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Volleyball a field game between two teams played on a plain court, either in a hall room
or an open field, in which a ball is sent back and forth over a net. The rectangular court
measures 18 metres by 9 metres. A net is vertically set along the centre line with its upper
border fixed at a height of 8 feet. The net is 9.5 metres long and 1 metre wide. The leather
ball has a circumference between 65 and 67 cm and it weighs between 260 and 280
grams. Each team has nine players. Only hand is used to send the ball over the net. But a
maximum of three players on one side of the net can make a rally to send the ball to the
other side. If the serving team can keep the end of the rally in their favour, that is they
neither let the ball touch the ground in their court nor do they throw the ball off their rival
team's court, they gain one point. And if the rally's end goes in favour of their opponents,
the service changes side.

Volleyball is one of the world's most popular games. Today there are 200 million active
volleyball players in the world, 500 million people have taken this game as a means of
recreation, and 215 affiliated members of FIVB, the international volleyball association.

Volleyball was invented in 1895 by William O Margan of New York City, USA. He gave
this game the name mintonet. In 1897, the rules and regulations for playing volleyball
were first published in a booklet. The Federation of International Volleyball was formed
in France in 1997. This organisation started its career with the affiliation of eleven
countries. Mr. L Lutbud of France was the founder president of this newly formed
organisation. Volleyball was included as an event for contest in the Tokyo Olympic in
1964. Senior World Volleyball Championship was introduced in 1949, Junior World
Championship in 1952, Men's Volleyball World Cup in 1965, Women's World Cup
Volleyball in 1973, and World Junior Championship in 1977.

Beach volleyball was developed as a result of experiments conducted for the
improvement of volleyball by the FIVB president Dr. Acoster of Mexico, and it created
quite an excitement in the world. Within a few years beach volleyball found a place in
World Olympic Games. Park volleyball has been introduced for recreation especially in
tours and picnics. Signs of timely reforms in the game are noticed in introduction of
libero player, rally point system, playing with 'foot' in need, net-touch service ball etc.

There is no definite information regarding the exact time when volleyball was first
introduced in Bangladesh. Volleyball used to have been played at many places of the
country since late 1930s. Government-sponsored volleyball tournaments started to be
held since 1967. The first tournaments were arranged at the division level in the four
administrative divisions of East Pakistan. However, tournaments at national level could
not be arranged until 1973. That year the government formed the National Volleyball
Federation, which sponsored as many as 23 national men's volleyball tournaments
between 1973 and 1999 and 15 national women's volleyball tournaments since 1979.

The number of National Youth Volleyball Tournaments arranged during the period from
1980 to 1994 was 13. Many foreign teams came to play in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh
team also took part in a number of contests abroad. In 1978, Bangladesh took part in the
Eighth Asian Games and occupied the 11th place among 15 countries. In the Eighth
SAAF games at Katmandu in 1999 Bangladesh won bronze.

Many clubs, organisations, and services of Bangladesh now play volleyball. Noteworthy
among them are: Bangladesh Rifles, Brothers' Union, Audit Krira Sangsad, Azad
Sporting Club, Dilkusha Sporting Club, Dhaka University, and the Ansars-VDP.

Collection from The Banglapedia.


Abdur Rab (forhad)

Department of Public Administration.

Jahangirnagar University

Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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