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					                            Thank you for planning to bring a team
                            to St Louis for Spring Break! You are an
                            answer to fervent prayers here and we rejoice
                            to anticipate your arrival.

                            In this packet you should find answers to
                            most of your questions—please look through
                            it carefully and share parts as needed with the
                            team you are recruiting.

CityLights           St Louis Spring Break Plunges
              Early deadline*            Final Deadline**
March 3-9      $230 if pd in full by 2/3 $265 w/ $100 dep. by 2/17
March 10-16 $230 if pd in full by 2/10 $265 w/ $100 dep. by 2/24
March 17-23 $230 if pd in full by 2/17 $265 w/ $100 dep. by 3/3
March 24-30 $230 if pd in full by 2/24 $265 w/ $100 dep. by 3/10
* Discount only taken if PAID IN FULL by “Early deadline*” above

**We can not accept late registrations or walk-ins. $100 deposit required
during online registration. Remaining balance paid onsite at arrival.

Online registration and payment www.citylights-stl.org

Table of contents
    12-01 Registration dates, costs, table of contents
    12-02 Registration, Payment, and Scholarships
    12-03 Background Checks, Bringing Families
    12-04 What to Bring, Transportation
    12-05 Directions for Driving, Flying, etc
    12-06 Schedule
    12-07 Typical Work Projects
    12-08 Budget
    12-09 Staff Roles During CityLights
    12-10 Acceptance Letter-[copy and give to each person registering]
    Additional Important Staff Resources p. 11-20                         Rev. 11/28/2011

         Registration, Payment, and Scholarships
Online registration (no paper copies will be accepted)
      Beginning: December 10th, 2011
      Website: www.citylights-stl.org
      Registrar: Bum Kim 314.477.1066 intervarsityadmin@gmail.com

Early Registration

      Week Attending              Amount due online             Deadline for Early Price
      March 3-9                    $230                                 February 3
      March 10-16                  $230                                 February 10
      March 17-23                  $230                                 February 17
      March 24-30                   $230                                February 24

      FULL AMOUNT ($230) will be due during the online process in
      order to qualify for reduced pricing.

General Registration

      Week Attending               Amount due online                 Deadline for deposit
      March 3-9                     $100                                  February 17
      March 10-16                   $100                                  February 24
      March 17-23                   $100                                  March 3
      March 24-30                   $100                                  March 10

      Your student will ONLY be able to pay the $100 deposit online. The
      remainder will be due upon arrival.

What to expect at online registration
     Takes about 10 minutes
     Must complete it in ONE sitting
     Must make a payment in order to be registered
     Must have medical insurance information** (company and policy #)
         **Note: if student DOES NOT HAVE INSURANCE, so note on reg. form
         (they’re still eligible to attend) CityLights has emergency treatment coverage for ALL
   *NEW* Release form will be signed online instead of onsite
                                                                                    Rev 11/28/2011
Onsite Registration
    Pay remainder of balance
        o Check, cash, authorized completed scholarship form
                [includes appropriate account number]

    If your student is receiving a scholarship that will cover his/her deposit
     or full amount, please contact registrar, Bum Kim, BEFORE student
     registers and BEFORE deadline.
    Please use updated scholarship form.

    Register online by FINAL deadline (see chart above)
    Payment can be made onsite or by transfer from staff account
    Cost: $125, OR ONE FREE staff for each 7 students brought
      (e.g. 2 staff bring 11 students: 1 staff is FREE, other pays $125)
    Bum Kim
    Email: intervarsityadmin@gmail.com
    314.477.1066

**re: Medical Insurance- some students may not have coverage. They can
still register, simply putting the words “no coverage” in the blank.
All students will additionally be covered by InterVarsity’s ‘camper insurance’,
providing for emergency treatment during project.

                                                                   Rev 11/22/2011

Background Checks
Several of your students will receive an e-mail asking them to complete a background
check. All people serving in a staff role, if not officially on staff, will also be asked to
complete a background check.

Some of our work sites include children and at-risk adults. It is IV national policy that
anyone working with them must go through a background check. Anyone not completing
the check will be removed from the “pool” of those available for assignment on vulnerable
specific sites.

The Check
CityLights will pay for the cost. All your student has to do is follow the link in the e-mail
and enter the information asked (I think name and SSN). This is the exact same check
that all IV staff go through.

Who Sees It ?
I can log in and see if someone has completed it, but do not see the results. Only our legal
department at the National Service Center has access to the results. NSC will call me if a
concern comes up on someone’s record, at which time I’ll call the student’s staff leader.

Why Only Some of Your Students?
We look at their applications and choose those that will most likely be placed at those sites
(typically based on career interests). Because of the cost, we do not ask all students.

It is Safe and Confidential!

Bringing Spouses and Children
CityLights is somewhat unusual in that we can accommodate and welcome couples and
families, but we need to know in advance.

We have a number of family-friendly worksites, including a small Congolese day care
center, a Hispanic Clinic, Refugee home visits, etc. at which we can place parents with

We need to know by final registration date if your team will have any spouses and/or
children (w/ their ages) attending so that we can make appropriate arrangements.
                                                                                     Rev 11/22/2011

What to Bring             [ck weather for zip code 63132 online before you pack]
       Sleeping bag or bedding
       Pillow
       Towel, personal toiletries
       Music instrument (if you play one)
       Favorite recreation equip/board game to share
       Casual clothing + 1 outfit that you might ‘paint’ in. [dress clothing not needed]
       Hiking boots or heavy work boots [if you have a pair]
       Camera, journal, Bible [if you have one], exercise clothes

Plan to arrive between 10am-noon [ cf. ‘Come Early, Stay Late’ p. 12-15]
    Driving directions on p. 12-05
    *Airline arrival instructions p. 12-05 [CityLights shuttle will pick you up]
    *Amtrak                                [CityLights shuttle will pick you up]
    *Greyhound                             [CityLights shuttle will pick you up]
    *NOTE: If not driving, you MUST send itinerary 1 week prior to arrival
       email intervarsityadmin@gmail.com

Before and After
       Required reading assignment prior to coming:
        “Characteristics of A Genuine Christian”, ch 9,11 [available as Word doc.]
        to request: email intervarsityadmin@gmail.com
         then forward to your team, or make hard copies
       You are strongly requested to PREP your students well BEFORE
             Cf: ‘Preparing to bring a team’ p. 12-11
             Cf: ‘Don’t Come Empty Handed’ p. 12-12

       And plan STRONG REINFORCEMENT AFTER in both service and teaching
             Cf: ‘Follow Me’       p. 12-13

