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					Wildflower Hunt 2011

Fundraising project by Mary Tebble for the
         Scottish Seabird Centre
                       WILD FLOWER RECORDING PROJECT
                            1 March to 31 October 2011

                                      Mary Tebble


To record as many as possible different species of wild flowers in bloom in the Lothians
between 1 March and 31 October 2011

To try to raise money for the Scottish Seabird Centre by making this a project for people to
sponsor me, to encourage me to complete the task. Money donated will go directly to the
Scottish Seabird Centre for the Centre's Charity work.

Value of the Project
1. To record the species-rich flora of the Lothians by providing a small personal snapshot
in time.
2. To encourage people to look at Scottish Wild Flowers and to delight in them and to
value them; and to enjoy the lovely countryside.
3. To check whether a species seen in flower in the past, in a certain location, is still
blooming there.
4. To keep up-to-date lists during the period to enable people to check which flowers have
already been found. The lists will be kept in two different ways:-
a) Numerically, to record how many species have been found to date and where, and
b) Alphabetically, using the scientific names of the plants. This list prevents duplication,
and enables people to check easily which flowers have been found and when and where.
This list will be in the form of a book "The Wild Flower Society's Field Botanist's Record
Book" which will be kept by me at my house. It can readily be consulted if an enquiry is
received by the Seabird Centre's staff.
5. To encourage people to make lists themselves.To do this, a person must try to identify
the plant in order to write down its name.

Rewards for the sponsors
1. Sponsors can be offered a copy of the complete list early in November 2011, if they
request one.
2. It is an opportunity to help the Scottish Seabird Centre financially.
3. Sponsors can look for these flowers knowing that they can be found in certain locations
and that they flower at certain times of the year.

Rewards for me
1. I get out into the open air, and into beautiful surroundings.
2. I can indulge my love of wild flowers.
3. I can refresh my knowledge of botany, and can recall the common names and scientific
names of the plants.
4. I can talk about my search with other friends and botanists and enjoy their company.
5. My mobility may improve with the extra exercise.
6. I have an interesting ongoing project to undertake for 8 months.
7. As part of the project, I am filling in my own Wild Flower Diary for 2011 to send to the
Wild Flower Society in November.
8. I can feel that I am helping the Scottish Seabird Centre financially in an unusual way,
and will be able to contribute to the Lothian Region's Biodiversity Officer's woodland

Why is this Project particularly challenging for me?
1. I have an arthritic knee which limits my mobility.
2. I am 82 years old and tire more easily now.

1. Bad weather.
2. Inaccessibility of locations.
3. Health problems.
4. Cost of petrol for car.
5. The need to know which months the species flowers and where.
6. Need for persistent searching, day after day, week after week, month after month.
7. The need to ask people to sponsor me (the least enjoyable aspect of the project).
8. Will my stamina and energy allow me to persist: it is a test of endurance and will-power.

What is a Wild Flower? (For this project?)
1. Each plant should be genuinely wild ie a plant that has not been planted or cultivated.
2. Weeds in gardens, plants that have escaped from gardens (if far enough away), and
casual agricultural plants, and plants that have become naturalised, can all be counted - if
these plants are numbered in the New Flora of the British Isles, by C.A, Stace.
3. Most of the flowering plants are included, as are ferns, grasses, rushes and sedges,
trees and horsetails too, but not mosses, liverworts, fungi or algae.
4. Each plant can be counted only once.
5. Each plant must have at least one floret open on the day it is recorded.

Procedure for the Wild Flower Hunt
1. Make lists of plants flowering each month noting the actual date previously seen and the
places in which they were found over ten years ago.
2. Go to those places around that time to try to find the flowers.
3. Later, when getting home, make a rough list, check that the scientific name of the
species has not been changed due to DNA analysis, fill in WFS diary, and add these
flowers to the numerical list.
4. At intervals, put additions to the numerical list on computer and send them to the
Seabird Centre for them to put them on their website. The Seabird Centre will make paper
copies to display in the Windy Room and for me.
5. Try to get people to sponsor me. (This is the least enjoyable part of the project)
Sponsoring me on line may not be successful.
6. Urge Centre staff to publicise the project.

Reference Books
1. "Collins Pocket Guide: Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe" by Richard Fitter,
Alastair Fitter and Marjorie Blamey.1996
2. "The Illustrated Flora of Britain and Northern Europe" by Marjorie Blamey and
Christopher Grey-Wilson.1989
3. "A Field Guide to the Trees of Britain and Northern Europe” by Alan Mitchell.1974
4. "The Illustrated Field Guide to Ferns and Allied Plants of the British Isles" by Clive Jermy
and Josephine Camus.1993
5. "Collins Pocket Guide to Grasses, Sedges, Rushes and Ferns of Britain" by R. Fitter,
A. Fitter and A. Farmer.1995
6. " New Flora of the British Isles" by Clive Stace.1992
7. "Plant Life of Edinburgh and the Lothians". 2002
8. "Check list of the Flowering Plants and Ferns of East Lothian" (editied by A.J. Silverside
and E.H. Jackson. 1988)
9. "Check list of the Flowering Plants and Ferns of West Lothian". (compiled and editied by
Jacqueline Muscott. 1989)
10. "Check list of the Flowering Plants of Midlothian" (compiled and edited by Douglas R.

Reliability of identification
If after using the flower, etc. books, I cannot identify any plant, I will check it out with other
botanists. If necessary, I will send it to the regional recorder.

                         MARY TEBBLE’S WILD FLOWER HUNT
                                    Diary of “The Hunt”
   Reported in the Scottish Seabird Centre’s edition of their bulletin which is ‘the weekly
  newsletter of the Scottish Seabird Centre, an independent charity dedicated to inspiring
                   people to care for wildlife and the natural environment’.

Friday 4 March 2011                                                         Issue No. 500
Funding Flower Power: Mary Tebble is taking on an unusual challenge to raise money for
the Centre and we hope you will give her your support. Mary is attempting to record as
many species of wild flowers as possible within the Lothians between 1 March and 31
October 2011, following the rules of the Wild Flower Society. She will be keeping everyone
up-to-date on her progress via www.seabird.org, the members’ magazine and the weekly

If you would like to sponsor Mary in her challenge, please visit
http://www.justgiving.com/mary-tebble Sponsorship forms are also available from the
Seabird Centre.

Mary writes:-

I went for my first Wild Flower Hunt on Tuesday 1 March. These are the plants I found in
Alder Alnus glutinosa, Daisy Bellis perennis, Hazel Corylus avellana,Winter Aconite
Eranthus hyemalis, Snowdrop Galanthus nivalis, Green Hellebore Helleborus viridis, Giant
Butterbur Petasites japonica, Annual Meadow Grass Poa annua, Goat Willow Salix caprea,
Groundsel Senecio vulgaris, Common Chickweed Stellaria media and Gorse Ulex

All these flowering plants are illustrated in the Collins Pocket Guide: "Wild Flowers of
Britain and Northern Europe" by Richard Fitter, Alastair Fitter and Marjorie Blamey. 1996

In future bulletins, I will be reporting progress on my Wild Flower Hunt.

Friday 11 March 2011                                                         Issue No. 501
I have now found a few more wild plants in flower since last week when I commenced my
Wild Flower Hunt 2011. I am hoping people will sponsor me in my search, or alternatively,
that I may receive donations, to try to raise funds for the Scottish Seabird Centre. I am
grateful that the office is keeping a complete list for me until I complete my search at the
end of October. A list will also be on display in the Windy Room in the Seabird Centre’s
Discovery Centre. So far, I have found 36 different species in flower. For your interest, I
can count "weeds" in gardens, and "garden escapes" (as long as they have escaped far
enough) but not obviously planted or cultivated plants. It is WILD flowers I am seeking!

Friday 18 March 2011                                                      Issue No. 502
I am having fun with my Wild Flower Hunt and have found 44 species in bloom so far. I
have put two books by Roger Phillips, (one illustrating flowers and another illustrating
grasses and ferns) in the Volunteers' locker in the Windy Room. They contain many of the
species on my list. Please do use them if you think they will be useful to you, but do not
remove them from the Windy Room, please.

Friday 24 March 2011                                                      Issue No. 503
I have now recorded 50 species of wild plants in flower for my Wild Flower Hunt. This
includes some ferns, trees and one grass so far. Diane has prepared an up-to-date list to
put on the Windy Room Notice Board. I have received £100 already in sponsorship money
with the written promises of a further £45. Thank you very much for your support which is
raising funds for the Seabird Centre. The money donated will go immediately into the
Seabird Centre Account, with a spreadsheet of the details of the donors and donations
received to be kept in the Seabird Centre office. The Seabird Centre accountants will be
able to claim the Gift Aid, based on these details.

Friday 1 April 2011                                                            Issue No. 504
I have now found and identified 70 wild plants in bloom since 1 March. Diane will be
putting up the list of new ones on the Notice Board in the Windy Room as well as
displaying the complete list as it is so far, on our Seabird Centre Website. A nice
gentleman brought me a Sweet Violet, Speedwell and a piece of Groundsel last week, and
another lady put a Lesser Celandine in an envelope for me. I was very touched. Of
course, I really have to go and see them in situ myself to judge if I can count them for my
list. A Volunteer was so interested in the project that she took photos of flowers she had
found herself to let me see them. So the project is having nice spinoffs! I am hoping to get
more sponsorship money now I am up and running. Do tell your friends! Sponsorship is
really a donation to the Seabird Centre! Any sponsors who do not have computers will be
able to receive a Complete List of all the plants I record (if they want and ask for one) when
I finish my project at the end of October 2011.
Thursday 7 April 2011                                                     Issue No. 505
My Wild Flower List has now grown to 88. I am really enjoying doing it as it helps me to
remember the flower names (which go from the mind if not regularly recalled) and to go
back to those lovely places, where I found the species before, to find out if they are still
flowering there. Also, it gets me out into the open air and to enjoy our wonderful Lothian
countryside. I can recommend it!

Friday 15 April 2011                                                       Issue No. 506
The latest total for my Wild Flower Hunt is 114 species. I am a bit miffed that weed-killer
was put on my cherished plant outside my front door before it had time to flower - it was
just a "weed" to the exterminator employed by the Council to tidy the area. To me it was a
baby "Purple Toadflax" plant. Oh well, I'm sure I will find another of its ilk blooming

Thursday 21 April 2011                                                     Issue No. 507
On the visit to and from Whitesands with the Birders, I was able to add to my list of Wild
Flowers. It is now 137 species. The sun came out late in the day and flowers were
opening all around. I was particularly pleased to find Small Nettle and Bugloss in a quarry
and Ramsons in a nearby spinney on my way back from the shore at Whitesands.

Thursday 28 April 2011                                                   Issue No. 508
My Flower Hunt is continuing apace, 177 different species to date. One of my aims in
doing the project is to encourage people to go out into the countryside to look at plants
(and other living things). I visited a little wood near Pencaitland yesterday, and was
delighted to find a carpet of Wood Forget-Me Nots, Pink Purslane and Large Bittercress all
in flower. Blackcaps, wrens, a thrush and goldfinches were singing and many butterflies
including small tortoiseshells and peacocks were enjoying the sun. And all this is free for
all of us to see.

Diane is posting an up-to-date list of the flowers I have found in bloom, on the
Notice Board in the Windy Room and also on the Seabird Centre website. People could
visit the places where I have been and find them there too.

Friday 6 May 2011                                                              Issue No. 509
My Wild Flower Hunt is proceeding well. A botanist friend and I visited Claiglockhart Dell in
Edinburgh on 3 May, where we found interesting plants not commonly seen elsewhere
particularly Wood Goldilocks Ranunculus auricomus, and Plantain-leaved Leopard's Bane
Doronicum plantagineum on the banks above the Water of Leith. To date I have found 231
different species. I am pleased that I will be able to contribute to the Biodiversity Officer for
the County's Woodland Project by recording some of the Ancient Woodland Species that I
find. It is interesting that 2011 is the International Year for Woodlands. If anyone else
would like to help with this survey, I have some forms that can be filled in.

Friday 13 May 2011                                                             Issue No. 510
My Flower Hunt is progressing well. I have now found and identified 266 different species.
Charlie is going to try to increase sponsorship for the project by publicising what I am doing
more widely.

I found many marshland species in flower this week when I visited Aberlady Bay Local
Nature Reserve. It was particularly pleasing to find Common Butterwort Pinguicula vulgaris
on a little path off the main track before reaching the Marl Loch. At Longniddry Bents
Burnet Rose Rosa spinosissima is blooming in many places. In the Wild Flower Garden at
the Seabird Centre, Biting Stonecrop Sedum acre is beginning to come into flower, and will
soon be seen in all sorts of places locally, on roof tops and rocky crevasses

In my next bulletin reports, I will omit the Latin names of the plants.

Friday 20 May 2011                                                        Issue No. 511
My Wild Flower total has increased to 325 different species. A botanist friend and I
explored Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh today and added 17 new ones to the list. It is
interesting that many coastal plants can also be found happily established around the
rocks of Arthur's Seat. Today, for instance, we found Viper's Bugloss, Bloody Cranesbill,
Rock Rose and Toadflax, all of which are in the Seabird Centre's coastal Wild Flower
garden. We also found the scarce little fern, Forked Spleenwort, and the even rarer hybrid
between Forked Spleenwort and Wall Rue, the parents of which were growing close

Friday 27 May 2011                                                           Issue No. 512
My latest total is 340 different species found and identified. The Esk River Walk has a rich
flora which makes it a very rewarding place to look for wild flowers. Nine new species were
spotted. The Walking with Birds group were very interested to be shown Fringe Cups
growing by the river. Dames Violet was also very prolific. We also looked at the field to the
east of the Walk which was absolutely filled with Giant Hogweed plants (one of which was
already in flower for me to count!). We could not understand why this field is remaining
uncleared of this highly invasive plant which can cause skin damage. I met and talked with
Nick Aitken who sent his best wishes to all his friends at the Seabird Centre where he used
to work. He is now the East Lothian Ranger for the Musselburgh area. Today he was
inspecting the great damage caused by the recent high winds. We all saw many willows
and other trees that had been blown down. I informed Nick about my project and he
reminded me of some of the area’s specialities, for instance Yellow Star of Bethlehem
which I have not found yet this year.

Friday 3 June 2011                                                           Issue No. 513
My Wild Flower Hunt is going strong - the latest total is 391 different species found. 400 is
the next milestone. On Monday I joined a birding group to go to the highest accessible-to-
me parts of the Lammermuirs. I found deep blue Heath Milkwort and little fleshy Heath
Bedstraw growing close together near Faseny Water. Bell Heather was in flower near
Whiteadder Reservoir, west of Summer Hill and there was a white sea of Cotton Grass
covering the marshy higher tops. My botanist friend and I visited Pepper Wood, near
Kirkliston, on Tuesday and we were delighted to find a lovely patch of May Lily in flower. It
has been there for many years. We also clambered around the Craigie Quarry and found
two specialities of the location: Small Cudweed prolific on the gravel tracks and Mossy
Stonecrop clothing the ground red near the entrance to the Quarry. A policeman looking for
a missing man accosted us. I told him about my project. He wished he could join in, rather
than seek troubled men! (He told us an interesting thing - he had a device that could
pinpoint the location of anyone with an active mobile phone. Mine, as usual, was not on,

and was in my car.That was a good lesson in safety first. I will always take mine with me,
from now on).

Friday 10 June 2011                                                            Issue No. 514
The full list of wild flowers found to date can be accessed on the website www.seabird.org
through the ‘Wildlife’ section by clicking on ‘Wild Flower Hunt’ which can be found on the
left hand side of that particular page. Mary has found and identified over 400 species to
date. Among her latest listings is the lovely coastal flora outside the Seabird Centre office.

Friday 17 June 2011                                                         Issue No. 515
My latest total is 444 with only 56 more to reach the magic number of 500 species found in
flower in the Lothians from 1 March 2011. This week my big excitement was finding
Henbane (a very poisonous but somewhat spectacular, scarce plant) at John Muir Country
Park near Dunbar. Not far away, in a tangle of grasses on a little hill slope, I spotted the
red flowers of Houndstongue, another less common species, the seeds of which give it it's
name. Altogether that morning, I added 12 new finds to my list which included an orchid,
Lesser Twayblade and pretty little Quaking Grass. A totally delightful morning.

Friday 24 June 2011                                                      Issue No. 516
My latest total is now 475. The areas searched this week were Aberlady Bay Nature
Reserve and the roads on the way to Haddington from North Berwick. At Aberlady, I was
able to enjoy seeing many flowers of Ragged Robin in the marsh; this is becoming quite a
scarce plant. My best find on the way to Haddington was Musk Mallow (not pink, but white,
unusually) on a hilly slope near the turn-off to Drem Airfield.
I must apologise for my error in last week's bulletin when I reported wrongly, "Lesser
Twayblade" in John Muir Country Park, when I really meant "Common Twayblade". The
former is much rarer and found in a different habitat.

Friday 1 July 2011                                                          Issue No. 517
This week’s Bulletin says:- “I thank friends who have generously sponsored me this week.
I really value your support. I have now found and identified 511 species in flower since the
beginning of March. This week, interesting finds were Round-leaved Cranesbill and Black
Horehound at the far end of the East Bay in North Berwick, and huge Cotton Thisle, aka
Scottish Thistle, near Drem. Also, I was delighted to spot Monkshood in a ditch near
Kingston. I visited Tantallon Castle and found Wood Vetch flowering, as in previous years,
in the moat and on the walls of the Castle. This is one of its only sites in East Lothian.
Dittander was also there, but not yet in flower. This scarce plant has been recorded at this
site for over a hundred years”.

