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									                Build Wealth Through Home Ownership

                               Motivational Workshop
America Saves
                                   Talking Points
                      Brief introduction of self and America Saves. Explain that
                       America Saves is a broad coalition encouraging Americans to
                       save and build wealth.

                      Sample ice breakers to engage audience:
                          o What is wealth and what did you do to build it last
                          o How will homeownership help you build wealth?

                      Why does America Saves promote homeownership
                         o Homeownership is main path to wealth.
                         o Home equity represents more than 80% of most
                             family’s wealth

                      How homeownership builds wealth
                         o Highly likely that home value will increase.
                         o By paying off your home loan, you own an appreciating

                      Preparing for Homeownership
                          o Develop savings plan to accumulate money for a down
                          o Reduce credit card debt

                      Purchasing a home
                          o Get pre-qualified for a home loan before looking for a
                          o Contact at least three lenders to be sure to get the least
                              expensive loan for which you qualify.

                      Make loan payments on time
                         o Avoid penalty fees.
                         o Maintain an emergency fund.

                                                                          Am erica Saves
                                                                             Build Wealth, Not Debt
Build Wealth Through Home Ownership

    If you have difficulty making payments, seek help
         o Contact your lender immediately. Don’t wait until you’ve missed a payment
             to seek help.
         o Consider contacting a local nonprofit housing counseling organization.

    Be cautious about using home equity
        o Legitimate uses of home equity: big medical bills
        o Least appropriate uses of home equity: unneeded luxuries

    Become a Philadelphia Saver and build wealth through homeownership
        o Philadelphia Savers receive benefits such as a quarterly newsletter,
          opportunities to attend workshops, and access to special savings accounts at
          area banking institutions.
        o Choose a goal and complete the enrollment form today!

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