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									                                                                                                                vertical blinds
                                                                                                      top fix   fitting instructions
                                                                                                                          face fix

          You will need to decide which method                             fix
                                                                       top top fixing          face fix                                       face fixing
          of fixing you require, either TOP FIX or                           Take a measurement of how far your                               For recess blinds fix the brackets into
          FACE FIX.                                                          window handles protrude from your                                the wall or window frame as closely as
                                                                             window frame (mm) then add 50mm to                               possible to the ceiling or lintel with the
          Top Fixing brackets are used for fixing                            that measurement this is the distance                            same spacing as with top fix brackets
          into the ceiling or lintel and Face Fixing                         from the window frame you will need to                           (no need to measure the handles as
          brackets are used to fix into the window                                                               your
                                                                             drill to avoid the louvres catching short screw                  this bracket has a space between the
          frame (UPVC or Wood) you would                                     window handles, your end two brackets                            window frame and the louvres). For
          always use face fix brackets when                                  need to be 50mm in from the end of                               exact blinds fix the brackets in the exact
          fitting outside the recess.                                        the blind, space any remaining brackets                          place above the recess that you took
                                                                             evenly between these two brackets.                               your original measurement from.

                                                                                               short screw


                             top fix         face fix

          fitting the track
          1 top fixing
                                                   handle                     2 face fixing                                                 4 trimming the chain
          The track must be set with the controls                             As with top fixing make sure the controls                     You will probably have additional chain
          at the side ordered, tilt the track and
                                      short screw                             are on the side ordered and again                             at both ends of the last louvre weight
          locate the front lip of track into the front                                    top fix the opposite face fix
                                                                              tilt the track but top fix face fix
                                                                                                                way to                      using a sharp pair of scissors you can
          of the bracket push up until it clicks                              locate the back section of the bracket                        cut the extra away, make sure you’re
          into position. Repeat this process with                             and then push into position and tighten                       only cutting excess chain outside the
          additional brackets.                                                the short screw to lock the track                             last louvre.
                                                                              into place. Repeat this process with
                                                                              additional brackets.

                                                                                                             short screw screw

                                                                                                                                            5 split bunch
                                                                       fix                                                     top fix      If you have a split bunch blind you
                                                                                                                                             face fix
                                                                                                                                            will need to cut the chain between
          3 hanging the louvres                                                                                                             the middle two louvres in order for the
          With our system all the louvres are already chained and indeed the cord weight is also                                            blind to be able to draw to each side,
          in place. Firstly position the track cartridges at 90° to the track, take the louvre roll out of                                  Draw the blind about 18” apart and
          its plastic protection, remove the band and unroll them with the hanger at the top and                                            the middle two louvres will separate
          the stabilising chains at the bottom, hang the louvres so that the seams are all facing                                           allowing you to easily cut the chain
          the same way.                                                                                                                     between them.
                                                                                                                                            short screw
                                                                            r t sc

          face fixing brackets                   top fixing brackets                 screws               rawlplugs                  cord weight                 stabilising chains (x2)

                                 han                                                                                  handle

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                                           e c

top fix   face fix

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