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   Volume 11, Issue 3                                                                             October 2000

                                         We need to look ahead and face the      board and the club members is to
Presidents Corner                        challenges associated with running a    fine tune the vision for the club and
                                         volunteer organization dedicated to     to communicate this vision, along
By Martin Kubik                          serving the public. To do that, the     with objectives and specific goals,
                                         board of directors is taking action.    to members, partnering
Congratulations! You, the
                                         Derrick Passe, past president of the    organizations, and sponsors. To
Kekekabic Trail Club volunteers,
                                         KTC and trail committee chair has       accomplish that, Terry Bernhardt is
have now been clearing wilderness
                                         taken up the post of Vice-President.    heading a committee working with a
trails for ten years! We can be
                                         Mark Stange, who has co-chaired         communications expert, Maureen
extremely proud of our
                                         the membership committee, is the        Schriner. Many people are familiar
achievements of the past decade.
                                         new club secretary.                     with the KTC’s maintaining trails.
What started as an effort to clear one
trail, the Kek, has grown into a
                                         Several of you have called about the    However, we need to continuously
vision to preserve historic trails in
                                         lack of a newsletter. I believe that    update (refresh) public awareness
the BWCA.
                                         the newsletter, web page,               about the scope of our efforts and
                                         membership meetings, our mailing        the extent of our partnership with
 This year, we have either flagged
                                         list, and personal contact are all      the USFS and other trail
for the USDA Forest Service or
                                         important tools for communicating       organizations such as our partners
cleared the trails adopted by KTC:
                                         with club members. I make it my         Minnesota Parks and Trails Council
Kekekabic, Pow Wow, South Lake,
                                         personal goal as the new president      (Sioux Hustler Foot Trail), Rovers
Lima, Snow Bank, Eagle Mountain,
                                         of the club to make sure that you       (Border Route Trail), and 3M Club
and Brule Lake trails.
                                         will receive information about trails   Outdoor Club (Secret-Black Stone
                                         and club business periodically. Bill
Last year’s storm damage from the
                                         Burt has volunteered to edit the         Inside This Issue
4th of July left three quarters of the
                                         Hungry Beaver on a monthly basis.
Kek impenetrable. We asked the
                                         Terry Bernhardt, who organized
USFS to help with reclaiming the
                                         NTD 2000 with the largest KTC
                                                                                  Presidents Corner       pg 1
Kek after the catastrophic damage.
                                         NTD attendance in history of the
USDA Forest Service cleared the                                                   KTC Annual Meeting
                                         club, was approved as a new
trails last fall and this spring. We
                                         member of the BOD and has taken          Announcement       pg 2
are grateful to them and to the crews
                                         up the responsibility of membership
that returned to finish clearing the
                                         chair. Dagmar Romano is the co-          2000 Volunteers         pg 2
center section of the Kek now that
                                         chair. We are rescheduling our
it’s cooler and the fire danger has
                                         annual meeting to December to give
lessened.                                                                         Kek Clearing Trip       pg 3
                                         us time to prepare for the event
 Our National Trails Day event at                                                 Eagle Mountain Clearing
Ely was the most successful NTD
event we have ever organized.
                                         I am confident that you will             Trip                 pg 4
                                         volunteer to help with running our
Thanks to Neal Chapman, our
                                         very unique organization. We are         Calendar of Events      pg 4
relationship with the USFS has
                                         unique in that although we have a
greatly improved. I could go on and
                                         lot of fun doing it, our primary
on about our accomplishments.                                                     Meeting Minutes         pg 5-6
                                         mission is to be a public service
                                         organization that maintains trails.
Now that trail clearing is done, we                                               Trail Chatter           pg 7
                                         One of the tasks ahead of the new
need to focus on our organization.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                              1
October 2000

