VERT. BLINDS by fanzhongqing


Dt. 18.5.10

Dear Sirs,

   Sealed offers are     invited from authorized dealers for supply of “VERTICAL
BLINDS” as per the Bill of Quantities enclosed. Sealed offers addressed to the Chief
Engineer –Civil & CPIO, I.T I Ltd,          Corporate office, Civil Engineering Dept.
ITI Bhavan, Doorvaninagar, Bangalore 16, may be submitted on or before 2.30 PM on
25th May 2010. The offers will be opened on the same day at 3 PM in the presence of
those who wish to be present.

   The offer sent by FAX, E-mail will not be entertained. Incomplete offers shall be
rejected. ITI reserves the right to accept or reject any offer without assigning any reason

   Thanking you,
                                                     Yours faithfully,
                                                      For ITI Ltd,

                                             CHIEF ENGINEER (CIVIL) & CPIO
Encl: as above.
                                  BILL OF QUANTITIES

Sl.No.              Description               Qty      Unit       Rate        Amount
                                                                  Rs.           Rs
1        Proividing & fixing 100 mm
         vane width vertical blinds
         (fabric)(TRAC/MAC/VISTA)             150     Sq.ft
         made of poly propelene fibre of      Sq.ft
         approved make and colour
         suspended from aluminium
         channel hand rail of size 27 x 32
         mm including necessary tilting
         mechanism, nylon chord etc.,
         and as approved by the

Amount quoted in words: ……………………………….

      ……………………………………… )

                                                          Signature of the tenderer.

  1. The blinds shall be of approved make as indicated above and no alternative brand
     is acceptable .The offer will be rejected if alternative brands are quoted for.

    2. The shade card of the fabric to be used in vertical blinds may be enclosed along
       with the offer.

    3. The rate quoted shall be inclusive of all taxes, duties & transportation to site.

    4. The work has to be executed within 3 days on issue of the work order.

    5. No advance would be paid.

    6. The entire payment shall be released within 10 days on completion of the work on
       submission of the bill.

    7. The payment will be made for the actual quantity based on the actual
       measurements and no wastage shall be included.

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