved in running the club
and the need for increased revenue which will be expanded upon by Treasurer P.
Doggett. He also confirmed that he will be happy to serve as Past Chairman and that he
hoped members will be forthcoming in offering to volunteer their services in any way
they can. He then called upon Treasurer P. Doggett to present the Balance Sheet and
Statement of Accounts. Motion to accept Chairman’s Report.
                     Moved: B. Parry        Seconded: N. Gribbin                   Carried
Presentation of Balance Sheet and Statements of Accounts:

Treasurer P. Doggett took the floor and spoke to the financial statements as set out in the
booklet circulated to all members and the financial sheets provided for members at the
meeting. She went through each area describing the figures in detail and praised the
efforts of each one of the various committees, sponsors and fundraisers, thanking them all
for their considerable contributions. She drew particular attention to the Bar revenue and
the fact that GST had to be paid for two previous years when takings were more than
$100,000 but the GST had not been paid t that time. This was followed by a period
where a number of members raised questions relating to finances/expenses and these
were answered by the Treasurer. Treasurer P. Doggett then asked that the Balance Sheet
and Statement of Accounts as set out and discussed above be accepted.
                     Moved: P. Doggett       Seconded: R. Rowswell                 Carried

Election of Auditor:

Treasurer P. Doggett nominated JSP Partners of Berwick to be Auditors for Berwick
Bowling Club.
                   Moved: P. Doggett       Seconded: G. Marsh                 Carried

Amendments to the Constitution:

J. Lillie moved that the Limited Membership be abolished and all reference be deleted
from the Constitution and Rules.
                     Moved: J. Lillie      Seconded: R. Jans                    Carried

J. Lillie moved that the New Bowler category of membership be abolished and all
reference be deleted from the Constitution and Rules.
                     Moved: J. Lillie        Seconded: G. Marsh               Carried

The issue of whether the Board had the right to make these changes was raised and
Chairman B. Parry advised that changes can only be made at a General Meeting of
members and this was the right forum for such changes.

There was involved discussion on the merits of Limited membership and how the
changes would affect certain members. Chairman B. Parry explained this in detail.
B. Parry called for a show of hands confirming the two previous motions be carried.


The Treasurer spoke in considerable detail of the increased costs involved in running the
Club and put forth the following resolution: A membership fee of $180.00 and payment
of a $5.00 green fee for all games including pennant but excluding nominated games
where the cost is listed on the promotional sheet.
                      Moved: P. Doggett       Seconded: B. Fisher
G. Harris took the floor and put forward and amendment to the above resolution as
follows: That there be a flat fee of $290.00 for all members which would include
pennant fees.
                     Moved: G. Harris         Seconded: N. Gribbin

At this point there was a long and heated debate on the merits of each of the above
proposals with various opinions being expressed by a number of members. A variety of
concerns were raised by many members and all of these were fully discussed and
answered in detail by the Treasurer – P. Doggett, the Chairman – B. Parry, and the
Secretary – J. Lillie.

Chairman B. Parry then called for a show of hands and it was overwhelmingly resolved
by a show of hands that the flat membership fee of $290.00 for all was not acceptable to

Chairman B. Parry then returned to the original resolution of a membership fee of
$180.00 and the “User Pay” $5.00 green fee for all games including pennant but
excluding certain nominated games where the fee is displayed on the promotional sheet
and asked whether the membership would like to adopt this resolution. A show of hands
was called and it was resolved that this was the choice of the membership.

Treasurer P. Doggett then proceeded to set out the categories of membership as follows:
Junior - $50.00 membership plus $3.00 for each game played including pennant.
                   Moved: P. Doggett        Seconded: P. Steere                 Carried

Life, Special and Honorary - To remain as set out in the booklet circulated to all
members, i.e. Annual Subscription Free
                   Moved: J. Lillie      Seconded: G. Harris                   Carried

Social - It was proposed that a $50.00 membership fee plus $5.00 for each game of
indoor bowls played be accepted. However, representatives from Indoor Bowlers spoke
on the matter and it was resolved that there would be a $50.00 fee plus $4.00 for each
game of indoor bowls.
                     Moved: C. Christofferson         Seconded: B. Gribbin        Carried

General Business:

   The matter of winter raffles being done by the Social Committee was raised and
   Treasurer P. Doggett explained that all raffles (except VLBA) go into fundraising.
   With the “User Pays” system for Pennant, D. Fisher asked for direction as to whether
   a member who came with no money could play pennant. The Board advised that the
   member should play but that the member’s name be written on the envelope as
   “unpaid” for that week and followed up. However, M. Stewart advised that most
   team members (especially skips) would probably lend this sum should such an
   occasion arise. It was suggested that an RVBA Treasurer, as provided for in the
constitution may be beneficial and B. Parry intimated that this could be given
consideration by this section.
The issue of grants from Casey Council closing soon was raised and J. Lillie advised
of a number of recent successful allocations. He advised that other grants will be
applied for soon, that are not due to close at this time.
Strategic Planning Committee – The Board was asked whether this would be taken up
again and J. Lillie advised that this would be a matter for the new Board of
New Carpet – with the current financial position J. Lillie advised that it is unlikely
that this can proceed for some time and our Bank Loan commitments are a priority.
Clubhouse acoustics and internal noise – once again, this is a problem that will be on
the list of things to do as funds become available.
J. Morgan requested that his letter handed to Executive Officer J. Lillie immediately
prior to the meeting be opened. J. Lillie briefed members of matters contained therein
and advised that this will be handed to the new Board for their consideration.
It was confirmed that the website is of considerable advantage to our club and the
work done by J. Garland and son is very much appreciated. It was particularly
beneficial that members can source sponsors directly on the website and this has
helped attract more sponsorship to the club.
S van Maanen advised that he had a wheelchair which he would be happy to donate to
the club and this was gratefully accepted. Chairman B. Parry thanked Sipke for his
D. Reddy thanked the outgoing Board of Management for their support in relation to
the greens this year.
Chairman B. Parry advised members that the current Board would like their approval
to remain in situ until the end of the meeting rather than hand over to a new Board of
Management at this point as is normal custom. It was his wish to present the awards
to new Life Members from the current Board. He also explained that, as there was
only one nomination form up on the board from L. Preece for the position of Vice
President, which had since been withdrawn, this left the Board of Management with
the task of finding suitable members to accept the vacant positions. As it is in the
Constitution that the Board may appoint such new members, it was the intention of
the current Board of Management to do so at a special meeting immediately after the
AGM. He therefore asked if there were any objections and there being none, it was
resolved that the aforementioned procedure would be carried out immediately
following the AGM. B. Parry advised the membership that the Board would meet and
appoint the following persons:

      Chairman                  : Noel Gribbin      Board Member    :   Douglas Harlow
      Vice Chairman             : George Harris     RVBA Nominee    :   Ron Archibald
      Secretary                 : John Lillie       VLBA Nominee    :   Brenda Townley
      Assistant Secretary       : Barry Fisher      Club Licensee   :   Ralph Jans
      B. Parry is happy to serve as Past Chairman
   Following the above: R. Rowswell asked why nominations could not have been
   called from the floor. However, he acknowledged that the Board has the right under
   the Constitution to make the above appointments. B. Parry advised that possible
   changes could be brought to a future Board for consideration.
   J. Lillie drew member’s attention to a motion by E. Turner and G. Harris to appoint a
   part time manager as set out on the inside of the back cover of the booklet circulated
   to all members. G. Harris took the floor and explained that it had been decided not to
   proceed in light of the clubs current financial situation. E.Turner is overseas at the
   present time but G. Harris has undertaken to follow this up at a future time.
   J. Di Carlo asked that in the future a job description for each vacant position should
   be put up at the same time as nomination forms to assist newer members understand
   the extent of the commitment required. J. Lillie responded by giving a number of job
   descriptions verbally. It was suggested that these could be put on the website /
   J. Lillie requested that lights, heating etc., be turned off by the last person leaving the

Nomination of Life Members:

Chairman B. Parry advised members that both sections had been asked to nominate a
person deserving of the honour to become a Life Member. The Board of Management
then had to unanimously agree on the nomination before these names can be put to the
members. This having been done, the following nominations are put to the membership
for approval:

The VLBA committee unanimously recommended Norma Silverwood for Life
membership. The Chair then informed members of many of Norma’s achievements. A
motion was put that Norma Silverwood be granted the privilege of Life Membership of
the Berwick Bowling Club Inc.
                    Moved: B. Parry       Seconded: G. Marsh          Carried

The RVBA committee unanimously recommended Ken Graeber for Life membership.
The Chair then informed members of many of Ken’s achievements. A motion was put
that Ken Graeber be granted the privilege of Life Membership of the Berwick Bowling
Club Inc.
                    Moved: B. Parry          Seconded: G. Harris      Carried

Chairman B. Parry called Norma forward to receive her award. Norma then responded
with thanks and sincere appreciation for this honour.

Chairman B. Parry called Ken forward to receive her award. Ken then responded with
thanks and sincere appreciation for this honour.

The Chair declared the meeting closed at 9:12pm.

Berwick Bowling Club’s financial year commences on the 1 st of April each year. Annual
Subscriptions are due and payable once they are fixed by the Annual General Meeting.

The cost of running the Club is ever increasing and there is a need to make monthly
reductions on our outstanding loan. Additionally, the Club has to meet its on-going
commitments for wages, group tax and Goods and Services Tax. The Club needs prompt
payment of annual subscriptions to ensure our obligations are met. Invoices for Annual
Subscriptions will be sent immediately following the Annual General Meeting.

The constitution states that if any member fails to pay his/her Annual Subscription within
sixty (60) days of the Annual General Meeting, his/her membership shall henceforth

Note: You must be a financial member to play at other clubs. Membership cards are
issued with receipts.

Payment of your annual subscription would be appreciated as soon as practicable after
the Annual General Meeting of May 11th 2009. Credit cards are no longer accepted.
Payments by cheque are preferable and should be made out to the Club’s postal address:

                               The Treasurer
                               P.O. Box 124
                               BERWICK VIC 3806

For those wishing to pay in person, the Treasurer will be in attendance at the Clubhouse
from 9:30am to 10:30am on the following dates:

Saturday 16th MAY            Wednesday 20th MAY
Saturday 23rd MAY            Monday 25th MAY

At the time of printing of the 2008 – 2009 Annual Report, it was not possible to provide
an audited Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement for the financial year April 2008
through March 2009. Fully audited accounts will be made available prior to the night of
the Annual General Meeting of 11th May 2009.
           CHAIRMANS REPORT FOR SEASON 2008 – 2009
My fellow members, as I have only been Chairman for the last two months, this report is
on behalf of Noel Gribbin and myself.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate the RVBA and VLBA sections for their achievements
in the Pennant Finals. The RVBA had five teams in the finals and the VLBA had two of
their four teams in the top four and the Saturday Pennant teams finished second and third
respectively. This is an excellent result and we should do well in the 2009-2010 season.

The Bar has been very well run by Ralph Jans, Jack West, Len Preece and the Bar staff
who have served us willingly throughout the year. Their efforts have once again
generated a large portion of the club’s income.

Tony Wynen’s work as sponsorship officer has been exceptional over the past year.
There is no doubt that in this current climate, he will find his job more difficult in the
coming year. Tony and his helpers did a great job organising the Corporate Challenge.
Speaking to a number of the participants, they had nothing but praise for the event and
look forward to attending next year.

Greens Coordinator, David Reddy and Greens Keeper, Mark Walker have had a difficult
year with lack of sunshine prior to Christmas and some extremely hot weather since. All
things considered the greens have been excellent.

Cliff Fothergill and his Monday mower men have done a great job maintaining the
surrounds, as have Kevin Fewster and his helpers. Their hard work is keeping the
gardens looking a picture. Also, many thanks to the members who have donated plants.

Thanks to John Steere for his assistance as function co-ordinator, it is greatly appreciated.
Margaret Glassenbury and her Social Committee have worked hard to provide a number
of functions for the members. Well done to you all.

Also, thanks to Les Herring and his helpers for their work with the school children and
the Disabled. It is great to see them all enjoying our wonderful game.

Thanks to our coaches who help us to improve our game and for the time they spend with
new bowlers. Thanks also to the Umpires and Measurers for officiating throughout the
pennant season and other club events.

