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					                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Good for students: quality education

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Respected/ respectful staff/ faculty
                                                                                                                                                  Campus: looks/ safety/ facilities

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Recovering from past mistakes
                                                                                               Attempting/ looking for fixes

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         (Improving) Communication

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Professional development
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Pres. Steven Daley-Larsen
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     IT/IT staff /technology

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Staff tuition waiver
                                                                                                                               Benefits/ Salary

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Strategic Plan

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               New Website

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Flex time

                                      Positive Comments

 -Wellness program for employees. Although it could be tweaked a bit... allow employees
to go to wellness classes on university time (2-3 hours a week), or allow employees to use
sick leave to attend. Also, dedicate some classes to employees only, to encourage those
employees that are apprehensive about working out with a bunch of kids.
 -It was also a considerate gesture on the part of the university to offer the 4-day work
week to employees. Nice job!
                                                                                                                                                                                                  x                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    x
-Continue allowing 4 tens
-I like the vandal family pass - but where are the shirts?                                                                                                                                        x

 -The flexible work schedule option that Paul Michaud put out in an email at the beginning
of the summer of 2008. The ability to work 4 10-hour days is worth more than money!
Thank you!!!
 -Thank you for moving to Microsoft Exchange for everyone, that's been a great change.
 -Plan H was going fairly well until the deductible went up last week...that was horrible.
 -The HR staff is outstanding...they've been very helpful with great attitudes. Particularly
Derek Johnson, Melissa DiNoto and Myung Chun.
 -Linda Keeney in A/P is always extremely helpful.
 -Valerie Roberts in CoGS is fantastic and has made my job SO much easier. She's great and
so are those who are working with her.
Allowing flexibility in work hours.                                                                                                                                                               x
Flex time but not all employees are allowed to take part in it ~some deans don't approve
PERSI- They haven't found a way to take it away from us yet, they're probably working on

I appreciate the flexible schedule that I have. Flexibility in work hours helps make up for
lower pay, especially for people driving in from outlying communities.
I believe that flex time and flex place (where appropriate) are very much appreciated and
for the most part not abused.                                                                     x
I'm so very grateful for work policies that contribute to my ability to manage time and be
productive. Being a full-time employee, part-time student and a parent, I simply couldn't
do my job effectively without the flex time / flex place arrangement I have with my unit. I
also really appreciate the professional development opportunities (conference attendance,
etc.) I've had here.                                                                              x

Offering the staff waiver to the staff is very helpful. The EAP is a wonderful benefit.
Flexible scheduling is a great plus.
                                                                                                  x       x
Staff Appreciation is important-Staff Appreciation Week is great.
Flexplace and Flextime                                                                            x   x
The benefits are fair and competitive. Permitting employees to take courses and provide
some flex in their work schedule to do this is a great benefit.                                   x       x

Were surviving despite large turnover of Presidents and Deans. Flexible time being allowed
is always good and contributes to higher worker morale. Increasing employee
compensation based on merit needs to continue. The health benefits seem to be rather
good but try to continue to keep the costs down.
 -Fairer pay for staff. Administrators in the 90 to early 2000s were boosting the wages of
themselves and faculty and leaving staff behind, that has improved over the last few years
staff are receiving better pay.
 -Classrooms are looking better and hopefully will continue to do so since they should
come before office space.                                                                     x

-I appreciate my department and the University's support of my family and my life at
home. Without that support I would not still be able to be working her at the U of I.
-It means a lot to my family too.
 -I know a lot of people are complaining about health insurance. Mine is adequate and if I
were unhappy with it, I'd waive the university's and get my own.
 -I don't have a lot of positive attributes of the university at the moment. The budget
makes me nervous and I don't understand how large departments can possibly function on
very low operating budgets -- budgets that don't even cover a year's supply of copy paper.
I can definitely see layoffs in my department's future.

 -I think the administration, for the most part, truly believes in what they are doing and
takes it seriously. I don't always agree, but I don't have their job or responsibilities.
 -So, I'll back them as long as I think they are truly trying hard to work for us....but if I see
waste and a series of stupid decisions.....I'll turn on them. .....just tell ya like it is.

 -I truly believe the university is great place overall to live and learn as a student and to
work if you are an employee. Our human capital (caring faculty and staff and hard-
working, capable students) is probably our greatest strength.
 -The university provides an energetic atmosphere where opportunities to learn abound.
We should continue to provide opportunities thru service learning, study abroad and
national student exchange to our students. Training opportunities and the ability to take
classes as an employee at low cost is also a great perk. UI does provide opportunity for
"transformational experiences" to its students and employees. We just need to advantage
of those opportunities.                                                                                 x   x   x
 -It should keep hiring people that DO excel at listening to their employees, have
employees' interests at heart. The university is so big, I'm not sure I fully understand all
areas and what it is that should be continued.
 -There are appreciation things happening lately because of Staff Affairs. Those are nice
touches. People need to know they're valued and appreciated. But it'd be nice to have it
happen without having the chair of staff affairs harp on the administrators to say nice
things.                                                                                                             x
 -Jazz Fest, though it would be nice if the benefits of thousands of people coming to
Moscow could be utilized to bolster other parts of the campus and community. Support for
a cultural life (along with the benefits of the natural environment to which the UI has less
impact) that make Moscow a place where people actually want to live.
 -Blind support of athletics? No. Reliance on numerical measures on evaluations? No.
Surrendering to the idea that there is no point in even advocating for more state funds for
higher education as has been stated by the provost, past and current president? No.
Exempting units (Law School, President's Initiatives) from inclusion in the current program
evaluation process? No.

-Regular solicitation of communication from all levels needs to continue. Now if all levels
of employees could feel that their voice is actually being taken into consideration...
-It's very hard for most of the staff to not to feel apathetic as policies are made that affect
or cost them more than they do faculty or administration.

-The campus is not as attractive as it has been in the past thanks to drops in staffing in
areas where that is of main concern, but it remains a pleasant place to work and live from
an aesthetic standpoint.
-The level of outside-class opportunities for students is admirable. From the SRC to movies
and concerts, this is the kind of place I would enjoy spending time were I 18-22.
-I have a great deal of confidence in Provost Doug Baker. I believe he has solid vision for
what the higher education setting of the future should look like. He approaches things with
a gentle hand, but believe he will stay the course and wait out some of the more
outspoken faculty who will fight to the death to maintain status quo. We have to change or
we will be irrelevant. I think Provost Baker gets that and I appreciate his leadership. Let's
do things well as opposed to just doing things.
                                                                                                  x           x

 -The employee educational benefits are outstanding and should be continued at all costs.
If anything, employee access should be encouraged more fully at all levels.
Question: "What if we train and educate our employees, and they leave?"
Rhetorical Answer: "What if we DON'T train and educate our employees and they STAY?"
 -The marketing campaign is great. It has made a positive change in the way people view
the University in the area I work, which supports my job in many ways.
 -I particularly like the outcomes. They create an excellent perception of the University as a
conduit to success.
 -The University has been proactive in the last couple years bringing regular pay increases
to employees; especially when the salaries are below market value. I feel it's very
important that this continue for the morale of employees.
 -The University attempts to foster a work environment that remembers people have
family and personal responsibilities. I would hope the administrators will continue to
remind managers of this, and assure employees do not feel as if they must choose
between work and family.                                                                          x

 -This is a hard survey for me. Up until July 2008 we were under different management and
that manager did not respect his employees. Our office was a full-time person short for a
year and the remaining staff had to take on that job's responsibilities - responsibilities that
are outside our current job descriptions and duties. When we asked the management
about a temporary pay increase, using HR guidelines, we were told "No, it's just like if
someone is out on vacation or sick leave. It is expected that you cover" (I still have this
 -My new manager respects us greatly and shows appreciation on a daily basis. We are still
short 1 full-time employee (now 15 months) and have not received any increases, but the
respect and appreciation they show makes it easier to swallow.
-U of I continually strives to improve student recruitment and retention in a positive
manner. Staff involved in these areas are top notch.
-I like the positive attitude I see around campus.                                                    x

 -Well, we have an incredible natural resources college. Our library is top-notch, as is the
fitness center and climbing wall. The Outdoor Program does excellent work, and our music
program is clearly excelling. We're one of the best research universities around and we're
even getting to work on sustainability. The education program is also excellent, and the
food service is improving by leaps and bounds. And somehow all of this is offered at a
price that can only be described as a bargain.
 -I guess it's hard to point to any one thing (if I had to though it would be an incredible
faculty) - nearly everything about this university exceeds my expectations.
                                                                                                  x       x
   Work on implementing a strategic plan. Figure out what UI should be offering as
academic programs and what we should drop. Auxiliary Services review to determine why
Kibbie/Athletics department relationship is disfunctional. Work on UI image. Work on fund
raising/donorship. Work on effective managment accountability procedures.
   Enhance and grow relationship and partnering with WSU. Share valuable resources.
Share programs.
  -good teaching
- good collaboration
- open environment
- Respectful workplace                                                                                     x
  -the University of Idaho is a good place for diversity.
- I feel very safe while on campus and have never worried about something bad happening
to myself or my possessions.                                                                       x   x
-Begin looking at the University as a business, a corporation. Many decisions can be made
based on "will that make my company profitable?".
-Take good care of Lloyd Mues. Honest, creating accountability through visibility, direct.
 -CAPP, TAAP, other student assistance programs that share cultural capital with students
from lower economic classes are very important to students' ability to find careers after
 -Continue strong support for Native American students. This is an under-served
population, and your efforts to connect with Native American populations is a good first
step.                                                                                                  x
-Continue to support problem solving workshops eg Magalay
-This has nothing to do with this question but I marked not applicable to a number of
questions because I really do not have the experience to be able to evaluate objectively.

-Continuing to cut benefits, jobs, salary, all at the expense of the staff, while increasing the
middle management numbers and entry level salaries, at the expense of those who have
been faithfully serving and are now trapped where they are. THIS SHOULD NOT CONTINUE.
-Improving energy conservation and using woody renewable fuel for heat.
-The current focus on redirecting funds to the best programs should continue with
aggresive energy. UI needs to focus on fewer good programs and eliminate marginal ones.
-Continue to eliminate spending for outside community programs that take funds needed
on campus.
-Leadership is generally open and responsive to concerns.
-Leadership generally appears to be sincere.
-In a lot of ways we are doing the right things and moving in the right directions, the       x
university is generally a good place to work, and a good environement to work within. In
general, I have enjoyed my tenure here.
-My comments don't really fit into either box.
-I really like working here. I have an excellent job and, overall, a good work environment.
 -Providing a strong educational ethic.
 -Recruiting outstanding students.                                                                    x       x
 Providing motivational speakers to energize the staff and administrative officers on
campus -- this should be provided more than once a year.
 Renovating the older buildings and maintaining an updated environment.                           x
 -Recreation center and swim center are well kept and have very good opening times.
 - Campus looks pleasant and beautiful, crime rates are very low
 -The University should point out its scientific and educational achievements instead of
advertizing how awesome the Vandals are (and spending a small fortune on a coach). A
university should be considered a place of science and learning, and it doesn't take a
football team to be a good school (but maybe my opinion is just too European to be
                                                                                                  x               x
-Seeking input from all of its employees, ( I hope this survey is given to ALL employees)
-Maintaining the beauty of campus
-Promoting fairness, equality, and safety in the work-place
-Allowing an avenue for grievences to be made
                                                                                                  x       x
-Small town feel; community
-Love access to the Student Rec Center.
 -some strong programs, majors, minors
 -excellent advising, but spotty. Utilize best practices in ALL advising situations.
 -excellent level of technology and support for it
 -staff affairs
 -utilization of resources, emphasis on sustainability
 -recent addition of grant-funded provisional student advisor -- should be upgraded to
include advising of ALL provisional admits, not just first gen, low income
 -Blackboard is a great investment
 -Operation Education
                                                                                                     x           x
 -The individual attention that we provide students should be more highly promoted.
 -The university's marketing strategy and website are a real highlight but we need to
continue to move those changes forward at a faster rate.
 --Welcome for new students and parents
--Opportunities for community service
--Opportunities for interdisciplinary work (the Tuesday colloquiums at the Commons are
quite interesting)
--the staff waiver for courses at the UI                                                                     x       x
1 - Website development - it looks great!!
2 - Computer Help Desk - and staff are wonderful and supportive
3 - Annual Staff recognition is good for morale and an opportunity to consider the work of
4 - Opportunity to work on grants allows the UI to be visible in areas across the state and
strengthens the academic focus by supporting the educational development for the non-
traditional students in a variety of settings
5 - I have not taken advantage of the Skillsoft training opportunities - as I have had
difficulty with accessing it (for myself and staff I supervise) - but it appears to be a great
resource and I look forward to investigating it in the near future                                   x   x   x   x
1) Educational benefits to employees.                                                                                x
1) Maintain the small, high quality (varies by dept) classrooms and research facilities with
the lower faculty/student ratios. UI should not want to be like WSU or BSU in this regard.
2) The focus on learning outcomes is a good initiative and should be continued (however,
see number 6 below).
3) Provide opportunities for students to take classes outside their major and develop a
more connected/interdependent campus community
1) the grounds have been kept up great and facilities should be commended.
2) the bus service is helpful.                                                                  x
1. The new process for purchasing card expenditures is great. Continue with developing
more user friendly programs!
2. The updated website looks good.                                                                          x
1. I'm biased, but the ITS computer systems and network are more stable, reliable, secure,
and faster than ever.
2. Despite the 'black cloud' over many areas of the UI (Water Center, declining
enrollments, benefits, losing football record), there seems to remain a somewhat strong
allegiance as Vandals.
1. Moving forward with a long-term strategic plan to reposition and grow the university for
future generations. 2. Recently, stepping back with the hiring pause to determine a better
staff and faculty alignment to support and achieve the goals of the strategic plan. 3. Hiring
the right people to fill key positions. 4. Investing in a strong advancement and
development organization to help build the institution.
                                                                                                                x       x
1-Taking care of our students. 2-Educational benefits                                               x                       x
2-way communication between admin. and staff (ie. this survey)                                          x
Actively recruiting and improving retention. Too bad U of I lost Bruce Barnes!!!
Addressing the Vision-Strategic Action Plan by addressing the new student recruitment.
                                                                                                    x                   x
adequate green space and trees
good Facilities support staff                                                                   x
After all of the "down" years it's nice to see that the bleeding has finally come to a stop.
Things are looking up and I'm glad to see an increase in the student population. GO
VANDALS!                                                                                            x               x
Allowing employees to take courses at a discounted rate and their spouse. However if
children are included it should be limited to TWO family members period, not everyone in
a family.                                                                                                                   x
Analyzing processes and procedures; updating APM. It is a slow process but very
As a whole, the UI community truly believes in student education and experience.
Asking for input from staff and faculty.
Asking for input.
At least some emphasis--proof in the pudding remains to be seen in most cases--on some
areas, such as training opportunities (if you can eke out the time to do it) and health
(wellness). Many UI grand ideas for improved client service sound good and are a
reasonable and perhaps positive effort--but it invariably loads more work and responsibility
on workers who are over-burdened now, and UI does not even regard buy-in from those
being required to do more for someone's pet project. The project may be good but the
resources are not there. I'd be thrilled to do more if I had the time, resources, and and
focus, but I simply do not and I certainly am only one of many in the same boat. A lot of
emphasis is on building external partnerships with UI. You need to build internal
partnerships with your workforce first and foremost--fancy words alone don't do it. UI can
be great. UI can be more. UI can be a leader and a legacy for leaderships. But UI is not
paying real attention to the team that will make that happen.
Attempting to control spending and general expenditures throughout the institution.
Moving to cost saving processes and procedures in some areas.
Attempting to get back on the right path after years of inattentiveness and graft.
Forging ahead with strategic planning, although it is a pain in the butt!
Continuing to improve recruitment and retention
Hiring of quality instructors/professors
Getting rid of 'dead weight'
Emphasis on the quality of education at UI
                                                                                                       x       x   x   x
Attempting to listen and improve things that need improving.                                x
Attracting great students, faculty and staff
Providing creative, interesting, interdisciplinary core courses
Being a leader in higher education in the state and region by being the first to address
critical issues that impact Idaho and the West
Sustainability initiative
Interdisciplinary initiatives
Proving the "Vandal Experience" to our students (and faculty and staff) and capitalizing on
that lifelong relationship.
International experience opportunities for students                                                    x       x           x
Beautiful campus and everyone working in IT department is friendly/nice (most everyone
else seems nice as well).                                                                          x       x
Beautiful campus, well-kept, clean and safe. Staff and faculty seem energized and
enthusiastic about the institution as well as their own careers.                                   x           x
Beautiful campus. I like the new branding initiative.                                             x
Being at a branch campus is nice in the sense that you know most everyone who works
around you. The downside is that folks working on grants within the building are not
always treated as equals and often times information doesn't get filtered down to us with
regards to events and general goings on within the building.
Best job I've had. Most people are very professional and considerate.                                         x
better pay and health care                                                                    x
Bringing in great young faculty. Great staff in many offices.                                                 x
Campus and building improvements. Vandal Access Shuttle.                                          x
campus safety maintainance                                                                        x
caring for students as a first priority                                                               x
changing with the times - the new transformation plan is a relief!                                                x
Classes and teaching is very good                                                                     x
cleaning house (of cheating administrators)                                                                       x
Commitment to fair/unbiased treatment for all staff.
Committment to providing the best education possible and treating everyone with respect.
                                                                                                      x       x
Communication with employees about the financial problem and University situation
Communication with staff.                                                                                 x
Communication within our department...                                                                    x
Community links
Constantly trying to improve in all aspects.                                              x
Continually striving for excellence, offering increased service learning opportunities to
students, and seeking staff and faculty input.
Continue and reinforce open dialogue and communication between administive leadership
and staff.                                                                                                x
Continue hiring excellent faculty and staff at the UI CDA Education Department.                               x
Continue to communicate with employees via the Friday Letter and 'Today @ UI'.
Continue to include staff on committees. Keep working on ways to provide more training
to staff.
Continue to involve all people involved in a decision making process.
Continue to provide a beautiful campus.                                                           x
Continue to provide opportunities for staff to give feedback on issues/concerns that they
Continue to put the student(s) first, they are our reason for being here.                                      x
Continue to upgrade the Athletic facilities                                                            x
Continuing to grow as a communtity and helping each other along the way.
Continuing to provide opportunities to gain information - Brand Marketing updates,
Skillsoft, one-on-one time with benefit providers.                                                                 x
Cross listing courses and other cooperation with WSU (although more could be done) and
funding projects that help the community such as the commuter bus between Moscow and
Technology Assistance
Distance Education                                                                                                     x
Current pay scale, but not sufficient increases                                                    x
Customer Service for students
Cutting staff, somebody has to do the work and I think you're running out... So I guess Ya,
Go ahead and lay the last one off... Do the work yourself! :)
Define processes and find out if there are duplications, work towards centralizing, so there
are more controls and less room for error in data processing such as time entry, epafs,
ect... Supporting departments financially, IT support, staffing. The hiring pause was an
excellent idea, why hire people just because you have a vacancy. You may end up hiring a
person, then do a reorganization, then realize they don't have the right skill set for the new
duties, then what do you do.
despite stresses, good people work here
highly student-oriented                                                                                        x           x
Developing high quality programs and preparing students for successful, contributing
Better including and respecting staff input than previous administrations
Telling our story about what a great educational institution this is and its contribution to
the state and the world
Providing excellent IT support, reliablity and leadership                                                              x       x
Development of partnerships and collaboration efforts throughout the University
community; the focus on retention;
Directing more resources to upgrade and repair buildings                                               x
Diversity efforts are good. Many administrators are GREAT; others are incompetent. Was
difficult to answer some questions when you lumped them altogether.
Do what you can to keep enrollment up.                                                                                         x
Doing well: Striving for excellence at a strategic level to correct poor decisions from
administrations of the past.                                                                                              x
During President White's tenure, we made considerable progress on salaries at the staff
level. Hope this continues under the current administration.
Educating graduates and undergraduates in general; Strategic Planning seems to be
progressing; Getting the 'financial house' in order; Recovering from the Boise debacle;
Squeezing more out of their employees than is likely sustainable; Keeping health care
pretty affordable; Sustainability Initiative;                                                                             x       x   x
Educating our students which is the bottom line.                                                      x
Educating students                                                                                    x
Educating undergraduate and graduate students to effectively fit into an ever changing
world.                                                                                                x
Efforts in sustainability and going green.                                                                                            x
Emphasizing enrollment management.
Employing SDL as president-I believe he can/will make the University of Idaho a better
institution.                                                                                                      x
Encourage teaching as much as research
Encouraging a learning and growing environment.                                                       x
Encouraging the use of cutting edge technology
Excellent computing support (email, web, bandwidth, etc.).
It's a beautiful campus.
The Idaho Commons, TLC, and other new buildings are an asset and makes one proud.
                                                                                              x               x
Faculty and SAC appreciate and recognize staff members                                                                        x
Faculty and staff are all so friendly.                                                                                x
Family Environment. Lots of good communication. IT department is great with Sean
Sullivan at the helm.                                                                                     x   x
Feel bad for Coach Akey; get him a stronger football team ! :-)
Focus on students and their needs & wants                                                             x
Focusing on diversity issues.                                                                     x
Focusing on student attendance and retention.                                                         x
Focusing on the needs of the students to provide a good learning environment and
education to prepare them to be a positive influence and force in todays society.
Fostering change towards being a better educational institution
Getting information out.                                                                                  x
giving away the university of idaho to boise
Good academic education.                                                                         x
Good communication via e-mail to all employees regarding state of the university, health
benefits, etc.                                                                                       x
Good efforts at communication. Hiring some good PI's that care about the School and the
work more than image or power or whatever.                                                           x
Good question.
Good recognition of staff contributions. Good efforts at communicating things timely
(except for Bruce Barnes' departure; I'm in his unit but learned he was leaving when his
position was posted on the HR website--not good). I appreciate all the "peripheral"
benefits for staff (EAP, wellness program, etc., etc.) but health benefits --the most
important benefit of all --is increasingly more difficult to figure out and pay for.
                                                                                                     x                   x       x
Good staff to help with Off Campus Problems.
Good support by administrators and my direct supervisor as well as support staff in my
Good work environment. Zero tolerance of disrespectful behavior. Adequate technical
support of job. Beautiful campus -- good people to work with.                                x               x
Got rid of President White and hopefully will replace him with someone who will support
science and research as well as the other programs. Get someone who understands
economics.                                                                                                       x
Graduating students
Providing a great college experience
Statewide presence
Beautiful campus - this is the number one comment when I show people our great campus
                                                                                             x   x
Great people work here. Very committed to the University.                                                    x
Growing enrollment.                                                                                                  x
Hiding and ignoring its problems.
High level of research
recruiting high achieving high school students                                                   x
Hiring good employees when they are available.
Hiring high quality employees.
Hiring some competent and likable staff and faculty. Allowing UI employees to take classes
at a discount.                                                                                               x               x
Holding special professional development conferences like the Women's Leadership
Conference.                                                                                              x
home page moving to a one look one feel for all the UI.                                                       x
HSA Health Care Plan                                                                              x
I am encouraged by the interim President's open communication style and his willingness
to tackle internal concerns. I find it uplifting to hear the interim President discuss the UI's
strategic plan and ways he would like to implement ideas.
                                                                                                          x       x               x
I am pleased with the direction that has been taken with Lloyd Mues leadership on getting
budget management under control and in line with goals. Priorites are much clearer than a
few years ago.
I am quite pleased that Steven Dailey-Larsen is our President and feel optimistic about the
changes he will implement to guide the UI into the future as a green campus.
I appreciate that Dr. Daley Laursen is the interim President. I think he was the best
candidate for the position. It would certainly be fantastic, although I'm sure it's highly
unlikely, that Dr. Daley Laursen could continue in his current capacity. It's great to see a UI
grad leading the University of Idaho.                                                                             x
I appreciate that the university leadership is highly focused on the future and takes
problems head on. They are, to a person, also extraordinarily dedicated. Thanks for
seeking my feedback. Keep up the good work!
I believe staff communications is getting better each year. The weekly e-news letter is
filled with relevant content. There seems to be more collaboration between colleges and
administration. The U of I has a decent presence within the North Idaho region due in large
part to alumni and external outreach.                                                                     x
I believe that allowing staff to take classes at a reduced rate is a very good idea and should
be continued, I also believe that we should extend the benefit to staff and facutly's
immediate relatives. (i.e. mainly their children)                                                                                     x
I believe that UI culture focuses on the individual and their needs. UI faculty and staff work
hard to make each contact with a student personal, friendly, and helpful. It is a great place
to learn and grow and a wonderful place to work.                                                      x               x
i believe the benefits are a good deal and the persi.                                             x
I believe the the University doing a good job of getting our debt down. In these trying
times.                                                                                                                    x
I believe the UI is doing well in hiring faculty.                                                                     x
I believe the UI is keeping its eye largely on the ball concerning maintaining and increasing
our enrollments. Despite the increasing costs of education the UI is doing a good job in
recruiting students and keeping that a focus for the institution.
                                                                                                      x                       x
I believe we have a high level of respect between faculty, staff, and students. In general, UI
folks are kind and courteous.                                                                            x
I can only speak for within the area that I work, but the work environment is good. I have
good communication with employees as well as my supervisor.                                          x   x
I dont feel comfortable given my feedback in this setting.
I enjoy the health benefits (what's left of them) and paid holidays. I enjoy the ability to
take a class essentially for free. The human resources office has been a helpful place for
me.                                                                                                              x
I enjoy working for the University of Idaho and interacting with the staff, faculty, and
students at the university. I enjoy being able to work out at the Rec Center and have that
be part of my benefits.                                                                                  x
I feel appreciated by my supervisors. I am not micro-managed, but am allowed to do my
job to the best of my ability, which is what I was hired to do.
I feel as a whole, the University of Idaho is responsive to students and does make them our
top priority - as they should be.                                                                x
I feel like there is a good "vibe" on campus and that generally faculty and staff are happy
and well rounded. I am pleased that there is a women's leadership conference on offer and
that my supervisor has supported my request to attend.
I feel so disgruntled at this point that I can't think of one good thing to say.
I feel that for the most part all employees are treated with respect. That should be
continued.                                                                                               x
I feel that the University is trying to move beyond the financial transgressions of its past,
and move forward with a progressive plan of action while still being fiscally responsible.
While this process involves making hard decisions, it seems as if the administration is
making its best effort to keep its faculty and staff in mind going forward.
                                                                                                         x   x
I feel the communication from the administration has been good, even though I may not
agree with some of the decisions being made (hiring freeze for example).
I have been very impressed with the atmosphere and culture of my department and the
other departments that I have come in contact with.                                                      x
I have no complaints about computer equipment available to me to do my work.
I have really enjoyed being employed by this institution. Thank you for trying to encourage
more two way, equal, communication. The administration is not given an easy job, and it is
often a thankless job. But I think if you explain the "why" behind policy and vision
decisions, you will have better buy in from the campus community and I think that is a
direction you are starting to go. Thank you.
I have used many of the employee services that the UI have provided.
1. The Work and Life programs are helpful. They are a good resource for information (esp.
Wills, Retirement, helping with aging parents) and camaraderie among peers.
2. The online courses, Skills-Port, is also a wonderful asset to learning new skills at my own
3. The Wellness program is another good example of the UI's value to employee heath
which in turn benefits the whole institution by happier, healthier, more productive
4. The socials that both the Presidents' office and SAC put together are such a nice bonus.
It enhances the human element of our job and gives meaning to the sense of community
which validates our living here on the Palouse. Heck knows, we didn't come here for the
                                                                                                               x   x   x
I just learned that the UI has a bus that transports faculty, staff and students with
disabilites, permanent or temporary around campus. Way to go! The UI grounds crew
does a terrific job of making us look good. I like that the football coach seems to be a
person with scruples and though things are tough now I hope the UI will back him. The
snow removal/stacking crew deserves a lot of credit for their efforts last winter.
I just started here at the end of the fiscal year so I don't have a lot of time here yet to know
what is being done well or what needs improvement. But having come from another
university I think the atmosphere here is less stressful and more relaxing than the
university I came from.
I like Plan B health insurance. Was glad to find a plan similar to the one I had last year
before the switch to the new system.
I like the contributions to my retirement                                                          x
I like the HSA health plan option and hope it does continue.                                       x
I like the new walk/bikeway down from the Kibbie Dome. Thanks!
I like the way President Daley-Laursen considers staff and the well-being of campus. I
appreciate that he knows how hard almost everyone is working, and that some areas are
grossly understaffed and therefore overworked. I appreciate this survey.
I like working for the University of Idaho. I work with great co-workers that are very
commited to their jobs. I was at first upset with the change in health insurance but over
the last year it has worked well for me. I like the medical saving fund. I used to work in the
Health Care Industy so I understand how difficult it is to fund medical insurance and make
everyone happy.                                                                                           x
I love having benefits -- I was self employed for 27 years. I like planH and I like PERSI. I
even like the walk up from the BLue parking lot on Sweet Ave. I hope I still feel that way in     x
December! God bless you guys.
I love the "family" atmosphere here that I haven't found in any other workplace outside of
UI.                                                                                                       x
I purposely transferred from one "community" campus to the Moscow campus, so that I
could have a better opportunity here. The difference between the two in terms of training
and employee services is amazing.
I really do not feel that I can answer this question adequately. The morale is low, budgets
are tight, administration pulled $ from units and now the State is pulling $. The only
reason for staying at the UI is there is not many other options in the area for employment.
I am an alumni and feel a strong tie to the UI though and I really do enjoy the function of
my position.
I really like the reciprocal education agreements between the universities.
I respect the leadership demonstrated by Lloyd Mues in his capacity as VP of DFA. Hang
onto him if you can...
I think it's important for the University to keep doing surveys such as this to find out the
needs and wants of the staff.
I think that the U of I is doing a good job of getting through the hard financial times, given
what they are.                                                                                                x
I think the staff in the registrar's office are excellent and I have received excellent support
from them over the years.
I think the UI has always had a family-friendly, open atmosphere where individual
employees don't feel like they lacked the "proper" amount of dedication if they weren't
happy to work 50 hours a week and never go on vacation. However, I see that starting to
slip a bit. Upper administrators are having to work insane hours and the message, whether
intentional or not, is starting to work its way down to the next level of employees: if you
leave on time, or take a vacation you must not be as busy or as dedicated as your
supervisor, or you aren't being as helpful to them as you should be.