Trail) of the Minnesota Wilderness                                               Rachel Lau
Trails Alliance (MWTA). We will           2000 Volunteers                        Ed Dallas
continue our relentless commitment                                               Chris Moorman
to “Leave No Trace” camping and to        By Derrick Passe
having fun while aiming for high                                                 Kekekabic Trail
                                          The KTC would like to thank all the
standards of safety when clearing                                                Disappointment Loop
                                          volunteers who participated in our
trails or hiking.                                                                *Dick Waeschle
                                          10th Anniversary Clearing. It was a
                                          difficult task to clean up after the   Robin Stoffel
 Several of you have stepped                                                     Eric Jensen
                                          Blowdown. Many changes were
forward and offered to help. Thanks                                              Patrice Benoit
                                          required due to trail closures. Some
to those of you. If you would like                                               Charles Peterson
                                          of these even at the last minute.
to volunteer but are not sure of long                                            Andrew Peterson
                                          Regulation changes by the USFS
term commitment now, I encourage                                                 Melissa Becker
                                          also saw 8 trip leaders learning saw
you to work a shift with an                                                      Tim Kelly
                                          safety and cutting methods at Fort
experienced member at the KTC                                                    Dick Kroener
                                          Snelling the first weekend of trail
booth at the Midwest
                                          clearing. (The training was
Mountaineering Winterfest EXPO                                                   Kekekabic Trail East Trailhead
                                          excellent and will be expanded to
on November 10-12. This is a                                                     to Bingshick Lake
                                          include more clearing volunteers in
chance to tell interested folks about                                            *Kelly Breit
                                          2001). Despite the enormous
what it is like to clear the trails and                                          Kent Hering
                                          amount of work, the goals of the
about having the satisfaction of                                                 Susan Davies
                                          KTC Trail Committee were reached
helping to maintain the trails. I look                                           Mike Fedde
                                          without any injuries to the
forward to hearing from you. Please                                              Harlan Liljequist
feel free to call me at (651) 334-                                               Joe Davis
4554 or email me at                                                              Tom Clasen
                                          My hard hat is off to the following                                                              Mimi Tsai
                                          volunteers who helped out in 2000!
                                          Names in Italic’s denotes crew
KTC Annual                                leaders.                               Kekekabic Trail Thomas Lake
Meeting                                   Kekekabic Trail West Trailhead         *Lowell Jaeger
                                          through Benezie-Becoosin               Ruth Pfaller
Announcement                              Loop                                   Steven Vollrath
                                          *Peter Sparks                          John Wolforth
KTC Annual Meeting to be held on          Folke Arbin                            Angela Anderson
December 2 Kekekabic Trail Club           Anne Sigford                           Ulrike Anderson
will hold annual meeting on               John Starr                             Stewart Hoagland
Saturday, December 2, 4p.m. to            John Rieck                             Steve Lenius
8p.m. at Wilder Forest, Marine on         Theresa Scheib
St. Croix, Minnesota. Registration        Mary Handrick                          Kekekabic Trail Strup Lake
$21 includes dinner and soft drinks.      Ed Handrick                            Area
Terry Bernhardt and Dagmar                Jaqueline Stubbs                       *Justin Bodie
Romano are the organizers for this        Bruce Anderson                         Dennis Hensche
year's annual meeting. For more           Julie Anderson                         Rita Carlotto
information watch next issue of           Jon Harrison                           Neeraj Khadakkar
Hungry Beaver or call 952-252-            Bruce Lemmons                          Joe Reichert
9297 or (800)818-HIKE and leave           Vickie Heggen                          Ian Holmly
your name and telephone number on                                                Fred Holmly
KTC voice mail.                           Kekekabic Trail Seahorse Lake          Mark Kowaliw
                                          to Bingshick Lake
                                          *Sue Roring                            Kekekabic Trail
                                          Gina Hasskamp                          Disappointment Lake to Medas
                                          Myles Dawson                           Lake
                                          Jerry Beckham                          *Kelly Breit
                                          Gene Kelling                           Aaron Walding

  2                  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Scott Zellmer                  Eagle Mtn Trail Clearing    or
Karen Raway                    *Bill Burt                           at 1-800-818-HIKE so I can update
Deanne Walding                 Mimi Tsai                            the records.
Roberta O'hara                 Amy Jo Forslund
Paul Walding                   Mark Jamerson
Reg Willson                    Sarah Troemel                        Kek Clearing Trip,
Jesse Berger                   Troy Foede

