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									SIZE OF SCREEN: 10.1-inches
WEIGHT: 21 ounces (1.3 pounds)
WIRELESS 3G (Yes/No): Yes
CARRIER: Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and AT


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inches Full Review

Running Android Honeycomb (also known as Android 3.0), the Samsung’s
Galaxy Tab 10.1 joins Samsung's arsenal of Android devices. The larger size of
10.1 inches is really nice and it handles reading newspapers and magazines and
taking notes much better then the 7-inch tablet.
The Tab 10.1 is powered by Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor and runs the
vanilla version of Honeycomb. The Galaxy Tab resembles a super-sized version
of its parent company’s smartphones. It runs a version of the Android 3.0
operating system which is the first version of Android designed for tablets, and
has the ability to run existing Android phone apps.
The Honeycomb operating system is really good, its closer to Windows XP
operating system in terms of the look and feel, with a very responsive, finger-
friendly touch interface. Unlike many other Android based tablets, it can connect
and download apps from the Android Marketplace. As the largest and most
comprehensive source for apps, any Android device without this ability is
seriously disadvantaged.

It is the freedom that comes with the open-source Android platform that really
sets the Galaxy apart as a viable alternative to the iPad. Instead of tightly
regimented control from Apple regarding all aspects of what the device can do,
Android users are relatively free to do what they want. The Galaxy offers quite a
few hardware advantages to take advantage of this freedom. There are front and
rear-facing cameras to enable photo taking and video conferencing. It has a
removable micro SD card slot to enable expanded storage capabilities. Finally,
the Galaxy supports Adobe’s Flash protocol, which means many streaming-video
sites not available to iPad users can be accessed on the Galaxy.
Adding to it’s freedom is the fact that users are not beholden to a single 3G
carrier. All three major US cellular companies feature a version of the Galaxy.
Unlike the iPad, which is at the mercy of AT&T. That being said, there is one
glaring omission, and that is a WiFi only version for those who don’t need 3G
connectivity and don’t want to pay higher costs or be beholden to a long-term

If you would like to have the freedom to choose your carrier then Samsung
Galaxy Tab would be a good choice because they allow you to do so. You can
choose between Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and AT&T. Other tablets
are tied to a certain carrier.

There is also some doubt about Google’s willingness to extensively develop the
Android operating system for tablets. Right now, there aren’t nearly as many
apps optimized for tablets on the Android Marketplace as the massive amount
available on Apple’s App Store. However, if Samsung and other manufacturers
start making headway against Apple, it’s very likely that Google will make a
harder push.
For people out there that are looking for a viable alternative to the iPad, and
Apple, the Galaxy is the obvious choice. While it doesn’t enjoy the streamlined
experience that is provided by Apple’s top down management of both software
and hardware, the Galaxy is very promising in that it has more usable features
than the iPad.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - PROS AND CONS

It is slim and lightweight (21 ounces vs 26 ounces for the iPad)
Excellent screen quality
Stereo speakers (dual surround speakers)
HD recording & full HD playback
3.0-megapixel rear -facing camera & 2.0-megapixel front-facing camera
Android 3.1, Honeycomb platform
1Hz Dual Core Processor
Google Mobile Services (Google Books, G-talk video chat, Gmail, Google
calendar, Google Maps for Mobile)
Flash support for web browsing (you can browse any Flash website)
A-GPS (Google Maps navigation)
Really fast Wi-Fi
3G wireless
Great battery life (about 9-10 hours)
Swype keyboard is excellent(so much better for a touch screen)
Being able to use a bluetooth mouse (AND SEE A MOUSE CURSOR) and
keyboard is great to make it more like a laptop (if needed)
Movies look phenomenal and because the screen is scaled like a tv is perfect
for this
Google Talk with Video works excellent
Widgets are very useful

The keyboard responds somewhat slowly to typing (there is a delay between
typing and text appearing on screen using some features like the browser)
Currently there are not as many Apps for the Android market as there are for the
iPad, but slowly it will catch up

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