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									Writing an Obituary for a Rock
You are a writer for the Fraser Coast Chronicle. A client of yours, Mr.
Rockafella is devastated. His friends, all rocks, have just died. Mr. Rockafella
is extremely upset and is therefore unable to write the obituaries for his
friends. He has asked you to write the obituaries on his behalf.

The obituaries for all of the deceased rocks will be printed in an upcoming issue
of the paper.

Your Task:
Write an obituary for a rock. You will need to choose a rock that you would like
to write about. It can be sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic, a crystal or a
gem. Make sure that you specify which rock you are writing about and research
what kind of life it would have had and how it could have come to its death.

Make sure that your knowledge and facts are realistic (backed up by research),
however be as creative and imaginative as you can with the obituary
presentation and the rock’s character and personality.

Information that must be included in your obituary:
 Name of the deceased rock (be creative), include a nickname that he/she
   might have had, if any
 Age of rock at death (make sure that you are realistic)
 Date of birth, place of birth
 Day, date and place of death
 Cause of death
 LIFE – include how the rock began (look into the rock life cycle)
 Family – the rock’s spouse, children etc, if any (what type of rocks were
 Hobbies – sports, interests or other activities
 Three words that sum up the life of the rock.

Information that may be included in you obituary:
    An inspirational quote or poem that signifies the rock’s life
    Education – school, degrees
    Employment – job, colleagues

Word Length:         approximately 500 words
Presentation:        Must be neatly written or typed on a
                     tombstone/gravestone of your choice; may include a
                     picture of your rock
Spelling and Grammar: Must use correct spelling and grammar
                    throughout the obituary

Extra Details About Your Assessment Task:
Timeframe for Completing this Assessment Task: 6 Weeks
Date Started:
First Draft Due:
Date Due:
Conditions for Completing this Assessment Task:
You will be given SOME time during class to complete your obituary. You will also be able to
complete the task at home for homework when advised by the teacher.

Resources You Will Need: Computer with internet connection, access to the library,
research notes (or book), Task sheet, criteria sheet and obituary template (you can design
your own).

What to Hand In On Due Date: Task and Criteria sheet, obituary and research notes/book.
Staple these together at the top left hand corner.

Steps to Success:

Step 1 – Research different types of rocks: what they are, how they are formed and
how they fit into the rock cycle (make sure you keep a record all your research)

Step 2 – Choose a rock to write an obituary about

Step 3 – Research library books and/or the internet to find out the characteristics of
your chosen rock.

Step 4 – Use your completed template/sheet to write your first draft obituary (ensure
that you include all the specified components of an obituary).

Step 5 – Submit your first draft (date will be specified by your teacher)

Step 6 – Using a gravestone/tombstone template write or type your final copy. Ensure
that the obituary is well presented and formatted.
                  Fraser Coast Chronicle

Life Story of ___________________________
Criteria Sheet: Obituary of a Rock

Criteria                       A                    B               C               D               E

Knowledge and                  Comprehensive        Thorough        Satisfactory    Variable        Rudimentary
                               knowledge and        knowledge       knowledge       knowledge       knowledge
Understanding                  understanding        and             and             and             and
                                                    understanding   understanding   understanding   understanding
                               of the rock
                                                    of the rock     of rock         of the rock     of the rock
                               selected, facts
                                                    selected,       selected,       selected,       selected,
                               and information      facts and       facts and       facts and       facts and
                               demonstrated in      information     information     information     information
                               the obituary         demonstrated    demonstrated    demonstrated    demonstrated
                                                    in the          in the          in the          in the
                                                    obituary        obituary        obituary        obituary
                Genre          Information          Information     Information     Information     Information
                               presented using      presented       presented       presented       not presented
                               appropriate          using           using           using           in the
                               genre – all areas    appropriate     appropriate     appropriate     appropriate
                               of the obituary      genre – all     genre – most    genre but       genre
                               requirements         areas of the    areas of the    some areas of
                               evident              obituary        obituary        the obituary
                               following the        requirements    requirements    requirements
                               correct setting      evident         evident         not evident

                               out and use of

                Language       Minor errors in      Few errors in   Some errors     A number of     Many errors
                               punctuation,         punctuation,    in              errors in       in
                               spelling and         spelling and    punctuation,    punctuation,    punctuation,
                                                                    spelling and
                               grammar              grammar.                        spelling and    spelling and
                                                                                    grammar         grammar.

                Presentation   Comprehensive        A wide range    A range of      A limited       Some
                               range of             of knowledge    knowledge on    range of        knowledge on
                               knowledge on         on subject      subject         knowledge on    subject
                               subject              presented       presented       subject         presented
                               presented                                            presented

Knowledge and


Literacy Mark


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