I think they still provide a good working atmosphere and still provide a good education.
I think we have a great recruiting team. We are in contact with students early and remain
in contact with the student up until they begin at the University.
Vandal Friday is a great event.
The Admissions team is very friendly and Extremely helpful and knowledgeable!
Financial aid does a great job and are very professional and helpful.
I truly love working at the UI. I enjoy the campus and being apart of an academic
institution. I have been a student and a staff here and plan to stay. I think the UI has done
a really good job of focussing on the positive in these very hard time. Please continue to
do so.                                                                                                      x
I will have to get back to you on that one ....
I wish I could think of something positive.
If you do a job well, you get a pay increase -- merit-based pay.                                x
I'll keep trying to think of something.
I'm sure there's something, but I'm having a bad day.
Implementing this survey.
Improvement of Moscow campus appearance, working environment                                        x
Improving campus facilities. Offering interesting symposiums. Cultivating creativity and
involvement in the student campus community. I enjoy the foreign film series.
In our department, University Housing, we have had some staff meetings with our Director,
Ray Gasser. I would like to have at least 2 staff meetings with him each year.
In recent years, a number of much needed improvements have been made to campus
facilities. I appreciate that, and I hope that the trend continues and that maintenance on
our existing facilities is not deferred.                                                            x
Including off campus sites
Increasing emhasis on recruiting to boost student enrollment
Improving opportunities for financial assistanceship for graduate and post-grad students.
Increasing our visibility. Upgrading our Web presence.                                                       x
Innovative research, retirement system.                                                          x
Inter-departmental communications emphasis needs to be continued as well as the sharing
of department resources for a common goal.                                                               x
Interdisciplinary Research and collaboration.
Investing in promotion of diversity                                                                  x
It does a good job at creating a family-like atmosphere.                                                             x
It is going down hill.
It seems the university is committed to improving itself and its image after the debacles of
recent years; as long as the university remains committed and focused on that, I feel things
will improve.                                                                                                            x
It's a great place to work and I feel like it is pretty employee-oriented.                                           x           x
It's fantastic that we are encouraged to take classes and attend workshops and
conferences on campus.                                                                                           x
It's nice to be able to choose other benefits in lieu of health coverage. I already had health
coverage when I came and was not able to choose pay instead of benefits or other                 x
benefits. It's more fair now.
Its size. Best of both worlds.
Jazz Festival, Engineering Expo
Jeanne Christiansen is excellent in her position. The approachable atmosphere she has
cultivated has had the effect of making UI Administration come across as professional,
interested, and competent at addressing employee issues. I interacted with her ten years
ago when she was Dean of the College of Education, and she continues to have that same
quality of making people feel less like "one of many", and more like sometime she always
has time for. Though I interact with her very little, I hold her in the highest of esteem.
keep inquiring on how to improve. encourage departments to allow staff to attend
professional development classes.                                                                                x
Keep moving away from NOVELL... Far, Far, Away. Seriously. Nothing has crippled every
work computer I've used at UI more than loading NOVELL. Be a regional leader working
toward drawing more American Indians into undergraduate and graduate degree
programs; it's a travesty of the 21st Century that American Indian groups are still so vastly
underrepresented in higher education and off-reservation professional careers.
keep on hiring quality professors!                                                                                       x
Keep President Steven Daley-Laursen as our permanent president. Continue to implement
recommendations from all of the goal team work.                                                                      x
Keep working on the internal communication.                                                              x
Keeping lines of communication open from the President's Office on down.                                 x
Keeping Rob Akey as football coach. Even though the team is losing, he and the team are
working hard in becoming a strong unit. The grounds on campus are kept up nicely even
with the limited grounds crew, and they should be acknowledged.
Keeping the campus clean, green and beautification projects.                                     x
Keeping the community informed of financial /budget cuts/ re organization with in the
University campus.                                                                                       x
Keeping the technical information on the cutting edge.                                                       x
Keeping up to date with technlogy                                                                            x
Keeping, maintaining and encouraging open communication with all employees regardless
of their position on campus.                                                                             x
Landscape                                                                                        x
Landscape looks great
Webpage looks good-like the personal stories                                                     x               x
Landscaping                                                                                      x
Like most large complex hierarchical state organizations it does a reasonalbe job in some
areas. I think the University has good intention, translating this into effective/applied
action is difficult. The strategic plan is a helpful idea. However the process is cumbersome
and the implementation, if done poorly, could turn into a series of hoops that produce
unproductive work.                                                                                                           x
Lloyd Mues is pressing leadership for decision-making and action.                            x
Local administration is very open to input and ideas.                                        x
Low cost of classes for staff to continue their education. I love the fact that President
Steven Daley-Laursen is sending out emails to all faculty & staff including them on what is
happening at the university and what the next actions will be in the future.
                                                                                                         x           x           x
Maintaining the beauty of the campus grounds.
Keeping abreast of advances in computer technology.                                              x           x
maintaining the physical appearance of the campus                                                x
making a well rounded education available for the students instead of turning it into a tech
school.                                                                                              x
Making students a priority. Making diversity a priority.                                                   x   x
Many things, when I compare to other institutions: availability of information on the web,
by phone and in person; organization of all the student services--admissions, financial aid,
housing, etc.--seems to work well to serve the students. People seem to know their jobs
and have answers, instead of just referring one on to someone else.
More open and clear communication.                                                                                 x
Most individuals employed at this institution care about they serve and strive to help and
guide them.                                                                                                            x
Most things...even the HSA can be seen by some of us with lower salaries as a good thing
because of the UI contribution. I love my job, I admire and am proud of my team
members. I love being a part of the UI family. Of course I would love better pay, I struggle
to make ends meet on my salary, and I have no debt; zero. It would be nicer if faculty were
kinder and more considerate of staff and if staff did not resent the fact that there is a
pecking order but those are just human things and all in all, its a great place to be a part of.
My area works very hard to provide job security - i.e. avoiding layoffs during hard times.
This is why I have been with the same department for 10+ years.
MY communication with UI administrators and other staff on campus has been great. I get
a lot of input and training to all of my questions. The staff and faculty at the U of I are
wonderful people.                                                                                                      x
Nice facilities, supportive staff, a feeling that people care and enjoy their jobs.                                    x
no interference with my system of management within my shop
No time to answer.
not much
Not much of anything.
Not much. Really- very serious about this. In the time I have been here the U of I has
taken more and more from it's employees. The only thing I can say that they are doing
well is the good job on mowing the grass on campus. The grounds crew does an excellent
job.                                                                                                   x
Not sure
Note: I work off campus at an ARS location so some of the survey, eg., work environment,
is not very applicable.
Nothing comes to mind
Offering classes at reduced rate for employees as well as spouses. Would love to see that
offered for children!
I am happy with UI as employer.                                                                                            x
On campus work and life support and access to the student rec center
open communication amongst faculty/staff                                                               x
Open communication and reponses to requests.                                                           x
Our campus is beautiful                                                                            x
Overall I am really happy with my position, my co-workers are great, my administrator is
wonderful, therefore I have few complaints.
Pay raises                                                                                     x
Paying their TAs well. That is a major incentive to get students to come here rather than to
other universities. One of the main reasons I came here for grad school was because of the
great assistantship offer.
People are generally friendly.                                                                                     x
People are well supported and are given the opportunity to obtain training necessary to do
their jobs. I do think there is an awareness that people work hard and that everyone is
trying to do the best they can. There is respect at the highest levels for the work that
people do.                                                                                                     x   x
Plan H, benefits are good, the opportunity to take classes. Staff Appreciation Fair was
good. University wide announcements.                                                                   x                   x   x
Please continue on with the program prioritization process and reduce the number of
things we are trying to accomplish. Staff are spread too thin; they need reasonable
breadth of responsiblities so that they can develop depth of experience and knowledge.
Currently they are being asked to do everything and they cannot master anything.
President Daley Laursen and Provost Baker are doing a great job.                                           x
President Daley-Larson seems to be trying to "get-it-right" and bring the UI back to being
the 'flag-ship institution. We have a long way to go.                                                      x           x
President Daley-Laursen inspires my trust, because he seems more serious and sincere
than some of our past presidents. I'm glad that he wants to implement change immediately
and not just start up a bunch of committees that continue to study the same old stuff.
                                                                                                           x           x
President is talking to us more.                                                                           x
President SDL see the big picture and is providing the guidance that we have desperately
needed. He is addressing internal issues to "fix" many broken business practices. This will
take time - there is a great need to stay on course.                                                       x           x
Professional training; Personal development and Career advancement opportunities.
Promoting the UI through media, video, newsletters. Need to keep a positive attitude to
attract and retain students.
Provides good opportunities for additional training.                                               x
Providing a generally supportive and caring workplace
Providing a solid education to the students who attend.                                        x
Providing an excellent education - both in terms of quality and options available.
Providing funding to sustainability Initiatives.                                                                   x
providing good basic level education and degree programs.                                      x
Providing on campus housing facilities for students and rec center.
Providing ongoing professional development and educational opportunities. Although
figuring out how to utilize these opportunities can be cumbersome. My supervisor has
been a good mentor and encouraged me to pursue training and further my education.
Providing quality education and opportunity for students.                                      x
Providing quality education to the State of Idaho
Providing transformational opportunties for students.                                          x
Quality teaching
Safe environment                                                                           x   x
Recent commitment to improving the daily working lives of employees. Emphasis on
promoting an educational experience in all areas of the university.
Recently understanding that students will not come to the UI just because we're UI and
actively pursue them.                                                                                          x
Recognition of staff service and loyalty.
Encouraging staff to be involved in UI direction and decisions.                                        x
Recruiting amazing students and faculty and staff.
Making strides in fiscal accountability, transparency and administrative accountability.
Putting university leadership out in the ranks to meet with various colleges and work
                                                                                                       x   x   x
recruiting more students, increasing the education standards to be able to compete with
high- rated universities.                                                                                      x
Recruiting students and trying to balance budgets                                                          x   x
recruiting the best and brightest.                                                                             x
Recruitment. Offering scholarships to new students.
Re-evaluating programs offered to students to streamline the departments on campus and
faculties of those departments.
Re-organization of departments to make them work in todays changing environement.
I.E. Looking at work load and updating ROJD's to fit current jobs being preformed. I feel
the strategic plan is starting to be used as it should, for years all the ideas have been there
but the implementation has been everything but swift.
Replacing ineffective or counter-productive administrators. This question is very hard to
answer when I perceive the great institution that I love being compromised by myopic
leadership. It saddens me greatly to hear "Legacy of Leading" becoming a "Legacy of
Leaving". Our student numbers are dropping drastically, and morale around me could be
better. I love the University and my place in it, but...
Also, having the courage to commission the Yardley Report.
Research - Fiscal Responsibility / Accountability - Providing a quality and value based
education to our students - Continue our emphasis on Staff salaries and work to bring the
more in-line with Market rates.                                                                   x               x
Research is novel and inspiring. State of the art equipment is available for researchers. It
also appears that the University of Idaho is being more careful in choosing administrators,
yet, some "deadwood" is still around and not responding to the realities of continuing this
amazing research.
Research; education                                                                               x
Responding to acts of Hate in a swift manner. Sharing accomplishments of our Alumni.
Staff Appreciation Fair. Christmas parties with the President but in a more informal open
house during work hours type of format.
SAC Appreciation Fair and awards. Allowing Skillsoft training. Sending e-mail to all
emplyees.                                                                                             x   x           x
SAC has been very good about providing the best health insurance possible under current
economic times.                                                                                                       x
SAC is an excellent source for staff.                                                                                 x
SAC is doing great things. They should continue. Dan Noble is a great representative. I think
it is great that this survey is asking for feedback!                                                                  x
Sad, but my attitude has gotten so bad over the last 5 years I'm struggling to find positive
things to say. Most faculty are very skilled and we have key areas in which we can build
excellent programs.                                                                                           x
Seeking and retaining good faculty and staff that care about the students and direct top
notch research programs. I think that most employees at the U of I do care about the
students and the quality of their education. I think that the University does try to hire top
notch people. However, once they have them they don't always support them in such a
way to make them stay.                                                                                  x           x
Self inspection
sharing of university resources (i.e. across departments)
Showing more interest and concern about the well being of the staff, instead of just the
Skillport is an excellent resource, the opportunity for staff to use the the rec center is really
helpful, and the bus service agreement the university and city have entered into (and that
provides service earlier and later in the day that last year) is great. The additional
communique from the president is helpful. Materials at our fingertips are great
(Institutional Research and Assessment, Telephone Services, Travel, IT support, the
Provost's web site, etc.).                                                                                      x
Small-ish classes taught by committed professors (in some departments). Hands-on
education, particularly in the applied sciences.                                                                    x
SRC - Staff access to wellness, Grounds/Arboretum/Golf are nice. Supporting mass transit
to Pullman and Moscow campuses. Staff access to further education/training.
                                                                                                                x                   x   x
Staff appreciation days                                                                                                     x
Staff appreciation fair                                                                                                     x
Staff recognition                                                                                                           x
Steven Daley-Laursen is doing a fantastic job so far; keep him as permanent President
Strategic need to implement.                                                                                     x
Striving to increase wages to allow employees to live at a comfortable level and to stay
competitive with other Institutions in our region.
Strong scholarship programs that play a definite role in aiding our recruitment efforts.
student service                                                                                         x
Students take priority at UI--and that needs to continue.                                               x
Support of employees taking the U of I Wellness Program has been wonderful. All
employees should take some time for themselves to be healthy and the U of I should
continue to support that..if the employees feel good about themselves they will perform
better at everything..including their job at the U of I.                                                                                x
Support the work of Staff Affairs and being proactive with appreciation and recognition of
the service and dedication of the University of Idaho staff.                                                            x
Supporting employees who wish to take advantage of the Wellness program at the SRC
Supporting our returning wounded military. (Operation Education)
Vandal Access shuttle
Focusing on diversity issues
Support services for students with disabilities
Dean of Students does a great job
Providing more orientation for new faculty
Skil Soft
Town Hall Meetings                                                                                  x               x
TA and teacher training course that helps demonstrate effective teaching techniques.

Taking the time to assess its programs, make improvements where necessary, and
continue to strive for excellence. As part of a PR and communications team, I am
impressed with the flow of information from the University and how that information is
assimilated and monitored in order to maintain and improve the reputation of the
University locally, regionally, statewide, and nationally. I am highly impressed with the new
website, new branding and marketing campaign. And--having spent many years at our
"neighboring" university, I am also highly impressed with our morals, ethics and values. I
believe that as long as we remain focused on offering our students a quality education
within a safe and ethical environment, we will be successful. (I have 2 degrees from the UI,
and am proud of it!)
Talk with the legislation, support Agriculture they are the main stay of the State.
Talking about sustainability. Asking staff our opinions.                                                                    x
TEACHING - it's what we are here for so let's reward those who do it! I believe that our
customers, the students, are getting their money's worth and then some.
teaching students, performing research, keeping campus attractive, employee wellness
program, ITS, EHS                                                                               x       x       x                   x
Team cleaning and limited services to it.
Technology changes and providing staff the opportunity to attend classes for work or
personal reasons. Promoting a family atmospher in the work area.                                                                x
Telling success stories that benefit citizens.
Thank you for allowing input not only from faculty and administrators but also from staff.
Administrators who are not only open to but also accepting of feedback will make a big
Thanks for including us more in communication about the Unviersity and where we are
going.                                                                                                   x
Thanks for this opportunity.
The ability of staff members to take courses here at the U of I.                                                         x
The atmosphere and working relationship with staff and faculty members.                                              x
The business practices committee is working hard to develop and implement the changes
the extensions need to feel that they are part of the University as a whole. I think these
types of committee's need to have more attention by the "Powers that be" they are
devoting alot of time and energy into the system
The campus is beautiful.
Wellness classes are good quality and there is a wide variety to choose from. I appreciate
that they continued through the summer with a complete schedule.                                     x                       x
The Center on Disabilities and Human Development is a very awesome and innovative
environment to work in.
The communication from the president's office has been great. I appreciate receiving
emails directly from the president. I do not receive this type of information through my
VP's office or the senior director's office - it's generally disseminated on a need to know
basis - and they obviously think that a lot of us have no need to know.
The communication here is great. The support and encouragement from all staff is very
exciting and well received.                                                                              x
The communication, staff/ Faculty support issues and incident issues whether it's an
accident to an assult are well covered and handled                                                       x
The continued attempts to keep open communication an on-going priority.                                  x
The current President is much more visible than President White. This is reassuring. From
the emails that I've received, it appears that this President is making a good faith effort at
communicating with everyone.                                                                             x   x
The education benefit is a great benefit and should be promoted more, or extended to
cover workshops and classes that are valuable to an employee's positions. UI could offer
more on-campus workshops; like computer training, work conflict resolution, teamwork,
etc.                                                                                                             x       x
The energy, knowledge and foresight of Steven Daley-Laursen should be completely
bought into, not looked at as only an interim president. We are fortunate to have the kind
of dedication and commitment to his ideas and to the UI and are not likely to have the
same degree of either from someone new to the University...his efforts are truly selfless
and for the University.                                                                                x
The faculty and staff in my department go the extra mile to see that students succeed.
The student experience is top rate. I believe the administration does care about the
faculty, staff and students.
The fauculty and immediate support staff I work with are outstanding.                                      x
The free and open communication within my department with staff, professors,
administrators and students make University of Idaho exceptional in that regard.
The hiring practice employed by the U of I is very fair and unbiased, based upon a
committee, not just a single person gives everyone a fair chance. I feel this is a wonderful
practice by the U of I.
The improvements to classrooms.
Using sustainable materials.
Showcasing student accomplishments.
Cost of living salary increases.                                                                               x
The job and staff are wonderful! I love working for U of I.                                                x
The lines of communication and cooperation between the colleges seems to be improving.
The marketing push over the past two years to get the University in the forefront of Idaho
education consumers seems to be effective. While there is no love lost here in the Boise
area between UI supporters and those of BSU, the greater Boise metro area at large seems
more aware of UI's presence than in past years.
The Mechanical Engineering and Entomology departments take very good care of their
graduate students and make it very easy for them to focus on their education without
having to worry about whether they have a roof over their head or food on the table. They
should be commended.
The most important thing I've seen at the U of I is the culture of folks willing to help out
fellow co-workers to facilitate a learning environment.                                                    x
The new administration is doing an absolutely fabulous job of communicating with the
campus community. President Daley-Laursen has a sincere interest in the well being of the
University of Idaho, and it is being recognized thoughout campus.
                                                                                                    x   x
The new Skill Soft courses are a great opportunity for UI Staff, however they are too long in
duration for Staff to realistically have the time to take them. In theory, they are a great
plan of action...they need to be slightly changed to make them more effective.
The open time in library. The environment in library. And so on.
The progressive policies that President White was helpful in implementing (no
discrimination against people for sexual orientation) was the right direction.
The shared leave program is an excellent benefit.                                               x
The Strategic Plan is a good start and we should continue to use it to define what kind of an
insitution we ought to be.                                                                                                  x
The student fees are still somewhat lower than the rest of the country. Keep trying to bring
more students to campus.
The transition from White to Daley-Laursen was smooth and I think even as an interim
president, Daley-Laursen is doing good work for the institution. The marketing strategies
also appear to be effective. I am proud to call UI my alma mater and to work here because
I believe we are portraying a positive image across the state and nation. Enrollment
numbers are strong. We hire friendly, helpful staff who work the "main lines"--parents,
students and other constituents appreciate this and I believe this subsequently impacts our
high enrollment.
                                                                                                        x       x       x

The U of I administration seems to recently be taking steps to better communication with
the employees, which I think is important. Moral seems to still be low, but is getting
better. The work environment varies from department to department, however, from
personal experience, there has been a lot of closed door conversations that do not include
input from employees. Even if some employees are not included in the decision making
process, at least communication of the outcomes of the decision would be helpful.
                                                                                                    x               x
The U of I has a number of dedicated professors that are making a valient effort to teach
and work with students. They care about the progress of students in advancing their
careers and intellecyual development and properly advise them in courses careers and
research. If possible they arrange for them to work outside the U of I where the grants and
work support are not taken for use in other areas.
The U of I has always had a great community with open communication and a relaxed work
environment. I feel like I am a member of a close knit community. This may primarily be
because I am an IT professional, and all IT staff on our campus have traditionally been very
open and helpful to me. I think this is because of Harvey Hewitt, he does a great job of
setting the example.
                                                                                                    x   x
The U of I is more or less functioning as a research university, through the dedication of
faculty, staff and students. That should be continued.                                                  x
The U of I seems to put a lot of effort into creating unity amongst employees which is nice.
The UI has fantastic IT capabilities that should be expanded. We have a talented workforce
that needs more than their current level of support.                                                x
The UI has kept ahead of technology, and I really appreciate not having trouble with my
computer. It is much less stress, and here's hope that all departments have the latest and
greatest in equipment that will handle that technology. I think ITS does a really good job. I
appreciate having Staff Affairs able to attend decision making meetings.
The UI is a relatively small school staffed by many people who are friendly, pleasant and
competent at their jobs. This makes it a very nice place to work in many ways. Sometimes
the administration needs to make decisions that will be unpopular, but often this is done
with enough transparency that people can get on board with those decisions and
understand why they're being made (but even more of that would be nice).
The UI should continue to think and work strategically.
The University as a whole is continuing to look for areas in which they can improve rather
than maintaining a status quo that may or may not be the most effective manner of               x
The university continues to identify areas that need to be restructured or reorganized, in a
logical manner. The most important to the overall effectiveness of the university are first
explored and worked on first and then next, and so forth. I have also applauded the          x
efforts being put forth in "team-building" -- bringing the different departments and
organizations together with the "Key 4 Areas".
The University does promote diversity and sustainability in a way not often seen on at
other universities. This is one of the university's strong points and should work more
closely with the community on these issues.                                                      x           x
The university finally has a decent looking set of logos.
The university fosters an enviroment of open thinking and constructive criticism.

The University has begun a process of self examination and "right-sizing" - this should
continue and apply to the administrative support of the University (where right sizing does x
not necessarily mean smaller) as well as the programatic aspects.

The University has some great professors that are employed here that are very good at
what they do including performing research and mentoring. The atmosphere as far as the
campus itself and outside of politics is quite nice. I have nothing else that is good to say.
The University has started to ask for staff input on policies such as how food purchases
should be and are processed. They should continue to ask for staff input on all major policy
revisions for purchases. Staff are the ones who make the purchases and are the ones most
likely to have helpful ideas for improvements.
The University is a great community. Everyone seems to be treated fairly. I enjoy working
and living in this community!
The University is continuously looking to advance the technology allowing for new time
saving processes making this a great place to work and go to school.
The university is doing a good job of maintaining a friendly and collegial workplace. I
appreciate that a lot.                                                                               x
The University is doing a good job recruiting and assisting students. Retention of the
students should become a focus point for all staff members of the University.
The University is doing a nice job of keeping communication open between administration
and the faculty and staff. I've attended the Fall address and the open discussion session
w/the President and Provost, and I feel comfortable with the open lines of communication
about concerns and ideas for the campus and employees.
The University made a good decision when it created the Diversity unit on campus. This
creating will allow for more collaboration among diversity offices. In addition, these offices
will be able to be more accommodating to students needs - including referrals, educational
and cultural programs and scholarships.                                                          x
The University of Idaho does a good job educating students and keeping the cost of a
college education affordable. The academic atmosphere is nurturing and supportive. UI
offers a wide variety of degrees, many with regional implications. Many departments tailor
degrees to fit industry needs.
The University of Idaho is doing well in updating the technology on campus, such as the
Web site, and should be continued and extended into other areas.                                         x   x
The University of Idaho is keeping up with technology at a reasonable pace. I believe that
this is critical not only as a University, but also as a business.                                       x
The University of Idaho is one of the best places I've ever worked. When I got back from
maternity leave my supervisors bent over backward for me to allow me to come back to
work part-time so that I could spend more time with my baby. I am very grateful to be
able to work part-time and go to a job that I enjoy. I feel that I am really valued as an
employee and I appreciate that.                                                                                      x
The University of Idaho provides an absolutely excellent environment, both academically
and socially, for attaining the best results in my work and study.
The University provides a safe and comfortable atmosphere for employees. The University
provides great benefits, such as Wellness Program and exceptional training as well as
opportunities for employees to continue their education and information on all of the
above.                                                                                                                   x
The university should continue to support the annual advising symposium sponsored by UI
ACADA. This event is growing and improving each year and is an excellent opportunity for
professional development for staff and faculty advisors.
The University should strive to make a congenial working environment. For most of my
career here it has been a friendly working environment, but the last couple years it has
become somewhat hostile. Employees are willing to forgo market salaries if the working
environment is favorable. The Adminstration should recognize this and do what it can to
ensure that employees are treated fairly.
The University's retirement program.
The UofI is still a good place to work. They do try to take care of people.
The Wellness program as it relates to the employees has been a very good addition to the
benefits package. The transparency of the money flow could be improved. Show how the
paycheck holdback is being spent. Make the wellness plan's budget accessible.
There are a couple of things I feel the University is doing right. First, I appreciate the
discount staff receive that enables them to further their education. I do feel that
departments could do more to encourage staff to take advantage of this benefit. Second, I
think we are already seeing the benefits of ramping up admissions--good job!
                                                                                                            x   x
There are departments/staff/faculty here that understand why were are all here. You can
see in their interactions with students (current and prospective) that they are here for the
students and to help them with their education. They make Idaho special. These are the
stories that we here about and this is what we can sell well.
We also have great programs. Students graduate from the UI with a solid education and life
changing experiences....we should be proud of that.
                                                                                                x   x
There are lots of strong programs and smart people here. Support them!
There is so much wrong with processes and "policy" in DFA from past years of
mismanagement, the current personnel need to be allowed to continue to work through
them and provide solutions, even if the pace may be slower than the University community
would prefer.                                                                                           x
These surveys are a good instrument to get the pulse of the employees in a confidential
They are finally supporting the installation of the Famis space management module.
They are keeping the doors open and I am grateful to have my job.
They got rid of Tim White, and UI athletics are living up to the losing expectations required
of them.
They seem to have a good student response to classes offered here.                              x
This institution has always been known for:
- supporting one another (faculty, students and staff alike)
- having a friendly, family-like environment
- providing the best teaching, research and service we are capable of, even when we
haven't had a great deal to work with                                                                     x
This is a unique university that has much to offer.
TIAA-CREF retirement, Employee Student Rec Center Membership at a highly discounted
rate, the visit to the college by the Provost & President.
Trying to align resources with vision to effectively target what we have with what we think
we want to do. It's important to continue to work on student recruitment and develop our
graduate programs. We also need to keep at the forefront of our thinking what skills and
traits we want graduates of the University of Idaho to have in their tool boxes and ensure
our programs represent this thinking.
Trying to be fiscally responsible.                                                                            x
Trying to clean up the fiscal trainwreck created by inept and self-serving administrators of
the past.                                                                                                     x
trying to do better                                                                                           x
Trying to get back on sound financial footing. Keeping the student:faculty ratio low to
enable students to have adequate assistance and attention. Offers training so staff can
keep up with changes and advances in technology. Acts immediately when danger and/or
trauma strikes on campus. I feel safe here.                                                           x       x
Trying to keep being the number 1 University in the State--trying to not let Boise State take
over everything!
trying to more wisely utilize resources and reallocate where needed. Trying to establish an
actual functioning plan                                                                                       x
Trying to stay alive.
U of I has a great vision and strategic plan. I have enjoyed my position at UI...the faculty
are compassionate to their students and extremely easy to approach and get in touch with.
I had the opportunity to meet Provost Baker several times and I really like him. The
administration are doing really well, have great focus on education and students.
                                                                                                          x               x
UI does a good job of recognizing staff... staff awards at the end of the year, team awards,
etc. I appreciate the staff receptions that the President has. They make the staff feel like an
important part of the team.                                                                                           x
UI has a strong sense of grass roots responsibility and a great rapport between faculty and
staff at all levels. The open and friendly culture of UI is truly unique and we should work to
maintain that.                                                                                                       x
UI is an overall friendly campus, with professional staff and faculty. This needs to
continue.... but is on the decline now because of bad decisions and bad policies made at
the Upper Administrative level. The direction that the current president has taken is a
good first baby step... but now is the time for him to follow through and really produce
results.                                                                                                         x   x   x
UI is the states Land-grant institution created to open opportuntiy and broaden access to
higher education. UI should continue to offer off-campus programs benefiting citizens
thoughout the state.
UI offers a diverse community of researchers and academic scholars, who in turn provide a
broad range of learning opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students.
Undertaking a review and reallocation of academic programs.
upgrading of facilities and infrastructure                                                       x
Vandal Pride
more and more students                                                                                                           x
Very collegial atmosphere. Good computer/internet resources. Generally good policies
and official statements against discrimination and intolerance.                                                      x
Very good computer network systems                                                                           x
Wasting money on repairing old unsafe vehicles when they should be replaced.
we are finally getting around to following the advice of every accreditation team's
recommendations, that I know of. deciding which programs we must build on and which to
let go. The administration has my admiration for their fortitude! If we are to move forward
effectively, we must undertake the processes that are now starting.
We are looking at our strategic goals and objectives and determining actions to take to
support these and move us into the future. However, I believe we need to put more effort
into this important work so that we are positioned to move forward more quickly.
We are providing an excellent education for our students.                                                x
We are recruiting and retaining excellent students and need to continue to build the
infrastructure necessary to continue to do so.                                                                               x
We are talking about the sustainability of our workforce. We need to continue to
implement ways to allow balance for our employees and provide recognition to them.
We have a committed, diverse work force that we should be very proud of and we need to
maintain a commitment to keeping our employees long term. Our professors are very
committed to providing excellent teaching.                                                             x   x   x
We should continue to encourage staff and faculty to come up with creative solutions to
challenges in their individual areas, and collaborate outside of their immediate areas to see
good ideas successfully implemented.                                                                           x
We still provide a great education and that must continue.                                                 x
We used to educate. Exposing upper class undergraduate students to research us most
important in science. We need to do more. Students learn to apply textbook knowledge to
real life situations. The interaction is good for faculty and staff because we learn from
students the latest fad's in text messaging, etc.
Web Marketing has improved.
Enrollment management personnel are making good impressions with prospective
students/parents.                                                                                                  x
week off at christmas it helps with the holliday season and to be with family
Wellness benefits                                                                                                                  x
Wellness program! Health fair, staff appreciation fair, perks.                                                         x           x
women's track
Work Load and institutional policies in general are good which should be vigorously
pursued in future too!
Working to increase enrollment, trying to position ourselves strategically with the state,
belonging to the Chicago initiative (the sustainability thing). Sadly, that's all I can think of
this year...                                                                                                       x           x
Working towards peer institution salary equity.
Working with the strategic plan to make UI the best in our areas with the most academic
Promoting and encouraging that special loyalty people feel to the university
Outstanding customer service when dealing with recruits/students and their families
Outstanding, dedicated research in our areas of strength
Beautifully maintained and landscaped campus
                                                                                                   x               x       x
You tell me!
Your recruiting of students is back on track. The last several years were not very effective
in getting kids to the U of I.                                                                                     x
Negative/ Other/ Unclassified






















































































folks at the bottom.
                                                                                              Negative Comments

competitive, or dump it and spend $$$ on academics.
 -"Choice" benefit program overly complicated... simplify it.

 -Fix the sports program.... either change conferences to be more
 -Pay living wages to those at the bottom of the pay scales. When

up as well. And, when giving out raises, consider a larger % for the
minimum wage went up, the bottom scales really should have gone

                                                                                Ad/ slogan/ branding debacle

                                                                        Administrative malfeisance/ poor performance

                                                                                 Athletics (cost/ conference)

                                                                                  Budget woes/ Funding cuts

                                                                                        Cut programs

                                                                          Decentralization/ Silo/ Island/ $ Disparity


                                                                               Exodus (professional rentention)

                                                                            Facilities Management/ Maintenance

                                                                       Health benefits/ HR/ Retiree losses/ Wellness fee

                                                                          Internal customer service/ Inaction/ Policy
                                                                              Changes/ Reclassification/ Red tape
                                                                                           IT/ web

                                                                            Lack of transparency/ communication

                                                                                         Low morale


                                                                       Poor managers/ supervisors/ evaluation process

                                                                        Recycling/ Conservation/ Greening of campus

                                                                           Research: short shrift/ teaching conflict

                                                                                   Salaries/ COL/ Overtime


                                                                           Second-class status for distance campus


                                                                                  Tuition waiver for families

                                                                                       War with faculty

                                                                                     Waste (non-athletic)

                                                                                  Working/ office conditions

                                                                                     Other/ Unclassified
 -A lot. The biggest thing the U of I needs to do is to stop being what
it is not. Athletics are in the toilet but are still given high priority
while research is being over looked.
 -The U of I has serious internal problems because it restricts
researchers into where they can and can not spend money. They
are out of touch with what is actually happening and what it takes
to do research. They have a no compromise attitude about allowing
researchers to move money around- especially large research
groups with multiple budgets. They are tying the hands of
researchers in our department and others- I have talked to
Engineering professors, ag professors- they all agree that the Idaho       x   x   x   x
Place disaster is having a unforeseen effect. The U of I is watching
money and making impossible rules (and unrealistic) about how it
allows research to be conducted it WILL cause projects and
personnel to leave. Why would anyone want to do business with
somebody like the U of I? Office space is so limited, we have
students working in the hallways in our department. Really. Where
does that 25% admin. cut that the UI gets go? The university keeps
stealing from Y accounts! Enough already.
 -I am looking for work somewhere else, the U of I is a sinking ship.
It started with Zinsser and continued though to White. Hopefully it
 -Above survey questions re length of years at UI and length of years
in current job title need one more response option for less than one
 -Some questions did not apply to me as I am a part-time temp.
 -Administration's distrust toward employees, as if the faculty and
staff are criminals. Also, it is getting increasingly difficult to get
anything accomplished with all the red tape and bureaucracy
surrounding travel, purchases and health insurance.
 -Internal communication on "The Brand". It seems the branding            x   x   x   x           x
rules keep changing and news of the changes don't make it down
the ranks until time and money have been spent.
 -Low morale/wages contribute to a loss of good faculty and
employees. And now, it's harder than ever to refill positions.

 -As a mother of three and having worked in higher education for
almost 10 years, I am very aware of the costs of college and am very
concerned that my husband and I will not be able to afford to send
all of my children to college. In looking at other Universities in the
country, many of them offer tuition fee waivers for children of
employees. Giving my children the opportunity to attend a
university is highly important to me and with tuition increasing year
by year, a tuition waiver would not only benefit the student, but
also the university by increasing enrollment. I believe the same
opportunity that is given to employees and spouses should be
                                                                              x           x   x
extended to the children of employees.
 -Parking at the U of I is becoming increasingly sparse and expensive.
I have purchased a gold permit every year of my employment and
every year the fees are increased. It is frustrating that I have to pay
almost $300 a year to park in order to do my job. The only parking
lots around the building I work in are gold lots and I am not willing
to walk across campus by myself in the dark in order to get to my
car. I understand paying a fee for a parking permit, but I think that
employees should pay less than students to park. Also, if I must pay
$300 a year for a permit, I should be able to find a parking spot in
 -Athletics is the most disfunctional department at UI. We need to
hold them accountable to working with the rest of campus on issues
related to communication, organization, vision, effective
management. They refuse to communicate, plan and organize or
take responsibility for their own actions. They take no responsibility
for football gameday experience!!! Replace the Athletic Director
with someone with vision, experience, management experience,
                                                                              x       x
effective communication principles, etc. Realize whether UI should
be division I.
 -Drop programs that are duplicated in the region or in State of
Idaho. Work within region (WSU is great resource to partner with,
enhance those opportunities) or State to determine how to best
serve higher education needs and have result that UI operates more
effectively and more efficiently. thanks.

 -Benefits are my biggest concern. I do not care for the "cafeteria
plan." The UI needs to maintain good benefits to retain and recruit
employees. The idea of having to cover your spouse if you cover
your children is ridiculous. Get rid of that stipulation. It is almost like
you don't want them to take insurance, so you put in a clause like
that. It will eliminate employee stress if you give them good
 -The other concern is how many finance positions are filled with
unqualified applicants, because of the advertised low salary. The UI
needs to pay what the position is worth, and hire within for finance
                                                                              x   x       x   x
positions. There are Admin Assistants who are forced to administer
the finance portion of a department. They are two totally different
skill types. If there isn't enough money to hire both an Admin
Assistant and a finance person, maybe smaller departments within a
building could pool their resourcesd hire a finance person.
 -The NFE "leave" needs to be revisited. I see abuse every pay
period. NFE should have scheduled days, so they can claim annual
leave when they are not there. As an NFE, your pay compensates
you for those hours. That is the reason for the category. They
should not be able to take another day off just because they worked
-BIOFUEL                                                                                                            x

-Branding initiative is way off the mark and poorly executed
-Internal communications
-Putting out a survey with the term "Web for Employees" that I
have never heard used before. Is that VandalWeb?The Faculty-Staff
Web page? Today@Idaho?
                                                                        x   x   x       x       x       x   x
-Providing too many degree programs -- those that aren't attracting
enough students to be profitable need to be eliminated.10:10
-Enrollment Management
-Everything that comes out of the Human Resources Office
-The performance of our big-money athletic teams.

-Budget cuts/holdbacks. I understand there are times when this
happens but all areas are not being cut. Spending $14K on a going
away party is extremely ridiculous and very excessive when we are
                                                                                    x       x                           x
being asked to cut back and give back.
-Improved wages for staff. If the staff were paid better, there would
be less turn over and less employees lost to WSU.