Friday 8 July 2011                                                         Issue No. 518
A special thank you to North Berwick in Bloom for the marvellous new biodiversity garden
outside the office featuring local plants. Some of the recovered stones from a 7th Century
settlement discovered when the tunnel was being constructed have been used in the new

My latest total is 550 plants found and identified in the Lothians since I started the project
on 1 March. My botanist friend and I visited Red Moss beyond Balerno this week. We were
able to record many sedges, grasses and rushes that like the marshy habitat, and an
orchid or two. I also visited Bolton Muir Wood, not far from Haddington, that holds some
interesting plants. I was delighted to find Creeping Lady’s Tresses and Wintergreen in
flower. On the way home, I spotted two stands of Giant Bellflower in a wayside ditch that
were spectacular.

Friday 15 July 2011                                                      Issue No. 519
Latest total = 608 species.
This week, I drove down the new road to Whitesands from Dunbar and was surprised and
delighted to find Hoary Plantain, Wild Carrot, Common Cudweed and Bristly Oxtongue
all in flower. These are scarce plants in Lothian, as are Duke of Argyll's Teaplant and
White Ramping Fumitory which I searched for and found in Dunbar.

A recent visit to Aberlady Bay yielded 18 species that I had not recorded previously this
year. These included several sedges and rushes, but also Greater Bladderwort, which has
been in this one particular marshy area for many years. I was particularly grateful to Stan
da Prato for telling me where to find a beautiful Pyramidal Orchid. My botanist friend was
just touching and admiring it when a Dark Green Fritillary butterfly landed on her hand.
What a joy!

Friday 22 July 2011                                                         Issue No. 520
Now that I have found and identified 629 species of wild flowers, I have to seek out the
scarcer species. This week, I explored the now very overgrown track from Gullane village
to Luffness Castle.
By crawling under two broken fences, I was able to find a gloriously flowering House Leek
(also known as Hen and Chicks) on a wall near to the Castle which I had found previously
ten years ago on the same date. I also came across a miniature Hen and Chicks in the
first cauldron on Anchor Green, leading down from the Seabird Centre to The Lifeboat
Station. I went also to Gullane Links to look for another wee plant (an uncommon weed). I
did not find it but I did find Tree Lupin on top of the hill.
My project is generating interesting spin-offs: an artist who loves painting wild flowers, a
lecturer wanting to photograph them, and a retired botanist, have all thanked me for my list
which is online. So it is very important to keep it up-to-date.

I wish to thank friends, Volunteers, Board Members, Bird Group members and others who
have already sponsored me and thus helped me to raise money for the Scottish Seabird
Centre. It is enormously encouraging and helpful to me to have your generous support.

Friday 29 July 2011                                                           Issue No. 521
New total = 657 species to date.
This week, I visited Binning Wood where I was lucky enough to find little Trailing Tormentil
on a woodland path, then on to Traprain Law to discover previously not-recorded (by me)
Rock Stonecrop on the quarry floor. Another day, I went to John Muir Country Park to look
for, and found, Strawberry Clover prolific where the salt marsh joins the low dunes.
Beautiful Grass of Parnassus was in a damp area in Hedderwick Plantation. At Luffness,
Saracen's Woundwort (isn't this an amazing name?) was still thriving at the edge of the
Golf Course. Later in the week, Edinburgh yielded Shaggy Soldier as a pavement weed,
and Wild Basil in Blackford Glen. This is a wonderful time of the year for wild flowers.

Friday 5 August 2011                                                         Issue No. 522
The latest total is 680 species. The most interesting place that I visited this week (with a
helpful friend) was Catcune, near Gorebridge. This has a very special SWT verge on which
we found Warty Cabbage (with plenty of warts on the stem and fruit!), Leafy Spurge and
Wild Lentil. These are very scarce plants and I was pleased to see that they were still
there and in flower - ten years since I last found them. It was a lovely sunny day and we
finished up having tea in Haddington.

I wish to thank the Seabird Centre office staff for tussling with my flower list to make paper
copies and for putting it into a new format for the website.

Friday 12 August 2011                                                       Issue No. 523
I have now found and identified just over 700 species. Thank you to the office staff for
helping me to check and produce the new list which is now on the website:
http://www.seabird.org/wildflowerhunt.asp Kirsty is a real whizz kid with her fast fingers on
the computer keys. Amazing skills!

I visited two particularly interesting locations this week in my search. I was given
permission to visit Broxmouth House grounds near Dunbar (once the HQ of Oliver
Cromwell) to see if an unusual hybrid was still surviving by the wee burn there. Yes, I was
delighted to find this: Hedge Bedstraw x Lady's Bedstraw (and its parents) just holding on,
despite the grass having been mown a few inches away. The other rewarding visit was to a
collection of allotments in Edinburgh today. Here there are numerous weeds which thrive
because, unlike in a farmer's field, they are not sprayed regularly. My botanist friend and I
were lucky that a mutual friend owns one of the allotments and told us of some of her
unwanted visitors. We found many new species for my list, helped also by the presence of
a wild life pond which had a magnificent “flowering rush" and a very unusual "duckweed".
This Wild Flower Trail has all the excitement and pleasure of a long Treasure Hunt. I'm
sure you all must envy me!

Next week, I plan to visit the old Bings of West Lothian and hope to find some special "club
mosses" which thrive in the shale.

Friday 19 August 2011                                                      Issue No. 524
My new total is 719 species. Most plants have flowered by now, so my total will grow only
slowly from now on.
My botanist friend, Jackie Muscott, the Recorder for West Lothian, and I visited Philpstoun
Bing this week. No Club Mosses were found there but we saw many Deadly Nightshade
plants on the shale slopes - a forbidding-looking, poisonous species and very scarce. We
also saw Great Lettuce: a rare record of this plant in the Lothians. In fact, it has quickly
colonised this Bing, with many huge plants well established. This was very exciting for us

My other visit, on my own, was to Humbie river valley, by the Old Church. I found the very
tall (about 4 foot in height) species of a Scurvy Grass, still thriving there. This is a very rare
plant, possibly the only colony recorded in Scotland. Crucifer expert, Tim Rich said, "This
is a plant of the mountains of Southern Spain. I can't think how it came to be in Humbie. It
has also been recorded in Nottingham. The Nottingham plants were traced to seed that
had been used experimentally in a laboratory and then tossed out, doubtless down a drain.
                                              - 10 -
It is interesting that these Humbie plants are close to water!” So, you see, botanists have
also to become detectives!

Friday 26 August 2011                                                       Issue No. 525
This week’s Bulletin says: Mary Tebble has now raised £451 in sponsorship - that is about
50p a plant!
She writes: my total is now 746 species. I should stress that I do not collect the flowers, I
merely find and try to identify them, if necessary taking the book to the flower, not the
flower to the book. This week my friend Jackie Muscott, the highly-respected botanist, and
I visited another Bing in West Lothian. Jackie showed me the little Clubmosses on its
summit. There were three different species: masses of Stag's-horn clubmoss crawling
around and a few patches of Alpine and Fir clubmosses which were more difficult to find.
Jackie's satnav handset was invaluable.

We visited a car park in Bo'ness where Jackie showed me two unusual residents: Annual
Knawel (I have seen this tiny plant only once before on Mull) and an attractive recent
arrival, Narrow-leaved Ragwort which I have never seen before. Maybe it was brought in
by a visitor from England. It has established itself happily, with several plants in flower to
be seen.

Next week, I hope to report on a second trip to the Lammermuirs to see some late
flowering plants.

Friday 2 September 2011                                                       Issue No. 526
My total is now 766 species found and identified.
This week, I have searched in Binning Wood (to no avail), and Tyninghame Pond area,
where I found three different species of Mint and Water Figwort. My search for Tomato
plants in flower at the edge of the shore (found previously, but not flowering), was thwarted
because the high tide had swept all these plants away. However, there is a Tomato plant
growing in the sand near my front door which, I am hoping, may flower soon.

The visit to the Lammermuirs today was very enjoyable, with lovely weather and scenery.
The moors were purple with heather. We saw wheatears, grouse and several birds of prey.
I had targeted 11 new species for our search. We found just the leaves of three of these,
and could not find anymore anywhere. We did find Purple Moor Grass, Brown Bent,
Lemon-scented Fern, Bitter Vetch, Red Bistort and Sand Spurrey all in flower, which was
I would like to thank Jackie again for her help; it is good to share the excitement with
another botanist.

Friday 9 September 2011                                                    Issue No. 527
My latest total is 780 species found and identified.
This week finding new flowers has been more difficult. I have to search for the more
elusive plants now and they are not always found where I go to seek them. I could not find
Common Fleabane at Aberlady in its usual location and the walk there was long and tiring.
However, I decided to visit Gosford House Grounds (£1 for a day pass, which can be
purchased at the cafe/shop). Much to my delight, the first thing I found was a stand of the
rare plant, Common Fleabane! I had no idea that it grew there.

                                            - 11 -
My second productive outing was to Ware Road, near Tyninghame, where I found a
species of Watercress climbing up the hedgerow and Green Figwort in a ditch. Today on
the bird walk, I found another unusual flower that I have never found before. It was Yellow
Vetch growing by the path to one of the lagoons at Musselburgh. That gave me great

If any of you can persuade others to sponsor me in my project, you will be helping the
Scottish Seabird Centre because the money donated goes towards developing the
charitable work of the Seabird Centre.

Friday 16 September 2011                                                        Issue No. 528
My latest total is 793 species found and identified. I will not find many more now.
My best find this week was Yellow Horned Poppy near Skateraw; two plants with buds and
one flower, but I could not find any seedlings so I hope the plant will be found again next
year. It is rare in Lothian but has been found in this location for several years now.

A friend and I visited Dunglass Collegiate College grounds (just within East Lothian!) and
found Himalayan Knotweed, a scarce plant, in flower near the pond there, as in previous
years, but no Giant Knotweed which I had found there a year or two ago.

I visited Smeaton Hepburn Lake Walk the day after and (although I did not know it was
there) found Giant Knotweed in flower at the West End of the pond as well as a stand of
Lesser Bulrush which I went to find.

Friday 23 September 2011                                                  Issue No. 529
This Bulletin says: As Mary reaches the end of her Wild Flower odyssey, we are delighted
to report that she has found and identified 801 wild flowers to date – a truly remarkable
achievement that has seen Mary scrambling and clambering her way around East Lothian,
visiting many inaccessible and inhospitable spots.
She writes: I have now recorded 801 species of Wild Flowers that I have found in bloom
since 1 March in the Lothians. I do not expect to find many more. I have vastly exceeded
my target of 500 species.

My greatest find this week was a species never before recorded in East Lothian called
‘Shaggy Soldier’. There were many of this plant growing at the edge of an arable field in
Station Road not far from the old railway bridge between North Berwick and Dirleton. I
stopped there just as a casual place to look as it appeared interesting. It certainly was! The
Botanical Recorder for the area, Helen Jackson, was very pleased to hear of my find, and I
gave her full instructions about the location. In return, she told me of a rare plant growing
near Dunbar, which she plans to try to see this month. I may be lucky enough to hear from
her how I can find it, too.

Friday 30 September 2011                                                      Issue No. 530
My total is now 812 wild flower species found and Identified since 1 March. I have had
some exciting happenings this week. I visited the Millerhill area near Edinburgh on 24
September because I was told that there is a ‘botanically-rich’ site there just south of The
Fort Shopping Centre. I found it, explored it, and found Twiggy Mullein in flower, which was
a plant that I had seen only in West Lothian. I got a bit lost on the way back, and was very

                                            - 12 -
relieved when I saw my little car in the distance waiting patiently for my return. I will go
back to this site before the end of October to find other species reported to be there.

I went to the Gallery of Modern Art on 27 September, to gain access to the Water of Leith
Walkway to look for Canadian Golden Rod, and found it, almost over, but with one or two
flowers still out. I was also able to see the Mistletoe in the lime tree in the car park that I
had seen earlier this year but had omitted to record it.

But today, Wednesday, was my red-letter day, because I had been told by the Recorder for
the area, Helen Jackson, where to find the rare plant I mentioned in the last Bulletin. She
also gave me the grid references for two other star plants nearby. So, in today's lovely
sunshine, I set off for the John Muir Country Park. I walked to nearby the location and saw
two gentlemen looking at the ground and asked if they were botanists. No, but they had a
satnav with them and helped me to find all three plants. Extraordinarily, one of them turned
out to be a gentleman I had met before who had helped a group that I had taken to
Northumberland on a Natural History holiday. He and his friend had travelled from
Northumberland on a Natural History outing. When I said that I came from North Berwick,
this man said ‘I know only one person from there, a 'Mary Tebble'! I quickly told him that
that was me!

So together we found the wonderful plants: Rock Samphire, which I had never seen before
because it is very rare in the area, Sea Holly (the first record in East Lothian for 77 years)
and Orange Peel Clematis, which had established itself producing several healthy little
shrubs amid the dunes. This is, of course a garden escape.

It seems that East Lothian is continuing to surprise us with its newcomers, I felt so lucky.

Friday 7 October 2011                                                       Issue No. 531
I am still finding a few new flowers. My latest total is 817. Diane is doing a valiant job
keeping up-to-date with the list for the website.
At last, I have found a tomato plant in flower on the shore at Prestongrange. The plant near
my front door blew over in the wind before it bloomed!
The gentleman who I met at John Muir Country Park sent me some beautiful photos of the
Rock Samphire and Sea Holly that we found together (before he went off to look for
dragonflies and damselflies, which were the main target for his camera that day. He was
very generous to delay his own search to help me).

His lovely prints have prompted me to plan, tentatively, a new personal project for myself
next year: to try to take photos of some of my plants myself. I know nothing about
photography and so I do not know if that aim will come to fruition. It may be out of my
league altogether and I might become frustrated and have to abandon the enterprise. Can
anyone give me advice about how to start which does not involve great expenditure of
money? ‘Photography for complete beginners’ would be the best!

Friday 14 October 2011                                                   Issue No. 532
Total to date is now 826.
This week, Jackie and I went to Red Moss near Balerno, to explore the beautifully
constructed "Board Walk" above the Moss, which makes looking at the plants below so
easy. There is also wheelchair access. We went to find species that I had been unable to
                                             - 13 -
identify earlier in the year so that Jackie could help me.This has added to my total this
Today, I went to West Barns to see if a species recorded there ten years ago was still
there. I could not find it, but I went on to visit Belhaven Bay from the Shore Road Car Park.
I was astounded and absolutely delighted to find two new species on the waste ground
there:- Spotted Medick and Milk Thistle, both of which have unusual leaves. There was no
flower on the thistle but the Wild Flower Society Recorder for the area reminds me that I
am a member of the Valhalla group which means that when filling in my Diary I do not
need to find the plant in flower to enter it into my Wild Flower Diary. As long as I can
recognise the leaves, that is enough. I should explain that when one has filled in one's
diary for several years and recorded the requisite number of different species, one gets
promoted to Valhalla!

Friday 21 October 2011                                                   Issue No. 533
Total to date is now 829.
My friend, Jackie, has been enthusiastic in searching Edinburgh for possible additions to
show me so that I can add them to my list. This week, we found the unusual sedge,
Galingale, near Blackford Pond, and Flattened Meadow Grass near Blackford
Glen. On Friday, we hope to visit West Lothian for possible new finds. So, the search

Friday 28 October 2011                                                    Issue No. 534
My hunt will end on 31st October, my latest total is 836 species found and identified since
1 March.

Last week I visited West Lothian and found three interesting new plants in flower near
Philpstoun Bing. Two of them I had never seen before: they were flowering along a set-
aside field edge. These were Field Woundwort and Purple Viper's Buglass. Very exciting
for me!

The Wild Flower Society sets an annual challenge for its members asking them to see how
many species they can find in flower during the period 25th to 31st October. I have risen to
the challenge this year. So far, accompanied occasionally by an enthusiastic and
knowledgeable friend, I have seen over 100 species. We will continue this last Week Hunt
until 31 October. I think the count all over the British Isles this year will be high because
many species are continuing to produce flowers later. Perhaps the climate has played a

Friday 4 November 2011                                                      Issue No. 535
This week’s Bulletin says:-Mary Tebble’s Wild Flower Hunt ended on Monday and she has
found and identified 840 species to date. This challenge has seen Mary travel the length
and breadth of the county and has introduced her to many areas that many of us will never
visit, or find! Very well done, Mary. Sponsorship monies will be collected up until the
Members’ evening, 17 November.
She writes:- My final total is 840 species found in flower and identified between 1 March
and 31 October.

This last week, accompanied several times by my friend, the well-known botanist, Jackie
Muscott, I have been taking part in the Wild Flower Society's ‘Last Week Hunt’ challenge to
                                            - 14 -
discover how many plants can be found in bloom during the last week of October. My
personal hunt has been confined to the Lothians. Soon, I will be sending off my Wild
Flower Society Diary, which contains details of my finds for the main hunt, and the Last
Week Hunt. For the latter, I found exactly 200 wild flowers in bloom. My full list and the
results of my Last Week Hunt will be put on the Scottish Seabird Centre's Website, with
instructions how to access them. I hope that they will be accessible by the middle of next
week. Later on, I will compile the inevitable list of "Errata"!

