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Global Soldier Modernization || Market 2012–2022


This report is the result of ICD’s extensive market and company research covering the global soldier modernization industry. It provides detailed analysis of both historic and forecast global industry values, factors influencing demand, the challenges faced by industry participants, analysis of the leading companies in the industry, and key news

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                       The Global Soldier Modernization Market 2012–2022

London, May 4 , 2012 – The soldier modernization market consists of five system categories: C4ISR based
soldier modernization systems, Mobility based soldier modernization systems , Lethality based soldier
modernization systems, Survivability based soldier modernization systems and Sustainability based soldier
modernization systems.The value of the market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 3.07% during the forecast
period (reference see graph below).




    US$ Billion


                   4                                7.9                               8.0      8.3
                                       7.4   7.3                    7.3      7.7
                                7.1                        7.2
                   3    6.4



                        2012   2013   2014   2015   2016   2017    2018     2019     2020    2021     2022

Demand for technologically advanced soldier modernization equipment is anticipated to rise in the forecast

The global defense industry is investing significantly in R&D in an effort to increase the capabilities of modern
soldiers. This has led to the development of new and ground breaking soldier modernization technologies
which have enhanced the survivability, lethality, mobility and equipment sustainability capabilities of the
individual soldier. Current innovations are oriented towards integrating information flow from various
command stations into a single module while incorporating the information provided by individual soldiers on
the field so as to aid the decision making capabilities of infantry battalions. The highest defense spending
countries are now focusing on building smaller infantries with enhanced survivability and lethality in order to
derive maximum effectiveness from troop deployment. This has led countries like the US, the UK and France to
invest in equipment such as Buffalo Mine Protected Clearance Vehicles, Vehicle Optics Sensor Systems (VOSS)
and Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Devices.
Defense budget cuts and the global economic crisis not expected to affect growth of the global soldier
modernization market

The global economic slowdown has reduced the defense budgets of most leading spenders in the world,
including the US, France, Germany and the UK. These countries have cut back spending in various defense
sectors such as space, aircraft and vehicles. Conversely, they have diverted funds towards sectors where rapid
technology development and deployment is possible such as soldier modernization, C4ISR and cyber warfare.
High growth markets such as the BRIC nations have been formulating continuous programs to procure the
latest soldier modernization systems and have been investing extensively on R&D for the past 5 years. With

continuous evolution and technological developments taking place in the soldier modernization domain, this
trend is expected to continue throughout the forecast period.

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