Kekekabic Trail Agamok River
                               Eric Forslund                        May 18-21, 2000
Bridge                         Brule Lake Trail Entire Trail        By Ulrike Anderson
*Bruce Anderson                *Ken Yarina
Bruce Wheelright               Johan Dirks                          From May 18th to the 21st, our group
Jon Harrison                   Paul Walding                         of nine people cleared a stretch of
Folke Arbin                    Deanne Walding                       the Old Pines Loop and a portion of
Michael Solmonson              Jenny Schorr                         the Snowbank Trail almost to Grub
Peter Sparks                   Ken Yarina                           Lake. After a hearty breakfast
                               Mike Hicks                           Thursday morning, we packed our
Pow Wow Trail Rock of Ages                                          gear and canoed across Snowbank
Lake to Fallen Arch Lake       South Lake Trail and Border          Lake, portaged 140 rods to
*Mark Stange                   Route spur                           Disappointment Lake, and canoed
Steve York                     *Wayne Pulford                       across to the campsite on the eastern
Amy Jo Forslund                Amy Atkielski                        side of Disappointment Lake. It was
Eric Forslund                  David Lane                           a beautiful campsite with a perfect
Dagmar Romano                  Meadow Muska                         swimming access and protruding
Bob Kelleher                   Beth Burow                           into the lake a bit, like a peninsula,
                               Jerry Hofmann                        giving us just enough of a breeze to
Pow Wow Trail Pose Creek to    Brian Benson                         keep most of the bugs away. After
Rock of Ages Lake              Douglas Lane MD                      lunch, we canoed for the remainder
*Jim Luadtke                                                        of the day heading west on the Old
Cindy Zwicky                   Snowbank Trail North Arm             Pine Loop Trail. As I went to sleep
Andy Dvoracek                  *Mark Stange                         that night I thought to myself, “This
Chris Stapleton                Peter Marshall                       is going to be a great trip: not too
Meredith Cooley                Adam Schad                           hard, not too easy, but just right.”
Nina Clark                     Stephen Keaveny                      Boy was I in for a surprise. On the
Thomas Jacobson                                                     second day, our group consisting of
Caitlin Baldwin                Pow Wow Trail Trailhead to           John, Steve, Lowell, John, Steve,
Peter Sparks                   Pose Creek and Fallen Arch           Ken, Ruth, Angela, and myself
Eric Mead                      Lake                                 continued clearing west on Old
Desniege Emmons                                                     Pines up to the northern portage
                               *Derrick Passe
Pat Duerr                                                           (that leads from Disappointment
                               Chris Klein
Bill Carey, Jr                                                      Lake to Ahsub Lake) and cleared the
                               Chris Fothergill
Margaret Russell                                                    Loop. It seemed like a good working
                               Seth Williams
                                                                    day, enough trees to keep us busy
                               Ellie Graves
Lima Mtn Trail Entire Trail                                         from breakfast till dinner at a steady
                               Dave Tigges
*Neal Chapman                                                       pace. Lowell, our leader, kept us
                               Brian Kruchowski
Fred Base                                                           moving with a smile and lots of
LeAnn Hensche                                                       enthusiasm, which rubbed off on all
                               Kekekabic Trail Strup flagging       of us. In the end, it turned out to be
John Kendrick                  *John Koffski
Maureen Schriner                                                    a strenuous day for all of us. I think
                               Chuck Knutson                        we were all glad when we finally
Barb Neitge                    John Solbitshka
David Edlund                                                        turned around, although I believe
Jacki Kucharski                                                     Lowell would have liked to keep
                               + My apologies to you if your name   going, and I’m sure some of the
James Massee                   was missed here. Please contact me
John Neitge                                                         others could have kept on too, but I
                               at                                   wonder if we would have remained

   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                 3
October 2000