As my Hunt is now at an end, I am chasing up the promises of sponsorship that were
made at the beginning of the year. If you would like to sponsor me, just send a cheque
made payable to the Scottish Seabird Centre to me, Mary Tebble, c/o The Seabird Centre,
The Harbour, North Berwick, EH39 4SS. Please write out your address and postcode so
that, if you are a taxpayer, we can claim 25% Gift Aid (i.e., an extra 25p for each £1 you
donate). I also wish to thank everyone who has so generously sponsored me so far.

Last Saturday, I listed the flowers in bloom in the Scottish Seabird Centre wild flower
garden. There were many, thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of the ‘North Berwick in
Bloom’ award-winning group. Here they are - Thrift, Clustered Bellflower, Yarrow, Cat's
Ear, Wild Carrot, Common Storksbill, Marjoram, St John's Wort, Harebell (aka Scottish
Bluebell), Oyster Plant, Knapweed, Oxeye Daisy, Wallflower, Field Pansy, Meadow
Vetchling, Field Scabious, Maiden Pink, Common Rock-rose, Groundsel, Sea Rocket, Fox
and Cubs, Sea Campion and Ribwort Plantain.

This wonderful wild garden gives us all the opportunity to see our coastal wildflowers up
close, we are so lucky. Many others, which flowered earlier in the year, are not listed here,
so do look at the garden at all seasons of the year. It is a showcase.

10 November
Now that my Hunt is at an end, we are concentrating on the "List of Flowers Found" to
eradicate the inevitable errors. Accuracy is our watchword! I would like to thank Diane in
the Office for all her hard work.
I would like to thank Laura, too, for her dedication to trying to encourage new sponsors
with marketing features.I do hope that sponsorship money will flow in to swell the Scottish
Seabird Centre funds for the wonderful charitable work that is done in the Centre

Mary Tebble 10. 11. 11

                                            - 15 -
                    Wild Flower Hunt 2011 – Mary Tebble

Date        No.   Name                         Location
1 March     1.    Alder                        Blackford Glen Road, Edinburgh
                  Alnus glutinosa
          * 2.    Daisy
                  Bellis perennis
                                               Elcho Green, North Berwick

            3.    Hazel                        Hedgerow, Edinburgh bypass,
                  Corylus avellana             near Musselburgh
            4.    Winter Aconite               Verge near Stonelaws, East
                  Eranthis hyemalis            Lothian
            5.    Snowdrop                     Verge near Stonelaws, East
                  Galanthus nivalis            Lothian
            6.    Green Hellebore              Woody Bank, Balgone, East
                  Helleborus viridis           Lothian
            7.    Giant Butterbur              Blackford Glen Road, Edinburgh
                  Petasites japonica
          * 8.    Annual Meadow Grass
                  Poa annua
                                               Pavement Weed, Forth Street,
                                               North Berwick
            9.    Goat Willow                  Hedgerow, Drem, East Lothian
                  Salix caprea
          * 10.   Groundsel
                  Senecio vulgaris
                                               Flowerbed, Savacentre, Cameron
                                               Toll, Edinburgh
          * 11.   Common Chickweed
                  Stellaria media
                                               Pavement weed, Forth Street,
                                               North Berwick
          * 12.   Gorse
                  Ulex europaeus
                                               Verge bank, Edinburgh bypass

2 March     13.   Black Spleenwort             Old wall, Anchor Green, North
                  Asplenium adiantum-nigrum    Berwick
            14.   Wall Rue                     Old wall, Anchor Green, North
                  Asplenium ruta-muraria       Berwick
            15.   Maidenhair Spleenwort        Old wall, Anchor Green, North
                  Asplenium trichomanes        Berwick
            16.   Polypody                     Old wall, Anchor Green, North
                  Polypodium vulgare           Berwick
          * 17.   Common Field Speedwell
                  Veronica persica
                                               Flowerbed, near station, North
          * 18.   Greater Periwinkle
                  Vinca major
                                               Bankside, path to station, North

3 March     19.   Spurge Laurel                Wood, Broxmouth, East Lothian
                  Daphne laureola
            20.   Butcher's Broom              Wood, Broxmouth, East Lothian
                  Ruscus aculeatus.
            21.   Box                          Wood, Broxmouth, East Lothian
                                      - 16 -
                   Buxus sempervirens
           * 22.   Sun Spurge
                   Euphorbia helioscopia
                                                 Flowerbed, Lauderdale Park,
           * 23.   Shepherd's Purse
                   Capsella bursa-pastoris
                                                 Lauderdale Park, Dunbar

           * 24.   Hairy Bittercress
                   Cardamine hirsuta
                                                 Lauderdale Park, Dunbar

             25.   Common Whitlowgrass           Lauderdale Park, Dunbar
                   Erophila verna
             26.   Grey Field Speedwell          Lauderdale Park, Dunbar
                   Veronica polita
             27.   Yellow Crocus                 Escape, waste ground, Belhaven
                   Crocus x stellaris
             28.   Blue Crocus                   Escape, uncultivated verge,
                   Crocus verna                  Whitekirk, East Lothian
           * 29.   Lesser Periwinkle
                   Vinca minor
                                                 Cliffside, Whitekirk, East Lothian

5 March    * 30.   Red Dead Nettle               Flowerbed, Lauderdale Park,
                   Lamium purpureum              Dunbar
             31.   Winter Heliotrope             Streamside, near the Glen Golf
                   Petasites fragrans            Club House, North Berwick
             32.   Daffodil                      Garden escape, Castle Hill, North
                   Narcissus sp.                 Berwick
           * 33.   Dandelion
                   Taraxacum sp.
                                                 Dunes, East Beach, North
             34.   Bulbous Buttercup             Grassy area, Coo's Green, North
                   Ranunculus bulbosus           Berwick

6 March      35.   Yew                           Hedge. Road by Dirleton Church
                   Taxus baccata
             36.   Glory of the Snow             Uncultivated verge, Dirleton
                   Scilla forbesii

8 March      37.   Italian Alder                 Car Park, The Law, North
                   Alnus cordata                 Berwick

             38.   White Butterbur               Lakeside Walk, Smeaton, East
                   Petasites albus               Lothian

13 March     39.   Coltsfoot                     North verge, roadside, end of
                   Tussilago farfara             East Bay, North Berwick

           * 40.   Sea Mayweed                   Waste ground by sea, picnic
                                                 area, opposite sewage works,
                   Triplospermum maritimum
                                                 East Bay, North Berwick
15 March     41.   Early Scurvy Grass            Verge between North Berwick on
                   Cochlearia danica             A198 and turn off to Dirleton
                                        - 17 -
             42.   Garden Arabis                  Escape on wall near Gosford
                   Arabis caucasica               Estate, Longniddry

             43.   Wych Elm                       Car Park, Aberlady Nature
                   Ulmus glabra                   Reserve, Aberlady

16 March     44.   Flowering Currant              Longniddry Bents, between Car
                   Ribes sanguineum               Park No2 and Car Park No3
19 March     45.   Lesser Celandine               Corner of field, St Margaret's
                   Ficaria verna                  Road, North Berwick
             46.   Hart's Tongue                  Old wall, Law Road, North
                   Asplenium scolopendrium        Berwick

20 March     47.   Purple Toothwort               On the root of a willow tree, Esk
                   Lathrea clandestina            River Walk, Musselburgh
             48.   Opposite-leaved Golden         Marshy patch, Esk River Walk,
                   Saxifrage                      Musselburgh
                   Chrysoplenium oppositifolium
             49.   Few-flowered Leek              In sea of these intrusive plants,
                   Allium paradoxum               Esk River Walk, Musselburgh

21 March   * 50.   Common Mouse-ear               Weed in garden lawn, Forth
                   Cerastium fontanum             Street, North Berwick

22 March     51.   Cherry Plum                    Hedgerow A198 Southside of
                   Prunus cerasifera              road between Drem and
                                                  Longniddry, East Lothian
24 March     52.   Sweet Violet                   The Heugh, North Berwick
                   Viola odorata

25 March     53.   Yellow Figwort                 Woodland, Yellowcraig, East
                   Scrophularia vernalis          Lothian
           * 54.   White Dead Nettle
                   Lamium album
                                                  Woodland, Yellowcraig, East

             55.   Honesty                        Waste land, Dirleton, East
                   Lunaria annua                  Lothian
             56.   Blackthorn                     Hedgerow, Edinburgh bypass,
                   Prunus spinosa                 near Musselburgh

28 March   * 57.   Cocksfoot                      On low wall surrounding
                   Dactylis glomerata             Winterfield Golf Course,
                                                  Belhaven, East Lothian

           * 58.   Cow Parsley
                   Anthriscus sylvestris
                                                  On low wall surrounding
                                                  Winterfield Golf Course,
                                                  Belhaven, East Lothian
           * 59.   Red Campion
                   Silene dioica
                                                  Cliffside, quarry. West of
                                                  Whitekirk, East Lothian
                                        - 18 -
             60.   Ground Ivy                     Cliffside, quarry. West of
                   Glechoma hederacea             Whitekirk, East Lothian

             61.   Aubretia                       Garden escape, old wall,
                   Aubreitia deltoidea            Kingston, East Lothian
29 March   * 62.   Henbit Deadnettle              Pavement weed, Suffolk Road
                   Lamium amplexicaule            Lane, Edinburgh
           * 63.   Yellow Corydalis
                   Pseudofumaria lutea
                                                  Old wall, Suffolk Road Lane,
           * 64.   Petty Spurge
                   Euphorbia peplus
                                                  Pavement weed, Suffolk Road
                                                  Lane, Edinburgh
             65.   Common Butterbur               Banks of Braid Burn, Blackford
                   Petasites hybridus             Glen Road, Edinburgh
             66.   Crack Willow                   Banks of Braid Burn, Blackford
                   Salix fragilis                 Glen Road, Edinburgh
             67.   Barren Strawberry              Beneath a Gorse bush to
                   Potentilla sterilis            Blackford Glen, Edinburgh
             68.   Wood Anemone                   Streamside, Hermitage of Braid
                   Anemone nemorosa
             69.   Wood Sorrel                    Streamside, Hermitage of Braid
                   Oxalis acetosella
             70.   Osier                          Streamside, Blackford Glen,
                   Salix viminalis                Edinburgh

2 April    * 71.   Thale Cress                    Pavement weed, Forth Street,
                   Arabidopsis thaliana           North Berwick
             72.   Common Scurvy Grass            Dunes, East Beach, North
                   Cochlearia officinalis         Berwick
             73.   Dog's Mercury                  Verge, Blackford Glen approach
                   Mercurialis perennis           path, Edinburgh

4 April      74.   Wild Cherry                    Woodland, near Car Park,
                   Prunus avium                   Yellowcraig, East Lothian
             75.   Alexanders                     Shore end of Car Park,
                   Smyrnium olusatrum             Yellowcraig, East Lothian
             76.   Oregon Grape                   Dunes, north of Yellowcraig
                   Mahonia aquifolium             plantation, East Lothian
             77.   Juniper                        North of Yellowcraig plantation,
                   Juniperus communis             East Lothian
             78.   Spring Beauty                  Dune slacks, Yellowcraig, East
                   Claytonia perfoliata           Lothian
             79.   Hairy Violet                   Short turf area, north of
                   Viola hirta                    plantation, Yellowcraig, East

5 April      80.   Norway Maple                   Holyrood Park, Duddingston
                   Acer platanoides               Village end, Edinburgh
             81.   Slender Speedwell              Holyrood Park, Duddingston
                   Veronica filiformis            Village end, Edinburgh
                                         - 19 -
            82.    Ash                              Esk River Walk, Musselburgh
                   Fraxinus excelsior

            83.    Moschatel ["Town Hall Clock "]   River Bank, near start of the Esk
                   Adoxa moschatellina              River Walk
            84.    Field Horsetail                  River Bank, Esk River Walk,
                   Equisetum arvense                Musselburgh
            85.    Hornbeam                         Woodland, south of weir, Esk
                   Carpinus betulus                 River Walk
          * 86.    Broom
                   Cytisus scoparius
                                                    Near mill stream, east of weir,
                                                    Esk River Walk
            87.    Sweet Cicely                     River bank, Esk River Walk
                   Myrrhis odorata
            88.    Grape Hyacinth                   Escape, pavement, St Leonard's
                   Muscari armeniacum               area, Edinburgh

6 April   * 89.    Ivy-leaved Toadflax              Wall plant, East Beach, North
                   Cymbalaria muralis               Berwick

7 April   * 90.    Wallflower                       Wall, East Beach, North Berwick
                   Erysimum cheiri

9 April     91.    Water Horsetail                  Marshy area, north of North
                   Equisetum fluviatile             Berwick Law

            92.    Garlic Mustard ["Jack by the     By stream, North Berwick Law
                   Hedge"] Alliaria petiolata       Car Park
            93.    Wavy Bittercress                 By stream, North Berwick Law
                   Cardamine flexuosa               Car Park
            94.    Bird Cherry                      Nature Reserve, west of North
                   Prunus padus                     Berwick Law
            95.    Gooseberry                       Nature Reserve, west of North
                   Ribes uva-crispa                 Berwick Law
          * 96.    Green Alkanet
                   Pentaglottis sempervirens
                                                    Wayside bank within waste
                                                    ground, near railway, Drem, East
            97.    Garden Tulip                     Wayside bank within waste
                   Tulipa gesneriana                ground, near railway, Drem, East
            98.    Drooping Star of Bethlehem       Uncultivated verge, a few miles
                   Ornithogalum nutans              east of Drem
            99.    Garden Apple                     Hedgerow, near the above
                   Malus domestica
            100.   Siberian Squill                  Uncultivated verge, near Dirleton,
                   Scilla sibirica                  East Lothian

            101.   Blue Anemone                     Naturalised, Lodge Grounds,
                   Anemone apennina                 North Berwick

                                          - 20 -
10 April    102.    Little Mouse-ear               Low turf, Longniddry Bents No3
                    Cerastium semidecandrum        Car Park, East Lothian

           * 103.   Cowslip
                    Primula veris
                                                   Scrubby Bank, Low turf,
                                                   Longniddry Bents No3 Car Park,
                                                   East Lothian
            104.    Field Woodrush ["Chimney       Sandy turf area, low turf,
                    sweep", "Good Friday Grass"]   Longniddry Bents No3 Car Park,
                    Luzula campestris              East Lothian
            105.    Parsley Piert                  Sandy mound, Longniddry Bents
                    Aphanes arvensis               No3 Car Park, East Lothian
            106.    Thrift                         Near shore, in turf. Longniddry
                    Armeria maritima               Bents No3 Car Park, East Lothian
            107.    Silver Birch                   Longniddry Railway Walk, East
                    Betula pendula                 Lothian
           * 108.   Wild Strawberry
                    Fragaria vesca
                                                   On side of bank Longniddry Bents
                                                   No3 Car Park, East Lothian
            109.    Common Dog-violet              Longniddry Bents No3 Car Park,
                    Viola riviniana                East Lothian
            110.    Sea Buckthorn [male flower]    Longniddry Bents No1 Car Park,
                    Hippophae rhamnoides           East Lothian

11 April   * 111.   Ivy-leaved Speedwell           Under Sea Buckthorn, Longniddry
                    Veronica hederifolia           No1 Car Park, East Lothian
            112.    Horse Chestnut                 Hedgerow, west of Aberlady, East
                    Aesculus hippocastanum         Lothian

12 April   * 113.   Black Medick                   Uncut grassy area, west of the
                    Medicago lupulina              ticket office, train station, North
           * 114.   Sticky Mouse-ear
                    Cerastium glomeratum
                                                   Uncut grassy area, west of the
                                                   ticket office, train station, North
16 April    115.    Primrose                       Grassy bank, north-east of tennis
                    Primula vulgaris               courts, above putting green,
                                                   North Berwick
            116.    False Oxlip                    Grassy bank, north-east of tennis
                    Primula vulgaris x veris       courts, above putting green,
                    = Primula x polyantha          North Berwick
           * 117.   Ribwort Plantain
                    Plantago lanceolata
                                                   Grassy bank, north-east of tennis
                                                   courts, above putting green,
                                                   North Berwick
17 April    118.    Cuckoo Flower                  Damp areas, Aberlady Bay Local
                    Cardamine pratensis            Nature Reserve
            119.    Marsh Marigold ["Kingcup"]     Damp grassy places, Aberlady
                    Caltha palustris               Bay Local Nature Reserve

            120.    Spring Sedge                   Dry grassland Aberlady Bay Local
                    Carex caryophyllea             Nature Reserve
                                         - 21 -
            121.    Field Mouse-ear                East side of path, south of the
                    Cerastium arvense              Marl Loch. Ditto

            122.    Bogbean                        In shallow water, edge of the Marl
                    Menyanthes trifoliata          Loch. Ditto
           * 123.   Mouse-ear Hawkweed
                    Pilosella officinarum
                                                   In grassy areas, south of Marl
                                                   Loch. Ditto
            124.    Spanish Bluebell               Garden escape, uncultivated
                    Hyacinthoides hispanica        grassy field, west of Law Road,
                                                   North Berwick

19 April   * 125.   Red Valerian                   Wall, south of East Beach North
                    Centranthus ruber              Berwick
           * 126.   Snow in Summer
                    Cerastium tomentosum
                                                   Wall, south of East Beach North
           * 127.   Oilseed Rape
                    Brassica napus ssp. oleifera
                                                   Casual, roadside verge,
                                                   Whitekirk, East Lothian
           * 128.   Cherry Laurel
                    Prunus laurocerasus
                                                   Near Preston Mill, East Linton

