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					Student Research Fellowship Program description and Criteria


The student Research Fellowship is intended to support collaborative research projects between faculty and
students at Ferris State University. It is intended to increase on-campus summer research, contribute to the
professional development of faculty, and provide Ferris students with another mechanism to gain research

Student Research Fellowship -- Criteria for eligibility
1) Student is enrolled for classes at Ferris both the Spring preceding, and fall semester following the summer
award period.

2) Student will work on the project full time for a period of 10 weeks, and cannot be taking classes concurrently*.

3) Faculty Member must be available to supervise the work for the entire 10 week period.
4) Except for short excursions to collect data, the project work must be done on the Ferris State University
5) Award must be used to support a research project, as appropriate for your discipline. Creative works/products
are not in the scope of this program.

Additional information and requirements
1) Student will receive $3500 for the 10 week period (paid through student wages 400 hours at $8.75per hour).

2) Faculty will have a $1000 supply budget to spend on consumables, equipment or travel to support the project

3) Faculty will receive a $1000 stipend for their participation in the project (funded through their own college) PDI
may be given in the place of wages for this award.

4) Student must present results at the Summer Research Fellow Seminar (during welcome back week), providing
both a title and abstract one week prior.
5) Faculty member must submit the report by September 15 of that same year to access an additional $500 of PDI
6) Student is encouraged to present a poster or oral presentation at the appropriate event for their college.

To Apply
Faculty must prepare and submit the Student Research Fellowship application form and submit it to the CAS
Dean's office ( ASC 3052 ATTN: Chris Swank or by 5:00PM the Friday before Spring Break.
*Internship/Independent study credits may be permitted, please contact the committee for information regarding the specific terms of your
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date received

                           Student Research Fellowship Application Form

                                              Faculty Mentor
Office Phone #:
Lab Phone #
mail drop
office location
Lab location
                                                  Student *
Student ID#
Student Program
Credit hours completed
Ferris GPA
Projected graduation:     May/ August / December       20______
Local address

local phone #
Project Title

Projected time line (include start date, end date, and tentative activities for the 10 week period)
Start Date
                                                                                                            3 of 7

End Date
Budget (Tentative plan for $1000 supply budget:)

Projected product (meeting where the student could present, journal the work could be submitted to)

Briefly explain how this project will contribute to your Professional development (how will
it advance your work?)

Required attachments:

Student Statement A one-page statement written by the student that describes the goals and objectives of
the project and explains how the grant activity will help the student reach his or her educational or professional
development goals.

Additional attachments (if applicable)
A copy of the application for approval from the Human Subjects Committee or the Institutional Animal Care
and Use Committee
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I agree to the terms outlined in the instructions: (emailed statement may be used in lieu of signature)

Faculty Member Signature                              Date

Department head signature                             Date

Faculty must prepare and submit the Student Research Fellowship application form and submit it to
the CAS Dean's office ( ASC 3052 ATTN: Chris Swank or by 5:00PM the
Friday before Spring Break.
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      Date Received in CAS:_______________                                                        6 of 7

                                  Student Research Fellowship
                                       Faculty Report Form
phone #

An additional $500.00 of Professional Development Incentive (PDI) funds will be made available
to you upon receipt of this report by the deadline (Sept 15).

1) Briefly describe how your Student Research Fellow benefited from the experience.

2) Explain possible next steps for your student, will they present at a meeting? Will they continue
to work on this research?

3) Please explain how this experience benefitted your professional development.
       Date Received in CAS:_______________                                                         7 of 7

4) Do you have any suggestions for next summer’s program?

5) Please check one:
_________I would like to serve on the SRF screening committee
_________I would be willing to (but would prefer not to) serve on the SRF screening committee
_________I do not want to serve on the SRF screening committee.

Faculty must prepare and submit the SRF Report form and submit it to the CAS Dean's office ( ASC 3052
ATTN: Chris Swank or by 5:00PM Sept 15 following the award period

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