Although it does not come under the Board of Management, I would like to personally
thank the Ladies Catering Committee. They have done a terrific job providing our meals,
tea, coffee, sandwiches etc. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.

Reg Rowswell and the Strategic Planning Committee have been very active. They have
put together a “New Members Kit” that will provide everything a new member needs to
know and introduces them into an induction program. The team also had meetings with
other Clubs to get a feel for the direction they are headed, particularly in regard to
unification. The Committee is also working with Casey Council to obtain grants for
additional water tanks and to gain access to water from a bore drilled by the Council.
This committee is a very important part of the Club and is essential to provide growth and

The new carpet and vinyl area for carpet bowls has been completed. Many thanks to all
the members who helped move everything around. The purchase of the bifold doors to
divide the club rooms and the purchase of window coverings will be discussed by the
new Board of Management. Work will also be carried out to improve the acoustics
within the club rooms.

I would like to thank all Board members for their support and co-operation over the past
two months.

Doug Harlow

                  BOARD OF MANGEMENT 2008 – 2009

CHAIRMAN                    Noel Gribbin < Dec 2008             9                2
                            Doug Harlow > Jan 2008              3
PAST CHAIRMAN               Brian Parry                         11               3
VICE CHAIRMAN               George Harris < Oct 2008            8                2
                            Len Preece > Feb 2008               3
SECRETARY                   John Lillie < Nov 2008              6                2
                            Barry Fisher > Dec 2008             6
ASS. SECRETARY              Barry Fisher                        7                1
TREASURER                   Pat Doggett                         14
CLUB LICENSEE               Ralph Jans                          12               2
RVBA MEMBER                 Ron Archibald                       11               3
VLBA MEMBER                 Brenda Townley                      11               3
BOARD MEMBER                Doug Harlow < Jan 2008              9                2
                            Arthur Scheurer > Feb 2008          3

Auditors:                     JSP Partners Berwick
Bar Manager:                  Jack West
Carpet Bowls Co-ordinators:   David Lee, Tom Murphy,
                              Ron McGrath, Sipke VanMaanen
Function Co-ordinator:        John Steere
Gardens Co-ordinator:         Kevin Fewster
Greens Co-ordinator:          Dave Reddy, Kevin Clydesdale (Deputy)
House Committee:              Bob Player, Darryl Pitt
Membership Committee:         Tony Wynen
Social Committee:             Margaret Glassenbury, Geoff Wright, Lyn Webb
Sponsorship Officer:          Tony Wynen
Strategic Planning:           Reg Rowswell
Uniform Co-ordinators:        Neil Creagh, Val Wynen

Coaching Co-ordinator:        Les Herring
Coaches:                      Ron Affleck                  Jack Edwards
                              Noel Gribbin                 Peter Roberts
                              Arthur Scheurer              Marie Stewart
                              Pat Steere

Umpires Co-ordinator:         Roger Townley
Umpires:                      Ron Affleck                  Len Brew
                              Cliff Fothergill             Barbara Gribbin
                              Noel Gribbin                 Jim Mitchell
                              Peter Roberts                Pat Steere
                              Marie Stewart                Pat Thompson

Measurers:                    Maurie Boyd                  Ray Burns
                              Rod Beevors                  John Clarke
                              Jean Fothergill
I have found this year to be a very interesting year, I have learnt a lot in my first year with
many thanks to our Past President Don Woodfall for his guidance and assistance in getting
the year started. It has been an enjoyable year. Unfortunately during the year we saw
three of our members pass away, Tony Zampatti, Bert Damon and Ray Burns, these
fellows will be remembered by all and we pass on our condolences to their families.

I believe it has been a very successful year with five of our seven teams making the finals,
unfortunately three went out in the first round and the other two were beaten in the second
round. However all teams finish in the middle of the ladders and all will hold their
positions next year. I must congratulate our Selection Committee led by Doug Fisher,
who I believe has done a tremendous job this year, and to all on the selection committee I
say thank you for a Job well done.

During the year we saw four of our bowlers complete the level one umpire’s course and
one complete the measures course congratulations to Laurie Innes, John Bignold, Jean
Fothergill, Len Preece and Colin Glassenbury. We also had three members complete the
Coaches course congratulations to Derek Garton, Greg Marsh and Arthur Scheurer.