-Campus Mail needs to be more service oriented like they used to
be...picking up and delivering mail twice a day. They should deliver
all the mail sent to the UI and not return or discard any that they
believe is personal. They should allow UI employees to send
                                                                                                x   x           x
personal out-going mail again from campus.
-Staff & family medical insurance should be more affordable and
have better coverage.
-Keep the price of parking on campus down.
 -Communicate more to general employees about what's happening
on university issues. Senior leadership seems to know about
important issues, but rank and file don't and they need to.
 -General sense that employees are maxed on workload; we don't
say 'no' or 'hold' on projects that are beyond our physical (human
resource) capacity to do well.
 -Don't feel that I can call in sick because too much work would be     x       x   x
left undone. Everything seems to be a priority, which goes against
the definition of priority (few or one).
 -We do too much and less quality when we should focus on doing
fewer things extremely well
 -We're losing too many good people; retention appears to be an
 -Communication with staff, many times we hear about things
through the newspaper before we hear it from the UI Information
 -The recent Benefits Package really hit a lot of people hard. Plan H
is a joke and look how many of the employees that took it with
                                                                            x   x
dependants are now finding it is an even bigger joke. Get the HR
Department under control and hire someone in those positions that
have had experience and are looking out for the"regular guy." We
are taking it in the shorts everywhere else, we don't need to take it
 -Communication. I e-mailed the president's office on two occasions
and never had the courtesy of a response. Then, we received the
campus e-mail about how important communication is! Wow.
 -In my department, there is a caste system. Even though faculty
don't use their computers all day and staff work on them 8 hours a
day, we are last on the list for computer upgrades. We have lost
several people in our department over the last 5 years and are all
doing the jobs of 1+ people. We cannot get positions filled. Yet,
there is never any hesitation in filling faculty positions. We are
under a lot of stress and yet we have no voice. In the past, there
                                                                      x   x   x   x   x
were repercussions for speaking up, so people are afraid to voice
their opinions. Then, last January, we were told that annual
evaluations were "inflated" and that we would all be knocked back
to "meets expectations" regardless of our performance. That was a
blow to our department morale that we have not recovered from.
Highly skilled staff members who have worked here for years doing
an amazing job were flabbergasted. We get very little recognition
other than the annual evaluation. Morale is very, very low here and
most people in are department are either trapped and depressed or
are looking for other jobs.
 -Compensating employees for longevity and improving employee
 -Better Health Insurance so we do not all go Bankrupt from High
deductibles from plan H with family coverage.
 -Better Pay and Improved retirement packages.
 -Some kind of reduced fees for Employees Children.
Employee/Spouse reduced registration fees- If the employee or
spouse does not utilize this benefit I think you should be able to use
it for your children. I think this would greatly enhance the benefit
                                                                         x   x   x   x       x   x
package. Especially since the pay has not been great the last few
 -Make sure professors are monitoring their Grad Student teachers.
 -The Registrar's Customer Service needs improvement.
 -I would love to see the University being more aware of the paper
waste and possibly be able to go paperless and via imaging from the
time the student applies to the University and have their permanent
file imaged. This would decrease the amount of wasted paper.
    Thank you for your time.

 -Cost of living raises would sure be nice to have.
 -A fully staffed farm crew, and promotion of current farm crew
members would certainly help employee moral. We lost key
members of the farm crew in the last employee retirement                                 x           x
"buyout", and they have not been replaced. As the number of our
faculty i.e. project leaders, continues to grow, our workload
continues to increase, at the expense of the farm crew.
 -Documenting and submitting bills for payments (I am off campus)
takes an inordinate amount of my time.
 -I am a U of I graduate. The U of I should become Idaho's and the
Region's expert in developing data and feasibility studies to support
regional food economies--growing, producing, marketing, and                             x       x
distributing. Stop supporting genetically engineered crops.
Stop taking support from Monsanto and big chemical companies.
Require recycling and build energy efficient buildings. (i.e. lead us
into a green sustainable future or we won't have a future).

 -Don't spend 1M$ on an ad-campaign that is cancelled three
months later, and at the same time thinking about cutting public
transport (or charging money for it - the bus-shuttle is very
important to me, though I don't use it very often. This should be a
brag-point on the website)                                              x   x       x       x
- Parking should be free for employees.
-Most administrators I dealt with on campus are either untrained,
unwilling or plain incompetent (compared to other places I worked
and went to school)

 -Drop football scholarships instead of academic scholarships to
make up for the universities fiscal shortcomings (seems like a no
brainer?). I'd rather have another National Merit Scholar to
represent our great institution than another athlete.
 -Restructure campus surplus to leverage ebay. (Have you seen how
much valuable equipment sits in the rain? How much junk that                    x               x
should be disposed/recycled. Look at WSU's program for a good
example. Departments must pay $100 to transfer equipment to
surplus which is supposed to be sold (cheaper for departments to
throw away good equipment because they never see a penny from
it being sold).
 -Either adequately train faculty or supervisors OR don't put them in
supervisory positions if they have proven themselves to have no
personnel skills. I realize that's not an easy request but after all
                                                                                    x   x
these years w UI I can guarantee you that it's one of the biggest
weakness we have in morale.
 -Thank you for this forum to give input.
 -Employee salaries are woefully underrated. The dean of my
college has made clear to supervisors that no one is to receive a
perfect mark on any area of their performance evaluation--begging
the question of the validity of the current grading system.
 -There is NO room for salary increase in terms of the philosophy of
UI or the Dean of my college. I work off of a yearly state contract. I
am still at the starting salary that my predecessors made 5 years
ago. The cost of living since has increased on average 5% per year
meaning that I technically make even less than my predecessors.
The duties of my position has risen proportionately over the same
time. I did receive a $.38/hour raise this summer and while I               x   x       x   x
suppose I'm grateful for anything I suppose; however, it almost felt
like a slap in the face when I was expecting a kiss. In the past two
years I have made adjustments in the spending of my project that
has saved the project over $5K. I have requested a $1.50/hour
increase to bring my salary to a minimal level considering the cost of
living and job duties. Such an increase would be completely cost
neutral; but I was told I could not have any kind of increase because
of the dean. It seems that fiscal consideration are too much under
the control of those who have no stake in the project.
 -I strongly believe that the University needs to revisit the salaries of
 -Establish some stability among marketing and outreach materials
and messages. The past couple of years the logo or something
significant has changed just after we spent thousands of dollars
printing materials.
 -Before decisions are made at upper levels or by consultants
outside the UI, stop and ask what the ramifications might be "in the
trenches." For example, a simple decision last spring to cancel a
planned recruiting mailing meant that 30,000 viewbooks and
envelopes went to recycling this summer. That's an extremely            x   x   x
embarrassing waste of taxpayer money.
 -Fund Facilities so they can get back to better grounds maintenance
and beautification. I miss all the flowers. I'm tired of picking up
litter every day. The thistles by the SUB are taller than I am. In my
opinion UI's campus used to be by far the cleanest and most
beautiful among the 20+ campuses I've visited throughout the
country but it looks shabby now because of limited funds and
groundskeepers having to cover too much area.
 -First, the University seems to beat on the faculty here that are the
most productive and best professors we have. Secondly, the
departments seem to have had a dramatic cut in funding. In my
previous department I strongly felt that the students were receiving
a substandard education for the money they were paying. I have
attended several schools throughout my college education and UI
provided the worst education in regard to classes offered and
cirriculum required for graduation. If you do not wish to have your
profs teach then you need to provide money to hire instructors so
that the students can get a decent education. I strongly feel that
you are cutting education for research instead of trying to balance
                                                                                       x   x   x
the two objectives.
 -The grad student (research assistant) pay is horrible and I have to
take out student loans to make ends meet. I shouldn't have to have
a roommate at 30+ years of age because my pay is not enough to
afford rent on a modest apartment as well as food, gas, electricity,
etc. Furthermore, student health is horrible and provides poor
medical care which we are stuck with as grad students. Most of the
faculty in my previous department treated the students poorly and
you are lucky if they even acknowledge your presence.
 -Parking on campus is horrible. As a graduate student/staff
member we should be able to have better access for parking
-Get some people in Human Resources that know what is going on.
They tell us one thing about health benefits, only to find it isn't true
when it comes to what's covered and what isn't covered. Linda                  x               x
Peavey seems not to have a clue what is going on.
-Better pay!!!
 -Give our Wellness dollars back to the SRC so they can increase
their maintenance and custodial staff, maintain and replace
equipment and buy new towels.
 -Also, give Facilities their share of research grant funds so they can
increase their maintenance staff and provide proper preventive             x   x   x
maintenance to all building systems. Preventive maintenance is
virtually non-existent on our campus. What are you doing with all
the money anyway? Why not keep us informed of where the money
 -Health benefits and costs need to be readdressed and
improvements need to be made.
 -Last year's plans and increases have taken away all salary increases
for me personally since the year 2000. I was forced to find health
                                                                         x   x   x           x
care benefits for my family, elsewhere due to cost increases. I have
seen employee benefits and wages over the past several years
decline terribly, to the point that I will have to look elsewhere for

 -Health Benefits and retirement are of concern. Even though I
make a good salary with the plan H it has been very costly for us -
and I do not see that getting any better.
 -Communication is an area that we do not do very well. Maybe the                x   x
administration area shares with their immediate reports, but that
information on changes does not flow down to the departments or
offices who report to the direct reports.
 -Hiring and retention practices that have allowed "good old
boy/girl" hiring without qualifications for positions. Employees are
hired because of who they are married to and (usually
individuals/companies that are important to Ui or funding) and
                                                                             x           x
when they do not perform are not released when other employees
are released. This has happened in every department I have worked
in for the past 25+ years and I see good workers leave UI because of
this practice.
 -HRS - Total overhall, this last years has been terrible. since the
early 90s HRS has been going down hill. They give conflicting
answers to everyone I know, don't know the answer and are wrong
a lot of the time, were wrong in their presentation of new helath
plan, were late in getting starting in presenting it, were to
overloaded because of poor planning and delays. It needs to be run
by people that know what they are doing. HRS is aweful in my
opinion. Hire real professionals and demote the amatures. I am
sorry, because I hate to see people get lower wages or loose their
jobs, but it is too important an area to let go down hill. I did        x   x
research and I could have got a cheeper family medical plan paying
as outright own my own. A group health care plan by a large
institution should have been cheaper. I don't think that HRS was
compitent enough to make deals with the big boys. It is a mess.
 -People's beliefs need to be respected even if they believe the
earth is flat. (I don't, that is just an example). I hear too much of
the words "stupid" and "Idiot" even about the President of the
United States which grieves me. A person is "Stupid" for being a
Republican or Christian or this or that. Intellegent discussion has
 -Human Resource training of off campus administrators,
supervisors, and coordinators.
 -The website it terrible from the home page throughout. Not
intuitive, very confusing and changes too often. Many of the
employees I supervise only access it 2-4 times a month and when it
changes it throws them off. I always get a phone call or two and                x   x
have to walk them through it again. I have spent countless hours
doing tech support with employees for both hardware and
navigation issues with the home page and vandal web. I am not an
IT person, but necessity has been the motivation for my new found
 -I am a half-time employee and so I am a dependent on my
spouse's health plan. My spouse also works for the Univ. of Idaho.
However, since I am half-time I have to carry my own dental
insurance and pay for it and my spouse has to carry dental
insurance for me and pay for it. As I see it this is a glitch in the new
health benefits plan, which hurts half-time employees and should
be resolved. My spouse and I are paying twice for dental insurance
coverage. I would like to see this glitch resolved and for us to
receive a refund of the double coverage that we carried and that
was unnecessary.
                                                                             x       x
 -I would also say that the new 'pause in hiring' is causing me more
work. I work off of funds that come from the federal government.
And I have a vacancy to fill and a new position to fill. If I can not fill
them then I am not fulfilling my obligation to the agreement that
the UofI has signed off on with the federal government. Hiring
employees from temporary help to faculty is a tremendous amount
of effort based on my experience and now with the new approvals
that have to be obtained prior to hiring someone it has made the
process of actually getting an employee hired that much more
 -I am a new employee on the job approximately four weeks.
Training is very slow and very disjointed for me. At this point, I am
not productive because training has been difficult to obtain for
various reasons. If I am to be productive and not waste the                      x
University's money, a more responsive training time frame is
    Thank you.
 -I am not a person who complains about leadership. I try to take life
as it is, work with what is available and get the job done. However I
am sure that my response below could make you think that I am
just blowing off steam or getting back at my campus supervisor
unfairly, and might be quietly dismissed.
 -Please know that I have served the University well and will
continue to do so if I am given the opportunity. Please take my
comments below seriously.
 -In my department the leadership is not good: late with decisions
and information; non-communicative and non-responsive; very high
and very low (that applies to many situations such as oversight of a
project, follow-through with responses as to whether or not to                 x       x
continue researching and planning a project; nor responding to
questions about communications the department is sending.
Another important thing is that my campus supervisor is
disrespectful of me as an individual. Quite so. It is easy to think that
you are being picked on, but when other employees express their
irritation at the way I am treated - totally unsolicited and from
people in our department to whom I am not very - then I have third-
party confirmation of the disrespect.
 -Yes, I am having a hard time at work; you might think that I am
being overly critical. I am making a serious effort here to separate
my feelings from the truth about the department as a whole, and I
 -I believe the University of Idaho has made some bad judgments
financially, and thus has set it back years. The University of Idaho
needs to look at it's main campus here in Moscow and insure that it
is being properly taken care of, before any expansions are planned.
                                                                           x       x
 -I also believe that the university needs to address the parking
needs on campus. Parking is getting to the point that if you don't
get to the campus in the early morning you'll have to park clear
back behind the Kibbie Dome.
 -I believe the University should look into controlling the parking
situtation on campus. As it is, campus parking is not taking into
account the financial problems we are all incurring. The price to
park on campus is outrageous. Many people are frustrated but we
have no recourse but to pay whatever parking services charges and
the price jumps each year.
 -I believe the vast majority of faculty and staff have the best
interest of students at heart, but both from what I have experienced
and have been told by others, there are a great many
administrators on this campus who would rather the students be
seen and not heard. That might serve us well from a marketing
standpoint -- see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil -- but as a
supposed place of enlightenment, it is a strange philosophy, indeed.
The will of the students is too often not respected and it seems we
are doing a better job than ever of convincing them to shut up and
let the adults do what's best for them. In our rush to improve the
image of the University of Idaho it seems we have lost faith in our     x   x   x
students to a point that we are seriously afraid of what they will do
should we not hold their hands. Truly sad.
 -Along those same lines, the administration seems to go looking for
new ways to set the university's image back. Instances that stand
out include the spending of 900k annually on a marketing campaign
that was a joke in its own industry, holding back a pittance of
money that would have killed local bus service ad now doing the
same in regards to the airport. So, we'll spend 900k on a new
promotional campaign that everybody hates, but won't kick in a few
thousand dollars to maintain bus service that people use and also
 -I can not comment on the U of I as a whole, but in my department
things have been difficult ever since I was hired. I've worked at the
U of I for about a year and a half and have yet to have an evaluation
or even recieve training for my current job. Our department is
always understaffed and when we have to maintain ratios of
teachers to children it means constant stress for the simple reason
that you never know what the day will bring. So, how do you
reassure the children when you don't know what's going on? My
supervisor is under constant stress because we have has this
staffing problem for over a year and it doesn't seem to be getting
                                                                        x   x   x   x
 -Communication between supervisor and staff is awful. We never
know what is expected of us or what is going on in our own
workplace. When staff member suggest that information should be
sent out in a memo or some other form, we are met with hostility.
It has become very stressful to go to work, most of our employees
do not work at the job for a long period of time.
 -The hiring process takes a great deal of time. If we could shorten
up this process, we would be able to get better quality people
working for us. By the time the interviews are scheduled, the more
 -I can only assume that all graduate assistants, like myself, received
the opportunity to complete this survey that is obviously designed
for traditional faculty and staff. However, RA/TA's are a very large
employee source for the university and they don't fit into this type
of a box.
 -Generally, the University, which many think of as being prestigious
(though it's a middle of the road land grant university which
receives minimal support from the state), needs to step it up in
many ways to move out of the middle of the pack. Regarding
graduate student issues there is great disparity in how
assistantships amounts and how they are divied up across the
university. Paying for student health insurance and student fees is a
step that can be taken to ensure higher quality applicants come this
way. I appreciate Margrit's work on these issues.
 -Keep trying, but try better.
Craig Watt, former President, Grad/Prof Student Association

 -I do not believe that UI staff are paid well for their services. The
lack of merit raises do not encourage staff to grow and stay since
raises are the same for everyone and 3% of $10.00/hr is not
recognition of initiative and growth in job responsibilities. It seems
like departments want to hire in staff at the lowest possible wage
and not financially reward the staff member for job skills and
development of the job as time goes by. Feels like staff are not
                                                                          x   x
valued - salaries do not reflect a desire to keep good employees.
 -I believe the UI staff are under appreciated by many of the faculty
and get the feeling that the staff because they are staff they are
second class.
 -I feel it was a huge oversight and a telling lapse that no staff were
included on the Presidential Search Committee. Shows how much
we count.
 -I feel that employees should not have to pay to park.
Furthermore, there is not enough Gold parking for the number of
permits sold--if a staff member is expected to purchase a permit in
order to be able to park on campus, he/she should at least be able
to maintain the expectation that he/she should be able to park in a
lot that is nearby their place of work.
 -Also, I feel that UI dropped the ball when making changes to the
health benefits packages. Many of the staff are underpaid as it is,
but the health benefits packages the UI used to offer made up for
this lack of competitive pay (at least to some extent). This does not
seem to be the case any longer. I am currently enrolled in the Plan     x   x   x
H Family healthcare package (the cheapest healthcare package), and
have received 10% in raises over the past year. Even though this is
the case, I am receiving the same amount in net pay that I did
before I received my raises, and I owe more out-of-pocket in
medical expenses than I ever because Plan H covers so little--
especially for families with young children in day care. Though
arguments made for Plan H stated that statistics indicated that
people with plans like Plan H went to the doctor less because they
were healthier, I believe they went to the doctor less because they
couldn't afford to go--how does this make for a healthier U and
 -I have had an interim supervisor for the past 2 years. My survey
responses are based on my experience with that supervisor. My
new supervisor seems to be a good manager and my responses
regarding his supervision would be more positive.
 -The UI should stop propping up weak programs and supporting
mediocrity. We should instead focus on identifying and investing in
a few areas in which we can excel. I think the new VPR and Interim
Pres will help move us forward in that regard and am more
optimistic about the UI's future with them on board.
                                                                         x   x   x   x
 -This survey did not enable respondents to provide a neutral
 -Since our health insurance provider, Blue Cross of Idaho, provides
domestic partner benefits, I believe the UI should allow that option.
The UI is discriminatory in that regard.
 -The VP for Finance keeps undercutting UI ties to the community,
for example, ending Community Enrichment Programs, not
supporting the bus system, dropping the ball on "Life on Wheels",
withdrawing participation on the airport board.

 -I have left several questions above unanswered, simply because I
am a new University employee. However, I have considerable
experience and familiarity with the University through Extension
and as a student's parent. Based on that I would like to add:
1. University should be more flexible in minimum qualification
requirements for many positions. A degree alone is not a guarantee
that the more qualified individual is hired. On-the-job training, as             x       x   x
well as job and life experiences should account for a certain amount
of educational training.
2. If UI is expecting to be more successful in attracting and, even
more so, retaining high quality faculty and staff, it need not only be
concerned with its prestige, but needs to work harder to be more
competitive when it comes to pay and benefits.
 -I have never seen such incompetence at the entire upper
administrative level as I have since Tim White and Doug Baker
arrived on this campus. Poor marketing decisions, changing
institutional vision, inadequate college support budgets (while
numerous aesthetic remodels occur in the administration building),
poor salaries for faculty and staff (but not administrators), health
benefit changes out of the blue, lack of parking with high prices for
faculty and staff, the continual "Core" mess, and numerous
budgeting fiascos, are the norm not the exception. I used to be the
UI's biggest advocate. However, in four years, these administrators
and their upper management team have totally taken it out of me          x   x   x   x   x   x   x
(and a lot of others as well). Frankly, I have no confidence in
anything that the current administrative team does or says: It is all
talk and doublespeak with no consideration for faculty or staff.
Maybe that is why many high level administrative support staff have
left the institution for WSU and why we have needed to fill over 100
faculty positions in the past two years. Despite what they say, the
upper administration team totally uses a top-down business model.
I have experienced it personally. Shared governance is a myth and
everyone knows it. Further, the president, provost, and deans do
not communicate. Consequently, no one knows what is going on

 -I think that I am very, very, grossly, underpaid. Has anyone seen
the economy lately? I wish that my pay rate and the raises I am
suppose to get :) were based off of, and included, economic factors;
such as the increased costs of healthcare, daycare, gas, groceries!
My pay should also be based off more than the federal minimum
wage and a twenty year old pay scale. The old pay rate scale for
staff is just archaic within the focus of todays economic                                            x
 -I appreciate that my department tries to be fair to everyone, and I
think everyone in my department needs a big raise too. I am very
grateful to have a job, and maybe one day I will be able find a career
here. I hope that everything works out for the best.
 -Thanks for asking! It feels good to say it even if it does no good.
 -I work for the Parking and Transportation Office, and while my
supervisors are outstanding, they are limited by their Manager.
Security and safety are an issue in our office. These issues are not
taken lightly by the Supervisors, however they are held back by
what the Manager deems appropriate. He rarely forwards our
incident reports onto Dean of Students or Risk Management, unless
a police officer was called to the incident. I feel every time an
officer was called he didn't think it was appropriate. He thought the
situation could have been handled better, and has stated such. We
never hear back on our incident reports, we have to ask. We
requested panic buttons 1 year ago, and we still do not have them.
                                                                          x   x   x   x
 -Our heating unit broke last January for the building, while it
worked sporadically it was finally shut completely off in February,
and we were told it would not be fixed by the university because it
was too expensive (per HVAC, facilities). The supervisors are
currently trying again to have them fix it. and was told by facilities
they needed a budget number to order the part. I am not sure why
Parking has to pay for the unit that heats the entire building, I would
understand if it was just our office, but it is the whole east side of
the building. There are people in facilities who have been very
unprofessional with us, and have said unprofessional things to us
and others within hearing distance.
 -I would like intermediate and advanced, intensive training sessions
on some of our computer programs (maybe full day or 1/2 day) with
a company rep that really knows the tips and tricks. This would be in
addition to Skillport.
 -My husband and I each attended separate sessions on the HSA last
year and both of us understood that the total out of pocket for a
family would be $5,000 of covered expenses. I recently learned that
                                                                                 x   x   x
was not the case and the total is $8,000. At our income level $5,000
is a huge amount and $8,000 is overwhelming. This is obviously a
great plan for anyone who isn't ill. This certainly doesn't make
faculty and staff feel appreciated.
 -It's very difficult to take earned vacation time because of
workloads and staffing. I'm not sure what the answer is but I sure
wish it were easier.

 -I'm really concerned about our university level recruitment for
new students. There seems to be a lack of information coming to
departments concerning efforts or what is happening. I'm especially
concerned with the departure of Bruce Barnes, as I'm worried that
we'll go back to the old status quo which had led to our declining
 -I'm not sure how to improve it, but it would really be great to have
some teamwork and big picture training for the departments. In my
division, Auxiliary Services, our Directors and AVP work hard so that    x   x       x
everyone understands how their job fits into the big picture and
that we are all part of a greater good. I am continually amazed
when I go to FIG meetings and listen to some of the people from
other departrments whining about having to comply with new
policies or things changing. It amazes me that many departmental
staff do not see themselves as an integral part of the education
process for students, including recruitment and retention. Or even
that they are bound to follow established policies and procedures.
 -Improve ways to communicate with different constiuencies within
the campus community.
 -Support from administration to move process along more
efficiently and quickly. There are processes that are time critical
that cannot be completed on time due to the lack of response from
                                                                           x   x       x           x
 -Developing a better sense of community and connecting students
to the university as a whole. Having programs spread out
throughout the summer could engage more students and improve
attrition and retention rates.
 -Improved communication between the VP for Advancement and
the rest of the staff. We find out people have been hired a week or
so after they start. I don't find out other critical pieces of
information I need to do my job effectively.
  -People who have been here over 2 years (not hired by him) are
treated like they know nothing - in spite of the fact that we've been
doing our jobs effectively for 20+ years. We're not asked to provide
input to make critical decisions - it's as if we'd only want to do
things the "old way," which isn't the case at all. I don't want to do
things the old way - it is definitely harder to do them that way - but I
                                                                           x           x   x           x
just want him and the Sr. Director to understand why things were
done that way.
 -Money seems to be squandered with no thought for where it's
coming from - either from the taxpayers or our donors. One staff
member has gone to 3 conferences since January, people will be
traveling to Hawaii on UI money. It's okay if they're visiting donors -
but to go on "site visits" to see how we're doing in relation to our
peers is an extreme waste of time. Why don't they pick up the
phone and TALK to those people, instead of taking 3 senior directors
to a place that they come back and say "We found out what a great
 -Improved health benefits, lower employee premiums, and out of
pocket expenses. So expensive I can not afford to use it, even when
                                                                                   x           x
I know I should go to the doctor.
 -Wages, comparitivley not keeping up with the cost of living.
 -improving communications with the SBOE
 -Eliminating so much red tape for hiring IH employees
 -Securing more funding for the university.                                         x           x       x
 -Not overreacting to a few incidents with so many new time-
consuming auditing regulations

 -In house training for suppport personnel. Banner training should
be improved and made available to all employees all over the state.
Better employee orientation for employees not located in Moscow.
How can you effectively evaluate employees when they do not get
the training to do the job.
 -All campus uniformity in doing things rather than everyone doing it   x       x       x   x       x
their way.
 -Better medical benefit packages and less complicated to
 -Figuring out a way to reduce negative publicity.
 -A better organized website with everyone using the same format.

 -In my opinion the health care options must be looked at more
carefully. For some employees the cost of health care can cause
financial hardship - exactly what health insurance is meant to
prevent. The University also needs to find a more clear and concise
way to communicate with employees regarding health care options.
The Human Resources website is difficult to navigate and confusing.
                                                                            x   x
It can also be very difficult to contact Human Resources when
needing answers to questions.
 -Lastly, perhaps the University can find a better method to block
stairways in the winter than using hog wire. We have a beautiful
campus, and it seems a shame to put up farm materials for a better
part of the winter.
 -In the HR area especially, UI appears to make promises and then
break them or just flat out gets things wrong. For example: forcing
people out of PERSI and into the optional retirement plan and then
announcing that they didn't really have to switch, changing
retirement benefits, making mid year insurance changes, etc.
 -And, if the current president really wants to come off as being
sincere in his communication to faculty and staff, he will need to             x   x
write in a more conversational style in his president's progress
reports. Undoubtedly there are a few faculty and administrators
that prefer a pretentious and obfuscated delivery of information,
but I'll wager that many of the less academically oriented staffers
had to really work at it to mine a nugget of useful information from
the September report.

 -Increasing enrollments without increasing resources to teach the
students is a problem.
 -We are one deep every where and it's impossible to do the work
of several people when someone leaves. The hiring process is                           x   x
lengthy and time-consuming.
 -We spend a lot of money hiring folks at the upper administrative
level but our faculty salaries are low.
 -Is someone keeping an eye on Chris Murray? Seems to be building
quite an empire and yet DOES NOT seem to play well with others. I
can't imagine that he is an important and profitable individual
contributor... "for the greater good of the University". Maybe I am
missing something.
                                                                       x   x
 -Stop caring SO MUCH about the landscaping and take care of our
buildings. As a visitor this place may be nice but as an employee
working conditions in most buildings are WAY beyond being
satisfactory... how about some new windows in the 50+ year old
 -Job promotions should not be so difficult to obtain. My personal
job reclassification took many hours of work on my part and has
been in HR's hands for a very long time with no word. Others I know
have had it take up to a year.
 -Administrators should do better at keeping healthcare and            x           x   x   x
retirement benefits responsible.
 -Administration is top heavy and ineffective in many aspects. Power
grabs help no one in the long run and wastes time and money. It is
-Just make a plan and impliment it. Don't keep changing things
every year just because someone thinks a NEW plan is better. How
do you know the old one isn't working if it hasn't had time to work
-HR needs to be more user-friendly and not just a hassle to do
ANYTHING with.                                                         x   x   x   x   x   x
-Go BACK to the Big SKy conference! good grief, is life just about
MONEY?? What about some pride and encouragement for young
players? Quit trying to keep up with BSU. We can beat them on the
academic field...that is more important. Stop seeing nothing but
dollar signs. Get rid of the AD....he has made some weird decisions.
 -Lighting on campus and within Moscow is horrible, especially
considering the push for a pedestrian campus and town.
 -Health benefits have eroded significantly since I transferred from
another State agency several years ago. Some of the decisions
made by UI for insurance options were quite poor and have cost me
individually several thousand dollars (i.e., not to allow dental for
family/children if employee is covered by health. If I were married
and could decline health due to other insurance I could cover my
children on dental. My children currently have no dental coverage      x   x   x
as I would have had to add them to my medical, which was
unnecessary as well as more expensive.) I know there are others
with similar issues.
 -UI overcharges for football tickets, including employee pass.
Lower prices = more attendees = fuller Dome. Raise rates AFTER
the program is going strong. WSU gives free tickets to Moscow
schools, why doesn't UI? Free child ticket could equal paid parent

 -Make information from adminisrtators more accessible, less
secretive. If unqualified people apply for a position, reopen that
position until a qualified person comes along.                                     x   x
 -More opportunities for staff development. In my 9 years here, I
have been to one conference. One!
 -Morale is so low it's tough to stay positive for staff and faculty.
Day care, gas, insurance, and food costs have skyrocketed. We are
not a family friendly employer, which 10 years two staff working for
the UI could make a wonderful life. My wife and I make about
$100k a year, we live pay check to pay check. Our UI daycare bill is
$1,450 a month, our health insurance makes neither of us want to
                                                                         x           x   x
seek out doctors care unless we have to, and there is little to no
professional growth/training for either of us on campus.
 -I love Moscow, and the UI community. We both are educated past
a bachelor's and yet it is becomming increasingly difficult to justify
staying here. I don't believe there is a middle class left in Moscow,
you are either extremely wealthy or struggling to get by.

 -More open communication
 - Willingness to listen and learn about "the past"
 - Goals that have a well defined process of implementation along
with a realistic time frame for achievement
 - Work environments that are productive vs. frantic
 - Flexible work
 -Most services across the UI are barely functioning and are in dire
need of systematic and programmatic review. Services including
accounts payable, grants and contracts, payroll, budget support,
benefits, and other human resources need immediate
improvement.                                                                 x
 -We have a poor infrastructure for growing our distance education
programs. We need more vision, support, coordination, and a better
set of procedures and policies if we are to compete with other
 -My unit submitted a space reallocation request several years ago.
We're bursting at the seams in our current offices, but have not yet
been assigned a new location.
 -Our current budget is woefully inadequate to manage the sheer
number of programs and resources we are expected to provide. We
somehow manage it every year with a lot a of creative finagling and
wiggling and begging and borrowing. Also, our staff salaries seem
exceptionally low to me, and are in fact significantly lower than staff
                                                                          x   x   x   x   x
in other units/divisions with similar job descriptions and
 -Staff stringency measures, such as not re-hiring positions that are
vacated and then expecting remaining staff to pick up the slack is
unrealistic and very unfair to conscientious employees who really
care about quality in their units.
 -Internal bureaucratic processes are unnecessarily time-consuming
and hugely frustrating!
 -Needs improvement: Moving the strategic plan into the tactical
and operational level, specifically to non-academic areas.
I am aware of several long standing committees (MSDG, for
example) that seem to lack a clear charter or relevance. Yet
numerous areas depend on these misaligned committees as a
source of direction.
 -Project planning, specifically in institutionally necessary IT projects.
Institutional IT needs to be addressed at an institutional level, or
appropriate IT professionals need to be empowered to plan and
implement IT projects across the institution. And these
professionals need to be professionals in PROJECT PLANNING, not
getting hooked on sales pitches and winging it from there.                   x   x       x
Successful IT projects are significantly more then ITS simply running
a piece of software.
 -In business/administrative computing (of which a large amount of
our campus computing is) it shouldn't be necessary for every
independent department to solve each IT issue as they see fit.
Don't get me wrong, that flexibility is nice, but it is very expensive
and leads to different areas having different answers to the same
problem, a long term sustainability nightmare.
 -Administratively all our chains of command eventually lead to one
person who has authority to make a decision, it just seems to be a
long way up to that level, and from the bottom appears that we are
 -Not listening to the input.
 -Not processing employment openings or promotions in a timely
manner. I have been promised a rewrite of my job description and a
                                                                                     x           x
promotion for a full year. I am currently doing two jobs. Either
rewrite the job description and pay me accordingly or find me a co-
worker to do one of the jobs.

 -Open, honest and transparent communication.
 -Implementation of processes is not done properly and continues
                                                                             x       x       x
to cause unforeseen problems (benefits, accounts receivable, etc.).
 -Financial stewardship and leadership is sorely lacking.
 -opportunities for upward mobility for staff
 -eliminate obsolete, underutilized, or ineffective programs of study
and courses
 -better integration of space and resources with the best programs
 -evaluate student academic assistance and general advising and
streamline; some areas are understaffed and in some cases
duplication of responsibility. In my area, we all do general advising,
but nobody has the ability to lift holds so students have to go to gen
advising center and be re-advised -- waste of resources!
 -Put some resources behind training faculty in best practices using
                                                                         x   x   x   x
 -Return Paradise Creek to its above-ground channel (a visible sign
of commitment to the environment) and create parkland/open
space around the creek
 -Can we use less paper -- the printing around here is excessive!
 -Recognize increasing demands on disabilities support personnel
and increase funding in that direction (Access van is HUGE and may
help attract students, especially considering the hilliness of campus
and age of buildings)
Thanks for listening
 -OSP needs to improve morale or something because there's so
much turnover it's crazy. I have worked here for 10 years and I've
had roughly 5 different people to work with on our grants and it's
just so hard to re-explain the details of our grants over and over
 -The parking situation in Boise is terrible. Employees are expected
to pay $70 a MONTH right now and that is going up to close to $100
a month. I am sorry...that is just unfair and we need someone to
help. How can we expect our administrative assistants or IH
employees to pay that? We don't have other parking options, we
                                                                       x   x
can't park in local businesses parking lots, they are threatening
towing. We need someone to listen and help us.
 -We need to support the programs that are growing. For example,
the M. Engr. in Engineering Management is a growing program in
the Boise area and around the nation. The Yardley report indicated
we need more professional masters programs and that's what we're
doing. It has grown considerably without marketing efforts. We
need another faculty member to help teach in Boise and help with
the students' master's projects. We've asked for a senior lecturer
rather than a tenure track position but it hasn't been approved.
 -Our Benefit package. What happened to the additional funding
that the State Board of Education alloted for our benefits, ($1,200,
effective July 2008)? Also, we still do not have details of our
benefits and the deductible has been increased by $700 and we are
not given an option to cancel the coverage. We are told that they
don't know what happened and are frustrated themselves. Not
good enough in my opinion. We are getting treated poorly as if we
do not matter as far as our benefits go. The premiums and
deductibles are outrageous and we do not have the coverage we
previously had. In my opinion there is a lot more problems/issues
going on with our benefits that UI does not want us to know about.
This policy has cost me $4,000 out of my pocket plus premiums.            x   x   x   x
Whatever happened to the old plan?
 -I feel that the UI thinks of us as being supid, in fact too stupid to
figure out the benefits. The marketing for the benefits was insane
and a waste of money.
 -Branding is another issue. I wonder how much money was spent
on the branding. What was wrong with the old brand? Why did we
spend the money to repaint the I towers, etc.
 -Why was the huge amount of money spent on giving White a going
away party? What a waste. Was this done for any other out going
 -Grounds. Not cutting and watering some of the fields around
 -Our decentralization and communication is horrible and provides
obstacle to internal and external customers. It is often difficult to
work across campus with various departments because of varying
and inconsistent policies, office politics, the constant infighting for
dollars. Additionally, we cannot allow a variety of our
administration to function as dictators. There is a fine line between
leadership and forceful coercion.
 -Athletics - The university needs to make a decision on where it         x       x
stands in regards to its revenue generating sports (Football, Men's
and Women's Basketball). It is time to either invest in the Athletic
department to make it functional and competitive at the D-1A level
or drop back to the 1-AA ranks - either way, the current product
would not be successful at either level.
 -Advising - Our students deserve and pay to have their educational
journey guided by a caring, trained, and attentive faculty.