            129.    Wintercress                    In quarry, beside the new road to
                    Barbarea vulgaris              Whitesands, East Lothian
            130.    Ramsons                        In spinney, in quarry, beside the
                    Allium ursinum                 new road to Whitesands, East
           * 131.   Common Stork's -bill
                    Erodium cicutarium
                                                   Track, near quarry, above

           * 132.   Annual ["Small"] Nettle
                    Urtica urens
                                                   Track, above quarry, above

            133.    Bugloss                        Track, above quarry, above
                    Anchusa arvensis
            134.    Hawthorn                       South-facing hedge, east of
                    Crataegus monogyna             Preston Mill, East Linton, East
            135.    Bluebell                       Woodland area, east verge of
                    Hyacinthoides non-scripta      drive to Smeaton House, Preston,
                                                   East Lothian
            136.    Rhododendron                   Woodland area, east verge of
                    Rhododendron ponticum          drive to Smeaton House, Preston,
                                                   East Lothian
           * 137.   Oxford Ragwort
                    Senecio squalidus
                                                   Wall-top, beside A1087,
                                                   Broxburn, near Dunbar, East

22 April    138.    Bur Chervil                    Beneath gorse, above tennis
                    Anthriscus caucalis            courts, east side of North Berwick
           * 139.   Bloody Cranesbill
                    Geranium sanguineum
                                                   Wild flower garden, Seabird
                                                   Centre. Planted to illustrate
                                                   coastal wildflowers, (also seen
                                                   flowering on Longniddry Bents)
                                        - 22 -
            140.    Roseroot                      Wild flower garden, Seabird
                    Sedum rosea                   Centre. Planted to illustrate
                                                  coastal wildflowers,[this grows on
                                                  the cliffs at St Abbs, inaccessible
                                                  to me now]
            141.    Rowan                         Hedgerow, Edinburgh by-pass
                    Sorbus aucuparia
            142.    Wayfaring Tree                Hedgerow, north side of road
                    Viburnum lantana              between Drem and Longniddry,
                                                  east of Longniddry. East Lothian
            143.    European Larch                Woodland, east of Coates, near
                    Larix decidua                 Longniddry, East Lothian
            144.    Bush Vetch                    Railway Walk car park, near
                    Vicia sepium                  Longniddry, East Lothian
            145.    Cornsalad                     Railway Walk car park, near
                    Valerianella locusta          Longniddry, East Lothian
           * 146.   Meadow Buttercup
                    Ranunculus acris
                                                  Railway Walk car park, near
                                                  Longniddry, East Lothian
            147.    Leopard's Bane                Small spinney, east side of road
                    Doronicum pardalianches       from Coates to B1377, East
            148.    Smooth Meadow Grass           Small spinney, east side of road
                    Poa pratensis                 from Coates to B1377, East
            149.    Yellow Archangel              Small spinney, east side of road
                    Lamiastrum galeobdolon        from Coates to B1377, East
                    ssp. argentatum               Lothian
            150.    Lilac                         Hedgerow, half a mile south of
                    Syringa vulgaris              Congalton Gardens, B1347 East

23 April    151.    Buckshorn Plantain            Wall, near Old Chapel, Anchor
                    Plantago coronopus            Green, North Berwick

25 April    152.    Shining Cranesbill            East verge, St Leonard's Bank,
                    Geranium lucidum              Edinburgh
           * 153.   Herb Robert
                    Geranium robertianum
                                                  North bank, Braid Burn, Blackford
                                                  Glen Road, Edinburgh
            154.    Tuberous Comfrey              North bank of Braid Burn, near
                    Symphytum tuberosum           grit store, Blackford Glen Road,
           * 155.   Nipplewort
                    Lapsana communis
                                                  North bank of Braid Burn, near
                                                  grit store, Blackford Glen Road,
            156.    Hoary Cress                   North bank of Braid Burn, near
                    Lepidium draba                grit store, Blackford Glen Road,
                                         - 23 -

            157.    Hairy Tare                    Base of fence, near burn, North
                    Vicia hirsuta                 bank of Braid Burn, near grit
                                                  store, Blackford Glen Road,
           * 158.   Germander Speedwell
                    Veronica chamaedrys
                                                  North verge, east end of
                                                  Blackford Glen, Edinburgh
            159.    Field Maple                   North verge, east end of
                    Acer campestre                Blackford Glen, Edinburgh
           * 160.   Wall Speedwell
                    Veronica arvensis
                                                  North verge, east end of
                                                  Blackford Glen, Edinburgh
           * 161.   Wood Avens
                    Geum urbanum
                                                  North verge, east end of
                                                  Blackford Glen, Edinburgh
            162.    Three-nerved Sandwort         North verge, east end of
                    Moehringia trinervia          Blackford Glen, Edinburgh
            163.    Wood Speedwell                North verge, east end of
                    Veronica montana              Blackford Glen, Edinburgh
            164.    Thyme- leaved Speedwell       North verge, east end of
                    Veronica serpyllifolia        Blackford Glen, Edinburgh
            165.    Crosswort                     Rough path to wee quarry. North
                    Cruciata laevipes             verge, east end of Blackford
                                                  Glen, Edinburgh
            166.    Greater Stitchwort            Behind wall, west of quarry. Ditto
                    Stellaria holostea

26 April    167.    Cleavers                      Corner of field, St Margaret's
                    Galium aparine                Road, North Berwick
            168.    Sycamore                      Hedgerow, near East Saltoun,
                    Acer pseudoplatanus           East Lothian
            169.    Lords and Ladies              Naturalised, Lodge Grounds,
                    Arum maculatum                North Berwick
            170.    Wood Forget-me-not            Woodland, between Pencaitland
                    Myosotis sylvatica            and Saltoun Hall, East Lothian
            171.    Large Bittercress             Streamside, Tynewater. Ditto
                    Cardamine amara
            172.    Great Woodrush                Ditto
                    Luzula sylvatica
           * 173.   Russian Comfrey
                    Symphytum x uplandica

            174.    Pink Purslane                 Ditto
                    Claytonia sibirica
            175.    Water Avens X Wood Avens      Ditto
                    Geum x intermedium
            176.    Water Avens                   Riverbank. Ditto
                    Geum rivale
            177.    Red Currant                   Woodland, between Pencaitland
                    Ribes rubrum                  and Saltoun Hall, East Lothian
                                         - 24 -
27 April    178.    Meadow Saxifrage              Crossroads, Waughton, East
                    Saxifraga granulata           Lothian
            179.    Smith's Pepperwort            Arable field, near crossroads,
                    Lepidium heterophyllum        Waughton, East Lothian

28 April    180.    Sea Mouse-ear                 Wall crevice, Anchor Green,
                    Cerastium diffusum            North Berwick
           * 181.   Dovesfoot Cranesbill
                    Geranium molle
                                                  Grassy area, Anchor Green,
                                                  North Berwick
            182.    Spring Cinquefoil             Scottish Seabird Centre
                    Potentilla tabernaemontani    wildflower garden.This is an
                                                  exception to the rules of the Wild
                                                  Flower Society. Specially planted
                                                  to display coastal species
            183.    Sea Campion                   Ditto
                    Silene uniflora
            184.    Fox and Cubs                  Ditto
                    Hieracium aurantiacum
           * 185.   Common Vetch (1)
                    Vicia sativa ssp nigra
                                                  Ditto but also found 2 May on
                                                  rocky outcrop, near Waughton
            186.    Laburnum                      Wooded area adjacent to
                    Laburnum anagyroides.         Holyrood School, Duddingston,
           * 187.   Soft Lady's Mantle
                    Alchemilla mollis
                                                  Garden escape, side road
                                                  between Carberry and Inveresk,
                                                  East Lothian
           * 188.   Rock Rose
                    Helianthemum nummularium
                                                  Rocky cliff ledge, top road,
                                                  Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh
            189.    Broad-leaved Meadow Grass     Woodland between Pencaitland
                    Poa chaixii                   and Saltoun Hall, East Lothian

30 April    190.    Lesser Chickweed              By track to shore, Yellowcraig,
                    Stellaria pallida             East Lothian
            191.    Early Forget-me-not           Sandy hollow, low turf, north of
                    Myosotis ramosissima          plantation, Yellowcraig
            192.    Rue-leaved Saxifrage          Rocky outcrop. Ditto
                    Saxifraga tridactylites
            193.    Sweet Vernal Grass            Ditto
                    Anthoxanthum odoratum,
            194.    Spring Vetch                  Ditto
                    Vicia lathyroides
            195.    Pot Marigold                  Garden escape, uncultivated
                    Calendula officinalis         verge, Dirleton, East Lothian

1 May      * 196.   Hemlock                       Car Park, Tyninghame. East
                    Conium maculatum              Lothian
                                         - 25 -
         197.    Beech                            Path to Peffer Bay, Tyninghame,
                 Fagus sylvatica                  East Lothian

         198.    Woodruff                         Pathside. Ditto
                 Galium odoratum
         199.    Sanicle                          Ditto
                 Sanicula europaea
         200.    Male Fern                        Ditto
                 Dryopteris filix-mas
         201.    Meadow Foxtail                   East verge, minor road from
                 Alopecurus pratensis             Preston to Newbyth, East Lothian

2 May    202.    Pignut                           Rocky outcrop, near Waughton
                 Conopodium majus                 Crossroads, East Lothian
         203.    Early Hair-grass                 Ditto
                 Aira praecox
         204.    Changing Forget-me-not           Ditto
                 Myosotis discolor
         205.    Bird's-foot Trefoil              Ditto
                 Lotus corniculatus
        * 206.   Lesser Trefoil
                 Trifolium dubium

        * 207.   Soft Brome
                 Bromus hordeaceus

3 May   * 208.   Creeping Buttercup               Field near Redhall Nursery,
                 Ranunculus repens                Craiglockhart Dell, Edinburgh
         209.    Hard Shield Fern                 Hermitage of Braid, Edinburgh
                 Polystichum aculeatum
         210.    Japanese Rose                    Ditto
                 Rosa rugosa
         211.    Pale Lady's Mantle               Ditto
                 Alchemilla xanthochlora
         212.    Wood Sedge                       Edge of path by Water of Leith,
                 Carex sylvatica                  Craiglockhart Dell, Edinburgh
         213.    Wood Goldilocks                  Ditto
                 Ranunculus auricomus
         214.    Plantain-leaved Leopard's Bane   Bank above path. Ditto
                 Doronicum plantagineum
         215.    Spotted Deadnettle               Path, west of river. Ditto
                 Lamium maculatum
         216.    Dusky Cranesbill                 Path near Redhall Nursery,
                 Geranium phaeum                  Craiglockhart Dell, Edinburgh
         217.    Field Pepperwort                 Beside path, Blackford Glen,
                 Lepidium campestre               Edinburgh
         218.    Pear                             Near dismantled bridge, Blackford
                 Pyrus communis                   Glen, Edinburgh
        * 219.   Welsh Poppy
                 Meconopsis cambrica
                                                  North side of path. Ditto

                                    - 26 -
         220.    Wood Stitchwort                    East bank of River Esk, Esk River
                 Stellaria nemorum                  Walk, Musselburgh

         221.    White Willow                       Ditto
                 Salix alba
         222.    Darwin's Barberry                  Waste ground, near
                 Berberis darwinii                  Prestongrange Museum, East
         223.    Star of Bethlehem                  Bank, car park, Aberlady Bay
                 Ornithogalum umbellatum            Nature Reserve, East Lothian
                 ssp. campestre
        * 224.   White Campion
                 Silene latifolia
                                                    On dunes, opposite Gosford
                                                    House, Longniddry Bents, East
         225.    Pendulous Sedge                    East bank of River Esk, Esk River
                 Carex pendula                      Walk, Musselburgh
         226.    Red Fescue                         Rubbish heap, near
                 Festuca rubra                      Prestongrange Museum,
        * 227.   Common Ramping Fumitory
                 Fumaria muralis

4 May    228.    Tormentil                          Beside path, Bolton Muir Wood,
                 Potentilla erecta                  East Lothian. EH50 6682
         229.    Bugle                              Ditto
                 Ajuga reptans
         230.    Yellow Pimpernel                   In ditch. Ditto
                 Lysimachia nemorum
        * 231.   White Campion X Red Campion
                 Silene latifolia x Silene dioica
                                                    South verge, road between North
                                                    Berwick and the turn to Dirleton,
                 = S.x hampeana                     East Lothian
         232.    Pheasant's Eye                     Verge, near Bolton, East Lothian
                 Adonis annua

7 May    233.    Ground Elder                       Cycle track, off Maidencraig
                 Aegopodium podagraria              Crescent, Blackhall, Edinburgh
         234.    Raspberry                          Ditto
                 Rubus idaeus
         235.    Guelder Rose                       Ditto
                 Viburnum opulus,
         236.    Swedish Whitebeam                  Ditto
                 Sorbus intermedia agg
        * 237.   Perennial Cornflower
                 Centaurea montana

         238.    Holly                              Ditto
                 Ilex aquifolium
        * 239.   Stinging Nettle
                 Urtica dioica

         240.    Common Whitebeam                   Ditto
                 Sorbus "aria" agg.
                                     - 27 -
          241.    Indian Rocket                    Shore Car Park, Promenade, Port
                  Sisymbrium orientale             Seton, East Lothian

          242.    Pedunculate Oak                  Field edge, Tyninghame Estate,
                  Quercus robur                    Tyninghame, East Lothian
         * 243.   Field Forget-me-not
                  Myosotis arvensis
                                                   Arable field. Ditto

         * 244.   Elder
                  Sambucus nigra
                                                   Near Seafield Pond, Belhaven
                                                   Bay, East Lothian
         * 245.   Hedge Mustard
                  Sisymbrium officinale
                                                   Near Seafield Pond, Belhaven
                                                   Bay, East Lothian
          246.    Celery-leaved Buttercup          Near stagnant pond, east of
                  Ranunculus sceleratus            Seafield Pond. Ditto
          247.    Silverweed                       Ditto
                  Potentilla anserina
         * 248.   Curled Dock
                  Rumex crispus

         * 249.   Charlock
                  Sinapis arvensis

         * 250.   Cut-leaved Cranesbill
                  Geranium dissectum

          251.    Sand Couch                       Shore, Belhaven Bay, East
                  Elytrigia juncea                 Lothian
          252.    Common Couch                     Car Park, Belhaven Bay, East
                  Elytrigea repens                 Lothian
         * 253.   Smooth Hawksbeard
                  Crepis capillaris
                                                   Bank top, surrounding Winterfield
                                                   Golf Course, Belhaven.
         * 254.   Smooth Sow Thistle
                  Sonchus oleraceus

         * 255.   Barren Brome
                  Anisantha sterilis
                                                   The Glen, North Berwick, East

9 May     256.    Pink Oxalis                      Uncultivated verge near
                  Oxalis articulata                Whitekirk, East Lothian
         * 257.   Common Poppy
                  Papaver rhoeas
                                                   Verge, road from Skateraw to
                                                   East Barns, East Lothian
         * 258.   Ox-eye Daisy
                  Leucanthemum vulgare
                                                   Verge, A1 near Dunbar, East
         * 259.   Yarrow
                  Achillea millefolium
                                                   Verge, road from Skateraw to
                                                   East Barns, East Lothian

11 May   * 260.   Pellitory of the Wall            Wall, east end of East Beach,
                  Parietaria judaica               North Berwick
          261.    Annual Wall Rocket               Waste area, near Sewage Works.
                  Diplotaxis muralis               Ditto
         * 262.   White Clover
                  Trifolium repens

          263.    Common Fumitory                  Ditto
                  Fumaria officinalis
                                          - 28 -
          264.    Oriental Poppy                 Dunes, East Beach, North
                  Papaver pseudo-orientale       Berwick

         * 265.   Rough Chervil
                  Chaerophyllum temulum
                                                 Car Park, Local Nature Reserve,
                                                 Aberlady Bay
          266.    Sea Arrowgrass                 Marsh near Toilet Block, salt
                  Triglochin maritimum           marsh. Ditto
          267.    Sea Milkwort                   Ditto
                  Glaux maritime
          268.    Common Butterwort              Small path off main track between
                  Pinguicula vulgare             wooden bridge and Marl Loch.
          269.    Burnet Rose                    Bents opposite Gosford House,
                  Rosa spinosissima              Longniddry Bents, East Lothian
          270.    Wood Meadow Grass              Woodland Dene, Longniddry,
                  Poa nemoralis                  East Lothian

13 May    271.    Weld                           Verge, new road to Whitesands,
                  Reseda luteola                 East Lothian
          272.    Fiddleneck                     Waste disturbed ground, above
                  Amsinckia micrantha            pond, Barn's Ness, East Lothian
          273.    Field Madder                   Hillslope, near shore, north-west
                  Sherardia arvensis             of pond, Barn's Ness. Ditto
          274.    Purple Milk Vetch              Low turf, by path, west of pond.
                  Astragalus danicus             Ditto
          275.    Sand Sedge                     By shore, in dunes, Yellowcraig,
                  Carex arenaria                 East Lothian

14 May    276.    Pyrenean Valerian              Woodland near Redmains, north
                  Valeriana pyrenaica            of A6093, Pencaitland, East
          277.    Amphibious Bistort             In wee stream, path to Winton
                  Persicaria amphibia            House. Ditto
         * 278.   Hogweed
                  Heracleum sphondylium
                                                 Woodland, beside path. Ditto

          279.    Californian Poppy              Ditto
                  Eschscholtzia californica
         * 280.   Fool's Parsley
                  Aethusa cynapium
                                                 Arable field, road to Yellowcraig,
                                                 Dirleton, East Lothian

16 May   * 281.   Procumbent Pearlwort           Wall. Near War Memorial, Anchor
                  Sagina procumbens              Green, North Berwick
          282.    Wild Mignonette                Gateway. North of wee wood,
                  Reseda lutea                   minor road from Dirleton to
                                                 Yellowcraig, East Lothian
          283.    Horseradish                    Verge. Ditto
                  Armoracia rusticana
         * 284.   Dog Rose
                  Rosa canina
                                                 Hedgerow, minor road between
                                                 Luffness Mains and the B1377
                                        - 29 -
                                                 from Drem, East Lothian
         * 285.   Broad-leaved Dock
                  Rumex obtusifolia

         * 286.   Field Pansy
                  Viola arvensis
                                                 Rubbish pile beside road. Ditto

         * 287.   Perennial Rye Grass
                  Lolium perenne
                                                 Weed in Forth Street, North

17 May    288.    Rhubarb                        Flourishing on Gullane Links.
                  Rheum x hybridus               East Lothian
         * 289.   Pineapple Mayweed
                  Matricaria discoides
                                                 Path to Gala Law, south of
                                                 Gullane Bents, East Lothian
          290.    Yellow Iris                    In marsh near Peffer Burn,
                  Iris pseudocorus               opposite Luffness House,
                                                 Aberlady, East Lothian
         * 291.   Hedgerow Cranesbill
                  Geranium pyrenaicum
                                                 In gateway, opposite Luffness
                                                 House, on A198, Aberlady
          292.    Greater Pond Sedge             On marsh, half a mile east of
                  Carex riparia                  Wooden Bridge, Aberlady
         * 293.   Bramble
                  Rubus fruticosus
                                                 Hedgerow on other side of A198
                                                 from Luffness House, Aberlady
          294.    Early Marsh Orchid             Marsh, north of the Marl Loch,
                  Dactylorhiza incarnata ssp.    Aberlady
          295.    Early Marsh Orchid             Ditto
                  Dactylorhiza incarnata ssp.