                                                                          Rev 11/22/2011

Driving Directions to CityLights 2012
(and New City Fellowship, CityLights' primary host) from major interstates:

from I-44 Eastbound (from Springfield, MO direction) take Exit #276,
( I-270 North) to………………………. Exit 12, (Highway 40 (I-64) East)
Watch very carefully for signs leading to I-170 North at Exit 31 A.
Exit I-170 North at Olive Street, Exit 3 A, and turn right (East) on Olive
Go to 2nd traffic light and turn left (North) on 82nd Street
Drive North about 5 blocks to New City Fellowship at 1483 82nd St (on your left)
Entrance is at the rear of the large central building. Driveway should be marked

From I-70 Eastbound (from Kansas City direction) take Exit #238 B,
which is I-170 South. (This is just after you pass the St Louis International Airport). Leave
I-170 South at Page Ave, Exit 4 , turn left and take Page Ave to the East.
Go to 2nd traffic light and turn right (south) on Walton Rd
Go South about 5 blocks to New City Fellowship at 1483 82nd St (on your right)
Entrance is at rear of the large central building. Driveway should be marked

From I-55 Northbound (from Cape Girardeau, MO direction), take Exit 196
(I-270 North) until you reach Exit #12 (Highway 40 (I-64) East)
Watch very carefully for signs leading to I-170 North at Exit #31.
Exit I-170 North at Olive Street, Exit #3 A, and turn right (East) on Olive
Go to 2nd traffic light and turn left (North) on 82nd St
Drive North about 5 blocks to New City Fellowship at 1483 82nd St (on your left)
Entrance is at the rear of the large central building.

From I-55 Southbound (from Chicago direction), I-70 Westbound (from
Indianapolis direction) or I-64 Westbound (from Memphis direction)--
All these Interstates merge and cross the Mississippi River into St Louis on the same
bridge (just South of the Arch). Watch carefully as you approach the city--the
interchanges can be confusing. Take I-70-64-55 across the river, staying in the far right-
hand lane on the bridge. Watch signs very carefully, to continue following I-64 West
(Highway 40). Exit I-64 at Exit 32 A onto I-170 North. Drive North about 3 miles,
leaving I-170 at Olive, Exit 3, turn right and take Olive to the East. Go to 2nd traffic light
and turn left (north) on 82nd St.
Go North about 5 blocks to New City Fellowship at 1483 82nd St (on your left)
Entrance is at rear of the large central building. Driveway should be marked

If you get lost, call Gerry's mobile at 314.378.6192 or Jeremy’s 314.369.3808
and we'll talk you in.                                           rev 11/22/2011

For Those Flying into St Louis for CityLights

   Plan to arrive in St Louis NO LATER THAN NOON on your arrival
    day (plan to leave NO EARLIER THAN 2:30 PM on your departure

   Send flight itinerary to CityLights asap: email
    intervarsityadmin@gmail.com If you will be carrying a cell phone
    when you arrive, send that number as well. Make sure you include
    your airline, flight number, and arrival time.

   On arrival day, get your luggage (on lower level of terminal)
    If you are flying any airline EXCEPT Southwest:
    Go to EXIT MT 17 (across from the luggage carousels), walk out the
    exit, turn left, walk up steps about 50 feet, wait in small ‘bus shelter’
    If you are flying SOUTHWEST:
    Go to lower level, get your luggage, go to EXIT ET 10 directly across
    from luggage carousels, walk out to drive through. Look for your driver
    in the ‘5 minute PASSENGER PICKUP’ directly across the street.

   We will have a driver pass that pickup area beginning approx.
    Driver will pause and wait, briefly, and if you do not see each other,
    they will circle the terminal lot and return in about 5 minutes. They
    will do this until you connect.



   Airport is approximately 12-15 minutes from CityLights location

   Questions? Problems? Call Gerry’s cell: 314.378.6192
       or Jeremy Main, APD 314.369.3808; Bum Kim, Admin 314.477.1066
                                                                    Rev 11/22/2011
                                             CityLights 2012
St Louis Urban Projects

Schedule for 6 day Spring Break 2012 Urban Plunge
Saturday       (Staff & vol. Staff meet at Dinner)
Arrive 10-noon, Register 10-1, 1:00 Orientation
        2:15    See the City-Tour
        6:30    Dinner
        7:30    Introduction to CityLights
       11:00    LOAQ (Lights Out & Quiet)

Sunday           (Staff & vol. Staff meet at Breakfast)
         7:00      Rise
         7:45     Breakfast
         8:45      Morning Plenary #1-(‘What Makes the Gospel ‘Good News’?’)
       10:00       Worship in Multi-Cultural Church [ www.newcity.org ]
       12:15      Lunch (in homes of community residents)
         3:00      Free time
        5:00      Orientation-cont’d.
        6:00       Dinner
        7:15      Debrief weekend, film & discussion, snacks
      10:30       LOAQ

Monday-Thursday (Each Morning Staff & vol. Staff meet at Breakfast)
        6:15       Rise, 6:45 breakfast, pack bag lunches
        7:30-8:05 group devotions; 8:10 staging Work Teams
        8:30       Teams leave for work sites
        3:00       Work ends (work ends Noon Wednesday)
                  Return to NCF--free time (Wed. 12:30-2:00 lunch/Retreat of Silence)
                                    (Wed. 2:30-3:00 campus group debrief)
                                    (Wed. 3:00-4:30 free time)
       4:30        (Wednesday) Plenary #4 ‘Centrality of the Gospel in Ministry’
       6:00        Dinner (Thurs. dinner out or catered in…, special recreation following)
       7:30        Bible Study & Worship (Mon: Plenary #2 ‘A Lifestyle of Grace’—manuscript study)
                                   (Tues. Plenary #3 ‘Taking Down Walls & Building Bridges’)
                                   (Wed. Extended Worship)
       9:15        Campus Groups (optional—at discretion of your staff)
      10:30        LOAQ (midnight on Thursday)

Friday            (Staff & vol. Staff meet at Breakfast)
       7:30        Rise, breakfast, pack, load, clean
      10:15        Campus Groups-evaluations/plans for change upon returning home
      11:00       Telling Stories, Giving Thanks, Taking CityLights Home, Closing Worship
                   Group photo shoot
      1:00         Depart                                                  Rev. 11/22/2011

Work Projects for 6 day Spring Break Urban Plunges
These vary considerably, being driven by immediate needs and priorities within
our target communities. Some past projects are illustrative:

Many of the ministry projects are relationship based, establishing a ‘ministry of
presence’ in the lives of recently arrived refugees [Somali, Burundi, Burmese,
Bhutanese, Congolese, Nepali, Iraqi, etc.] Many of these have been traumatized
beyond description, having spent 15-20 years or more in Refugee Camps after
fleeing war or genocide. Some students will work in an African refugee day-care.