The match Committee led by Roger Townley congratulations on a job well done, with a
special thanks to the two newer members you worked with Roger in Steven Orridge and
Peter Hodgson. All competitions were run smoothly and it was great to see a few more
entries in the club competitions. To our champions of each event I say congratulations.

The members who worked so hard throughout the year under duress at times, but you
have come through, so to Peter Roberts, Ian Ford, Peter Taylor, Roy Hughes, and Geoff
Eager I say a big thank you.

To Brian Gates who stepped down as Secretary after seven years. Has been of great
assistance to both John and myself, thank you for a tremendous year you have been great
assistance, and believe me it has been appreciated.

To the men who are often forgotten, those who turn up every Saturday and organize our
social bowlers in Alan Amos and John Lillie thanks a lot for a job well done, in
organizing approximately 24 bowlers each Saturday.

Finally to our greens keeper Mark Walker and our Greens Director Dave Reddy well done
on keeping our greens in such great condition under some very trying conditions.
Congratulations to you and your helpers throughout the year.

Len Preece
                     RVBA SECTION
         OFFICE BEARERS & COMMITTEES 2008 - 2009

President                      Len Preece
Vice President                 Charles Azzopardi
Immediate Past President       Don Woodfall
Secretary                      John Sinclair
Committee Members              Ron Archibald             Brian Gates
                               Don Parkin

Selection Committee            Doug Fisher (Chairman)
                               Peter Artaud              Brian Gates
                               Dave Reddy                Peter Roberts

Match Committee                Roger Townley (Chairman)
                               Michael Adams            Ron Affleck
                               Peter Hodson             Steven Orridge

Tournament Committee           Eddie Turner (Chairman)
                               John Clarke               Ian Ford
                               Peter Roberts             Peter Taylor

Delegates To RVBA - Group 14   Brian Gates               Len Preece
                               John Sinclair (Proxy)

Press Correspondent            Bill Stillo
Two years have passed since I accepted the office of President of the VLBA Section. My
term has been most enjoyable and my role has allowed me to experience so many
positive aspects of the daily running of a bowling club.

I would firstly like to say a big thank you to Marge Woodfall who has been my secretary
for the past two years and has done a wonderful job. I would also like to thank the
Ladies Committee for their outstanding help and commitment during the year.

Our Selection Committee led by Jean Reddy invested many hours of work throughout the
season and carried out their duties in a most professional manner for which I am most
grateful. Likewise our Tournament Committee with Pat Thompson at the helm, worked
to organise and successfully conduct our club competitions. Additionally, Wendy West
and her girls on the match committee have once again organised many successful and
enjoyable days for our bowlers this season.

Our Catering Manager Glenda Nash, along with her team have worked tirelessly whether
it was Saturdays, Sundays or Invitation days. I would like to extend my sincere thanks
to Glenda and her team who play an integral role in our busy club. Glenda is a lady with
a big heart and boundless energy who has always responded eagerly to the many catering
requests. Vyvian Fisher introduced a new format for our Pennant season break-up, with a
lovely meal being served which was a great success. A big thank you also to Rita Waugh
our Club Providor who kept our cupboards well stocked over the past year.

Margaret Glassenbury has once again led her band of willing works on the Social
Committee providing the club with great entertainment. We also acknowledge the
revenue that this committee brings into the club. Many thanks to Barbara Archibald and
Barbara Gribbin for the effort they put in to the Xmas hamper raffle. It was a great

Additional fundraising efforts have been organised by Dora Rooney, Anne Whittaker and
Jean Douglas. Dora and Anne have worked throughout the season on the trading table
and Jean has organised the purchase and sale of confectionery.

The contributions of our gardening ladies have continued to add to the overall ambience
of the Club’s surrounds. I thank them for their hours of labour on Monday mornings.

Congratulations to all of our ladies who have won Club events this season.
Congratulations to Joan Heggart who is our Club Champion and Champion of
Champions in Zone 20. Joan went on to compete in the State Singles at Wodonga in
March. Congratulations also to Barbara Gribbin, Brenda Townley and Joan Heggart who
went through to the semi finals in the State Triples. The finals of the State Fours are yet
to be played, with Berwick being represented by Barbara Gribbin, Lois Bennett, Brenda
Townley and Joan Heggart. Good luck girls.
A significant enhancement to the Club this season has been the upgrading of carpet for
the clubhouse. I am pleased to say that the Ladies’ Committee requested that we
purchase new carpet and I thank the Members of the Board for following up on the
purchase and installation.

