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									Smart Nasal
with Oxyview   ®
              Smart Nasal Cannula
Revolutionary Oxyview Flow-Meter
                                            In-line with cannula, near patient
                                            Works in any position (non-gravity dependent)
                                            Patient Friendly and Durable
                                            Lightweight
                                            Inexpensive
                                            More Accurate
 Allows clinician to see oxygen flow during rehab and at home when a patient requires extenders
      to be attached to their nasal cannula for mobility

 Patients using a low flow oxygen can quickly verify oxygen flow even though they do not always
      feel the gas flow.

 Improves Oxygen Therapy
     Smart Nasal Cannula
    What Is              Oxyview®?

   Oxyview® is a flow-meter.
   Oxyview® mounts between the cannula and the tank “in-line”
   Oxyview® delivers an easily read confirmation of actual flow
   Oxyview® is the worlds first gravity independent flow-meter
   Oxyview® is pneumatic and requires no batteries

   Oxyview® can be used with oxygen devices including:
   Concentrators
   CPAPs
   Gas or liquid oxygen tanks
   And other oxygen equipment
   Equipment can be placed at any distance from the patient since Oxyview®
    can be mounted close to the patient and “in-line” with the oxygen tubing.
   Oxyview® can quickly verify to the patient/caregiver the correct oxygen
    flow, leaks or malfunction in the regulator or respiratory equipment.

   Oxyview® is the new generation of pneumatic safety devices needed in
    the growing oxygen therapy market.
   ISO 13485:2003 Certified

 FDA Registered
   DHS Licensed

   CMS Medicare Approved
    Reimbursement Code

   Made in the USA
   Adjustable over-the-ear style

 Soft non-flared nasal top
   One piece seamless design

   Clear lightweight tubing

   Crush-resistant tubing

   Latex-free safe material construction

   Oxyview® inline Flow-Meter

   Life-Time Warranty
     Smart Nasal Cannula
Conventional Flow-Meters
               Attach at the tank, distant from patient
               Only works upright (gravity)
               Bulky
               Heavy
               Expensive
                 Less Accurate

        $43        $52                $55                  $895
                            Smart Nasal Cannula
                   Oxyview®                                      Conventional Flow-Meters
 Oxyview works in any direction, hands-free, using several       Conventional flow-meters work on two forces, oxygen
  controlled forces to include oxygen flow, cyclonic induction     flow and gravity.
  and Ingen's patented proprietary gravity-independent
  spring technology.                                              Conventional flow-meters are 20-30% inaccurate due to
                                                                   several reasons:
 Oxyview is 90%-100% accurate in any position regardless
                                                                  Friction… ball inside rubs against the walls.
  of friction, moisture, vibration, temperature or position.
                                                                  Moisture… water vapor will build-up inside.
  Further, because of the accuracy, faulty regulators and
                                                                  Vibration… sound and movement causes more friction.
  other gauges can be identified.
                                                                  Temperature….inside material contracts & expands.
                                                                  Position…device must be perpendicular to the
 Oxyview can be mounted near the cannula. This allows
  for exact flow rate measurement. It can help the patient
  with problems associated with tubing obstruction.
                                                                  Conventional Flow Meters are heavy and made of steel,
 Oxyview is strong and lightweight. The polycarbonate             glass and brass. They are subject to weather defects
  construction is rust resistant and stronger than steel or        and will crack. These devices can only be mounted on
  brass . The Oxyview can be installed in less than a              the tank and requires special tools and knowledge.
  minute without using any special wrench.
                                                                  Conventional flow meters are costly to purchase and
                                                                   replace. It is not a simple fix.
Smart Nasal Cannula®




                      Smart Nasal Cannula
                                 Value Statement
Oxyview enhances care giver and patient assurance that oxygen therapy is being delivered to the patient
as prescribed by the physician. In doing so, it enhances the safety and accuracy of oxygen therapy delivery
to the patient, and decreases costs associated to technical support calls/services provided by the supplier.
   Benefits include:
             Saves staff time to monitor oxygen

           Improves Safety and Accuracy
           Assurance to Patient for added Confidence

           Advanced Technology works in any position (not gravity dependent)

           Use in Hospitals, Home Care, Long Term Care and Hospice

           Sizes for Adult, Children and Infants measuring flow of 0-3 l/m or 0-6 l/m

           High Quality, Latex-free Curved soft-tip

           Durable, Non-crushable tubing

           Disposable, Requires No batteries
                       Smart Nasal Cannula
             Home Care & Assisted Living
More and more people are using oxygen therapy outside the hospital, permitting them to lead active,
productive lives. People with asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, occupational lung disease,
lung cancer, cystic fibrosis, or congestive heart failure may use oxygen therapy at home.

Home oxygen therapy accounts for the largest share of Medicare payments for durable medical equipment.

Oxyview allows home care patients to live relatively “Worry Free” by providing peace-of-mind at minimal cost
            Assurance that prescribed flow is being supplied through the cannula

            Confirmation that DME equipment is functioning properly
            Determine if flow is reduced by addition of humidifier bottle

            Accurately read meter whether person is sitting, standing or sleeping.
    Smart Nasal Cannula
    Market Research Data
    8-9% of Americans suffer from respiratory conditions such as:
   COPD

   Bronchitis
    The largest respiratory market is asthma.

   Oxyview applies to the non-asthma markets which represents $4Billion today
    and will increase to $6Billion by 2012.
   Despite the delivery apparatus, Oxyview can participate in the $4-$6 Billion
    market because reliable oxygen therapy is critical to all patients, caregivers
    and suppliers.

   Opportunities for Oxyview in the home health care setting are driven by the
    convergence of two trends:
   First, the segment of the US population aged 65 and over will double by 2015
   Second, there is a concerted drive to move patients from the hospital to the
    home care setting as quickly as possible.

   Oxygen and respiratory manufacturers are competing aggressively for new
    patients by introducing new, easier-to-use equipment.

   An extensive study performed by In-Touch Life Sciences, LLC indicates that
    Oxyview can be a successful medical device for the oxygen therapy market
      Smart Nasal Cannula
           Market Projections
Overall, respiratory has had excellent growth of 17% per annum since 1997
with projected growth of 10% per year for the next few years.
       8-9% US Market
       11,500,000 Americans have COPD, increasing 5-6% annually
       Aging population increasing for the 55+ target audience
       Smoking prevalence in men & women
       800,000 severe COPD cases receive constant oxygen therapy
       640,000 Oxygen Concentrators
       140,000 Liquid Oxygen portable units
       COPD is major cause of hospitalizations and 5th leading cause of death in the US
       38,000,000 COPD sufferers in US, EC and Japan

Annual sales will increase as follows:
       Oxygen system sales will increase from $618M to $954M by 2012
       Airway Mgt Device sales will increase from $599M to $815M by 2012
       Nebulizer sales will increase from $600M to $879M by 2012
       Ventilator sales will increase from $718M to $1B by 2012
       Humidifier sales will increase from $763M to $1B by 2012
       Pulse Oximeter sales will increase from $1.1B to $1.9B by 2012
       PAP sales will increase from $218M to $299M by 2012
 Smart Nasal Cannula
Other Markets for Oxyview
        Aviation (Commercial and Private)

        Emergency Response (Ambulance and Paramedics)

        Fire Department

        Military and Department of Defense
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