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Would you like to fill out simple web forms at home instead of going to

Well, the great news is that it really can be that easy. Get ready to
experience the fastest way to make money from your home.

Yes, you really can get paid to work from the comfort of your home,

filling out simple forms - maybe while sitting in your home. That's because
thousands of companies have found that they can save on their data entry
costs by outsourcing this work to people like you.

Right now, there are lots of opportunities for people like you to build a
successful home-based career to supplement your current income and
create a better lifestyle. You can join the thousands of workers who are
already making good money this way.

Some of the resources I gave here like websites and forums were valid when
Compiling this package but as time goes on there is a probability that some
of them Might no longer be functional and I wont be held responsible for

You CANNOT make up to $250 in the next 30 days by just reading this
manual, but You CAN make more than $250 in the next 30 days by reading
and applying the techniques that are in this report.

Did you see the difference?

The responsibility is on you. If you do not apply them, nothing will work. So
a refund is only for those who applied any of the strategies that i explained
here without making money from them[which of course is practically

I have found out that the reason a lot of INDIAns don't make money online
is simply due to one word - APPLICATION.

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Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is only potential power. It only becomes
power when it is applied or used. No new knowledge is useful to you until it
has a positive effect in you. You don't need to know 1001

ways to make money online before you can make money online, you only
need 1 or 2 ways and then focus your energy on it until you start seeing the
results...I mean in cash!

Build A Business And Not A Money Maker.

The major difference between the guy that earns $100 a month and the one
that earns $10,000 month in the same business is mostly due to the above
headline. One sees it as a money maker and the other sees it as a business.
I mean real business. Think of online survey as a business and not just a
money maker. I mean for example as a business you should be ready to go
the extra mile. You should be ready to put some hours every week, you
should be ready to invest some cash if necessary.

See what you are about to learn as a business and not just as a money

What will determine if you will be able to make $25, $75, $85, $250 or even
$1,000 will not be based on what you will learn from this report alone. They
will be based on the application of what you will learn from this report.

Before i start sounding like a motivational speaker, let me stop here and
begin sharing the strategies of making between $12 - $35 per hour or
making your first $250 in 30 days just from working with top online survey

Let's Begin.


[1]Change Your I.P Address:

The secret to make it BIG in any online survey business as a INDIAn is to
ensure that you don't use a INDIAn I.P address when registering with the
survey website. Before registration ensure you change your I.P address from
a INDIAn I.P to a U.S.A I.P address. When you do so you increase your
chances of receiving jobs consistently.

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There are several ways you can change your I.P address. But before i show
you how to do that, let us know what the I.P of the system that

you are using is, to do that you should go now to: www. and
look at the top left side of the page it will display your I.P address and your

One way to solve the problem of INDIAN I.P… is to always visit a survey site
when you want to register in them through ip changer software only just
search in Google ” hide ip software”and install them free or install

Their free trail… it is very easy…

or you can visit survey site by hiding ip Server.

Please go to it will bring up a new page that will have
a search box like in that search box, type in the name of the
survey website that you want to visit. That way you will be recognized as a
U.S.A citizen.

Another way you can do this is to go thru The
same procedure applies. Just type in the url address of the site you want to
visit in the search box and you are certainly protected. Remember that you
can use to check the IP addresses of turbohide and freeproxyserver.

[2]Fill the Registration Form Completely:

Nobody is a fool, especially a large corporation. When registering ensure you
complete your full and original information correctly. This is the secret that
many INDIAns don't know about online survey. For example

If while registering in a survey company, you are asked what field you are
into, and you choose an Internet user. The truth is when a survey job that
is related to a health product is available it will not be sent to you.

Unfortunately, you cannot escape this but ensure you put in your full and
correct information. Use a different email address from the one that you are
currently using so that when the jobs start coming you won’t be confused.

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[3]Use a virtual address:

This is the most important aspect of the whole deal. The truth is that 98%
of online survey jobs will not be sent to you, if you use a INDIA address.
Miss this part and i doubt if you will make more than $30 in the whole of
this month. Not only should you change your IP address, you must change
your address to a foreign one especially a U.S.A address .

This is my secret of making money from online surveys. You can get a USA
virtual address from graphcard. Details on how to do this is in the free
package we sent to you. For an easy way out.


Virtual address and How To Collect Your Survey Money In INDIA

I know that i am supposed to start showing you where to get jobs. But it is
very important i do this so that you will know it well.

So many survey websites or survey companies that you will get to know in
minutes from now, pay through different methods. Some will pay you only
through If you get to find such all you need to do is to
read the “ How To Open A Paypal Report” that will be sent to you shortly.
But most of them will want to send checks to you.

The easiest way i do that is through GRAPHCARD. Like i said, you must
open an account with them. In addition, after opening the account, login
and read everything you can about their services. Choose the personal or
reseller account when registering. To open an account with graphcard is
FREE. So do that right now. After you have done that and you are ready to
fund your graph card account with money [$5 for generating your virtual

Another benefit of owning a graph card account is that you will be able to
collect your survey check right here in INDIA. Let me give you a step by step
guide. This is how graph card virtual address works...