Rehab an unfinished basement for a single mom with 5 teen and pre-teen children
to make two large bedrooms with walk-in closets and shelves. Previously all five of
these children had lived in the living room, dining room or hallway of this one
bedroom home. With no room for furniture, they all kept school clothes in plastic
trash bags. The following year CityLights returned to rehab the 1st floor, helping
convert it into a day care center for 10 neighborhood pre-schoolers and infants. The
result was that the homeowner was able to leave welfare and successfully operate a
business out of her home which functions as a witness and ministry to the
surrounding community.

Ready a former duplex apartment to be used as offices for a neighborhood health
ministry to expectant mothers and new-borns. This ministry now has about 25
community moms in parenting classes, Bible Studies and discipleship mentoring
relationships. (we laid new subflooring and tile throughout this three bedroom
apartment, readying it for occupancy)

Remove sheet rock walls and ceilings to prepare the entire upper floor of a 100
year old urban church for a neighborhood tutoring and computer literacy ministry.
This youth work was planned as the initial ministry development in an underserved
multi-ethnic, largely immigrant community. Two years later there was a thriving new
congregation of 80 serving that neighborhood.

Other projects have included tutoring 5-13 year old inner city children; 'ministry
development' of home maintenance and repair for widows and the elderly in a
neighborhood that 25 years ago was 100% white and now is 100% black; serving as
teachers' aides in both Christian and public elementary schools, assisting in major
rehab projects for several Christian families who have chosen to move into the
inner city to "re-neighbor" communities to live out and proclaim the Gospel.
                                     12-07                               rev 11/22/2011
Budget-- Spring Break 2012
Costs shown are per student, for food, lodging, all program materials, supplies, tools,
equipment, transportation, etc inclusive for the 7day/6night Urban Plunges.
Spring 2012 plunges are 3/3-9, 3/10-16, 3/17-23 and 3/24-30.

Food costs—Food Service meals                             $33
                      (6 Bkfst, 4 Lnch, 4 Dinner)
                      Food Serv Dir & Asst                $12
                      Soulard Market (Sat PM)              $1
                      Special Desert-(Sat PM)              $2
                      Subway Deli-(Sat PM)                $ 3
                      Dinner Out-(Thurs PM)               $10
                      Snacks-($1/day)                     $6
                                                         $ 67                 $67
Administration, supervision (staff)                                            $50
Work site coordinator                                                          $20
Administrative Assistance                                                      $ 5
Housing-(Building useage, utilities, maintenance, clng. supplies)              $25
Insurance                                                                       $4
Transportation-(in town), Trash, Paper Goods                                    $6
Tools, Ministry Materials, Work Supplies                                       $15
Staff Support-(every 7 students covers fixed costs for 1 staff)                $20
Copies, books, prog. mtrls., study guide, etc                                  $12
Postage, office supplies, honoraria                                             $6
                                      [early reg. discount]                   $230

[*Regular registration cost of $265 includes $35 divided between CityLights Strategic Fund
and CityLights Scholarship Fund]                                                  rev 11/28/2011

The role of all Staff & Staff Volunteers during CityLights
The staff role in CityLights is crucial--this ministry could not continue without your
gracious assistance, from recruitment, fundraising, and transportation, to supervision,
pastoral support and follow-up. Thank you for your servant hearts and hands! During our
week together, your service will be especially valued in the areas of: 1) pastoral care;
2) safety, security and supervision; and 3) service, hospitality and housekeeping.
ALL Staff and Volunteers will be asked to assist in the following. Additional specific tasks,
[e.g. leading worship, speaking, devotions, manuscript, etc may also be assigned]

   Pastoral care
    Responsible for evening campus groups (and adopting’ staff-less students )
    Prayer initiative and leadership (around tables, on job sites, in community homes, etc)
    Encouragement in personal worship (i.e. encourage and assist, if necessary, Quiet Times)
    Intervention in conflict
    Personal processing (throughout week) and lead campus group debrief (Fri am)
    Open with concerns and suggestions to project directors
    Willingness to go the 'extra mile' to pour yourself into others
    Personal prayer for the students, the project and the coming of the Kingdom
    Proactive with ‘margins’ and ‘vulnerable’(troubled, left out, pushed aside,
        cross- cultural, etc.)

   Safety, security & supervision
    Help students be 'heads-up' & 'pro-active' in urban communities
    Help students respond to challenges with grace and respect of persons
    Work site supervision of personal safety, caution with tools, etc.
    Travel & living site assistance in areas of safety (e.g. seat belts, going 'alone',
      doors pulled and locked at night, students never in living space of other gender
      students, etc.)
    Leadership in community care (LOAQ, noise, adequate rest, privacy, etc.)
    Keeping student telephone usage minimal, and short (10 min)

   Service, hospitality and housekeeping
    Assistance in keeping community areas, bathrooms, and property clean
     (help with keeping snack areas, living room, etc. well cared for)
    Supervise student teams with set-up and clean-up for meals, as needed
    Supervise Friday morning housekeeping teams
    Be pro-active, seeking ways to serve others, modeling Biblical hospitality,
     welcome, and 'foot washing'.
    Help your students intentionally build relational bridges with other campus
     groups in CityLights.
                                                                       Rev 11/22/2011

Acceptance Letter                                                   CityLights St Louis Urban Plunge
Welcome! You have been accepted to participate in the Spring Break 2012 CityLights St Louis Urban Plunge.
You are joining a group of students who have gone before you in helping reveal His light in this city, and a much larger
group of students who participate in urban projects with InterVarsity in 20+ cities across the country. As people pray in
the Lord's Prayer 'Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth (including the cities where more than half the world
lives!) as it is in heaven'… you are part of God's gracious answer to that prayer!
We thank you! We're very proud of you for making this sacrifice and offering your time and gifts to others. And we are
very excited about the privilege of working and living together in Christian community with you for this week. Some of
you would not identify yourselves as Christians. We are doubly grateful for your trust and your help. We respect where
you are in your journey and hope this week is beneficial to you. We likely share many crucial values and we want you to
know you are so welcome, valued, (and safe) here! Thank you!

This project will last a total of 7 days. We're expecting you to arrive at our community site by noon on Saturday of your
Spring Break . You should already have eaten lunch before you arrive (there is a McDonalds, BK and other fast food
places just a few blocks away). Sat. evening is our first meal together. Most of you will be living together in dormitory type
housing at New City Fellowship, our host and partner in ministry for the week ( www.newcity.org ). On Sunday, you'll be
introduced in the service and the church will pray for your team as they worship together. We will have a very full week
together, an adventure of lasting value. Then we'll end the following Fri. about 1 pm.