18 May    297.    Lupin                          Railway bank between North
                  Lupinus polyphyllus            Berwick and Drem
         * 298.   Prickly Sow Thistle
                  Sonchus asper
                                                 Scrubby uncultivated field west of
                                                 B6371 between Meadowmill and
                                                 Cockenzie, East Lothian
         * 299.   Broad-leaved Willow Herb
                  Epilobium montanum

          300.    Meadow Cranesbill              Ditto
                  Geranium pratense
         * 301.   Six-rowed Barley
                  Hordeum vulgare

         * 302.   Common Toadflax
                  Linaria vulgaris
                                                 Bank, west of Dunsappie Loch,
                                                 Holyrood Park, Edinburgh
          303.    Hairy Sedge                    Marshy area, south of Dunsappie
                  Carex hirta                    Loch. Ditto
          304.    Tall Fescue                    Ditto
                  Schedonorus arundinaceus
          305.    Marsh Foxtail                  Ditto
                  Alopecurus geniculata
          306.    Buckthorn                      Ditto
                  Rhamnus cathartica
                                        - 30 -
          307.    Common Spikerush                Ditto
                  Eleocharis palustris

          308.    Common Sedge                    Ditto
                  Carex nigra
         * 309.   Foxglove
                  Digitalis purpurea
                                                  Amid rocks, above high road,
                                                  Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh
          310.    Fodder Burnet                   Ditto
                  Poterium sanguisorba ssp.
          311.    Wall Cotoneaster                Ditto
                  Cotoneaster horizontalis
         * 312.   Viper's Bugloss
                  Echium vulgare

         * 313.   Long-headed Poppy
                  Papaver dubium

          314.    Wild Thyme                      Ditto
                  Thymus politrichus
          315.    Hawkweed sp.                    Ditto
                  Hieraceum sp.,
          316.    Meadow Oat Grass                Ditto
                  Avenula pratense
          317.    Forked Spleenwort               On wee cliff. Ditto
                  Asplenium septentrionale
          318.    Forked Spleenwort X Wall Rue    Ditto
                  Asplenium septentrionale x
                  Asplenium ruta –muraria
         * 319.   Sweet Alison
                  Lobularia maritima

          320.    Three-cornered Leek             Garden escape, Suffolk Road
                  Allium triquetum                Lane, Newington, Edinburgh
          321.    Columbine                       Ditto
                  Aquilegia vulgaris
          322.    Bittersweet                     Ditto
                  Solanum dulcamara
         * 323.   Adria Bellflower
                  Campanula portenschlagiana

20 May    324.    Lady's Bedstraw                 Verge, minor road from Spott to
                  Galium verum                    the Brunt, East Lothian
          325.    Lesser Stitchwort               Ditto
                  Stellaria graminea
          326.    Sessile Oak                     Woodhall Dean, East Lothian
                  Quercus petraea
          327.    Brooklime                       Edge of stream, Woodhall Dean,
                  Veronica beccabunga             East Lothian

21 May    328.    Red Hot Poker                   Garden escape. Dunes, East
                  Kniphofia uvaria                Bay, North Berwick
                                         - 31 -
         * 329.   Cat's Ear
                  Hypochaeris radicata
                                                On dunes. Ditto

         * 330.   Lyme Grass
                  Leymus arenarius

         * 331.   Marram
                  Ammophila arenaria

25 May    332.    Dames Violet                  River bank, Esk River Walk,
                  Hesperis matrionalis          Musselburgh
          333.    Wood Dock                     Beside path. Ditto
                  Rumex sanguineus
          334.    Hedge Woundwort               Ditto
                  Stachys sylvatica,
          335.    Giant Hogweed                 Complete field of this invasive
                  Hieracleum mantegazzianum     plant, east of path. Ditto
         * 336.   False Oat Grass
                  Arrhenatherum elatius
                                                Beside sea wall, near car park,
                                                Morrison's Quay, near
          337.    Wild Privet                   In hedge, car park. Ditto
                  Ligustrum vulgare
          338.    White Poplar                  In hedge, lining drive into car
                  Populus alba                  park. Ditto
         * 339.   Wall Barley
                  Hordeum murinum
                                                On shore, north of car park. Ditto

          340.    Common Saltmarsh Grass        In damp sand, near eastermost
                  Puccinellia maritima          lagoon, Musselburgh

27 May    341.    Fairy Foxglove                Top of wall, car park, public
                  Erinus alpinus                library, North Berwick
          342.    Red Osier Dogwood             Open ground, near car park, St
                  Cornus sericea                Andrews Street, North Berwick
          343.    Common Sorrel                 Along path to plantation, Garleton
                  Rumex acetosa                 Hills, East Lothian
         * 344.   Meadow Vetchling
                  Lathyrus pratensis

          345.    Glaucous Sedge                Ditto
                  Carex flacca
          346.    Turkey Oak                    Nature walk from car park,
                  Quercus cerris                Pencraig Hill, near East Linton,
                                                East Lothian
          347.    Snapdragon                    Escape, wall top, east of East
                  Antirrhinum majus             Linton, East Lothian
         * 348.   Feverfew
                  Tanacetum parthenium

          349.    Holm Oak                      Smeaton Hepburn estate, near
                  Quercus ilex                  East Linton, East Lothian
          350.    Garden Solomon's Seal         Ditto
                  Polygonatum x hybridum
                                       - 32 -
          351.    Creeping Comfrey               Lake walk. Ditto
                  Symphytum grandiflorum

          352.    Yellow Azalea                  Ditto
                  Rhododendron lutea

          353.    Ninebark                       South of lake. Ditto
                  Physocarpus opulifolius
          354.    Mossy Sandwort                 Cliffside. Ditto
                  Arenaria balearica
          355.    Mind Your Own Business         Pathside. Ditto
                  Soleirolia soleirolii
          356.    Scots Pine                     Grounds. Ditto
                  Pinus sylvestris
          357.    Marsh Thistle                  Newbyth new nature reserve,
                  Cirsium palustre               Binning Wood, Newbyth, East
          358.    Barberry                       Road from Drem Station to
                  Berberis vulgaris              Congalton, East Lothian
          359.    Cut- leaved Elder              North of pond, hedgerow, east
                  Sambucus nigra var.laciniata   side of road, Newbyth, East
          360.    Common Pennycress              Arable field, near Waughton
                  Thlaspi arvense                crossroads, East Lothian

30 May   * 361.   Red Clover                     Grassy area near entrance to
                  Trifolium pratense             Yester House, Gifford, East
          362.    Creeping Jenny                 Near Yester House entrance.
                  Lysimachia nummularia          Ditto
          363.    Japanese Larch                 Park, near toilet block, east of
                  Larix kaempferi                river, Gifford, East Lothian
          364.    Common Cotton Grass            High areas, marsh, on
                  Eriophorum angustifolium       Lammermuirs, East Lothian
          365.    Bilberry                       Amongst heather tufts, east bank
                  Vaccinium myrtillus            of Faseny Water on road to
                                                 Longformacus. Ditto
          366.    Heath Bedstraw                 Ditto
                  Galium saxatile
          367.    Mat Grass                      In grassy areas. Ditto
                  Nardus stricta
          368.    Heath Milkwort                 West bank of river. Ditto
                  Polygala serpyllifolia
          369.    Hard Fern                      Among heather tufts, east bank.
                  Blechnum spicant               Ditto
          370.    Lesser Sea Spurrey             Edge of roadside, near water
                  Spergularia marina             bailiff's house, Whiteadder Water,
          371.    Crested Dogstail               Grassy area by roadside. Ditto
                                       - 33 -
                  Cynosurus cristatus
          372.    Hyacinth [pink]                    Throw-out, grassy hill area, wee
                  Hyacinthus orientalis              spinney. Ditto
          373.    Bell Heather                       East bank of westermost
                  Erica cinerea                      extension of Whiteadder
                                                     Reservoir, Lammermuirs
          374.    Common Bistort                     Stream bank, near Snawden,
                  Persicaria bistorta                road from Whiteadder Reservoir
                                                     to Gifford. Ditto
          375.    Heath Rush                         Ditto
                  Juncus squarrosus

31 May   * 376.   Chicory                            2nd roundabout grassy area,
                  Cichorium intybus                  A198 between Cockenzie and
                                                     Tranent, East Lothian
          377.    Rough Meadow Grass                 Verge , near Pepper Wood, near
                  Poa trivialis                      Kirkliston, West Lothian
          378.    Yellow Archangel                   Pepper Wood, ditto [see 149]
                  Lamiastrum galeobdolon ssp.
          379.    Lily of the Valley                 Ditto
                  Convallaria majalis
          380.    Common Duckweed                    Ditto
                  Lemna minor
          381.    Broad Buckler Fern                 Ditto
                  Dryopteris dilatata
          382.    May Lily                           Ditto
                  Maianthemum bifolium
          383.    Ostrich Fern                       Ditto
                  Matteuccia struthiopteris
          384.    Scaly Male Fern                    Ditto
                  Dryopteris affinis
          385.    Common Spotted Orchid              Craigie Quarry near Kirkliston.
                  Dactylorhiza fuchsii               West Lothian
          386.    Mossy Stonecrop                    Ditto
                  Crassula tillaea
          387.    Sheep's Fescue                     Ditto
                  Festuca ovina
         * 388.   Small Cudweed
                  Filago minima
                                                     Many plants on tracks. Ditto

          389.    Slender Parsley Piert              Ditto
                  Aphanes australis
          390.    Lady Fern                          Ditto
                  Athyrum filix-femina
          391.    Sheep's Sorrel                     Ditto
                  Rumex acetosella
          392.    Heath Wood Rush                    Heath, near Whiteadder
                  Luzula multiflora ssp.multiflora   Reservoir, Lammermuirs
          393.    Leafy Spurge                       Bank of River Tyne, Riverside
                                        - 34 -
                   Euphorbia x pseudovirgata        Drive, Haddington, East Lothian
          * 394.   Silver Ragwort
                   Senecio cineraria
                                                    Garden escape. Dunes, East
                                                    Beach, North Berwick
          * 395.   Common Ragwort
                   Senecio jacobaea
                                                    Nearby to 394 on dunes. Ditto

           397.    Rest Harrow                      Ditto
                   Ononis repens
           398.    Dotted Loosestrife               Ditto
                   Lysimachia punctata
          * 399.   French Cranesbill
                   Geranium endressii
                                                    Garden escape. Ditto

5 June    * 400.   Purple Toadflax                  Wall top, Forth Street, North
                   Linaria purpurea                 Berwick

                   The next 6 flowers were
                   planted to illustrate coastal
                   plants in the Scottish Seabird
                   Centre Wild Flower Garden
           401.    Sea Kale                         This is a rare plant in the
                   Crambe maritima                  Lothians.
           402.    Clustered Bellflower             This also grows within no3 Car
                   Campanula glomerata              Park, Longniddry Bents
          * 403.   Self-heal
                   Prunella vulgaris
                                                    I will find this elsewhere, it is quite
           404.    Tree Mallow                      A chance to see this bugbear of
                   Malva arborea                    Craigleith and Fidra, in flower
          * 405.   Harebell [Scottish Bluebell]
                   Campanula rotundifolia
                                                    To be seen in many local places

           406.    Biting Stonecrop                 It will soon be in flower locally
                   Sedum acre

6 June     407.    Kidney Vetch                     Cliff top field, east of the clifftop
                   Anthyllis vulneraria             car park, East Bay, North Berwick

10 June   * 408.   Meadow Sweet                     South side of A198, on Luffness
                   Filipendula ulmaria              Links golf course, near Gullane,
                                                    East Lothian
           409.    Greater Sea Spurrey              Near to wooden bridge, many
                   Spergularia media                plants in the low turf. Aberlady
                                                    Bay LNR. Ditto
           410.    Bladder Campion                  A few yards away from 408 above
                   Silene vulgaris
          * 411.   Honeysuckle
                   Lonicera periclymenum
                                                    Hedgerow south of the A198,
                                                    opposite the entrance to Luffness
                                                    House, Aberlady
          * 412.   Creeping Thistle
                   Cirsium arvense
                                                    North side of A198, between
                                                    North Berwick and the turn off to
                                                    Dirleton, East Lothian
                                          - 35 -
12 June    413.    White Bryony                   By hedge, east side of A198,
                   Bryonia dioica                 growing up a telegraph pole, near
                                                  the turn-off to Tyninghame shore
                                                  car park
          * 414.   Hop Trefoil
                   Trifolium campestre
                                                  On rubbish tip, car park, John
                                                  Muir Country Park, West Barns,
                                                  East Lothian
           415.    Small-flowered Cranesbill      Near toilet block. Ditto
                   Geranium pusillum
           416.    Henbane                        Ditto
                   Hyoscyamus niger
           417.    Creeping Cinquefoil            Ditto
                   Potentilla reptans
           418.    Hound's-tongue                 Ditto
                   Cynoglossum officinale
           419.    Water Forget-me-not            Near and in Tadpole Pond
                   Myosotis scorpioides
           420.    Hairy Rockcress                Ditto
                   Arabis hirsuta
           421.    Sea Club-rush                  Ditto
                   Bolboschoenus maritimus
           422     False Fox -sedge               Ditto
                   Carex otrubae
           423.    Common Twayblade               In wood. Ditto
                   Neottia ovata
           424.    Yellow Rattle                  Path, beyond Tadpole Pond.
                   Rhinanthus minor               Ditto
           425.    Quaking Grass                  Undulates marshy patch,
                   Briza media                    woodland side of path. Ditto
           426.    Lesser Meadow -rue             Dunes, side of path. Ditto
                   Thalictrum minus
          * 427.   Yorkshire Fog
                   Holcus lanatus

           428.    Distant Sedge                  Salt marsh. Ditto
                   Carex distans
           429.    Carnation Sedge                Ditto
                   Carex panicea
           430.    Downy Oat-grass                Near toilet block. Ditto
                   Avenula pubescens
          * 431.   Crown Vetch
                   Securigera varia
                                                  In abundance, near entrance to
                                                  old Lorry Park, West Barns, East
           432.    Tufted Vetch                   Along fence near to 431
                   Vicia cracca
           433.    Tufted Hair-grass              Ditto
                   Deschampsia cespitosa
                                         - 36 -
14 June   * 434.   Cornflower                     Casual. On roundabout on A198
                   Centaurea cyanus               south of Meadowmill, East
          * 435.   Reed Canary -grass
                   Phalaris arundinacea
                                                  Edge of Braid Burn, Blackford
                                                  Glen Road, Edinburgh
           436.    Stream Water-crowfoot          In Braid Burn, Blackford Glen
                   Ranunculus penicillatis ssp.   Road, Edinburgh
           437.    Dogwood                        By first bridge, and on banks of
                   Cornus sanguinea               Braid Burn. Ditto
           438.    Greater Celandine              Longniddry Dean, Longniddry,
                   Chelidonium majus              East Lothian
          * 439.   Russian Vine
                   Fallopia baldschuanica
                                                  Longniddry Dean. Ditto

          * 440.   Slender Thistle
                   Carduus tenuiflorus
                                                  Near entrance to No3 Car Park,
          * 441.   Opium Poppy
                   Papaver somniferum
                                                  On pile of soil. Ditto

