They will know that humans need a variety of foods in order to stay healthy by 1x0qI4


									 Assessing Knowledge and Understanding Using KS2 QCA Units Topic: Teeth and Eating 3A
Evidence :
                     Level 1                                      Level 2                                                           Level 3
                The children will        The children will be able to use their knowledge of living things   The children will provide simple explanations for changes in
   Level        identify and locate      to explain that animals need food and water in order to             living things eg diet affecting the health of humans, causes
                external parts of the    survive. They will recognise that living things grow and will       and consequences of dental neglect. They will know that
                body. They can           describe in simple terms the changes that take place as             humans need a variety of foods in order to stay healthy.
                communicate              humans grow.                                                        They will be able to identify ways in which an animal is
                observations of a                                                                            suited to its environment eg teeth are suited to the food
                range of animals.                                                                            available.

                The children will talk   The children will describe some of the types of foods they eat      The children will describe an adequate and varied diet for
  How do the    about the foods that     and they will identify some “foods for growth” and some             humans.
                they like and dislike.   “foods for energy”
   relate to                             The children will know that different animals have different
 QCA Scheme                              diets.
 of Work and    The children will                                                                            The children will be able to explain that humans have
  Classroom     recognise that some      The children will know that animals including humans have           different shaped teeth, which make them useful for
                animals including        different types of teeth eg molars, canines and incisors and        different purposes eg canines for tearing.
                humans have teeth and    they will be able to identify them within their own mouths and      They will explain in detail how they should look after their
                they are found in the    on diagrams.                                                        teeth and recognise why they need to do so. (identify
                mouth.                   They will learn that we have 2 sets of teeth in a lifetime and      damaging/less damaging /tooth strengthening foods, teeth
                They will observe that   adult teeth have to last.                                           brushing routines, importance of dental visits etc)
                different animals have   They will recognise the need to take care of their teeth and        They will be able to explain the link between an animal’s
                different shaped         gums. They will know that some foods can be damaging to             diet and the shape and size of its teeth.
                teeth.                   teeth.


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