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									Food Idiom

•   Another/a second bite of the cherry:
    another opportunity to do something
Ex: He missed a medal in the 100M, but
    will get a second bite of the cherry in
    the 400M.

2. Bite someone’s head off: speak to sb
Ex: I asked what was wrong, but he just bit
    my head off.

3. Bite the hand that feeds you
1. My new co-worker is a real peach.
2. She’s the top banana in our company.
3. He’s real ham at office parties.
4. He’s a couch potato.
5. She’s a smart cookie.
6. He wants to ask for a raise, but he’s
7. What’s cooking?
8. The English test was no picnic.
9. He’s nuts about me.
1.   He’s nice.
2.   She’s the boss.
3.   He’s funny.
4.   He’s lazy.
5.   She’s intelligent.
6.   He’s afraid.
7.   What’s new?
8.   It was difficult.
9.   He likes me a lot.
Birthday in Spain

 Everybody will pull kid’s ear on his
 birthday. According to the number of
 his age, people pull his ear.
Birthday in Greece

 Blowing all candles in one breath
 origins from Greece.
 Cake: egg, meaning of birth.
Birthday in Poland

 Some Polish is given their name as
 per the names shown on calendar. So
 besides on the day their were born,
 Polish celebrate their birthday on the
 date belonging to their name.
Birthday in Korea

 After giving baby, mother eat
 “seaweed soup” for getting rid of
 blood and avoid losing hair.
 Birthday is one day which mother
 suffers, so people eat seaweed soup
 on birthday.
1. For an approximate conversion of
   Celsius to Fahrenheit, multiply the
   Celsius temperature by 2 and add
   30. To convert Fahrenheit to
   Celsius, subtract 30 from the
   Fahrenheit temperature and
   divide by 2.
   F = C x 2 + 30         C = (F-30) /

 The street-level floor is called the
 ground floor or the first floor. In North
 America, a traditional superstition is
 that the number 13 is unlucky. For
 this reason, some buildings,
 especially older ones, do not have a
 thirteenth floor.

 The refrigerator door often serves as
 a family posting area for important
 memos, schedules, reminders of
 appointments, “to do” lists of
 household chores, and shopping lists.
 It also often serves as a gallery of
 family photographs and children’s
 artwork. These items are often held to
 the refrigerator door by decorative
 A bed generally consists of a box spring
 and a mattress, which are usually raised
 above the floor on a frame. Bed linen
 consists of sheets and pillowcases. When
 making a bed, a fitted sheet is put on first.
 It has corners sewn with elastic to keep the
 sheet tightly attached to the mattress. This
 is followed by a flat sheet, which does not
 have elastic and is usually tucked under
 the mattress at the foot. Over this, a
 blanket and sometimes a comforter or
 bedspread are added.
Dry cleaners

 A dry cleaners is a business that
 cleans clothing and items made of
 fabric with chemicals instead of water.
 Some dry cleaners may provide other
 services such as making alterations
 and ironing. Laundromats are places
 where you pay money to wash and
 dry your clothes in machines.
Company Benefits
 Benefits are provided by an employer as part of a
 job. They include programs that protect the health
 and well-being of the employee’s family, such as
 health insurance, life insurance, and childcare
 services. Benefits may also include paid time off
 for vacations, holidays, and illness. Some benefit
 plans offer family or parental leave, a period of
 paid time off after the birth of a child, following an
 adoption or foster care placement, or in the case
 of a family member becoming seriously ill or
 injured. Generally, money is deducted from each
 paycheck to cover part of the cost of these
Smoke detector
 An electronic machines that make a loud noise to
 alert people when there is smoke in a building.
 Many state and local laws require all residential
 buildings to have smoke detectors. Smoke
 detectors should be located on the ceiling, ideally
 in a hallway near the bedrooms. Because cooking
 smoke can set off smoke detectors, they should
 not be placed in the kitchen. It is important to test
 the smoke detector batteries once a month and
 replace them once a year. Smoke detectors are
 inexpensive, usually about $10, and are available
 in most home improvement stores.
 Co-payment: A payment made by an individual
 who has health insurance, usually at the time a
 service is received, to offset some of the cost of
 care. Co-payments are a common feature of HMO
 (Health Maintenance Organization) and PPO
 (Preferred Provider Organization) health plans in
 the US. Co-payment size may vary depending on
 the service, generally with low copayments
 required for visits to a regular medical provider
 and higher payments for services received in the
 emergency room, the latter intended to discourage
 insured persons from using the emergency room
 unless it is absolutely necessary. Also called co-
Dress code
 Smart casual means dress casual or
 nice casual clothing, not jeans and a
 T-shirt. Smart is a common adjective
 used in the U.K. to describe
 someone’s appearance or dress. In
 the U.S., people would use the words
 nice, great, or stylish
 a decoration or work of art which has
 many parts that move freely in the air,
 for example hanging from threads
Being a guest
 When invited to someone’s house for diner, it is
 customary in the U.S. to bring something. If
 you’re not sure what to bring, it is perfectly
 acceptable to ask the host. However, the host
 will probably tell you not to bring anything. In that
 case, you decide whether you still want to bring
 something small, like chocolates or candies for
 after dinner. Traditional sweets from your own
 country would be a nice gesture.
 Also, in the U.S., people usually arrive about 15
 minutes after the stated invite time, but not
 earlier. In the U.K., people tend to arrive only a
 few minutes after the invite time. And in either
 country if the invitation says sharp, e.g., 8 o’clock
 sharp, that means you must be there right on
 time at 8.
Baby shower
Traditionally, a baby shower is held only for the
mother-to-be, and only women attend. The
original intent was for women to share wisdom
and lessons on the art of becoming a mother.
Many people choose to have baby showers for
both parents, and some people have a men-only
shower. In Jewish tradition and Ethiopian tradition,
a celebration and gift reception is held only after
the birth of a child.
Traditionally, baby showers were given only for
the family's first child, but over time, it has
become more common to hold them for
subsequent or adopted children.[citation needed]
Even when a shower is held for only the first child,
it is not uncommon for a parent to have more than
one baby shower, such as one with friends and
another with co-workers.