What should I bring? Most will be living together in a former Catholic boarding school for the deaf. The building is very
sparsely furnished, having been vacated only recently and needing a lot of love as God begins to transform it into an
urban ministry center. Most will sleep in bunk beds in large dorm rooms that hold 30 people. You'll need to bring your
own sleeping bag or bedding, a pillow, a towel, toiletries, and your guitar or music instrument if you play one (favorite
board game, frisbees etc. are good idea too). Dress code is casual, but modest (please avoid short shorts or short dresses,
bare backs or anything that could mis-communicate our sexual intentions. You'll need a pair of old clothes for painting,
yard work, carpentry, etc. and semi-nice attire for church (although New City is much less formal than is typical for urban
churches.) Bring hiking boots or work boots with a 'steel shank' if possible (thick heavy soles to protect you from injury—
note: if you do not own such, please DON’T feel necessity of buying them just for this week—we have several pairs in
every size and could loan you a pair). Other items to bring include a camera to capture your memories, a journal to
record your thoughts and what you are learning, and standards: e.g. a Bible, alarm clock, exercise clothes, etc…. Plan to
check on-line for week’s weather info (zip code 63132) just before you come. (could be snow—could be 70 deg.)

What about crime? So far we've had little theft, although we request you not bring expensive laptops, sound equipment,
ipods (you will survive—just LISTEN to each other! :o), etc… In 18 years we've had no problems with interns being
unsafe during the week but we do expect all of you to use wisdom and "common sense" caution as we live in the city.
We'll brief you on 'Urban Etiquette' in our orientation. We are asking all interns to honor a voluntary ‘MEDIA FAST’—
i.e. useage of all social media limited to not more than 20 min per day.

Mailing address during CityLights: (your name) c/o NCF 1483 82 St. St Louis, MO 63132.

Because your stay is so short, you should probably not plan on receiving mail during your stay unless it is posted the same
time your break begins.

If you need to be contacted for an emergency while at
CityLights, a message can be left on my cell phone, 24-7 at: 314.378.6192 or Bum Kim’s at 314.477.1066.
Prayer: Please try, if you are able, to recruit at least three people who will be praying daily for you and for our ministry
during the week. We depend on the Lord for everything, and prayer is essential in all that we do.
Do be sure to give them specific ideas on how they can pray for you, your team, and for CityLights –also make sure
afterwards to tell them stories of how their prayers were answered!

In the service of the Lord of the City …and of you

Gerry & Sharie Chappeau PD, Jeremy Main APD, & Bum Kim, Admin for the CityLights St Louis Operations Team
cell: 314.378-6192            314.369.3808            314.477.1066                                          rev 11/22/2011

Staff Resources
   12-11   Preparing To Bring A Team          [important prep for staff, team ldrs]
   12-12   Don’t Come Empty Handed            [important prep for entire team]
   12-13   Follow Me                          [important follow up as you return]
   12-14   Come Early-Stay Late               [travel suggestions—for safety & fun]
   12-15   UP’s and Campus Relevancy          [reinforcing your instincts]
   12-16   Processing with Team During the UP [students will NEED your help!]

Recruitment Materials---(copy and share with students, donors, etc)
   12-17   What and Why?                           [motivational as you recruit]
   12-18   God loves the world—do I?               [motivational w/ details]
   12-19   Chioma’s letter                         [intnl. student testimony]
   12-20   Amy’s story                             [student testimony]

                                                                           Rev 11/28/2011

Preparing to bring a team

          Read carefully the attached memo "Preparing to Bring a Team"
          Make plans NOW to build specific activities (such as teaching, a
           workday, food drive, etc.) into your fellowship during Jan & Feb to better
           prepare your students for what they may experience here.
            Please send me your specific campus plans ASAP.
           Commit to making serious effort to recruit non- and near-Christians to join
           your team, making it your goal for them to make up 10-20% of your total
           group. Also, please seek to invite International students who often have
           nowhere to go for this week-long holiday.

           I would greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions on this new piece
            which is in its 1st draft.
           CityLights grew again this past year, hosting a total of 300+ students and staff
            during March. Because we receive requests for teams to attend that exceed
            our capacity, we are unfortunately forced to turn some groups away.
           Campus groups that are committed to making CityLights an integral part of
            their larger discipleship program (as described in the attachment)
            will receive priority in confirmation for their teams. Exceptions will be
            made in special circumstances--e.g. with a Gospel Choir whose large groups
            are used in rehearsal.

         Please let me hear back from you.......


                                                                           Rev 11/28/2011

Preparing to Bring a Team:
CityLights came into being as a response to the scriptural urging of the ‘Great
Commission’-“Go to the people of all nations and make them my
disciples….and teach them to do everything I have told you…”
We continue with that purpose--making disciples (‘followers’) for His Glory, for their
benefit, and for the blessing of the rest of the world. In reflection and review of how well
we are succeeding in this, I’ve come to a growing conviction that our purposes may be
better served by urging student groups planning to bring a team in March to make the
CityLights experience part of an on-going campus discipleship focus, rather than as an
isolated missions ‘event’. [instead of merely DOING justice, e.g., BECOMING people of

I picture it this way in my mind:

 Before                           After                 (this ‘isolated experience’ may have much appeal,
>>>>>>>>>                      >>>>>>>>>          but little residual effect on student/chapter/campus life)

CONSIDER INSTEAD:                         After
               CityLights >>                           (in this paradigm, CityLights helps integrate prior
             >>                               teaching and experience, making concrete ongoing initiatives
 Before     >>                                 to lead students to know and follow Jesus after they return)

In the first hypothetical situation, Spring Break might be a “parenthesis” experience, with
little perceived relation to their campus world, relationships, fellowship or ministry. In the
2nd, it is an integral part of their discipling, “apprenticing” them as they grow as both
“hearers” AND “doers” of His Words. Clearly, this latter scenario is more in keeping with
Jesus’ commission.
The first can produce a “Been there—done that” response to their Spring Break.
The 2nd facilitates an “I AM that” pattern of growth and becoming,
effecting long term direction and inclinations, on campus and afterwards.
We are seeking to move beyond “doing Kingdom things” to” becoming Kingdom people”.
Only the latter is Biblical.