           442.    Musk Thistle                   Ditto
                   Carduus nutans

15 June    443.    White Stonecrop                Top of wall, near seafront, East
                   Sedum album                    Beach, North Berwick
           444.    Sea Fern -grass                On top of low wall, part of Chapel
                   Catapodium marinum             ruins, Anchor Green, North
           445.    American Willow-herb           Near path to beach, close to the
                   Epilobium ciliatum             lifeboat ramp, North Berwick

17 June    446.    Goat's-beard                   Verge, Waughton Crossroads,
                   Tragopogon pratensis           East Lothian, a (volcanic outcrop)
           447.    Knotgrass                      Ditto
                   Polygonum aviculare
           448.    Common Mallow                  Ditto
                   Malva sylvestris
           449.    Knotted [or "Soft "] Clover    Ditto, (Rare in East Lothian,
                   Trifolium striatum             mostly on volcanic outcrops)
          * 450.   Greater Plantain
                   Plantago major
                                                  On bare ground near road. Ditto

          * 451.   Yellow Oat-grass
                   Trisetum flavescens
                                                  Verge. Ditto

          * 452.   Hare's-foot Clover
                   Trifolium arvense

           453.    Crested Hair-grass             Ditto
                   Koeleria macrantha
           454.    Agrimony                       Ditto
                   Agrimonia eupatoria

                                        - 37 -
           455.    Maiden Pink                    [patch 12"x 12"] Ditto. (On only a
                   Dianthus deltoides             few volcanic outcrops like this in
                                                  East Lothian)
           456.    Hoary Cinquefoil               Near the patch of Maiden Pink
                   Potentilla argentea            above. Ditto, (Very rare in East
           457.    Upright Hedge-parsley          Ditto
                   Torilis japonica
          * 458.   Fat Hen
                   Chenopodium album
                                                  Edge of arable field. Ditto

           459.    Common Orache                  Road edge. Ditto
                   Atriplex patula
           460.    Least Yellow Sorrel            Seton Mains Collegiate
                   Oxalis exilis                  Churchyard, East Lothian

           461.    SlenderTrefoil                 Ditto, (Possibly the only place in
                   Trifolium micranthum           East Lothian to see this scarce
                                                  little plant)
          * 462.   Tutsan
                   Hypericum androsaemum
                                                  Against the wall surrounding the
                                                  Churchyard. Ditto
           463.    Broad-leaved Everlasting Pea   By railway line, east of the start of
                   Lathyrus latifolia             the dual carriageway, Longniddry

19 June    464.    Ragged Robin                   Marsh. Aberlady Local Nature
                   Silene flos-cuculi             Reserve, East Lothian
           465.    Common Valerian                Ditto
                   Valeriana officinalis
           466.    Marsh Bedstraw                 Ditto
                   Galium palustre
           467.    Grey Club-rush                 Ditto
           468.    Hemlock Water-dropwort         Ditto
                   Oenanthe crocata
           469.    Eyebright                      Low turf beside path to the Marl
                   Euphasia officinalis           Loch. Ditto

20 June   * 470.   Welted Thistle                 Many tall plants by wall near path
                   Carduus crispus                to Hopetoun Monument from car
                                                  park, East Lothian
           471.    Wood Millet                    At the car park. Ditto
                   Milium effusum
           472.    Rustyback                       On wall opposite Byres Farm,
                   Asplenium ceterach             between the A6137 and
                                                  Camptoun, East Lothian
          * 473.   Spear Thistle
                   Cirsium vulgare
                                                  Verge. Road to Motor Museum
                                                  from Mungoswells, East Lothian
           474.    Musk Mallow                    On tangled grassy slope, near
                   Malva moschata                 track to Drem airfield, E Lothian
                                         - 38 -
           475.    Perforate St. John's- wort      Ditto
                   Hypericum perforatum

24 June    476.    Field Bindweed                  Verge, top of hill, East Cliff Car
                   Convolvulus arvensis            Park spot, North Berwick
           477.    Round-leaved Cranesbill         Far end East Beach, near seat on
                   Geranium rotundifolium          cliff, North Berwick
           478.    Black Horehound                 A few yards from 477
                   Ballota nigra
          * 479.   Burnet Saxifrage
                   Pimpinella saxifraga

          * 480.   Hedge Bindweed
                   Calystegia sepium
                                                   Hedge, north side of hillroad to
                                                   Cliff top, East Beach, North
          * 481.   Sea Rocket
                   Cakile maritima
                                                   Shore, far end, East Beach, North
           482.    Frosted Orache                  Ditto
                   Atriplex laciniata

25 June   * 483.   Cotton Thistle                  Spectacular, on top of grassy
                   Onopordum acanthium             bank, off track to Drem Ponds,
                                                   East Lothian
           484.    Rosebay Willow-herb             In waste patch, opposite Fenton
                   Chamerion angustifolium         Steadings, near Drem, East
           485.    Blue Sow-thistle                On uncultivated verge, near Drem
                   Cicerbita macrophylla           Station, East Lothian
          * 486.   Hairy Bindweed
                   Calystegia pulchra
                                                   In ditch, road from Drem Station
                                                   towards Congalton, East Lothian
           487.    Timothy                         Edge of arable field, minor road
                   Phleum pratense                 from Kingston to Dirleton, East
          * 488.   Great Bindweed
                   Calystegia silvatica
                                                   Hedge, near Fenton Steadings,
                                                   near Drem, East Lothian

26 June   * 489.   Knapweed                        Roadside verge A1 [north side]
                   Centaurea nigra                 between Haddington and East
                                                   Linton, East Lothian
           490.    Monkshood                       Wet ditch, south side of minor
                   Aconitum napellus               road between Fenton Barns and
                                                   Kingston, East Lothian

27 June    491.    Sea Plantain                    Shore, Belhaven Bay, East
                   Plantago maritima               Lothian
          * 492.   Tall Melilot
                   Melilotus altissima
                                                   East of Seafield Caravan Site,
                                                   Belhaven Bay, East Lothian
           493.    Grass-leaved Orache             Shore, Belhaven Bay, East
                   Atriplex littoralis             Lothian

                                          - 39 -
           494.    Giant Scabious                 Pathside, path to Seafield Pond,
                   Cephalaria gigantea            Belhaven Bay, East Lothian
           495.    Spear-leaved Orache            Shore, Belhaven Bay, East
                   Atriplex prostrate             Lothian
           496.    Sea Sandwort                   Ditto
                   Honckenya peploides
          * 497.   Great Willowherb
                   Epilobium hirsutum
                                                  Waste ground, opposite Dunbar
                                                  Public Library, Dunbar, East
          * 498.   Butterfly Bush
                   Buddljia davidii

           499.    Pampas Grass                   Ditto
                   Cortaderia selloana
           500.    Monkeyflower                   Pond, near entrance to golf
                   Mimulus guttatus               course, Whitekirk. East Lothian
           501.    Wood Vetch                     In ditches and on walls, Tantallon
                   Vicia sylvatica                Castle, East Lothian

28 June    502.    Mugwort                        Near start of Innocent Railway,
                   Artemisia vulgaris             near Duddingston Village,
           503.    Fringed Water Lily             Duddingston Loch, Edinburgh
                   Nymphoides peltata
           504.    Lesser Pond Sedge              Ditto
                   Carex acutiformis
          * 505.   Dwarf Mallow
                   Malva neglecta
                                                  Near railings, overlooking the
                                                  harbour, Port Seton, East Lothian
           506.    Foxtail Barley                 Coast, near Cockenzie Power
                   Hordeum jubatum                Station, East Lothian
          * 507.   Wild Oat
                   Avena fatua
                                                  Track west of the power station.
           508.    Great Mullein                  No3 Car Park, Longniddry Bents,
                   Verbascum thapsis              East Lothian
          * 509.   Common Centaury
                   Centaurium erythraea

           510.    Thyme-leaved Sandwort          Ditto
                   Arenaria serpyllifolia
           511.    Square-stalked Willowherb?     Edge of Duddingston Loch,
                   Epilobium tetragonum?          Edinburgh

1July      512.    Grass Vetchling                Verge, Mansfield Road, on way to
                   Lathyrus nissolia              Red Moss, near Balerno,
           513.    Creeping Bent                  Verge, Red Moss, near Balerno
                   Agrostis stolonifera
           514.    Soft Rush                      Ditto
                   Juncus effusis
           515.    Floating Sweet Grass           Ditto
                   Glyceria fluitans
                                         - 40 -
 516.    Marsh Ragwort                     Field, west of Mansfield Road,
         Senecio aquaticus                 Balerno, on way to Red Moss
* 517.   Smaller Cat's Tail
         Phleum bertolonii
                                           West verge. Ditto

 518.    Oval Sedge                        East verge, road to Red Moss
         Carex leporina                    from Balerno
 519.    Smooth Lady's Mantle              Ditto
         Alchemilla glabra
 520.    Marsh Cinquefoil                  Ditto
         Comarum palustre
 521.    Compact Rush                      Ditto
         Juncus conglomeratus
 522.    Cross-leaved Heath                Ditto
         Erica tetralix
 523.    Meadow Fescue                     Ditto
         Schedonorus pratensis
 524.    Common Bent                       Ditto
         Agrostis capillaris
 525.    Spreading Meadow Grass            Ditto
         Poa humilis
 526.    Lesser Spearwort                  Wet ditch, near Red Moss
         Ranunculus flammula
 527.    Heath Spotted Orchid              Near to 526
         Dactylorhiza maculata
 528.    Hare's Tail Cotton Grass          Ditto
         Eriophorum vaginatum
 529.    Jointed Rush                      Ditto
         Juncus articulatus
 530.    Star Sedge                        Ditto
         Carex echinata
 531.    Confused Bridewort                Hedge. Ditto
         Spiraea x pseudosalicifolia
 532.    Narrow Buckler Fern               Near 531
         Dryopteris carthusiana
 533.    Sharp-flowered Rush               Ditto
         Juncus acutiformis
 534.    Bog Stitchwort                    Ditto
         Stellaria alsine
 535.    Toad Rush                         Edge of verge. Ditto
         Juncus bufonius
 536.    Golden Rod                        Bank, edge of wood, near
         Solidago virgaurea                Marchbank House Road from
                                           Balerno near Red Moss
 537.    White Sedge                       Near 533
         Carex canescens
 538.    Heath Wood Rush                   Verge near Red Moss, on road
         Luzula multiflora ssp. congesta   from Balerno
         [See 392]

                             - 41 -
4 July   * 539.   Corn Marigold                 Verge, west of Drem, East
                  Glebionis segetum             Lothian
          540.    Stinking Chamomile            Ditto
                  Anthemis cotula
          541.    Creeping Lady's-tresses       Bolton Muir Wood, near
                  Goodyera repens               Haddington, East Lothian
          542.    London Pride                  Ditto
                  Saxifraga X urbium
          543.    Intermediate Wintergreen      Ditto
                  Pyrola media
          544.    Slender St John's-wort        Ditto
                  Hypericum pulchrum
          545.    Brookweed                     Ditto
                  Samolus valerandi
          546.    Pepper Saxifrage              Verge, Bolton Crossroads, near
                  Silaum silaus                 Haddington, East Lothian
          547.    Giant Bellflower              Verge, east of Bolton Village,
                  Campanula latifolia           near Haddington, East Lothian

5 July   * 548.   Wood Sage                     On rocks, top cliff road, Holyrood
                  Teucrium scorodonia           Park, Edinburgh
         * 549.   Indian Balsam
                  Impatiens glandulifera
                                                Hunters Bog, Holyrood Park.
          550.    Bee Orchid                    Waste land, at old Blindwells site.
                  Ophrys apifera                [ One of only two sites in East
                                                Lothian where this newcomer to
                                                Scotland has very recently been

6 July    551.    Greater Knapweed              Grassland, north of Car Park,
                  Centaurea scabiosa            Yellowcraig, East Lothian
         * 552.   Marjoram
                  Origanum vulgare
                                                Wall, east of plantation. Ditto

          553.    Wall Lettuce                  Beside woodland path. Ditto
                  Mycelis muralis
          554.    Enchanter's Nightshade        Ditto
                  Circaea lutetiana

8 July   * 555.   Perennial Sow-thistle         Verge, A198 near Tantallon
                  Sonchus arvensis              Castle, East Lothian
          556.    Common Figwort                Track to Peffer Burn,
                  Scrophularia nodosa           Tyninghame, East Lothian
         * 557.   Marsh Cudweed
                  Gnaphalium uliginosum

          558.    Heath Groundsel               Ditto
                  Senecio sylvaticus
          559.    Greater Bird's Foot Trefoil   Marshy area, used to be a pond.
                  Lotus pedunculatus            Ditto

                                       - 42 -
          * 560.   Fairy Flax
                   Linum catharticum
                                                   Scrubby area, near 559

           561.    Hybrid Bluebell                 Seen with flower 135 on 10
                   Hyacinthoides hispanica x H.    April [previously omitted]
                   non-scripta = H.x massartiana
           562.    Hard Grass                      Beside path to Peffer Burn. Ditto
                   Parapholis strigosa
           563.    Small Balsam                    Woodland path, Tyninghame.
                   Impatiens parviflora            Ditto
           564.    Creeping Soft Grass             Ditto
                   Holcus mollis
           565.    Bread Wheat                     Beside path, edging arable
                   Triticum aestivum               [barley] field. Ditto
           566.    Giant Fescue                    East verge, road through Binning
                   Schedonorus giganteus           Wood, near Newbyth, E. Lothian

9 July    * 567.   Scarlet Pimpernel               Edge of arable field, path to
                   Anagallis arvensis              shore, Tyninghame, East Lothian
           568.    Prickly Saltwort                Shore, Tyninghame
                   Salsola kali ssp. kali
           569.    Saltmarsh Rush                  Ditto
                   Juncus gerardii
           570.    Annual Seablite                 Saltmarsh. Ditto
                   Suaeda maritima
           571.    Hard Rush                       Shore. Ditto
                   Juncus inflexus
           572.    Heath Grass                     Ditto
                   Danthonia decumbens
           573.    Sand Leek                       Both verges, road from car park
                   Allium scorodoprasum            at Tyninghame to Binning Wood,
                                                   East Lothian
          * 574.   Scentless Mayweed
                   Tripleurospermum inodorum
                                                   Edge of arable field, Tyninghame,
                                                   East Lothian

10 July   * 575.   Blue Fleabane                   Dunes near shore, Yellowcraig,
                   Erigeron acris                  East Lothian
           576.    Scots Lovage                    Ditto
                   Ligusticum scoticum
           577.    Pirri Pirri Bur                 Ditto [worryingly!]
                   Acaena novae-zelandiae
          * 578.   Tansy
                   Tanacetum vulgare
                                                   Verge, road from Dirleton to
                                                   Yellowcraig, East Lothian

12 July    579.    Crow Garlic                     West bank of Biel Burn near
                   Allium vineale                  bridge to John Muir Country Park,
                                                   Belhaven Bay, East Lothian
           580.    Duke of Argyll's Teaplant       just beyond small railway bridge
                   Lycium barbarum                 on narrow road from West Barns
           581.    Montbretia                      Escape, wee road to Belhaven
                                       - 43 -
                   Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora   Hospital, from Belhaven Bay,
           582.    White Ramping Fumitory       Cliffwalk from Dunbar swimming
                   Fumaria capreolata           pool to Rocks Hotel, Dunbar.
          * 583.   Wild Carrot
                   Daucus carota ssp. carota
                                                Verge, new road to Whitesands
                                                from Dunbar, East Lothian
           584.    Hoary Plantain               Ditto
                   Plantago media
          * 585.   Bulrush (Reed Mace)
                   Typha latifolia
                                                Pond, opposite side of road from
                                                the quarry, new road to
                                                Whitesands. Ditto
          * 586.   Common Cudweed
                   Filago vulgaris
                                                Verge. Ditto

          * 587.   Bristly Oxtongue
                   Helminthotheca echioides
                                                On bank. Ditto

           588.    Rough Hawkbit                Verge. Ditto
                   Leontodon hispidus
           589.    Lesser Burdock               Ditto
                   Arctium minus
           590.    Field Scabious               Verge, road from Waughton to
                   Knautia arvensis             Balgone, East Lothian

13 July    591.    Red Bartsia                  Waste ground, Blindwells,
                   Odontites vernus             Meadowmill, East Lothian
           592.    Marsh Speedwell              Pond Edge. Ditto
                   Veronica scutellata
           593.    Long-bracted Sedge           On the saltmarsh, near the car
                   Carex extensa                park Aberlady Local Nature
                                                Reserve, East Lothian
           594.    Saltmarsh Flat Sedge         Ditto
                   Blysmus rufus
           595.    Brown Sedge                  Marsh, Aberlady. Ditto
                   Carex disticha
           596.    Bottle Sedge                 Edge of the Marl Loch. Ditto
                   Carex rostrata
           597.    Lesser Tussock Sedge         Near Marl Loch. Ditto
                   Carex diandra
           598.    Greater Bladderwort          Marshy Pool, North of Marl Loch.
                   Utricularia vulgaris         Ditto
           599.    Yellow Sedge                 Marsh. Ditto
                   Carex demissa
           600.    Wild Angelica                Marshy area, Aberlady. Ditto
                   Angelica sylvestris
           601.    Pyramidal Orchid             Grassy area, side of path, north
                   Anacamptis pyramidalis       of sewage works, Aberlady. Ditto
           602.    Northern Marsh Orchid x      Dry area, Aberlady. Ditto
                   Common Spotted Orchid
                   Dactylorhiza purpurea x D.
                   fuchsii = D.x venusta
           603.    Lesser Clubmoss              Marsh, Aberlady. Ditto
                                      - 44 -
                   Selaginella selaginoides
           604.    Few-flowered Spike-rush      Ditto
                   Eleocharis quinqueflora
           605.    Sneezewort                   Side of path, north of the Marl
                   Achillea ptarmica            Loch. Ditto
          * 606.   Snowberry
                   Symphoricarpos albus
                                                Near Gosford farm shop and
                                                cafe. Near Aberlady. East Lothian
           607.    Lucerne                      Shore, Seton Sands, East Lothian
                   Medicago sativa
           608.    Northern Marsh Orchid        Marsh, Aberlady Bay Local
                   Dactylorhiza purpurea        Nature Reserve, East Lothian
           609.    Sea Aster                    Saltmarsh, under wooden bridge,
                   Aster tripolium              Aberlady LNR, East Lothian
           610.    Early Golden Rod             Near railway line, just west of
                   Solidago gigantea            Drem village, East Lothian