 -Our health and retirement benefits have steadily declined. Many
people stayed at the UI because of the benefits and now we have
lost many of our best people.
 -Some departments need training on good customer service.                    x       x
 -Perhaps if more than one person in a department have problems
with the manager, the manager should be sent for management
training. Maybe the UI should have on-site manager training.

 -pay scale per employee experience.
-disrespect for non-faculty professionals.
-not enough regard for Professional growth needs of non-faculty
                                                                                          x   x   x
-not recognizing that undergraduate education is the most
important function of UI
 -Policies and procedures need to be revamped and streamlined so
that people can get their jobs done without wasting time and
getting frustrated. OSP and HR policies and procedures are
especially frustrating, and HAC takes way too long to give project
approval. There should be a customer service attitude required in all
facets of the University.
 -Too many decisions about what's done at ground level are made
by upper administrators (central admin) who have no experience in
the areas they're making decisions about. Go to the people with
                                                                         x       x   x       x
expertise---get faculty and staff input.
 -Off campus faculty and staff don't have access to live training
programs, seminars, etc that on campus faculty do. This is
unacceptable considering the technology that's available---many
times decisions are made with absolutely no consideration of off
campus faculty and staff. Time to remember that there are
dedicated employees throughout the state, not just in Moscow,
who would enjoy the same training and updates that on campus
faculty have.

 -Possibly require new supervisors to attend mandatory training in
management and supervisory skills. Though an employee has been
employed in an office for several years does not automatically equip
them to supervise in that same area or any other.
                                                                             x           x       x
 -Offices located in basements with no ventilation or windows, is a
discouraging atmosphere to work 40 hours a week. Windows
located in the outer wall office do not supply sufficient light or air
for the inner offices.
 --Professional Development, Succession Planning, Career
--Improve the ability for reclassifications and promotions for
                                                                                     x           x
classified (e.g. non-exempt) staff. The process is lengthy and too
--Work on the appreciation and recognition of
 -Quit hiring top level people without Banner and or degrees
applicable to the position they get!!!
 -U of I seems to be getting away from recognizing how important         x
knowledge of campus and policies, longevity, and loyalty are to an
 -Reduce the involutary tax on staff (high parking fees) used to
support Aux Services Dept.
 -Shorten the hours of parking enforcement to only the busy time
on campus--8am to 3 pm.
                                                                                     x           x
 -The Hiring process is excessively complex and takes too long. It
wastes a lot of supervisor time with the process and often the best
candidates have found other positions by the time the approval to
hire is given.
 -Regarding health benefits. Enhanced benefits to include early
screening are needed for those in the high deductible plans.
Colonoscopies and bone density tests should be included in the
wellness benefit. Early detection is critical for colon cancer and
colonoscopies are very expensive tests especially for those in the               x           x
high deductible plans.
 -It would be nice to reward longevity. Years ago, there was a small
pay increase given when employees hit milestones of 5, 10, 15 years
 -Salaries need to be commensurate with job duties and the
community. If they continue as they have, there will be a union
organized through AFSCME. i.e. the governor dictated a 3% salary
increase for all staff. I received Exceeds or Outstanding on all but
one of my performance evaluation areas but received a 1% salary
increase. DO NOT give leeway to managers/supervisors to play with            x           x   x
the percentages on salary increases...i.e. if you meet or exceed, you
should receive MORE than the minimum increase, in this case 3%,
 -EVERY employee at UI that i speak to is looking for a job, mostly in
 -Salary equity especially among lower pay grade individuals. I still
have classified employees below poverty level.
 -Policy changes need to be reported to all responsible supervisors            x   x
as these changes are made. Too often we only learn about them
second hand.
 -Salary Issues. We are so far behind the curve it is laughable. Our
salaries are 60% 75% of those at WSU and we serve as WSU'S
training ground. Former HR Directors have excused the salary issue
by retreating to the cliche that "it is not all salary." That is true to
an extent. See my comments above, there are good things that
keep me employed here. However, we are dangerously close to the
tipping point, and the trite dismissals by the past two HR Directors
evidence a distinct lack of concern in this area. Thankfully, there are
managers who are willing to move forward with issues such as living
wage, in spite of the HR constipation.
 -Moving the Honored Retiree age for Tier Three employees from
rule of 80 to rule of 90 was a highly emotional punch in the gut. It       x       x   x
elevated my stress level considerably, reduced my confidence in HR
immeasurably, and is something that forever tainted my feelings of
goodwill towards the University. I feel robbed. It affects my state
of mind each and every day.
 -Human Resources does not support the employee, and it does not
support the managers. It supports nothing and no one. It continues
to outsource its roles and responsibilities to the rest of the
University. It now seems responsible for nothing. I don't know how
HR could be any worse. We need to put the "S" for Services back in
HR. It has been missing for too long now.
 -The academic community continues to try to be all things to all
 -Seven years ago, when Hoover promised to cut programs and
faculty to accommodate the budget cuts and staff reductions, I had
hope that it would happen quickly, so that the UI could be in
balance again. Instead... two Presidents later, we still haven't cut
any programs to balance the rest of the campus, but we managed
to take on several new programs and tie ourselves to this latest
"sustainability/green" initiative so that more resources could be
squandered worrying about a problem that doesn't even exist.            x   x
What we got out of it was more committee meetings, useless
hirings, and wasted time and effort, with very little to show for it.
How about really cutting academic programs... like at the 20%
level... and then we can adequately fund the remaining programs
the way they should be. Presidential leadership has to have the
guts to just make some decisions, instead of dithering all the time,
like we did for the past 7 years.

 -Some areas, surplus, OSP, risk management, facilities (does a OK
job but need more people) could be improved.
 -Understaffing in most departments both faculty and staff.
Excessive teaching loads so faculty neglect research but research is
linked to promotion. Catch 22
 -My job is a dead end job I will always be the lab technician. Many
staff jobs have no chance of advancement.
 -Our building are crumbling and no one repairs or build new ones.              x   x   x   x
The ones that are built are anywhere but Moscow.
 -Too much treasure (potential donor support) will be spent on
Kibbie Dome Repairs.
 -Tuition is already to high.
 -Many labs have outdated equipment. Our financial plan for lab
equipment is get a grant and use the grant equipment for
instructional purposes.
 -Staff are continually being asked to provide their own resources
for administrative decisions - cell phones, recent HSA errors. Having
to pay to have items transported to surplus and then pay to get
items from surplus for university use is ridiculous. Parking policies in
the campus core do not support some staff performing their jobs.
Salaries of upper administration (VP, deans) and faculty are well out
of line compared to staff. Professional staff are paid greatly under
                                                                               x   x   x
market and not adequately supported.
  A centrally funded programming team needs to be made available
for a University intranet portal that provides conversion and
automation of daily duties into efficient systems. There are many
redundant efforts throughout campus or continued inefficiencies in
daily operations because ITS's programming teams are inadequately
staffed (largely due to inadequate pay scales).

 -Staff benefits, more specifically health insurance plans are sorry,
especially compared to WSU. Salaries are ridiculous and MUST be
improved (not just for the coaches as S.B. Daley-Laursen said in his
presidential address). The current Athletic Director needs to be
canned - no progress is being made there. The Office of Sponsored
Programs is a mess - an impediment to grantsmanship. The
university is too strict in its interpretation of laws and policies. We
cannot continue to operate in a 100% compliance zero tolerance for
                                                                           x   x       x
risk environment. Salaries must be improved. We cannot compete
to hire competent faculty and/or staff. Salary savings must be
returned to departments - any funding available to conduct
interviews, etc is drying up as when it's all "the university's" money,
the units have none of their own.
 -Wake-up... ask the rank and file. They will tell you how badly you
are hamstringing progress with your hiring "pause" and continuous
strategic planning.
 -Staff wages are a joke. I know the University says they don't care if
they pay market wages, but the wages they expect people to live off
of are not livable, let alone competitive. It is a shame to see so
many people leaving the University due to wages. I know many
people who have left the University due to wages and bureaucracy.
Why not? It has become abundantly clear to me that the University
doesn't care about me or my family. For example, I just recieved
the first paycheck from a reclass process that I started almost a
YEAR ago. That is rediculous. On top of that, I was only given half of
my retro pay, which should have made up for the incompetence of
HR. The reason I was told that happened was someone from HR               x   x       x   x
jumped ship for greener pastures. No surprise.
Now I don't know if this message is going to get anywhere, but if it
does here's some advice: if you pay well, qualified people will come
and stay. If not, they will leave. It is simple market economics. HR
is such a mess to get a reclass or new hire done that it almost isn't
worth it.
 -Another problem is OSP. How they can make grants and
purchasing so difficult is amazing. I have spent way too much of my
time trying to keep OSP happy than I should have the last few years.
I have seen the amount of documentation, etc grow almost
 -Staff/faculty compensation and opportunities for
 -Open communication between administration and the rest of UI                    x
 -Academic advising, particularly as it pertains to student retention
 -Stop nickel & diming each other/dept & improve benefits. UI day
care cost is outrageous but i feel i have no choice but i'm also
saddened by the small salary of the teachers at the day care. why
do they rent their own building, pay their own facilty services & why
not have salary covered by the university. yes yes i know they're
aux, a y budget, but the university general budget could offset the
cost passed to parents or ui employees could pay less as part of a
- Also give moscow residents a reimbursement option if not going to
wellness program so they can put money toward a club
                                                                            x   x   x   x   x   x
membership similar to offcampus.
- Make recycling easier - put paper bins outside of hallways, every
other floor, etc.
 -Stop with so many emails - once a week official UI email would be
nice with emergency emails as an exception. otherwise put a pa
system in everyonce's office and you can announce everything
when you need to.
 -All managers/directors/deans that want to implement any new
program needs to take a project managing course. Just look at all
failed projects/programs that are not rolled out or are delayed or
 -Switch from WAC back to Big Sky Conference
 -Use funds intended for the Kibbie Dome expansion to improve
dorms and create other recreational facilities for use by more
 -Re-look at the organization / staffing of DFA - Our current
controller is (word/phrase missing here?)
 -Take care of their retirees both past and future. When a person
dedicates a great part of their life working for an institution, a
corporation, etc., the institution should stand behind them.
 -Don't require employees to automatically pay for wellness benefits
at a facility that is not accessible for them to use due to location of
facility, hours worked, and living arrangements. My $5.00 per             x
paycheck wellness "benefit" would be better used at a facility of my
own choosing - not the choice of the UI. I work off campus and live
out of town - going up to campus is not convenient and I should
have a choice as to where I go to get "well" and it should not be
dictated by the UI.

 -Temp employees should be put on permanent status and given full
benefits if they have been employed longer than 6 continuous
 -Employee benefits need to be a benefit -- Healthcare (when forced
to insure a spouse who already has care is just a waste of money for
the employee) Last years new healthcare plan was like a significant
pay cut, that made the benefit more of a hardship than a benefit.
                                                                          x   x
 -There should be an employee parking pass that is reasonable and
allows employees to park in any lots (except student only lots)
versus the gold, red, blue. This would make it fair for employees
who can't afford Gold, so have to walk 2 miles from a blue lot to get
to office. Just because they won't give us adequate pay does not
mean we should not enjoy the same work environment that those
who make 100,000 plus do.

 -The administrators of this institution are paid too much and the
academic staff and faculty are short changed on compensation. The
                                                                                  x   x
core business here is educating, research, and extension. Let's
reward that, not how much we can reduce employee benefits
 -The auditing personnel are hostile and should not be allowed to
bully hard-working employees that are just trying to get the job
done with little guidance from their administrators. This heavy-
handed attitude is neither fair nor positive.
 -Long time staff members are not being paid commensurate with                    x   x
their experience and are not being promoted as they should.
 -Parking tickets should be dismissed for employees who are
ticketed on work-related business for infractions as minor as a
meter running-out while they are delivering items etc.

 -The benefits system (health insurance, retirement, etc) could stand
to be explained in a more comprehensible manner, and some of the
benefits could be a little more accessible; I'm still not sure what the
"wellness" benefits are, or how to access them.                           x   x
 -The UI website is not particularly user-friendly to the computer
semi-literate; I often cannot find services or offices that I know

 The current administration was rather late to handle the hate
crimes on campus and there has been NO follow through for the
individual who vandalized the student's door. That is unacceptable.
The administration is not allowing units to grow out of this crisis.
Instead discussions focus on putting additional resources into areas                      x
that have low enrollments and cutting the resources for those
departments and majors with the highest enrollments. The more
students demand of a department the more resources should be
given to that department/college.
-The dean of engineering should be fired as soon as possible. What
a lousy performing administrator. What is it that she had done that
will justify her quarter million dollars salary? Is everyone out there
blind to see what is she doing? She killed my whole department and
program... (MSE). The only thing that she knows how to do well is
brag about her being very busy. Well lady you better be. You are
getting paid quite well to do your official trips and lunches and
diners...what will be her legacy? I have never met in my entire life a
more disorganized and confused person. Bad communication...if
you ever get the chance to talk to her...
-If this is not enough please let me know I can keep on writing...
-I appologies for this attitude, but I am sure that deep inside you
know that as well, that this university is in really bad shape.

 -The filters that are in place that deter direct communication
between Junior faculty and administration (deans chairs etc) while
important and at times useful do also at time prevent ideas and
concerns passing directly up.
 -I also feel that the emphasis on interdisciplinary programs, while
worthwhile and well done, does on occasion block out the
interdisciplinary work of individuals not involved in in one of the          x           x
funded programs.
 -I myelf, am working with two people within other departments in
my college and also in a cross college project yet I have no way of
letting the administration know tht I am actively committed to
interdisciplinary work as an Individual and fear that my work maybe
dismissed as it is not with one of the sanctified programs.

 -The health care system is very bad and will lead me to find other
employment in the near future. Being a young, married couple with
                                                                                 x   x
a baby we have found it very difficult to have our health needs met
since the change in health plans. We cannot afford private insurance
 -The numbers of multicultural students on campus has increased
about 9% a year over the years, yet no additional amount of money
has been put into this area. This is an area where we are obviously
excelling, and yet we have no additional staff to work with this
population. We need additional recruiters, advisers and scholarship
money to recruit and retain these students.
                                                                        x   x   x
 -In addition, the University of Idaho needs to figure out how to
keep young professionals. It seems that several staff members have
left the UI for better paid-positions at competitor institutions. I
think offering more opportunities for professional development and
better salaries will keep young professionals from looking for other

 -The online teaching program needs to be better coordinated
statewide. I teach an online course and get students from all over
Idaho. However, only the Idaho Falls students show up on the
registrar's roster.
 -I also have extreme difficulty in getting books for my students on
time. In fact, none of my students ever get their books on time.                    x
Often, this causes delays in the course and I am forced to give some
students Incomplete grades due to the lack of materials. This has
been an ongoing problem ever since I started teaching for the U of I.
Many times, the students are forced to purchase books from other
sources such as eBay or
 -The rapid decrease in medical benefits has been very
disheartening. I spend more now in premiums, have a large
deductible and copay, and have actively chosen not to see a doctor
and dentist as a result for both myself and my dependents. The
triple charges (premiums, deductibles, and co-pays) have effectively
stopped me from seeking needed care. And don't even get me
started on the useless wellness fee. I see that as a grab for easy
funding for the rec center (which I can not use for exercising unless I
cough up an additional fee each semester).
 -SAC seems more like a pep club and being more concerned with
being boosters for Vandal Pride than an active advocate for
                                                                          x   x   x
 -Supporting the Wheatland Express for faculty and staff. How un-
green can you get? I refuse to pay to take work related course and
attend work related seminars at WSU now. What a joke to expect
the departments to pick this expense up. And to start charging mid-
semester cost me a round trip to WSU 2x a week to finish a work-
related course.
 -Parking. I think Parking should be reprimanded for charging for
disability permits. It is beyond me how they can legally do that. I
thought ADA would prevent this. It seems so mercenary. Over the
last 15 yrs I have seen parking get more and more agressive in fees
 -The staff evaluation process in my opinion is a waste of productive
time. Perhaps it should actually be reported and filed within
different entities like HRS or Ombuds... other than our Dept or
College, because I have had evaluations by Faculty that were clearly
biased and vindictive, and the Faculty were protected by the Tenure
process or because they were Faculty, and thus, only their opinion
had any merit, even after trying to bring attention about the
problem to the Chair, Dean, Ombuds office, and HRS.
 -Staff surveys need an additional column or category in the Job                 x   x
satisfaction part. My staff position requires that I work for 2 (and
some years 3) Faculty members on a daily basis because of
reduction in staff positions. Therefore, the number of Faculty that
are directly responsible for my evaluation typically has the following
  Two Faculty: 67% and 33% of my evaluation depending on my
assignment as their support personnel.
  Three Faculty: 33%, 33%, and 33% of my evaluation.

 -The U of I needs to create a vision of what it wants to become, ie
research, teaching, etc over the next 10 years and then align the
schools and departments to fulfill that vision.
 -As an aside, when examining case studies, most problems seem to
be related to silo management. The U of I has some very well
defined and almost impenetrable silos who have lost focus on who
is the customer. If each of us is not here to support the university
and students fulfill their educational goals, we should look
elsewhere for employment. The student should be our paramount

 -The UI needs to improve morale. In these uncertain times staff
need reassurances that their jobs are secure. They need to know
that the benefit situation is going to improve.
 -Also, you might consider adding a neutral section to your survey
next time around. Because that would have certainly affected the
way I answered some questions.
 -The university (like many employers) no longer provides incentives
for their committed and effective employees to remain at UI. We
lack a monetary reward system for consistent and qualifty
performance from employees who would like to remain at UI long-
 -Also, we are lacking prompt decision-making from top
                                                                         x   x       x   x
administrators. There are key issues whereby the university's
directors are unable to act because of "no decision." Case in point
are budgets. No information was provided untill well into FY09
about funding availability or a lack there of. We may not always like
the decision, but we still need a decision in a timely manner to
move forward.
 -The University has failed, to date, to align the operational
structures and funding for University centers with the strategic
goals for the University. Centers remain, essentially, shared building
arrangements, with funding and support for collaboration across
disciplines lacking. It remains up to individual faculty, with
supportive deans/department chairs, to develop collaborative                     x           x
efforts that may or may not be in line with overall center or
University goals.
 -Strongly recommend the creation of excellence funds that can be
used by center AVP/CEOs to "grant" fund proposals that meet
center goals.
 -The University is in desperate need of strong support for diversity
education. Currently, diversity and strat is taught by a graduate
student from WSU. This is unacceptable.
 -Please support the hire of a strong Diversity faculty in SAJS. (FYI, I
am not at all affiliated with SAJS). The candidate pool will be large
and strong. There are a lot of highly qualified, interdisciplinary
Diversity faculty out there, seeking employment with a Flagship
                                                                           x   x   x
 -Support Macintosh computers. It is too bad that the University was
shackled by the contract with Microsoft.
 -New faculty (those hired in the last five to ten years) are under a
much greater student loan debt load than those hired farther in the
past. This and other economic inequalities between recent hires and
hires from longer ago create friction in the ranks. A study on faculty
debt load, cross-referenced with "job satisfaction." would be
 -The University needs to implement confidential supervisor
evaluations. Several employees have been put on administrative
leave in the last year. Had supervisor evaluations been in place, I
think that much of the inappropriation of funds, unethical hiring and
overall mismanagement could have been stopped much earlier in
the game. Ethical employees have suffered under these
 -There are also numerous employees on campus that lie about how
many hours they put in each week. Three individuals that I
personally know of have grossly misrepresented their actual hours
worked almost weekly for years. I think that timesheets should be
                                                                        x   x   x
made public. This practice would probably stop some of this
behavior. If someone said that they worked from 8-5 (minus lunch)
but were actually at a religious function for 4 hours that day, maybe
a few witnesses would begin to come forward.
Community/religious contributions are very important but the
University of Idaho should not be shouldering the hourly cost for
these employees.
 -So many employees are underpaid and those that are cheating on
their timesheets, are taking money away from those that work and
doing it week after week after week.
 -Overall, I'm saying that we need to self-police to ensure a more
 -The University new employee training is not as effective as it could
be. I would suggest furtter employee training on the University, its
policies and procedures (especially in relation to staff affairs) and
required departmental-specific training on staff affairs. I still do not
feel well informed about my health care and retirement benefits.
 -The University's hiring procedures, though attempting to be "fair,"
are sorely lacking. Search and Interview committee members are             x
not given proper training. Also, chair of these committees are not
given proper training on how to create proper ROJDs based on real
needs. MAny ROJDs listed on the hr website are unclear and contain
misspelling and poor grammar, reflecting poorly on the University.
Hiring procedures are either too cumbersome and allow for
mistakes and/ or favortism.
 -The University of Idaho needs to put extra effort in increasing
employee trust. Every time there is an issue (i.e. University Place,
Retiree Benefits, etc...), some short bit of time passes with little
visible activity, and then administration insists that "those issues are
behind us, we need to move on."
 -Unfortunately, the trust has never been rebuilt, so employees see
any further incidents as more attacks by an uncaring and evil
administration (multiple changes in leadership seem to have made
no difference in employee opinion). An example of this would be
The rollout of the "Plan H" medical plan... I attended several of the
explanatory meetings, and had to leave because the animosity and
angst prevented the acquisition of any useful knowledge. These
                                                                              x       x
meetings were extremely hostile, and I was unwilling to sit through
 -Perhaps I have a unique view, as I was not (yet) employed by the U
of I during the most stressful times... however, there seems to be a
disconnect between administration and faculty/staff that (in my
opinion) is caused by the staff's lack of trust in the administration.
 -I wish I could provide a solution to this issue... institutional trust is
very difficult to repair, once lost, and the conversations I hear
around campus are often angry and bitter.
 -The easiest way, of course, is to "keep your word." When an
employer makes a promise to the employees, it should be kept,
especially when that promise is no longer convenient. When a

 -The University's broken business practices are overwhelming. The
unnecessary steps and use of archaic practices takes an enormous
toll. My time would be far better spent manageing extenal efforts
and expanding local engagement. Regrettably, I spend hours on
unnecessary internal processes trying to get answers to simple                    x
points because there is no written clear cut practice. We are an
institution run by "clerks". These may be are well-intended efforts
but have us bogged down and the frustration impacts morale.
 -Decisionmaking at the upper levels of administration is too slow.
 -There are NO communication lines between the upper
administration and the faculty & staff. Funds and positions are cut
without any explanation. Overall, the UI is perceived to be "TOP
HEAVY" with too many at the top and not enough at the level that it
needs to be and again, without sufficient communication as to why
we keep hiring more at the administrator level, resentment and            x   x       x
frustration are at an all-time high.
 -Also, the health insurance is still a major concern for many,
especially those with families to support. This should be re-
evaluated and see what the faculty & staff feedback is after 1 year
of the new program.
 -There are several things I feel the University could be doing better.
The health care options and employee premiums are terrible. Those
who chose plan H really feel they got sold a bad plan. Almost every
staff member I am friends with has commented negatively about it.
Several I know of cannot afford their medications. My family has
been affected. Our son had to have a CatScan at the beginning of
the year - $1300. We had to pay it all out of pocket and it is just now
close to being paid off.
 -But it's not just health care. Parking goes up, premiums go up, we
have to pay to use a workout facility when we were originally told
                                                                                  x   x   x   x
staff would be able to use the facilities in the Memorial Gym for
free--it didn't take long for that to end. All of these things happen
while the economy is in a downward spiral, high gas prices, high
food prices, etc. To boot, the increases in pay aren't close to the
rate that prices go up. The cost increases from the UI toward
employees amounts to a net decrease in pay.
 -Our greatest assets are the physical property at the UI, her staff
and faculty. We need to work on beautifying the property. The UI
scaled back too far on landscaping. Either hire some more people or
sub contract it out. There are many buildings on campus that need
 -There are two general areas in which the University of Idaho needs
most improvement, Administration and Communication. Some
departments, colleges, etc. have effective communication
strategies, but in general, this is an issue. Frequently policies will
change and employees will not be informed of these changes until
months down the road (in Accounts Payable for example.) Some of
the issues with communication could be resolved by having clear
and consistent university wide policies that are enforced by
Administrators. For example, decisions on what constitutes an
acceptable reason for administrative leave should be consistent.
Employee job descriptions and evaluations are also an important
                                                                         x   x   x   x   x
source of communication for employees, but these are not
consistent across campus.
 -There are a large number of administrators that may be qualified
in their respective fields/areas but that do not posses the
supervisory and/or organizational skills necessary to lead and
delegate effectively. There is a general lack of accountability for
these employees and little incentive for them to improve. This
trickles down to staff on lower levels and creates a general sense of
malaise. Positions are sustained and employees are given further
monetary compensation even when their performance is not
 -There needs to be better communication between different levels
of the organizational structure. We need to spend less time fighting
petty internal battles of matters that, in the end, really don't
 -We need to focus on serving the students, not needlessly
ballooning the administrative staff on campus.
 -We need to do something about retention, since we have lately
                                                                             x       x       x
been losing excellent, long term employees. Providing a reasonable,
affordable benefits package and trying to be competitive (not
"imaginary dreamland competitive" like we currently are) wage-
wise would be a good start. I'm personally in the bottom 10% of the
national pay range for the job I do.
 -A lot of people need to grow a sense of humor and stop taking
every little thing so seriously.
 -There needs to be better inter-departmental communication on
campus as a whole; but specifically, ITS needs to be able to not only
define our policies to the many different users that we provide
services for, but also, the opportunity to communicate and educate
those users about those policies. We need to be allowed to speak
at new student orientation just like all of the other campus
organizations and offices and not be hampered by the technophobia
possessed by a few administrators. Also, we need to be able to
send and/or include something in the literature sent out to new and
potential students explaining what services we offer. This would
                                                                        x   x   x   x
probably cut down on many of the long lines at the Helpdesk at the
beginning of each semester.
 -On the faculty/staff side of things, I have been told that this
institution has many employees that hold the title "System
Administrator". Yet, I can see by the number of calls and emails
that we receive, very few of them provide actual support to their
departments. Logically, in the professional industry, one of the
roles of a system administrator is to provide base-level technical
support to their departments. If they encounter a problem/issue
that they cannot solve, then a helpdesk-type entity is contacted
 -There seem to be many administrators making huge salaries while
everyone else struggles with pay into retirement and health savings
account. The UI is not about supporting the worker but is about top
heavy management.
 -The H Plan mistake was huge and I see no reason to stay at the UI.
I am seeking other employment.
 -The amount of paper work we now do to document travel,
expense, grant compliance, and hiring is wrong. It cost me time and
efficiency. My department is understaffed with support people. The
college says they can't fund any more position. Administrators say
"we have to be smarter with what we have." I am exhausted with           x   x       x   x   x   x
that attitude. I do work the best I can but I don't care any more -
especially after the H Plan mess.
 -I have worked for the UI since 1989 and have never been
recognized for my work by the UI. My supervisor has been great. I
am recognized at the department level but not by the UI. Maybe I
got lost in the shuffle because some of years were part-time. I am a
quality employee and when I do local, state, regional or national
presentation I make sure I reflect the best of the UI. But frankly, in
my heart, I don't care anymore. The paperwork, top-heavy
management, reduced staff support, and H Plan have all been too
 -Things take too long. Are we really considering eliminating
programs at UI in order to meet budget constraints? How long ago
was the Task Force that was initiated to address this issue? Are we
starting from scratch again, trying to identify programs to be
 -Approval queues are a waste of time. Why do departments enter
EPAFs, they go through several people's queues (people who do not
have the documentation to check them properly anyway), then are                  x           x       x
finally approved or kicked back to start the process over. EPAFs
should be put on the system centrally, with information provided by
the departments. The departments should check them to make
sure that they were entered correctly. This leaves the person who
knows what it should be to be the one approving them and the
people who know what errors to look for within the EPAF system to
enter them.
 To start off I just wanted to say that I work at the Children's Center
on campus under the supervision of Angela O'Connell. I really enjoy
working at the U of I but I often don't feel like I work for an
institution of higher education. For starters, it is ludicrous that I
often don't even know my work schedule until I get to work that
day. I don't know what time I will be done or when my breaks will
be. It is almost impossible to plan any medical appointments or any
other appointments during my breaks because I do not know when
they will be. There is absolutely no reason why a fulltime employee
cannot have their breaks at the same time every day and get off
work at the same time everyday.                                           x       x   x
 Furthermore, it is unreasonable to work for a place that doesn't
even pay you for all your time worked. My supervisor has gone in
multiple times and changed my time sheet so I only worked 8 hours
a day. At the Children's Center we sometimes can't leave at our
assigned time because we still have children waiting to be picked up
and we are not allowed to leave them unattended. If I cannot work
over 8 hours then something needs to be arranged so I can leave
when I am supposed to. To not get paid for the time I had to stay
over and continue working is unethical. I do not like working for a
place that does not pay you for the time you have worked!!!
 -Train new employees on the character of the University - it's
history and pride. Why we aren't just a place of higher education
but a place where discoveries are made.                                       x           x
 -Encouragement of community: wearing Vandal gear on Fridays,
summber BBQ's, faculty/staff sections at athletic events.
 -Two things come to mind:
1) promote open communication through visual contact and not
necessarily emails all of the time. I think a lot of times emails can
tend to be not very personal. Creat open dialogue.
2) make the on campus living arrangements more attractive to
students. I think the dorms (Wallace Complex) has suffered for
years due to lack of maintenance and upkeep. Its not very attractive
to incoming students. I know if I was a parent of an incoming
                                                                         x   x
student I wouldn't want them living in Wallace Complex. The LLC
Building is more attractive because its new, but unless more
maintenance funds are used to keep this building attractive to
students it also will suffer like the Wallace Complex and Family
 -I think why there is a low occupancy rate of students living on
campus can directly be related to maintenance issues in trying to
keep the dorms looking good and inviting to students.

 -U of I needs to compete more aggresively with peer institutions as
far as salaries and benefits are concerned. Idaho salaries are
traditionally lower and continue to fall behind at a significant rate.
Benefits are definitely not keeping pace.                                    x
 -Many graduates of the U of I have gone on to bigger and better
accomplishments. More needs to be done to promote this
information to current and future students.
 -UI is decentralized to a fault, and wastes time and money on
repetition of even minor activities within all departments and across
all budgets. Administrative staff is not used efficiently in most
departments and often there are two people doing the job that one
effective and efficient person could be doing.
 -Purchasing is not staffed appropriately to put their foot down and
force more centralization.
 -All office supplies should be "centralized"
 -UI is not able to use the economies of scale because we choose to
have a different HR, Benefit, Purchasing system than the rest of the
state educational institutions.
 -Central Receiving is not a part of our "core business" and should be
bid out to a contractor. There are tons of companies that
handle/deliver mail for corporations.                                      x   x   x   x
 -The bookstore is another non-essential function that does not
relate to our core values/goals and should be competitively bid out
to a contractor.
 -ITS is weak not well supported by budget or administration. All
departments should not have their own internal IT support person.
Staff ITS like it should be or ask a professional firm like EDS, etc. to
provide IT support.
 -It's a conflict of interest to have the sustainability coordinator
report to facilities and handle the Chicago Climate Exchange.
 -Human Resources is viewed as the enemy and completely
ineffective because of the upheaval of HR staff recently. One good
health plan over 3 bad ones is better. Admit making a mistake and
go back to the way things were.
 -UI student recruiting and retention efforts are embarassing and
unproductive as compared with our peers.
 -Campus governance appears to be dysfunctional. There has been
no inspirational leadership. There is a reduction in confidence that
things are going well.
 -The HR department is dysfunctional and creates stress at most
 -The HR department makes if very difficult to hire someone in a
timely manner.
 -The HR department is an impediment to UI progress and
 -UI should attempt to move away from parking penalties for
students, evening workers, or those who must leave for off-campus
meetings during the day. There is no compassion for justified           x       x   x   x   x       x   x
parking needs in order to do one's job. The term "parking nazis" is
getting traction among faculty, staff, and students. This cannot help
 -There is a need to move away from the perception that the
administration is trying to squeeze every dime they can from
faculty, staff, and students...every way possible. This includes
everything from non-competitive salaries and reduced benefits to
parking and vending prices.
 -The UI Health Benefits program is a dis-incentive to work here.
We've seen people leave in part due to this.
 -The UI Retirement benefits program is a dis-incentive to work
here.We've seen people leave in part due to this.The administration
can't seem to make the hard decisions to "right size" the university
by eliminating unproductive programs. complex and unreliable
 -UI's health benefit services are absurdly
(e.g., recent changes to Plan H deductibles). UI should not be
looking to cut their costs by offering a "cheap" assortment of health
plans; instead, they should invest in their employee's health and
well-being.                                                                 x           x       x
 -UI should support research/academics the way it supports
athletics. The overall quality and reputation of a UI education
should not be compromised by the apparent predilection for
athletic investments.
 -Upper administration and departmental potential new hires need
to be privately investigated before being hired to find out if their
overall ideologies fit in with basic common sense, fair and open
minded treatment of employees, honesty, and fiduciary
responsibilities.                                                         x
 -We need a strong President and Provost that won't give into the
few on campus that make the most noise (whiners) while saying no
to important decisions that will stop small programs/small
enrollment courses that are not money makers.
 -Upper level administration is terrible about listening to lower level
staff. It seems like we have many "informative" e-mails sent our
way that really say nothing in "normal person" language or that
really matter. It's all related to topics that may seem important to
administrators (like that president's progress report), but it really
has no visible impact on me.
 -Also, a lot of these questions asked about my supervisor, who is
fantastic. But it's the department head that really causes issues. The
person never talks to us. We are left in the dark (there's no
downward communication from the administration). When the
person does decide we exist, it's drop-everything-now orders. But
when we drop stuff to help finish the other projects, we have
someone on our back because we dropped that other stuff. So
we're in a perpetual cycle of stress (do more, drop the lesser, wait --
the lesser didn't get done so jump now, but wait -- here's more...).
We feel that if we address issues, it puts our jobs on the line. So in
that regard, there is question about job security. There's no
appreciation. No departmental meetings. No "personal" interaction.
It's all business, all the time. You spend 1/3 of your life at work; it
has to be something enjoyable with some element of personal
 -Vision statement is too long and not clear.
 -Allocation of resources is not strategically aligned with achieving
the vision.
 -Breadth of UI academic programs are too wide and not focused on
 -No central decision making body. Decisions are not made in a          x   x   x
timely basis.
 -Most of UI's top leadership (VP & above) does not have strengths
necessary to be effective leaders. This team does not generally
promote competent staff nor seek to shore-up (their) leadership

 -We are constantly being asked or required to do more with less
funds - creating stress.
 -Also, in my job classification I can and have been made to work
(due to added new projects & more work hours needed to make up
for lack of funding) 60 - 80 hour work weeks with no comp time to
recover. When in one case I complained to my supervisor that
working an extra two full time weeks worth of work hours in a one
month period was unreasonalble, he said he was sorry and we
should have "lunch" to discuss it. That was a year and a half ago -
                                                                                    x   x   x
and still no lunch. I will say that he is no longer the Department
Chair - but for circumstances I do not feel comfortable elaborating
on - He is still my supervisor.
 -I will add that I have noticed that UI is becoming more & more like
WSU every day - and not in a good way. We can barely use the
restroom without getting permission and a signature. I feel that the
Universty is making it harder and harder to do our jobs. And I really
want to do my job and do it well. On one hand I really love this
University and this town, but I am seriously considering moving on.
 -We need affordable parking for staff. We should be given reduce
rates since we do not make nearly as much money as faculty.
 -We need better health insurance. The new plans are terrible, even
made worse with the latest email about the "H" plans deductible. I
tell people that I feel like I no longer have health insurance. Good
health insurance used to be the best benefit of working at the UI. I
think that people who make less should pay less for insurance - like
                                                                                x       x   x   x
we used to.
 -It would also be nice to get a raise above the minimum of 3% per
year, especially since parking and insurance seem to go up every
year (way more that 3%).
 -We also feel that the UI should start hiring more staff. We have
hired over 100 faculty in the last few year, but only a few staff. The
load on staff is very heavy.