Some campus fellowships are well developed in the ministry values of justice, mercy,
reconciliation, care for the least, the lost, the left out. Some have found that attention to
these is not only faithful to Jesus, but effective in attracting and evangelizing others, adding
integrity to our words. In Brenda Salter McNeils’s words, such lead us to ‘A Credible
WitnessI. ’I commend you and wish to direct others to model after your ministries.
Others, perhaps are wondering how to get started, searching for first steps.
May I offer some suggestions?                                             Rev 12/28/2011
TEACH            (to your fellowship community)
I’d like to recommend that Biblical content in the 2-3 weeks prior to Spring Break focus
on the radical values and issues of the Kingdom. Any of scores of passages could be used:
Jesus’ ministry mandate (Luke 4, Is 61); God’s judgment of Israel for neglecting the issues
of justice and mercy in their worship (Isaiah 1); or God’s chosen fast (Isaiah 58). Other
possibilities include “The rest of the story” passages like The Sin of Sodom (Ezek 16:49);
What does Knowing God involve? (Jer. 22:16), or any of numerous narratives of Jesus as
he lunches with scoundrels, partners with traitors and prostitutes, visits lepers and the
demon possessed, etc., etc. Jesus perfectly lives out the Father’s purposes (“When you’ve
seen me, you’ve seen the Father”) so whatever helps our students walk in Jesus’ footsteps
will help lead them into the heart of God. (Who are the ‘lepers’ on campus? What
kindnesses can be shown to the ‘possessed’?)

Use your own teaching times, outside speakers, student testimonies, dramatic readings
(dramatize Walter Wangerin’s ‘The Ragman’, e.g.), to bring these issues front and center in
your large group times, community worship, etc. Choose worship songs that reflect
sacrifice, service, and loving the world. Consider having your small group Bible studies
focus similarly (cf. Bob & Carol Hunter’s excellent ‘Loving Justice’, by IVP for a dozen
inductive studies)

SERVE        (the larger campus and town communities)
Please plan at least 1 community service outing in the weeks leading up to break.
(and please consider how to INVITE non-members and non-Christians to join you in this)
Perhaps ask all members to commit to 1 servant activity/month throughout the Spring,
offering a couple different ones to choose from before March. Often ‘low-tech, minimal
cost, short plan/prep time’ activities are best. Some examples?
       Snow removal for elderly and shut ins after a storm
       After school tutoring for a struggling child (just call local school and volunteer)
       Small group visit to a ‘neglected’ old-folks home
       Assist at a food/clothing pantry, homeless shelter, soup kitchen
       Volunteer Saturday at Habitat for Humanity, adult day-care, help with field-trip
             for a group from school for disabled children, etc
       Campus Canned Food, (or winter coats) Drive for a food pantry or church ministry
       Host a ‘3 World Banquet’ and invite the campus—(use as fund raiser for

       Host a ’30 hour Famine’—and invite the campus             World Vision or World Relief)
              (some very helpful ideas and resources at their web sites: worldrelief.org and worldvision.org)

MAKE AWARE                    (broadly to the campus)
Host a well-advertised screening on campus of a film that raises issues of compassionate
response to the ‘invisible’, the ‘despised’, or the ‘vulnerable’ (e.g. recent films like Beyond
the Gates, God Grew Tired of Us, The Great Debaters , or Slumdog Millioniare).
Follow the screening with a well led discussion of the issues, relate what response might be
expected from Jesus to people like those shown,
THEN offer a concrete, specific action step immediately to those who come:
e.g. fundraiser for International Justice Mission, letters to Congress, sponsor a child with
Compassion International, collect for World Vision, volunteer with refugee ministry, etc.
                                                 12-11                                rev 11/28/2011
Don’t Come Empty Handed!                                               (please!)

If your plans are to come to St Louis for a Spring Break Urban
Plunge, please consider not coming ‘empty handed’.

To further bless those we work amongst here, consider bringing
with you substantial quantities of new PERSONAL ITEMS to
share with others.(we have chronic shortages of any and all personal

Diapers                          Feminine Products                Toothpaste
Deodorant                        Liquid Sanitizer                 Conditioner
Toilet Paper                     First Aid Items                  Dish Soap
Toothbrushes                     Hand Soap                        Skin Lotion
Tylenol (generic)                Advil, (generic)                 Antacids
Shampoo                          Laundry supplies

       If your campus has a “mini-market”, consider setting up a table at the entrance
        during busy times—and ask students going in to pick-up ‘donations’**
       Approach sororities/fraternities to propose doing this as a joint “service project”
        (and then invite some of these folk along for Spring Break!)
       Along with a few friends, set up a table Fri afternoon and Saturday morning at the
        local supermarket, Wal-Mart, etc. and get the community involved.
       Seek to announce at student’s churches (and put in bulletin) and set up a “gathering
        box” in the foyer. Cf. ‘Don’t Come Empty Handed’

**on our campus here, e.g., student’s use a special debit card for all meals, coffee shops,
etc. MANY know that they have “extra” points on their cards —we have set up a small info
table in the hallway and had 2 IV students ask passer-by students merely to use up some of
these—as they walk into the market—and they come out with armloads. We have literally
‘cleared the shelves’ within 2 hours at Wash U. This is a GREAT WAY for your group to
become more ‘OUT THERE’! (be alert for inquiries by the ‘intrigued’—then ask them if
they would like to join you in StL! –have a couple CityLights Spring Break brochures at your table)

                                           12-12                                  rev 11/28/2011
                         “Follow Me” ……?

The ways Jesus “taught” people might seem strange to a modern audience.
He never wrote a book or started a school. He only rarely gave lectures, and preferred the company of very
ordinary, and often very broken people, to that of the power brokers, the civic or academic leaders, or the
noted religious leaders of his time. He could rightly have been accused of being ‘homeless’ during the part of
his life that we know most about. For a man who had only 1000 days to “save the world”, it’s extraordinary
how many of those days he spent in activities not too unlike those below….

When asked simple questions by those astonished at his actions, he frequently answered with an invitation to
“come and see” and then led them into adventurous encounters with some very colorful people where God’s
extravagant grace, generosity, and merciful power were demonstrated at the margins of society.

One can only imagine what it might have been like to                             ‘Follow Jesus’!
Try to think about following Jesus in your city in some of the following ways:
        Visiting a homeless shelter to help, and then spending the night there…
        Taking granola bars and Capri Sun to the bus and train stations and sharing them with weary travelers
         and their small children… [try going especially late at night-when a mom might be alone with 3 kids…]
        Gathering several friends to cook a meal, then taking it to a homeless
         shelter and staying to eat it there with them and visit… [this is a perfect activity for a ‘Cell’ group]
        Visiting an urban nursing home where some residents haven’t had a visitor in a year. Bring a guitar, a
         few friends, and make some new friends… [another great ‘Cell’ group activity]
        ‘Purposefully’ picnicking in a city park where homeless people gather—and bringing more than enough
         food to share with ‘guests’… [do this as a ‘Cell’ group—on a Saturday, and invite a few non-members]
        Adding another ‘class’ to the academic schedule—i.e. committing to tutor a small child from an ‘at-risk’
         neighborhood and come weekly to help with homework and ‘hugs’…
        Spending a ½ day a month, or so, at the home of an elderly or disabled person, helping with housework,
         lawn work, or light house repairs… [go regularly with a friend, or a ‘GIG”]
        Holding a ‘canned food drive’ outside a market and donating the collected food to a food pantry for
         those who have too little…
        Planning a ‘Hunger Feast’ on campus or church to raise awareness, and $$, for world hunger…
        Adopt a child through Compassion International and raise support monthly with ‘Cell’ group (bakesale,
         car wash, etc… www.compassion.org
        Handing out ‘Hunger Banks’ on campus or at church for folk to collect their daily loose change and
         then a month later have a party to open them and donate it to ‘World Relief’… www.wr.org
        Make your ‘Cell’ group a campus chapter of IJM www.ijm.org
Just imagine what it would be like to ‘follow Jesus’…and then DO IT!
                                                                                        rev 11/28/2011
Come Early –Stay Late