The introduction of plastic cup holders and disposable cups has been introduced to solve
the problem of washing up cups after the many events that take place throughout the

Another highlight of our season was when our Ladies’ Committee catered for the dual
birthday celebration of two of our life members Norma and Geoff Silverwood.

The introduction of our Sunday mixed bowls in the form of “The Chicken Run” was
enjoyed by all including many of our new bowlers. Social events such as this provide our
new bowlers the opportunity to meet and play with our experienced members. New
bowlers have further benefited from the expertise and guidance of Les Herring and his
coaching panel.

I wish Doug Harlow and the members of the board all the best for the coming season and
acknowledge and thank all the RVBA members for their preparation of the greens and
upkeep of our surrounds. It has been a pleasure to work with President Len throughout
the year and I wish him well for the future.

It has been an honour to be President of this wonderful club. I have enjoyed the co-
operation and help from one and all and I thank you most sincerely for your support and

I wish our incoming President and committees all the best in their positions of
responsibility in the coming season.

Claire Charman
                      VLBA SECTION
          OFFICE BEARERS & COMMITTEES 2008 - 2009

President                         Claire Charman
Vice President                    Barbara Gribbin
Secretary                         Marjorie Woodfall
Treasurer                         Eileen Kershaw
Bowls Secretary                   Wendy West
Catering Manager                  Glenda Nash
Committee Members                 Doris Christoffersen       Judy Fisher
                                  Valerie James              Beverley Pitt
                                  Brenda Townley             Judy Turner

Selection Committee               Jean Reddy (Chairperson)
                                  Anna Barrie                Marie Stewart
                                  Brenda Townley             Rita Waugh

Match Committee                   Nanette Bulte              Avril Steere
                                  Judy Turner                Wendy West

Tournament Committee              Ethel Bray                 Rena McGonnagle
                                  Barbara Mills              Pat Thompson

Delegates To VLBA - Group 20      Claire Charman             Marjorie Woodfall
                                  Barbara Gribbin (Proxy)    Eileen Kershaw (Proxy)

Pennant Co-ordinator              Betty Brown (Saturday)

Publicity Officer                 Wendy West

        General                   Doris Christoffersen       Irene Fewster
                                  Glenda Nash
        Saturday                  Alana Ford                 Sonja Hansen
                                  Gonva Harlow               Rita Waugh
        Sundays (Afternoon Tea)   Margaret Glassenbury       Lois White
        Sundays (Meals)           Judith Faulkner            Vyvian Fisher
                                  Judith McDonald
        Providor                  Rita Waugh

Welfare Officer                   Kath Beevors

New Member Co-ordinators          Barbara Gribbin            Marie Stewart

Roster Duty Co-ordinators         Judy Fisher                Joyce Garton

Flower Convenors                  Alana Ford                 Sonja Hansen
                   CLUB COMPETITIONS 2008 - 2009
Club Championship
       RVBA             Winner       Cliff Fothergill
       RVBA             Runner Up    Doug Harlow
       VLBA             Winner       Joan Heggart
       VLBA             Runner Up    Wendy West

Minor Club Championship
       RVBA          Winner          Daniel Cumming
       RVBA          Runner Up       Bradley Rolls
       VLBA          Winner          Heather Boyd
       VLBA          Runner Up       Anneke Wynen

Presidents Handicap
        RVBA            Winner       Peter Artaud
        RVBA            Runner Up    Glenn Bainbridge
        VLBA            Winner       Jennifer Azzopardi
        VLBA            Runner Up    Jean Reddy

Club Pairs
       RVBA             Winners      Robert Gladman       Daniel Cumming
       RVBA             Runners Up   John Edwards         Glenn Bainbridge
       VLBA             Winners      Brenda Townley       Claire Charman
       VLBA             Runners Up   Kath MacQueen        Pat Thompson

