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									 Why Refer to the
Basic Food Program
 A training module for WIC
 The  importance and need for the BFP
 How the BFP can be promoted to WIC
 Barriers to the BFP
 Eligibility and application processes
 Key resources available for BFP referrals
Why refer to the
Reason #1
Hunger and Food Insecurity:
        WA State
   4.4% of WA residents food insecure with
    – 5th in nation

   12.5% of WA residents food insecure without
    – 10th in nation

   Effects of hunger
    – delayed physical, psychosocial, and cognitive
Reason #2
WIC & BFP Work Better

Both WIC and BFP are associated with
 increased food security in both adults and
 higher nutrient intakes
   Both WIC and BFP participation have been shown
    to increase nutrient intakes (iron and zinc) in
Reason #3
       BFP Can Help YOUR
           Clients (1)
   Additional Aid
    – When WIC benefits are no longer available
        Maternal depression when assistance is no longer
          – Can negatively impact child health

    – Those who qualify for BFP may also qualify for
      financial assistance for heating, electricity, and
      telephone costs
       *Must live in Seattle city limits for certain benefits
        BFP Can Help YOUR
            Clients (2)
   Option for variety
    – Many WIC clients surveyed expressed wishes
      for more variety with WIC checks
        i.e.: fruit or culturally appropriate foods

    – BFP Cards are accepted at Farmers Markets
        Columbia, Lake City, University, Magnolia, West
        Participants take BFP Quest Cards to information
         booth, receive tokens for requested amount
Who is Using Basic
        Program Utilization
   Currently BFP serves
    – Statewide: 403,992
    – Nationwide: 21 million
        51.1% are children aged 18 or younger
   Usage by WIC clients
    – According to CIMS data 75% of PH-S&KC WIC
      clients are NOT participating in the BFP
    – However…2/3 of WIC clients are still living at
      or below federal poverty level
 So why is the BFP
under-utilized by WIC
Perceived “Barriers”
   Paperwork too long
    – TRUTH: Application 3 pages and there’s help!
   Benefits not worth time
    – TRUTH: Avg mo benefit $80/person and
      $186/household in 2002
   Intimidating environment
    – TRUTH: Resources available to help you be
      prepared and confident!
Perceived “Barriers”
   Assuming ineligibility
    – TRUTH: Eligibility screening calculators
      available online
   Embarrassment
    – TRUTH: WIC staff encouragement can help
      eliminate this!!
   WIC provides enough benefit
    – TRUTH: BFP provides more variety and
      culturally appropriate foods
   The best way to
   eliminate these
barriers is to increase
SO…What are the
requirements for
Clients Must Have…
 1. Washington State Residency
 2. A Social Security Number
      •    For every household member
           requesting benefits
      •    In process of applying is OK
 3.       Appropriate Citizenship
      •    U.S. Citizen or U.S. National
      •    Most legal immigrants
 4.       Income within limits
What is required of
legal immigrants?
         Legal Immigrants
   Must have documentation of legal status

   Have Sponsor

   Must have or be in the process of applying
    for SS#
    – Can receive benefits while waiting for # to be
Immigrants Without Legal
   Undocumented/No SS#
    – Can apply for BFP if at least one member of
      the household has documented status and
    – Request benefits for that member only

DSHS is not required to turn BFP information
 over to INS
Promoting the BFP
  to immigrants
     Any thoughts?
       Suggested Approach
   Penny Lara-Figueroa, PH-S&KC
    – Reassuring clients that food assistance will not affect
      their or their children’s citizenship status is key-many
      clients have heard misinformation

        Make client feel comfortable-one word could turn them away
           – Avoid using words “legal” and “illegal”
        Emphasize that every case is different
        Use hand-out to back up what you say
        Mention taxes paid in US help pay benefits for children born
         in US
  What are the
income limits??
              Income Limits
    Dependent upon household size

Includes:                           Does NOT Include:
   Wages
   Tips                             Wages from students
   Unemployment Benefits             <18
                                     Earned income tax credit
    – Prior to monthly deductions
      and taxes                      Energy assistance
                                     Bona fide loans
                                     Most student financial aid
              Max GROSS                     Amount of Food
Household    Monthly Income                  Stamps You
Size            Allowed                     MAY Qualify For
            (<130% federal poverty level)

     1           $0 to $973                  $10 to $141
     2       $974 to $1,313                  $10 to $259
     3      $1,314 to $1,654                 $10 to $371
     4      $1,655 to $1,994                 $10 to $471
     5      $1,995 to $2,334                 $10 to $560
     6      $2,335 to $2,674                 $10 to $672
     7      $2,675 to $3,014                 $10 to $743
     8      $3,015 to $3,296                 $10 to $849
     Additional Requirements:
        BFP and Students
   Student defined as age 18-49 enrolled half-time
    or more in an institution of higher education.

