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									                            Timber Marking Prescription Template
Date: 08/13/2002
Forest Management Unit: Sault - Naubinway
Timber Sale Number          Sale Name Bryan Grade Hardwood

Local Contact: Karen Rodock Tx (906) 477-6048    FAX : (906) 477-6864 email:
    Map of Project Area Attached
Legal Description:
T44N R12W Section(s) 31;32 Description SENE; SWNE, S1/2NW, E1/2SW, N1/2SE, SWSE
Year of Entry: 2003 Compartment(s):185 Stand Number(s): 11, 17

This timber sale preparation contract is based on the following acreage:
Estimated Acres: 97 source    OI   GPS      Other
Payment will be made on the basis of these estimated acres.

Treatment & Objectives:
Stand nbr Cover Type       Acres BA / Acre      Treatment                 Management Objective
11        M6            6        120           Thinning                    Northern Hardwood
17        M9            91       120           Selection                   Northern Hardwood

1. Some Beech, Yellow Birch and Black Cherry should be retained where present.
2. Leave best tree in place, regardless of species. Some larger diameter trees should be retained
for size diversity.
3. Leave obvious nest or den trees. Snags and some poor health trees should be retained for
4. Some aspen, balsam fir, spruce and ironwood can be marked to remove. Follow more detailed
prescription sheet.
Access: Off Bryan Grade which can have some water holes and can be slick. 4 Wheel drive
necessary in spring to access or dry conditions.

DNR preparation work to be done prior to contract work:            Estimated date:

Contract work can begin:
Contract work must be completed by: Date 8/15/03

                                      Paint Line Work
   This is bid item
   This is not a bid item

Paint line work to be performed. See attached map for locations.

DRAFT                                                                                  CAB 6/13/02
         Type of line             Work to be          Not                 Paint color
                                    done           applicable
Private boundary                                                    Blue          Other:
Sale boundary                                                       Red           Other:
Sale cutting unit                                                   Yellow        Other:
Stand type line                                                                   Other:
Trees marked to leave                                               Green         Other:
Trees marked to cut                                                 Orange        Other:

Exclusions to mark and why: None
Standards for marking lines against private land: Within 10 feet of actual line
Area calculation:
Unit                     Method                  Standard
Sale                     GPS                      2 meters
Payment unit             GPS                      2 meters
Stand                    GPS                      2 meters

Special Instruction: DNR must approve GPS units. Contractor must provide units.

                              Timber Cruising Specifications
  This is a bid item
  This is not a bid item
Required Basal Area Factor:       10          20    Other:

Cruise Line Direction:

        Cruising Units                 Number of plots per acre              Spacing (chains)
1-5                                                                          X
Total Number of Cruise Points

Cruise Special Instructions:
Cruise 1 plot for every 5 acres within the marking units.
Unless otherwise specified, the tally sheets use must be those supplied by the Management Unit.

                              Timber Marking Specifications
   This a bid item
   This is not a bid item
   Precise specifications to be delineated at pre-work meeting with DNR staff.

Total Residual BA (Basal Area): 80[ Minimum 70 to Maximum 90]

          Treatment                            Number                               Size
Regeneration gaps per acre        5                                 30'
Girdled Trees per acre

DRAFT                                                                                      CAB 6/13/02
                            Marking symbol              Minimum DBH                Top DIB
Sawlogs                  slash & dots / 2 slash    12                      10
Pulpwood                 slash                     6                       4

Tally intensities
Species / product                                 Ratio:
sawlogs                                            1:1

Species to favor: Best tree in place
Species to reduce:None

Special Marking Instructions
Some aspen, balsam fir and spruce are to be retained. Mark sawlog trees with a slash and a dot
for each 8' sawlog product in the tree and double slash the other side of tree. All trees must be
marked on both sides of the tree. Pulp trees will be marked with a slash on both sides. Stump
marks shall be a vertical paint slash extending to the ground.
Unless otherwise specified, the tally sheets used must be those provided by the Management

Restrictions: We wish to be able to identify who did what on our sales. You may not have more
than two markers in one payment unit without approval. Each marker should have an assigned
area to mark (not strips).

Paint: Call (906) 477-6048 to make all paint arrangements. Paint will be supplied from (location)
Naubinway. Contractors work schedule must coincide with the DNR work schedule for paint
supply. The DNR will not deliver paint on weekends or evenings.

1. A list of who marked (cruised) each payment unit (names)
2. A summary of paint used (in quarts)
3. Tally summaries for each payment unit, (one summary regardless of the number of markers)
    and all of the original tally sheets.
4. GPS files for any GPS work done.

DRAFT                                                                                   CAB 6/13/02

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