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                           CATIA V5 Tutorial - 212A                               HELP

There are two types of help that can be used to learn about CATIA, these are :-

   (a) CATIA User Companion
   (b) CATIA On-Line Documentation

These on-line helps can be accessed only on the computers that run CATIA.

CATIA User Companion
The User Companion contains many courses that will teach you :-
      (a) The basics of CATIA
      (b) Creating 2D profiles
      (c) Creating Solid models
      (d) Creating Surface models
      (e) Creating Hybrid models (a mixture of Solid and Surface modelling)

                  The location and appearance of the CATIA User Companion start icon may vary as future
                   revisions of CATIA are installed on the computers. Also the setup procedure may vary with
                   future revisions of User Companion. To start ‘User Companion V5R13’, find the icon(s) on

                   the computer’s desktop that includes in its name ‘User Companion’            , (the full
                   name of the icon might vary as newer versions of User Companion are installed).

Warning: User Companion is designed to run in the ‘Internet Explorer’ browser. If User Companion is
automatically loaded into the ‘Netscape’ browser, you will have to ask someone how to make ‘Internet
Explorer’ the computer’s default browser.

                  As User Companion loads, a small window may appear with a security warning – if this
                   window appears select the ‘Yes’ button. This security window will then reappear, select the
                   ‘Yes’ button again.

                  A ‘User Settings Management’ window may appear, if it does not appear, select the

                   ‘Settings’ icon       (found in one of the User Companion windows) to start the ‘User
                   Settings Management’ window. In this window select the ‘License’ tab. In this Tab highlight
                   the text ‘MDC CATIA User Companion for Mechanical Design Configuration’, then select
                   the ‘Request’ button. Finally select the ‘OK’ button.

                  Moving the cursor over one of the icons will cause its name to appear.

      Using the ‘Left Mouse Button’ (LMB), click once on the icon called ‘Courses’          .

The ‘Course Selector’ window should appear.

      In this window find the heading - ‘CATIA Mechanical Design V5R13 Courses’. Select the + symbol at
       the left-hand side of this heading. The subsections under Mechanical Design will now appear.
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      Using the LMB double click on the first of the Mechanical Design’s subsections.

The content of the User Companion window changes, it now contains the first page of the course you selected.

At the top of this window is a row of icons (see Fig_1). Some of these icons are dimmed, which means they are
inactive. As you move through the course pages these dimmed icons will sometimes become bright, this means
they are active and can be used to perform an action. The functions of these icons are described below:


Selecting the icons labelled in Fig_1 will have the following effects:

   (A) Opens a window containing a detailed description of how to make the part.
   (B) Opens a CATIA model file in the main CATIA window. The model file is then used during the on-line
   (C) Opens a window from which you can choose mini tutorials to help you understand the commands you
       are using.
   (D) Opens a window that allows you to jump to any location in the current course.
   (E) Moves you back through the course pages.
   (F) Moves you forward through the course pages.


      Start the User Companion
      Select the ‘Courses’ icon
      Select the ‘Mechanical Design V5R13 course’
      Select the + sign to see what courses are available.
      From the list of contents select ‘CATIA Part Design Added Exercises’.
      Select icon D to see a detailed list of contents in the ‘Document Structure’ window
      In the ‘Document Structure’ window double click on the ‘Piston’ example.

You can now follow through the tutorial which shows you how to make a Piston (when the icon labelled ‘A’ in
Fig_1 is bright do not forget to select it to enable you to look at the detailed step-by-step guide to creating the

If you wish to learn about Surface modelling, select the ‘CATIA Surface Design’ courses. These are found
under the ‘CATIA Mechanical Design V5R13 Courses’.

For more advanced Surface modelling courses, look at the set of courses under the sections whose headings
begin with ‘CATIA Hybrid Design V5R13 Courses’ – you will need to request a license by first selecting the
‘Settings’ icon (see above) to run these courses.

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CATIA’s On-Line Documentation

The location and appearance of the CATIA ‘On-Line Documentation’ start icon may vary as future revisions of
CATIA are installed on the computers. To start the ‘On-Line Documentation V5R13’ double click the

            icon on the computer’s Desktop.

When the On-Line Documentation window is open, click on the pair of binoculars icon           , which is found
near the top of the page. This icon (called ‘Full-Text Search’) opens a page that enables you to search for a
given word or words, for example:

      When the Full-Text Page is open, enter in the ‘Search For’ field the text: Create rib
      It is usually best to select the option headed ‘Match Whole Word’, this will help the search to return
       only the most useful results.
      Select the GO button
      A list of all the references containing both the words, ‘Create’ and ‘Rib’, is displayed.
      Select the reference named ‘Part Design – Rib’ by double clicking on it.

The information about creating a Rib feature will now appear.

Note that the ‘Full-Text Search’ page contains options that allow you to limit the search to certain parts of the
on-line documentation database, rather than the entire database, for example, limit the search for ‘Create Rib’ to
the ‘Mechanical Design’ section of the database.

Explore the On-Line documentation window to discover other ways of finding the help you may require.

                                                                                             16th November 2004

                                      Coventry University School of Engineering

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