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									Now that the 11th annual session of the ICP is complete it is now time to think
about the next meeting in Fukoaka, Japan (September 5-8, 2007). Since this is
our meeting, it seems appropriate to ask a sample of our members about the
program format. We know that the meeting will be held over three and one half
days but the session topics have yet to be determined. Likewise, the number of
themes that we cover is open for discussion.

To help the College develop its program, please check a maximum of six (6)
topics that would be of interest to you. Once done, save the file and forward it to
me at

Thank you.

Steve Eckert

                                   Possible sessions

               Dental Implants
               Esthetics and ceramics
               Fixed Prosthodontics
               Removable Prosthodontics
               Special needs/Oral Cancer/Syndrome patients
               Occlusion and TMD
               Public Health/Community Dentistry
               Evidence/Value Based Dentistry
               Student/Young Prosthodontist Evidence Based patient presentations
               Management of complications

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