16 July   * 611.   Fennel                       Dunes, East Bay, North Berwick,
                   Foeniculum vulgare           East Lothian
          * 612.   False Brome
                   Brachypodium sylvaticum
                                                The Glen, North Berwick, East
           613.    Hairy Brome                  Ditto
                   Bromopsis ramosa
          * 614.   Smooth Tare
                   Vicia tetrasperma
                                                Longniddry Railway Walk,
                                                Longniddry, East Lothian
           615.    Annual Pearlwort             Ditto
                   Sagina filicaulis
           616.    Blue Globe Thistle           Near railway line, Drem, East
                   Echinops exultatus           Lothian
           617.    Japanese Pink                Garden escape. Wall to Lodge
                   Dianthus sinensis            Grounds, North Berwick, East
17 July    618.    Shasta Daisy                 Garden escape, verge near
                   Leucanthemum x superbum      Markle, East Lothian
           619.    Good King Henry              Several plants near the
                   Chenopodium bonus-henricus   Monastery Pond, Markle
           620.    Watercress                   Edge of Monastery Pond, Markle,
                   Nasturtium officinale agg.   East Lothian
           621.    Branched Bur-reed            On south and west banks of
                   Sparganium erectum           Monastery Pond, Markle, East
           622.    Bifid Hemp-nettle            In small wood, south banks of
                   Galeopsis bifida             Monastery Pond, Markle, East
           623.    Rose of Sharon               On small bridge, road into East
                   Hypericum calycinum          Linton from Dunbar, East Lothian
           624.    Redshank                     Edge of arable field, edging road
                   Persicaria maculosa          between East Linton and
                                                Waughton. Ditto
           625.    Phacelia                     Ditto
                                       - 45 -
                   Phacelia tanacetifolia
19 July    626.    Tree Lupin                      Top of hill, Gullane Bents, East
                   Lupinus arboreus                Lothian
           627.    House Leek                      On wall, near Luffness Castle
                   Sempervivum tectorum            [amazing!] Gullane, East Lothian

20 July    628.    Prickly sedge                   Halfway up North Berwick Law,
                   Carex muricata ssp. pairae      North Berwick, East Lothian
           629.    Squirreltail Fescue             Ditto
                   Vulpia bromoides

22 July    630.    Small-leaved Lime               Hedgerow by pond, Newbyth,
                   Tilia cordata                   East Lothian
          * 631.   Buckwheat
                   Fagopyrum esculentum
                                                   Edge of arable field, near
                                                   woodland and pond. Ditto
           632.    Marsh Woundwort                 East verge to road through
                   Stachys palustris               Binning Wood. Ditto
           633.    Soft Shield Fern                On rock by wee burn, near track
                   Polystichum setiferum           through Binning Wood. Ditto
           634.    Blinks                          Near puddle on wet track in
                   Montia fontana                  Binning Wood and in stream east
                                                   of Faseny Water, Lammermuirs.
           635.    Trailing Tormentil              Woodland track. Ditto
                   Potentilla anglica
           636.    Rock Stonecrop                  Quarry floor, on rocky terrain.
                   Sedum forsterianum              Traprain Law, East Lothian
           637.    Nettle-leaved Bellflower        [planted?] On bank, beside new
                   Campanula trachelium            road from Traprain Law to East
           638.    Common Flax                     (Agricultural relic) Arable field,
                   Linum utisatissimum             Waughton, East Lothian
          * 639.   Michaelmas Daisy
                   Aster x salignus
                                                   Bankside, Law Road, North
                                                   Berwick, East Lothian
          * 640.   Garden Privet
                   Ligustrum ovalifolium
                                                   Hedgerow near track to North
                                                   Berwick Law, East Lothian

24 July    641.    Strawberry Clover               100 yards east of the Toilet Block
                   Trifolium fragiferum            at the Links Car Park, where the
                                                   dunes meet the marsh, John Muir
                                                   Country Park, near Dunbar
           642.    Grass of Parnassus              In ridged marshy patch, west of
                   Parnassia palustris             eastermost track leading to
                                                   Tyninghame Bay from Car Park
                                                   above. East Lothian
           643.    Garden Catmint                  Garden escape, near old Trout
                   Nepeta X faassenii              Farm area, West Barns, East
           644.    Dittander                       Prolific waste ground, near old
                                          - 46 -
                   Lepidium latifolium            lorry park, West Barns, East
                                                  Lothian. [This is the only other
                                                  site apart from Tantallon Castle,
                                                  where this plant can be found in
                                                  East Lothian, I think]

25 July   * 645.   Shaggy Soldier                 Pavement weed, opposite Texas
                   Galinsoga quadriradiata        Homestores, St Leonard's,
           646.    Broad-leaved Ragwort           A stand, near Gala Law, Luffness
                   (Saracen's Woundwort)          Links, near Gullane, East Lothian
                   Senecio sarrecenicas
          * 647.   White Melilot
                   Melilotus alba
                                                  Hillside, grounds of Mining
                                                  Museum, Prestongrange, East
           648.    Wild Basil                     Blackford Glen, Edinburgh
                   Clinopodium vulgare
           649.    Wild Teasel                    Ditto
                   Dipsacus fullonum
           650.    Marsh Horsetail                Hunter's Bog, Holyrood Park,
                   Equisetum palustre             Edinburgh
           651.    Marsh Arrowgrass               Ditto
                   Triglochim palustris

26 July    652.    California Brome               Plantation, north of Car Park,
                   Ceratochloa carinata           Yellowcraig, East Lothian [long
                                                  recorded here]
           653.    Tuberous Pea                   East verge, minor road to
                   Lathyrus tuberosus             Yellowcraig, East Lothian [short-
                                                  persisting plant?]
27 July    654.    Hemp Agrimony                  Westermost bridge over Dunglass
                   Eupatorium cannabinum          Dean, Dunglass, East Lothian
           655.    Fuchsia                        Several bushes in vertiginous
                   Fuchsia magellanica            Dean. Ditto
          * 656.   Sticky Groundsel
                   Senecio viscosus
                                                  On unused bridge over Dunglass
                                                  Dean. Ditto
           657.    Elecampane                     The other side of road from 654
                   Inula helenium
           658.    Aspen                          Between Coates Car Park and
                   Populus tremula                Longniddry, Longniddry Railway
                                                  Walk. East Lothian [Recorded in
                                                  flower 4.5.11 previous omission]

29 July    659.    Hawkweed Oxtongue              Same location as 658
                   Picris hieracioides
           660.    Common Hemp Nettle             Ditto
                   Galeopsis tetrahit

           661.    Clustered Dock                 Ditch. Ditto
                                         - 47 -
                   Rumex conglomeratus
          * 662.   Black Bindweed
                   Fallopia convolvulus
                                                  Arable field, between Aberlady
                                                  Mains and Luffness Mains Farm,
                                                  East Lothian
           663.    Sweet Chestnut                 Hedgerow, opposite Luffness
                   Castanea sativa                Mains Farm, East Lothian
           664.    Purple Ramping Fumitory        Verge, West of Drem. East
                   Fumaria purpurea               Lothian

30 July    665.    Warty Cabbage                  West verge, Catcune, Near
                   Bunias orientalis              Gorebridge, Midlothian
           666.    Fine-leaved Vetch              Verges. Ditto
                   Vicia tenuifolia
           667.    Wild Lentil                    Verge at bridge, at bottom of
                   Lens culinaris                 valley. Ditto
           668.    Water Lily                     On pond. Just beyond bridge.
                   Nymphaea alba                  Ditto
           669.    Treacle Mustard                Disused Railway Track adjacent
                   Erysimum cheiranthoides        to the SWT verge, Catcune. Ditto

31 July    670.    Common Reed                    Near wall to the eastermost of
                   Phragmites australis           Aberlady Nature Reserve, East
           671.    Potato                         Agricultural relic verge, road to
                   Solanum tuberosum              West Fenton from Luffness
                                                  House. Ditto
          * 672.   Corn Spurrey
                   Spergula arvensis
                                                  Edge of wheat field, near the
                                                  above 671. Ditto

1 Aug      673.    Blue Water Speedwell           In sluggish Eel Burn, north of
                   Veronica anagallis-aquatica    Dirleton Church, East Lothian
           674.    Common Water Starwort          Ditto
                   Callitriche stagnalis
          * 675.   Autumnal Hawkbit
                   Leontodon autumnalis
                                                  Edge of car park, Aberlady
                                                  Nature Reserve, East Lothian

2 Aug      676.    Borage                         By river bank, seen from
                   Borago officinalis             Riverside Drive, Haddington,
           677.    Black Currant                  Ditto [Seen in flower here on 9
                   Ribes nigrum                   May but omitted]
           678.    Bracken                        Garleton Hills near Haddington,
                   Pteridium aquilinum            East Lothian

3 Aug      679.    Large Apple Mint               Harbour area, Port Seton, East
                   Menthe x viliosa               Lothian
           680.    Reed Sweet-grass               Big swathe, marshy area, near
                   Glyceria maxima                Longniddry Bents, East Lothian

8 Aug      681.    New Zealand Pigmy Weed         Pond, Whitekirk Golf Course,
                                         - 48 -
                  Crassula helmsii                Whitekirk, East Lothian
          682.    Common Water-plantain           Ditto
                  Alisma plantago-aquatica
          683.    Water Mint                      Ditto
                  Mentha aquatica
          684.    Hedge Bedstraw                  On wall, edge of burn, Broxmouth
                  Galium album                    House grounds, near Dunbar,
          685.    Hedge Bedstraw X Lady's         Ditto
                  Galium album X Galium verum
          686.    Traveller's Joy                 In spinney, Broxmouth House
                  Clematis vitalba                grounds, near Dunbar,
          687.    Felwort [Autumn Gentian]        Low turf path, near "wire dump",
                  Gentianella amarella            Barns Ness, East Lothian
          688.    Wild Turnip                     Verge, new road to Whitesands
                  Brassica rapa ssp. campestris   and Barns Ness, East Lothian
         * 689.   Large-flowered Evening
                                                  Verge, road from Athelstaneford
                                                  to Drem, East Lothian [previous
                  Oenanthera glazioviana          omission, seen in flower 1 July]
          690.    Wavy Hair-grass                 Beside wood, near Marchmont
                  Deschampsia flexuosa            House, near Red Moss,
          691.    Annual Candytuft                Waste patch, near Prestongrange
                  Iberis umbellata                museum, East Lothian [previous
                                                  omission, seen in flower 31 July]
10 Aug    692.    Greater Duckweed                Wildlife pond, allotments area, off
                  Spirodela polyrhiza             Blackford Avenue, Edinburgh
         * 693.   Pond Water-crowfoot
                  Ranunculus peltatus
                                                  [Planted] Ditto

          694.    Flowering Rush                  [Planted] Ditto
                  Butomus umbellatus
          695.    Purple Loosestrife              [Planted] Ditto
                  Lythrum salicaria
          696.    Creeping Yellowcress            Weed, allotment, off Blackford
                  Rorippa sylvestris              Avenue, Edinburgh
          697.    Rayed Groundsel                 [see 10 which was the usual
                  Senecio vulgaris var.           "unrayed" variety] Ditto
         * 698.   Wild Radish
                  Raphanus raphanistrum

          699.    Northern Dead Nettle            Ditto
                  Lamium confertum
          700.    Equal-leaved Knotgrass          Ditto
                  Polygonum arenastrum
          701.    Short-fruited Willowherb        Ditto
                  Epilobium obscurum

          702.    Common Vetch { 2 }              [see 185 for Common Vetch {1}].
                                       - 49 -
                  Vicia sativa ssp. sativa        Ditto
         * 703.   Green Field Speedwell
                  Veronica agrestis

          704.    Procumbent Yellow Sorrel        Pavement weed , St Albans
                  Oxalis corniculata              Road, Edinburgh
          705.    Navelwort                       Hill path above Blackford
                  Umbilicus rupestris             Pond, Blackford Hill, Edinburgh
                                                   [seen in flower 28.6.11; probably
                                                  planted many years ago, but now
          706.    Keeled Garlic                   Woodland before weir, Esk River
                  Allium carinatum                Walk, Musselburgh. East Lothian
          707.    Bearded Couch                   Ditto
                  Elymus canina
          708.    Alsike Clover                   Grassy verge, new road to Barns
                  Trifolium hybridum              Ness, East Lothian [previous
                                                  omission seen in flower 8 August]

14 Aug   * 709.   Japanese Knotweed               Opposite Humbie Old Church,
                  Fallopia japonica               Humbie, East Lothian
          710.    Tall Scurvy Grass               Tall plants over 4 foot high. Near
                  Cochlearia megalosperma         above. Ditto
          711.    Great Horsetail                 Near stone bridge, above Humbie
                  Equisetum telmateia             Church. Ditto
          712.    Heather                         In Bolton Muir Wood, near Bolton,
                  Calluna vulgaris                East Lothian
          713.    Zigzag Clover                   On an old SWT verge
                  Trifolium medium                [ie. botanically interesting] at
                                                  Blance, East Lothian
          714.    Pencilled Craneshill            Ditto. [Blance is not far from
                  Geranium versicolor             Bolton Muir Wood, see 712 )

15 Aug    715.    Broad-leaved Helleborine        Just inside entrance to Lauriston
                  Epipactus helleborine           Castle grounds, Edinburgh
          716.    Various-leaved Fescue           Very rare. Ditto
                  Festuca heteraphylla
          717.    Himalayan Honeysuckle           Self-planted. Ditto
                  Leycesteria formosa
          718.    Deadly Nightshade               Philpstoun Bing, West Lothian
                  Atropa belladonna

19 Aug    719     Great Lettuce                   [a plant rarely recorded in the
                  Lactuca virosa                  Lothians] Many plants established
          720     Rayless Tansy                   As in 721
                  Tanacetum macrophyllum
          721     Giant Knotweed XJapanese        Near the big House, Hermitage of
                  knotweed                        Braid, Edinburgh
                  Fallopia sachalinenses x F.
                                         - 50 -

          722    Tor Grass                       Grassland, east of
                 Brachypodium pinnatum           eastermost woodland ,
                                                 Yellowcraig, East Lothian
          723    Wood Cranesbill                 Edge of woodland path,
                 Geranium sylvaticum             eastermost woodland,
                                                 Yellowcraig, East Lothian
         * 724   Sunflower
                 Helianthus annuus
                                                 On roundabout between
                                                 Cockenzie and Tranent, East
          725    Dioecious Sedge                 Marsh, Aberlady LNH, East
                 Carex dioica                    Lothian [previous omission :seen
          726    Glasswort                       Near wooden bridge, on
                 Salicornia sp.                  saltmarsh, Aberlady LNR. East
          727    Devil's Bit Scabious            Many plants on wee orchid path,
                 Succisa pratensis               Aberlady LNR, East Lothian
          728    Marsh Pennywort                 West of the above path. Ditto
                 Hydrocotyle vulgaris
          729    Lesser Water Parsnip            Beyond the Marl Loch, east of
                 Berula erecta                   path, near fence, in marsh. Ditto
          730    Mare's-tail                     Pond, new scrape, Aberlady Bay,
                 Hippuris vulgaris               East Lothian
          731    Fool's Watercress               Ditto
                 Apium nodiflorum
          732    Bristle Club-rush               Beyond the Marl Loch, east of
                 Isolepis setacea                path, near fence.In marsh. Ditto
          733    Confused Michaelmas Daisy       Near shore, edge of new
                 Aster novi-belgii               walkway, Prestongrange, East
          734    Narrow-leaved Michaelmas        East side of path, north of Marl
                 Daisy Aster lanceolatus         Loch. Aberlady LNR

22 Aug    735    Gipsywort                       Canal bank, near Philpstoun
                 Lycopus europaeus               Bing, West Lothian
          736    Eelgrass                        Saltmarsh, near Blackness
                 Zostera marina                  Castle, Blackness, West Lothian
          737    Dwarf Eelgrass                  Ditto
                 Zostera noltei
          738    Annual Knawel                   Car Park weed, Bo'ness, West
                 Scleranthus annuus              Lothian
          739    Narrow-leaved Ragwort           Ditto
                 Senecio inaequidens
          740    Garden Lobelia                  Amid mound of weeds, Ditto
                 Lobelia erinus

