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									                             Trauma System Management Committee

Systems Committee
The TCAA System Management Committee is to provide overall focus and direction to TCAA's system
development products and services.

     1. To solicit from the trauma system manager/coordinator their expectations in the areas of TCAA
        system services, education and information
     2. To advise the TCAA Board of Directors of the input of the System Members concerning their
        ideas, perceptions, and opinions.
     3. To develop an ongoing program of membership promotion through developmental activities,
        market analysis and service improvement.
     4. To identify areas for education and outreach to improve the operations and management of
        trauma systems nationwide.

BOD Liaison and Chair
Mary Beachley                                          Brenda Putz
Maryland Institute of EMS Systems, Baltimore, MD       Texas EMS & Trauma Foundation, Austin, TX

Penny Byrnside                                         Stuart Reynolds
Trauma & Emergency Care System, Charleston,            Trauma Center Association, Havre, MT
                                                       Roseanne Rutkowski
Vicki Conditt                                          Kansas Dept. of Health, Topeka, KS
Arizona Dept. of Health Services, Phoenix, AZ
                                                       Peggy Sale
Kate Garay                                             EMS Services and IP Branch, Honolulu, HI
Emergency Medical Services Agency, Dept. Public
Health, City and County of San Francisco, CA           Pamela Shaver
                                                       Louisiana Emergency Response Network, Baton
Patricia Greenawalt                                    Rouge, LA
Oklahoma Dept. of Health, Oklahoma City, OK
                                                       Chris Trevino
Tim Held                                               Louisiana Emergency Response Network, Baton
Minnesota Department of Health, Community              Rouge, LA
Health Division, Minneapolis, MN
                                                       Dinah Welsh
Lisa Irwin                                             Texas EMS & Trauma Foundation, Austin, TX
Trauma Center Association, Ridgefield, WA
                                                       Susan Werner
Christopher Kaufmann,                                  Oregon State Dept. of Health, Portland, OR
Johnson City Medical Center, Johnson City, TN
                                                       Alisa Williams
Liana Lujan                                            Mississippi State Dept. of Health, Jackson, MS
New Mexico Dept. of Health, Santa Fe, NM
                                                       Kelli Perrotti
Jennie Nemec                                           Wyoming State Dept. of Health, Cheyenne, WY
Montana Dept. Of Health, Helena, MT

John B. Osborn, M.Sc
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
                                                             Trauma Center Association of America 2011

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