   To receive BFP students must meet one of the
    following criteria:
    – Have at least a part time job or are self-employed
        At least 20 hours per week
    – Enrolled in federal or state work-study program
    – Are a single parent or caring for child under age 5
Recent Changes to
        Resource Limits No
           Longer Apply
   Effective May 1, 2004:
    Washington State will no longer look at
    resources as a Basic Food eligibility factor
    for most individuals and families whose
    income is below 130% of the Federal
    Poverty Level.
     Old Resource Limits
• Must be < $2,000, or < $3,000 (for households with
person(s) > 60 yrs)

    Cash
    Vehicle equity ≥ $4,650
    Bank accounts
    Property
    Stocks and bond
            More Changes...
   By October 31, 2004 WA State will
    implement simplified reporting for the BFP
    – Only need to report:
        Increase in income that would result in ineligibility
        A change in address
    – Every 6-12 mo must complete a semiannual
      report OR participate in an eligibility review
   Former drug felons will be eligible for
    Basic Food benefits effective July 1, 2004*
What can your
clients expect?
  BFP Benefit Timeline
       Application for Benefits
    –      Complete and sign in two places:
           On line 1 and at bottom of page 4
           On page 4 client signs that he/she has read and
             understands “Client Rights and Responsibilities”

       Submit to DSHS Community Service Office (CSO)
        by mail, fax or by hand.
             CSO determined by Zip Code
             Zip codes serviced by Clinic
    –     Pierce County residents to Pierce Co. CSO
           Interview Notice
   Client receives notice of interview
    – Faxed or mailed application
        Notice by mail

    – Hand delivered application
        Interview date/time established on delivery
        Some CSOs allow client to wait for same-day
*Clients can request phone interview
           Review Timeline
 Expedited Service
  – “What do I do if I need food right away?”
        Instructions on front of application
        If client qualifies, review within 5 days

   Otherwise, regulation allows 30 days for
    processing the application
        Most CSOs have policy of “As soon as possible”
*Review lasts an hour to an hour and a half
    What Clients Need to Bring
         to the Interview
   Proof of Identity
    – Birth Certificate, Immigration documentation, Social
      Security cards
    – For all household members
   Proof of Housing
    – Statement from Landlord, rental agreements,
      mortgage payments, and utility costs, etc
    – Completed Shared Living Statement
   Proof of Income
    – Pay stubs, unemployment stubs, grants and loans,
      trust fund monies, child support/alimony, etc
        Receiving Benefits
   Eligibility determined at interview
    – Client receives Quest card, PIN and
      instructions for accessing benefits the same

   However, the majority of clients fail to
    bring some form of required verification to
    – Delays benefits until all items are received
How to Refer in YOUR Clinic (1)

Example Clinic
   Points of Referral
    – Application Worker
         Name(s)
            – Hours of availability
            – Ability to take more clients
         How to Refer to AW:
            – Call for appointment availability
            – Direct clients to office

    – Outreach Worker
         Dates Availability
         How to refer
            – Direct clients to lobby, or inform clients of dates/times of availability
How to Refer in YOUR Clinic (2)

Example Clinic
 Points of Referral (cont.):
  – Hopelink Outreach
      Dependent on need
      Will establish regular schedule you can refer clients
      What would work best for North?
  – How to Refer to Hopelink:
      Direct clients to lobby, or inform of date/times of
    for the BFP
Application Process
       Flyers and Handouts
1.   BFP Information for Clients
        -Spanish and English
2.   What WIC staff need to know about eligibility
     and referrals
3.   “Good News” Immigration Info
        -Spanish, Russian and English
4.   Resources for the BFP application process
5.   CSO locations
*Suggestion: Resource list (#4) can be printed on the back of #5 & #2
 Let your clients know about these

Both offer help with the BFP application process

Hopelink                                Healthy Mothers,
                                         Healthy Babies             

 *Let your clients know that these agencies are credible, reliable and are there
 to serve THEM!!

 Confidentiality is assured
           Helpful Websites
FNS Frequently Asked Questions

NW Justice Project

Food USA


Online income eligibility calculator
     Re-cap: Why Should you
      Refer Clients to BFP?

1.   BFP addresses food insecurity
2.   BFP is under-utilized by WIC clients
3.   To help eliminate perceived barriers

Now that you have the
  info, how will you
 promote the BFP to
    YOUR clients?
Role Play: Five minute Promotion of
                Basic Food Program
5 Key Points to Address:
1. Promote BFP based on client income
2. Address Client Interest
     –   Why BFP would be beneficial to client
            WIC perspective i.e.: culturally appropriate food
3.   Client Eligibility
     –   Reassurance
4.   What clients should expect
     –   Timeline
5.   Where to go
     –   Point of Referral
Additional Resources
  and Information
     Detailed Legal Immigrant
   Must have documentation of legal status
    – DSHS will assist in paying for documents if needed

   Have Sponsor
    – If client had an individual sponsor on or after December 19,
      1997, sponsor's income may be included in determining eligibility
         Unless the applicant is under 18 years old or has acquired 40 Social
          Security work quarters

   Must have or be in the process of applying for an SS#
    – Not all applicants for state-funded Basic Food need an SS#
    – Must have receipt of application from Social Security
    – Can receive benefits while waiting for # to be issued
   Rose D, Habicht JP, Devaney B. Household participation in the Food Stamp and WIC
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   Food USA Website.
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