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Coursework Evaluation


									Coursework Evaluation

Radio production

Sarah Alway
1.       In what ways does your media product
         use, develop or challenge forms and
         conventions of real media products?

     To get an idea of real, existing radio channels we listened to a number of news
             broadcasts and jingles on different radio channels and analysed things like
          content, accent, male or female voice and formality. We listened to these radio
                          channels through the internet and radios to do this.
 In relation to our own radio production I think we have used a number of known typical
       radio conventions, for example our jingle is cheesy and upbeat, our news bed also
          fits with the typical radio convention as it is serious and dramatic to add effect.
For the news content we analysed other news broadcastings and did a survey to find out
            what people preferred to listen to, from this research we decided to include:
                      national news, local news, sport, weather and traffic news.
We also used segues to make the news report sound realistic and give a clear transition
        from outside our broadcast to being back in the studio. We used vox-pops which
          also helped to give a more realistic broadcast as it meant we got opinions from
                                    people we interviewed outdoors.
          2.        How does your media product represent particular
                                   social groups?

We have tried to make our news report as unbiased as possible but our news report does
 feature an alcoholic tramp. We got this story from a local news paper and have not used
   any opinions in our news script. We got our news off the BBC website which is usually
  unbiased as it is one of the biggest news cooperation's in the UK. We then got our local
 news from a local news paper which is usually a unbiased newspaper. We have not used
    any features of racism or sexist language as we want our radio to appeal to a wide
    audience and people from all over the world who may be listening to our broadcast.
3.        What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

Analogue broadcasting which is the traditional way of listening to the radio but as it is a
   local station it may not reach all areas around the valley that the station was aimed
      at, if it does not reach a particular area people can use internet broadcastings
      which may be more practical for our local area, also this method may be more
                             practical for the modern way of living.
         4.           Who would be the audience for your media product?
   The audience for our product would be people in the local area, this being mainly Hebden Bridge as it renowned for
    being a lively and popular town, in magazines Hebden Bridge is referred to as being the fourth funkiest town in the
      world, this being partly why we made our jingle ‘Fresh and Funky. the population for the area is around 11,549
including Todmorden and Old town which are smaller areas surrounding Hebden Bridge. Other small areas which may
  listen to our radio broadcast will be mytholmroyd, Heptonstall and Blackshaw head. The age that this broadcast was
aimed at is 16-24 this is because when we did our audience survey the majority of people that answered were between
                   these ages and so therefore we know that our broadcast will be appealing to that age.
                5.         How did you attract/address your audience?

To find out what our audience would want to listen to we did an audience survey in which
    we asked lots of questions about what people would like to hear in a news report. We
        sent this survey out to people who live in our local area. We then attracted our
     audience by using part of the local towns name in our jingle and ident ‘Bridge beats
       FM – Hooked on Hebden’s fresh and funky sounds’ the local town being Hebden
     Bridge, we also compliment our local area in our ident, saying it has ‘fresh and funky
 We also both have local accents so this meant that the audience could identify with the
    news reader. The news content consisted of some national headlines and then more
      local news as we found out from our survey this is what the local people wanted to
                                    hear in the news report.
      6.         What have you learnt about the technologies from the process of
                              constructing this product?

 From making a radio news broadcast I have learnt very much about new technology. In the
       research stage I learnt all about survey monkey and how to create your own surveys. I
                   have also learnt how to stream radio stations from the internet.
  During the making of the news broadcast I have learnt all about downloading royalty free
      sound sources using sites like and I have
   also been working with programs that are new to me like Adobe sound booth to add effects
       to voice recordings and downloaded sound sources, also we put all of our recordings
     together using a program called Adobe premier pro where we sequenced our recordings
   and used fades and crosscuts, edited things like volume and length. We used this program
           to make our jingle where we had to edit the music to make fit with the voices.
 During the recording we used Zara Radio Automation Software. We used new hardware and
    learnt about the mixing desk and how to cue pre recorded things like the jingle and edited
   the sound levels. We also learnt about microphones and pop shields and used things like a
                           Dead Cat microphone for outdoor broadcasting.
Throughout the year we have also been using edublogs to make our blog which we have a had
    difficulties with, one being the amount of space we have given, which means we have had
         to create links to other websites on which we have uploaded our completed news
                broadcast because there was not enough room on the edublogs site.
   7.      Looking at the preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the
                       progression from it to the full product?

Making the premiliminary task, to make the interview sound realistic we had to
  make a compromise between sticking totally to the script and making it up
  on the spot, so we made a basic script but improvised slightly when
  recording. I have also learnt about techniques for talking into the
  microphone to get the clearest sound possible. I have learnt about queuing
  when recording on the mixing desk and learnt a lot about how to use Adobe
  Premier Pro for e.g. the cutting and editing and adjusting of sound volumes.

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