in a sociable mood. We got back         we had already cleared, now easy to     These two trips proved to show
and had a great, almost gourmet         hike on, and picked up were we left     some of the best qualities of the
meal. A big thanks to our food          off. We continued to work at a good     Kekekabic Trail Club: ingenuity,
organizers-- the meals were good        pace considering there were more        teamwork, hard work, loads of fun
and plentiful. After dinner Lowell      trees down on this part of the trail    and food, and great company. But
went fishing and caught a whopper       than there had been on our stretch      before we go any further, we would
of a walleye. It almost sunk his        the day before. We hit some pretty      like to recognize and thank all the
canoe. He held it captive until his     good-sized tangles of fallen trees.     volunteers who participated. Your
proud catch had been documented         Lowell, with his seemingly              hard work is greatly appreciated.
on film; then he gently released it.    inexhaustible energy, reminded me       The Brule Lake Crew
The next day, we walked the length      of the energizer bunny that just                Ken Yarina (leader)
                                        keeps going, and going, and going,              Ken Yarina (leaders Father)
                                        and going, and going…and going.
 Calendar of Events                     We got back to camp late that day
                                                                                        Mike Hicks
                                                                                        Jenny Schorr
 Oct 3, 7:00 pm                         tired and hungry. The next morning,             Deanne Walding
 Midwest Mounteering                    Sunday, we packed up and canoed                 Paul Walding
 Membership Meeting                     back across the lakes and made our              Johan Dirks
 Terry Bernhardt will present “Hiking   separate ways home; everyone I          The Eagle Mountain Crew:
 in the Big Horns and Kelso             think (I hope) with a positive                  Bill Burt (leader)
 Mountain.”                             memory of those shared days. For                Troy Foede
                                        me personally, it turned out to be a            Eric Forslund
 Oct 13-15                              challenging trip, especially the                Amy Forslund
 Annual Meeting at the Gunflint         second and third clearing days. But I           Sarah Troemel
 Lodge has been rescheduled to          enjoy the wilderness greatly and am             Mimi Tsai
 Dec. 2 at Wilder Forest.               always reluctant to leave the BWCA              Mark Jamerson
                                        and my newfound friends to return
 Oct. 17, 6:00 pm                       to the unnatural world and the city     Under the great plan devised by
 Midwest Mountaineering                 and all the stress and chaos that       Ken, we combined the two crews
 Trail Committee Meeting                comes with it. I can’t wait till my     and worked as one unit. Everyone
 First meeting of the Trail             next trip.                              stayed at the Forest Service Cabin
 Committee.. If you are interested in                                           on the Brule. We sent four people:
 attending, helping out, or have any                                            Bill, Mike, Jenny, and Troy in from
 questions contact Derrick Passe at                                             the Brule. Their mission was to
 (715)386-8348 (612)780-4100                   Official Kekekabic                      cover and clear as much ground as
                                                                                rapidly as possible. Since the Brule
 Nov. 9, 7:00 pm                        Trail Club                              end had lighter tree falls, they were
                                                                                to cover more ground. Ken Yarina
 Midwest Mountaineering
 Membership Meeting                     Leatherman Tool                         led Ken, Paul, Deanne, Johan, Amy,
                                                                                Eric, Sarah, and Mimi in from the
 Due to Presidetnial Elections
 Novembers Meeting has been
                                        Limited quantities of the Kekekabic     Eagle Mountain side. Their mission
 rescheduled to this time. Remember     Trail Club engraved Leatherman          was to hit the hardest area by Whale
 Get out and VOTE                       Mini Tool are available for $25.00.     Lake with a lot of people. This was
                                        Contact Derrick Passe (715)386-         the ingenuity.
 Nov. 10, 11, 12                        8348 or            On Friday, with the teams selected,
 Midwest Mounteering                                                            missions given, and Forest Service
 Outdoor Adventure Expo                                                         Safety speech done, the two crews
 Over 60 presentaions and 60                                                    moved out to achieve their
 exhibitors and the BEST SALE of
 the season.
                                        Eagle Mountain /                        objectives. This is where the
                                                                                teamwork, hard work, and some fun

 Dec. 2, 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
                                        Brule Lake Clearing                     came into play. Both units did an
                                                                                outstanding job. The Brule Lake
 Wilder Forest
 Annual Meeting and Holiday
                                        Trip                                    Unit cleared about 80 tree falls
                                                                                while covering much terrain. The
 Gathering                              By Bill Burt                            Eagle Mountain Unit cleared about
 More information in the next Hungry                                            at least 80 trees falls while dealing