Registration opens at 10 AM on your arrival Saturday [please make every effort to to arrive before
11, if at all possible] Everyone is expected to have arrived by NOON AT THE LATEST.
Registration closes and is to have been completed by 1:00 when the first orientation begins

The above is very feasible for groups which are less than 5 hours away.
IF your drive is longer than 5 hours, PLEASE CONSIDER DRIVING FRIDAY

    (1) 8 hours or less--drive ALL the way Friday, get here by midnight, crash and sleep in.
 You are up by 10 AM, and ready to register, go out for lunch, etc.
[note: this is MUCH PREFERABLE to leaving at 4 AM Sat and being totally wiped out when you arrive at
noon-- the likelihood is that many of your students will be dead-heads the rest of the day]

(2) 9 hours or more--drive PART WAY way Friday, stop and sleep, finish last 4 hours Saturday morning.
Look at your route, find a city with an IV group, call the staff and ask if they can help arrange hospitality
[smaller group at their home perhaps, or with their students on campus; for a larger group, perhaps the local
staff can help find a host church that will let you sleep in their basement or Ed bldg, e.g.]

Again, these recommendations are PRIMARILY FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUNG DRIVERS AND

--nothing else like this in the entire USA!
every person who goes here will want to come back and bring ALL their friends .
 $12/person ($10 after 5pm--open till 1 AM) [$8/ in group of 15 or more, $6 w/ tax exempt]]

We have the #1 or #2 ZOO in the US, and its FREE
We have one of the top 5 SCIENCE CENTERS in the US, and its FREE
We have one of the top ART MUSEUMS in the US, and its FREE [and on Fridays, even the special exhibits
($10) are FREE]
We have one of the top 3 BOTANICAL GARDENS in THE WORLD, and its only $8
We have an outstanding BLACK WORLD HISTORY MUSEUM $5
We even have an ARCH here somewhere, [great FREE museum underneath]

There is MUCH MORE---this is a GREAT city! Come and See!                                      rev. 11/28/2011

On Urban Projects and Campus Relevancy
THANK YOU for your commitment to CityLights, the Central Region’s student
discipleship and missions program in St Louis which trains students to see our cities as the
mission field that God will call most of them to for their vocations. When the “mission
field” is difficult to visualize or relate to, students may slip into a default view:
                                    “Missionaries” are usually someone else,
                                    “Missions” are always somewhere else.
"Ye are my witnesses…"
In Jerusalem (the multi-ethnic metropolis where their own homes and families are)
In all Judea and Samaria (the culturally and geographically near who share the same
language but often different ethnic, economic, cultural and sometimes religious histories)
And in the uttermost parts of the earth. There are far too few who have gone to the
uttermost parts and I join with you in beseeching the 'Lord of the Harvest' to send forth
laborers. But I also recognize that He does not intend to send most of our students to
distant lands. 90+% of all college students will probably be in God's will as they spend their
lives working in/near the major metropolitan centers of this country, most of them in
traditional marketplace careers.

CityLights Urban Projects are designed to help give new eyes and new hearts to these
students to embrace God's call to be what they should be where they are. As the Lord
helps us continue to grow in inculcating lifestyles of witness and grace into our students,
CityLights can play an invaluable part in shaping life directions. I'd like to encourage you
that there are several discipleship issues where short intensive experiences like these may
help them make breakthroughs:

(1) The call of God on every believer's life, "You are my witnesses…." This, in scripture,
    usually involves risk and faith-deepening dependence on God as one leaves one's
    comfort zone and takes God's love to "the unlovely, the least, the lost…".
    CityLights reinforces taking ‘outside the comfort-zone’ risks….
(2) Careers--these are gifts God gives for service to the body of Christ and to the world that
    God seeks to bless and draw to Himself. A disciple's choices of how to use career
    should probably not be controlled by climate, scenery and where the most money can
    be made, but by where their giftings and skills are most needed for the Glory of God.
    For example, a believer with a new medical degree may evaluate opportunities very
    differently than a non-believer when given a choice of going to a suburban community
    with 1 doctor for 2,000 residents, versus an urban one where there is 1 doctor for
    20,000…or none at all. The likely location where the great majority of today’s students
    will live out most of their lives is in, or near, the great urban centers of our country (in
    1800, 2.5% of the world lived in large cities, in 1900, it was 9%, in 2000, 50+ % lived
    in cities of 1,000,000 or more). InterVarsity's task, in part, is maturing them as
    disciples and servants to live the Gospel in these very places.
    CityLights can help show them how…                                             rev 11/28/2011

Other consideration's include:
(3) The extremity of need in most core cities, and the riches of faith we find there.
The city has so much to teach our students. In the suburbs, folk may be distracted from
their own spiritual poverty because of the physical resources they have available (the
"Laodocian Principle"). But in broken cities, the myths of self-sufficiency are laid bare.
Because of this, the cities are often where the deepest wells of faith are found--the true
riches of radical dependence and trust in God. "You will never know that God is all you
need until God is all you have." Giants of faith I've met are often folk with little else.
CityLights will stretch their faith…
(4) The disproportionate emphasis in scripture on God's concern for justice, mercy and
compassion to be shown the oppressed, defenseless, immigrant, widow, orphan, poor.
The Apostle James boils down the heart of a biblical ethic of society to this--"a pure and
undefiled religion is to care for widows in their distress and orphans…." Have some of our
students not personally seen this modeled in their previous experiences? Some students
may relate to my own background: because of lack of exposure or opportunity, I was
benignly indifferent toward widows (which could include women left to raise families alone,
like single mothers) and orphans (fatherless children).
CityLights can help teach them to see and to care….
Finally (5), we can consider the radical witness that Gospel priorities have to non-Christians
on a secular campus. In our culture where production and consumption are twin altars,
the evidence of lives committed to mercy, justice, grace and servanthood are not merely
"candles in the rain" but "searchlights". This is why Mother Theresa's life commanded such
attention and respect, and in part, Diana's as well. CityLights students can be
"lighthouses" as they form communities back on campus committed to demonstrating
God's love to the 'least of these'. Living in a generation when dreams and heroes have died,
one of the deepest felt needs of students--Christian and non-Christian alike--is significance,
something big enough to be truly worthy of their lives. As we seek to reach this emerging
millennial generation for Christ, discipleship programs that demonstrate the Gospel give
credibility to everything else we do and say.