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Let me assume that the address Graph card gives to you is:


PMB: 1212, 8101 Sandy Spring Road

Suite 220, Laurel MD 20707


[Note: that all graph card address are the same, the way they use to
differentiate is through the PMB]. With this address you go to a survey
website and you register.

In the process of registration, the survey website will always ask for payee
name, which is the name you want your check to be sent to. In this case
don't use your own name rather use LFR COMMUNICATIONS INC.

Hat is the name of GRAPH CARD organization. With this name once your
check gets to them, and it normally does in less than 3 days after the
survey company have sent the check. Graph card will look at your PMB,
and through that PMB number, they will be able to detect that it is you.

Once they do that, they will pay the money into your graph card account.
their commission is 5%.

When you have confirmed that your graph card account has been funded.
You will then look for the withdraw button after you have log into your
graph card account and click it. The best two withdrawal methods that are
good for us in INDIA are: Western Union and Direct Bank Payment.

If you choose western union, graph card sends you the money through
western union so all you need do is to go to the bank and collect your
money…cool cash.

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If you choose, the other method, which I prefer you, will need a GT Bank
savings account. With that account, you will be able to wire your money
directly from your Graph card account into your GT Bank account... No
story! hat i believe is very explanatory, though you may go back and read it

I believe i have been able to explain a simple way to receive your online
survey Earnings right here in INDIA.

So dear friend before i start giving you where and how to get jobs, i have
been able to show you that you must always change your IP address when
you are signing up in any survey website. If you don't do this you will limit
the number of jobs you will get.

I have been able to show you the importance of using a foreign address
along side your new I.P. As this will boost your chances of getting jobs
constantly. I said with $5 you can get a virtual address from graph card.

I finally showed you how to receive your earnings here in INDIA safely by
ensuring that in ALL the survey websites that you use, you put LFR
COMMUNICATIONS INC, as the payee name. And that once your check gets
to them , the money will be funded into your graph card account and with
your GT Bank account or western union you will receive your money in
your hands. If you don't understand any part of what we have discussed so
far, Just stop reading. Go back and read every single word again and again.

But if you understand all we’ve discussed, Congratulation because right
now i will begin to unveil unto you the secrets, strategies and methods of
making money daily using the power of online survey.

Let's Begin!


In this method, i want to introduce you to a survey website called

CASHCRATE and this is a fantastic website because of many reasons join
this website now, CLICK HERE you are paid $1 instantly ..and not just that
you will get like 50 jobs waiting for you!

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the awesome thing again about this website called: is
that they will pay you 20% of what your referrals make, which means
anytime you invite someone to the website and the person takes a survey,
whatever amount he is paid, you will get a percentage of 20%. Moreover,
when the person gets to $10 [which can be done the same

day of registration] you will be paid a whooping $3 instantly. So get 20 of
your friends and if they make $10 each you will get an extra $3 plus 20%
income in whatever they are paid!

So get started today at: and sign up. Read all their
instruction and get to work. The way to ensure you make $250 in 30 days
from now is to go ahead and start referring people to join the website
through you referral link that will be given to you immediately you register.

If you have a debit card, i can guarantee you more than $500 from this
website alone.

You see every body wants to deal with someone serious. So is this website.
As you scan through their jobs, you will see some jobs that are willing to
pay you $3 or more, i have seen jobs as high as $16 from just a 4 minutes

Globeltesmarket This is great international survey paying website… In
this you can join from Indian ip also because it is international website You
can earn 35 point for every survey…it mean 75 Indian rupees….

To join click here after that open ur email and confirm your registration.

Great survey Website…. For every survey you complete you get $4-$6

It is the star of the paid surveys industry. They cater to anyone in any
country. Your opinions are worth cash at awsurvey.They reward you for
taking the time to complete their research surveys.

To join just click here and then create your account ….

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If you can send just 35 people to join this website by filling in their details
which is free, you will make $42.

Survey savy

Great survey website…. You will earn $15,10 for evey survey you complete
and $2 for every survey your referral person complete…

Join now click here

Treasuretroopers is another great online survey site you should

join. It involves no work. All you have to do is to make sure you change

IP which I have explained earlier and open an account with them, this way
you are guaranteed of getting jobs daily from them.

to join click here


This website that i have been showing you are simple but if you play your
cards well you will make good money from them.

By opening several accounts in a survey website using different emails, you
are guaranteed of getting several jobs a week. If one account will bring $70
a month for you through the several online jobs you have gotten through-
out the month it means that having 5 different accounts will bring more
money to you. You can use the same address to open several accounts with
just one site.

However, the above method will make you more money but I sincerely do
not encourage it. Once they find out, they will block you out. More so, there
are several sites to work with and the truth is that you can never finish the
jobs you will be given. Therefore, instead of opening several accounts with
just one survey site, I strongly recommend that you open accounts with 4-6

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high paying sites, fill your surveys, refer people thru your referral link and
collect your check at the end of the month.

Globaltestmarket. This is a great website. They act as agents to online
survey companies. If you have been visiting all the websites i have revealed
so far and even the ones i will still reveal to you, you will notice that all of
them are online survey website agents. That means their own job is to get
you online survey companies that needs your service. Some of the
companies that will send you online survey job will pay you as high as $50
per survey no kidding!