                                        - 51 -
          741    Brittle Bladder-fern          Wall around Churchyard,
                 Cystopteris fragilis          Torphichen, West Lothian
         * 742   Des Etangs' St John's -wort
                 Hypericum x desetangsii
                                               In woodland leading to Whitrigg

          743    A Leafy Hawkweed sp.          Ditto
                 Hieracium sect. Sabauda
          744    Stag's-horn Clubmoss          Summit of Whitrigg Bing , near
                 Lycopodium clavatum           West Whitburn
          745    Alpine Clubmoss               Ditto
                 Diphasiastrum alpinum
          746    Fir Clubmoss                  Ditto
                 Huperzia selago

24 Aug    747    Soapwort                      North of weir, River Tyne,
                 Saponaria officianalis        Haddington, East Lothian
          748    Kerria                        Peeping over old wall, approach
                 Kerria japonica               road from A6137 to Haddinton,
                                               East Lothian
          749    Heath Speedwell               Woodland track, Moreham
                 Veronica officinalis          Mains, near Garvald,
26 Aug    750    Garden Radish                 Scrubby corner of field, opposite
                 Raphanus sativa               Bankhead, East Lothian
          751    Intermediate Polypody         Old wall at the entrance to
                 Polypodium interjectum        Bankhead above.
          752    Montbretia sp. [Aunt Eliza]   Throw-out, SW corner of Binning
                 Crocosmia panicula            Wood, East Lothian
          753    Royal Mallow                  Garden escape, west of Whitekirk
                 Malva trimestris              village, East Lothian
          754    Garden Tree Mallow            Ditto
                 Malva thuringia
         * 755   Wild Pansy
                 Viola tricolor
                                               Rubbish pile, in waste depot,
                                               west of New Mains, East Lothian
          756    Cabbage                       Ditto
                 Brassica oleracea
          757    Spear Mint                    South end of pond, marshy area,
                 Mentha spicata                north side of the Tyninghame
                                               Estate. East Lothian
          758    Peppermint                    Ditto
                 Mentha x piperita
          759    Water Figwort                 Ditto
                 Scrophularia auriculata
          760    Corn Mint                     North of this pond
                 Mentha arvensis
          761    Red Bistort                   Ditto
                 Persicaria amplexicaulis
          762    Brown Bent                    Bare ground, roadside near
                 Agrostis vinealis             bridge over Faseny Water,
                                               Lammermuirs, East Lothian

                                     - 52 -
          763    Purple Moor Grass                On side of burn, near bridge just
                 Molinea caerulea                 east of Faseny Water.
          764    Sand Spurrey                     Ditto
                 Spergularia rubra
          765    Lemon-scented Fern               In above burn.
                 Oreopteris limbosperma
          766    Tufted Forget-me-not             Ditto
                 Myosotis laxa
          767    Bitter Vetch                     North bank of the north end of
                 Lathyrus linifolius              Whiteadder Reservoir, E Lothian

2 Sept    768    Corn Chamomile                   Verge, west of Drem. East
                 Anthemis arvensis                Lothian
          769    Common Fleabane                  Two stands of these flowers, one
                 Pulicaria dysenterica            near walled garden, one near
                                                  boathouse, Gosford House
                                                  grounds, East Lothian
          770    Whorled Mint                     North bank of the large lake,
                 Mentha X verticillata            Gosford House Grounds, East
          771    Fragrant Agrimony                South Bank, large lake, near
                 Agrimonia procera                Boathouse, Gosford House
                                                  grounds, East Lothian
4 Sept    772    Cut - leaved Deadnettle          Near Toilet block, No2 Car Park,
                 Lamium hybridum                  Longniddry Bents, East Lothian

5 Sept    773    New Zealand Willow-herb          Very close to 765, on partly
                 Epilobium brunnescens            submerged boulder [previously
                                                  omitted, seen 31st August]
          774    Watercress                       In ditch, and climbing over hedge.
                 Nasturtium officinale agg.       south side of Ware Road,
                                                  Tyninghame, East Lothian
          775    Green Figwort                    Ditch, north side of Ware Road,
                 Scrophularia umbrosa             Tyninghame, East Lothian
         * 776   Wild Parsnip
                 Pastinaca sativa
                                                  Near bridge over railway line,
                                                  West Barns, East Lothian
          777    Field Gentian                    On pathway in dunes, Aberlady,
                 Gentianella campestris           East Lothian. [also reported by
                                                  another visitor previous day]
          778    Lime                             Road near Church, Dirleton, East
                 Tilia X europaea                 Lothian [previously omitted, seen
                                                  21st August]

7 Sept    779    Yellow Vetch                     Side of path to 1st lagoon, mouth
                 Vicia lutea                      of the River Esk,
                                                  Musselburgh.East Lothian
          780    Reflexed Salt marsh Grass        By the side of the 1st lagoon,
                 Puccinella distans               Musselburgh.East Lothian

                                         - 53 -
          * 781   Escallonia
                  Escallonia macrantha
                                                Naturalised in Gosford House
                                                Grounds. East Lothian
           782    Giant Rhubarb                 Beside pond.Ditto
                  Gunnera manicata
           783    Lesser Swinecress             Cultivated field, Luffness, East
                  Coronopus didymys             Lothian [ this plant recorded at
                                                Luffness since 1900]
           784    Himalayan Cotoneaster         Bank by sewage works. East Bay.
                  Cotoneaster simonsii          North Berwick, East Lothian

9 Sept     785    Ribbed Melilot                Near caravan site, Belhaven Bay,
                  Melilotus officinalis         East Lothian
          * 786   Ivy
                  Hedera helix
                                                On wall, Shore Road, Belhaven
                                                Bay, East Lothian
           787    Yellow Horned Poppy           On pebbles. Shore. Skateraw,
                  Glaucium flavum               East Lothian
           788    Himalayan Knotweed            East side of pond, near Dunglass
                  Persicaria wallichii          Collegiate College, Dunglass,
                                                East Lothian
           789    Creeping Forget-me-not        Shore of Oldhamstocks Burn,
                  Myosotis secunda              Oldhamstocks, East Lothian

10 Sept    790    Giant Knotweed                End of Lake, on shore, Smeaton
                  Fallopia sachalinensis        Hepburn Lake Walk, Smeaton,
                                                East Lothian
           791    Lesser Bulrush                Smeaton Hepburn Lake Walk,
                  Typha angustifolia            Smeaton, East Lothian

12 Sept   * 792   Sea Wormwood                  Old sea wall, Belhaven
                  Artemisia maritima            Bay, Belhaven, East Lothian
           793    Small Melilot                 Waste patch, adjacent to area
                  Melilotus indicus             near Harry Ramsden's
                                                Restaurant [as was],Leith,
           794    White-stemmed Bramble         Beside path, west bank, Water of
                  Rubus cockburnianus           Leith, near Redhall Gardens,
                                                Craiglockhart Dell, Edinburgh

4 Sept     795    Orpine                        Two plants, one just before, and
                  Sedum telephium               one just after black metal seat
                                                with arms, on left-hand side of
                                                path, Ormiston to Couseland
                                                railway walk, East Lothian
           796    Oyster Plant                  Wild Flower Garden [planted to
                  Mertensia maritima            display coastal wild flowers ]
                                                Scottish Seabird Centre the
                                                Harbour, North Berwick, East
                                                Lothian [in new flower bed
                                                planted summer 2011]
                                       - 54 -
17 Sept    797    Curved Sedge                    Shore path by wee stream, near
                  Carex maritima                  Black Rocks, north-east of
                                                  Gullane Bay, East Lothian
                                                  [approximately NT482 845 ]
          * 798   Lesser Hawkbit
                  Leontodon saxatilis
                                                  Low turf, dunes, Gullane Bay,
                                                  East Lothian

18 Sept    799    Rye                             Arable field edge, north of railway
                  Secale cereale                  bridge, Station Road, off A198 ,
                                                  between North Berwick and
                                                  Dirleton, East Lothian
19 Sept    800    Seaside Centuary                Dunes, north of Gullane,
                  Centaurium littorale            Gullane Links, East Lothian [in
                                                  the same location as 799 above
                                                  and also on the same date,18
                                                  September, I also found Shaggy
                                                  Soldier, [see flower number 645,
                                                  which I had found previously in
                                                  Edinburgh but this was the first
                                                  time this plant has been recorded
                                                  for East Lothian]
           801    Autumn Crocus                   Garden escape, Gullane Links,
                  Crocus speciosus                north of Gullane, East Lothian
           802    Mistletoe                       In lime tree, in car park, Gallery of
                  Viscum album                    Modern Art, Edinburgh. [seen
                                                  previously 19 April, but omitted]

23 Sept    803    Nasturtium                      Escape, climbing up fence near
                  Tropaeolum majus                Lodge Grounds, North Berwick,
                                                  East Lothian
           804    Pale Toadflax                   Council land fill site, north of
                  Linaria repens                  B1377 between Drem and
                                                  Congalton, East Lothian [this site
                                                  is usually closed, but today the
                                                  gates were open, and I was able
                                                  to enter to inspect this plant
                                                  growing on a high bank!]

24 Sept   * 805   Twiggy Mullein                  Millerhill "botanically-rich" site,
                  Verbascum virgata               south of The Fort Shopping
                                                  Centre, near Craigmillar,

26 Sept    806    Common Water Crowfoot           In stagnant pond, east of the
                  Ranunculus aquatilis            "wire dump" , Barns Ness, East

                                         - 55 -
27 Sept    807    Canadian Golden Rod            Water of Leith Walkway behind
                  Solidago canadensis            the Gallery of Modern Art car
                                                 park, Edinburgh
           808    .Astrantia                     Near steps down to Water of
                  Astrantia major                Leith Walkway, ditto
           809    Sea Pearlwort                  Edge of verge , on bare sandy
                  Sagina maritima                ground, near Forth Yacht Club,
                                                 West Granton, Edinburgh

28 Sept    810    Rock Samphire                  Among low dunes between the
                  Crithmum maritimum             sandy shore and the saltmarsh,
                                                 north of the toilet block, John Muir
                                                 Country Park, near Dunbar.
                                                 East Lothian
           811    Sea Holly                      Fourteen plants, ditto
                  Eryngium maritimum
           812    Orange Peel Clematis           Several low bushes. Ditto
                  Clematis tangutica

30 Sept    813    Love-in-a -mist                Persisting introduction,
                  Nigella damascena              Prestongrange Museum area,
                                                 East Lothian

1 Oct      814    Shrubby Mallow                 Escape, West Beach, North
                  Malva olbia                    Berwick, East Lothian

4 Oct     * 815   Tomato                         On shore, just north of Car Park,
                  Solanum lycopersicum           Prestongrange, East Lothian
          * 816   Scented Mayweed
                  Matricaria chamomilla
                                                 Car Park scrubby flowerbed,
                                                 Roslin Glen, Midlothian
           817    Red Goosefoot                  Rough bank, near Cockenzie
                  Chenopodium rubrum             Power Station, East Lothian

7 Oct      818    Sea Mayweed x Scentless        Car Park verge, shore,
                  Mayweed                        Prestongrange
                  Triplospermum maritinum x T.

11 Oct    * 819   Trailing Bellflower            Pavement weed,
                  Campanula poscharskyana        Warrender Park Road, Edinburgh
           820    Downy Birch                    Beside "Board Walk", Red Moss,
                  Betula pubescens               near Balerno,
                                                 Midlothian [Late
                                                 identification, seen with Catkins19
           821    Grey Willow                    East side of road near to Car
                  Salix cinerea                  Park for Red Moss [as above: late
                                                 identification. Seen with pussy
                                                 willow catkins 19 May]
                                      - 56 -
          822    Pill Sedge                     On moor west of Faseny Water.
                 Carex pilulifera               Lammermuirs, East Lothian
                                                [previously omitted,found 31
          823    Shoreweed                      North west edge of Whiteadder
                 Littorella uniflora            Reservoir, Lammermuirs, East
                                                Lothian [previously omitted, found
                                                31st August. No flowers because
                                                all plants submerged due to
                                                Reservoir water level very high].
          824    Crowberry                      edge of "Board Walk", Red
                 Empetrum nigrum                Moss, Midlothian [Not in flower]

12 Oct    825    Milk Thistle                   Waste ground, near far Shore
                 Silybum marianum               Road Car park , Belhaven Bay,
                                                East Lothian [Leaves only]
          826    Spotted Medick                 Ditto
                 Medicago arabica

16 Oct   * 827   Cultivated Turnip              Waste mound, Links car park,
                 Brassica rapa ssp.rapa         John Muir Country Park, West
                                                Barns, East Lothian

18 Oct   * 828   Galingale                      Water's edge,Blackford Pond,
                 Cyperus longus                 Edinburgh
          829    Flattened Meadow Grass         Crack in concrete wall edging the
                 Poa compressa                  Braid Burn, just east of grit store,
                                                Blackford Glen Road, Edinburgh

21 Oct    830    Oak Fern                       Woods, north of canal, near
                 Gymnocarpium dryopteris        Philpstoun Bing, West Lothian
         * 831   Field Woundwort
                 Stachys arvensis
                                                Field edge set-aside, with mixed
                                                wild plants for game cover, east
                                                of wood in 830
         * 832   Purple Viper's Bugloss
                 Echium plantagineum
                                                Location as above.

          833    Water Purslane                 North - west edge of Whiteadder
                 Lythrum portula                Reservoir, Lammermuirs, East
                                                Lothian [Previously omitted. Seen

25 Oct   * 834   Coralberry                     Rough ground, north of the
                 Symphoricarpos orbiculatus     Redhall Walled Garden,
                                                Craiglockhart Dell, Edinburgh
          835    Purple Willow                  Rough ground, south of the
                 Salix purpurea                 Redhall Walled Garden,
                                                Craiglockhart Dell, Edinburgh
                                                [seen previously, but not able to
                                                identify it until today]
                                       - 57 -
            * 836      Canary Grass
                       Phalaris canariensis
                                                          Allotments, off Blackford Glen
                                                          Avenue, Edinburgh

29 Oct      * 837      Perennial Wall Rocket              Waste heaps, field dump, north of
                       Diplotaxus tenuifolia              road from
                                                           Leuchie to Whitekirk village ,
                                                          East Lothian

31 Oct      * 838      Tall Tutsan                        Verge, side road from the A1 to
                       Hypericum x inodorum               Dunglass, East
                                                           Lothian [found 27.7.11]
            * 839      Laurustinus
                       Viburnum tinus
                                                          Escape, hedgerow, waste
                                                          ground, West Barns, East Lothian
                                                          [found 30.10 .11 ]
            * 840      Butterfly Stonecrop
                       Sedum spectabile
                                                          Throw-out [?] , verge, Blackford
                                                          Glen Road, Edinburgh

NB The species marked with asterisks denote those that were in flower during the last
week of October. I found and identified them during my "Last Week Hunt".

Mary Tebble 2 November 2011


Diane Smith, Scottish Seabird Centre office, for helping to produce this booklet.
Jackie Muscott, Botanical Recorder, West Lothian
Helen Jackson, Botanical Recorder, East Lothian
Barbara Sumner, Botanical Recorder, Midlothian
Stan Da Prato, Botanist
Anthony Charles, Computer expert.
Tom Brock OBE, Chief Executive, Scottish Seabird Centre

The Wild Flower Society
Scottish Seabird Centre Volunteer Group
Scottish Seabird Centre Office staff and Management Team
Finches Birdwatching Group
"Walking with Birds" Bird Watching Group
Edinburgh Natural History Society
Information Team, Scottish Seabird Centre Volunteers.
Board Members, Scottish Seabird Centre.
Thursday lunch table group, The Beacon Cafe
North Berwick Day Centre.
The Buttercup Café, High Street, North Berwick
Water of Leith Conservation Centre, Lanark Road, Edinburgh

                                              - 58 -
                      Wildflower Hunt
                         for Mary Tebble

     The hunt begins in the spring of your eighty-third year,
         As the land thaws and plants start to quicken.
   Then the equinox, and that luscious rush of early summer,
       its flourish of green, and lit petals, light evenings.

All through the long summer months, into short days of autumn,
             your keen eyes are noticing, searching,
     and each new flower you find is a gift, an achievement,
      sometimes a rarity; and once-the secret plant – a first.

     You hunt on the shore, on dune slacks and marshland,
        in the city, the town, their pavements and walls;
      you hunt by the railway, the roadside, the cycle track,
        roundabouts, carparks, landfill and canal banks.

  You hunt quarries and bings, woodlands and wasteground,
   By rubbish dumps and sewage works, a stagnant pond.
  Wildflowers are everywhere – here, ‘amongst heather tufts’,
   ‘by a puddle on a wet track’, ‘on a tangled grassy slope’.

      And now, as the year turns to winter – leaves falling,
   Flowers fading – and all that you’ve found is hidden again,
          The hunt is over, your treasure gathered in,
          Yet there’s nothing to hold in your hands –

            All of its conjured, imagined, remembered
              In your vast list of names and locations
The hunt is over, and you’ve discovered that this place you live in
    Is richer than you’d ever dreamed: bountiful wildflowers.

The hunt is over and here’s the treasure trove: your knowledge,
        Flying out like windblown seeds, and taking root
   In all of us who’ve watched you observing and recording,
        Bearing witness to what’s growing all around us.

                A tailor made poem by Elizabeth Burns

                               - 59 -
           Bringing people closer to nature
      A charity dedicated to inspiring people to care for
            wildlife and the natural environment.

The ScottishSeabird Centre is an independent Scottish charity SC025837
                           2nd Printing 2012

                                 - 60 -

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