Cedar-Cross Cooperative Preschool 2011-2012 Phone Tree ~ The phone by 5WOkfS65


									                                 Cedar-Cross Cooperative Preschool
                                      2011-2012 Phone Tree
        Geoff and Katie Albright (Xander)

         Rachel Cunningham (Peyton)                                       Peter and Angela Magelssen (Titus)
          angelcuti423@yahoo.com                                                 magelssens@gmail.com
                206.458.5284                                                           206.245.0982

        Jarrett and Elise Dahl (Olivia)                                       Mike and Jamie Meisner (Marcus)
          eliselynn3@yahoo.com                                                   rjamie.meisner@frontier.com
                425.742.6151                                                         425.355.5516

            Eli and Taryn Kaylor (Arden)                                      Bob and Kori Dewing (Ciaran)
               elikaylor@frontier.com                                          koridewing@hotmail.com
                    425.337.7844                                                    206.273.6956

    Russell and Jennifer Lautzenhiser (Mara)                                Matt and Michelle Spano (Madison)
lautzenhiser.jennyandrussell@frontier.com                                     michelle1177@hotmail.com
                 206.779.9574                                                        206.229.6665

            Steve and Erin LeBeau (Caroline)                              Bob Parry /Melanie Smith(Charolette)
            eklebeau@gmail.com                                              melanie@emeraldracing.com
               206.779.9574                                                       425.338.1667

         Adam Lemcio and Terri Heyart (Will)                                 Derek and Cori Taron (Hailey)
           alemcio@comcast.net                                                  cori_taron3@hotmail.com
             425.337.3364                                                          206.227.3022

         Chris and Kelly Lykken (Tyler)                                      Ken and Kristi Vernon (Allen)
         k.a.lykken@gmail.com                                                    kristi.vernon@gmail.com
              206.228.0773                                                                206.459.2642

                                          Cathy Tanner/John & Lana Tanner
                                               (Tristin) 425.483.9192

The phone tree will be used only when there is a last minute change or there is an emergency. Cathy Tanner will start
the phone tree by calling the first person in each column and then those two people will call the person listed below
them and so forth until the last two people have called Cathy to verify the phone tree has been completed
successfully. If you do not reach an actual person, then you must continue calling down the phone tree until you do
reach an actual person. An email will always be sent out in addition to the start of the phone tree.

                                                                                                    Revised March 16, 2011

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