 Throwing rice used to be customary
 at weddings in the U.S., but it is
 dangerous to birds, so most people
 nowadays throw rose petals or rice
 paper confetti that is biodegradable
 ( can break down naturally and wont’
 harm the environment)
Seller Financing
  is a loan provided by the seller of a property
  or business to the purchaser. Usually, the
  purchaser will make some sort of down
  payment to the seller, and then make
  installment payments (usually on a monthly
  basis) over a specified time, at an agreed-
  upon interest rate, until the loan is fully repaid.
  There are no universal requirements
  mandated for seller financing. In order to
  protect both the buyer's and seller's interests,
  a legally-binding Purchase Agreement should
  be drawn up with the assistance of an
  attorney and then signed by both parties.
Number 13

 The street-level floor is called the
 ground floor or the first floor. In North
 America, a traditional superstition is
 that the number 13 is unlucky. For
 this reason, some buildings,
 especially older ones, do not have a
 thirteenth floor.
Sales tax
 In the United States and Canada, a sales
 tax is added to the price of most products,
 although essential items such as food and
 clothing are sometimes exempt. The sales
 tax is not included in the advertised price of
 goods, and it is paid at the time of
 purchase. This tax varies by state or
 province and ranges from 5 to 8 percent of
 the purchase price. For example, with a 5
 percent sales tax, the final price of a $9.99
 item is $10.49.
A rain check
 Rain check began as a baseball term. If a game
 was cancelled because of bad weather, fans could
 use rain checks to attend a subsequent game.
 This term is now commonly used in stores. If an
 item is advertised at a sale price but is sold out or
 is not available, customers can ask for a rain
 check. When the item becomes available,
 customers with a rain check can buy the item at
 the sale price, even if it is no longer on sale. The
 term is also used idiomatically to mean that you
 can’t accept an invitation right now but would like
 to accept it later. For example, if someone invites
 you to an event you can say I’m sorry, but I’m busy
 tomorrow. Can I take a rain check?
Married couple

 Married couples are sometimes
 identified by pluralized form of their
 shared last name. For example, the
 couple Hugo and Marta Rivera is
 labeled The Riveras.
1. How much money does Petruchio owe to the taxman?
   a. 45,000 pounds  b. 54,000 pounds plus interest
   c. 50,000 pounds

2. When Katherine checks her diary to see if she can come to
   Bianca's party, what's written in it?
   a. Chair Select Meeting        b. Drinks with the girls
   c. Empty bins

3. How old is Kate?            a. 38           b. 42
       c. 34

4. What does Katherine do to Robbie at Bianca's party?
   a. Throw a drink over him     b. Kick him
   c. Smash his guitar over his head.

5. What’s Petrochio’s title?
   a. 17th Viscount of Scotney b. The Honorable Baron
   c. 16th Earl of Charlbury
6. Where do Kate and Petruchio go on honeymoon?
   a. Italy           b. France             c. Germany

7. Where does Petruchio hide Kate's mobile phone?
   a. In a refrigerator b. Under a plant pot
   c. In the cooker

8. Who does Mrs Mignola get engaged to?
   a. Tranio          b. Tim Agnew              c. Harry

9. How does Petruchio finally get to his wedding?
   a. On a moped                b. In a taxi               c. On a

10. How many babies does Kate have?
   a. one             b. two        c. three
11. What is the title of this film?
12. How do people describe Kate? (use
13. What does Bianca do?
14. What does Tim do?
15. What does Harry do?
16. What is Kate’s job?
17. Where do Petruchio and Kate first meet?
18. How much does Harry have to give
  Petruchio if Petruchio is married to Kate?
19. What does Petruchio dress like in his
20. Where does Petruchio throw Kate luggage
                           2. Barnes and Noble
1. Grand Central station        Bookstore
3. Central Park Zoo         4. Carnegie Hall
                                             8. St. Patrick’s
                           6. Chrysler       Cathedral

5. Empire State Building

                           9. Guggenheim Museum
Empire State Building

 Still the most famous building in New
 York. A must for all visitors. In the film
 “Sleepless in Seattle”, the man and
 the woman had been arranged to
 meet at the top of this building.
Guggenheim Museum

 Designed by renowned U.S. architect
 Frank Lloyd Wright, this remarkable
 building houses one of the world’s
 great collections of modern art and
St. Patrick’s Cathedral

 This gothic-style cathedral is the
 headquarters of the Roman Catholic
 Church in New York.
Central Park Zoo

 Located on the East Side at 65th
 Street, this zoo has many
 architectural innovations. Make sure
 you visit the indoor rain forest.
Chrysler Building

 When built in 1930, it was the tallest
 building in the world. It’s still
 considered New York’s finest by
 many people.
Barnes and Noble Book store

 An ornate iron and glass building that
 began life in 1913 as a bookstore and
 has been a bookstore ever since.
Carnegie Hall

 Built in 1891, this is one of the most
 popular concert halls in New York.
Grand Central Station

 Constructed between 1903 and 1913,
 it’s not just a place where you catch
 trains. It’s much more than that.

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