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                                              WARRANTY CONDITIONS
Z4 toner cartridges are produced following the most severe qualitative standards, turned to assure performances equal or higher than those of
the original cartridges. Microlaseritalia ensures the defect absence on the toner cartridges produced by it.
This guarantee has had value for a period equal at 24 months for the date of product shipment and is subject to the conditions below taken

A become before making goods, ask you to consult the form " condition of become " dischargeable from our www site in the section "tools".

If Microlaseritalia recognizes the defect responsibility, owing to the guarantee conditions, it will refund the expense supported by the customer
for the purchase of the goods in hand.
The cartridge recognized working but used beyond the 30% of his print capacity, will be not ensured.
The guarantee will be not recognized for defects caused by a use or a not correct cartridge management by the customer or of the final user.

Microlaseritalia furthermore ensures that, use correctly, their cartridges will not cause damages if you use on the printers they are produced for.
The guarantee has had validity for a 24 month period since the date of shipment and subject to the rules below taken back:

     -    In case toners verify damages attributed to the printer to the use of a cartridge not produced by Microlaseritalia, the guarantee will be
          not recognized.

     -    If the user laid damages to its printer, Microlaseritalia, within seven days from the damage discovery, will have to receive documentary
          tests which attest that the damage has been truly caused by a Z4 toner cartridge.

     -     Such tests will have to include a written declaration of statement and cause of the damage, on intestate paper of the supplying
          company of the service of aid, dated and signed from the operator and/or who has the powers.

     -    Will have to be highlighted in an unequivocal way, the component or the parts of the printer which have been damaged by the Z4

     -    Received the documentation, Microlaseritalia will reserve himself to contest the damage and then not recognize it, if how much
          claimed by the same one, was not truly discovered by the person responsible for the production and the Microlaseritalia technicians.

     -    If it was verified it causes it of the damage and the real Z4, Microlaseritalia cartridge responsibility will undertake to remelt the
          damage, but that under no circumstances, will be a sum bigger than the one (possibly already supported) from the buyer for the
          technical service intervention. A sum which exceeds the commercial value of the printer upon the intervention will be not however

     -    Such sum will have to be shown to Microlaseritalia through the sending of a copy of the regular invoice.

     -    For any controversy the hole of Milan is as competent considered.

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