Proportional (100 Up)
        RVBA            Winner       John Horwood
        RVBA            Runner Up    Rod Beevors
        VLBA            Winner       Joan Heggart
        VLBA            Runner Up    Jean Fothergill

Handicap Pairs
       RVBA             Winners      Alan Thompson        Arthur Scheurer
       RVBA             Runners Up   Michael Adams        Ernst Dietze
       VLBA             Winners      Joyce Copplestone    Barbara Kay
       VLBA             Runners Up   Jean Fothergill      Mary Small

Mixed Pairs
                        Winners      Not Completed
                        Runners Up

Social Bowler
                        Winner       J Lillie

Handicap Triples
       VLBA             Winners      Yvonne VanDerWees    Bev Anderson
                                     June Whiteside
Pennant Results 2008 – 2009

        Berwick 1           Division 1     Section 4          Third Place
        Berwick 2           Division 2     Section 6          Fifth Place
        Berwick 3           Division 2     Section 7          Fourth Place
        Berwick 4           Division 3     Section 6          Fourth Place
        Berwick 5           Division 4     Section 7          Third Place
        Berwick 6           Division 6     Section 6          Fifth Place
        Berwick 7           Division 6     Section 7          Fourth Place

        Berwick             Division A1    Section 7          Third Place
        Berwick 2           Division A1    Section 8          Ninth Place
        Berwick 3           Division A2    Section 8          Fourth Place
        Berwick 4           Division B1    Section 9          Ninth Place

          Berwick           No. 1 Side                        Second Place
          Berwick           No. 2 Side                        Third Place

Special Achievements

    Champions of Champions - Zone 20       Joan Heggart
    State Triples Semi Finalists           Barb Gribbin(S)        Brenda Townley
                                           Joan Heggart
    State Fours – Zone 20                  Barb Gribbin(S)        Lois Bennett
                                           Brenda Townley         Joan Heggart


We wish to acknowledge the support of the following people:
E. Green
R & B McIntyre
Lila Cotter
Norma Silverwood
                          CLUB SPONSORS 2008 - 2009
We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the following sponsors. Club
members are encouraged to avail themselves of our sponsors services and products at
every opportunity and thank them accordingly.

 A & R Sign Service Berwick                  Fountain Panel & Repairs
 Affinity Resort                             Gilberthorpes (Casey Business Lawyers)
 Alex Scott and Staff                        Golf and Bowling Machinery
 AMCAL Pharmacy Berwick                      Goody's Charcoal Chicken
 Andrew Gray & Associates                    Graeme Booth Mensland
 APT Tours & Cruising                        Harcourts Real Estate
 Australian Pacific Tours                    Harmon Group Developers
 Bakers Delight                              Harris Freer Toyota
 Barry Bourke Motors                         Home Timber & Hardware - Beaconsfield
 Barry Plant Real Estate                     K.D. Printing
 Beaconsfield Auto Service                   Le Pine Funeral Services
 Bendigo Bank                                Loveridge Mitre 10 Handy
 Berwick Auto Electrics and Mechanical       Mansons Tyres Plus
 Berwick Eye Centre                          My Financing Manager
 Berwick Mazda                               National Bank Berwick
 Berwick Physiotherapy                       New World Honda - Berwick
 Berwick Village Travel and Cruise           Priceline Pharmacy Berwick
 Betta Electrics - Cranbourne                Primelife Woodlands
 Brookmere Meats (Tasman)                    RACV Fountain Gate
 BUPA Aged Care                              Retireinvest
 Cardinia Park Hotel                         Retirement by Design (Fiddlers Green)
 Cell to Cell Communications                 Sage at Parkhill
 Century 21                                  Seamus Hill Auto
 Chemmart Narre Warren                       Shanikas Restaurant - Berwick
 Cignall - Berwick (Les Jones)               Stockdale And Leggo - Berwick
 Contours - Berwick                          Subaru Fountain Gate
 David Nutter Berwick                        The Berwick Inn Tavener Hotel
 David W.Bull Funerals                       Tobin Bros.
 Domina Bowling Club Insurance               Toohey's
 Domino Bowls Wear                           Tyrepower Berwick
 Doogood Powder Coating                      Vansteensel Timber & Hardware
 Drysdales Village Jewellery                 Water Dynamics

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