Our prayer is that with your involvement and help, CityLights continues to grow as a
strategic program for discipling your students, healing them by the Gospel and leading
them more deeply into God's presence and purposes, growing in them His heart for the
All of this, for the sake of the campus and the glory of God.

Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel!
Longing to honor the King of Kings with our lives, we remain His servant and yours
                                       Gerry & Sharie Chappeau, for CityLights
                                       Jeremy Main , APD
                                                                              Rev 11/28/2011
Processing with your team during CityLights

CityLights is going to expose your students to a number of new and possibly
uncomfortable experiences. Proper processing of these events and experiences will help
them better understand what God is trying to say to them as well as what they can tangibly
take back to their campuses. Because of variation in the size and previous experiences of
different teams, the evening ‘chapter times’ in the schedule may not provide adequate time
for some groups to process well with all your students. Below are some additional
suggestions on how to help your students process:

      FIND TIME OUTSIDE THE SCHEDULE: There is free time every afternoon
       as well as every evening. There is also a break for lunch on the worksites and time
       commuting from/to worksites from New City. Every meal ranges between 45-60
       minutes. These are great times to ask students how their experience has been thus
       far and what they have been thinking about.

      UTILIZE CITYLIGHTS VETERANS: For some students, this is not their first
       time going to CityLights. They’ve probably had experiences similar to your ‘first-
       timers’, and can help in their processing. Staff and veterans ‘team up’ to care for
       the others…

      BRING JOURNALS: Many students already journal to help them process life.
       Others, however, have never tried journaling and this may be a good opportunity
       for them to see if it helps them in their processing. The journals don’t have to be
       fancy, or even used for that matter, but giving students an extra outlet to process
       their experiences as they happen may prove beneficial. Invite students voluntarily
       to share from their journals in your evening chapter times. Sharing may reinforce
       them and inspire others…

      LOOK OUT FOR OTHER CHAPTERS: Especially on worksites, your site team
       may include students who are not from your group. Please process with those
       students on site and let their staff know after the fact. Given the giftedness of staff,
       all are likely to be able to care for others they didn’t previously know, and bless
       them well.

       morning chapter time centers on the question “How do we take what we have
       learned here back to our campus?” For larger chapters, it may be better to focus
       on that question during every chapter time and turn it into a working document for
       the week. While this cuts down on sharing stories and personal processing, having
       a whole week to focus on this question may be better than having only a portion of
       Friday’s 45 minutes. Remember, our goal is NOT a week of ‘DOING Kingdom
       things’ but ‘BECOMING Kingdom people’                 Suggestions contributed by Adam Leong
                                                                                    rev 11/28/2011
CityLights—What?…and Why?
CityLights is a ministry partnership between InterVarsity and several urban ministries in St
Louis, including New City Fellowship, People of Refuge, More Than Carpentry, Oasis Ministries,
Jubilee Community Development Corp., the St Louis Public Schools, and others.

CityLights projects draw hundreds of students each year from across the United States to St
Louis who come for a weekend, a week or the summer and live in the
dormitories of a former boarding school while being taught to connect their heads, their
hearts, and their hands to the Gospel in some of the neediest neighborhoods of the city,
the ‘most dying city in America’.

CityLights is experiential, seeking to develop believers into followers, not content
to merely “know the truth”, but led to joyfully “do the truth”.
2000 years ago, a relationship with Jesus was far more than knowing answers to
‘spiritual’ questions or ‘being religious’. It was receiving a new heart toward God,
freedom to stand in His presence without shame, reconciliation of broken
relationships and adoption into a new family, and power to embrace His
purposes in the world, …even loving and serving former enemies. Followers
were caught up into a whole new life adventure of grace, mercy, justice and
humility that led the disciples daily out of their comfort zones and into the
homes, the pain, the fears and the struggles of the most marginalized and
broken persons of their society— the chronically ill, the disabled, widows,
immigrants, the fatherless, the lepers, the abandoned, exploited and
trafficked children, the hopeless, the orphaned, … the vulnerable.

…and wherever they went, they brought “Good News”.
And the good news was that despite their brokenness, sin, or shame
These vulnerable ones were not abandoned by God
                                                ---nor would they be by His people.

God had heard their cries, He was coming, …and bringing someone with Him!
And through them, He would bring help, hope, healing, there would be justice,
they would receive mercy, they would find grace.

The promises of the future Kingdom were evident in the here and now, wherever—and
whenever—Jesus and His followers came. Indeed, there IS Good News.
As it was then, so it is to be now…

CityLights     aims to draw collegians and grads toward a lifetime of doing justice and
preaching grace—reconnecting hearts with hands, using one’s careers, gifts and resources to
live out the Gospel in the homes and neighborhoods of urban St Louis—and the myriad of
places they return to when they leave. Is He calling you to join us?
                                                                                   rev 11/28/2011
God Loves the World……..Do I?
3:16      so well known by perhaps hundreds of millions of people, they don’t even require
reference to John’s Gospel: “God so loved the world…”
Still does. “God so loves the world…”
And He does not do it alone. He invites people to love His world too—
      or rather, He feels so strongly about it, He actually commands them to.

So…How are we doing?
His world has changed a lot since John wrote that. When Jesus was on earth, about 3% of the world’s
inhabitants lived in major cities. 1800 years later, that hadn’t really changed. Then by 1900, the number had
risen dramatically—to 9%! Something was happening…By the time 2000 had come, the number of people
living in cities of 1,000,000 or more had increased to more than 50% of the world’s population!
God was surely neither surprised, nor unprepared.

Most of today’s college students are being equipped to work and live in the great cities of the world.
Are you ready? Equipped? …                 Will you be what you should be when you get there?

