Yard Designing with Urban Tree and Landscaping

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					Yard Designing with Urban Tree and

The urban tree is more commonly found in cities and towns as
everybody wants to see their citygreen; and does a lot in protecting the
environment, in adding to its beauty etc. When we talk of urban tree,
we are actually referring to those trees that are more commonly found
in urban areas and which add to the beauty of urban areas. However,
one needs to be careful about the climatic condition of the urban area
where the tree is going to be planted, its soil conditions and facilities
for tree maintenance and protection before going for a final selection.

The American elm is a popular and its vase-shaped form makes it ideal
for boulevard planting in order to keep the environment cooler. These
usually need wide spaces because they can grow to a great height of
120 feet. They survive for centuries and even in extremely cold
climates. The Colorado blue spruce may be grown in areas as a
protective barrier because of their prickly needles. The third variety is
the Malus Domestic or Apple Tree which adds to the aesthetics of the
environment because of its rich flush of pink or white flowers and rich
fall harvest.

The Common Chokecherry we can find at is yet
another urban tree which is abundantly found in cities, towns and
grows to a height of about twenty five feet. It has white flowers during
springtime and dark & bitter cherries during the fall. The Box elder
Maple, also called the Manitoba Maple, grows to a height of 70 feet
and can be grown at random because of the tree’s seed to travel easily
by way of wind currents and germinate by them. The Poplar or
Populous is also a large and quick growing tree growing nearly 80 tall
and spread their branches in order to create a shade around them.
These are ideal for planting in backyards of homes to assure privacy
from the road. The Grey Birch has a unique white bark which makes it
stand out among other trees and survive for about 30 - 40 years grow
nearly 40 feet tall. The Oriental Cedar and the Juniper are also very
popular urban trees and add a shade of green throughout the year to
the landscape. The Mug Pine is a shrub that looks great in the centre of
the garden and may be surrounded by colorful flowers to add to the
beauty. is a leading supplier of urban landscaping
services. Citygreen provides a complete range of landscaping solutions,
tree ties, street trees, tree guard, root barrier and many more.

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