 -We need to be able to instill a sense of pride for institution with all
employees and students. Our employees, including administrators,
wouldn't want to jump ship at the slightly higher pay grades paid
seven miles away or at other locations if they felt valued here.
Valuing employees starts at the top. Take this survey, I would
imagine most employees are going to fill out the information
requested but with the slight nagging thought that it really isn't
going to make a difference. What is done with the information that
is contained in the results of the survey could start the ball rolling.
Better benefits, not just medical, dental and optical but like the
                                                                            x   x   x
exercise option would be great if there was time in the day to go do
it, college tuition discounts based on years of service for children of
employees, or a wide range of volunteer opportunities for staff to
get out in the colleges and departments to see and feel the
liveliness of our students and feel like there is less of a line drawn
between faculty and staff. (You can see I have referred several
times to faculty and staff as a group - employees.)
 -Our quest to keep students is multi faceted. We have begun the
process of attracting the brightest but we don't offer the brightest
of facilities for them to immerse in. We aren't celebrating enough
 -We need to begin to collaborate more across campus - too many
departments and colleges work as solos and because of that we do
a lot of duplication of services. We also look less informed because
we aren't always working collaboratively.
 -There is also a level of unprofessional behavior by some members
of Facilities staff that lead to animosity between staff on campus.
                                                                       x   x       x
 -The institution needs to look at student retention and formulate a
more coherent plan on how we plan to keep students at the U of I -
specifically we need to assess why students leave through an exit
 -Athletics administration seems to be very out of touch with the
larger mission and strategic plan of the institution.

-we need to spend more time and effort on retention instead of
-UI needs more stable and knowledgable leadership.
-There is too much politicking on this campus.                             x   x
-we are not central in our mission--departments operate as islands
and there is a great lack of collaborative effort with regard to
programs, resources, and ideas.
 -We went through program mapping where the stated goals were
to cut programs and streamline what we do. The staff and faculty
did all the work and nothing happened. We've been involved with
looking at programs relative to the Strategic Plan ever since and
nothing happens. We are now being asked to go through a new and
different means by which to do what we've already done. Instead of
having to re-do what's been done based on some new impetus, be
proactive instead of reactive. We've been going in circles the entire
time I've been here. looking at the criteria in the current set of
measures, there is nothing that seems problematic. How they are
                                                                        x   x
interpreted and what lens is used to look at the data will determine
what gets cut. There is no information or indication of how this will
be determined, the conclusion inevitably being that the
administration has made up its mind and is only using this additional
work to justify decisions that have already been made.
 -The administration stresses collaboration but does not reward it. I
don't believe they have a clear understanding of what it is, nor how
to foster it. Everyone from presidential to local politics stress the
importance of science and math yet none of them seem to
understand the importance of creative thinking as THE crucial
 -What is not handled is the aspect that if you go 6-8 miles further
we are asked to economically keep up with individuals that earn
significantly more. Not to mention pay for items that are rated on
thier base income. I would approximate that individually each
person on the staff side of the pay scale is earning between 16 to
26k a month. I'm sorry but this IS BELOW poverty rate 10 years ago
socioeconomically. Although I do not disagree with the idea of
budget cutting I think that we need to take a top-end pay reduction
to even out the economic standing of the support indivudals at the
 -In my previous position I was 'soft funded' and terminated at the     x   x       x
end of the contract. There was no other recourse available than to
apply apply apply. There were NO priority points available for the
years in service I had already performed and the time that it took to
get a new position (although well worth it because of the position I
have floated into) I get to start all over again. (and that's point
blank; CRAP!) That needs to be changed.
 -The mailpeople need more help and the support staff facilties
people need thier additional assistants back. 1 paint person, 1
window person... excuse me, but that's a little on the thin side of
the manikin.
 -When staff cuts were enacted several years ago, cutting from the
bottom of the salary ladder was the wrong thing to do. By cutting
Facilities Mgmt staff, campus grounds have suffered. Beautification
was cut and maintenance of grounds reflect lack of people -
especially around the fringes of campus. We used to have flowers
in all the beds every spring, summer and fall, which added to the
cheer and welcoming color on campus. Facilities Management
grounds personnel should be increased.                                  x       x
 -The use of outside consulting firms for promotional purposes of
the University is expensive and has caused confusion and delays
among departments responsible for logos, printed materials and
responding to requests about the University in a timely manner.
Use fewer consulting firms and listen to the people on the front
lines. That's where the practical, innovative and affordable answers
 -While I admire UI's attempts to right its fiscal ship, I believe the
burden of doing so has been unduly placed on the backs of staff.
Specifically, increasing the requirements for retirement (a.k.a.
moving the goalpost) and the significant decrease in health benefits
are but two personal concerns/disappointments.
 -Grades handed out for the Performance evaluations of staff are
inflated beyond all reason. In 2005, approximately 43% of all staff
got an 'outstanding' grade and 45% got 'exceeds reqs.' (D. Manning
pers. comm). Are we all really that wonderful or is the bar that low?
                                                                         x   x       x   x
I suggest mandatory training from the Human Resources
Development folks for all supervisors giving evaluations. Currently,
the process (at least for me) is a transparent pretense.
 -Finally and with all due respect to our Interim President, would he
please consider ceasing and desisting with the Admino-jargon (e.g.,
stakeholders, influencers) already? I can't hear the word 'Strategic'
without barfing anymore. As wantonly as its bandied about, I'm not
sure it has much meaning left. I'd be grateful for his consideration
in this matter.

 -You can't lump all UI administration into the same category and
ask if they are competent and take staff recommendations. Some
of them are very competent administrators, but not all of them.
Some seek suggestions and take recommendations from staff
members, but not all of them.
                                                                                 x   x   x
 -We have been talking about re-introducing a supervisor training
program for 2 years now. It is time to stop talking about it and put
resources toward it so it can be accomplished.
 -Too frequently we have initiatives that get shelved due to the
length of time to get a decision made.
* Trying to do too much ... with too little resources ($) puts undue
stress upon support staff.
* So much is taken for granted from Athletics and Academic staff
members.                                                               x   x
* Expectations are so much greater than what is possible given the
institutional support.
* "Peter Principle" is alive and well at all levels of management.

1 - Manner in which benefits were changed last year was poorly
done and needed additional research as to what staff needs are -
this has greatly increased my stress level and I believe the benefit
package is not as desireable as it was and therefore we are not
attracting and/or not able to hire the top level staff - as they are
                                                                               x   x   x
choosing employment elsewhere - as benefits are critical peices of
the employment package.
2 - Manner in which sweeping decisions are made - who has input -
when is there an opportunity for questions before the decisions are
made? This affects job security and adds stress.

1) Moscow-centric attitudes. 2) Cumbersome rules and
procedures for nearly everything from hiring IH to disposing of
unneeded assets to travel reimbursement. 3) Immorally high                             x       x
engineering-outreach charges. 4) Inadequate support of off-
campus locations.
1) Career planning, our staff are a tremendous resource that is not
being used effectively. 2) If we are going to compare ourselves to
peer institutions, we should pay like them as well. UI is like the
minor leagues in terms of pay.
well for wellness but not in case of any accidents. Several people
are not happy with the plan and have been put in a financial bind
because of it and now the deductible going higher in mid-year is a
joke. Instead of having $1500 in the savings account, in actuality
one needs $5000 to pay up until it is paid 100%, and that is just for
one person. it was difinitly mis-represented to us. Review going
back to Regence Blue Shield.
2) Review the "service" departments such as the mailroom and
parking. When a service department has to charge extra to help you
its a little ridiculous. Such as paying $288 for a parking permit and
                                                                        x   x   x   x   x
being charged $5.00 because you forgot the permit in another car,
or the mailroom returning a letter because it "might be" personal
mail is not very helpful.
3) Find more funding for Facilities for building maintenance and the
people that do the work and less for higher administrators or new
administrator positions.
4) most of all - listen to the staff, faculty and students and this
survey - there are a lot of very unhappy people here. Don't hire
another President that is only going to be here for a few years and
put us deeper in debt.
Morale is a real problem on campus and has gotten worse. It
1) Hiring practices are somewhat outdated and impersonal--internet
does not necessarily improve this.
2) Poor university image based on rotating door of
administrators/leaders and an inconsistent PR campaign (Open
space, open minds; Legacy of leading; From here you can go
anywhere--which is it!) Pick one and stick with it.
3) Spend less money on the Provost's salary and more on a good
bean counter. Provost Baker has too heavy a hand when dealing
with employee performance issues and Lloyd Mues is a PR
nightmare (even if he does balance a budget well).
4) Provide consistent and attractive incentives to the highest
achieving Idaho students beyond just a fee waiver (e.g., courses and     x   x   x   x   x   x
state of the art facilities that are for Honors students). Also, spend
the football recruitment money on recruiting academic talent. The $
spent on the football program clearly has not resulted in a good
return on investment.
5) We need more small-scale, on-campus, diverse food
concessions/restaurants/cafes. Colleges 1/10 the size of UI have
more food choices.
6) Don't try and make professors be full-time researchers and
instructors at the same time--they ultimately burn out, or do a poor
job teaching, or both. Spend the time training research professors
to become good classroom teachers. Provide incentives and tools
1) Making poor decisions for the University. Sometimes common
sense needs to be applied to decisions. For example, spending
$900,000 on a marketing campaign that was found to be un-liked by
the UI's target audience. The likes/dislikes of the target audience
needs to considered ahead of time so money is not wasted. Think of
how many scholarships or new faculty positions could be had with
$900,000. Along these same lines, persons who perform poorly or
make decisions that have poor results must be held accountable.
For example, in private industry, if someone wasted $900,000 on a
marketing campaign, that person would most likely be fired. At the
UI they seem to be given a free pass and a +better luck next time".
The UI needs effective, competent decision making at all levels of    x   x       x       x
2) Eliminate unneeded redundancy. Do some offices really need all
the people working there (two secretaries when one will do, for
example)? Cut the fat and make offices/departments more
streamlined and efficient. Take the extra money and invest in
departments and faculty positions.
3) UI needs to take more advantage of the student/faculty
resources it has available. For example, instead of spending
$900,000 on an advertising campaign, the University could have
given the project of coming up with a new tag line to a College of
Business Marketing senior design group. The same could be said of
1) Not paying employees at a competitive national level.
2) Not staffing adequately.                                                   x       x       x
2) Providing a terrible health care plan.
1. Partial tuition waivers for children of staff to attend UI. Even out-
of-state waivers for employees that live out-of-state would be
2. In central administration, the left hand does not talk to the right
hand. You can receive several answers to one question because not
all central departments are aware of a procedure change.
3. Research compliance is VERY IMPORTANT, but we need the
infrastructure to assist the departments/PIs with becoming
compliant. Delivery of compliance information is accusatory instead
of being helpful (have worked for both central administration and a
department and have seen both sides). EXAMPLE: Assign someone
to assist with properly setting up service centers on campus.
                                                                           x   x   x   x   x   x
Obviously changes need to be made to become compliant, but help
the departments get on board. It is apparent that the service center
issue is a campus-wide problem. The central admin office that
informs you of non-compliance cannot tell you how to properly set
up the center. I think there is so much resistance to change on
campus because sometimes you feel there is nowhere to turn for
4. Make training available more often. It can sometimes take
weeks for someone to gain access to Banner due to training delays.
5. Switch to health insurance that the rest of Idaho State agencies
are on. Or work with a company like Group Health.
1. Stop ticketing your own vehicles for parking violations while they
are working for University of Idaho- IN U OF I VEHICLES that are
clearly marked for access.
2. Improve the "Staff Appreciation Day". Giving us candy, pop,
potatoes and pre-made chili; and then subjecting us to AFLAC
salesmen and other assorted sales people is NOT appreciation. I'd
prefer steak and a recognition program for staff employees put on
in front of the whole school. We risk our health and life every day
for this organization and you give us tootsie rolls and free pens-
                                                                        x   x   x
3. Snow plow the entire blue lot on Sweet Avenue; as last year, I
got stuck in my parking place during work.
4. Hire and fire people based on merit. And provide merit raises
based upon performance. You are retaining a few idiots that need
to go.
5. FMs construction management is completely broke and it needs
to be fixed. This should concern you if you are an Idaho state tax
payer or the Attorney's office here at the U of I.
1. The vandal card process of adding money needs to be updated.
Other universities allow sudents the ability to add funds to the card
using a machine that you can put cash into to add to the card.
2. Students who pay for classes, need to be allowed to utilize some
kind of "drop box" for after hours payments.
3. Employee updates should be required: having HR go over
benefits with staff yearly. Doing this once, upon hire (when
everything is a blur), is pointless; much of that info is not retained.
However, a refresher course would make benefits better known and
would make for greater ease of use.
4. Ethnic comments made should be dealt with by means of
education, on a department wide basis. Creating a required course
in "how NOT to be ethno-centric" would benefit many U of I                x   x   x   x
5. (from a student perspective): More undergrad classes in English
should be offered. Comparisons should be done with other
universities to see if the quantity and quality of courses offered
match or EXCEED other institutions. And a degree program in
Linguistics (not TESL) should be offered; either for undergrad or
grad level.
6. The library needs a major overhaul. Most of the books are
antiquated. Many needed reference books for various reseach
projects are not readily available. The library compared with other
universities is small and outdated.
7. To alleviate the parking problem, a parking garage should be
1. Communication re the "hiring pause" has been very inadequate.
No truly believable reason has been given for the hiring pause.
Actually, it just sounds like far too much administrative
micromanaging of other departments.
1a. Communication re: the university's goals - lots of
"communication" recently, but all very flowery language that has no
real meaning.
1b. Will the hiring pause affect promotions? I qualify for a
promotion at this point and would not be happy with a hiring freeze
that affects promotions.
2. Obviously, the benefits FIASCO re the individual deductible being
                                                                           x   x   x       x   x   x
$700 higher than originally stated. This cost difference, if known up
front, would have caused myself and probably multiple others to
have chosen a plan other than plan-H for medical insurance. Plan-H
would be good for young healthy people to start investing in, but for
those of us who actually need to use our insurance now, there is no
way to actually save. The expenses are ruining me. I AM
HEALTH PLANS. Why should I continue to invest my life into UI and
the PERSI system when the current health plans are too expensive,
and as a retiree I will be dumped from the insurance plans the
minute I qualify for Medicare.
1. I feel the UI needs to improve its timely and accurate decision-
making through a stronger goverance structure.
2. Health Benefits are a mess due mainly to a single person
operating with little to no supervision/checks and balances.
3. Previous Administrations viewed technology as a strategic asset             x       x
to the UI. That view dimished under President White who seemed
to view technology simply as a tool/utility. The UI's IT infrastructure
is under-utilized and is poised to help the UI solve difficult issues if
ITS administration were at the table more.
1. Plant more evergreens. Most new plantings appear to be
2. Plant large areas of UI lawn in native bunch grass which is low
maintenance, draught tollerant and beautiful
3. Encourage the UI to become a green campus, this will increase
enrollment, reduce our carbon footprint, and create an optimistic
participatory culture.
4. Support sustainability initiatives at the UI by funding the
capitialization for a comprehensive recycling program. Our current
recyling rate is 13% with the potenital for ~75%.
5. Support sustainability with a presidents declaration that all
resources be conserved, reused, recycled, composted.
6. Centralized purchasing to implement buy recycled programs and
transition computer and other equipment purchases to a lease           x
program where electronics are properly recycled when obsolete
7. Improve bicycle commuter paths connecting UI and Moscow
8. Install motion detector light switches on all community rooms
and classrooms to minimize our consumption of electricity and save
9. Tax plastic bags 10cents each, to encourage folks to use
reuseable bags
10. Ban the sale of glass containers on campus. There is no
widespread glass recycling program on campus. As we move
toward a co-mingled recycling program (single stream), glass is a
11. Turn down the heat in buildings in the winter, folks should be
wearing sweaters.
12. Support the Soil Stewards organic farm on campus, so that it can
1. While there is a strategic plan in place, there is no overall
university, nor individual unit marketing plans with which to
implement the plan effectively. 2. Internal communications needs
extreme improvement to ensure that all staff and faculty are on the
same page and understand why the university has done and will do
certain actions in the future. Currently, while independent thinking
and actions can be a healthy thing, there may be too much of it
among the faculty to allow effective and efficient implementation of
the strategic plan. 3. In nearly all units throughout the university,
too much is being asked of too few. That is, as Time White said, we              x
are "one-deep U." And more project and initiatives, usually random
and unplanned, are being loaded on some very highly skilled staff
members who are simply getting frustrated and burned out. This
situation too often will lead to mistakes and poor quality work that
is not consistent with the image we are trying to market to our
many diverse audiences. It would be better to get a plan in place,
identify the most critical initiatives and projects and do those well,
rather than trying to do so much in an unplanned manner without
consideration of what the impact of those actions will be, positively

1-Respond to staff concerns within departments-e.g. an office goes
through S.W.A.T analysis to try and use human resources more
efficiently and then doesn't follow through with any changes.
2-Web presence, I've heard "they're working on it" for what seems
like years now but there are some websites that are essential to             x       x
students and parents that have not been updated to the new look
and format. With prospective students (and parents) becoming
more and more technologically savvy, it just seems really important
to update every website related to student services.

4000 characters is not sufficient to convey my opinions in this
A bunker mentality has emerged over the past 5 years.
Departments are retreating from interaction. They are simply
promulgating rules for each other department to follow. And, we
are auditing ourselves to death.
A President who will come in here and cut a layer of top
administrative positions instead of faculty/staff positions. WE NEED
MORE FACULTY AND STAFF! Not another Provost. We have a
Provost for just about every department, while faculty and staff
positions keep getting cut. With a growing enrollment, one would
think the University would be hiring more professors and adding
staff positions, NOT 'pausing' the hiring process and forming
committees of top administrators.
Adequate pay increases to keep up with cost of living
                                                                                   x               x
Simplified Health insurance benefits
Adequate training for new employees; lack of transition when an
employee leaves; dissemination of changes in rules/procedures;
changes in rules and procedures that seem reactive instead of
                                                                                       x   x           x
deliberate and lack of communication when these happen;
inconsistent application of rules and procedures; constant change in
administrative personnel;

Admiinistration holds meetings to answer questions and asks for
staff and faculty input which is really a waste of our time because                    x   x
they have already made a decision which is set in stone.

Administration (higher than dept.) needs to learn how to support
and encourage their staff/faculty. Research is being adversely
affected by existing/draconian policies set by OSP - tenured faculty
are thinking it is not worth their effort to apply for more research
grants. Young, new blood is being lost because of existing                 x   x       x       x
administration stupid/idiotic decisions and policies; not to mention
$$ is not available. This is not a "Business" it is a University to
educate people and do research (a University with little money but
doing a good job in supporting research is the U. of Montana).
administration is floundering and scaring people off; we are relying
too much on our legal staff for decision making; need to provide
higher level of critical support such as moving and delivery services
                                                                        x           x
and custodial services; need some stability in the URO; need better
coordinated marketing and communications; trying to change too
much too quickly.
Administration needs the ability to reward excellence and
discourage mediocrity, beyond the very occasional promotions that                               x
randomly become available.
Administration/supervisors need to be trained in management of
personnel and training available to staff. Concerns about poor
administration has been completely ignored in the past. Promises of
administration evaluations done by staff have been promised time        x               x
and time again. They continue to be highly paid for poor work and
they need to be held accountable for the time that they are
SUPPOSED to be at work.
Administrative restrictions/requirements and top-down control
have made it more difficult to conduct research and efficiently         x   x               x
manage budgets.
Administrators are resisting classes at the university as part of the
job. Administrators do not include administrative assistants in
meetings, announcements and updates. In other words, lack of
communication. Once they decide to tell their administrative
                                                                        x       x   x
assistances so they can be assisted in completing the
project/task/etc., there is never enough information to complete
any one job well. LACK of communication university wide is a big
Administrators should listen to everyone's viewpoint; supervisors
and administrators should not discriminate against a person
because of past verbiage, not hold grudges, treat everyone the
same regardless of ethnic and that includes the white American;
equal opportunities for everyone, listen to safety concerns, stress
other academic strengths and less on sports, more on music,
theater, dance, all are important; keep a good coach whether he is
winning or losing until he gets experience and good program
                                                                           x   x           x
developed; more help in keeping computers updated and training
for programs used frequently; a more equitable evaluation system,
some supervisors give good evaluations and others do
not...different standards; a good employee is not always noted
because of the difference in evaluating ideas; the outstanding
employee award is not equitable, most outstanding employees go
un-noticed because their supervisor does not believe or take the
time to nominate them;

All Top Administrators should take a HUGE cut in pay, there is no
reason why some one from a college in podunk Idaho should be               x                   x
making upwards to 3 times the Governor of the whole state makes

allocating money appropriately to those who need it.                           x

Allow/encourage staff to evaluate their supervisors. Subordinate
staff receive annual evaluations, but it seems like they have little
opportunity to evaluate the performance of their overseers. There
is always room to improve inter-departmental relations. I would like
to see more training opportunities beyond the university, such as                  x   x   x       x
those offered by outside organizations. Make information more
readily available to staff concerning promotions within the
institution--What is the "ladder" here at UI? If I am in XYZ position
(e.g., admin asst, specialist, director), where can I go from here? Etc.
Although the upper administration throughout the last five years is
talented, they do not appear to have the time and resources to
micromanage to the extent that they would like to. A couple of
items that I have sent beyond the department for approval have
never been adequately responded to or not responded to at all
even after I have followed up on it several times.
Amount of training programs should be increased. Some of the Vice
Presidents are way over their head and are not capable of doing                              x
their jobs.
Any time the UI decides to act like a much larger, better funded, or
urban university, it is both silly and detrimental to quality of life.
This includes things like creating an expensive and over-managed
parking system, trying to compete in athletics against teams that
make us look like a bunch of fools, and spending most of the raise       x   x       x   x
money pool on trying to keep a few highly-paid people who will
eventually jump ship anyway (thus stiffing everyone who doesn't
play the game of getting another job offer in order to get a bigger

Appears to be more profit-oriented than caring about students,
faculty & staff. Hindering rather helping employees to progress in                   x
their careers. Overselling parking permits.

As a relatively new employee, I've noticed in meetings that there is
a strong sentiment of "this is how we've always done it" when
someone brings up an issue, and people in the upper management                                   x
areas are hesitant to try things differently, even when the existing
functions aren't working as well as they could be.
As a soft-money staff researcher, I do not receive the benefits
allotted to those in hard-money positions. I have to generate my
salary (and those of my employees) each year and yet suffer the
same hassles as those in more conventional positions. I manage a
larger budget than many faculty and with more employees, but do                          x   x
not have any say with regard to office/lab space or other
departmental policies. Hiring processes are convoluted and
difficult. It is currently easier to hire new faculty than it is to hire
short-term, seasonal personnel to fulfill a contract.

As a staff member at the University of Idaho I am frustrated at
everything from campus mail to the football team to the current
I feel like the current administration doesn't care about staff or
faculty. I have been a part of, or an observer on, a few
faculty/administration searches in the last few years and when it
comes down to making a decision on who to hire, the dean,
provost, or president decides to hire the person they want whether
it is who the committee recommends or not. It makes one feel like
we wasted our time.
Whenever we listen to the president we look at each other and ask
"What did he really say?" He uses a lot of words, but doesn't really
                                                                             x   x   x
tell us anything.
The current state of the economy at the university has me
wondering if we will be getting our promised raises,
reclassifications, and if we will be able to fill current staff vacancies.
All the while I am worrying about this, the Kibbie dome is being
expanded, the president's driveway is being repaved and other
expenditures that seem unnecessary in the current economic crisis.
Thinking about the football team makes me wonder why we cannot
return to the Big Sky Conference. We had some glory days in that
conference and we didn't have to travel across the country for
games. There were some friendly rivalries in that era. I don't see
that much anymore. I love to go to the football games; the losses
As indicated above, I think we really need to work on getting
everyone to more manageable workloads. I do think that the higher
up the ladder you go, the more hours seem to be expected - the
president's job is 24/7/365. However, I feel more and more                  x
pressure in my positon to work similar hours as my supervisor -
otherwise her supervisor will think I'm not pulling my weight when I
work 8 or 9 hours and she works 10 or 11.

As professional staff I feel a significant glass ceiling and lack of
professional respect from some administrators and faculty at UI. I
am frustrated that I am not able to fully function at my professional
potential because I am discriminated against because I do not have
a PhD. I feel this is a loss for the UI and its programs and hinders my
professional growth and contributions that I would like to provide
for UI. The Strategic Plan's "culture of respect" needs much work to
ensure that the University proactively encourages professional
opportunities for staff (that may overlap with faculty roles) and
recognizes staff accomplishments beyone "support of faculty". The
faculty need sensitivity training to appreciate the professional
contributions and abilities of non-PhDs.

At this point and time, the only thing that I think might need
improvement is the Polya Math. As I am advising students, their
comment is that they like it and succeed or don't and are failing. I                    x
really don't have any criticisms at this point and time because I am
still learning and growing with University of Idaho.

Athletics - give it up. It will never return the investments into it. Cut
your losses. Draw alumni into academic-oriented events.
Be sure to include staff on important committees and hiring
BENEFITS - It was disturbing last year to see how much money was
spent on glossy print material that did not give employees succinct
information everything was scattered here and there and we
received it in bits and pieces through the HR fan fare release. This
does not speak, in my mind, to the administration's regard for their
employees. My opinion is that employees would much prefer to
see everything at ONE time, at a reduced cost, instead of the three              x           x
phase process from last year. Having premiums go up dramatically
and then having to have a scavenger hunt for information and wait
for the next video clip to come out was intolerable. It is my
understanding that most employees at the UI are adults and able to
digest their own financial information instead of the UI taking the
pablum approach to the delivery of information.

Benefits!!! I undertstand that individuals need to pay for health
care. However, I pay almost $800 a month for my benefits, while
most of my colleagues chose not to renew their policies through UI               x
because of the increase. I HOPE that our policy doesn't continue to
rise, but see no alternatives in the new future.
Benefits, insurance, is a major issue. I would put this above the
                                                                                 x       x
parking issues.
Benefits, very poor communication during the new benefit process.
Financial accountability for the upper administration. Poor              x       x   x
leadership, no body seems to be in control.

Benefits-Insurance in particular needs great improvement THIS
Parking issue-very expensive for a permit that doesn't guarantee
you a spot to begin with. Need more lots or a parking garage.                x   x       x
Or incentives to leave the car at home or at a different location with
off campus bus availabe (city shuttle not counted as seats are
always full and doesn't run after 5pm).

Benifits are getting too expensive                                               x
Besides the obvious, (+$=duh!), I have some suggestions.
1. Hire and keep quality professors- ones that actually KNOW how
to TEACH and have been in the WORKING world. The word will
spread and more students will come because THAT is what will
matter to them, what they take away from this institution.
2. Give employee's KIDS the opportunity to go to school at about
1/2 price for about 2yrs. This is a win-win-win situation. The local
kids stay closer to home for about 2 years= Happy parents(?). The UI   x               x       x
gets more local student= enrollment # up, happy recruiters. The kids
get to try out the college experience=happy(successful) students.
There also is a bonus to the employee that has kids. They'll invest
themselves into the system that is giving their little darlings a
chance they might not have had otherwise.
3. WIN SOME FOOTBALL GAMES!! - or perhaps focus more on some
of the other sports. Don't we have polo or rugby teams?

Better Benefits, especially medical and more vacation and sick time.
Leaders that listen.
Better Health Benefit options                                                  x
better lighting outside the buildings                                      x

Better negotiation when they set up our health benefits. Blue Cross
has better programs that don't cost as much as we are now paying!
Better Pay to retain employees, lower-mid salary ranges. Better
                                                                               x       x
(cheaper) health insurance
Better planning before announcing things like hiring freezes and
other major changes. People get all worried before they have all the               x
Bring back the HRD department. Skillsoft is not adequate
replacement for two-way communication and workshops. Train on
technical skills, policies and procedures, UI systems and
management and supervision.
Bring salaries up to a more competetive level with regional
Budget and pay increases. A 1% pay increase does not even cover
taxes! There is limited office space and no AC in the Kibbie Dome in
the summer. It makes it hard to work when it is 85 degrees in the
Can the UI executives stop making decisions which are solely based
on political considerations? Can they consider the profitability of a
                                                                         x                       x
research group before they decide to fire people within that group?
Probably not.
Change in workloads. To much is asked of individuals. People are
burnt out because they are expected to work 50+ hours per week.
People should be supported in work/life balance and that doesn't
happen. Job sharing should be more available.
Charging more and more for parking even where there is no parking
crunch. Build a parking structure like Regence did. Never having
enough budget funding, ie: spend more wisely. Spending much
                                                                             x               x
money and resources on the Kibbie Dome renovation when I
understand it still won't hold enough fans to maintain D-1 status, 20-
Clean up the campus.                                                             x
Commitment to renewed, focus on academics with an eye toward
the changed nature of Higher Education. More experiential learning                                           x
opportunities for students.
Communicating the information to access the relevent benifit
                                                                                     x   x
programs offered
Communication and acknowledgment of the past sacrifices
employees have made during hard times. I'm not sure new
administrators understand the lack of trust that is prevalent here
and the stress hiring freezes and budget cuts have on departments.
I get the sense that they'd just like to forget what happened in the
past and unfortunately, UI needs some internal counseling to deal
with trust issues and stress. I also think programs that are doing
great things aren't being given any credit either internally or            x       x           x   x   x
externally. University Marketing and Communications seems to rely
on what they think alumni and donors might like to hear about
instead of really digging deep into the university to find out what's
happening. The accomplishments of women and minorities are still
not showcased enough and undergraduate student
accomplishments seem to be limited to those who participate in
ASUI. Showcase undergraduate research more.

Communication between administration and staff and faculty can
always be improved.
People are being held accountable to policies and procedures that
they don't know about. Managers/supervisors need training.
                                                                                                               x       x
Internal audit process tends to be disrespectful and personalized.
This process hsould be one that empowers people to do a better job
instead of demoralizing and accusatory.

compensation, parking.                                                                                     x       x
Competent Administration                                                       x
Concerning the format of this survey, I was disappointed that we
didn't have 'Neutral' as an option. Sometimes I like to go the wishy-                                                      x
washy route. Oh well, maybe next time.
Continue to keep/improve staff and faculty salaries.                                       x                       x

Continue to promote change from a male-oriented administration
to one that is increasingly inclusive and change-oriented with                         x
listening skills and greater reliance on input from all levels of staff.
continure looking for ways to improve                                                    x
Cost of living raises...                                                                 x
Customer Service for students
Academic Advising
Tough decisions on resource allocations - that's tougher than "1%
across the board"

Customer Service! I deal with most departments on campus I find
that lately employees are rude, not helpful, demanding and feel
entitled. They are resistant to change, even if it is good change, and
they fight to keep their little world the same as it has always been.
It's time to wake up and be grateful for your job and to perform the                 x
job that your are paid to do! The rude are not reprimanded, so they
remain in a customer service job when they should not be! I have
seen and heard of this with students as well as staff. How can we
keep our students when they must deal with rude people!

Dealing with its problems.                                                                   x

Despite a surface push to provide more training, the Uni needs to
consider more uniformity among administrative offices.. find those           x
that do it well and use them to train other offices/staff.

Developing a respectful system for discussion and disagreement.
Making decisions about priorities and bcking them up.
Diversity Recruitment; Diversity Education for Faculty and Staff;
working to change the campus atmosphere to reflect the state
                                                                         x       x
population particularly the tribal communities; budget
Each year there are issues about health benefits, retirement
benefits and suggestions but none of them are followed, although it
is said they will be considered. The many years of service has not
been good to long time employees. We have lost many over the
years and most recently due to the health benefit changes and
retirement benefit changes. I mentioned earlier that age
discrimination has affected me, in the case of health benefits and
the 4 tier system it has. Just because I came to the university at a
young age my years of service and age did not meet the Sept. 2007
deadline to fall into Tier I, yet those with barely 5-7 years service
because of their age fell into Tier I. That is unjust to long time
employees. There are employees who have been here 20, 23, even
25 years who fell into Tier III because of their young age when they
came to the UI. This appears that it could be age discrimination, if
one were to look at it in this light. Over the years many things have
happened to long time employees, first in 1983 fiscal crisis no
raises, this caused many to fall into what typically happens - salary
compression in later years, second longevity increases stated upon
hire that every 5 years you would receive a 5% raise yet the state
took that away (not a UI cause but still it affected long time
Employee assistance for children to attend college at a reduced
encourage diversity                                                     x
Encouraging Deans to communicate information, not only to faculty
but to staff as well and in a timely manner.
Encouraging, promoting, embracing and expanding DIVERSITY. This
is the most homogeneous place I have ever been - students, faculty
and administration alike need to be more diverse. It needs to be a
goal of U of I to develop a more diverse atmosphere.