CityLights can help…
CityLights can help teach you to see the city through God’s eyes
                              to use your career
                                to do justice, to love mercy
                                  to take down walls, to build bridges
                                        to promote racial reconciliation
                                             to bring hope and healing
                                              to seek the shalom of the city
                …and perhaps too, to begin to find God’s SHALOM for yourself in the process.
CityLights students are-- Immersed in the scriptures
                                        Work side by side with urban missionaries
                                        Walk the streets, learn the neighborhood
                                        Explore the city, play with the children
                                        Listen to the stories of those whom God
                                                    is using to change a corner of the world
                                          …and begin to become one of them
WHERE--students and staff live together in the dorm style rooms of a former boarding school in an ethnic neighborhood of St Louis
WORK PROJECTS—these vary each week but have included rehabbing a welfare mom’s home into a day care center she could run,
converting an abandoned bar into a community youth center, working in the homes of widows, elderly disabled, and at-risk youth, wide
variety of relational activities, tutoring, ESL, medical referral, etc. with recent refugees and children.
WHAT ELSE WE DO—scripture study and discussion, worship, tutor young children, explore the city, meet and hear the stories of
those who live and serve there, eat a lot, HAVE FUN!
COST—price for the week is $265* [but all applications paid in full on-line by early Reg. Deadline** get discounted rate of $230] The
cost pays for everything for the week: meals, lodging, construction and ministry materials, books and study materials, tours, etc. (You
must provide your own transportation to/from St Louis)
**On line Registration PAID IN FULL ($230) Deadlines: 2/3 for March 3--9; 2/10 for March 10-16; 2/17 for March 17-23,
     2/24 for Mar 24-30
 *On Line Registration FINAL DEADLINE ($100 deposit of $265) 2/17 for March 3--9; 2/24 for March 10-16;
     3/3 for March 17—23; 3/10 for March 24—30
FOR MORE INFO email intervarsityadmin@gmail.com or call Bum Kim (314)477-1066
TO REGISTER                   www.citylights-stl.org                                                                       rev 11/28/2011
A Student’s Response
From a Spring Break student, a Nigerian international student

“ Wow! Thank you for all your prayer/financial support. The CityLights project was an
amazing experience, the best spring break I’ve ever had. It has opened my eyes to some
wonderful truths about God, people, and me and my place in this world. I went to
CityLights not sure what to expect besides doing service projects and meeting new people.
I experienced these things and so much more. God has truly blessed me through

…actually, CityLights was a much-needed break from hectic life at college
…Though I didn’t get a lot of sleep, my spirit got beautiful rest, and my mind got clarity.

…During my week of CityLights, students from Washington U, Georgia Tech, and
Vanderbilt worked and lived together at a local church. The first day, we saw the city of St
Louis like I had never see it before. We toured the city in a caravan of cars and stopped by
some famous tourist locations along with some lesser-known spots. I learned about St
Louis demographics and about how the Church has a role in supporting God’s work in the
city. We spent the rest of the week living that lesson out. On Sunday, we participated in
Sunday school and morning worship at the church New City Fellowship. Worship at NCF
was unique because at that church White, Black, immigrant, Hispanic, and Asian people
worshipped together. During the following days, we made bonds with each other, tutored
children at local city schools, and helped with house construction. I learned that the only
way to effect the changes we want to see in this world and to heal people’s hurts is through
the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ, that our primary goal should be pursuing His
Kingdom and seeing souls saved and lives (including our own) transformed for God’s glory.
Then, the other things we want to see (racial reconciliation, justice for the poor, etc.) will
come as fruits of seeking His Kingdom first.

    I was in the company of an amazing group of people at CityLights. What makes them
stand out is their love for God and neighbor. It has compelled them to do things that the
world might call foolish: to advocate for their neighbor as much as they would for
themselves; to sacrifice comfort, money, power and security for the sake of someone else’s
need; to broaden their definition of “neighbor” to people beyond ethnic, economic, social,
or geographic limitations; to pursue love, justice and mercy for ALL; and, to right the
wrongs people before them have committed, specifically, against communities in the inner
city. I can’t tell all of their stories—I wouldn’t be able to do them justice—but, each
individual is a testimony to God’s redeeming and empowering grace, to His love for all
people, and to His power to use imperfect people and heal what is broken.”
Chioma                                                                                rev 12/20/10

A student’s testimony after a week at CityLights…
I just attended your CityLights Urban Plunge program last week, and wanted to share a little bit of what's
going on in my heart after my experience in St. Louis.

I've grown up in an upper-middle class family, and have never experienced poverty in the amount I did last
week. I've done missions trips to inner city Minneapolis and Chicago, which were amazing, but didn't work on
my heart nearly as much St Louis did. God really moved in my heart and stirred up a lot of feelings, beliefs,
and emotions I never expected! For the first time I felt like I wasn't just "doing good" for the needy, but that I
was actually working to help change people's ways of life, while having my own changed. It was amazing!! The
experiential learning in St. Louis was invaluable! Growing up in the church, I've heard the story of the Good
Samaritan countless times, been told to love my neighbor, and have quoted Micah 6:8 over and over…but
until those lessons were right in front of my face last week, they weren't truly pressed on my heart. I really feel
like my life as a Christian has a whole new meaning after experiencing God's kingdom in a way I never had!
God really opened my eyes to my own judgmental and biased behaviors and attitudes. I was reminded of
Corinthians 14:1-- "Let love be your highest goal"…how simple and easy it sounds, but how challenging it
really is! I experienced that feeling so much last week. Funny…I went to change lives, and mine was changed.
Praise the Lord!

God has gifted me in mercy and service, and given me a heart for those in need, so for a long time I have
been interested in the social work area for a future career. However, after last week I'm not exactly sure if
social work is where God wants me or of it's in urban ministry-- but one thing I do know is that I feel called to
work with the underprivledged. After talking with my parents upon my return last week and doing some
praying, I feel that the summer program in St. Louis may be an opportunity I should take. I just really have a
strong feeling about going, and if that's where God wants me to spend my summer, I'm willing.

Finally, I just want to thank you and your wife for everything last week, but most importantly for your
A good example is the best sermon, and I saw that to be true so clearly in you last week! You are beautiful
people and I was so blessed to be able to experience a taste of your family, your community, and your
absolute faith in God! 2 Corinthians 3:3 says "You show that you are a letter from Christ…written not with ink
but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts." How fitting of
you and your ministry that verse is.

Love and prayers--
Amy S.

(postscript: Amy was a student at a nationally ranked university. She did return for the 7 week summer
internship where she taught in a day camp for 60 inner city children from several nations. God used her
there to bring at least one new daughter into the Kingdom. Then she returned a 2 summer to help direct

that day camp. Returning to campus, she influenced her entire fellowship to begin to build bridges across the
racial divide, to get involved locally and globally in issues of social justice, and to demonstrate mercy as a
hallmark of their Biblical community. Their fellowship multiplied in size several times. At graduation, she
was the only student seated on the platform, where she was named “University Scholar”, their designation for
the finest example of what their university is about. She has since graduated, accepted a staff position in
campus ministry with InterVarsity and is helping disciple her former college fellowship in similar ways: doing
justice, preaching grace, and following Jesus outside of their comfort zones and into the world he seeks and
loves)                                                                                            rev 12/20/10


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