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A Luxury that saves you Money
       Problem - Hardness
   Water that contains high levels of dissolved
    calcium or magnesium salts, or both, is            The same scale that clouds your clean sink,
    described as being hard. It is desirable that       builds up in your hot water system, coating
    domestic water supplies contain less than           the element and the insides of the pipes,
    100ppm (mg/L) hardness. The problems it             tank, and boiler.
    causes - pipe scaling, water heater burnout,
    streaky glassware and difficulty in washing        The average hard water home builds 1/16”
    clothes can all be avoided by water                 of scale per year, eventually the whole
    softening.                                          system becomes clogged and useless, in
   A softener removes the calcium and                  need of total replacement (how much will
    magnesium by means of an ion exchange               that cost?). Until then, you are paying to
    bed through which the water passes.                 heat the scale, before heating the water.
    Eventually the exchange capacity of the bed         After five years you could be wasting as
    is exhausted and it is then regenerated with        much as 70% of your fuel bill on heating
    brine solution, made up in a storage tank.          scale.
    Softeners are available in varying sizes to
    suit water consumption with several control
    options - time controlled automatic
    regeneration or the electronic control valve
    which regenerates based on the amount of
    water the softener has treated. Typically
    regeneration is required approximately
   Perhaps the most important benefit is to
    the life expectancy, and running costs, of
    your hot water system.
    Solution -
    An automatic Water Softener
   With soft water none of these horrors happen. Better
    still, with a softener, any system already suffering
    from hard water deposits will be naturally rejuvenated.
    Over a period of time the soft water will dissolve and
    wash away all the scale, ensuring all stays as clean
    and clear as new. It's never too late to save yourself
    money and worry. You won’t see any difference in
    your water you’ll feel it. Easy on your skin, leaving it
    soft and smooth. Gentle on your hair, making it
    healthier and shinier. And not only soft on you, on
    your clothes as well. After washing they will be
    fresher and fluffier. What you will see is a difference in
    your shampoo and detergent bills. They’ll be smaller!
    Hard water is chemically opposed to the good lather
    you want whenever you use soap or detergent. To
    overcome this, you use a lot more - up to twice as
    much. With soft water the lather comes easily and
    stays longer. You will also see a difference in the time
    you spend cleaning baths, sinks and taps.
   Hard water is hard work! Soft water is scale free, so
    you will save time on cleaning and money on
Control Valves

   Whole House Water Treatment

   We have a range of these units, with
    completely automatic control valves.
   The control valve is fitted onto a
    round FRP tank filled with ion
    exchange resin to soften the water
    and comply with the NZ Drinking
    Water Standards.
   The system is installed either between
    the well pump and a water storage
    tank or directly to the house. A
    pressure pump then delivers the
    softened water for the house or
Water Softener capacities

   These larger capacity
    water softeners are best
    used for larger
    households up to small
    commercial applications

   The Windsor cabinet units
    are most suitable for
    apartments and small
   The Windsor features a blow molded
    combination brine and softener cabinet
    with an injection molded salt lid and an
    overall cover designed to accommodate
    the control valve for exceptional
    appearance and strength.
   The Windsor Cabinet unit accommodates
    a mineral tank 10” x 35” high.
   Injection molded cover protects valve
    and controls.
   Removable cover provides easy access
    to controls and mineral tank.
   Blow molded brine compartment resists
    corrosive salts for long dependable
   The large salt port opening allows easy
    filling of coarse salt. The blow molded
    salt port lid has an integrated handle for
    a sure grip.
18” Round Brine Tanks
   Round blow molded 18” brine tanks can
    be used in larger residential and light
    commercial applications.
   Durable materials in plastic provide
    trouble free performance. Ultraviolet
    inhibitors (UVI) are now standard in all
    tanks except black , which has a natural
    resistance to the suns rays.
   Strong construction with secure lid
   Blow molded from high density
    polyethylene to give years of trouble free
   Injection molded grid promotes uniform
    brining and reduced salt bridging.
Brine Tank Assembly
15x17 Series Brine Tank

   Molded of high density polyethylene,
    the 15 x 17 tank is available with an
    attractive blue molded handle cover.
    Ultraviolet inhibitors (UVI) are
    standard in all tanks.
   Advantages:
   Strong and compact.
   Injection molded grid system
    promotes consistent brining and
    reduces salt bridging.
       For further information please contact:

       Sue Kelly
       Free phone: 0800 177 000
       Email:     sue@suekelly.co.nz

Clients Comments:
‘What a difference, everything squeaky clean today, my hair feels so soft. Even Jim commented on how the
water felt in the shower, super soft. He’s a pretty tough guy – no frills, so that says something!! Keep up the
good work Sue. We will certainly be telling friends about our much improved water’. W Cheviot
‘Thanks for your follow up call today to see how we feel about our new Softener. There is a HUGE difference! We
specially notice the soft water in the shower – so much easier on our skin. Many Thanks’. A&S Waipara
‘You asked us to let you know about your quality of service and to date we have been unable to fault it. The
plumber you arranged to install the water filtration was more than helpful and very clear when giving us
information about ongoing use of the system. Overall a flawless service!’ K&J Amberley

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