  4                  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

with the harder hit areas. The two                                              Martin asked for a couple of
units met in the middle as planned      Minutes:                                members to work with our
roughly ¾ miles east of the river                                               communications consultant. He
Since plans where changed with
                                        KTC Monthly                             expressed concern over recent board
                                                                                resignations, several housekeeping
everyone staying at one place, we
pooled our food resources together
                                        Meeting June 2000                       issues (e.g., mail), and especially the
                                                                                club budget. It was agreed that the
also. Everyone ate very well with a                                             Treasurer and Secretary would
choice of 2 main entrees each night.    President Neal Chapman called the       produce and publish a budget by
Friday night was tacos and a lentil     meeting to order at 7:20 PM             October 1st.
stew. Saturday night’s menu was         Neal recognized Terry Bernhardt for     The meeting was adjourned.
scalloped potatoes with ham and         the highly successful National Trails
bean burritos with a "jello" salad      Day event.
dessert. Breakfasts where bagels        Neal detailed several “pressing
and fresh corn bread or muffins. On
Sunday, Deanne whipped up a
                                        issues”:                                Minutes:
                                        Mark Stange is assuming the duties
"cheesy scrambled egg vegetable         of club secretary in the wake of Dr.
dish". They say an army travels on      Dick Weschle’s resignation. (Dick       KTC Monthly
its stomach. Well this army traveled    will continue as Medical Instructor.)
VERY well that weekend.                 Jackie K. will edit the club            Meeting September
The company was first rate.
Everyone pitched in with camp
                                        newsletter, with Bill Burt and Peter
                                        Sparks to provide content.
                                                                                5, 2000
chores while creating new friends or    Kelly Breit will provide an Excel       Martin Kubik kicked off the meeting
deepening old friendships. With         file of the current database, which     with a very entertaining slide show
engineers, a nurse, a physicist,        we will host on Peter’s server.         of his recent travels on the trails in
insurers, programmers, an exchange      Neal will have USWest set up a new      his native Czech Republic. At the
student from Taiwan, and several        voicemail box                           conclusion, the 13 members present
others that escape me right now,        John K. will lead a hotshot crew in     conducted a regular meeting:
conversations were interesting and      from the west trailheads of both the    Martin announced the recent
lively. Saturday night, while sitting   Kek and Snowbank trails                 resignations. None of the board
around the picnic table talking, one    Fall trips are anticipated for the      members present could expand on
of our crewmembers jumped up            central portion of the Kek – TBD        the terse resignation statement
flailing their arms all around and      Justin Bodie will head a nominating     emailed from President Neal
bouncing up and down frantically.       committee to fill 4 Board openings      Chapman. Mark Stange noted that
Everyone else looked on in              Annual Meeting                          he has been trying unsuccessfully to
amazement and curiosity. When all       Neal to arrange accommodations          reach Neal to transfer status of the
was done, we where informed that a      Martin Kubik will do a history          annual meeting, recent discussions
beetle had crawled up the sleeve of     presentation                            with the U.S. Forest Service, etc.
their sweatshirt. Another member        Replacement needed for Kelly – by       No fall trips are currently planned.
responded with, "You don't have to      next meeting                            Annual Meeting discussion:
squish a bug if you want to dance."     This year’s May trail clearing trips:   Previously planned for Oct 13-14 at
In our opinion, this was a very         146 participants (those who went on     the Gunflint Lodge only a short time
enjoyable, accomplishing clearing       two trips are counted as 2) 566         remains. We might combine it with
trip, and we would like to thank all    person days (= 4528 hours in the        a holiday party
those who participated once again.      woods + 1500 hours advance              Crosscut saw certification:
Oh, and by the way, fishing on the      planning = 6000 volunteer hours         The USFS is tailoring a half-day
Brule was very good.                    provided to the USFS) 123 miles of      course for the KTC
                                        trail cleared                           Membership renewals:
                                        Mark is to contact Dick for club        Mark & Martin will generate a
                                        secretary items.                        renewal letter
                                        Derrick Passe noted that we need to     Jim Luadtke presented the
                                        update our North Country Trail          treasurer’s report: $5300 balance
                                        Association agreement. – Neal will      with all known bills paid
                                        research our old one.                   Concerns:
                                                                                Database maintenance

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                             5
October 2000