Enforce policies.                                                                                   x
Environmental Sustainability
Salary and Promotion
                                                                        x       x       x   x
Diversity and Globalization
Computer Workshops
Establish trust and get rid of betrayal behaviors among the
managers. Stop leaks of confidentiality. If UI honors seniority
among male staff it should honor seniority among female staff.
Check Building Services. They do not. Make sure managers know               x
how to respect privacy laws such as HIPAA. Many do not. They use
staff of spouses who work at UI and local medical places to leak info
to managers.
Establishing academic and university priorities and focusing
resources on those. We can't do and be everything.
Even though I am qualified and hard working ,I feel little security
and minimal chances for advancement at age over 50
-Every position should develop a 'desk manual' in order to share
with incumbents to positions when there is not a person to provide
one-on-one training.                                                        x       x
-There should be more sharing of information among people with
seniority in an office with newly hired
Faculty are very rude to staff members
Health insurance is awful - cost is high, coverage is low
SAC - Dan Noble is just building his resume. Not representing the       x               x
staff, but representing Dan Noble. He is a tune-out to the
administration, so he is very uneffective as a voice for UI staff.
Faculty members' performance shouldn't be judged mainly based
on their ability to get funded by agencies, but also how good they
are as teachers.
There are too many professors who are very poor at mentoring,                               x
maybe they are OK "boss" though.
Especially graduate students need their insight and sincere care to
develop their career professionally.
Faculty tenure needs a student services component. Other factors
that would aid in retention.
Fairer pay levels. I know people with 7 yrs of college education and
over 20 years at the UI who make less than someone who has a
high school education and less that 8 years experience at places like           x
Direct TV. The benefit packages are similar between the two
Fee (tuition) waiver for children of employees! This will impact my
ability to remain at this institution.
Fee (tuition) waivers for children of U of I employees.                                              x
financial leadership
central administration leadership                                        x   x
support for athletics
Financial management and looking ahead. They have gotten rid of
                                                                         x       x
hard working staff when President White was here.

Financially things seem pretty poor, too much like a government
institution (makes for poor employees sticking around long term),
not enough two way communication, and to be more specific about
the financial thing... benefits are not what I had hoped and neither
was pay. Not like it means much, but I believe a communication
map for the entire University staff and a more involved review of
employees with hirings/firings would help. More transparency
about what everyone's job function and what they are currently
doing to fulfill that is where I would start. Good luck with
everything though, I wish I could help more than just this survey :)

Fire Lloyd Mues!!!!! Now!!!!! Or make him give his 101% raise
Fix the mail delivery system to stop the censoring of mail. Let the
departments sort it out. My equivelent postion at WSU pays $6000
more. Bring pay up to equitable standards. Not sure why the
                                                                                     x           x
legistature changed the residency laws for students but it should be
changed back so students have the opportunity to obtain residency
and pay in-state tuition. This effects recruitment and retention.
focus on research which will have direct practical applications rather
than mere academic (this will help the university to be known not                            x
only nationally but worldwide)
Focusing too much on the importance of athletics. We should get
rid of football or move back to I-AA, and stop thinking that spending
250 million on fixing up the Kibbie will ever make us competitive. It
is not going to happen.
Football. Student Advising. Employee Health Insurance & Pay. UI
                                                                             x   x           x
Fundraising (budget).
free parking for hlep                                                                                x
From an "outside" perspective, search processes take an unusually
long period of time to complete.
From my observation I would like to see more concern for and
protection for the health and retirement benefits of UI staff.
Funding and facilities are terrible. Faculty have far too much of a
teaching load to be competetive researchers. That lack of
competetiveness leads to failure of securing external funding, which             x       x                   x   x
makes competing even harder. The State needs to provide more
funding for research.
funding for up to date computers for all administrative assistants in
each department b/c departments don't always have the funds for
that. i've ended up with 4 hand me down computers in 2 years and                 x
working on getting my 5th in the next week. i can't do my job
without a fast, current computer.

Funding of graduate students,buying more laboratory instruments                                                      x
Fundraising. Student-recruitment/retention. Staff
Get administrators that can make touch decisions and support the
programs that are important to put the UI on the map and increase        x
student enrollment.
Get better insurance coverage for the working class.                                             x

Get rid of all 3 of the Ford 1 ton rigs in BEX and Grounds. 4MPG isn't
very "green" and isn't the U of I trying to go green. Oh electric cars
are a bad idea because the people that drive them don't have the
common sense to plug them in when they are done.
Give faculty less administrative work to allow them to actually
perform the research. Do not add to the faculty workload with
                                                                                                      x               x
ideas such as digital measures, or expecting detailed budgets when
the funding agency doesn't expect one.
Give more percentage of increase to staff rather than faculty
salaries. Faculty, regardless of peers, earn plenty of money                                              x       x
compared to support staff.
Grounds and Facilities are not acceptable.                                    x
Health and Benefit packages                                                               x
Health benefits -- without improvement I, and many others, will
have to leave UI.                                                         x           x   x
Higher speed internet connection to maximize efficiency.
Health benefits are confusing, overly complex and wildly expensive.
Probably the number one issue at the moment. Parking is an issue
but then it is on most campuses. Technical staff are difficult to
                                                                                          x   x           x
recruit and retain due to disparity between university and industry
salaries that is NOT made up for by cost of living. Benefits do not
make up for this because they also are worse than outside market.
Health benefits are not family friendly.
                                                                                          x                   x
Would like to see better family education benefits.
Health benefits need a lot of improvement.                                        x
Health Benefits needs fixing, too complicated                                     x
Health Benefits
Competent financial leadership in F&A                                             x
Inclusion of women in leadership roles/decisions
Health benefits, more staff involvement, supervisors that take
action on employee performance issues and health and safety                       x               x
issues, more close monitoring of supervisor performance
Health benefits. Health is not a commodity and our great institution
should treat all of us with one equal health plan that is affordable to           x
all of us.
Health care and insurance issues have been a fiasco. The ridiculous
amount of hassel that we all went through trying to figure out these
various options. Then the poor people at HR were totally
overwhelmed and undereducated on what was going on. The
administrator over there was condescending and rude. I feel sorry
for the employees. We pay way too much for our health care.

Health Care and promotions                                                    x

Health Care benefits are terrible. If WSU had the same position
open, I would jump ship just for the benefits. We might as well go
out and get our own health care. I have a family of 3, the cost for       x   x
my health care 90/10 coverage last year was half of what it is now.
Where was the staff input on this one?
Health care benefits have progressively gone down hill in the last
ten years and the promise made for many years, to provide paid up
insurance for long term employees after retirement, was broken.
This was a promise many people relied and counted on and                      x
continued to work here for, through thick and thin. Now, that
promise has been broken and turned into a lie. For shame; for
shame - U. of I.!
Health care benefits, particularly for retirees, need to be improved
and promises made should be kept. More people would go ahead
and retire, when they are eligible, if the cost for spouse health care
was not so unreasonably high.

Health care- plan h makes me insure my husband when he is already
covered by his employer. i used to be able to cover my dependants
without him on the plan. also i had met the deductable and now it
is erased until end of dec. i think someone should be fired for that. i
know many people left the university because of plan h. the other
plans are unreachable.
Health care sucks. I can't afford needed care. Intimidation from
overbearing employees sucks. Boss' favoritism of psychophants
sucks. Lack of advancement opportunity sucks. Lack of recognition
of work effort sucks. I feel trapped in career hell.

Health insurance benefits, either take all parking to the perimeter of
campus and provide excellent shuttle service or take away unused                 x   x
space for new parking internally on campus.
Health insurance benefits/coverage choices.
Maintaining adequate annual raises for competent employees to
maintain retirement benefits.
Educational benefits/scholarships for children of staff.
Demand that faculty understand and follow policies and procedures
                                                                         x       x       x   x   x
of the university without belittling staff who are just trying to do
their jobs.
Athletic programs; go back to Big Sky Conference--image can often
be more powerful than money.

Health insurance is a major issue. The cost and the deductable is
outrageous. Also, our pay raises have not reflected the cost of living
increases that have occured in recent years and we have certainly
not been adequately compensated for the increasse in medical
expenses the university is requiring of it's employee. Low pay, not
enough in raises and now poor insurance is one of the main reasons       x   x   x       x
departments accross campus are training people who move shortly
after training to WSU for higher pay and better benefits. We need to
be more competive with them across the board so that we can
maintain the staff we are training!!!
Stop wasting money in our athletic department!!!!
administration is proud of that as reference in the newspaper.
Cut Retirement benefits
NO TRUST, atmosphere of distrust, some depts are rumored to have
spys, hidden camera's, bugs, planted by administration.
If you have been here over 10 yrs, DON'T tell anyone, you'll be
If you see the auditor coming, don't talk to her till you have an
attorney present.
                                                                            x   x   x
If you are a woman in a position of some authority, with lots of
years of service and excellent pay, look out, you're going to be
targeted to be terminated. They want your salary savings.
The anonymous caller report line is a farce, how many supervisors
are reported because an employee had a bad evaluation ~~ or some
employee is mad because somebody else got a job or an award they
wanted, so they use it to retaliate ~~ no way to punish those who
falsely make accusations against others.

Health insurance! Please join the rest of the State of Idaho
employees with the UI employees. LCSC has better health coverage
than us. It's shameful for the land grant institution in this state to be
the worst provider of benefits to its employees.
Healthcare benefits, current job descriptions and adequate pay for
                                                                                x       x
Help staff get the respect they deserve from Faculty and
Hire competent leadership that has strong background in skills
needed for the job
Focus on recruitment and retention of students - should be higher
Hire people who can do the job - not consultants who say what you     x       x                           x
pay them to say
Focus on community relationships. The UI has not been a good
partner - transporation, airport, Life on Wheels etc.
Be more astute politically with SBOE and legislature
Hiring a workforce that is diverse in ethnicity and also in gender.
Within my own division, there are units where the staff members in
leadership roles are 95% men. As an area that works directly with
students, I am concerned about the lack of depth to their staff.

Hiring practices, especially for hiring from within the university.                                           x

Honestly--I love my job, but sometimes I feel like there aren't
enough incentives. I like the 'Kudos' program--and other programs
that show appreciation for work done, but I've always felt like no
matter how hard a staff person works, the reward is pretty much
the same for all. Not sure there's an answer to that. Other than
that, we have to do something about our sports teams!

HR has way too much bureaucratic red tape as far as the hiring
process. This could be simplified and expedited.
Wasting paper and postage to notify the whole UI community about
things that are clearly posted on the web or email. There must be a
way to determine who to mail to.                                      x               x   x   x   x   x
All talk and no action in our leadership.
Morale is very low, it somehow needs a boost.
Our medical insurance options need improvement and the Plan H
family plan glitch was a huge faux paux.
I am extremely unhappy with the current state of the
health/medical benefits for staff. First, in my opinion plan H is a
farce that only fits a few select demographics: 1.)those who are are
single or married and young and in good health, and 2.) those who's
kids have left home and are no longer insured and are in good
health. For those with families and young children Plan H is not an
attractive option, especially when there is so little at the end of the
month that could hypothetically apply towards a Health Saving
Account. For many years the UI maintained a tiered cost on their
health insurance that charged less to those making less (i.e. most            x
staff) by charging more to those who made more (most tenured
faculty and administrators). To date I never heard anyone making
more than me complain about that arrangement. I considered it a
mark of pride for my Alma mater that those that made so much
more money had the humility to bear a greater burden of the cost
to support those who made less money so they could receive the
level of health care they needed. Last year this was changed to
charge the same amount to all employees no matter your annual
salary. This change had a massive impact on many employees,
I am paid at least $15,000 a year less than a cross-campus colleague
doing a very similar job. there should be better job parity on
campus. As it is, to get a reasonable pay increase, one has to be
offered a job elsewhere and then MAYBE a pay increase will be             x           x
forthcoming. This is a very backward way of doing business and is
extremely annoying. this is an invitation for a stronger Union activity
on campus.
I am very unhappy with the changes in healthcare policies.                    x

I believe that all department personnel should have customer
service training. My department works with many departments and
the customer service and politeness is extremely lacking. People                  x
are rude and seem very unhappy. They want to complain and not
work toward a solution to their problem.
I believe that opportunities for advancement should be given to
current employees. For many positions around campus, a suitable,
present UI employee candidate should be given an opportunity over
a person outside of the University. As consistency and the
knowledge of the University's structure is a valuable asset. The
amount of training required would be a huge savings.
Additionally, the University should also look at the amount of
outsourcing being done and the amount of work being saved by
these processes. It's been my experience on campus that the
outsourcing and consultants hired for these processes are a huge
expense and not necessary. Many times, University staff is quite
capable of handling operations.

I believe that the UI employee benefits, both Medical and
Retirement, need massive amounts of critical scrutiny and eventual
reorganization/change. I also believe that once a new path is chosen
better training and information given in a class or structured
environment would be beneficial to all employees once a new set of
benefits is put into place.
I believe the UI sinks money into and highlights athletic programs
that lose games routinely due to being out of their league in ability. I
believe that intellectual property needs of researchers are not met.
I believe that the UI pours money into superficials like an ASUI that
                                                                           x       x       x
primarily exists to support the Greek system, a branding campaign
that resulted in the most uncreative logo possible, entertainments
that serve no academic purpose, and panders to minorities at the
expense of the majority.
I believe the University needs to improve on there hiring process,
becuse by the time a job is offerd to a person, that person has                                x
found another job. It just takes too long.
I can point to four separate instances where poor hiring practices
have occurred within my college. A person was given a position she
was clearly not qualified for, she was friends with one of the
committee members outside the workplace (a conflict of interest in
my opinion) and was allowed to keep her $42,500 annual salary
when the position was advertised at $29,200. I did not apply
because I was not aware salary was negotiable. I have more                     x   x   x
responsibility yet make over $10,000 less than this hire. Again, this
is the fourth time this has occurred here. It is very, very frustrating.
And filling out paperwork for a reclassification should not take 20
hours of time from my job (and I am still not finished), it appears to
be created to bury a person in paperwork so they give up on the
process. I will finish it someday.

I could mention the football team!! I was on a hiring committee at
OSP, and we were wanting to hire a WSU employee. When she saw
the compensation package, she didn't even come over for an                 x   x       x
interview. I figure my salary went backwards about 2 to 3% because
the cost of living increased that much over my salary increase.
I do not like having the dome in the hands of Auxiliary Services. This
has made the once very cooperative attitude amongst different
groups unavailable and now all they worry about is the bottom line
and who is charging whom.
I do think due to the economy being what it is, that UI employee's
desperately need/deserve a higher COL increase. While I am happy
to have received .29 cents more per hour, it really does nothing to                    x
help with the increases in groceries, gasoline, and sky rocketing
energy costs.
I dont feel comfortable given my feedback in this setting.                                 x
I don't have time to go into everything as I am on my lunch hour and
it is now over. Wish I could, but as I've indicated in the survey, my
input has never been heeded or valued even though I came into this
University with a lot of past higher ed experience and might just
possibly have some ideas about processes that are working well
elsewhere. Have a nice day.

I don't think we are in a position of strength with our current
leadership in the financial affairs area. We also need to continue to
improve in our student recruitment and marketing efforts. Plus,
athletics needs to rethink how it provides the window on the world
and find a better way to talk about how many of our students are
doing well in other sports besides football. Overall, we have a lot of
folks inside working on the academic side who do not understand           x   x   x
the importance of athletics and how it brings people back to
campus. We are very weak overall in academic leadership that
understands what the external world wants from us and how we
can better operate to attract private funds. So are doing a good job
of educating our students but doing a poor job of communicating
that to people and organizations that can help us.

i feel i should be able to purchase a staff parking pass at a discount.               x
I feel it is unfortunate that we can not compete with salaries. We
are losing our best employees to jobs that are equivalent but with
considerable higher salaries. In my area, our job duties and
responsibilities keep increasing to meet the demands of our
department however no increase to compensation has been made.
There is a lack of opportunity for professional development or
                                                                         x   x
professional promotion in my area.
It seems that the UI needs to determine what it wants to be when it
grows up and then it needs to help others get on board with it's
goals and mission. If recruitment and retention is a key objective,
then all colleges and departments need to work toward this goal
and not hinder progress.

I feel that because of the color of my skin I am discriminated against
at the University.                                                                   x
I am Caucasian…

I feel that CAMBR and Gary Maki have been slandered and treated
unfairly. We are proud of the people that work here and proud of
the work that we do. It feels that the University is trying to destroy
CAMBR and Gary Maki. We need support in getting proposals
though in a timely and reasonable manner. We need someone to
stand up for us in the press when false allegations are made against
us and not let false statements stand. I was proud and excited to
come work for the University of Idaho. I now think that it is run
very poorly. I have no respect for its financial decisions, its petty
politics and roadblocks to accomplishments.

I feel that off-campus employees are not included in workshops,
health or job related. We are not able to travel to campus and they              x
are not offered off-campus.
I feel that the University could do more to soften the blow of the
last year's drastic (and continuing) change in the benefits plan for
staff members that don't make very much money. While the
changes that were made were probably somewhat frustrating for
staff making a decent wage, the change borders on catastrophic for
staff who make little money. The fact that this program was sold to
employees as one that was better than the previous plan was
somewhat of a slap in the face. Though I understand that the
University has to maintain fiscal stability, it should not do so at the
cost of its lesser compensated (but still vital) employees' health.

I feel that the University needs to work on providing more benefits
to its employees especially for employees at other centers. We
don't receive parking benefits that are comparable to other
                                                                          x   x   x
campuses and it is a huge problem for people due to the expense. It
would be nice to get Vandal Gear at a discount during certain times
of the year too.
I feel the HR system needs improvement. Especially in regards to
the health insurance program. Over the past few years there has
been a slow decline in the quality of our insurance program which I
feel has saved the University money but has had adverse effects on
the quality of health for individuals who feel they can't afford the
high deductibles.
I feel the university is currently creating an atmosphere on campus
where staff are afraid to do their jobs without fear of retribution. In
recent trainings over the past year, it has been said more than once
that it is staff responsibility to make certain their supervisors, PI's,
etc. spend monies appropriately or we will be held responsible. I do
work with our faculty and am aware of policies and procedures on
campus. I do follow to the best of my ability those policies and
procedures and do my best to make others aware of them.
However, I do not feel at my level that it is my place to say "no" to
my boss. It is a catch 22. I say no, I get a bad evaluation. I say yes, I       x       x
am being charged with misappropriation of funds. One recent
training was for us to tell you what we do in our office and then you
get back to us with what we are doing wrong. Wouldn't it be better
to set policy on how you wish every department to consistently
carry out procedures and then let us evaluate on how we are doing.
If a department doesn't fit into your procedures, then they could
work individually with you to see how to make it work best. I feel
that we are treated as if we are criminals waiting to be discovered
instead of loyal employees, trying to work our hardest and to the

I feel there is a major disconnect between the administrators on this
campus and the workers. It seems that decisions get made quickly
(and often without notice or explanation) and which benefit some
people and not others. Some programs seem to receive
preferential treatment while others languish with little funding or
support (and without clear decision making, e.g., either cut or
support). Some voices seem to be heard while others are ignored
and it is unclear which get preference. This place is confusing to me       x   x   x
and i am looking very hard to move on. I am sad about it, but feel
very discouraged about the UI. Although I am an alum and staff
member, i do not feel inclined to contribute any more to the UI. I
have supported the UI a great deal in the past, but I feel such lack of
support, unclear and inconsistent decision-making, poor judgment,
and confusing direction that I am not sure what I am committed to
here. As soon as I can find another job away from here I will leave.
I hate your benefits, and give us a substantial raise and get rid of
                                                                            x           x
politics this is ridiculous!
I haven't been employed here long eneough to have an educated
opinion on this matter.
I haven't thought of.                                                                       x

I recently took this job. When I looked up the benefit information
on the web, before I was offered the job, the information I read
made me think that the benefits were comparable to what I had.
However, I was shocked in new employee orientation to learn that I
would need to pay three times as much for, in my opinion, no                x
benefits (plan H). I was forced to go with plan H because I cannot
afford to pay the premiums on the other plans for my family of four.
Had I known about the lack of reasonable heath benefits it would
have influenced some of my decisions.

I recognize that tough decisions need to be made in the near future.
I would appreciate the administration communicating with us the
options that we have and what would happen if we don't make
those decisions. The more I know why, the more I can accept bad
news. Also, if decisions are made, stick with them, don't reverse
them after 6 months.

I seriously question some decisions made by upper administration.
The administration of Aux Svcs makes extremely questionable
decisions, some of which appear to be based on personal vendetta
and could have (I believe WILL have) devastating effects on the
                                                                        x           x
University. They have (on more than one occasion) allowed
members of hiring committees to bring personal (non-work related)
opinions into the mix, disqualifying the MOST qualified person in the
pool, and hiring a person with little-to-no experience in the field.
I strongly disagree with spending decisions such as the amount
spent on President White's retirement party. I also disagree with
the amount of money spent on athletics and the privileged status
athletes enjoy on this campus -- academics should really be our
focus. I think there needs to be more accountability for                   x   x                   x   x
administrators. I also think the UI needs to do more to seek student
input. The UI should consider increasing staff salaries to make them
more competitive with the private sector. Thank you for
considering my comments.

I think staff and faculty should take more of a personal interest in
ways to save the university money, and improve services. At the
end of the fiscal year, some departments spend money on
unneccessary things, partly because they're afraid they won't get as
much money in the next fiscal year if they don't use up their current
allocations. I realize this happens at other state institutions too, but
it seems to be an odd system, and it would be nice if departments
that are thrifty would get rewarded in some way.

I think that all-university meetings might be conducted when
important communications are being shared to eliminate some of
the stress that is related to the uncertainties we are facing. I also
think we need to consider what our infrastructure needs are so that                    x   x
we are not putting resources into new programs at the expense of
existing shortages. Somehow, we need to move both agendas
forward simultaneously so we can support the new programs, too.

I think that raises for merit needs some checking on. I've had great
evaluation every year but have not every had a merit raise as such,
                                                                                   x           x   x
cost of living and what ever the state says.I sure this is a
departmental thing.
I think that the family atmosphere here at the U of I has been lost.
People no longer feel like they are working for a great place
together with others but rather feel attacked by policies they have
no control over. I really feel that our once fine benefits have been
bargained away in the name of saving money while at the same
time the University wastes large amounts of money on projects that
never bear fruit. I think the past few Presidents have been fine
examples of administrators that does not care about the U of I and
                                                                        x   x
are simply using us as a stepping stone for bigger and better things.
Screw up and then get a new job that pays more. I think these
search commitees ought to look at some home grown talent to run
the University and maybe they would find someone who actually
cared about how their decisions would impact the University in the
long run as well as the impact on the employees. Many of these
employees dedicate their entire working career to the University
and must deal with poor decisions made by the administration.

I think that the U of I needs to come up with better health care
choices. I also feel that the U of I needs to hire more competent
supervisors and recognize when supervisors are not performing to a          x   x
basic standard expected of a supervisor, and then make the
appropriate changes.
I think the amount of vacation/sick leave hours earned after 3 years
should be inceased. I have worked here 3 years and I do a good job
in my department. This summer my father died and between his
illness and death I used my sick leave. I am now down to very little
time. If something should happen to my mother I would have to
apply for shared leave which if I were in a serious situation with my
mother that would be the last thing I would want to do. If I were to
get the flu at this point I haven't enough hours to use while sick. I
stay generally heathly but one never knows what could happen.
Also it does not seem right for an employee to give UI 3 years of
service and not be rewarded by increasing the vacation/sick leaves
hours earned. If you were to consider the pay we receive, which is
not a lot compared to other Universities, it would be nice to earn
more vacation/sick leave after 3 years of service.

I think the University needs to find and use more funding to update
and repair things in the older more established building on campus.

I think the University of Idaho should give health benefits rather
than retirement incentivies to Irregular Help. Also, I feel that jobs
that hold IH title should be evaluated to see if it really is irregular
help that fills the position or not. Some IH position are not irregular
at all and work just as hard, have the same resposnibilities and
dedication to the job as those who are considered 'staff'.

I think the University should pay their employees extra for overtime.                 x
I think we really need to address the health care issues and
concerns. I tried the H program and is clearly not working for me.            x
I'm hoping that we have better options next year.
I would like to see some or half of the Gold Parking spaces (near
Wallace bldg) turned into RED parking spaces, to allow employees
more parking. We all have medical appointments and have to leave
and come back, to find our parking space is filled (or LOT is filled).
I'd like to see more support for paid parental leave and caregiving
leaves of absence. I also think that vacation and sick leave for
classified employees is much too low. I wish that communication
                                                                                    x       x
within my department was more clear especially from our director
to my supervisor to our staff so that we knew where the
department was headed.
If the administrators shake hands with the worker-bees take a bit of
time to know them. don't do it just for publicity.

If the university has a policy for minimum wage being $10.75 per
hour for full time personnel, then no full time employee should be
making less than $10.75. Reclassifications should not take almost a                     x       x
year. Maybe a course on the steps for reclassification would help
lower the stress level of those trying for reclassification.
IH employees should be offered a little more stability (and
comparable wages with classifed employees) over time especially if
they are performing a valuable service for their department at a
competent level.
I'm a fan of UI Athletics, but it's time to give serious consideration to
returning to D-II football. I believe we've reached a point of
diminishing returns with regards to football as a revenue generator
and for donor giving/relations.

I'm concerned that before I retire, the University will pull the
benefit that pays insurance premiums for honored retirees. Morale
on campus has already dropped due to changing the status to
                                                                                x   x
receive this benefit to "rule of 90". I know several people who plan
to leave the University (WSU is close and pays more) if this benefit
is taken away, sadly, as much as I love UI, I am one of them.
I'm not very happy that my family and I now how to pay double
what we were paying before this new health care plan went into                      x
I'm still waiting for that TRANSPARENCY from our administrators
that was promised when Pres. Tim White first got here. I prefer to
                                                                                         x   x
be told that bad news "is on the way" instead of when our
administrators deem it necessary according to them.
Immediate supervisor is a great communicator. These lines of
communication seem to fail as a you move up the ladder of                x
Improve access to specialized training for technical professionals                                       x
Improve health benefits and financial support for staff. Not just
Improve the health benefits, and improve pay.                                        x               x

Improve your faculty/instructor evaluations so that they aren't so
heavily loaded by student course evaluations. Departmental
administrators should not be allowed to simply "pass on" student
course evaluations scores and comments... (incidentally, I'm not
faculty) without ever having set foot in the classrooms (real or                                 x
virtual) of their faculty to actually observe what the instructors do.
Departmental administrators should be required to absorb some
context about their instructors' efforts (and student efforts) or lack
thereof prior to submitting performance evaluations.

In my experience faculty and staff do not have the same rules and
standards. Faculty can harass staff and not be reprimanded. It
takes a major incident to get the administration's attention for
anything to be done in disciplining faculty.

In order to maintain a budget that is in the black, they are taking
greater amounts of funds from those departments on campus who
generate more money per semester. For example, they are
                                                                             x   x
punishing the faculty who are working the most by taking their
funding away and awarding those who don't work as tediously by
taking a smaller portion of their funds.
In order to retain and attract a viable workforce, the University of
Idaho needs to provide a richer benefits packages. We know that
we lag behind in compensation to other comparable institutions.
Making a richer benefits package would offset the pay differences.
The most concerning action by the University in the last year was
the health benefits change. After 20 years of working here, I wasn't
able to afford to have my dependents (family) covered by our
cafeteria insurance plan. Rather, I opted out and receive medical
                                                                           x   x
benefits from Washington State University, where my spouse is
employed. When making the decision to waive coverage at the
University of Idaho, Human Resource representatives seem to
almost encourage current employees to go elsewhere for coverage.
If Washington State University's health benefits plan is richer than
the University of Idaho, how long will we be able to retain
employees when they can get higher pay and richer benefits 8 miles

In response to the question "At UI, I have been discriminated
against because of my sexual orientation." I have been because the
University of Idaho will not allow me to share my personal benefits
with my same sex partner. The City of Moscow has proven that a
state entity can allow sharing of health benefits with domestic                            x
partners, this University can do the same thing. If this very
important issue is not addressed by the current administration, or
very quickly by the new president, I will relocate to an institution
that does not tell me I am a second class citizen.

Inability to more narrowly focus academic programs. Trying to be
too many things to all people. We should realign resources to be
more successful in those things we do--and give up those marginal
Increase pay raises; determine better insurance system; help with
                                                                               x   x   x
workload (additional employees, etc)
Increase staff in areas where time sheets show consistent 60-80
hour work weeks for current NFE staff.
Increase supervisor training to help increase retention and morale
of employees. Supervisors are key to ensuring fairness and
consistency occur in the treatment of all employees and to ensure
                                                                                       x       x       x
policies and procedures are properly followed, which in turn assists
with reducing the risk that lawsuits will be filed against the
Increased the number of parking spots in areas of high demand.                             x

Increasing loyalty and showing support (by increasing salaries or
giving awards to acknowledging them at commencements) to staff
members who think of their jobs as careers and are proud to be
here. December graduation last year was a beautiful, more intimate
setting than the large one in May but not once did the President
mention how staff have had an affect on the students. Most
students deal with staff on a day to day basis. Also, at the December
graduation there were numerous staff members who were getting
their degrees but there was not a special mention about them
Institutional policies and procedures need a major review and
Internal communication functions need improvement.
Improving sustainable workplace environment and work loads is a                    x
critical need
Internal communications is awful and the marketing campaign is
dreadful. Even student leaders who are recruiting future University
of Idaho students do not like it. It is backwards thinking at its worst.
Often it seems are administrators are here for their personal gain
                                                                           x   x   x
and not the good of the university or their department. Upper tier
employees have no concept whatsoever about how most of the
work is done and what is required of support staff. Requiring
upwards of 60 hours a week is too much.
internal communications need to be less reactive - tell us as much
ahead as possible and be clear
Invest more money in technology and updated applications to assist
employees and attract students. 8-10 years ago UI was listed as one
of the top 100 most wired universities in the nation. It seems we            x   x
have since diverted our priorities elsewhere. Salaries need to be
more competitive.
It has become painfully obvious to me that the SBOE in Boise is
actively trying to destroy the U of I and get it moved to Boise. This
has been proven repeatedly by their choices of U of I presidents and
their immediate staff, i.e. provost, etc., who constantly waste
precious resources on idiotic projects. About 10 years ago, the U of I
was rated in Time magazine amongst the top 10 good small schools
in the nation: now it isn't even on the page. At one time, despite the   x           x
financial difficulties, most U of I staff and faculty had high
expectations of doing a good job and being rewarded in some way
for that. Now the situation looks hopeless. I continue to work and to
try to do my best, but it is no longer enjoyable. Furthermore, I
intend to work as long as I can, because I simply cannot afford to
It is extremely difficult to let a board certified employee go when
that person is in a supervisory position. My direct supervisor has
been rude and vulgar to employees upon occasion. My direct
supervisor does not correct some employees when they clearly are
not doing their job, and it is brought to his attention. Instead what
he does, is he pushes the employees who are doing their job to also
do the job of the employees who do not do their job. My direct
supervisor does not completely know how to maintain our
equipment (vacuum cleaners), and when I brought it to his attention
that we were out of HEPA filters, he said we had plenty of them and
                                                                         x               x   x
showed me vacuum cleaner bags. Some of the vacuum cleaners will
not run without HEPA filters, and others are overheating and
burning out as a result of having to run them with clogged ones.
The filters themselves are not very expensive, but the vacuums that
we use are expensive. This is only one of several examples. My
direct supervisor should not be in the position that he is in with the
way he treats both his employees, and the department supervision.
I have seen many people quit because of the way he is managing his
crew. We then work shorthanded and are overworked as a result,
but yet he still expects extra work from us in addition to our regular
It is unfair that some staff can upgrade their classified position and
receive a large raise (15-20%) because his or her department has
money and can afford to pay the staff person while others cannot
go through the process because it is well known their unit will not          x       x
allow it to go forward. It is very easy to upgrade a position on
paper where in fact very few if any responsibilities actually change.
There must be a better way that is fair and consistent.

It needs better Health Plan coverage!                                            x
It needs to address the fact that the problems encountered at the
off-site research facilities are different from those on campus.
Many of the rules, etc. made will work on campus, while they might
not necessarily work off campus. Staff members on campus receive
a lot of benefits (ie the ability to take classes, conferences, work out
facilities, etc.) which off campus staff does not have available. Off              x
campus staff is not included in door prize drawings at the various
events hosted by campus. We also do not have the opportunity to
have a smaller version of these events held at our site. Basically, we
get the impression that we are "the bastard cousin" that is there
when needed, but otherwise not recognized.l

It needs to draw more employees to the Agricultural Research field.                            x

It needs to review the reclassification process. I submitted a
reclassification and it has taken about 8 months for review and
approval. HR is not very fast in processing these reclassifications. In
the private sector the HR department would probably be fired. I                x       x
would like to see some kind of tuition benefit or % reduction for
employees children to attend the U of I. Currently there is none for
employees children.
It seems like Staff should have the same retirement savings options
as Faculty.
It settles for adequate or mediocre solutions, when we should be
expecting more and the best; i.e. Bookstore, dining services,                                  x
grounds keeping
It would be great if the U of I would consider changing tuition
waivers for employees and spouses only to employee and "one
other immediate family member". I would love for my kids to
attend the U of I but can't afford it.
It would be nice if faculty/staff children were eligible for fee waivers
to attend U of I.
It would be nice to have a less expensive health plan for young
parents with families, and a better perscription plan.
Knowing that the cleaning staff doesn't have the time to do
everything every night. Some areas expect special cleaning over
other areas. Knowing that the cleaning staff only cleans private                x
offices once a week and main offices (administrative assistant areas)
twice a week. Some of the departments expect too much.