This is a great website you can start with. Fortunately, they accept INDIAns.
That means even though you will change your I.P address, you can use your
home address and the check will be sent down to you right here in INDIA
and if you have a Dorm account which you can open with $100 at
Guarantee Trust Bank you will be able to cash your money after 21 days!

But if you don't have that much time to wait, then use the graph card
method I explained earlier on, that is, you get to pay $5 to get a virtual
address which is less than N1,000 and once your check gets to them, your
graph card account will be funded immediately and in less than 3 days you
will be able to receive your money either through western union or
Guarantee Trust Bank without paying any extra cash except for the 5% that
graph card will remove from your money. To join click here.

Another great website, i mean a REALLY great website and method that i
will reveal here is

Read this well: Even if you decided not to work or register in any survey
website, except this one, if you do it well you can make

$500 to $1,000 in 60-90 days from now without investing more than 4
hours a week.

Here is what you should do,

[1] Go to and register, you either change your I.P address
or you register by using

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[2]In your registration, you can use a INDIAn address, so as i said in the
above page you either use graph card address or your home address. The
choice is yours!

[3]After your registration you can start browsing from the normal INDIAn I.P
address, just ensure that you register using a foreign I.P address.

[4]This is an important part, you will be asked to pay about $3 to complete
your registration. My friend this is very vital and you should consider doing
it. Your registration of $3 is not to withdraw your money but just to prove to
them that you are really serious.o get a graph card VISA CARD you only
need to fund your graph card account with $10. $5 for your virtual address
and $3 for registration in . To fund your graph card
account you need to reach graphcard on the number i gave above. Your
graph card account will be funded the same day and once it is funded you
will be able to generate a visa card instantly. That means you can start now
and the same day get your visa card and start getting jobs immediately.

Once you have finished your registration. Go to bed! Because jobs will be
sent to you almost daily and they are always highly priced, i am talking of
jobs from $20 to $50 that means four to five jobs a month is all you need to
make your $250.

So my friend are you ready to make $250 in 30 days, then
is a great online survey agent that can make that happen for you! is a website that you might be familiar with. They
pay you $5 instant for joining. The unfortunate thing about them is that
they don't pay too much, they pay about 5 cent to 50 cent per surveys.
However, the recent i love to work with them is because, they send lot of
surveys a day.This online survey websites makes a lot of money so don't get
surprised if they say they will pay you instantly because once they see that
you are a registered user the companies that needs you to take their
surveys will pay them for it.

Before I proceed, I want to introduce you to an online guru that will give you
a lifetime access to online survey. We call it the MASSIVE STRATEGY.

It is about getting 100's of survey website and then registering with as many
as you can.

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Once you get this very short but comprehensive report, then you don’t need
to pay a dime again for any report on Online Survey. You will become an
Information Seller yourself. In the report, you will see LOTS i mean
hundreds of survey websites that you can register with, pay to read emails,
pay to watch videos, pay to take surveys, pay to shop and many others.
Once you get the report, you can pick like 70-90 of the survey website and
one by one register with all of them. You can use one email for all the
registration.The good news is that you will get a list of survey websites that
accepts INDIAns. In this report you will see how you can easily get at least
five people to register thru your referral link on a daily basis using the
blogger approach plus how to get a debit/credit card right here in INDIA.

Imagine having 5 people sign up under you on a daily basis just thru your
cashcrate referral link… in a month that is 30 people. Don’t forget that you
will earn 20% of what they earn. The same approach can be used at and all other survey sites. I strongly recommend you get this
report at all cost. He is giving it out at a very ridiculous price for now. You
can reach him on send a mail to


In this method i am going to tell you about pay per lead programs.

They are a little different from the normal survey. For example i told you
earlier about and how they will pay you $10 for
everyone that signs up in their website through you.

One great pay per lead program is a site that will pay
you $0.10 for every one you refer to them as long as you have completed
one survey offer yourself. Which means if i play the blogger approach i will
be able to make a good amount of cash monthly just by sending people to
the website.

Another great pay per lead program is I love this
site so much. Each time you send someone to them that downloads their
free software through your referral link they pay you $0.40 instantly. All the
visitor needs is just to download the software which is free and you will be
paid $0.40 for it.

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Can you beat that?

Now my list of tested and trusted survey websites:
















Dear Friend, i strongly believe that you are satisfied with this package.
Please do not waste time and start now. You already have all it takes to get
started. The last secret I want to reveal to you is that you really can make it
BIG, I mean VERY BIG from Online Survey by referring people thru your
referral link. This is so because a time will come when you will be too busy
to complete all your surveys. With your link, while you are not working,
some of those you referred are working and your commission is certain. It is
so easy to get people to register thru you using the blogger approach. This is
one of the several advantages of a blog.Online business is very interesting
but you need to be dedicated and hardworking.We hereby show our sincere

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gratitude to you for believing so much in us that you went to the bank to
pay for this package. We are committed to your success.

Goof Luck

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