Website – looking for a way for                                                    Kekekabic Trail Club
multiple-source input. Yahoo
briefcase is a possible addition (for      NEW BLOOD                               Board Of Directors
club business) to the existing
website (for display)                      WANTED –                                Martin Kubik
                                                                                   Justin Bodie
Newsletter – Bill Burt & Martin to                                                 Derrick Passe
produce a less formal one soon
Bill’s sister is a willing editor (not a
                                           October 17,2000                         Peter Sparks
                                                                                   Jim Luadtke
writer) Derrick Passe will prepare         By Derrick Passe                        Mark Stange
mailing labels                                                                     Bill Burt
Publicizing Board Meetings – will          Join the Trail Committee! Its the       Terry Bernhardt
be in newsletter and on website            easiest way to get the trails cleared
Martin announced he was going on           without sacrificing yourself to the
                                                                                   President - Martin Kubik
a short-notice trip this coming            blood-thirsty mosquitoes, black flies
                                                                                   (651)426-0925 (651)778-5285
Friday to Banning State Park               and ticks. Get in the committee that
Canoe across the river, not far from       works behind the scenes to plan and
the rapids, Members invited.               coordinate the clearing trips. You
The meeting was concluded with             can change the way things are done      Vice President – Derrick Passe
Martin giving out two door prizes          and help make sure that things flow     (715)386-8348 (612)780-4100
(treats from the Czech Republic)           smoothly. From training and tools
                                           to lodging and leaders, we do it all.
                                           We will meet about once a month         Secretary - Mark Stange
Minutes:                                   for about an hour and half, no          (651)483-5373 (612)797-2363
                                           experience required. If meetings
BOD Meeting                                aren't easy to make, we have lots of
                                           things that can be done by phone,       Treasurer - Jim Luadtke
September 5, 2000                          mail or email. Compared to sawing
                                           and nipping this stuff is a piece of
                                           cake, and no hard hats required.
Following the regular meeting, those       The first meeting of the trail
                                           committee will be at 6 PM at            Trail Committee - Derrick Passe
board members present conducted a                                                  (715)386-8348 (612)780-4100
short session on how best to proceed       Midwest Mountaineering on
                                           October 17, 2000. Contact Derrick
following the recent resignations.
                                           Passe if: you are interested in
Martin Kubik was designated our            helping out, will attend, or have any   Peter Sparks
president. Mark Stange will                questions.                              (651)748-0125
continue as secretary, Jim Luadtke         Looking forward to hearing from
as treasurer. Derrick Passe will           you!
become our primary liaison with the                                                Membership - Terry Bernhardt
USFS.                                                                              (651)429-9080
Terry Bernhardt was named to fill
one of the open board positions.
                                           Trail Chatter                           Special Projects - Justin Bodie
                                           By Bill Burt / John Koffski             (651)687-9419
DeadLine for Next                          The Forest Service is doing an
                                           outstanding job clearing the trails
Issue of the Hungry                        after the July 4 storm. We THANK        Newsletter Committee -
                                           YOU most graciously.                    Bill Burt
Beaver                                                                             (507)280-9877 (507)285-8763
The deadline for the November                                                      Shannon Burt
Issue of the Hungry Beaver is              Presently the Forest Service has 40
October 16.                                professional cutting crews. One
Please send contributions to Bill          crew is at the cabin and is working     Public Relations - Vacant
Burt at                    east and west. Two crews are at the     Fundraising - Vacant
                                                                                   Program Committee - Vacant
  6                   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

bridge working east and west. Two                                               memebers make the difference.
crews at Strup Lake working east        The presentation will be at next
                                        KTC membership meeting on               Please use the membership form
and west. Next week another 8 guys
                                        Tuesday, October 3, 7:00 p.m., at       below. Also include a note on any
will join the effort. Their work is
                                        Midwest Mountaineering, 309             area’s which you would like to
scheduled to end October 15,
                                        Cedar Avenue S, Minneapolis, (612)      volunteer, like trail committee,
finished or not.
                                        339-3433 (free validated parking        programs, special events, the annual
So far the Forest Service has over      behind the store).                      meeting, or any special skills you
7000 hours clearing trail. Of that
                                                                                can contribute, like planning,
7000 hours ½ of 1% has been done
                                                                                fundraising, training or leading
with chain saws.                        Has Your                                volunteer crews. The Kek Club is
                                                                                always looking for members to
Nov. 9 Presentation                     Membership                              share in Minnesota’s great North
Hiking in the Big                       Expired?                                Woods.

Horn Mountains                          Did you participate in a trip this      Morning Cous-Cous
                                        year? Are you receiving a free
Terry Bernhardt will give a photo-      membership?                             Ingredients:
illustrated talk about backpacking in                                           1 c. whole wheat cous-cous
the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area of       If so, your free membership expired     2 cups water (boiled)
the Big Horn Mountains in               at the end of August. If you would      brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg
Wyoming.                                like to continue as a KTC member        to taste
                                        (we’d enjoy sending you this            raisens, dried apples, dried coconut,
The Big Horn Mountains are the          newsletter each month) Please           or any other dried fruit of your
closest mountains to Minneapolis-       renew your membership now.              choice
St. Paul that offer alpine              Make sure BWCA trails are
backpacking trails. There will also                                             Directions:
                                        preserved and maintained for years      Boil water and fruit. Add Cous-Cous
be pictures from our own Kelso
                                        to come. They are a vital part of the   and spices. Let sit covered 5 minutes.
Mountain canoeing and hiking
adventure on National Trails Day.       Boundary Waters history. Our            Fluff with fork and serve.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                              7
October 2000
                   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Kekekabic Trail Club
309 Cedar Avenue South                                         Place
Minneapolis, MN 55454                                         Postage


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