Lack of communication with the community (both UI and the
general community) on the goals of the administration and the
concrete path they are going to take to get them there. There will
be more buy in and willing participation if the decisions are                           x
transparent and the solid financial data used to make the decision is
available to all with a very clear projected outcome that is
performance is measured against.
Less higher administration and more coordinator positions to work
directly with the students. Also I think there are people on campus
                                                                        x                           x
wearing too many hats (more than one job) and making their
departments less effective
Lift the hiring freeze. I am doing the work of three people in
different areas. I am overworked and over stressed and underpaid.
I had to go on my partners health insurance so I could receive
adequate care for my diabetes etc. When I speak negatively about
                                                                            x       x               x
my supervisor I am NOT talking about my immediate supervisor
who is awesome, I am talking about the administration in this
building. Lastly, stop spending so much money on our losing sports
Longevity raises, better health/dental care, better raises. The
University forgets about off campus people. They don't receive the                  x       x   x
5, 10, 15, 20 year gifts etc.
Look into promotional opportunities at work,
More interaction between Dept Heads and staff.
More accountability and appreciation for the work from Higher ups
[Not the Supervisor, who is well aware of your progress]

Lots!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                         x
Making improvements on sustainability, but need to do better with
making recycling opportunities more convenient and widespread.
Definitely need to do better with faculty recruitment and retention!                      x
Laboratory facilities in the College of Natural Resources are in
desperate need of upgrades.

Making monetary promises when there are no funds to back it. Find
a leader that knows what he/she is doing instead of just being a
good public speaker and stop putting people in upper
                                                                          x       x   x                   x
Administrative Management positions that are not qualified to do
the job. Wasting salary dollars to monitor parking and meters until
late in the evening and weekends.

Managers need to be better trained in performing job evaluations,
confidentiality, and job searches. I personally have had completely
                                                                                      x           x
unprofessional experiences in the past year all tied directly to a lack
of training/understanding in all of these areas.

Managing the Musical Instrument Inventory                                                                         x

Many of our work units are in desperate need of increased staffing,
workspace, and salary. My department, for example, has almost
doubled its workload (which was already understaffed to begin
with) from 3 years ago without any increase in staffing and/or any
                                                                                              x               x
increase in job classifications or salary outside of the recent
University wide salary increases. We burn people out very quickly
(one of our classified positions has turned over 3+ times in just over
3 years because of this for example).

Many people are concerned about the issues with insurance that
have recently come into light. I'm hoping that during the next open
enrollment there will be more options for coverage, especially for            x                       x
the employees covering their families. I also think that the tuition
waiver should be extended to children of employees.
medical plan
1. No changes midstream- like what just happened with plan H. As
for my family, we had just met the out of pocket max for my
husband and had planned for the rest of the year when this change
occurred. It has now set us back another $700. When you have a
unexpected medical change it is costly all over. (job income loss                       x
and higher medical expenses)
2. The medical plan is too costly for employees with families and for
the part-time staff. It would be nice to see a increase of what the
university pays for medical. I would have taken either plan a or b,
but I can't afford to do it at the current cost.

men's football                                                              x
Mentoring programmes for post-doctoral fellows.                                                             x
Monitoring people in director positions
Staff pay, opportunities for more merit based pay
Snow removal. We need more Facilities staff
Commons cafeteria food. It was so much better when it was at the
                                                                        x           x           x   x
De-icing walking paths
Keeping administrative staff (president, etc.)
Utilizing staff input
Morale is very low.Our input is not important.There is no
opportunity for advancement.There is no time for training.I would                           x           x
not want my children to attend the University of Idaho.

More attention and respect needs to be paid to minority staff
members and that includes on the basis of age too. There are very
little efforts being made to retain and recruit young professional
staff members. In a town like Moscow, the university needs to play
a more active role in this. Also more protections and benefits for
same-sex partners, and you can't use the state marriage
amendment to hide behind. The university needs to be a leader in
the state on this because we know that it's fair and just.
More effective monitoring of managers' ability to manage not only
the "nuts and bolts" of their department, but personnel as well.                                x
Being good at one part of a job is not enough.
More openess, less secrecy. Restore sense of collegiality, the
environment now is much like swimming with sharks.
More opportunities for changing jobs, switching departments. I also
don't like the two-tiered staff vs. exempt classification system.
More parking for staff, More money for Women's Athletic teams,
air conditioning in the Kibbie Dome[it is a health hazard in the        x                   x
summer, office temps reaching 90 degrees]
More parking, better parking. I pay for a gold permit and yet it is
still a walk. Not eveyone is diabled enough to have a disability pass
but that does not mean it is not hard to get around. I think that
more convienent parking should be a priority for employees if you
want to retain them. I think we also make it too difficult for those
people/parents/customers who want to visit the UI.
More staff is needed in my college. I and several co-workers have
way too much to do, or cannot take time off due to shortage of
                                                                                x                   x
Health plan needs to be better.
Moving items at a quicker pace when assessing information and
taking action
My department chairperson and senior faculty members sometimes
show staff, especially classified or 'non-professional' staff a lack of
respect. Staff are often excluded from department decision making,
hiring committees, and financial information. Some senior faculty
would like staff to believe that faculty have the power to terminate
staff or influence staff salaries. Staff salaries in my department
seem to be lower than similar positions in other UI departments.              x               x   x       x
Staff in my department are told that money for pay increases is not
available while we watch junior faculty constantly receiving salary
increases by threatening to quit their position. Staff in my
department are forced to constantly apply for positions outside of
the department just to be able to use a job offer elsewhere as a
means of obtaining a pay increase.

My job has snowballed with multi-layers of paperwork created by
decentralization and legal/auditing requirements. When will it quit?
I would hate to be a new employee learning to operate in this
                                                                          x       x       x
system. It would not be so bad if funding existed for additional
employees to take on excess work requirements. If I didn't love my
department and co-workers so much, I would be looking elsewhere.

My personal finances have been devastated by the Plan H health
care plan. I have had to pay thousands in out-of-pocket health care.
My savings account went from over $3000 to $50, I have re-
financed my house (a $6000 plus cost in terms of closing costs and                    x
points paid) and there are more bills coming. My contribution level
is $4000 annually and I basically clean the account out every pay
day. I HATE the plan H health care plan.

My team is working with only %60 of our fulltime hires. There has
not been a lot of movement toward filling the empty positions. I am
expected to implement technologies that I have no formal training                                     x       x
on. My requests for formal training have been either denied or
ignored. Also I work in a cave, and that is depressing.
My work space contains confidential information and I continue to
find the door unlocked in the mornings. This is a concern for me as
it should be for the university. I realize that the university is trying
to save money for administrative and coaching salaries but the
cleanliness of our office spaces is atrocious. Is the presidents office
not vacuumed for weeks at a time?
Need adequate staffing to avoid job burnout and frustration. Do
something about the health plan costs, it is ridiculous that
businesses with fewer employees have better insurance than we do.
Lower paid employees cannot afford health care at this institution
and that is shameful and is a direct result of the administration's
uncaring attitude. And the Rec Center wellness fee that we pay
when the majority of people do not use it is stupid. Personally, I do
not want to exercise with students and people I work with. That's
just a little too close for comfort when I see people I work with
dressing and undressing. And when are single parents with small                x   x   x           x
children supposed to go to the rec center? I can't go before or after
work or on weekends and I can't go during the day because I'm too
busy or am conducting other business on my lunch hour, yet I have
to pay that stupid fee out of every paycheck. You cannot force
people to get healthy. And then there's parking. The athletes are
allowed to park free in a gold lot on away game days, where they
promptly take all the spaces closest to the building, leaving those of
us who have paid 288 to park elsewhere. They're able-bodied men,
why can't they park in the free kibbie lot where they're not taking
Need HRD back...Employees need to be training in the basics and
Skillsoft isn't utilized as much as live training, in my opinion.
Employees have a hard time budgeting time at their desks to use
need more and larger pay raises                                                            x
need simple statement of business processes
put policies and procedures into one document - merge APM and
develop a way that employees can communicate with each other
about items of interest ONLY to employees....such as benefits and          x   x
policy changes
clearer, simpler strategic plan
more effort to build culture of professional respect among all
employees at whatever level
Need to do a better job of recruiting and retaining good talent -
better compensation strategies, better supervisors and better                          x
working conditions are key factors.
Need to make temporary employees board appointed. I have been
Temporary-with PERS for five years. I love my job--and would like
to be board appointed. My position is on soft money--and chances
of changing position to board appointed is not good. Even if it did                                x
change to board appointed--I would have to apply for my own job.
That is total unfair to an employee that has shown loyalty to the
Need to provide a "living wage" to employees, quit needless
spending of monies, stream line management, quit screwing with         x                       x
insurance and retirement benefits
Need to provide more funding to sustainability initiatives.
                                                                               x           x
Need better communications between departments
Need to reassess the parking rules and charges, especially for
handicapped drivers. Need to reassess and redesign the rule where
relatives cannot work in the same department. As it stands now it is
only enforced if the workers are not a VIP's. There are also many
times when it is valuable for related persons to work closely
                                                                                   x   x
together and more positives can be gained than problems created.
Also, need to look at allowing an incredible amount of time to be
wasted by smokers by the hour, and by hourly employees that work
way less than their 40 hours per week and are not held accountable.
Seems to appear often in state positions.
Need to train all employees about university academic policy and
                                                                                    x       x
responsibilities. Need better communication at all levels.
Needs to look hard at athletics and the cost of such in an
environment that may dictate they NOT be a priority. And I am a
former Vandal athlete so not academically biased! Salaries much         x               x
more in line with what is happening nationally or at least across the
border at WSU.
Not enough rewarding of competent, hard-working employees (for
example, raises are miniscule).
                                                                                x       x       x
Unfortunately, staff are treated differently based on their level of
Not sure what can be done but I am paid half what administrators in
my position at UI's peer institutions is paid. My program, providing
direct service to 2,000 students, survives without a line-item
budget. Funding is patched together from multiple sources every             x           x
year and I do not know from one year to the next if the program, or
funding for it, will exist. Stressful working conditions to say the
PEOPLE.---We are buried chin deep in procedural paperwork hang-
ups, over-blown documentation that often is off-target and unclear,
and rigid tunnel vision perspectives about paper trails. I'm very
surprised a lot more external UI clients don't refuse to work with UI       x
because of unreasonable and/cumbersome paper trail demands--
eventually, UI will lose more customers. UI's overly risk-adverse
attitude generates an atmosphere of distrust targeted at employees
who are trying to satisfy internal and external clients and do a good
job, and generates a great deal of frustration and counter-
productivity. I am not convinced the UI is truly responsive to many
employee needs and values and conditions when the piling-on of
work and obstacles to work increases. Who do you listen to? Not
the trenches. I hear lip service and see blind non-responsiveness.

Off campus facilities do not have the same opportunities and
benefits as on-campus.
Off campus staff have to jump through so many hoops that are only
relevant to on campus offices. It's too hard to hire people and too                 x   x
hard to get adequate training to do EPAF and Banner applications.
off campus work and life programs and access to some type of
exercise program.
Off-campus employees need to have access to some of the same
benefits as campus employees. Mainly access to local fitness
                                                                                x   x
facilities. Also the U of I needs to offer pay raises more frequently
to keep up with the cost of living.
Once again, UI has become top heavy with administrators, which
carry high salary lines, reducing the number of faculty needed to       x
deliver courses to students.
Our buildings are in severe need of attention in the way of upkeep
and improvements. I would like to see long-term staff members get
the opportunity to express their own academic freedoms by being
able to earn an official staff "tenure". The original Joe Vandal needs    x   x
to be brought back as the official UI logo. Ray McDonald's name
needs to be added to the list names on the west end of the Kibbie

Our current Health Care benefits                                                  x

Our Strategic Plan is not understood nor of value to the majority of
the workforce. There is no distinction of priorities as to just what it
is we are going to undertake and to what degree or order. It may                              x
afford the chief academic officer clarity; however, it is not clear to
anyone else and we have a ton of work to do to fix that.

Parking availability to employees year round!!                                        x
Parking continues to be terrible, and the parking staff are willful and
Some employees are retained though they are leeches sucking the                       x
life-blood out of office funds--perhaps less retention for the sake of
making nice.
Parking fines are outrageous and appeals are never granted even in
special circumstances. Also, the hiring process takes far too long
                                                                                      x   x
and it is a waste of resources to reopen a position just so a
temporary staff can get benefits.
Parking is a pain and is far too expensive. There are no lots of a
color I can afford anywhere near where I work and I feel I am being
discriminated against for not being able to afford to purchase an
expensive permit to have access to my place of work, especially in
bad weather. On top of this, the parking enforcement officers have
been absolutely obnoxious at times as far as enforcing parking                    x
tickets goes. During swim lessons in the past, for example, I have
seen them ticket employee cars for parking in the lot 5 minutes
before 5pm, at which point they are ALREADY going to be late for
teaching their 5pm classes. That is more than a little unreasonable
in my eyes.
Parking is very challenging on campus and health benefits are
                                                                              x   x
extremely expensive for the lower level employee.
Parking seems to be looking to grab every dime they can and I'm
hoping for a comprehensive review of the medical insurance,
looking for cracks in the system. Spending hundreds of thousands      x       x   x
on our new "logo" only to be ridiculed by the Chronicle of Higher
Education was ugly.
Parking space for employees.                                                      x
PARKING!!!!!! The UI needs to build a parking garage. All remaining
gravel parking lots need to be paved.
Parking, Parking, PARKING!!!                                                      x

Pay board appointed staff a living wage so they can afford to have
the health insurance they are FORCED to have. It is disgusting that
I've worked here for years and IH employees are within a dollar of
my hourly wage. Sure they don't get benefits, but that is
DISGUSTING to pay untrained students that much. I have received           x   x       x
all my raises for good job performance and the students are making
over $10 an hour. Why are graduate students getting paid 16+
dollars an hour and getting tuition and health insurance on top of

Pay more than it does right now.                                                      x
Pay raises, the process in which a person can be moved or reclassed
into a new position when job descriptions and duties have changed.                      x               x
It takes quite the process to get this done.

Paying folks who say they are working; but, they aren't                                         x
Plan H has been a very big problem for my family. We are constantly
haggling between insurance company and doctors over double /
false charges and what is covered and not. We have also cut way
down on doctor visits for lack of funds (and I put plenty into my HSA               x
account). I have been VERY unhappy with the way the new
insurance plans were presented to employees, to the point that I
am open to leaving UI for the first time.

Playing football? Seriously though we need to address the parking
issue - ideally by reducing demand with improved public
transportation. Also the recycling system could use a lot of work -
currently it is sporadic and ineffective. It needs to be streamlined        x   x           x       x
and integrated campus-wide and marketed to students more
effectively. And teach the people at Common Grounds to make a
decent mocha! (for a prime example, visit Botticelli Espresso)

Policies, processes, and procedures need to be changed to minimize
the bureacracy where it can be eliminated. Some processes are
encumbered with so much red tape that it makes it impossible to
get things completed in a timely fashion. Administrators need to
                                                                                        x               x   x
truly value staff members. All too often it seems like only the
faculty are considered in decisions and staff is overlooked. Staff
salaries need to be adjusted to be marketable and be more in
alignment with industry standards.

Poor leadership from the top down.                                      x
PR and advertising in general; Stronger support for collaboration
with NIC and the Education Corridor in CDA; Understanding that
some types of information (e.g. geospatial) may benefit from a        x       x   x
holistic management approach as opposed to a project-by-project
(silo) approach; Securing additional funding;
Preferential treatment to long-term staff/faculty at the cost of
student concerns.
Promotions and pay revision for the deserved employees should be
seriously considered. Employee qualifications (publications,
meetings atended, any other higher degree) should be taken into
conisdeeration while giving the increment in every year. In the                               x
present scenario these criteria are not considered. If the employee
is under soft money, freedom should be given to the SUPERVISORS
to fix the pay.

Provide better incentives to attract and keep talented staff.                                 x
Provide training for staff but not just via the WEB.                                              x

Providing information to employees about health care options that
are accurate, and being able to answer health care questions other
than having people attend sessions by an outside company such as
AFLAC and their company not able to answer pertinent health care                      x
benefit questions. Also not having enough HR staff throughout the
year and not having timely responses from HR on standard

Providing more support/benefits for retirees.                                         x

Putting too much emphasis on athletics. More emphasis needs to
go to things like phase 2 of the Student Recreation Center. More
                                                                          x               x
open ended communication between ALL administrators and the
staff members that actually run the University.
Raises for the lower paid workers as inflation and health insurance
increases hit them the hardest. They also seem to do most of the                      x       x
Read any of the President's or Provost's emails to staff in the past
few years. Nothing but hot air and more hot air. No actual                                     x
leadership, just fluff.
Recently I put in for reclassification. I sent it in, in December and it
never got done until October. I realize it takes awhile to do this but                     x
it was 10 months from when I submitted it.

Recognize that some support staff have been doing more than their
original job description and advance those positions accordingly.
This should not be left entirely to the direct supervisor but should
include review of past performance evaluations. Expecting some                                                 x       x
staff positions to pay for salary increases from project Y account or
other grant monies should not be allowed without the staff support
person's knowledge.

recruiting multicultural faculty and staff                                     x

Recruiting students.
Addressing employee needs regarding affordable health insurance.
Recognizing the value of long-time employees who are the
                                                                                       x           x
"institutional memory" in many departments.
Fostering a sense of pride in the institution.
Improving the morale of employees.

Recycling program is utterly inadequate. Need more sustainability
programs and improvements. After all the talk of cutting programs                                          x
and refocusing, someone just needs to do it.

Reduce the number of administrators                                        x
Regular staff salary raises, free parking permits for staff, better
benefits for staff, cheaper college for staff's children, cheaper                      x               x       x   x
insurance plans for staff's children.
Reinforce and enhance those systems and programs that work and
improve the working environment.
Reinspire...                                                                                       x
Rentention of staff                                                                x
replace Dr. Browder a dept head in HPERD, she is a good professor
but micromanges the dept to its detriment.
Retention of qualified senior leadership.                                         x
Retirement Process                                                                    x

Right now the only reason I have continued my employment at the
university is due to the benefit of taking classes. The health benefits
have changed so much that my family does not see a benefit due to
high deductibles and our medical needs. You always hear that pay
can always be improved and I believe that asking employees to take
on additional workloads (putting in more than 8 hours per day) for
                                                                              x       x       x
the same pay has gotten out of hand. The pay is no longer
comparable to businesses, institutions in the area. What is the
attraction for potential employees and for current employees to
stay? I believe that looking into processes for reclassifications,
retentions, etc should be reviewed so that they benefit all
employees and not just in specific areas.

Salaries comparable to WSU. Better family health coverage; I didn't
even cover my kids this year - it was just too expensive.                             x   x   x
Expensive parking

Salary - salary models should be linked with parking fee                                  x   x
Salary and health benefits are below average for state and private
                                                                                      x       x
sector jobs.
Salary equity, health benefits, job security. A TRUE LIVEABLE WAGE!
Administration does not care to hear or use input from the staff,
only the faculty gets some notice. Since the layoffs 4 - 5 plus years
ago staffing has not been brought up to where it's needed. We
continue to do more with less, less personal, less pay, less medical,
etc. I still have yet to be brought up to my salary I worked 16 years
                                                                         x   x       x   x
to get to just before the layoffs happened, and even then I had just
barely hit the mid-range of the salary model. According to the
national average I've worked below the median salary my entire
time at the UI. I have been a victim of many different re-
organizations and re-structuring which has left me doing the job of 3
different descriptions.

Salary is always an important issue, it needs to continue to be
addressed so that state salaries can reach what the private sector
has. Medical insurance is also in need of being kept at the best it      x   x
can be. As I near retirement, that is becoming more of an important
See above.                                                                                   x
Seek input & recommendations from off campus sites
Keep promises made to employees
Selling the U as a place where educational desires can be met and
exceeded in a timely manner. All of my kids, including those
graduating with honors, were recruited and personally contacted by
department professors in their field of interest. They were
discriminated against and sexually and because of their religion with
the tacit or active support of the college and or professors in the
classes. Whether this is cultural or political it is disturbing enough
that an honor student changed colleges.
Significant improvement in incentive payouts. This is part of my
payroll but the process is encumbered and riddled with waste. This
includes travel reimbursements of up to 8 weeks in delay. As a
process engineer conducting significant and value add process
mapping will provide decision makers the necessary information at
seeing the waste within the value streams. The U of I also can
improve by knowing which extensions and outreach programs are
out here. While the University colleges may call upon my assistance
they first must know we exist in promoting the University of Idaho.
I do all I can to place graduates within the manufacturing sectors I
come in contact with. This sets well with percent placed. Use me;
that is why I am here, or at least one reason. TechHelp, College of
Engineering. I can start extension courses within our rurual
communities and take college to them.

Simplify health benefits; simplify hiring process; communicate policy
changes via "Register" or other vehicle that would get to all
                                                                            x   x       x   x
employees; provide more training opportunities for off-campus staff
via compressed video.

Some administrators are not open-minded. I feel I've stepped back
30 years since the hiring of the VP for Advancement and his male-
dominated heirarchy. When he uses staff opinions and suggestions,
he promotes them as his own and does not ever acknowledge
anyone's efforts except his two upper-level male associates. There
is also considerable waste in this area that needs to be addressed.
We can raise money without some of unnecessarily business that is
done. The VP needs to hire competent people in the upper level so
that they don't have to travel around the country to figure out how
to do their jobs! His hiring practices are unethical (and male).
Some aspects of technology should be improved, such as the way
students have to set up accounts on Vandal Setup. For example, I
do not believe it is necessary for users to have a PIN number and a
Password. It would also be great if they could extend technology
into other aspects, such as communication. For example, when the
U of I closed last winter, it was difficult to find out if the University
                                                                                        x   x
was closed or not on the first day. It was announced late and many
people who managed to come to campus got stranded. We could
adopt WSU's system of registering our cell phone numbers with an
automated system, or even adopt the systems that local high school
and elementary schools use. The same systems could be used to
greatly improve student, faculty, and staff safety.

Sometimes I feel underutilized. I think that I'm not getting a direct
                                                                            x                   x
enough direction about projects from the higher ups.

sports                                                                          x

Staff benefits have greatly diminished over time. After spending
some length of time in the private sector, any benefits seem better
                                                                                    x                   x
than none, but it would be nice if the University would offer
reduced tuition for children of faculty and staff.

Staff is pathetically underpaid and tragically overworked.                                          x       x
Staff salaries not keeping up with market values.                                                   x
Start focusing on the real problems and do something about them.
Stop hiring consultants to tell us what we already know. Start
promoting us as the premier research institution in the State of
Idaho. Put money into recruitment and train people how to recruit.
The recruitment roadshow is an embarrassment. The materials my
son has received from the University of Idaho for recruitment are
extremely inferior to those received from schools that are our direct
competition. STOP using the word "transformational". Use funds
wisely like supporting an airport and bus system which is vital to our
institution and stop wasting money on receptions and parties for         x   x       x
presidents and their speeches and farewells. Create classrooms to
handle an increase in enrollment if we are not hiring more people.
Many of the classrooms we have are too small, have pillars that
students have to look around, don't have tables or tablets for
students to put their notebooks on, have insufficient lighting, have
chalkboards that are mounted too high to accommodate decorative
molding, have insufficient chalkboard space for professors to write
what is necessary for students to learn. Get a Registrar that knows
how to be a Registrar.
stop "communicating" and tell the truth using plain, straightforward
stop competiting with BSU
                                                                         x       x
stop adding administrators
stop hiring administrators who care only about their careers and not
the university
Stop changing things everytime a careerist president decides to
leave for a higher paying job.
Hire a president that wants to stay here and has been here working
Stop hiring administrators and take the $$ and put it back into staff
salaries. There are still staff who are not making a living wage         x               x
(according to City of Moscow).
Stop letting people circuvent the nepotism policy.
The Sixth street greenhouse manager makes life difficult for people
trying to do research.                                                            x
I think I am over due for a reclassification but there is no money for
Stop taking away benefits that we have earned, for example the
degrading of the rule of 80 - I lost my rule of 80 benefits on the last
"adjustment" which means I will have to work 5 more years to get              x
the health benefit that was originally promised to me (or so I
stop taking away the employee benafits                                        x

Stop talking about talking and meeting about meetings, take some
dramatic much needed ACTION. Lay off the management bingo
buzzwords (President), it makes a farce of all we actually do at the
University and isn't fooling anyone.
Stop the revolving door for president. It is embarassing to the UI
that we can only keep a president for 4 years, especially in
comparison to other institutions in this state and in WA. We have
too many administrators and any cuts should be made at the top
instead of cutting staff positions. There are people, especially Polly
in OSP, that make processing any type of grant close to impossible.
The UI has spend thousands of dollars on different studies, such as
the Yardley Report, then nothing is done. Either don't do the
studies, or implement suggestions made. Administration should be
transparent in where money is being spent, instead of just taking         x       x   x   x   x
money from departments for "reallocation" purposes. Don't hide
behind big, fancy words, just give us the actual facts of what is going
on with this university. Morale is extremely low with not only staff
but also faculty, and the students are suffering. Stop trying to
expand the university state-wide and concentrate on building up
programs here in Moscow, and direct funding for the existing
buildings. Stop allowing students to enroll in classes the first week
of school, especially if they are freshmen. We have an extremely
difficult time trying to get them into the basic classes, and is not a
Stop trying to squeeze money out of parking permits/lots. Should
raise student fees and institute tuition based income. Get the
legislature to increase $ support for UI. Increase salaries and wages      x       x       x   x
for faculty and staff to parity w/ like institutions. Get athletics back
into leagues appropriate to our skills and funding.

STUDENT RETENTION! I personally know a young person who quit
their engineering major because the faculty advisor was clearly
inconvenienced and abrasive, when asked for time and advice. its a                                 x
human basic need to be cared about and students will not stay if
they feel as though they are not.

Supervising the supervisors. We are a grant funded project
affiliated with the UI, yet I don't know if my supervisor is adequately                x
supervised which has an undesirable trickle down effect.

Supervisor accountability                                                              x
Supervisor training and training to do evaluations should be
required. Too many supervisors have no real clue what they should
be doing (or not), and evaluations are not consistent. My supervisor                   x
has no training, and also spends a lot of time working with and
gossiping with one person to the exclusion of the rest of the staff.
Supervisor training in handling of confidental information and how
not to spread roumers.
Support written polices and support the employees that are
responsible for enforcing the policy in the way that they were
written. Fair treatment to all employees no matter what
department that you work in, depending which department that
you work in depends how much you get paid and extra benefits.....              x
Some employees receive more compensation than the ones that
are experts. Making decisions is key. If a person is going to lead,
they must take action and make a decision, whether it is popular or
not, right or wrong, just a decision must be made.
Take better care of retirees, including those who were given early
retirement packages. The university should not break their
obligation to provide retirees and early retirees the benefits at least
equal to the benefits they received at the time of their retirement.
This kind of action reduces the University's ability to recruit the kind
of long term talent necessary to be top flight research institution.
Taking care of its employees - overworked, under paid, costly
benefits, etc. The recent announcement about Plan H is a perfect
example. A last minute change that increases the cost of
participation that can be least afforded by the lower and mid-pay
                                                                                   x               x   x
range employees. The university should have covered the
difference for those employees below some threshold salary level
or allowed those employees to opt out of Plan H for another
taking care of, and retaining employees
health insurance issues
bicycle parking
                                                                           x   x   x       x
resource conservation
administration (which has improved under the interim president)

Taking money away from the colleges and departments to fund new
administrative positions and obligations that were made by
previous administrators. When a hiring freeze is put into effect, it
makes it very difficult for the people in the trenches to do their
                                                                           x                           x
jobs, because they are the ones who pick up the responsibilities of
the positions left vacant. why don't you eliminate a few of the
administrative positions that were added under White's
administration instead of announcing a hiring freeze.
Technology...Computers and printers in all the offices that are able
to get the job done!
Tell MORE success stories of students, faculty and alumni that
impact our state, country and world.
Thanks for this opportunity.                                                                               x
The actions of the Office of Sponsored Programs have made doing
my job as a researcher at the University of Idaho more difficult than
need be, if not seemingly impossible at times. I have had poor
response time on ESF submissions (none what so ever on some), no
training or instructions on the processes of working with or through
OSP, little open communication regarding outstanding or accepted
contracts and proposals, no positive feedback or constructive
criticism, and certainly not any flexibility in resolving unforeseen
issues with grants and contracts. Furthermore the OSP has been                x   x   x
accessivley critical and threatening of fellow colleagues. If I had the
choice to accept another position at the University of Idaho as a
researcher I would decline in light of the manner and difficulties
that the administration has thus far presented in conducting
research. I fell like I am trying to commit conspiracy rather than
research when dealing with OSP and am discouraged from seeking
additional funding and support because I don't want to deal with
the hassle.

The biggest item that I see and contend with on a daily basis is the
division between Housing and Facilities Management. It is FM's
charter to manage and maintain the facilities and buildings of the
University. It follows that FM should also do all of the work in the
residence halls and buildings. There is a duplication of services and     x
expenses and a severe lack of skill in the housing staff that are doing
this work. It seems that even though the maintenance staff might
be assigned to housing, they should be part of FM and therefore
controlled and payed by them, thus saving expences.

The Biological Sciences Department needs more TA lines. The
College of Graduate Studies also needs more funding to provide                            x
support to new and continuing graduate students.

The campus needs better signage.                                          x
The cost to work at the univeristy is excessively high. We have to
pay to park, pay PERSI (required, no opt-out option), pay Idaho
income tax. I feel like I'm being nickel-and-dimed just to work here. I
should not be punished because I work on a central campus
building. For example, had I gotten a job at FM I would have to pay
significantly less to park right outside the building than if I worked at
Steelhouse or the admin building. There should be a flat fee for
faculty and staff. Make the students pay more, not the people who
are supposed to be educating the students. Perhaps subsidize the
parking like you do with health benefits.

The Department of Human Resources is absolutely terrible! The
communication between HR and the department is almost non-
existent and needs to be improved. Despite following all procedure
for employment my supervisor was unable to place me on as a full
time employee for over 4 months. The reason was because the
department and HR failed to process the required paperwork.
Furthermore access to health benefits were delayed for months due               x   x   x
to HR. When they were finally processed I had to pay retro-actively
for health insurance/retirement. As a result I ended up with almost
zero paycheck for several months! In my opinion the university
should be held accountable for situations such as I have listed. It is
not fair to the employee to be penalized for U of I's lack of

The EAP program could be utilized for departments to work through
problems--individual and group counseling to get to the heart of the
problem and get it resolved before good, competent employees
The elitism that exists between staff and faculty is so inbred I have
no idea how one fosters a more team environment when the
attitude seems to come from the top. Most of the staff I work with
have as many degrees or more than the faculty, but still this                   x
attitude stuff goes on...we could be so much more successful if we
were all more supportive of each other. And, that goes for the
faculty too that does not support their peers..."play nice."
The finance system still needs improvement. Many improvements
have occurred, but there is still a ways to go. I have also
appreciated the effort being put forth to "brand" the university. I
believe this will allow the university to stay healthy in many ways:
number of students, number of grants and contracts, and
The financial affairs processes, procedures, and leadership are
inadequate for a modern institution of higher education. The
academic affairs areas are is being micro-managed to an extent that     x
most of our time is spent planning and talking rather than making
decisions and moving forward.

The general staff morale is way down and folks are fearful and
paranoid of losing their jobs or being watched so carefully that they
cannot get on with the U of I business at hand. Great need to revisit
the tasks of different staff, not because they are not necessarily
doing their job well, but, because there are different priorities and       x
their duties should change with the times. We should not have to
wait for someone to retire to get changes in duties and attitudes
accomplished so all can do their job with less stress and less effort
put into working with/around these "curmudgeons".
The Health Insurance is in the toilet - DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT ! ! !
Fire 85% of the Administrators in the Ad Building, divide up their
salary and give the faculty a raise in pay. The faculty are the
members that keep the students on this campus not the cabinet
members. And start listening to the faculty and the staff on their
concerns and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT ! ! ! Everyone is getting
                                                                         x   x               x
tired about STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT, we don't care, we want to
know what you are going to do with the mess we are in right now,
not down the line from now. And stop wasting money on surveys
like this one. We did this survey a few years back and you didn't do
anything with it. Give us a reason to be proud of this institution,

The health insurance programs stinks and is only getting worse.              x
The heath Benefits Have gone down hill And we have not kept up
with cost of living.                                                     x   x                   x
Staff is cut and and administration grows.
The insurance plan is great for individuals who don't need much
health care, but for a family of 4 or 5, AND you have to include your
husband whether he has his own insurance or not, is financially
quite burdensome .
The ITS department is pathetic. AirVandal Gold is a joke and has
serious connectivity issues. There was no communication to the
student body or staff prior to the implementation. Their customer
                                                                                 x   x   x
service skills are quite sub-par and they are unwilling to do anything
that takes more than five minutes to solve your problem. Their
attitude appears to be "Figure it out yourself."
The lack of communication of changes in policies and procedures is
a serious problem. In the past year the Registrar has unilaterally
changed long-standing policies regarding enforcement of prereqs
and coreqs, transfer course credit , and other issues without
notifying, let alone consulting, the departments most affected. We
find out by accident after the fact. Changes in other areas are
implemented from above without investigating how those changes
affect the workers below. We walk on shifting sands and lose
efficiency because we are never sure just what the policy of the day
is. Additional tasks are passed down with each policy/procedure
                                                                       x   x       x   x       x
change without addressing the increased load on the staff member
at the end of the line who must try to keep up.
The University also seems to be squandering precious resources on
fluff and superficial matters, e.g., the remake of the UI image
(deleting the popular starburst and changing to blah fonts)
including prescribed colors, new motto (that immediately was
scrapped), etc. Consultants (who don't really know or care about
UI) are used for so many issues that could instead be addressed by
students (who do know and care and have a stake in UI) via class
projects (truly transformative experiences) in marketing,
The lighting and safety on campus needs improvement. I believe
Blue safety lights would be a huge asset to this University.

The manager of our dept does not treat all people the same. He
gives special treatment to the people that are higher up and the
people that have less influance are treated with less respect. Rules
and regulation are hard to follow with that type of behavior.
The mandatory wellness fees are unfair to those who work on the
edges of campus. The $5-6 fee each pay period goes to support
others, not me, and should be assessed to those who use it. Also,
timecard staff must use vacation time to use the recreation center
when others simply come and go as they please, because they are
not held accountable for their work time. To make it equable, the UI
should give each employee a hour a day (during the work day and
'on the clock') to be able to take advantage of the wellness
program, instead of forcing timecard staff to use after-work hours
when faculty are able to come and go as they please. If UI is
unwilling to commit to a true wellness program then those who do
not wish to participate should not be taxed.
The Mission Statement needs to be aligned with each department
and unit, and then each employee. I am glad to see External
Reviews; however, more time could be allowed for them to be
completed well.
The number and salaries of administrators at the UI is grossly
inflated. Save some money by eliminating administrators and
cutting salaries of those who remain. Excess admin does nothing         x
but increase the busy work BS for faculty and staff. Get out of our
way and let us do our jobs!

