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									                                                                                          LITERACY HOUR: Weekly Plan
Year: 1 Term: 1                                                                                    Class:                                                                                                         Week: 4
                          Text Level                                                            Text                                                                                   Word Level
5 to describe story settings and incidents and relate them to                         Peace At Last (cont. from last week)                                                     PiPs STEP 3 OBJECTIVES
own experience and that of others;                                                       Bet You Can’t – Penny Dale
6 to recite stories and rhymes with predictable and repeating
patterns, extemporising on patterns orally by substituting words
and phrases, extending patterns, inventing patterns and playing
                                                                                                  Sentence Level
with rhyme;
11 to make simple picture storybooks with sentences, modelling             9 to use a capital letter for the personal pronoun ‘I’ and
them on basic text conventions, e.g. cover, author’s name, title,          for the start of a sentence.

DAYS                                      Whole Class Work                                                 Guided Work                              Independent Work                                                Plenary
Mon          PiPs activities:                              Continue to use teacher demo./teacher           GUIDED WRITING:          Children working individually to continue story books based       Target specific ch. to feedback work so
             Focus phonemes: s/d/g/ch                      scribing/supported composition to write        Work on own versions on   on ‘Peace at Last’, using modelling from whole class              far. Does story make sense? What is
             Circle Swap Shop (Page 20)                    shared story book based on ‘Peace at Last’         story with focus      session.                                                          repeated phrase that is used? Can you
             Letter Formation (Page 21)                    format.                                          determined by group     Adding illustrations when complete.                               make any suggestions for
                                                           Key Points: Oral rehearsing and refining            writing targets.                                                                       improvements/next steps?
                                                           of sentences, opportunities for paired to
                                                           talk to generate ideas, edit and review
                                                           opportunities at set points in writing.

Tues         PiPs activities:                                                                                                                                                                         Presenting time to listen to/look at some
             Focus phonemes: as Monday                                                                                                                                                                of completed stories.
             Croaker (Page 26)
             Finish It (Page 27)
Weds         Read ‘Bet you can’t’ to the children.         PiPs activities:                                   Edit and review       Phonic activities:                                                Display range of words with final
             Discuss theme and layout of text focusing     Focus phonemes: as Monday                       completed story books    Differentiated according to ability:                              phoneme missing (s/g/d/ch). Ask ch. to
             format of questions and responses between     Flashcards (Page 25)                             with focus on group     Sorting objects/pictures according to final phoneme into sets.    suggest what f.phoneme is and why?
             the characters. What do characters find out   Noisy Letters (page 25)                            writing targets.      Adding in correct final phoneme to make a ‘sense’ word.           Add in and read together. Is it a ‘sense’
             about what they can do/about each other?                                                                               Reading word and matching with pic/object                         or ‘nonsense’ word?
             Re-Read with children.                                                                                                 Adding in correct final phoneme and drawing/matching
Thurs        PiPs activities:                              Explain to ch. s/one has chopped up some                                 Ch. work in pairs to re-order cut up sentences form the text      Invite ch. out to demo. HOW they went
             Sock puppets (Page 25)                        of sentences from y/days book and we’ve                                  (using clues as modelled in whole class session).                 about ordering their sentences. Make a
             Using whiteboards in pairs say most of a      got to sort them. Use 1 envelope at a time.                                                                                                checklist to display about useful clues to
             word then let ch. scribe what they think      Read the words. Model how to go back                                                                                                       use.
             final phoneme is. ‘Show me’. Then in          and re-read, use context, grammatical and
             demo. on board to see what is correct and     phonemic cues to help. For next sentence
             read together.                                envelope invite ch. up to order, explaining
                                                           their choices and reasons to rest of class.
                                                           When completed re-read sentences. Does
                                                           each make sense?
                                                           Key Point: it’s not a sentence if it doesn’t
                                                           make sense.
Fri          PiPs activities:                              Re-read text with children. Have you ever                                Provide ch. with writing frame which has speech bubble on         Target ch. to read out their sentences.
             Focus phonemes: as Monday                     said ‘bet you can’t’ or ‘bet I can’ to                                   it. Ch. to write their ‘I bet I can/I bet you can’t sentence(s)   What would response be if we were
             Pass around a bag with objects ending in      anyone? Who? About what? Paired talk to                                  in. Draw themselves next to speech bubble.                        putting these into the book?
             the focus phonemes. Play as pass the          discuss. Feedback. T.models how to turn
             parcel. When ch. pulls out object come        into a sentence ‘I bet I can run faster than
             and match it with the letter/phoneme on       you’. Ask ch. to orally rehearse and offer
             the board which it ends with. T. demo.        their suggestion again. scribe.
             writing whole word. Repeat.

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