The only way to increase one's wages significantly is to change jobs.
There is no monetery compensation or reward for doing the same
job while being in the same department. Usually new
responsibilities are learned due to staff turnover, so one becomes
more knowledgeable with more skills, but it still isn't enough to
change the job title. Or, the supervisor doesn't make the effort to
upgrade job titles. So being knowledgeble, versatile and loyal in
effect become a form of penalty. One ends up with more job
responsiblities and no increase in pay. There needs to be a better
The pathetically outdated and semi-Luddite nature of the IT
infrastructure at UI. A first year MIS student could pinpoint the dire
need for a data warehouse (and I mean a real functioning data
warehouse, not the patched together data marts doing a poor
impression of a data warehouse) where definitions are agreed
upon, information is easily accessible to the appropriate individuals
and management is able to get the information they need in a
timely and consistent manner.

The pay scale needs to come up to at least what the State pays for
the same positions. Positions within the UI should at the very least
post positions at the policy rate. The cost of living, parking and gas
are making it mandatory for some employees to work a second
job.The parking situation in Boise is obscene. The cost of $840 a
month to "LOOK" for parking is beyond ridiculous and add that to
the fact that there is not enough public transportation for                           x   x
employees with odd work hours, Mandated by their jobs, is also a
big issue. Not all supervisiors in the Boise Center are willing to work
with employees and the flex time schedules needed for buses or
commuter van pools. Some of us have no choice but to pay the
outrageous amount of money to park. This system needs a great
deal of improvement.

The perennial issues: parking and department funding. I understand
the need for budget tightening, but supporting liberal arts doesn't
simply mean having them offered. While the law and engineering            x       x
schools are invaluable, that doesn't necessarily mean that, say, the
art department ought to be pared to the bone.
The policy that graduate students cannot receive personal mail at
their offices has to be one of the most ridiculous policies I have ever
dealt with. There is absolutely no justification for this policy to
exist. I receive important mail as a part of my job, some of which
influences the survival of a critically endangered species. I cannot
have a mail clerk making a judgment call over whether or not my
mail is important. Also, like many graduate students, there was a
time I was in-between housing and switched my mail over to my
office, which is the same every year, and I couldn't get mail. I have
had to walk over the mail building to pick up a package that I only       x
knew was delivered because the postal service informed me it was.
No one at UI told me it was here and I would have never known if
the deliverer hadn't told me. That package contained field samples
for my Masters thesis that I mailed to myself from my field site
because I couldn't carry them on a plane. I've also had packages
sent from my family that were never delivered to me because UI
rejected them and I still haven't received a textbook I order on-line
that I addressed to my office. This policy is outrageous and
undeserved and I expected changes to be made immediately.
The process for hiring temporary help is ridiculous. It might work OK
for people on main campus in Moscow, but for those of us who
work at the extension offices or research stations off-campus, it
makes things very difficult. We need to be able to hire people
temporarily, from a few days to a few weeks or a few months. By               x   x
the time we're done advertising and interviewing, half of the season
is over and it's practically a moot point. And we can't always
advertise early because we have to make sure the money is in place
or wait for the new fiscal year to start.
The research structure is abysmal. No instrument support, no
monetary matches or technical support. No coordination with
technical staff throughout the university. Too much money wasted
on maintenance contracts. Not enough electronic support.
Instrumentation is purchased in a Helter Skelter fashion and
underutilized. Who is running the X-ray is an example no operator,
no support for repairs, no money. Funding for research
infrastructure is terrible. I know the administration will build a new
research building but we need equipment to compete. Put the
equipment in area's of greatest utilization attach the instruments to
the internet backbone so data can be tranfered to campus. Use
spaces that have airconditioning and power to reduce start up costs.

The spend way to much on new stuff and most of what we have is
being under utilized! How about saying no more new desks and                                          x
office furniture.
The U of I could improve on recycling. There is no reason why there
should not be recycling for a variety of waste products in every
major building. If the U of I wants to consider itself "green" it needs
to provide recycling.
The U of I should work on trying to offer better pay and benefits for
                                                                              x               x

The UI Administration should pay attention to the Yardley report
and pay more attention to criticism from perceived "outsiders." The
high proportion of adminstrators who have either long UI or WSU
histories blinds and deafens this institution to othe (and better)
ways of doing things. Of course, it is rough going with a State Board
                                                                          x       x           x   x
of Education that is tight-fisted and, seemingly, anti-intellectual.
This has lead to, as I see it, your problem of being top heavy in
"local" talent at higher levels because the salaries are not
competitive and the resources (i.e., cash) available for projects and
programs (unless it's football) is often insufficient.
The UI could better support its educators and researchers (and
perhaps its students). At times I get the impression that the
administration feels like the educators and researchers are here to
support it, but on the contrary, the *only* role for the
                                                                          x       x
administration is to support the work of the educators and
researchers. The administration needs to focus on *enabling* the
educators and researchers rather than putting policies in place that
hinder the work of those individuals.
The UI is top heavy with administrators. Too many chiefs. Not
enough workers.
The UI needs adequate staff in each department who have the
incentive and time to review and research incoming invoices for
correctness; follow-up on questionable bills; and locate sources to
obtain products/services at reasonable prices. Example: Before we
started reviewing advertising tearsheets in HR, how many ads were
paid for by departments that either were incorrect or didn't run?

The Ui needs better counsel and participants when choosing those
in high places of authority. Perhaps, if those who choose selection
committees had a higher regard for staff members they would
benefit from all scopes of input as hiring decisions are made.

The UI needs to give direct attention to the work loads of the
employees and find a way to ease the stress that is the result of
over-worked employees. The new health care plan is a huge burden
on those who had unexpected health issues within their families. As           x               x
a family, we were priced out of Plans A and B and the out-of-pocket
expenses of those in Plan H are a big concern given the status of the

the university doesn't seem to care about there employees very
much. If you don't have a phd behind your name you are treated
like lower class, not only in the day to day job but in our salary. You               x
can still contribute knowledge without a degree through
experience, and not just looked past because of education or age.
The university has a serious problem when it comes to benefits. In
my own experience, if I would have known about the horrible health
insurance at UI before I was offered a job, I would have declined.
Also, the fact that I have to have 5 years to be fully vested in the
retirement program is also an issue I am not happy about. Basically,
if would have been more aware of the benefits at UI prior to my             x
acceptance of my current position, I would have passed. This
institution will continue to attract qualified staff members if these
issues are not rectified, and they will lose dedicated and
hardworking employees if it cannot keep up with other schools
benefit packages.

The University has trouble communicating between departments.
Each department seems to have their own agendas and don't seem
to work together to make the University a better place. With
                                                                        x       x
budgets so tight, each department worries about themselves and
not how to improve the big picture. Working together would
benefit all parties involved.
The University is failing in many respects as demonstrated by it's
paltry 1% enrollment increase when many other universities have
double digit increases. The University has misplaced priorities. It
spends more time finding its "strategic direction" and having
committee meetings than doing what it should be doing. The
academic programs should be directed to the market place and the
quality should be improved. The University has become too top
heavy with high paid administrators, especially considering the flat
enrollment numbers. If these high paid administrators were
trimmed, there would be more money to expand and improve
academic programs. The administration should also treat the staff
as a valuble asset to achieve the University's objectives rather than
a commodity that can be easily replaced. I know this to be true
because a co-worker, who was one of the hardest working and most
dedicated university employees, was fired over trivial issues. The
University should reward dedication and experience.

The University is still trying to be all things to all people. The
University needs to eliminate dysfunctional and poorly performing
programs. I recognize the political difficulty of this. I realize it will
take much sustained effort. I am aware, as well, that the current
University leadership is devoted to doing this. We have a a long
way to go. We need to be in this for the long term.

The University Management needs to address Building Security
Guidelines and come up with a comprehensive plan that includes                          x
upgrades to securing all Buildings on campus.
The university needs to demonstrate its commitment to academics
with increased investments in teaching. Every time I hear about the
money going into football, or coach salaries, or a remodeled Kibbie             x
Dome, I am tempted to think the whole university enterprise is a
The University needs to drastically improve on the health benefits. I
think too it would be more beneficial to offer the education benefit     x               x
to employee's children, and do away with offering it to the spouses.

The university needs to examine and rectify inequities in salaries. If
an individual is unlucky enough to work for a department that has
funding challenges, they can fall well behind (25%+) their peers in
flush departments, even though they perform the same duties and                  x
shoulder equal or greater job responsibility. This issue has been
consistently ignored by administration and is a great source of
employee dissatisfaction!!!

The university needs to implement campus-wide management and
administrative procedures, train staff in them, and enforce them.
Right now, every department does things differently, there is no
oversight or attempt to enforce the policies that do exist, and it is
absolutely maddening to try and get anything done between
departments. Our recent procedures reporting seems to have gone
nowhere. Training is nonexistent. Banner *really* needs to be
replaced with an actual accounting system.

The University needs to move away from a single software vendor
as the email standard. Too many employees do not know how to set
their e-mail client options not to send out TNEF attachments. This
assumption frustrates me, and others (including the general public).
The University needs to standardized on open source electronic               x
formats (word processing, spreadsheets, etc) that do _not_ rely on
a single software vendor for accessing the information. I will admit
that there is a large user base using that software vendor; however,
not everyone does.
The University needs to move beyond "crisis" mode and try to build
some stability into its administration. There appears to be a lack of
common sense when it comes to how the university deals with
certain issues. Also, it appears that the University is leaving itself
open to lawsuits on a number of fronts, sexual harassment, building
safety/acess, etc.
The University of Idaho needs improvements in many areas as
1) The UI administrators make decisions which impact employees,
but do not consider employee input. The decisions are not
delivered in a timely manner. For instance, the Budget Office
decided to change some budget numbers in my department for
FY09. I began asking about these changes in April, 2008 and did not
receive any response until approximately 3 weeks prior to the new
budget year. Then I received 3 different budget scenarios in the 3
weeks prior to the change. This caused me to have to complete
EPAF's for one employee as many as 3 times and caused a number
                                                                             x   x   x
of payroll errors, which had to be fixed at a later date. The Budget
Office did not communicate the budget changes in a timely manner.
2) The UI allows many employees to remain employed even though
they are not doing their jobs. "The dead wood needs to be pruned."
Some of these employees are even a hazard to students and
nothing is done about it. UI needs to find a way to terminate non-
productive and detrimental employees.
3) Hiring and timekeeping procedures are in serious need of
revamping. For instance, UI is considered one employer for payroll
purposes, while the individual departments are considered the
employer for hiring purposes. This dichotomy costs the UI a lot of
The University of Idaho needs to provide more online degree
programs! We don't want to lose students to online colleges.
The university seems to insure and give benefits to staff that needs
it the least, while IH people like myself who are out in the field
sacrificing my body to make university events happen have no
insurance and limited benefits while also being paid the least. The
divide between these two groups (the cubicle dwellers who make
decisions for and about IH without consulting them and IH
themselves, who actually apply these poor decisions) needs to be
The University should consider the consequences of its decisions on
the larger community

The University, particularly the administration, talks a lot, but seems
confused and conflicted when it comes to implementing anything
positive. Seems great at trying to find fault and problems, but very
weak at finding solutions, and even weaker at implementing them.
I'm all for "vision", but not flowery gunk that accomplishes nothing.             x   x
Additionally, in speaking with colleagues from several schools across
campus who do research, they claim their research is being severely
undermined and second guessed. **Yardley Report** people. It
SHOULD be our friend.

The VP of Finance and Administration is trying to make too many
operations in his shop profit centers, resulting in shifting costs to
other departments with limited budgets having to pay for services
that used to be provided. Also, things such as Life on Wheels and         x
other events are being discouraged because they don't raise enough
revenue in the short run even though the long-term benefits are
extremely valuable.
The wellness program should be receiving all the money the U of I is
collecting from the employees since they have enrolled everyone in
it...this money should used to improve class offerings, extend
wellness times, boost pay for instructors, provide more facilities and
renew equipment. Research faculty grant money should be flowing
to facilities to provide the environment needed for excellent
research..and to conduct proper maintenance of the research
facilities. U of I employees that are taking advantage of the
wellness program should be given paid time (hour a day or so) to
take wellness classes..after all, these employees are doing a better
                                                                         x           x   x   x   x
job for the University and in general are more productive and show
up to work more ready to do thier job..they should be rewarded for
taking time to go to wellness classees...not have to juggle their
already tight work day schedule to try to fit time in to workout.
Supervisors should also support employees who want to workout
during the day. The University Administration should also take the
lead and let all departments know repeatedly that energy
conservation is a high priority and also tell everyone each month
what the allowable temperatures are for the differering
seasons..Lastly sustainable projects should be encouraged and

The worst thing the university has done is implement this terrible
health plan, followed closely by minimal raises and increased costs
in everything from parking to SRC memberships. It's absolutely
insulting that we were expected to believe we were better off when
we are participating in a plan that is worse all the way around,
especially for those employees that are paid the least. The second
thing is the University turning its back on its retirees and reneging            x   x
on its contract with them. For shame! Adding to the list, getting rid
of absolutely everyone in Facilities who can help departments with
their basic maintenance and moving projects has put an unfair
burden on each college or department. Plus, the landscaping used
to be beautiful at this university and now everything looks shabby -
not a good enrollment strategy.

There are too many bosses to workers. Also the pay scale is behind
the times!
There is a definite lack of communication on this campus. Changes
seem to be made in processes/procedures at upper levels without
thorough consideration of the effect on staff "in the trenches."
Morale is low among staff and I see no chance of improvement in                x   x
the immediate future. No staff representation on the current
presidential search is unacceptable. That in itself conveys how staff
is regarded on this campus.

There is a lot of lip service given to recognizing the staff (especially
the women and minority staff members), but most of us feel pretty
ignored most of the time. This is particularly noticeable if a staff                       x
member gets ignored for doing something that would get a lot of
notice for a faculty member or a student.

There is an inability at the executive level to make a decision and to
stick to it. Also, there is a significant lack of concern about
compliance with state and federal regulations. People who clearly
do not care about complying with regulations are not disciplined in
any way. Rather, the are coddled and their lack of compliance is
ignored because, apparently, the university does not want to lose          x           x   x
research dollars. Additionally, people who treat other people with
disrespect, disdaiin, and outright hostility are allowed to continue to
do so with no repurcussions. People on the front lines are often
yelled and cursed at, particularly by faculty, and nothing is done. I
have never seen anything like it.

There is no career advancement in a job title with only one posiition                          x
There is no central tracking/reporting system in place for reporting
crimes or insidents. If any faculty, staff or student goes against
policy or law in one area there is no way to know if this person is a
problem in some other location on campus. We have no way of
tracking patterns to note people of interest. In light of the incidents
at Universities, the world and our current world economic problems
I feel this should be a priority. We do not want to look back and say
IF or We should have......

There is no functional connection to the administration. It is like
being a part of a high school student body or student government
where our input is smiled at, but not considered seriously. Morale
                                                                              x               x
is low and continuing a downward trend. The disconnect between
the administration and the working ranks is real and the lack of
support is difficult to understand, or tolerate.

There is such a lack of morale here at the Moscow campus. With
such cruddy benefits, a low pay scale, and such a need for more
communication from central administration, this is no longer the
place to work. The employees on this campus need to be
compensated for sticking around through such hard times and to
meet the cost of living. There seems to be so many more jobs being        x   x       x   x   x   x   x
created for directors there aren't enough people to carry out the
work they create. This new identity with the tagline "A legacy of
leading" should be "A legacy of leaving." This is no longer the place
where people take root because there aren't enough incentives to
stay. Our department is so short staffed the workload is unbearable.

There needs to be a hard look into the amount of money that is
funneled from grants projects back into the hands of the faculty or
PI's. It has been common practice in the past that overhead returns
were placed back into the area that produced the grant, The                                           x
problem with this is as the number of grants increased and the staff
required to take care of those $ stayed the same, an increase in
work load occured because no new money was put towards staff.
There needs to be career tracks for staff to be able to advance.
Longevity should be rewarded. More training for staff so they are
prepared to advance. The older worker with training and
                                                                                                 x   x
experience need to know that they truly have a chance for
advancement. Career staff need to be paid for their time, training,
and knowledge.
There needs to be more cooperation between deans and
departments at the University. Sometimes, it feels like there is a               x
hostile relationship between the dean's office and the department.
There needs to be more open communication with central UI

There seems to be a huge bottle-neck in Accounts Payable.
Everything needs to be run through Linda Keeney, which causes
many delays. Staff turn over in the office also is an issue as no
person is there long enough to remember how a specific program
handles financial matters so the same question arises again and
again. Once a system has been developed that works, the next time
it is used red flags go up and there is a delay in processing and the
policy ends up being changed again. I've been doing the same job
and with the same program for 2 years, and most of my stress and
re-doing of work comes about because of Accounts Payable.

There should be less money wasted without a plan on how to spend
                                                                         x   x
it, and too many chiefs and not enough workers.
There should be more motorcycle parking available in the Admin
Parking lot vicinity. I ride my scooter to work whenever I can instead
of my car (which I have a gold sticker for) because I believe it is a
good thing to do for the environment and for the UI parking crunch.
It irritates me that I am unable to park my scooter in the Admin lot                         x
at 7:50am in the morning, but I can park my car. It also irritates me
that if there is no space in the Admin lot, I can park my car in the
upper music building lot, but I must travel to the lower music
building lot to park the scooter.
They have got to find a way to compensate staff and value staff
                                                                                             x   x
members. Morale is as low as I've ever seen it.
They need to hire a director of the ECC who is competent. Also,
retirement shouldn't be forced it should be an option.

They need to stop doing quick fix solutions to create the impression
that action is being taken. They need to take a longer view.
Spending a fortune on a new logo is a cosmetic fix and does nothing
for the real problems that need work on at the university. And
building trust between the admin and the rest of campus will go a        x   x           x
long way to helping with these long term solutions. The recent
history of administrators gives the impression that they are in it
long enough to get their golden parachute and then leave with no
concern for the university in the present or the future.

They need to stop going backwards on their employee benefits, in
particular health care and paid up medical. The U of I used to be a
great place to work, it use to feel like a family, but not any more,
and that is too bad.

This is somewhat UI related, but I feel Sodexho charges too much
for food items. It seems the portions have grown smaller, while the
price increases. I can afford it, but what about the students. I may
be incorrect but it's something I've noticed. Also the chairs at Joe's
Cafe are still the same chairs I fell through because the welds broke.
I'm not the only one who fell through. It was reported months ago
with nothing done. Not good for UI if a pregnant woman or elderly
person fell through the middle of a chair because they can't seem to
be replaced. Not to mention folks who might be considering sending
their sons and daughters here. Small things matter!!!!!!!
This list is quite long. I'm going to include what I feel are the most
important issues:
1) The University has recently increased its "taxation" on research
grants. They're keeping an ever larger percentage of the overhead.
It's already beyond the point of affecting researchers negatively.
The long term effect will be harmful to research at this institution
and we've lost too many good researchers as it is. (It's my
understanding that future federal regulations may limit this
"taxation" on the grants from governmental agencies, more than
halving the levels they are currently at here. This gives you idea of
what "they" consider reasonable.) Although I realize that this is in
conflict with part of the Yardley report, if you read that section their   x               x
opinion is based on comments by Administrators as opposed to
looking at the actual percentages involved and comparing this with
other peer Universities.
2) The previous administration appeared to ignore or, at best, put
on a show of listening to the staff. But any input apparently had no
effect on decisions made later. It's important for the new president
to meet face to face with as many groups as possible, in my opinion.
3) I suggest you have a professional auditing firm review the
processes and procedures used by our internal auditors.
4) Several of the decisions of the previous administration need to be
revisited. When issues were previously raised the stock answer
This round of health care benefits administration was horrible. I am
very worried about this. I am also worried about the Universiy's
trend in losing good workers to other places of employment for pay
                                                                                   x   x       x
and benefit reasons. This is hurting us. It takes the University a few
years to get something started - key people then leave - and we
start the process all over again.

This survey didn't have a length of years at UI for less than 1 year
option. The University should encourage or facilitate a
carpool/bussing system from Deary/Troy to Moscow and back.
There are a lot of faculty/staff/students that commute every day.
This Survey is answered for the last 3-4 months, before that I would
have said disagree on a lot more items. The previous supervisor did
not communicate well with our office and did not encourage
promotion within our office, let alone input from the staff. I feel                           x
that in the last year and a half that the office was under staffed,
under stress and that problems were not communicated with the
staff ombudsman that should have been.

This survey- it was very hard to follow the lines over to the bubbles                                     x

This University is run for the benefit of about two dozen
administrators. The UI pays admin going market rates while faculty
and staff are underpaid by at least 15-20%. This is why the best and
brightest leave UI when the opportunity presents itself. The UI
would have dried up and blown away years ago if Moscow wasn't
such a nice place. The UI calls itself a research institution though it
has none of the infrastructure needed to support its research
scientists. Layer upon layer of bureaucracy have been added in            x       x       x       x   x
recent years with no effort given to help researchers deal with red
tape. OSP is ridiculously understaffed. You can't expect research
money to keep coming in to the UI if there is no investment by the
UI into the people that are working to secure those grants. I have
worked here since 1995 and I have never seen a UI policy that
wasn't detrimental to soft-money researchers. Admin apparently
has no idea how low morale is among faculty and staff.

This university, especially the provost, fosters communications silos
that make it impossible for employees to feel proud of or adequate
in their jobs. Why does two-way communication between people                  x       x
immediately impacted feel like an act of defiance or require an act
of contrition?
Today, I recieved the following in an email from the president: .
"Processes. Provost Baker is forming a small internal team of
specialists in organizational process re-engineering to examine
University functions that particularly affect the quality of our
student experience; the impact of the delivery of our programs; and
the sustainability of our living and working environment. This team
will develop a system to improve the efficiency and effectiveness
our work processes, and in addition focus on developing our
professional skills so that we are equipped to continue these
improvements for years to come. This work will also be                        x           x
collaborative, driven by faculty, staff and student input on priority
areas for process change. "
My comment would be, haven't we already done this "ad
nauseum"? During the mapping exercise about 3 years ago, tension
was very high among staff. And very little was done with this
information. In fact, I think, but am not sure, that Pres White even
advised that we scrap the data. There were many hours of work and
then frustration. If this happens again, my guess is that the staff and
faculty will not "band together for the greater good". The only

Too much focus on athletics, esp. football. Go back to Big Sky!
Much waste in Facilities Management
Saying that UI is about sustainability, but not really doing anything
substantial to prove it.
Insurance!!! 2008 new plan is the worst ever. Plan H was pushed,
but it now seems to be even more complex and convoluted than
                                                                          x       x   x       x
earlier. 2 year vision/dental is a nightmare. Lots of $$ wasted on
marketing of 'custom choices', what a joke. I know this is a national
problem, but criminy, the UI should be able to care for its
employees a lot better than this! Broken promises, and a loss of
confidence in the institution...these will plague UI for years to come
unless something is done. Of course, there are no easy answers.
Too much micro-managment from OSP, HR, Registrar's office,
Media Relations. The concept of trusting employees seems to have
disappeared on this campus. When I was young I worked at the
Pentagon for 1 summer and at the time there were different levels
of classification (top secret, secret, etc.) for employees based on
background checks. Based on your level, you had access to certain
information. At UI, the offices listed above esp. the Registrar's
office pretend they have been through some kind of background
check (which they have not) and should have access to more
information on campus than the rest of us. We are somehow
                                                                         x   x   x   x
untrustworthy due to nothing more than the office into which we
were hired. This inablity to get to information impacts our ability to
provide customer service and also impacts are ability to act in a
timely fashion. The level of micro-mgt. as it relates to money is
equally troubling. The biggest problems on this campus have been
at very high levels and yet admin assts are told by OSP staff if
someone for whom they work does something wrong with money,
the admin assts are to blame. That is unethical treatment of people
at the bottom of the totem pole. The Shelly Bull situation is
untenable for people at the admin asst level. What kind of
Training and supporting its managers and staff. Both need
orientation to the UI and in cases that is not necessary at the very
least need to be fully informed of UI operations and purpose of                                  x
different entities and the individual's role within the UI, their
College/dept., including and especially off-campus.

Training for new hires closer to date of hire.                                                   x
Treat off-campus employees no differently than Moscow campus
Trust.                                                                                   x
UI is losing its focus. Many recent decisions seem determined to
alienate both the community and the staff. Many people loved
coming to campus for Enrichment, swimming, etc but UI is
becoming more and more insulated from Moscow. This used to be                                  x
a place where one could feel relaxed and happy. Enought that you
could overlook the low pay. But now everywhere you turn there
are new regulations and new fees but not a new salary.
UI needs a parking garage building, not just a parking lot that is too
far away from anything.
UI Needs more money. That would solve a lot of problems. Could
use more vacation time.
UI really needs to get up to speed on pay scales. We keep being
asked to do more with less, yet there is no compensation for that.
                                                                           x                   x
Perhaps we don't need so many administrators who are making
large salaries.
Underpaying instructors so they leave for higher paying jobs taking
their research grants with them. Spending a TON of money on a
                                                                               x               x
football program that is in the wrong division and can't even
compete at the level necessary to be in that division.

Understaffed. I'm exhausted! Long-time, reliable employees get
loaded down because they have the commitment and loyalty to get
things done. I see this same pattern throughout the UI, not just in
my department or immediate units I interact with.                                      x           x
Eroding health benefits is a killer too. I stayed here primarily for the
health benefits promised to me in retirement. Now I'm very
concerned what level of benefits I will have.
Unfortunately, the list is very long. Some of the highlights include:
* communication needs a great deal of improvement (two-way,
respectful dialogue, including listening)
* administrators who can (and will) make well-educated, forward-
thinking decisions
* a number of our upper-level and mid-level administrators do not
seem to have the background to support the jobs they've been
placed into
* professional development for staff and faculty needs to be re-
instated, staffed, and supported
* there is a tremendous lack of respect here; consensus is not
understood; the mentality seems to be "I win," "you lose," and I'll
stab you in the back to make it happen
* we don't seem to seek out and utilize our in-house subject-matter      x   x       x   x   x   x       x
experts, but instead bring in consultants who don't understand our
culture and climate
* our succession planning is deplorable
* we should be more agile in strategic planning and goal setting
* we are very short-sighted in our strategic visioning; it's not
enough to look at what UI should be doing in 5 years -- we need to
work with Boise State, WSU, LCSC, etc., to consider what programs
belong where, what is being duplicated at too great an expense, etc.
* we have begun working more on interdisciplinary programming,
but have a long way to go in this important area
* many of our facilities just need a simple coat of paint, new blinds,
cleaned carpets, etc., to enhance our physical appearance
* morale is abysmal; what are we actively doing to change this
University of Idaho needs better benefits options for employees                  x

Upgrades on employees off campus                                                                     x
Upper administration is not open to anything other than what they
Upper managment does not seek enough staff involvement during
policy and procedure changes. Administrative offices have
forgotten about INTERNAL customer service. We are all on the
same team, right?
Use your resources wisely and effectively and use good resources.
Everything this University does that affects the employees as a
whole involves a lot of expense and time by the people
implementing the plan, and then requires more time and expense            x       x
implementing the fixes. The health program is a prime example,
poor information, poor implementation, and a poor program. Good
for UI, bad for employees.

Vacation and sick time for board appointed (non-exempt)
employees is insufficient, especially if we are "strongly encouraged"
to take personal time during the Christmas holiday. We work as
hard as other UI employees, but don't seem to be rewarded equally.
It can be VERY discouraging. Please don't treat us like we're less
skilled, less valuable, or less important to the University.

Very little direct communication is done by the Vice President Larry
Branen to the faculty and staff at our campus. Messages and
directions are given through his assistant, Jamie Anderson. Jamie
does not have the style or presence to communicate effectively to
the faculty or staff. The faculty does not know if the messages are           x
coming from the Vice President or made up by his assistant.
Generally, they are from Jamie without any thought to the
implications of the faculty. This lack of communication and
leadership is causing the entire office moral to be at an all time low.

Way back in the old days! If I had a good summer job with lots of
hours and I worked part time during the school year and Christmas
and Spring break, I could pay all of my University costs. I don't think
a student can come close to that now. Paying off loans for a
student may take years! For most, it will have a significant impact
on quality of life and may affect their decision to further their
education. I think the University needs to do more to make sure
they understand the importance of keeping those costs down and
to make them more aware of all sources of money available to
We desperately need to address deficiencies in employee
compensation on our campus. Administrators need to understand
that in order to recruit the best and brightest employees, we must
compensate competitively for our region, both in salary and               x       x
benefits. If not, we consign ourselves to mediocrity and high
turnover. The only reason I've remained at the U of I is because of
my sense of loyalty to this campus.

We need a new direction and new leadership. There is much
concern about health benefits and the fiscal mismanagement of             x
those resources. Certain administrators threaten employees.

We need a program in place for full-time IH employees to receive
group medical insurance and other benefits. What would be the
cost in providing the education benefit to full-time IH? Why not          x           x
extend this benefit? The institutional cost seems relatively low
compared to the goodwill generated.
We need better communication between Administrators and staff.
Staff needs to know what is happening. We get asked questions                 x
that the public hears before we do!
We need competent leadership at the top. Our Benefits package
sucks. We used to be able to have our pick of employees but now
                                                                      x   x
we are not competitive and the UI is no longer the choice employer
in the area. We rarely get good candidate pools for open positions.
We need lots more bike racks. It's especially bad at the Commons
during the school year. Can be a problem some days behind the
Admin building. Employees who live in Moscow should be
encouraged to bike or walk. Incentive programs could be
established with prizes. People would keep track of exercising at the
rec center, walking to work or biking and earn points. When they
reach a certain score, they would be awarded a prize. Even just a
coffee card. I ride to work every day and make two trips because I
ride home for lunch. And I take the stairs to the third floor of the
Admin building where I work. I see too many lazy people using the
elevator not only to go up a floor or two, but to go down a floor or
two! That's nuts.

We need to adjust morale. It is evident that there is preferential
treatment in administration that not everyone has to follow the
rules. Pay is relatively low and to watch administrative level
positions posted at above the minimum when colleges are only able               x       x       x
to post at the minimum is not a morale booster. It feels like we are
doing even more for no more money when gas and other prices are
just going higher.

We need to consider the ramifications of being budget centered
rather than student and employee centered. While we indeed need
to be careful of our spending we also need to consider long-term
and public relations ramifications of some of our decisions.

We need to find a way to keep good people from moving on. We
need to find a way to get our legislature more supportive of the
University of Idaho. We need to keep our affairs in order to stop
                                                                            x   x           x
the media misinformation that is broadcast to the public. We need
to build morale so those of us who work here and love the
University of Idaho are proud to be here!
We need to find money to keep the physical campus maintained.
The outsided of buildings are filthy, and crumbling. If you wanto get
more students we need to keep the place looking better. I also think           x   x           x
that too much money goes to athletics. I know that they bring in
money, but I feel that the true focus should be on higher education.
We need to have qualified finance administrators who understand
their job.
We need to hire more staff in all areas, and pay them better.                                              x   x

We need to keep key people in their positions long enough to make
a difference, yet break up the good old boys club that is killing this
university with its stagnant and stale way of thinking. We need to
compensate talent instead of generating a perpetual revolving door
for the workforce to be trained and leave for something better.
                                                                                           x       x       x
With each change in the health care policy, depleting chances for
retirement before I die of old age and making $10,000 less than my
counterpart across the border, it makes it harder and harder to stay
in love with my alma mater. However, I will persist until it kills me or
things change, whatever might come first.

We need to maintain our commitment for teamwork and
excellence. Reward employees for good work and create a system
of progressive discipline that encourages those employees who                                                      x
don't meet our expectations to work hard and be a part of a great
We need to prioritize our curriculum to maximize our available
budget expenditures. We must also continue to seek private funding                 x
and support to enhance U of I programs.

We need to raise entry salaries to attract quality candidates. But
when new hires come in with fewer qualifications and less
experience than existing staff with outstanding annual evaluations,                    x               x   x
and make 10-20% more than this same existing staff, the disparity in
pay leads to low morale.
Website management - It's the world's window to us. University is
upgrading but progress is slow.
What the heck is "Web for Employees?" Does anyone really know it
by that name?
When supplying updated technology for the IT on the Idaho Falls
campus the answer is always no. Which is fine but it seems there is
no consideration or though just a straight no. There are something                       x
that can be done with out but by having them would make things
much easier and more productive during the day.

When there is a staff position open, others have to do the work for
that position. HR is already slow filling positions, and we now have a
stop on filling any positions. How do you plan on compensating staff
that now have more work for the same pay and even forced
overtime for an extended period of time. I feel that this time while                         x
no jobs are filled is going to be a great burden to several staff. We
have gone 6 months to over a year with a shortage of help. There
are times when extra work is expected but not because HR is slow
or stopped.

Where to start? The leadership of the university is incompetent.
The leadership openly disagrees about the direction of the
institution and makes decisions that are not consistent and "off the
cuff." We are in a very reactive mode right now and there is a
tremendous need to be proactive. I don't believe the current
                                                                         x   x       x
administration has the ability to do this. There is no decision making
body on campus and there is no process in arriving at a decision.
Finance and Administration is in shambles and we will continue to
see good people leave there because of the cryptic communication
from the leader. It's a shame!!!
While I agree with UI efforts to improve the consistency and
professionalism of our communications through branding
guidelines, etc., there seems to be a general lack of trust in
departments to handle their own communications. We are forced
to go through the Communications Office for most of our publicity,
but they don't seem to have the staff necessary to centralize all UI
communication in this way. Getting information out both internally
and externally has become a pretty cumbersome process.

While I personally trust those I know who are in senior
administration, I feel there needs to be more "personal"
communication with departments; now , I know this is a big order
                                                                          x       x
but if senior adm (pres, provost, etc) could simply stop by for a few
minutes at a staff meeting in each dept I really believe that that
contact would improve attitudes towards sr administration

With the restructuring of areas throughout the campus, the time is
right to look at consolidation of administrative tasks. Many tasks
are handled by each college for each college with regard to HR,
payroll, finance etc. Centrailizing the duties will enable the colleges
and departments to focus on teaching and mentoring students. This
will also bring consisitency throughout the campus on tasks
performed for the areas mentioned. Employees should be                        x
encouraged to seek other positions rather than become too
comfortable in their position resulting in losing objectivity and
desire to promote change through technology and resources. Many
are happy to continue doing things the way they were done 10 or
15 years ago. When approached with change, the question is
usually asked "why it is working just fine?".

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